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News > Top Stories Archives  > When Weather is an Astrology Event

When Weather is an Astrology Event

By: Mark Lerner
When Weather is an Astrology Event | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Updated Friday April 29, 2011 due to Ferocious Tornadoes in the South and Previous Dateline: Sunday April 17, 2011 Starting this past Thursday April 14 in Oklahoma and spreading Eastward over the next two days, a series or “family” of devastating tornadoes and thunderstorms has killed nearly four dozen people, injured thousands and created a state of emergency in North Carolina.

The lead story in today’s NYTimes Online has a title as follows: Tornadoes Kill At Least 43 in North Carolina and Elsewhere.

While we mourn for the dead, the critically wounded and severely injured, the question I want to raise is this: Could astrology – which has always been connected to weather phenomena via the Sun, Moon, planets and asteroids – have prevented some or much of the carnage contained within this seemingly fateful act of nature?

First of all, last night (Saturday evening), before falling asleep, I looked at my cell phone which contains various news reports from around the world. I noticed that Raleigh, NC was at the epicenter of the horrifying storms – striking with fury particularly on Saturday afternoon and evening.

I remembered that in our List of Positive and Negative Cities – only available to subscribers and located INSIDE our website on the right side column – I had placed Raleigh at the top of either the Positive or Negative List nearly two weeks ago. I couldn’t remember which list Raleigh was on, but I assumed that I had put it in as one of the cities to be severely challenged in one way or another.

When I woke up this morning (Sunday April 17) and went back to the website, I realized why I had listed Raleigh as a lead city in the negative or red-group of American cities during the time-period starting at the April 3, 2011 New Moon and going to today’s April 17, 2011 Full Moon.

See the map below – revealing various red and yellow planetary lines running through North Carolina at the exact time of our last New Moon on April 3, 2011 at 10:33AM EDT. Note: A chart for this New Moon – as well as today’s Full Moon and the entry of North Carolina into the Union on November 21, 1789 – are also included at the close of this article in thumbnail boxes which you can click on and open to see those horoscopes in full.]

You will see vertical red lines to the west of Raleigh which show (a) the Sun and Moon (13+ degrees of Aries) were 45-degrees to the Midheaven; and (b) Saturn (13+ degrees of Libra) was 135-degrees to the Midheaven. To the east of Raleigh, the vertical red line reveals that Neptune was overhead at the Midheaven as well as everywhere along that line (which is running north and south).

Now keep in mind that these placements all occurred approximately two weeks ago at the New Moon. However, every professional astrologer and most students of astrology know that what is seeded and initiated at any New Moon reaches a climax and apotheosis at the next Full Moon thereafter. Thus, a New Moon has a companion high-tide, chart -- the Full-Moon event occurring two weeks later. They really constitute two parts of one whole.

What the Aries New Moon “astro-carto-graphical” style map shows is that the two lights (Sun and Moon) were both in frictional, 45-degree aspects to the power point above in North Carolina (somewhat west of Raleigh) and that Saturn joined in with an abrasive, 135-degree aspect to the point above – also somewhat west of Raleigh.

Meanwhile, the planet that has always been connected so strongly to the seas and oceans, atmospheric water, floods, torrential rains as well as mass confusion and chaos – Neptune – was directly above east of Raleigh. And keep in mind that the day after the Aries New Moon – on Monday April 4 – Neptune entered the last water sign of the zodiac Pisces for a 4-month, trial visit before Neptune eventually takes up residence in the 12th sign of the zodiac, for a 14-year cycle, on February 3, 2012.

In the story in the NYTimes Online today, the author stressed that it was in Bertie County – approximately 130 miles east of Raleigh, and so close to where Neptune was overhead at the Aries New Moon from April 3 – that the greatest amount of tornado and thunderstorm damage occurred. At least 10 people were killed and 50 injured in this stretch of farmland where about 21,000 individuals live and work in cotton, tobacco, peanut, corn, and soy fields.

Now look at the next map for tonight’s Full Moon on April 17, 2011 at 10:45PM EDT and realize that every Full Moon carries an enormous potency in the 48 hours before it occurs.

West of Raleigh you will see (a) a red line revealing the asteroid Juno (whose symbol looks like an asterisk with a cross under it) overhead as well as (b) another red line showing that the Uranus/Neptune midpoint was below, and therefore igniting shocking (Uranus) tidal/water/deluge (Neptune) forces under the Earth that could spread tragedy on the ground.

Just west of Raleigh you will see (a) a yellow line revealing the largest planet Jupiter forming a frictional, 135-degree link to the horizon while (b) a red line somewhat east of Raleigh also shows Jupiter forming an off-kilter, 150-degree link to the Midheaven or power point above. Note: Jupiter is not always the good guy of the solar system, acting as provider, benefactor and good-luck agent. Since it is the largest planet, and can often behave badly (just like Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, etc), Jupiter prominent can sometimes be an indicator of a large-scale (Jupiterian) disaster, problem or obstacle that is looming or waiting-in-the-wings.

In the build-up to today’s Full Moon, yesterday – exactly during the stormy time-period in North Carolina – produced a Mercury-Juno 150-degree tie in the sky (1:45PM EDT) as well as a late-evening Moon-Saturn union in the sky (11:18PM EDT). Both of these sky patterns contributed to the violence of the storms moving through North Carolina and Virginia.* [*Virginia was also hit by these atmospheric monsters in the last 24+ hours, and I had listed Richmond, Virginia just below Raleigh, NC in the red-group of negative cities in our overall City List for this two-week time-span.]

With all this focus that includes Juno – so prominent by being overhead in North Carolina at this weekend’s Full Moon – you may wonder how it is possible that the smallest asteroid of the first four discovered in the early 1800s could be connected with atmospheric storms.

Here’s the clear-as-day, succinct answer, and it comes from one of the most brilliant astrologers of the 20th century – Eleanor Bach – who brought forth the first asteroid ephemeris (with the daily placements of the asteroids) in 1972.

Eleanor – a good friend and colleague of mine, and who used to write articles for our astrology magazine Welcome to Planet Earth (1981-2000) -- not only created and circulated a fantastic journal called Planet Watch to her subscribers back in the 1980s and early 1990s, but she self-published a terrific book entitled A Graphic Ephemeris of Sensitive Degrees (Planet Stations and Eclipses from 1900 to 2000). In this book, she generously shared her insights on everything astrological and, in particular, the essential meanings of the four main asteroids.

On Page 58 of this book – in the midst of a 4-page primer on the potency of Juno in her associations with peace, harmony, balance, marriage, childbirth, diplomacy, fair treatment under the law, relations between labor and management, elegance, style, beauty, the environment, rage/anger and terrorism by the weak and small – Eleanor says the following: ”Juno is a stormy goddess; the winds obeyed her. Violent storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are symbolic of her rage, her outrage at powerlessness. Juno is the astrological indicator of violent storms as well as beautiful balmy pleasant weather. Juno is involved in all natural phenomena that affect the atmosphere, volcanic eruptions as well as wind and storms. Juno is a meteorologist!

And let’s not forget that a key planet – known anciently, in the medieval epoch as well as now – for its connection to air and wind is Mercury, and Mercury formed an awkward, off-kilter, 150-degree aspect with Juno yesterday -- during the most intense time-period of the storms in North Carolina.

Juno itself made the first station (stopping of a celestial body from the Earth’s vantage point in the solar system) this year back on January 19, a very significant day because it was the day of a Full Moon, and Juno became motionless at 29+ degrees of Virgo as it shifted from direct to reverse motion. The Full Moon itself was at 29+ degrees of Capricorn and Cancer – meaning that Juno was very integrated with that Full Moon (by a trine of 120-degrees and a sextile of 60-degrees), and – furthermore – just the next day, the largest planet Jupiter reached 29+ degrees of Pisces and formed a precise opposition with Juno at 29+ degrees of Virgo.

And what happened in January 2011? The revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries in North Africa and the Middle East took place – where the oppressed, small (Juno is the smallest asteroid) disenfranchised and angry millions of workers, laborers, farmers, women and children started to rise up against the wealthy, privileged rulers (represented in this situation by Jupiter – the largest planet, signifying power, prestige and Big Business/Government).

The angry and massive fights in Wisconsin, Ohio and several other states for the rights of workers and their unions – versus the imposition of orders coming from Governors in an attempt to curtail those collective bargaining rights of unions and laborers – is another indication of Juno being so active this year while it moves through Virgo (a zodiacal sign traditionally ruled by Mercury and connected strongly with rights and responsibilities of workers).

In a little over two weeks from now – on May 2 – there will be another New Moon, this time at 12+ degrees of Taurus. On the day before – Sunday May 1 – the asteroid Juno ceases its retrograde motion in Virgo and begins moving direct again.

Another reason why the Aries New Moon of April 3, 2011 contained such fury – as seen in the unleashed storms of the past few days – is that it was the same day as (a) Mars uniting with Uranus for the first time in approximately 2 years, and (b) the annual Sun-Saturn polarity. In addition, the Sun/Moon at 13+ degrees of Aries exactly opposite Saturn at 13+ degrees of Libra exactly ignited America’s Sun placement (13+ degrees of Cancer) from our nation’s birth on July 4, 1776. Plus – our country is in the midst of our 8th Saturn Return and “Identity & Restructuring Cycle” as transiting Saturn makes three passes over our national Saturn (starting last December 2010 and continuing into late-August 2011).

Perhaps the most explosive combination of two planets occurs when Mars joins up with Uranus in the sky. This occurred on the day of the Aries New Moon of April 3, and therefore that chart has the Mars-Uranus conjunction as a major catalyst for the production of volatility on an extreme scale. And, of course, the bi-partisan budget and deficit/debt battles in Congress have been raging (a la Mars-Uranus) during the past two weeks.

Do not be surprised when you see a state’s horoscope map (third chart at the end of this article) so super-active via transits as this weekend’s tornadoes, giant-sized hail, thunderstorms and flash flooding have occurred.

North Carolina entered the union at approximately mid-afternoon on November 21, 1789. Every state has its own birthmap, and, whether you know it or not, your own life-path, relationships, success potential and higher destiny are strongly connected to the astrological energy-field that was at play when the state in which you are living entered the union. Even other states with which you may do business or where you were born, or went to college or traveled in a lot can hold important keys to your opportunities and challenges in this lifetime.

Three celestial placements for North Carolina reveal how the transiting Sun and the transiting Neptune tipped us off that this state of the union might be adversely influenced right at this time.

(A) The Sun in the sky – this past Thursday, April 14, when the storms first gained in intensity – reached 24+ degrees of Aries and precisely opposed Neptune at 24+ Libra in the birthchart for North Carolina. Note: Amazingly, the Moon also made its monthly union with Juno in the sky in Virgo on the evening of Thursday April 14 as the storms started to strike Oklahoma followed by Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and then moving toward Georgia, and into North Carolina and Virginia, before heading out into the Atlantic Ocean.

(B) Neptune in the sky had just entered Pisces back on April 4, merely one day after the highly-charged Aries New Moon. Neptune hadn’t been in this key sign of water with which it is strongly connected for over 150 years. And as the storms descended on North Carolina, transiting Neptune at 0+ degrees of Pisces precisely opposed North Carolina’s natal Jupiter at 0+ degrees of Virgo while also making an exact square to North Carolina’s natal Sun at 0+degrees of Sagittarius. This brutal and close-knit, double-whammy by transiting Neptune to North Carolina’s natal Sun-Jupiter exact square is a primary example of why this state may have been hit and targeted the hardest.

Just as our modern governments have ignored the science-art-language of astrology to those governments peril, our modern weather forecasters and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) could help save dozens, hundreds and thousands of lives every year if they opened their minds to the power of Astrology in Action.

Update: Friday April 29, 2011 Due to monster-like tornadoes ripping through the south and southeast of the USA over the past few days -- and especially due to the gigantic tornado that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama at approximately 5PM CDT on Wednesday April 27 -- I am adding some additional material to this article.

A color chart for the touching down of the approximately mile wide giant tornado that struck the University of Alabama town of Tuscaloosa on Wednesday April 27 is being presented as a thumbnail chart -- with the other charts at the close of this article.

In that color birthchart, you will see that the planet of the underworld, extremes and -- when very negative -- terror and hellish-like conditions -- Pluto -- was precisely below and under the Earth in Tuscaloosa when the tornado struck with a fury said to have reached over 200 mile-per-hour winds.

Note that while often depression-creating and fear-producing Saturn is near the Ascendant/Rising Degree in Libra, we see shocking, lightning-producing Uranus near the Descendant/Setting Degree in Aries. Furthermore, their precise midpoint on this day -- when dozens of other tornadoes were also wreaking havoc, killing hundreds and injuring thousands -- was the transiting Pluto placement.

Thus, we had the astounding midpoint structure in force of Saturn/Uranus = Pluto, and at 5PM CDT in Alabama on that day, Pluto as well as the Saturn/Uranus energy-field all activated the vertical, power axis.

Now if you look at the color map of Alabama presented just below, you will the vertical red lines all running through Tuscaloosa. Those lines represent (a) Pluto directly below and (b) the Saturn/Uranus midpoint also below and above Tuscaloosa at the same time.

©2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.
[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Earth Aquarius News. You can reach him by writing to MARKL@MARKLERNERASTROLOGY.COM ]

Timed by Marc Penfield
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