Nuclear Axis Discovery By Mark Lerner

My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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News > Top Stories Archives  > ABCs of The Nuclear Axis (Updated April 2016)

ABCs of The Nuclear Axis (Updated April 2016)

ABCs of The Nuclear Axis (Updated April 2016) | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Important Updates on April 4, 14 & 15, 2016: Because Mars has been in the Nuclear Axis in Sagittarius (to be explained further on in this important article written in 2011) during the recent March 31 - April 1 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, D.C. and it is about to station at 9 degrees of Sagittarius (also in the Nuclear Axis) on April 17, and Saturn will be retrograding back into the Nuclear Axis in Sagittarius this July-August-September, there are increasing fears and concerns of terrorists* getting access to radioactive material, a rogue nuclear-atomic weapon or making a "dirty bomb," and so on. The perils are substantial in 2016 and 2017, and therefore I will be running much more about my discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982, what it means, and how we can avoid an atomic-nuclear disaster. *When ISIS-connected terrorists killed over 30 people and injured hundreds with two dreadful bombings in Brussels on March 22, 2016 -- one day after I sent out a "Cosmic Alert for March 22 to March 25" on Facebook and Twitter -- they were also attempting to possibly break into a nuclear facility in Belgium by either kidnapping or torturing a scientist who worked there. Note: I just visited the NY Times online -- early on April 5, 2016 -- and they are running a "Nuclear Winter" video that goes back to 1983, Reagan-Gorbachev meeting in 1987, and various scientific and public reactions to a nuclear-climate catastrophe leading to a possible extinction of humanity. The Nuclear Winter concept was promoted approximately 1-year after I discovered the astrological-astronomical Nuclear Axis. If you have a chance, try to watch the NY Times online RetroReport on the subject. It runs about 10 minutes and is very illuminating. Also -- one of the key charts at the end of this article is

for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction on December 2, 1942 in Chicago...Stay Tuned!

Updated April 14 & 15, 2016: Many earthquakes shook southern Japan today April 14, at least two being 6.0 and 6.2 or slightly higher, plus several fairly major aftershocks have occurred, some of which are not far from the only remaining active nuclear energy plant in Japan. This could be connected to Mars slowing down in its direct motion and preparing to station and go into reverse on Sunday April 17 -- strongly affecting the Nuclear Axis at 9 degrees of Sagittarius.

And just being released from the U.S. Justice Department this afternoon April 14 is the following:

“U.S. Nuclear Engineer, China General Nuclear Power Company and Energy Technology International Indicted in Nuclear Power Conspiracy against the United States:

A two-count indictment was unsealed today in the Eastern District of Tennessee charging Szuhsiung Ho, aka Allen Ho, a citizen of the United States; China General Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC), formerly known as the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company and Energy Technology International (ETI) for conspiracy to unlawfully engage and participate in the production and development of special nuclear material outside the United States, without the required authorization from the U.S. Department of Energy.  This authorization is required by U.S. law and is robustly observed through frequent legal U.S.-China civil nuclear cooperation.  Ho was also charged with conspiracy to act in the United States as an agent of a foreign government.”

And now on April 15 (1:25AM in Japan on April 16, 2016) another 7.1 earthquake has struck the same general region in southern Japan...with a 5.4 aftershock several hours later. Thousands have been injured, dozens killed, many houses and buildings have collapsed, and fear is rampant due to the large number of quakes that have now occurred in this region over the last 48+ hours.

Updated April 17, 2011 & Original Dateline Friday March 11, 2011 & Updated March 13 – 14 & 15 & 18, 2011: The now revised-upward 9.0 Earthquake and following Tsunamis have been in the process of causing major calamities in Northern Japan -- along with Tsunami waves striking throughout much of the Pacific, including the coast of California & Oregon.

Please note that the article below is long, although very important, and you may want to read and study it over time to absorb its key ideas.

While the chart for the Earthquake -- based near Sendai, Japan -- is provided (along with several other charts connected to Nuclear Energy and the Discovery of Uranus), you will see that I have added two codes for far-distant planets Sedna in Taurus and Eris in Aries, both overhead in the part of the world at the Earthquake.

In addition, this quake may be a harbinger of the March 28, 2011 final one of three Jupiter-Saturn oppositions affecting Planet Earth. Plus -- Mercury-Uranus parallel and contra-parallel formations, as well as Sun-Saturn and Sun-Jupiter parallels & contra-parallels are all happening around now and the end of March and beginning of April. These types of “vertical” alignments (North and/or South) are calculated via the Celestial Equator great circle around the Earth and not via the Ecliptic circle by which we analyze the 12-fold zodiacal pathway.

Jupiter and Saturn are our solar system's largest planets and their polarities in the zodiac can equate with giant-sized events on Earth -- such as Earthquakes and Tsunamis. Uranus and Neptune -- when prominent -- also equate with potent Earthquakes around our globe.

Uranus enters Aries today (Friday March 11) for the next approximately 8 years and 0 Aries is the foundation point of our zodiac. On April 9, Pluto (the underworld planet ruling extremes) makes a station, becomes motionless, and turns retrograde in Capricorn while, on the same day, radical-change agent and shock-wave inducer Uranus shifts from South Declination (below the Celestial Equator) to North Declination (above the Celestial Equator).

Today's devastating news and scenes out of Japan -- with cell phone usage almost absent, and much of the world not really knowing what is exactly happening -- is a radical and shocking (Uranian) reminder of what can happen anywhere.

When Japanese Sovereignty was precisely restored following WWII, it was 10:30PM (Local Time) in Tokyo on April 28, 1952. The outer planet Neptune -- God of the Seas, Oceans, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes -- was exactly overhead and Saturn was close by, both being in Libra. Saturn again is in Libra (after two nearly, 30-year cycles around the Sun), so that modern Japan -- like America born in 1776 -- is going through a Saturn Return Identity Crisis in 2011.

Just as Uranus is shifting today from Pisces to Aries, Neptune* will begin its preliminary shift from Aquarius to Pisces next month on April 4. [*Neptune moves into Pisces on April 4 – a short introductory learning cycle that lasts four months until August 4. However, beginning again on February 3, 2012, Neptune will be in this key water-dominated sign of Pisces for the next 14 years.]

The Lunar Nodes or Orbit of the Moon (which have much to do with mass consciousness, fate and destiny) will also be lined up with the heart-center of our Milky Way Galaxy in late-Sagittarius for the first time in 18+ years as we morph from March into April.

Major planets in our solar system, aligning with one another and shifting relative to our planetary home base, are the precipitating cause of what we are witnessing now in Japan and which may dramatically affect other places on Earth in the month or so ahead. [The fact that the 9.0 Earthquake had its epicenter about 81 miles off the coast from Sendai and at an ocean depth of 17 miles may minimize some of the damage that would have surely occurred had the Earthquake been a direct hit.]

Important Update March 13 – 14, 2011 on The Quake, Tsunami and The Nuclear Axis:

It is exactly 230 years (March 13, 2011) since the Discovery of Uranus by mathematician, teacher and astronomer Sir William Herschel in Bath, England (between 10PM and 11PM Local Time on the evening of March 13, 1781). The discovery of this planet – in the year that America won its independence from Mother England – set much of Europe and the British Isles aflame with excitement, leading to the eventual bloodbath of the French Revolution, the Latin American revolutions of the early 19th century, as well as the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions.

Back in 1981-1982 – during a previous Saturn-in-Libra time-period – I worked very exhaustively on research that led me to the discovery of what I named The Nuclear Axis.

Because of what is unfolding now – with each passing horror-filled day in Northern Japan – I am only going to give you the bare outlines of the prodigious feature I wrote in our astrological journal (Welcome to Planet Earth) back at that time.

By focusing on the chart for the Discovery of Uranus and the chart for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction (on December 2, 1942 at 3:25PM CST in Chicago, IL), I was able to come up with a hypothesis that I then proved by creating charts for all the significant atomic-energy and nuclear-energy events since the secret Manhattan Project during World War II led to the devastating explosions over Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 & 9, 1945.

What I realized was that the First Nuclear Chain Reaction Sun-Saturn polarity from Sagittarius to Gemini (enhanced by Mercury and Venus close to the Sun, and Uranus not far from Saturn) constituted a special “axis” or opposition pattern creating a tug-of-war on either side of the Earth.

Through my study of the history of major planetary alignments, it dawned on me that the 492-year Neptune-Pluto conjunction cycle had just happened in 1891-1892 at 7-8 Gemini (where Saturn was located at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction).

When America was born at the Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776), revolutionary Uranus was at 8+ Gemini.

And there are two Red Giant, First Magnitude Stars – Aldebaran in the Constellation of Taurus, and Antares in the Constellation of Scorpio – that at this stage of human evolution are on either side of the zodiac at around 10 Gemini (Aldebaran) and 10 Sagittarius (Antares). These stars are so huge and massive that they would completely fill the space and orbit between our Sun and the planet Mars. Are you registering that level of immensity in your mind’s-eye?

Thus, the first controlled chain reaction of atomic energy from December 2, 1942 had much, much more dynamism and intensity to it than merely a Sun-Saturn polarity amplified by a couple of planets. There was (a) the last meeting in the zodiac of the two outermost planets (Neptune and Pluto) from 1891-1892; (b) the Uranus placement in America’s chart; (c) and gigantic stars, far out in space, also tugging at the Earth.

Earth Aquarius News

Now please remember that Uranus connects to Uranium, Neptune connects to Neptunium, and Pluto connects to Plutonium – all radioactive elements associated with our modern age of nuclear energy.

I was able to prove the hypothesis as I created chart after chart – for events like the First Atomic Explosion (called “Trinity”) in Alamogordo, NM on the morning of July 16, 1945; the Hiroshima Explosion (Aug. 6, 1945); the Nagasaki Explosion (Aug. 9, 1945); and so on with events like Three Mile Island in March 1979 and Chernobyl in April 1986. I even utilized SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) agreements between President Nixon and Soviet Leaders, as well as other, unusual nuclear-related experiences within humanity.

Over and over again, I found transiting planets entering the areas around 7 to 11 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius – triggering the original Nuclear Axis of the Sun opposite Saturn from December 2, 1942.

What’s different about now is that we are experiencing a heightening of Uranian activity as this planet makes its first entry into the potent Zero Point at the beginning of the Zodiac (0 degrees of Aries) almost simultaneously with Uranus crossing from South Declination (below the Celestial Equator) to North Declination (above the Celestial Equator). This latter shift with Uranus crossing the Celestial Equator – just as powerful as Uranus igniting 0 Aries (the foundation energy-core of the entire zodiac) – only happens approximately 84 years (one Uranian orbit around the Sun).

In addition, as the Japan 9.0 Earthquake and following Tsunami occurred, it was the day of a Sun-Saturn parallel (similar to a Sun-Saturn polarity that happened at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction) – plus Mercury had just been parallel and contra-parallel Uranus in the sky as Uranus entered the powerful Zero Point Energy-Field of 0 Aries.

Keeping this quake-tsunami-nuclear crisis in Northern Japan going forward in time has been a Sun-Jupiter contra-parallel on March 12, Mercury parallel Jupiter and contra-parallel Saturn on March 13, and a very disturbing Mars-Saturn, off-kilter, 150-degree link in the sky March 14.

Before you know it, there will be a Jupiter-Saturn contra-parallel on Wednesday March 16, the Full Moon on Saturday March 19 (along with the Sun parallel Uranus almost at the same time!), the Sun entering Aries on Sunday March 20 (beginning spring in the Northern Hemisphere as well as a new round of the zodiacal journey), and an incredibly significant Sun-Uranus union at 0+ Aries on Monday March 21 along with the Sun contra-parallel Uranus.

All these parallels and contra-parallels mean that the Sun and various planets are interacting with one another, in close proximity, just north and/or south of the Celestial Equator. Instead of looking at a birthchart and seeing a whole bunch of celestial bodies in a certain sign, we are witnessing a triggering and explosion of energy on Earth and in Humanity via the Celestial Equator (the cosmic circle running around the middle of the Earth).

Adding more fuel to the continuation of this fiery apocalypse in Japan, we have the final one of three Jupiter-Saturn zodiacal polarities happening on March 28, 2011. This happens very close to one of America’s Saturn Return cycles in Libra that started in early December 2010 and which will conclude in late August 2011. [Note: Jupiter and Saturn have an approximately 20-year cycle. They last united at 23 Taurus in May 2000. They will unite again in December 2020 at 1 Aquarius. They opposed each other twice last year – in May and August 2010. Like the Sun-Saturn polarity at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction, Jupiter opposite Saturn this month represents an enormous tug-of-war on Planet Earth as Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in our solar system.]

But we are not out of the woods then either because the Sun is contra-parallel Saturn on March 28, 2011, and Mercury begins a three-week retrograde cycle on March 30 (igniting 24+ degrees of Aries, exactly square to Jupiter in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart and exactly square to America’s natal Mercury).

Then add on the red planet Mars entering the Zero Point of Aries on April 1 – realizing that Mars often acts as a trigger to catalyze deadly and destructive events on Earth. This leads to a Sun-Jupiter parallel on April 2 – followed by what may be a very volatile day on Sunday April 3 when a New Moon at 13+ degrees of Aries (almost precisely square to America’s Sun at 13+ degrees of Cancer) is followed by one of the most explosive of all planetary alliances, a Mars-Uranus conjunction – this time at 1+ Aries, so near to the all-important Zero Point of our zodiacal circle.

You would think that this would be the end of the universal fireworks, but the Sun opposes Saturn in the sky on the same day – April 3 – and this is the same opposition that happened at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction on December 2, 1942.

On the next day – Monday April 4 – Neptune begins its window into Pisces for the next four months while Mars and Uranus shift gears into a parallel formation (rather than their union in the zodiac from the day before). Plus – Mars crosses the Celestial Equator going from South to North.

To add more craziness across the board, Tuesday April 5 brings us a Mars-Uranus contra-parallel and Wednesday April 6 is the annual union of the Sun and Jupiter (the two largest celestial bodies in our solar system).

Three days later, Pluto makes its retrograde station in Capricorn while Uranus – already activating its early zodiacal placement in Aries – crosses the Celestial Equator going from South to North Declination.

All of these listings may sound tedious, but they serve as the cogent reminder that what has been unleashed in Japan is by no means over. It is not only not over, but it seems to be a spreading virus of some kind.

With the confusing reports now coming out of Japan about the state of many of their nuclear reactors, suffering either partial or full meltdowns of the nuclear core material, we are witnessing the worst series of atomic-nuclear events since the original twin explosions happened in August 1945 over the same land mass.

In addition, it is very rare for the Sun and Uranus to converge right at this potent Zero Point energy-field at 0 degrees of Aries. This needs to be monitored carefully because the Sun entering Aries not only begins the 3-month season of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but the Sun is also inaugurating a new, complete 365+ day cycle through the zodiac.

Uranus with the Sun adds an enormous amount of Uranian power (shocks; electricity; revolutionary causes; radical-change; genius; inventive ideas; breakthroughs or breakdowns in consciousness; liberation movements; topsy-turvy situations; upheavals; rebellions) to the next 12 months.

I went back to check whether Uranus 84 years ago (when it was last at 0 Aries) also united with the Sun at the Vernal Equinox, but it did not occur. It also did not occur 84 years before that. However, at the Vernal Equinox in 1760 and then – even more precisely – in 1676**, the Sun and Uranus both entered 0 Aries almost simultaneously.

**At the Vernal Equinox of 1676, the Sun and Uranus entered 0 Aries even more closely than they are doing so this year (2011) on March 21. And 1676 and the succeeding years revealed the burgeoning power of science, physics, optics and higher mathematics coming through the immense discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton – who, like Sir William Herschel (the discoverer of Uranus) lived an archetypal Uranian life of 84 years (one full orbit of the planet Uranus around the Sun).

The 1760 Sun-Uranus entry into the beginning of Aries happened at about 1+ degree of Aries whereas the one happening now in 2011 will occur at approximately ½ degree of Aries. Just 21 years after 1760 – one-quarter of a Uranus cycle around the Sun – the planet itself was discovered by Sir William Herschel.

Keep in mind that Uranus has much to do with computers, high-technology and all the scientific wizardry that we see performing in our lives now. And with this year’s Sun-Uranus entry into Aries together at the Vernal Equinox, this is the first time since the discovery of Uranus in 1781 that we are conscious and aware of the presence of the planet Uranus in the solar system.

Of the three outer planets, Uranus is the most closely associated with atomic energy and radioactivity. It is also a natural element in the Earth and the Cosmos – whereas Neptunium and Plutonium are artificially created via our dabbling into the modern alchemy of changing elements by splitting them up to create weapons of mass destruction or control energy at nuclear facilities.

One of the charts you will see at the close of this feature is a current Progressed Map for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction. You will see that the Progressed Uranus placement is at 0+ Gemini – the exact position of the transiting Moon as the 9.0 Mega-quake occurred off the coast of Northeastern Japan. When the Tsunami developed just about 30 to 45 minutes later, the transiting Moon was precisely on the Progressed Uranus placement for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart.

It turns out that over the last 3 to 4 years, Mercury followed by Saturn and then Uranus all made Progressed Stations in the First Nuclear Chain Reaction chart. It is exceedingly rare for any person, business, group, nation or entity of any kind to have three celestial bodies make Progressed Stations three years in a row. Translation?

Gigantic seismic forces have been unleashed concerning nuclear and atomic energy and weaponry on Planet Earth during the last few years. But where has been much of this focus? Not on the island nation of Japan, but more in the Persian Gulf (with fears of Iran joining the Nuclear Club) as well as nearby at the Korean Peninsula (where Dear Leader Kim of North Korea has been a raving maniac concerning the development of nukes).

Also – if we go back to January 2007, there was a Progressed Total Solar Eclipse in the chart for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction. This corresponds to a real eclipse that took place on February 4, 1943 – some 64 days (with each day = to a year of life in Progressions) after the First Nuclear Chain Reaction of December 2, 1942. I share this in order that you understand how potent this Progressed Total Solar Eclipse really has been.

The Total Solar Eclipse happening in January 2007 – based on the First Nuclear Chain Reaction birthchart – occurred at 15 degrees and 17 minutes of Aquarius. If you look at the chart for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction, you will see that the most elevated celestial body is Pallas Athena (the diamond with the cross under it). It is located at exactly 15 degrees and 17 minutes of Aquarius.

Therefore, what happened in all our lives in January 2007 – while we were asleep at the wheel – is that Nuclear and Atomic Energy was handed over to the Goddess and Archetype known as Pallas Athena. Primarily, this means that Problem-Solving this issue – with as much genius, mental brilliance and strategic thinking as possible – is the main goal of our political, social, religious, economic, cultural and scientific leaders for at least a 30-year cycle (lasting until around 2036 – 2037).

Right now we have tens of millions of Japanese – as well as billions of Earthlings – scratching their heads, thinking and saying: “How could we have been so blind to build nuclear facilities on Earthquake fault-lines and where Tsunamis might easily undermine their operation?”

is a number one priority when Pallas Athena is on target and working well, but if a problem (like this mushrooming nuclear disaster and radioactive peril engulfing Japan and the Pacific “Ring of Fire”) gets out of control, then Pallas Athena may not be able to solve this man-made dilemma.

Yes, the earthquake and tsunami came from our planet, the oceans and the depths of terra firma, but the nuclear plants and dozens of nuclear reactors which can kill millions via radioactive poisoning came from so-called human design, engineering and, I hesitate to say it, ingenuity.

In closing at this time, just as I was able to prove my hypothesis 30 years ago about The Nuclear Axis really existing, transiting Pallas Athena has just resurfaced in Aquarius (where it was located at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction). Pallas is only in a sign every 3+ years and doesn’t necessarily spend more than two months in that sign. However, once every 23 years, Pallas can repeat what it did at an earlier time-period. Thus, in 1942 at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction, and then repeating itself in 1965, and 1988, Pallas spent around a full year in Aquarius. And Pallas is now back in one of those unusual 23-year cycles – making its move into Aquarius just 24 hours before the Quake and Tsunami last week.

On May 31, 2011, Pallas will make a station in the sky – affecting all of humanity. Of all of the 360 degrees where it could stop, it is becoming virtually motionless at 15+ degrees of Aquarius – the precise place in the zodiac it occupied on December 2, 1942 when the First Nuclear Chain Reaction happened in Chicago, Illinois.

[Special Note: My main mentor in astrology – Dane Rudhyar – often discussed the power contained in an 8-fold division of the zodiac, where the four sacred turning points (0 Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn) would concentrate and release their seasonal dynamism at what he called The Four Gates of the Avatar. These Avatar Gates having enormous Cosmic Energy stored in them are 15 degrees of Taurus, 15 degrees of Leo, 15 degrees of Scorpio, and 15 degrees of Aquarius. They also correspond to the ancient 4-fold zodiacal power archetypes of the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle, and the Angel. Pallas Athena at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction was just past the 15 degree Aquarius Gate of the Avatar – which is where the Progressed Total Solar Eclipse for the First Nuclear Chain Reaction took place in January 2007 and where transiting Pallas Athena will stop this year on May 31.]

What we are all witnessing now unfolding in Japan is the sad story of our lives as a broken human species – moving from Hiroshima/Nagasaki in August 1945 now returning again to the scene of that crime (Japan), unable to put the Nuclear Genie back in the bottle, and not necessarily able to use the brightest minds on Earth to solve this problem. [Note: I am also including a chart for the New Moon in Pisces just preceding the Earthquake and calculated for Sendai, Japan. You will notice the two traditional malefic planets -- Mars and Saturn -- powerfully situated. Mars is rising, and Saturn is very close to the eighth house cusp, associated in ancient and medieval astrology with death -- particularly when negative planetary manifestations are happening.]

We only have days – maybe hours – to prevent a radioactive nightmare from occurring in Japan, in that region of the world, and possibly floating through the atmosphere and the ocean waves to our shores as well in the Americas.

We are one planet and humanity, so even Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India and South Asia can be severely affected by the air carrying radioactivity – harming our land, our crops, and the children of the future.

I hope that somehow the rare congregating of celestial bodies around the Two Zero Points (Zero Aries of the Zodiac, and Zero Degrees of the Celestial Equator) will lead to a solution to this extraordinary and shock-inducing nuclear problem in the pivotal weeks ahead.

Chart Notation: The First Nuclear Chain Reaction actually occurred at 3:25PM Central Standard Time. However, the chart data in one of the boxes below shows 4:25PM CDT. 4:25PM CDT is the equivalent of 3:25PM CST. The chart has 25+ Taurus Rising – very close to where the Eclipsing Binary Star Algol – the beta star in the Constellation of Perseus – is located in our zodiac. This star is considered to be the most evil star in the heavens according to the astrologers, astronomers and magi of many ancient civilizations around the globe.]

Update of March 15, 2011: I don't want there to be any doubt about the power and archetype of Pallas Athena. In addition to the themes mentioned earlier in this article of this asteroid's connection to problem-solving, strategy sessions, mental brilliance, genius, and research, Pallas Athena is deeply associated with (a) Immune Systems; (b) Defensive Shields; and (c) Engineering.

Two features tonight in the NYTimes Online reveal that (1) critics had warned decades ago about design flaws in some of the types of reactors being used in Japan (created by General Electric because they were cheaper than other reactor models) and (2) the brave technicians, in radioactive-protective suits, trying to prevent a nuclear catastrophe are frantically working to contain the potential poisoning of the land, water and atmosphere in Northeastern Japan, which could also then influence many other regions of the country, all of Asia and way beyond.

Just like a physical body has an Immune System that needs to act as a Defensive Shield to protect the entity from health-medical crises and disaster, each nuclear reactor has its particular type of "Immune System" and "Defensive Shield" acting as a supposed protector. These are Pallas Athena archetypes to the nth degree -- as is the theme of engineering the right kind of reactor or creating the best type of reactor design (what is being questioned seriously by many individuals and groups who are nuclear-trained and highly intelligent).

Therefore, let there be no doubt that Pallas Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom, is a major planetary player in this high-stakes, problem-solving drama in Japan that humanity is watching unfold day after day.

Update on March 18 on the Bombing of Hiroshima Chart of Aug. 6, 1945, Transiting Pluto, Pallas Archetypes & Placement at Next Full Moon – Plus, Tokyo as One of Five Points in the Planetary Pentagram

Over the last few days, the United States government and our Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have become increasingly involved in the concerns over radioactivity being released from several stricken nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plants in Northeastern Japan.

Although I had already sensed that there was an important karmic & fateful tie now being played out between Japan and America (in connection to our being enemies during WWII), the USA’s present focus in overruling or disputing what the Japanese government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (in charge of maintenance at the Fukushima Plants) are saying concerning the nuclear crisis is prompting me to share the following information with you.

There is a deeper cause to what seems to be happening right now in Japan. While it appears to be a giant and tragic combination of frightening mega-quake, lethal tsunami and potential atomic/radioactive catastrophe, the terrible seeds actually go back to Japan’s Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941) and America’s dropping of a first atomic bomb on a population center (Aug. 6, 1945, 8:16:02AM Local Time, Hiroshima, Japan).

At this time I won’t get into the Pearl Harbor Attack Chart (although it clearly has an echo and mirror-response by America against the Japanese on the morning of the Hiroshima bombing). However, what is astounding and incontrovertible, is the current potency and importance of the birthchart for when America dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima.

Astrology is a science-art-language of beginning moments. The three most supreme beginning moments concerning nuclear-atomic energy are (1) The First Nuclear Chain Reaction (Dec. 2, 1942); (2) The First Nuclear Explosion (Trinity Blast on July 16, 1945); (3) The First Atomic Bomb Dropped on a Population Center (Bombing of Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945). It is with this third most supreme beginning moment regarding nuclear-atomic energy that we are focused on in this short update.

Question: What was 10.5 feet long, encased in blackened steel, had a diameter of 29 inches, and weighed 9,700 pounds? Answer: The first atomic bomb – containing a Uranium “bullet” to ignite a colossal firestorm over and in Hiroshima, Japan. This resulted in the eventual death of over 100,000 human beings, and the permanent scarring and injuring of tens of thousands more.

Now look at the chart for the Hiroshima explosion and you will see Uranus almost precisely conjunct the Midheaven – meaning that the planet that rules Uranium, revolutionary events, airplanes and shock waves was exactly overhead (astrologically) as the American B-29 airplane (dubbed the Enola Gay) ushered in the first installment of nuclear death to humanity on that fateful Monday morning in August 1945.

I share this because – earlier in this feature – I pointed out several times that Uranus is now at the Zero Point of the Zodiac (0 Aries) and nearing the Zero Point of the Celestial Equator for the first time in approximately 84 years – as Uranus is poised to move from South Declination to North Declination on April 9.

But coming up this weekend – Saturday March 19, Sunday March 20, and Monday March 21 – are a very significant Full Moon (with the Sun parallel Uranus), the Sun entering Aries (starting a new journey around the zodiac), and the Sun contra-parallel Uranus, and the Sun uniting with Uranus at 0+ Aries – the closest Sun-Uranus simultaneous union and ingress into Aries since 1676 (335 years ago)!

Just as Uranus exactly overhead at the Bombing of Hiroshima ushered into humanity the death/destruction factor of atomic-nuclear energy, we are now witnessing another stage or level of this high-stakes power expression within the human kingdom and on Planet Earth – and, sychronistically, being played out on the same land mass (Japan) where the original event took place almost 66 years ago.

Just as our B-29 flew over Hiroshima and dropped an atomic weapon that detonated in the atmosphere over that sleepy city, we are now doing the following (according to an article in the NYTimes Online on March 18, 2011):

”WASHINGTON — The first readings from American data-collection flights over the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan show that the worst contamination has not spread beyond the 19-mile range of highest concern established by Japanese authorities.

The data was collected by the Aerial Measuring System, among the most sophisticated devices rushed to Japan by the Obama administration in an effort to help contain a nuclear crisis that a top American nuclear official said Thursday could go on for weeks. Strapped onto a plane and a helicopter that the United States flew over the site, with Japanese permission, the equipment took measurements that showed harmful radiation in the immediate vicinity of the plant — a much heavier dose than the trace levels of radioactive particles that make up the atmospheric plume covering a much wider area.”

I have made one area of the previous paragraph bold and underlined to stress my point that we are now so involved in this Japanese nuclear crisis that we are flying over the site with advanced scientific equipment (Uranus again).

And what may be the awful proof of this karmic tie – linking Hiroshima of August 1945 to Sendai of March 2011 – is that transiting Pluto (planet of underworld power, mysteries and secrets, as well as inner-core themes and nuclear-atomic destruction via terror and extreme fear), at the time of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, was within 1 minute of arc or one-sixtieth of 1 degree of the zodiac of the Hiroshima Bombing chart South Node of the Moon at 7 degrees and 19 minutes of Capricorn. The South Node of any chart has always been said to connect to old karma and the seeds of past deeds and experiences.

The bottom line is that Pluto now – in our skies in March 2011 – is resonating back to the karmic past (South Node of the Moon) from that fateful day on August 6, 1945 over the skies of Hiroshima when human beings first felt the wrath of atomic-nuclear fission and radioactivity in a nightmarish explosion of fire, light and incinerating heat.

Even though the Japanese military had committed the most inhumane, barbaric horrors during WWII – in tandem with their equally brutal Nazi allies in Germany – the twin bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in about a 72-hour time-span was the raining down of Cosmic Fire almost totally on civilian innocents – done so in order to force the Japanese government to surrender (which they did a little over three weeks later).

On Pallas: I have shared a lot about the significance of Pallas in this article – how it was overhead at the 15+ degree Aquarius Power Point in the Zodiac at the First Nuclear Chain Reaction, and how it is returning now and during 2011 to the middle of Aquarius where it was in 1942 – and now there is more to offer.

On Page 55 of Eleanor Bach’s classic asteroid book (A Graphic Ephemeris of Sensitive Degrees (Copyright 1986 by Eleanor Bach and Self-Published), this phenomenal astrologer writes the following about Pallas when acting negatively: “She will indicate a troubled economy, inefficiency and waste in businesses, poor planning and strategy, oversights, outmoded systems, obsolete technology, incompetence, difficulty with problem solving, wasted energy, vulnerability to attack, neglect or inadequate development of the human potential, poor educational systems, lowered standards and cities in trouble.”

Now think about the Japanese Yen soaring in value, and creating a severe destabilization in the world currency markets, and for the Bank of Japan. Think about the major enigmatic and pervasive problems (negative side of Pallas) happening right now concerning those stricken nuclear facilities in Japan, the inability of the Japanese government to adequately and strategically figure out how to handle the situation and defend their population from radioactivity, and the suspect and questionable actions of the Tokyo Electric Power Company in the last week and over the past decade.

Unfortunately, the shadow of Pallas Athena – rarely seen in such an Apocalyptic manner – is hovering over Japan right now, and this crucial asteroid will be rising in Aquarius within 1 degree of the Ascendant in Fukushima at the Full Moon tomorrow (Saturday March 19).

On Tokyo: On Page 521 of Esoteric Astrology by Alice A. Bailey (inspired by her teacher the Tibetan Master D.K.), it is written that there are five of seven “chakras” now active within our Planetary Logos (or the Exalted Being who animates Planet Earth). These five “chakras” or focal points of spiritual essence are: Geneva; London; New York; Darjeeling; and Tokyo.

These five centers constitute a kind of Earth Pentagram within Humanity, and Tokyo serves as a conduit for energies moving in and out of the Far East.

Think about the recent rise in power of China and its 1+ billion souls, and the ongoing Korean Conflict (happening since 1950-1953 – still in existence with transiting Saturn in Libra now back to where it was some 60 years ago), as well as Japan being the third most important national economy in the world. It is as though the Tokyo chakra in humanity’s pentagonal life is temporarily acting as a release point for an enormous build-up of planetary tensions in the Far East.

Apparently, the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear crisis is not only a devastating event for the Japanese, and not only a wake-up call about the proper use and wise planning of nuclear facilities world-wide, but it is a reminder that we live, and move and have our being in a much greater life force and energy-field.

We need to wake up from our collective slumber, and realize that Uranus is the most jarring, accurate and disturbing Cosmic Alarm Clock of the three outermost planets or ambassadors to-and-from the Milky Way Galaxy of billions of stars that exists as our universal home.

Top Physicist Michio Kaku -- Professor of Physics at City University in New York -- Suggests Sealing Stricken Reactors with Concrete a la Chernobyl: I happened to catch a short segment of Bill Maher on April 16, on his HBO program Real Time, speaking with guest Michio Kaku, a well-known professor, author, scientist and commentator about advanced physics. He suggested using concrete and sand in an attempt to finally seal the nuclear reactors still emitting radioactivity in Northeast Japan.

Just recently the Japanese Government raised the rating of their earthquake-tsunami-radioactivity disaster from a 5 (similar to our Three Mile Island disaster of 1979) to a 7 (the ranking given to the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine in 1986).

Even though experts in the nuclear/radioactivity field are saying the crisis of leakage of radioactivity may go on for months, it is not anywhere near certain that the public -- in Japan and worldwide -- are being told the truth.

©2011 to 2016 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner publishes Earth Aquarius News.]

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