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News > Mundane Astrology  > Revelatory Moments Late in Life

Revelatory Moments Late in Life

Revelatory Moments Late in Life | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody

Edited and Graphics by Achaessa James

Mark Lerner’s preparing for a new web design invites me to take this moment to reintroduce myself to the EARTH AQUARIUS NEWS reading audience. My collaborations with Mark have stretched over two and one-half decades now and during this span of time we have each published on many subjects and witnessed the flow of history together through our articles. From the first of my articles “Earth Harvest” up to a recent article on the Haitian Earthquake, my interest has been the realization of astrology’s celestial relationship with the physical Earth, with her stone realities. I would like to share with you how it has been to walk my path on Earth with this mindset. This is about me and my experiences becoming increasingly self-realized. Consider these definitions :

Reality. 1550. Adjective. “The quality of being real or having an actual existence.”
Realize. 1611. Verb. “To make real, give reality to (something merely imagined, planned, etc.); to convert into reality.”
Realization. 1611. “The action or result of realizing. 1. The action of making real; the process of becoming real; conversion into real fact.
Self-realization. 1876. “The fulfillment by one’s own efforts of the possibilities of development of the self.”

Notice how understanding of reality changed in the 1600s as the scientific paradigm took hold. I pick up my story in 1984, after Pluto had ingressed into Scorpio, completing its run though Libra, and with that transit, exiting out of my horoscope 1st House (completed September 14, 1984 when Pluto reached 0˚ Scorpio 32’). I had been in a chrysalis state since the early 1970s when transiting Pluto had crossed my Ascendant Angle, while I was in college, spinning me into limbo. It was not a happy period of my life, I felt I had lost everything – been stripped of my identity. During the decade between 1972 and 1981, as Pluto slowly transited the 26˚ of my 1st House, my identity had been under reconstruction; with the architect’s plans secret for the most part - I moved on instinct. I groped my way towards astrology, eventually in 1980 taking it up for what I thought it might reveal about my then rudderless life.

I began to write, made friends for life, climbed a mountain, I explored relationships and new subjects and by the time 1984 rolled around, my period of metamorphosis was nearly completed and I was finding out – realizing – what I was best suited for. Like George Orwell (the world’s eyes were on him then), whose 1984 and Animal Farm I so admired, I took up the pen and began publishing my views of astrology, the Earth environment, in Mark Lerner’s Madison, Wisconsin; Welcome to Planet Earth Journal in February of 1984. I always did believe in that saying “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Now in Scorpio, Pluto was on the march to an opposition with my Gemini Sun ruler, Mercury, at 8˚ Taurus 52’ in my natal 8th House. After realizing my pen I considered myself an astrologer. I had realized a new identity as an Earth Harvest Astrologer – with a voice in WTPE.
In Nature’s infinite book of secrecy
A little I can read.
~William Shakespeare

By August 28, 1984, Pluto was in Scorpio for good; now, it would transit through my 2nd House of materiality. This transit through Scorpio would take 11 years. I had established myself as a lapidary apprentice in San Francisco, California. My teachers were the hippie crystal merchants of Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California; they supplied me with crystals and information. I also had exposure to 90-year-old artisans from the Bohemia Crystal Works of what was then East Germany. I made contact with these people when I was accepted into the San Francisco Gem & Mineral Society and attended their clubhouse in the Sunset District on Judah Street. They would show me the proper way to grind stone. Just being in their space was nurturing.

Most of what I wrote and published in Welcome to Planet Earth WTPE Journal was Mundane in nature; I took an astrological look at the affairs of countries like South Africa, Iran, and Iraq, through their complex relationships with the U.S. I calibrated the astrological tools I used (relocation maps) using July 4, 4:47 p.m., 1776, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, producing insightful charts and maps of the United States’ “Significant Moment”. The resulting horoscope brought me results that impressed me, things I had been previously blind to, indeed brought about revelatory experiences. I used America, the reigning Superpower, particularly, in the years following the disintegration of the former U.S.S.R, because U.S. geopolitical interests subsumed the interests of all other countries. I explored America’s actual physical connections to the Earth through her Astro*Carto*Graphy® A*C*G analysis in order to establish and verify, for myself whether or not the birth time accurately matched trends with regard to geographic placement, astrological timing, and correspondence matches to the symbolism of the planets involved. When all is said and done, Dane Rudhyar wrote, “Astrological interpretation is a process of revelation.”


A series of initial revelatory experiences trimmed my sails and set me unerring along certain pathways. The initial event of this series occurred in 1984, when in May of that year, the day before my Thirty-third birthday, I met astrologer Jim Lewis for the first time. Jim was not just any astrologer, he was the 1978 Mark Edmund Jones Prize Winner for his work as developer and innovator of relocation astrology in the modern world; Jim developed and promoted Astro*Carto*Graphy®. Jim Lewis also received the Regulus Award during UAC 1992, for Discovery, Innovation, and Research. Our first meeting occurred on May 24th during my Solar Return in Noe Valley, at an Italian restaurant in the Castro District of San Francisco. I followed him to the restaurant after he had finished lecturing on A*C*G at a local church. I was a novice astrologer then, poor in technique (I didn’t know about Solar Return techniques), but I grasped one simple, but paramount maxim of astrology, As Above! So Below! As one trained to be a geologist, and an active member of the San Francisco Gem and Mineral Society, I set out to demonstrate the So Below!

About sunset we sat alone in the restaurant while Jim ate spaghetti; eventually, I piped up a conversation revealing in minutes all that I had to offer the great man. I had the presence of mind to notice that Jim had a battered and worn gold ring on his right pinky finger and I quickly recognized this as my opening. For the previous three years, I had been taught by a Palm Reader named Odin, to recognize the astrological correspondences of the parts of the hand; where Mars was the thumb, Jupiter the index finger, Saturn the long middle digit, the Sun next to that in order, and finally Mercury was given to the pinkie finger. During my brief window of time with Jim (while he ate) I explained my realization/revelation that his ring was in fact a talisman; rooted to some significant life experience he had had and that the symbolism of the ring’s placement pointed clearly to the area of life being enhanced, empowered and to his success with Astro*Carto*Graphy. For me the ring pointed at his success as an Astro (star)-cartographer (mapper), public speaker, and thinker.

Jim made no comment about my insight. None! He offered nothing about his ring that would encourage my perspective; that would come, years later, in a letter written on a Full Moon in the aftermath of an earthquake we had both experienced. Before that moment many things occurred shaping me and my Earth Harvest ideas. The first of these occurred one week after my meeting with Jim; he sent me my first A*C*G Map – it was my own. While I was limited in my astrological knowledge, I had long practice in the ways of science, and was diligent in noting the moment I received that first map. Because of my habit of noting time, I have accumulated a thorough record of the major turning points in my life these past 25 years. I opened that first package from Jim May 31, 5:22 p.m., 1984, in San Francisco, CA. My life’s work lay before me.


Frozen within the horoscope patterns of that May 31st, 1984 sky moment was one that I was initially blind to. It wasn’t until some years later, in the early 1990s that the Y-shaped YOD pattern revealed itself to me.


It took a full decade (1984 – 1994) before my skills allowed me to penetrate into my, 1st A*C*G MAP RECEIVED, horoscope mandala sufficiently enough to appreciate the Y-shaped SUN YOD. By 1994, I had perceived the pattern in the horoscopes of the 1st-term Clinton Administration Cabinet; many of whose members had horoscopes with the strongest connections to the U.S. YOD pattern. That year my article, Figure the Yods, was published by Mark Lerner in WTPE. Seeing the aspect picture of the Yod was empirical; ‘seeing’ the importance of the pattern for the American people was revelatory. By the time I wrote about the Yod pattern in the South African flag (spring of 1994), my interpretation of the symbol was decidedly revelatory. My first impressions from May 31, 1984, were revelatory in that they opened my awareness to the A*C*G frontier; a reality previously nonexistent in my science informed life. That awareness grew over time to a greater sophistication, as my astrological skills grew. Looking back now, that initiatory spark I received through my 1st A*C*G Map set revelations ablaze within me. A further distillation of that May 1984 moment reveals an almost perfect Sun Yod pattern.

This May 31st, 1984 A*C*G Map offers more to ponder. The many geographic locations that were touched by the A*C*G lines, were not yet part of my experience; that potential within my self (birth chart symbolism) was far from being realized. By December 2005 many of them had manifested.


Further reducing the A*C*G lines to show only those that are involved in the ‘perfect’ Y-Shaped YOD pattern produced this emphasis across the Earth.


In this last map, the full potential geographic value of the May 31, 1984 moment stands revealed, as if curtains had been drawn. Various specific places have been marked by the HANDS, FOOT, and ACTIVATION POINT of the Sun Yod. The tool connects the dots between articles I have written, pointing directly at the sources of my inspiration. It should be briefly noted here that the A*C*G Sun Yod tool is linked to my own birth moment, the 10˚ Gemini 42’ Sun placement in particular, connects into my own natal horoscope patterns, specifically, with my Sun at 3˚ Gemini 48’; connected in a Grand Air Trine to the Moon 7˚ Aquarius 59’ and to my Ascendant 4˚ Libra 04’.

A*C*G-wise, I have lived and published ‘exactly’ under my Sun Midheaven MH, which is also my Mars MH, Mars being at 2˚ Gemini 52’.


No work has been more precious to me, more heart-felt, filled with purpose, and yes – revelatory - then my earliest works writing in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. I had made a connection between the astrological Jupiter, its correlate justice, and with Venus and its correspondence with values. Awareness of these principles allowed me to run with the ideas that flowed from meditating upon them. Mark published quite a few of my articles; The Shaping Winds, Krugerrand: Symbol of Shame, and As Above & So Below - to name a few. My articles ran monthly in Mark’s journal from 1985 through 1994 and we were both overjoyed to witness the fall of Apartheid. At the time of writing my first South African articles, I was focused upon the U.S. A*C*G Venus/Jupiter lines, in early Cancer (3-5˚ Cancer), running north/south on the IC - 120 miles west of Johannesburg. My May 31st, 1984 Sun Yod’s Jupiter runs through the same terrain (45 miles west of Johannesburg), but in early Capricorn. Both through the A*C*G tool and my natal chart (my Moon line runs 100 miles northwest of Johannesburg), I was connected and in season with the U.S. A*C*G experience in Southern Africa.

The 1st map A*C*G Yod pattern also features a Saturn descending line sweeping close-by Baghdad, 50 miles to the northeast. Beginning in the fall of 1987, my attention turned and fixed upon the Persian Gulf. Again, both my natal chart Moon and the 1st A*C*G chart Sun Yod Saturn positions traced through the Gulf. I became attuned to the importance of this geographic location, the Persian or Arabic Gulf, through insights into the U.S. Pluto position which ran on the MH (in the U.S. A*C*G map) along 50˚ East. Looking back after twenty-three years, I have perspective now to legitimately claim a powerful revelation that spurred me to write the article that first pointed out the geography where America would fight her longest war in U.S. history. This revelatory moment in my life manifested in the form of an article to WTPE entitled The Great Satan. During the time of its writing, I was involved in the Harmonic Convergence Observance in Denver, CO. I wrote the article on the train between Sacramento and Denver, after a period of intense dreams involving soldiers dying horribly somewhere in the Persian Gulf.

The A*C*G map from May 1984 had marked out geographic points that would become important in my life. I already had natal A*C*G lines in these geographic places, but became even more sensitive to them. Other chart moments (certain of my Solar Returns) fine-tuned my movements since 1984. All these charts (natal, 1st A*C*G, and Solar Returns) act holistically, as a piece. However, that moment in 1984 stands out as the moment of decision, the moment when I consciously began to commit to a geographic journey indicated by the Sun Yod. Only after the millennium change did I truly see, appreciate, and develop a perspective of the Sun Yod from May 1984. Long before this dawning, my boss, a Senior Partner of a major San Francisco Law Firm told me that it wasn’t my empirical tools that opened me to realizations; he suggested it was something else. I never could fit a descriptive word in my head. Now I know and accept revelation as the most suitable word.

Time has shown me that in my story, my geographic agenda was set the moment that the A*C*G tool entered into my life; I was then thirty-three years old. The A*C*G map, a kind of liminal, became a talisman for me, much like Jim’s ring. Studying the Sun Yod pattern, meditating upon its symbols, sleeping on these insights brought revelations over time. Now and then, whenever I review my history over the past twenty-five years I see new things in the old places. Looking at the geographic locations I have A*C*G fixes on (in my articles), I see how I have received visitors from, or traveled to various places; concentrated under planet lines laid out by the Yod from May 1984.

Most of my adventures have been meticulously documented, with me first securing the important dates and times. In retrospect I can look back again and again gaining new perspectives based upon these solid astrological charts and maps. I admit being amazed at the changes in my perspective from year to year as I have developed as an astrologer. In his novel The Talisman, author Sir Walter Scott has a major character declare that one can’t force open the door to God’s secrets, but must wait and receive revelation. These are not Scott’s words, they are mine. The topics that have shaped me have ranged the face of the Earth, from Japan (the U.S dropping of the two Atom Bombs and Truman’s talismanic rings), India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, to Prince William Sound and the Mexican Gulf (Oil Spills and Hurricanes). I have event focused upon the tiny real estate of the Marshall Island Republic, touched by America’s Moon line, and her peoples’ experiences at the hands of the U.S.

Washington, DC is exactly between the Sun Yod’s Sun DSC and Uranus ASC lines; much of my output was directed at providing insights to America’s leadership. One article, addressed to President George Herbert Walker Bush, was named just that, A Letter to America’s Leadership. The heart of these Sun DSC and Uranus ASC ran 90 miles west of Ground Zero in New York City. My involvement with that site began in March of 1999 with my email alerts to many leaders of government about a crisis occurring near October 25, 2001. America signed her Patriot Act into law, as a result of 9/11, on that date. On 9/11 the Sun Yod planets were active by transits within a single degree. The empirical measure did not drive my efforts, the revelations had through the talisman did.


Let us return to the talisman story connecting me to Jim Lewis and pick up with his letter to me. It was written five years after our first meeting in the Castro and reception of my 1st A*C*G Map. Jim and I met after the 6.9 (Richter scale) Loma Prieta Earthquake that struck San Francisco on October, 17, 1989. Jim lived on Frederick Street, while I lived a few streets over on the famous Haight Street of Haight/Ashbury of the 1960s-Hippie fame. I was working downtown when the earthquake struck; on the 40th floor of a new 48 story high-rise at 101 California Street. I had just left work at 5:00 p.m., walked one block and stepped onto an electric bus on Mission Street, when the earthquake struck at 5:04 p.m. All of the power went down and the city was without power, worried about after shocks people wandered the streets with candles. Jim and I met sometime between the 17th and the 28th of October and agreed to meet again at a restaurant on Haight Street, down the street from his home. We met Sunday, the 29th of October 1989, the day of a 6˚Scorpio 11’ Full Moon. Feeling confident and buttressed with newly honed skills and five years of perspective 1984 - 1989, I pressed Jim about his pinkie ring again. This time Jim was interested, asking questions, and freely gave away details about the ring’s origins. He spoke of his travel through the North African Sahara (Sachel) countries as a tarot reader, told how he arrived in Upper Volta (modern day Burkina Faso) and stayed home of a goldsmith named Sci in the capital Ouagadougou. Jim described how he hand-fabricated a ring crafted from Ghana gold. Jim finished the ring by engraving it with the Ankh symbol. During our meal, Jim also told me that he had recently been assaulted (Gay-bashing) and that his right pinkie finger had been injured. He had suffered some hearing loss. He had kept the talismanic ring on his finger since June 1966, despite the crushed ring on his injured pinkie, which almost forced him to remove the ring – he didn’t. We also discussed alternative healers and a book by a New Orleans Voodoo Priestess.

Before we separated that Full Moon day, Jim agreed to write me his thoughts in a letter. He went home and later that night, after referring to his personal diary written during his time in Africa and the creation of his ring, he wrote the following under the Full Moon. Please consider that the Ascendant of my 1st A*C*G Map moment was 4˚Scorpio 39’ and that transiting Saturn was at 9˚ Capricorn 19’ that morning applying to the Jupiter HAND of the Sun Yod. Nearby was Uranus at 2˚ Capricorn 21’. Transiting Neptune was simultaneous there at 10˚ Capricorn 0’. This was a potent stellium of direct planets. Jupiter in the sky that day had just turned Stationary Retrograde at 10˚ Cancer 52’ opposing the lot of them and Yod’s Jupiter HAND. This was the ambiance surrounding Jim as he constructed his letter that evening, in it he directly addresses the idea of a talisman:

October 29, 1989

Wayne Moody
1677 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Dear Wayne,

You have asked me to write to you detailing my reactions to your talismanic ideas, and how they relate to Astro*Carto*Graphy. I am happy to do so.

As you are aware, my personal contribution to contemporary astrology has been to focus attention on its locational aspect. I have dome so mostly through making widely available A*C*G maps, and writing, teaching and lecturing about their importance and interpretation. I have come to see the moment of birth as multi-locational – an entity that comes into being at a particular moment has astrologically comprehensible relationships with any place on Earth as a consequence of that birth moment. More than just indicating the condition one might expect when traveling to a location, A*C*G maps show a gridwork on consciousness traced across our planet. A*C*G clients frequently write of being influenced from afar in their personal relationships, business interests and cultural concerns; this effect operates even when the individual has never traveled to the place in question.

I must admit that when you first mentioned to me your ideas, some 5 years ago, I was skeptical. It seemed far-fetched to consider that materials, rocks, gemstones and other objects would bear with them the astrological signatures of their place of origin.

I have since come to agree, however, that such an effect does seem to exist, and am grateful to you for pointing it out to me. The current fascination with crystals certainly illustrates the power with which people project subconscious content of importance upon such objects, and this being the case, it is logical to assume that A*C*G activations would inform such projections. In addition, I have come to see that the time at which a personal talisman is found also relates astrologically to its place of origin, and the individual for whom it is significant.

Please accept my best wishes for your ongoing inquiries; I hope I can continue to be of assistance...Sincerely, Jim Lewis

Recently, I have been offered an opportunity to go and present on the Use of A*C*G to See, Assemble, and Appreciate the Assemblage Talisman in the 21st Century in Istanbul, Turkey (for the second time). My 1st A*C*G moment, long ago, marked Istanbul with an 11˚ Capricorn 24’ retrograde Jupiter MH line running 90 miles to the east. I will arrive on the Istanbul stage December 5, 2010, as transiting Mercury waxes to a Station at 5˚ Capricorn 54’. Transiting Pluto is nearby direct at 4˚Capricorn 22’. My natal relocated Ascendant to Istanbul is 9˚ Capricorn 41’. During my stay, December 6, 2010, the transiting Moon will contact these positions in turn. These are all quantitative measures of my relationship to Istanbul; they present a liminal. Sabian Symbolism tells a qualitative story; it enters cross the liminal to the revelations.

I have presented my story. I have shaken many hands of people that have shaken the hands of great people, or been touched by their realized creations. Call it contagion, call it synergy, call it what you will, I have been touched by the world. Consider the vicarious touch of Marc Edmund Jones’, developer and promoter of the Sabian Symbols , on my life. His life work, the psychic revelations of Elsie Wheeler, touches us all through that which he has left behind him; realized and manifest on the Earth. My first contact with his Sabians came at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 13, 1981 (S.F.), when I bought my first astrology book, The Astrology of Personality, by Dane Rudhyar, and found the Sabian Symbols within its pages. I have had profound Christmas experiences (good and bad) and the Sabians for my Sun and Mercury (Sun-ruler) positions were revelatory for me. The Sabian for my Mercury, 9˚ Taurus was “A Christmas tree loaded with gifts and lighted candles; A symbol of the promise which outer life offers to the pure in heart; of immortality through giving of self to the race.” My Sun Sabian was just as confirming and revelatory. It read, 4˚ Gemini “Holly and mistletoe bring Christmas spirit to a home; Holiday spirit as an attempt to preserve for individuals the wealth and power of racial background. Social warmth.” I once had a stranger approach me in a bookstore and tell me, “You look like Christmas.” Marc Edmund Jones talismanic touch upon my life is profound; his Neptune 2˚ Gemini 08’ and Pluto 5˚ Gemini 51’ tightly straddle my own Mars/Sun positions; while his Jupiter at 3˚ Sagittarius 08’ opposes them. Additionally, Jones’ Sun at 8˚ Libra 50’ sits on my Ascendant, in my 1st House. As to Dane Rudhyar, his book a mule transmitting Jones’ Sabian work, besides having his Mars/Neptune/Pluto positions on my Mars/Sun, his Ascendant is at 13˚ Sagittarius 55’ – on the Activation Point of my 1st A*C*G Map revelation. When I present in Istanbul this December 2010, it will be under a waxing New Moon at 13˚ Sagittarius 29’. The Sabian Symbol is rounded to the next whole degree making the New Moon Sabian 14 Sagittarius; “Sphinx and Pyramids stand, remains of a glorious past: Achievement based on past greatness. Power of the countless dead upon the living. Vast resources in selfhood. Antecedents.” As I prepare for this second journey, Achaessa, my writing collaborator of twenty-four years, will be there with her talismanic 7˚ Sagittarius 01’ Midheaven organization skills. The Sabian Symbol for Achaessa’s MH rounds to 8˚ Sagittarius and reads:

“In the cauldron of the universe the metals are forming:
Irresistible determination to be. Infinite capacity for hard work. Crystallization of purpose and will out of experience”

This is the measure of Achaessa to the tee. I leave you with these additional Sabians from my natal and 1st A*C*G horoscopes; they too are revelatory to me. No less than Dane Rudhyar has written that astrological interpretation is “a process of revelation.” Thank you Achaessa for a lifetime of support.


5˚ Capricorn
“An American Indian Camp: A fierce war dance begins: Violent awakening to reality.”

6˚ Capricorn
“Ten logs lie under archway leading to darker woods: Thoroughness.”

10˚ Capricorn
“On a sailboat the seamen are feeding a tame albatross. Harmlessness.”

12˚ Capricorn
"Natural wonders are depicted in a lecture on science. Keen vision.”

Wayne Moody – Astro*carto*Grapher
August 19, 2:22 p.m.

Copyright 2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, please contact him at the following email address: ]

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