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News > Mundane Astrology  > Space & Time -- Part II

Space & Time -- Part II

Space & Time -- Part II | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody

Edited and Images by Achaessa James

Part II

ECONOMIC ETHICS & JUSTICE (Added May 15, noon hour)

Adam Smith’s economic vision was a moral/ethical one. As Professor of Moral Philosophy at Glasgow University, he wrote of the ethics of human relations in “Theory of Moral Sentiments” 1759, which preceded his “Wealth of Nations” by 17 years. Ideas from this former work helped shape the latter. Smith can be seen here attempting to change the system (in which he thrived) from within. His work sold well amongst the elite in power. They saw him not as a threat, as Kant was seen in Prussia in his senior years, but as a scholar offering up good opinions. Unfortunately, Britain was the last to act upon Smith’s ideas and retained their unjust mercantile system well beyond the American Revolutionary War times. Perhaps it was a practical decision. There was little incentive for the British Crown to quit a system that was still bringing rich benefits. They still had one of the greatest navies on earth able to enforce the parliament’s laws and the King’s will.


As in the times of the Seven Year War, fought by France and Britain throughout the world, Pluto is once again retrograde (May 14, 2010 at 5˚ Capricorn) at the beginning of its transit through Capricorn. It has been 248 years and the systems destroyed at that time and those seeded at that time have completed a full cycle. Mercantilism has transformed its face into multinational corporations, hedge funds, and the various hydra-headed aspects of 21st century commerce and finance. And these modern creatures, like their Mercantile (backed by armies) predecessor, are likewise in decline. As in 1776, a small elite percentage of the population controls resources and wealth and this issue of economic inequity is the key to the battlefield of today.

Prior to the penultimate cycle of Pluto through Capricorn we had Martin Luther in 1517 nailing his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Church door in protest against the Catholic system of selling indulgences. Pluto was at 2˚ Capricorn 13’ on that day – October 31, 1517. The Protestant Movement he started split the Christian world.(27)


Government run economies are the main outcome of the 2008-2010 Great Recession. Vested in the capitalistic economic system, national governments were forced into the role of ‘lender of last resort’. A great debate rages over central government spending throughout the world; in America, the UK, France, Germany, the P.I.I.G.S. (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain), and Iceland, to name a few. Did I skip Communist China?

U.S. Federal spending acquired the Louisiana Purchase – arguably the greatest public good ever. This was justice. Testifying before House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on October 23, 2008 (transiting Sun had just squared the U.S. Pluto from 27˚ Libra and transiting Moon moved over 27˚ Leo sometime during the morning, stimulating a HAND of the U.S. Pluto Yod), Alan Greenspan, the then-Chairman of the Federal Reserve, expressed shock that the exercise of self interest had been so abused, and created a “once-in-a-century financial tsunami.”(28) By April 2010 he had forgotten his shame as he testified before another Congressional committee.

The public has since howled for justice against the runaway greed and duplicity of collateralized debt obligation (CDO) securities on Wall Street. They howled just as the colonists had when the rebellion (tea-parties! Not the Alice-In-Wonderland sort) broke against George III in 1775. The mercantilism of 1776, that crass exploitation of colonies for their resources, and the use of armies to protect that exploitation, is mirrored by the U.S. military defending U.S. oil resource reserves in foreign countries around the earth particularly along 50˚ East (the Pluto Midheaven Zone) in a zero-sum struggle with China’s leadership in Beijing (America’s Pluto Descendant Zone).

The cost of oil affects all of the nations of the world and pitches all into chaos whenever domestic demands/needs press nations into extreme ‘zero-sum’ measures. China must grow. Her dependence upon Iran for 25% of her oil supplies puts her in direct confrontation with the U.S. in the Persian Gulf. And oil from any source (be it Sudan, Nigeria, or Peru) fuels that growth. The world’s auto industries are now (after the credit crisis) desperately retooling (reorienting to alternatives) away from dependence on oil. American dependence upon oil-dependent technologies is at the heart of oil politics. Her solutions to her addictions, with Pluto now back again in Capricorn, again seeking purification of Capricornian systems, will surely transform, yet again, the economic system throughout the world.

At 233 years of age, America is in a season where a Midheaven/10th House (grownup) understanding of her Pluto, of her power sources (confronting the mysteries of those Islamic nations that provide energy), pushes America to refine and adjust her economic system through various forms of evolution and purification – war being one form; but is it a step toward evolution or the consequences of a refusal to evolve?

Answering my peer’s challenge during the Wesak Full Moon of 2008, to produce a second example of U.S. Pluto zones expressing, that would make the ‘reality’ of Pluto Zones indisputable was met on June 12, 2008, when I wrote, had witnessed, and e-mailed across state lines for future publication, an original look at the U.S. and Adam Smith Capitalism. Let it be noted the Fullness of the Moon signatures the fullness of any process of awareness, of understanding. The Buddha became enlightened during a Full Moon in May.(29)

Lastly, consider carefully as you read my astrologically guided story of perceptions, directed by space and time - an a priori. “Pluto In Business Attire”, was written months prior to the collapse of Lehman Brothers in the United States.(30) I imagine Kant calling it by his coined-term Transcendental Logic; the words all preceded the nail-biting realities of the world economies beginning September/October of 2008 through to the present moment. Today the very existence of the European Union is being shaken by the threat of a sovereign nation, Greece, failing. By late November 2008 Pluto had transited into Capricorn (as it had in the time of Hume, Kant, and Smith in 1762) and now begins the march to its return in the American chart – to 27 Capricorn 34’.

All these events connect astrologically through the American Pluto A*C*G placement to the time/place of Adam Smith and his three-point economic theory, which began with a doctrine of “the pursuit of self-interest” – clearly the brand of self-interest pursued by the U.S. in the Arabian/Persian Gulf, in China, in Brazil, and in Alaska. As this final draft went to my editor, more of Smith’s “invisible hands” made earthquake-like appearances. They shook the shell-shocked U.S. and world financial markets once again, unexpectedly, with the SEC filing charges against Goldman-Sachs, the stock market dropping almost 1,000 points in 15 minutes, and more nail-biting over the EU. Additionally this occurred in the midst of volcanic atmospherics over the UK (eastern Scotland) and Western Europe.


America’s military expression under Pluto is not the only way the planet has manifested in the U.S. A*C*G Pluto zones throughout her 231 year history. Another equally compelling expression goes to the core of what the U.S. represents: trade, more specifically - Capitalism. With a capital C – as in Capricorn. The key to American Capitalism, as with her militarism, are the numbers central to the U.S. Moon and Pluto YODs (Activation Pt./Foot degrees) - 27˚ Capricorn/Cancer and 26˚ Aquarius/Leo. In the following discussion these numbers are linked to people and moments important to U.S. trade history.

The cornerstone of modern American capitalism was laid on March 9, 1776, in Kirkcaldy, Scotland by Adam Smith in his magnum opus, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.(31) On that date in 1776, Pluto, the signature planet symbolizing the collective power championed in Smith’s book, was at 27˚ Capricorn 52’. Less then five months later on July 4, 1776, Kirkcaldy, Scotland was swept by the U.S. natal A*C*G Pluto Ascendant at 27˚ Capricorn 34’. Thus marked for life, the U.S. Pluto focused the nation’s opportunities for wealth under four astrologically revealed lines.(32)

The four Pluto lines are traced around the Earth in the world A*C*G map below. In it we see from left to right the Pluto Nadir (IC) running along 130˚ west longitude off of the U.S. west coast. Then, beginning along the eastern midsection of South America runs the Pluto Ascendant line running diagonally up across the Atlantic through the United Kingdom into Scandinavia. Next, tracing 50˚ east longitude is the Pluto Midheaven (MH) line, from Russia (east of Moscow) down through Baku, on the Caspian, continuing through the heart of the Persian Gulf. And, finally, the Pluto Descendant line sweeps from Beijing, China diagonally to the Southeast past Okinawa, finally reaching and tracing the eastern Australian coast.


The Wealth of Nations expounded on three main concepts:
• The division of labor
• The pursuit of self interest
• And free trade


In 2008, 231 years after the publication of Smith’s theory and the establishment of the United States of America, these three topics remain key concerns not just in America, which has proven the most fertile ground for capitalism, but around the globe. More importantly, these wealth issues manifest with the transformative power that Pluto symbolizes from the U.S. perspective in specific regions: the Persian Gulf, the entire east coast of China, South Korea, Eastern Australia, Brazil, Western Europe - particularly the United Kingdom, and the Pacific Coast of the U.S. and Canada. In these places, history shows that America’s brand of Adam Smith wealth creation has flourished to America’s benefit.


Free trade existed between U.S. and Quig Chinese merchants as early as 1784 when the American ship Empress of China arrived in Canton.(33) Official state-to-state trade began between China and the U.S. after the Treaty of Wanghia sixty years later on July 3, 1844 in Macau, China. From the American side, U.S. Ambassador to China, Caleb Cushing, was the astrologically appropriate man with his Sun between 27-28˚ Capricorn. Ambassador Cushing was born on January 17, 1800, in Salisbury, Massachusetts, with his natal Sun on the U.S. Pluto 27˚ Capricorn 34’, his natal Jupiter at 22˚ Gemini to the U.S. Mars at 21˚ Gemini. During the day of the Treaty signing the transiting Moon moved from 13-26˚ Aquarius over transiting Neptune at 23˚ Aquarius 22’. Transiting Mars at 21˚ Cancer was waxing towards the U.S. Pluto Activation Point (around 27˚ Cancer). Neptune has only been on the U.S. Moon twice in the country’s history, back in the mid 1840s and now, June 2008. The Moon as a mundane astrological symbol is signature to commerce and the needs of the people. Neptune runs the universe, or the whole of the Earth. Thus, the two signatures together in 1844 timed a major U.S. commerce Treaty with China. Neptune also means to dissolve and U.S. trade with China (dissolution of her sovereignty and traditions) eventually resulted in the mass uprising and the chaos of the Boxer Rebellion 56 years later.

Trade with China required the development of unique financial instruments. Beginning in 1873 a special Trade Dollar was issued from U.S. Mints. This silver dollar coin (420 grains / 27g) was 90% silver, which was more than any competing coin of the time. At the beginning of 1873 Saturn was at 22˚ Capricorn and crossed the U.S. Pluto degree (27˚ Capricorn 34’) during November of that year. It is very significant that the three cities minting the coins: Philadelphia, Carson City, and San Francisco, are in the orb of the important U.S. 40˚ North PARAN Zone which runs around the Earth through Beijing, China (39˚ N 56’).(34)

Fifty-six years after the signing of the Wanghia Treaty, in 1900, during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion, the U.S. progressed Jupiter was at 25˚ Cancer 12’ in opposition to her Progressed Pluto at 26˚ Capricorn 11’. The Boxer Rebellion was an uprising by the Chinese Society of Right and Harmonious Fists aimed at unwanted foreign intrusion in trade and other issues like political interference, Christianity and railroads. In both the Treaty and Rebellion seasons the U.S. Moon and Pluto YODs were activated. It is said that the Boxer Rebellion was in part triggered by President William McKinley’s “Open Door Policy” announced by U.S. Secretary of State John Hay on January 2, 1900, five months before the Boxers invaded Beijing in June 1900 and killed 230 foreign diplomats and foreigners, precipitating the crisis and the intervention by a multinational coalition of 20,000 troops. President McKinley was born January 29, 1843, 7:00 a.m.,(35) with his Moon at 27˚ Capricorn 47’ and Mercury at 27˚ Aquarius 19’.

As a result of these pivotal moments of contact between the U.S. and China, America’s birth legacy, the Pluto Descendant potential blossomed. Trade wise, on the U.S. mainland, American retail stories overflow with products marked “Made in China.” In 2004 China, at $165 billion, was second only to Mexico $196 billion as the U.S. leading foreign trading partner.(36) The trade problem with China today is the balance of trade account. In 2004, 41% of U.S. trade with Mexico was export trade; contrast this with China at only 15%. This trade deficit with China has become a political sore spot for the U.S. Since the 2007-2008 sub-prime lending crisis began in the U.S., there has been a decline in overall imports of consumer goods from Chinese factories; joined at the hip by trade this is not a good situation for either country.


The exactitude of the A*C*G astrology of this trade partner status is eye-opening – Beijing is swept by the U.S. Pluto Descendant line and the long exercised trade relationship should powerfully express during the next dozen years as Pluto makes its first transit return in the U.S. birth chart.. The Descendant is the quintessential angle denoting the partner – an important partner – existing in harmony or conflict. The Descendant is the also the ‘House of Open Enemies’.

As an interesting parallel, President Richard M. Nixon was born January 9, 1913, 9:43:56 p.m., at Yorba Linda, California, with Neptune at 24˚ Cancer 45' (retrograde) on the U.S. Pluto YOD Activation Point. Nixon also had his Moon at 20˚ Aquarius 07' and his natal Sun at 19˚ Capricorn 14'. Astrologically, and true to this thesis, Nixon was a perfect catalyst for U.S./China relations through his natal connections to the U.S. birthchart relocated to the China environments.(37)

Mr. Nixon’s relationship to China gives us a perfect opportunity to look at the translation of the Pluto symbol in terms of Capitalism (shared resources, banking, synergy generated by the labor of the many to produce wealth) to complete this demonstration:

In February 1972 President Nixon went to Communist China. On February 23, from 2:10 - 6:00 p.m., he and Henry Kissinger met in the Great Hall in Beijing with the Chinese leadership.(38) On that day the U.S. natal Ascendant 7˚ Sagittarius (progressed 194 years) moved through over half the zodiac reaching 25˚ Cancer exactly. This was the first time in U.S. history that the U.S. had 25˚ Cancer rising; it was the first time that the Progressed Ascendant was crossing the Pluto YOD Activation Point. This one astrological signature by itself was remarkable, but there was more emphasis on that February 23, 1972, moment in history. The U.S. North Node signature for Destiny was at 6˚ Leo 34' in the U.S. birth moment. On that fateful day in 1972 the North Node had progressed to 27˚ Cancer 13' (retrograde) with the Ascendant, and, remarkably, the progressed Sun was at 26˚ Capricorn 51'. The transits during the epic China visit did not feature any significant aspects to the U.S. Moon/Pluto YOD patterns.

More recently, China was admitted to the World Trade Organization (now over 148 members out of a possible 194 nations) in 2001 and was given "most favored” trading status by the U.S. The WTO came into being on January 1, 1995 with the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus all in Capricorn. Neptune was at 22˚ Capricorn, while Uranus was at 25˚ Capricorn.(39) Today, June 13, 2008, the progressed Sun of that season is 23˚ Capricorn 45', Neptune 23˚ Capricorn 04', and Progressed Uranus at 26˚ Capricorn 15'.


Moving westward from China to the Persian Gulf we enter territory where the U.S. and China are in direct competition for energy resources (the U.S. Pluto Midheaven along 50˚ East). This zone extends north of the Gulf into the Caspian Sea, where pipelines are making their way east through Central Asia to Chinese markets, and south to oil rich East African countries. China’s investment in the oil regions of Sudan are well within the orb of the U.S. Pluto Midheaven effect. Since the 1930s America has prospered from the petroleum pumped from beneath the Gulf States. This advantageous relationship has exponentially increased since the late 1940s fueling the U.S. economic miracle. In turn the Gulf region has been transformed by the touch of Adam Smith Capitalism, sprouting modern cities bristling with skyscrapers designed with exotic cultural flourishes. So rich is the region that the Abu Dhabi, Inc. sovereign wealth fund could buy up assets spun off by the likes of Citigroup, UBS, Lehman Brothers and others imploding under the current sub-prime mortgage crisis.(40) Gulf States are definitely wealthy enough to be in the bidding: Abu Dhabi is sitting on $600 billion, Singapore, Kuwait and China have more than $200 billion and Saudi Arabia is forming a $900 billion fund. When America’s biggest banks needed to raise billions of dollars during the 2007-2008 sub-prime mortgage bonfire (transiting North Node crossing the U.S. Moon while the transiting Jupiter and Pluto are moved through Capricorn and Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn), the Gulf States stepped in with the needed funds. The Gulf is marked by Pluto on the Midheaven all along the 50˚ East longitude.


Northwest of the Persian Gulf, the U.S. Pluto Ascendant line sweeps across many of America’s major European trade partners: Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands. These countries have all been important partners in America’s Pluto Ascendant trade pattern during the last two centuries. As demonstrated in the opening paragraphs of this section, the culture of the UK, specifically Scotland, is the cradle of the U.S. economic system – the birthplace of Adam Smith Capitalism. Since Revolutionary times, the UK has been an integral part of the American trade loop. England was the beneficiary of raw materials from the eastern U.S. seaboard, and returned finished products for U.S. consumption. This exchange of wealth mitigated many ills for the budding U.S. economy. It is sobering to note that wherever there was wealth to be harvested around the planet, the United Kingdom was there – in China, the Persian Gulf, the American Northwest – in competition with the U.S. Now there is the European Union, a trade organization designed to challenge the economic game rules set by Asia and the Americas.


Trace that Pluto Ascendant line across the Atlantic to the southwest and you cross through the capitals of two South American powerhouses – Argentina and Brazil. Today Brazil is in the enviable position of converting her economic muscle – land under cultivation with soy and sugar, raw materials, mineral wealth, and technological know-how – into products like aircraft and biofuel, and into geopolitical power in direct competition with the U.S. Yes, Brazil is making aircraft – in competition with Boeing in Seattle (the U.S. Pluto IC Zone) and Aerobus in France (the Pluto Ascendant Zone).

In 1982 Brazil was the world's largest debtor nation to the tune of $100 billion dollars. As recent as 2002 that amount had risen to $260 billion when the country was saved from bankruptcy by a $30 billion IMF loan. Soon thereafter, by 2004, Brazil had become America’s 15th largest trading partner behind the Netherlands. As if to drive home the message of wealth and power coming from Brazil, the U.S. Ascendant Pluto runs only 12 miles to the southeast of Brasilia, Brazil’s ultra-modern capital.


Closer to home, the U.S. Pluto Nadir/IC running along 130˚ East longitude stimulated trade with England’s last colonial outpost in North America, the Canadian Northwest territories,. This longitude runs through the Alaskan Panhandle region which Captain Cook explored and surveyed for England in the late 1700s while searching for the fabled Northwest Passage. To this day many places in Alaska carry the names given them during Cook’s surveys. The goal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1804-1806 was to realize the dream of the Northwest Passage, by finding a cross-country riparian route to the trade emporiums of Asia. On January 18, 1803, with the Sun at 27-28˚ Capricorn, President Thomas Jefferson, born April 13, 1743, 1:53:48 a.m.,(41) with his Uranus at 26˚ Capricorn 55’, delivered a confidential message to Congress in which he began the process of making the Lewis and Clark Expedition a reality. The beginning and ending sentences here cited sum up what ultimately accomplished the extension of trade out towards the U.S. Pluto IC Zone:

“Gentlemen of the Senate, and the House of Representatives: As the continuance of the act for establishing trading houses…. The appropriation of two thousand five hundred dollars, for the purpose of extending external commerce of the United States."(42)

Lewis and Clark ended their westward journey on the Washington/Oregon coast on the Columbia River at 124˚ West, just 6 degrees short of the U.S. Pluto Nadir. Later in the early 1900s further north in the Pluto Nadir Zone the Yukon region hosted a gold rush that shook the world financial system in locations that became famously connected to the line, like Skagway, Alaska at 135˚ West 19’.


These Pluto relationships all become more important when transits, progressions, declinations and the like make hard aspects to the U.S. Pluto position at 27˚ Capricorn 34’, or to any element of the U.S. Pluto Y-shaped YOD pattern. In a year when the progressed Jupiter of the Wealth of Nations publication date reaches 24˚ Cancer 53’ from its March 9, 1776, natal position at 13˚ Gemini 20’, that Jupiter is on the Activation Point of the later U.S. Pluto YOD. Adam Smith Capitalism is on review throughout the world during such an ephemeral season. Late in 2008, transiting Jupiter will contact the U.S. Pluto position as it has every 12 years since 1776. Because of the complex relationship ties between the U.S. Moon YOD and the U.S. Pluto YOD structure, sharing HANDS and Activation Point, 2008 is a critical season with Neptune about to cross the U.S. Moon for only the second time in U.S. history.

During that first Neptune crossing of the U.S. Moon at 26˚ Aquarius 56' the U.S. emerged victorious in a war with Mexico and acquired what is today California in time for the 49er's Gold Rush. Today, California, as a state, can stand against sovereign nations as one of the largest economies in the world (often placed as high as the sixth largest world economy). California's coastal waters, fishing and offshore drilling rights extend as much as 200 miles and bring America to the porch of her Pluto Nadir line. California pulls tremendous wealth out of these territorial waters. California trades directly over the Pacific with China; indeed Chinese laborers (labor being one of Adam Smith's three points) were an essential part of California’s economic history laying the foundations for California's trade might.

In 2008 anything, any event to the U.S. Moon and Pluto YOD, will trigger significant developments in global trade and finance. American financial institutions in New York City are sensitive points in that global system. This is evidenced by connections of these two YODs to a number of charts important to the U.S. financial community, such as the New York Stock Exchange with its natal Pluto at 23˚ Aquarius 32’ and Part of Fortune at 26˚ Cancer 40’. Venerable are major U.S. Banks like Merrill Lynch (established in May 1914) with Neptune at 25-26˚ Cancer.

And at the very heart of the whole trade system is a commodity not anticipated by Adam Smith – the power of a gigantic pool of Persian Gulf Oil wealth under the Pluto realm of 50˚ East longitude. This dark pool throbs like a heart of gold in the center of the American economy.

THE EURO ‘SIGNIFICANT MOMENT’ (Added May 15, noon hour)

Note that the crisis with Greek debt, within the European Union, came as the transiting Saturn/Uranus opposition moved exact to the Euro Ascendant/Descendant Axis. The planet Saturn was at 28˚ Virgo opposite Uranus at 29˚ Pisces. Jupiter was applying from 25˚ Pisces to the Uranus position, pumping (Jupiter correlates with expansion). During the week of the crisis the Moon conjoined with Jupiter.

Germany provided Greece with $141 billion. This was a part of a huge $950 billion plan (involving the IMF) to defend the Euro currency. The rescue was born out of crisis. On Sunday the 9th, during the 10 hours that finance ministers spent putting together the deal, the transiting Moon crossed transiting Uranus at 29˚ Pisces. A look to the Euro (currency) chart shows that this meant the Moon was on the Euro’s Descendant Angle.

And what of the U.S. interest? Well! Here is the U.S. A*C*G relocated to Greece. Note the connections by Venus and the U.S. Ascendant Ruler - Jupiter:

Note also that the U.S. Neptune is at 22 Virgo and the U.S. Midheaven is at 24 Virgo. The Midheaven correlates to a sovereign nation’s leadership and authority. Thus, America’s leadership is tied to the Euro Ascendant Angle (the Euro as a body). American financial leaders were much involved in the European Union negotiations through the International Monetary Fund IMF.

Most important is the long-term trend now in play as Pluto begins waxing towards its return in the U.S. chart to its original position from 1776. This is the first Pluto Return for the U.S. European nations are much older than the U.S., in some instances thousands of years older. This is the case with Greece whose ‘Significant Moment’ charts go back to -370 with Cassander, one of Alexander the Great’s generals.(43)

America’s Pluto Return season is underway (Pluto is at 5˚ Capricorn 03’ retrograde) as this is being written. The season runs 2008 (the year of the International Credit Crisis) through early 2023. The Pluto Return is exact, the first time, on February 20, 2022. And it is this long season during which the Greek crisis occurs.

Here is the U.S chart relocated to Athens, Greece:

As the return season unfolds, transiting Pluto will create important aspects (oppositions to her A*C*G planets connecting her congenital ties to Greece. Transiting Pluto, has already made the opposition to the U.S. Venus at 3˚ Cancer 05’March 7, 2009. Pluto continued to 5˚ Cancer 25’, not quite exact to the Jupiter opposition (5˚ Cancer 56’) on April 5-6, 2010 and then turned retrograde. But by this time the Greek crisis was full blown with the Greek Prime Minister Papandreau (American born) visiting President Obama at the White House (March 9, 2010) seeking support. Midnight beginning that day, the transiting Moon was at 5˚ Capricorn 55’, to the transiting Pluto (direct) at 5˚ Capricorn 12’. Apparently Goldman Sachs had shorted the Greek debt and Greece wanted ethical treatment – justice – from the U.S. financial leaders. Modern Democratic Greece has her Mercury (10 Cancer 52’) and Saturn (11 Cancer 22’) conjunct the U.S. Sun (13 Cancer 18’). Mercury communicates, while Saturn calls for responsibility. This is the appeal Papandreau brought to the U.S. ‘Heath’ – the White House. Here is the Papandreau horoscope set at midnight beginning the day.


Note that Papandreau has planets Sun, Venus, Uranus, Pluto at +23˚ declination in contraparallel to the Midheaven declination -23˚.

After Pluto retrogrades again and finally opposes the U.S. Jupiter (January 18, 2011), it proceeds to align with the all-important U.S. Sun at 13˚ Cancer 18’. This a priori stimulation will no doubt time significant events throughout the Earth – particularly in the Aegean region. Consider this as you look at the Greek Democracy(44) chart Ascendant at 13˚ Cancer 09’.

Note that the Greek Venus is at 3˚ Cancer 29’ to the U.S. Venus at 3˚ Cancer 05’. America shares Greek values, best expressed by U.S. democracy, which was framed on Greek philosophers and government systems. Sometime later, on February 28, 2020, transiting Pluto will reach the opposition to the U.S. Mercury 24˚ Cancer 12’ retrograde. When this happens, the American Pluto Yod will be triggered. The nation, just short of the actual Pluto return, will have experienced what all ancient societies (sovereign nations) have survived – a Pluto Return. And America will have matured to the wisdom of the complete cycle. Given the connections Pluto A*C*G lines make exact to Beijing, China and the Persian Gulf – particularly Iran. The U.S. will be lucky to survive it without the worst expressions of the Pluto correlates manifesting. Besides the transit event of the Pluto Return, the declinations are breath-taking. Venus +23 16, Jupiter +23 32’, and Mars +23 34’ are all in parallel and collectively in contraparallel to the U.S. Pluto position -23˚ 43’. My mentor, the late Master Declination Astrologer Bonnie Armstrong, emphasized the importance of such hidden relationships. The aspect of Pluto to Venus, Jupiter, and Mars is not apparent in the aspects, but highlighted as paramount by the declinations.

Here is the European Union horoscope:


During the crisis with Greece in early May, transiting Mars (action) was crossing into the European Union’s 1st House (action) from the 12th (fear).

The dramatic weekend (May 8th-9th, 2010) rescue of the European Union and its Euro fell upon the shoulders of Germany, the EU’s most powerful member. The elections in Germany on the 9th showed the German people’s resentment and fear at Angela Merkel’s government, “who spend their money bailing out feckless foreigners”(45) – referring to Greece and the vote by the German parliament two days prior (May 7th) to officially sanction a $141 billion bailout. In response a major German tabloid, Bild, wrote:

“Once again, we’re Europe’s fools”(46)

History teaches that Germany becomes radical to her neighbors when she feels the fool. When we consider the U.S. chart and map connections to Greece, the question poises, “Does Germany connect through planets in Cancer or Capricorn – early and late degrees?” They do; all the stimulus of the crisis point to this perception. Germany’s Economic Unification chart features both Cancer and Capricorn placements, early and late in the signs, which provide bona-fides placing them firmly in the mix of the May 8th gathering over the Greek sovereign-debt crisis. Here is the German Economic Unification chart, carefully note the declination graph:


The aspect connections are dramatic, with a Sun 8˚/Mercury 6˚in Cancer opposing Uranus at 7˚ Capricorn retrograde. Thus, transiting Pluto at 5˚ Capricorn 10’, on the German Uranus, signatured the urgency of the Greek bailout and the role of the government. The transiting Moon in Pisces, mundanely correlated with the German people, voters in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) the most populous German state showed their feelings that Sunday by voting Angela Merkel’s allies out – her worst political losses in five years.

We must here recall the earlier discussion about America’s Mars IC Zone through Germany and people originating from this space shaping events in America (the Hessians). NRW is the western-most port of Germany centered on 7˚ E 31’, it is a scant 2½ degrees (130 miles) west of the Mars IC heart, thus well within the orb of the zone. Once again we see the possibility of economics and warfare in play as occurred in 1776.

What goes on in Germany and the EU reverberates (per C.E.O. Carter's Rule of Subsumption(47)) around the Earth pulling in countries like China whose own chart set for October 1, 1949, 3:15 p.m., Peking (Beijing)(48) has a priori features - Uranus at 4˚ Cancer 59’ square Sun at 7˚ Libra 47’, that show them to be major players.

If Germany is a major player, then so are E.U. members known as the P.I.I.G.S. (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain), whose charts should be equally connected. We have already established the Greek chart connections. Portugal’s April 25, 5:15 p.m., 1974, Lisbon coup chart has Saturn (00˚ Cancer 35’) with Mars (3˚ Cancer 11’) on the Midheaven, square Pluto at 4˚ Libra 41’ retrograde. Almost immediately after the German’s voted to give Greece $141 billion, the U.S. credit rating agencies downgraded the Portuguese Sovereign Debt.

The Ireland (Eire) Significant Moment) on April 17, 1949, at11:00 p.m. - midnight(49), in Dublin shows the Moon at 1˚ Capricorn 32’ and it is more that significant that their economic miracle collapsed as Pluto ingressed Capricorn. The Irish Midheaven is 4˚ Libra 53’.

The Italian Republic horoscope set for June 10, 6:10 p.m., 1946, Rome(50), has the Gemini Sun ruler, Mercury, at 1˚ Cancer 12’, square to Neptune at 5˚ Libra 51’ retrograde.

Finally there’s Spain, manifested in space and time at 12:45 p.m., on November 22, 1975, Madrid. We find the Mars position at 00˚ Cancer 49’ retrograde in the chart. Pluto is at 10˚ Libra 55’ in close union to Venus at 13˚ Libra 41’. Both Mars and Pluto rule the late Scorpio Sun of modern Spain. The Moon is at 11˚ Cancer 34’.

Looking to the immediate future, in the weeks post-publication of this article, there will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 4˚ Capricorn 46’ on June 26, 11:31 a.m., 2010, Greenwich Time (7:16 a.m., Washington, DC). The Ascendant over Washington and the White House is 26˚ Cancer 10’, the ‘all important’ U.S. Mercury/Pluto Axis, aka as the Activation Point to the American Pluto Yod. In the same moment of the Partial Lunar Eclipse, Pluto will be retrograde at 4˚ Capricorn 6’, Mercury 2˚ Cancer 16’, Jupiter (U.S. Ascendant Ruler) at 2˚ Aries 14’, with Uranus at 0˚ Aries 33’, and the North Node at 11˚ Capricorn. This massive T-Square to the U.S. Venus/Jupiter Midpoint also activates all of the other sovereign nations just described and the charts of all the P.I.I.G.S.

All these connects lead the mind, in a Kantian way, to be highly stimulated, form sensations that lead to perceptions, then conclusions, and finally the vision to see the risk of Sovereign Debt default that faces them all. Forewarned is forearmed.

Copyright 2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, please contact him at the following email address: ]

The author & editors wish to thank Matrix Software and Nicholas Campion for software assistance and data/information help toward creation of charts and maps.


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