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News > Top Stories Archives  > A Chiron Catalyst of the Egyptian Revolution: Wael Ghonim

A Chiron Catalyst of the Egyptian Revolution: Wael Ghonim

By: Mark Lerner
A Chiron Catalyst of the Egyptian Revolution: Wael Ghonim | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Dateline: Saturday February 12, 2011 While much of the world – as well as Egypt – remains in a state of shock following the uprising of a true Peoples’ Revolution in this ancient land of the Pharaohs, The Sphinx and The Great Pyramid, a young and dedicated hero did come forth – almost out of the unknown and in the 11th hour – to help catalyze this toppling of President/Dictator Mubarak just when it seemed all hope was lost.

My previous article on Egypt Under Cosmic Fire provides many of the basics. This feature is not on the connection to Israel – that will have to wait – but on Wael Ghonim, a 30-year-old Google Marketing Manager in the Middle East and North Africa.

According to Wikipedia, he was born on December 23, 1980 and the charts included in this story utilize sunrise in Cairo (the main scene of the radical events) as no birth time is currently known for Wael.

Just as Lech Walesa – an electrician – came out of nowhere to lead the Polish People to an amazing revolution against the yoke of Soviet Communism in 1981 (when the Polish Pope John Paul II was in charge at the Vatican and Ronald Reagan was President in America), we now have another remarkable hero and figure of history emerging, whether he likes it or not.

Married to an American woman and a father of two, Wael Ghonim has a degree in Computer Engineering as well as an M.B.A. He was educated in Cairo and has a residence in Dubai. He is a native Egyptian – although has strong ties to the United Arab Emirates. Since 1998 – therefore over nearly 12 years – he has been very active in energizing the Internet realm in the Middle East.

Apparently, as the uprising in Egypt took hold in its first day or two (January 25 – 26), he received permission from Google to leave the UAE to travel back to Egypt. There he was detained by the government from January 27 to February 7 since he was a known radical with a fairly obvious anti-Mubarak persuasion. Amnesty International – as well as Google – helped to have him released from confinement and – rather quickly – he appeared in Tahrir Square, electrified the massive crowds, articulated his fervent views in English in our multi-media, helped to generate interlocking communications in the social networking realms of Facebook, Twitter and the overall World Wide Web, and the rest is now history.

Although his birth time is presently unknown, this is one of those clear cases where (a) his natal chart; (b) his progressed chart; (c) his major transits; and (d) his connection to the chart for the Republic of Egypt (from June 18, 1953 and given out in the previous article) all show spectacular hits revealing what I call Astrology in Action.

The Spectacular Hits

Here is a stunning list of how the astrology of Wael Ghonim lines up with this remarkable situation now taking place in Egypt.

His Progressed Pallas (problem-solving; strategist; computer engineering; mental brilliance) shifts from 16+ Aries at birth to reach 24 Aries now – setting off a precise Grand Cross in his chart composed of Mars in Capricorn, Ceres in Cancer, Pluto in Libra, and now Pallas in Aries.

His Progressed Vesta (National Safety and Security themes; sisterhoods, brotherhoods and fellowships; “Turf Wars”) – which slowed down and made a station in his Progressed chart when he was a teenager – has just made a rare return to its natal placement.

His Progressed Mercury and Mars in mid-Aquarius are right where the current New Moon and transiting Mars placements happened in the actual sky during the Egyptian Peoples’ Revolution. In fact, transiting Mercury in Aquarius over the last two days is where it is located in Wael’s Progressed chart. Mars equates with leadership, courage and vitality (when it functions positively) and Mercury is, of course, a major ruler of communication. Aquarius is the main sign of group dynamics, teamwork (notice how he wears often a kind of soccer jersey with a red heraldic lion on the front and the number 10 on his right shirt sleeve*), community activism, and causes/movements close to one’s heart, soul and philosophy of life.

*Lions always represent royalty and 10 is the Pythagorean great number of Completion.

He was born 15 days after John Lennon was assassinated and therefore has the Jupiter-Saturn union in Libra as one of his hallmark, natal celestial signatures. Currently – in 2010 and 2011 – the entire world is struggling under the pressures and strife of Jupiter and Saturn in opposition, where these two, largest planets in the solar system are in a tug-of-war on either side of the Earth. However, Wael Ghonim has an innate conjunction of these same planets and thus contains the answer to our global predicament of rivalries, jealousies, volatility, warfare, etc.

With his natal Saturn in Libra, he is born two cycles of Saturn after the Republic of Egypt came into existence in June 1953 and one cycle of Saturn following the death of Anwar Sadat in October 1981 (which is also when Hosni Mubarak took over the reins of power). Presently, as most of you realize, Saturn is again in Libra. Therefore, Wael has just finished his first 29+ year Identity Crisis Cycle in life and has started his new three-decade career and professional cycle at the same time. [Remember that America – also born with Saturn in Libra on July 4, 1776 – is now in the midst of experiencing its eighth Saturn Return cycle.]

Revealing more of his astro-ties to the chart for the Republic of Egypt, we see that his natal Moon in the second half of Cancer is very close to Mercury for Egypt (showing a deep emotional-mental tie to his homeland that also connects to mass consciousness – the sign of Cancer).

His Chiron in Taurus very close to Venus for the Republic of Egypt reveals him as a bridge-builder between the young people’s aspirations and the values of this history-rich land that used to be the center of the ancient world.

His Jupiter-Saturn union in Libra is almost precisely trine (the 120-degree flowing and harmonious aspect) Jupiter in Gemini for the Republic of Egypt – revealing his enormous (two largest planets are Jupiter and Saturn) charisma, personal magnetism and gravitas (remember that he is a Sun-sign Capricorn – having innate, experienced leadership abilities as a soul).

In his natal chart, both Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius rise ahead (as morning stars) of his Capricorn Sun. His Venus is very close to America’s Rising Degree in early Sagittarius, and his Mercury – in a powerful synchronicity, considering the modern-era advances in technology – is exactly united with the Galactic Center in late-Sagittarius (the Galactic Center signifying our celestial home in the Milky Way, where our Sun is one of billions of stars in a colossal brotherhood-sisterhood-fellowship of divine luminescence).

There are many more correspondences and a knowledge of his birth time would allow for even greater understanding of this man’s place in history and the future, but here is perhaps the most telling of all astrological markers for the time-being: (A) His Progressed Venus at 13+ Capricorn is precisely activating – via a flowing trine of 120-degrees – his Natal Chiron at 13+ Taurus, and (B) His Progressed Chiron is now motionless – a very rare condition that highlights the exalted function of Chiron as the wounded healer, absorber of pains, willing to give up his life for his beliefs, and – most importantly – acting as a catalyst for dynamic change all around him.

I mentioned the word “catalyst” earlier in this story and I used it deliberately. It relates to a major quality or essence of Chiron – when this unusual planetary body is extra strong, especially when it is motionless – where Chiron behaves likes a chemical used to force reactions to occur, say, in a scientific laboratory, but where that chemical catalyst remains unchanged even though it causes giant changes in the experiment!

Even now – 24 to 48 hours after the success of this stunning Peoples’ Revolution in Egypt – Wael Ghonim (who remember returned to Egypt as an outsider only recently during the uprising) is saying that he is not the hero, but that all Egyptians are heroes.

In his Progressed chart, Saturn turned motionless 4 years ago, Jupiter will turn motionless within the next 2 to 3 years, and Pluto will turn motionless in about 4 years. All of these stations – enhancing the potency of his Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto – are taking place in Libra, the main sign of the individual life being transformed by societal values and the power inherent in the greater community of humanity.

Uranus Waiting in the Wings

When I was on Coast to Coast AM Radio on Friday January 28 (during the first few days of the Egyptian Peoples’ Revolution), at the close of three hours I was able to mention that the listeners should mark down March 11, 2011 as a significant date. It is when Uranus enters Aries for approximately the next eight years.

Uranus is the main planet associated with revolutions of all kind since it was discovered in 1781 when America succeeded in its revolt against the British. Before that decade was over, the French Revolution had occurred – although it led to massive bloodshed and the eventual arrival of Napoleon as a dictator in that nation.

Uranus is connected to the 7th Ray of Synthesis and Ceremonial Order in Esoteric Astrology – something I discussed in the first article on Egypt. On March 20 – 21, 2011, as spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun starts a new, apparent zodiacal journey through the heavens while uniting with radical-change agent, revolutionary shock-master Uranus at the first degree of fiery Aries.

It would be extremely rare for the birth of the astrological year (March 20 – 21 of any year) to coincide with a Sun-Uranus union at the most unique and perhaps divinely-inspired degree in the zodiac (0+ Aries). For example, when Uranus was last at Zero Aries in 1927 – 1928, no such Sun-Uranus union happened at that place. Again, it would be highly unusual for this to ever happen, but it is occurring in 2011.

Therefore, with the kings, dictators and leaders of other Arab nations quavering and wondering what will happen next, once the spring occurs and the Sun ignites Uranus at Zero Aries (and vice versa), we may start seeing other liberation movements (think high-level Uranus here) take bloom in the Middle East and North Africa.

Finally, in this regard, America itself – as well as Europe, China, Russia, Japan and other seemingly “safe” nations – is not immune from this rapidly rising Uranian electrical jolt as this planet of shock waves enters fiery Aries for an extended stay. Plus – Uranus in dynamic, free-wheeling Aries will explosively square Pluto in Capricorn (key sign of governmental power and control) 7 times from June 2012 to March 2015 – a time-period that includes the so-called End/Beginning of the 5,000+ year Long Count of the Mayan Calendar, the next presidential election in the USA, as well as the increased Sunspot cycle that many fear could bring solar catastrophe to our atmosphere, electro-magnetic grid, World Wide Web, and modern way of life.

Here’s hoping we all grow up very fast, and find new and enlightening ways to liberate ourselves, keep the peace, and avoid Cosmic Armageddon as well as Earthly Self-Destruction as a species.

©2011 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Earth Aquarius News.]

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