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News > Mundane Astrology  > The Deepwater Horizon Explosion: A*C*G Connections

The Deepwater Horizon Explosion: A*C*G Connections

The Deepwater Horizon Explosion: A*C*G Connections | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody

Edited and Graphics by Achaessa James

The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon (Macondo Field) Oil Platform, on April 20, 9:56 p.m., was an event that shook the world. I take this opportunity, the redesign of Mark Lerner’s web pages, to shine a different kind of light on events and weigh into the judgments being made about the disaster; its handling, responsible parties, and lessons learned, with a different perspective. Professional scientists have been pitted against one another arguing the issues, producing much confusion. The responses toward the unprecedented crisis have been largely couched in traditional language and terms ill suited to serve the unsolved problems the spill disclosed.


This horoscope has an Earth Map component, created using a specialized astrology tool called Astro*Carto*Graphy® A*C*G. The Astro* points to the sky realm, while the Carto*Graphi part sees that sky in the Earth realm. Here is an A*C*G map of the Deepwater Horizon explosion.


The signatures timing the disaster traced the whole Earth, focusing on all places, showing connections with varying degrees of interest and relationship to the ongoing aftermath. There is meaning to be had in every number and name connected to such an event. Take the name Macondo. Macondo was a cursed town in Columbian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. The words are important; a great deal of hyperbole (biggest, worst, and catastrophe) has been called up to describe events. Later we shall return to the pages of Marquez’s book for some answers to the world’s worst oil spill.

Let’s begin with a deeper look at the numbers of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is in order. April 20, 2010. Simple numerology reduces this date (4+2+2+1=9) to the number 9, a number that symbolizes completion and endings, a number connected to the hour of Christ’s death. But, it is possible to look at these connections in sequence and connect together dots (representing place and symbolism) to form new ideas. These connections offer different kinds of talking points beyond conventional ways of viewing oil spills in the world. These connections include the U.S. leadership in Washington, DC; British Petroleum’s UK and U.S. Headquarters; Transocean’s Headquarters in Switzerland; the birth places of all the materials playing roles at the disaster site. These parts gathered together, creating synergies of power and wealth that were enjoyed by BP before the crisis. Now these differentiated parts must look to their responsibilities. There has been a lot of finger pointing and cliché language in discussions assigning responsibility. It remains that the problems of drilling beneath a mile of water have not been adequately mastered and that no guarantees can be given by the oil industries of the world to justify the risks faced by international communities, particularly collective interest in Global Climate Change and environmental purity. Perhaps the 1,000 year flood in Pakistan is not coincidental. Climate change scientists have already identified the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas as the direct result of Climate change. The Deepwater Horizon’s impacts on air and water quality can only worsen the effects. We start our deeper look with the genesis of the material platform.


The Deepwater Horizon rig was ordered in December 1998 by Hyundai Heavy Industries and is headquartered in Ulsan, South Korea. Established in 1973, with Pluto in early Libra (4˚ 25’ to 6˚ 48’ during 1973), Hyundai is the world’s largest shipbuilder, producing 15% of the world’s shipping vessels. The Deepwater construction began in 1998 and the structure was laid down on March 21, 2000. It was acquired after its maiden voyage to the U.S. Mexican Gulf city of Freeport, Texas on February 23, 2001. British Petroleum (BP) is the principal (65%) developer of the Macondo Field and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. The oil platform was acquired by Transocean on August 17, 2001. Transocean, also established in the early 1970s, may also have Pluto in early Libra; the corporation trades as RIG on the NYSE and is headquartered in Switzerland.

A*C*G marked South Korea with a Pluto Ascendant line (5˚ Capricorn 22’ retrograde) running through the west of the country is 100 miles west of Ulsan – a tight orb. A Saturn DSC/Moon IC Paran runs along 34˚ N 42’; about 50 miles south of Ulsan, which is located at 35˚ N 34’. Another Paran, a Uranus MH/Moon ASC Paran runs along 36˚ N 51’. These two Moon (15 Cancer 37’) emphasized Parans, link directly to Washington, DC. Pluto and the Moon are in opposition by sign, a ten degree orb. The ongoing investigations into the Deepwater disaster will no doubt involve the secrets of the platform’s creation in South Korea. An opposition suggests conflict, as well as, the possibility of illumination.



The Moon links to the U.S. Capital are seen in the A*C*G Map Moon to that part of the Earth.


The Moon of the Deepwater chart is in the 1st House of the horoscope in opposition to Pluto in the 7th House. The 1st /7th polarity points to a need to compromise and negotiate. It points the mind towards lawsuits – from Washington to South Korea. South Korea made the structure, they did not own it; Transocean owns the platform, they are responsible. You have to go to Transocean’s headquarters in Vernier, Switzerland for the answers.


British Petroleum’s headquarters are in London, 200 miles west of the same Jupiter in Pisces Descendant sweeping near Vernier. A look to the Deepwater Horizon disaster chart shows a tight Jupiter 21˚ Pisces 38’ /Uranus 28˚ Pisces 27’conjunct in opposition to Saturn 29˚ Virgo 08’. The Virgo/Pisces axis is one that will require a deeper look. I could continue with an analysis of each part of the horoscope, but this would loose the holism of the meaning; let this simply be a demonstration of the way forward.

The Deepwater disaster moment occurred first in the reality of the United States of America. As a Super Power and the largest economy in the world this reality subsumed all other interests (per C.E.O. Carters Rule of Subsumption (1)). The world of arbitrary borders and countries made the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill crisis an American problem; occurring in U.S. territorial waters. This said, we must look to the American horoscope, set for July 4, 4:47 p.m., 1776, Philadelphia, PA; and also to her A*C*G Maps to see what was happening for the nation at 28˚ N 44’/ 88˚ W 23’, on April 20, 9:56 p.m., 2010. Pay close attention to the U.S. Midheaven angle at 24˚ Virgo 46’; this puts the Horizon Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn polarity into play, directly aligned to the American 4th/10th (security/governance) axis. Take a close look. These transits/aspects, found in the Horizon disaster moment, connected to nations around the Earth, revealing links for the U.S. not focused upon through convention analysis.

Also take careful note of the role that the Neptune 22˚ Virgo 25’ symbol plays in the U.S. chart; it is within 3 degrees of the Midheaven Angle 24˚ Virgo 46’. Astrologically, certainly classically, Neptune corresponds with the Earth’s oceans and seas; as well as, with all great bodies of liquid. The petroleum industry (the exploitation of great pools of liquid hydrocarbons) is correlated with Neptune (discovered September 23, 1846); it had its birth with Drake’s striking of oil (1859) in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Indeed, that first oil strike was made within the U.S. Neptune Midheaven zone, some 200 miles west of the line. It is an easy leap to argue that America is the Superpower she is today because of her innovative use and dominance of international oil supplies. Look at the American interest in the U.S. Mexican Gulf, as well as the Persian Gulf. There is a mystery in these facts - an astrological connection. The Persian Gulf is the U.S. Pluto 27˚ Capricorn 34’ Midheaven zone which is in harmony with the U.S. Neptune at 22˚ Virgo 25’. U.S. business interests and government leadership are collaborators empowered by oil. There is a revelation here. Like cigarettes, We the People (E. Pluribus Unum) know that we are addicted to oil consumption. Where can we collectively run with this realization? With Neptune in the nation’s 9th House, can we have awe-inspiring realizations that allow us to innovate out of our state of oil addiction? Can the truth of our situation lead us to transcendence this crisis for humanity? With Neptune on the U.S. Moon – the public masses – perhaps there is a chance.

Convert the U.S. horoscope to an A*C*G Map and you see the wider relationship of America to the Earth. Through this map we see the connections the U.S. has to South Korea, and Switzerland.


Let us filter out those A*C*G lines that do not touch our principal players. We are mainly concerned with Switzerland, South Korea, and Britain, but as in all things the threads of the weave are involved and we might have to return again and again to see the patterns connecting to distant obscure places like the Marshall Island Republic island of Majuro. The Deepwater Horizon is registered by Transocean in this tiny nation and there are important events occurring to the U.S. A*C*G Moon at 26˚ Aquarius 56’, that connect to the city of Majuro. The transiting Neptune has been crossing that position; waning in close aspect on the day of the Deepwater Horizon fire, Neptune was at 28˚ Aquarius 15’, angularly emphasized in the 9th House (Mars Effect Zone) of the chart.


Here is the A*C*G MAP focused upon the Deepwater Horizon crisis players:


These lines tracing the Earth are still overwhelming; until you consider the aspects that they make with one another. Neptune, Mars, Pluto, and the Moon are all part of amazing Y-Shaped patterns called Yods. There are two of them in the U.S. horoscope and they overlay one another, sharing parts. When one Yod is stimulated by transit the other comes into expression, reflexive, but different, like Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The correlate issues isolated by the Yod offer some direction as to what are the most important concerns and outcomes of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster. Neptune, which we know to be active, is part of the U.S. Moon Yod. This well formed Yod is in the U.S. chart has Neptune at one part, called a HAND, and Mercury at the second HAND, each 60 degrees apart, with the Moon holding a critical FOOT position opposite their midpoint. The structure resembles a Y-Shape, or a stretched triangle. Between the two HANDS and opposite the Moon position is an ACTIVATION POINT (ACT. PT.). This ACT. PT. doubles as one HAND to the second, a Pluto Yod; Mars serves as the second HAND to this Pluto Yod. Here are the Yods:

Just a quick superficial look to this chart shows the two Yods active at the time of the Deepwater Horizon disaster – particularly interesting are the Saturn and Neptune transits on April 20, 2010. Furthermore, the issues; symbolized in the 9th House (technological skill and technological know-how) and the 10th House (the business and government leadership) is illuminated. This is shows a serious problem for government, showing President Obama’s direct involvement (10th House correlates with the leader of a nation); not just any president, but a President with direct connections (his Uranus at 25˚ Leo 15’ and North Node at 27˚ Leo 17’ retrograde) to the U.S. Moon Yod, particularly its ACT. PT., at 26˚Leo 56’. Many of the President’s Cabinet Members have similar metric connections in their natal charts. The oil spill has challenged these experts and stretched their combined body of knowledge about deep water oil drilling.

Unseen in the charts and maps are the progressed positions in the U.S. experience – the Progressed Sun was at 5˚ Pisces 29’ on April 20, 2010. This Progressed Sun is waxing to the square of the U.S. Ascendant at 7˚ Sagittarius 37’ and Uranus position at 8˚ Gemini 55’. In America’s relatively short life (234 years), this is her first experience of a progressed Sun in Pisces. It will trine all of her Cancer planets (Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury in order). Note how angular Uranus is in the U.S. horoscope; extremely close (1˚ 18’) to the Descendant angle. The Progressed Sun in Pisces seconds the importance of Neptune in the U.S. natal chart and the prominent role oil has played, again, oil pools are also a correlate of Pisces. The U.S. Progressed Moon on April 20, 2010 chart was at 20˚ Virgo 00’ applying to the U.S. Neptune and Midheaven positions, while Progressed Mercury was then at 22˚ Aquarius 20’ retrograde to the U.S. Moon 26˚ Aquarius 56’. The Progressed Moon moved to oppose the U.S Neptune during the long fight to stop the estimated 4.9 million barrels that eventually leaked. Progressed Ascendant is at 24˚ Leo 45’ on that April date; it is now 25˚ Leo and on the march to the U.S. Moon Yod ACT. PT. As a nation we face a defining moment in our history. The simultaneity of all these numbers lining up should speak to us. They should spark some urgency and perhaps some revelation of the importance of the times, and the A*C*G places activated.

There is another, normally invisible, signature that can be seen through A*C*G analysis. The U.S. has a Moon ASC/Uranus IC Paran along 26˚ N 54’ and a Jupiter ASC/Neptune IC further north at 27˚ N 29’. Because of these Parans, particularly the ones involving the Moon, I held in an article America’s Unified Field Relationship to Earth, published by Mark Lerner in Welcome to Planet Earth Journal (WTPE), in November 1994, that the secondary U.S. Moon Parans in her A*C*G map were very important, tied to the Yods, as they were. These Parans were identified on November 6, 1994, as occurring along two latitudes running though the U.S. mainland, along 28˚ north and 40˚ north. I have spent the past 16 years monitoring the astrology of these American Parans, along with others, including the parans at 19, 52, and 54 North, etc.

9/11 & THE 40˚ NORTH ZONE

In March 1999, the progressed Sun, waxing towards the U.S. Moon position, compelled me to send out a sustained email alert to many government authorities, friends, and colleagues, warning of significant events impacting the 40˚ North Zone in general and New York City specifically. The warning in 1999 gave a peak date – October 25, 2010. We know today that this would be the day before President George W. Bush would sign into law the U.S.A. Patriot Act, during the morning hours of October 26, 2001, in direct response to the horror of the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. Again, this was unprecedented, this first time progressed Sun, exactly to the American Moon position at 26˚ Aquarius 56’. The people of the nation were energized. Some of it was reflexive. We declared a preemptive war.


More recently, in August of 2005, I released another email alert; this time, a Red Alert. This alert was prompted by a Full Moon at 26˚ Aquarius 50’, on August 19, almost exact to the U.S. Moon Yod/ACT. PT. axis. All of the major U.S. Moon zones were activated, along with all of the Paran zones forming off of these lines. It was hurricane season. The 28˚ North Zone, again a combination of two symbols, the Moon Ascending and Uranus on the IC, swept exactly through the 28˚ North location (exact coordinates of the Macondo Prospect five years later); making forecasting possible. Only astrology tools opened the door to the paradigm; allowing me to perceive, have a revelation that, the city of New Orleans would be threatened by Hurricane Katrina. My warning is not widely know, as was the Hurricane Pam scientific simulation and exercises, which were largely ignored; both paradigms failed to achieve their goal of alerting and compelling the public. But, using the A*C*G tool, I was able to clearly see the route the hurricane would take – along 28˚ North. It had happened before, recently, with other hurricanes, and would happen again with Rita. At its peak intensity, on August 28, at 10:00 a.m., NOAA satellites, photographed the Katrina as a Category 5 Hurricane, stationed exactly over 28˚ north latitude. My warning was given almost two weeks earlier. On the A*C*G map the major Moon lines can be seen; but the Parans require an extra step to identify. Parans occur where major lines cross on an A*C*G map, this means that the two planets either co-ascend or simultaneously sit on one of the angles in the horoscope. Here are the major U.S. Moon lines:


This time, April of 2010, conditions along the 28˚ North Zone seemed to have been foretold by the March 15th, 2010 New Moon/Uranus conjunction by transit. I site this event because lunations are frequently bellwethers of events and the March 15th New Moon at 25˚ Pisces 10’, was conjunct Uranus at 26˚ Pisces 27’ in direct motion. Mercury that day was at 25˚ Pisces. That’s four planets aspecting the U.S. Nadir Angle opposing the U.S. Neptune and Midheaven positions. Something was up for the government to have to respond to; Uranus signatured the suddenness and urgency of developments. Whatever the trigger to the fire on the Deepwater Horizon, and there are ongoing investigations, the A*C*G insight could have warranted a caution, if not a full alert, in the vicinity of the Gulf Oil Rigs, particularly the Deepwater Rig, located exactly at 28˚ N 44’/88˚ W 23’ in the accursed Macondo Prospect. I have introduced more than I have explained, but I have opened a door which I hope you will enter. A*C*G analysis is a new frontier. Research! Look at the chart of the laying of the foundation of the Deepwater in South Korea, explore as many of the secondary charts, connect the dots to the all subsuming U.S. chart, and remember that the whole is greater then the sum of its parts, but every part contributes.

If your tools stop working, you need to get new tools! Mexican poet - Octavio Paz

Wayne Moody
8:00 p.m.
August 20, 2010


(1) Carter, C.E.O, Mundane Astrology – The Astrology of Nations and States, Astrology Classics Publishing, 1st 1951

Copyright 2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, please contact him at the following email address: ]

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