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News > Mundane Astrology  > Posterboy: Suicide Bomber

Posterboy: Suicide Bomber

Posterboy: Suicide Bomber | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody
Edited and Images by Achaessa James

[Publisher's Note: Wayne Moody's new, illuminating and brilliantly insightful feature begins directly below. The article was begun in January 2010 and submitted to us on March 22.]

Intelligence and government agencies frequently appear on TV these days speaking of ‘connecting the dots’ in the aftermath of terror attacks…Recently these three words were applied to the question of the Detroit 2009 Christmas Eve Underwear Bomber. For my part, I wish to know what qualifies as a dot. More specifically, is what can be done with Astro*Carto*Graphy® A*C*G dot worthy? I don’t want to start a fight here, but face it; not everything is admitted as a dot...

Post 9/11, a sea of dots has been found pointing to that pivotal attack. So let me pose questions about Homeland Security’s recent handling of the so-called “Detroit Shoe Bomber” terrorist. What type of person can be recruited and programmed to blow his or herself up in an effort to damage a philosophical and religious foe? What qualities were the Intelligence Agencies looking for to connect-the-dots? Would they be willing to consider astrological or other outside-the-mainstream perspectives as “dots”? Consider this; belief is not essential to a fact’s existence. Facts can coexist, like a parallel universe, despite one’s rejection of them. We now know that the earth was round despite longstanding belief to the contrary in a flat Earth, and that Galileo’s Dialogue of Two World Systems did debunk that status quo. Omission, ostracism, and repression have suffocated many truths but, ultimately, those truths have not died along with their promulgators – precisely because they are true.

So let’s play with and consider some unconventional dots; in the case of the Underwear Bomber Umar Mutallab. (1) Mutallab was born December 22, 1986 into power and privilege, the well educated son of a Nigerian Banker. (2)

Further he was raised in Islamic traditions and praised by one teacher as a dream student; (3) certainly, these dots argue against this young, baby-faced, man becoming a candidate for a terrorist. Right! Didn’t Plato wear a beard and wasn’t he a man – ergo don’t all men wear beards. Wrong! Wasn’t Osama bin Laden also born into privilege and wealth? Does this mean we can’t use social status as a dot? Terrorist candidates are poor, disenfranchised, weak-minded victims. Yes? No! (4) Listening to the framing used by international intelligence agencies through the media one would think they were stuck in simplistic logic systems – or maybe they think we’re all bird brains. Or maybe that’s just a frame for public consumption. When your logic tools fail, you need to find new logic tools that work.

Whatever conventional dots were being followed, the U.S monitoring of the ‘baby-faced Nigerian terrorist apparently failed. Numerous media reports have demonstrated that U.S. Intelligence Agencies (Homeland Security, NSA, CIA, etc.) had Mutallab in their crosshairs, but were not in time to block his activation. The attitude post-event was: really, who could have known ‘where’ ‘when’ and ‘what’ the Nigerian youngster was up? Actually. this line has been a constant refrain heard since the War on Terror began after 9/11.

Intelligence tools, while formidable (four times the volume of information held in the Library of Congress is collected daily by gathering agencies), still miss much; much that they either don’t believe in, or are blind to for unknown reasons. Certainly, what can be done is impressive – but it can be improved upon. Let’s step outside of conventional wisdom and see where other unconventional, iconoclastic dots take us.

As with the dot trails in “Presidential Connecting”, “America & Islam…”, and “Born To Throw…” (5) I will work with ‘Significant Moment’ horoscopes and the A*C*G maps derived from their numbers. We’ll look to December 22, 1986, Lagos, Nigeria, and investigate the astrology numbers of Umar Mutallab, but first let’s check the U.S. perspective: the U.S. (July 4, 4:47 P.M., 1776, Philadelphia, PA) A*C*G chart relocated to Lagos, Nigeria (Umar’s birthplace). Umar’s chart is subsumed by the American chart, which reveals that Lagos is almost to the mile exactly midway between the U.S. Uranus 8˚ Gemini 54’ (3˚ W) and Mars 21˚ Gemini 22’ (10˚ E) Nadir IC Zones. Relocated to Lagos the U.S. has 11˚ Pisces 29’ Ascending and 15˚ Sagittarius 03’ at the Midheaven along 3˚ E 23’.

From previous articles we know the value of the U.S. Uranus 8˚ Gemini 55’ and Mars 21˚ Gemini 22’ numbers. Mars, for example, is part (HAND) of the U.S. Moon and Pluto Yod patterns. America’s Progressed Sun 5˚ Pisces 12’ is ‘timing’ the ‘intensity’ of American activity (Uranus descending zone running 50 miles northeast of Kabul) in Afghanistan/Pakistan environments, while transiting Uranus at 23˚ Pisces, square the U.S. Mars, 21˚ Gemini 22’ is timing this longest war in U.S. history. From the astrologer’s perspective these astrological facts, pregnant with meaning, would qualify as dots – qualitative values based upon numbers.


The U.S. Paran (that latitude where two or more planets are measured simultaneously on angles) line running along 6˚ N 46’ close to Lagos at 6˚ N 27’ is another uncommon astrological dot. This Paran pattern to the Earth’s surface is formed by the U.S. Neptune 22˚ Virgo 24’ at the Midheaven crossing with Mars simultaneously descending at 21˚ Gemini 22’ – a belt, wrapping the Earth along 6˚ N 46’. Again, observe that these are all measurable (quantitative) numbers that are imbued with qualitative value.

What do astrologers make of these dots? What do they mean? Well, look no further than the symbolism of Mars. Mars has long been associated by astrologers with arms, men, warfare, and armies. It rules the muscle of the body that imbues it with action. The investigations of modern researchers like Michel Gauquelin (Mars Effect) (6) have argued for these values. Consider these blended astrological/conventional facts: under three of the four major U.S. Mars zones where America has engaged in war or military activities.
• War with Japan around Midway Island near the Mars Midheaven 169˚ W 47’’;
• Occupation of Cuba (January 1, 1899) along the flanks of the Mars Descendant line sweeping the North Atlantic into the Caribbean
• War in Nazi Germany bisected by the Mars Nadir IC line running along 10˚ E. As long as the U.S. and Germany exist the Astro*Carto*Graphy® A*C*G relationship remains.

These Mars zones mark places where America has often put her armies, navies, air force and marines into play. Neptune in square to this Mars can be seen in the complex public philosophical debates that almost always accompanied Congress’s funding of American military ventures.

When President Obama recently traveled to Oslo, Norway to accept the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 2009 (transiting Sun 18˚ - 19˚ Sagittarius T-square to the U.S Mars/Neptune), he surprised many in attendance by using his moment in the spotlight to explain his earlier decision to escalate the U.S.’s “Just War” in Afghanistan. America relocated to Oslo has 21˚ Sagittarius 51’ on the Midheaven. Refer to “Presidential Connecting” (4). This places the U.S. Mars IC running all along 10˚ E 12’, 19 miles to the west of Oslo. Throughout American history armies have moved out of fear; the Nazis invoked fear that led the U.S. to join World War II, and it is indisputable that the fear generated by the 9/11 attack provided the foundational motivator for the current ‘War on Terror’ and the bombing of Afghanistan.

Let us look again at our young Nigerian and his birth place where we see this U.S. Mars square Neptune signature at play. Born to Lagos, Umar Mutallab embodies America’s Mars/Uranus. In a flash (astrological Uranus is associated with sudden and unexpected changes (7) American travelers, if not the world’s travelers, are now likely to be subjected to full body searches when they fly anywhere, because of a climate of fear triggered by the Detroit Terrorist (male/Mars) from Nigeria. More is embodied from the Mars/Neptune qualities marking the Lagos latitude and with his birth Moon ranging from 2˚ to 15˚ degrees Virgo; Mutallab could have a closer connection to the American Neptune/Midheaven positions (22˚-24˚ Virgo).

Uranus, by transit, is at 26 Pisces 50' as this article is being writte. The planet entered (ingressed) Pisces on March 11, 2003, in the buildup to America's invasion of Iraq. Uranus will exit Pisces, ingressing into Aries on May 29, 2010 (retrograde briefly on August 14 headed back into late Pisces before moving into Aries solidly on March 13, 2011). It is of major significance to note that Uranus has timed the American War in Iraq - the longest in U.S. history. It is also important to recall that the American Mars and Neptune are both involved in the U.S. Moon/Pluto Yod patterns. Thus, in this season of Uranus through late Pisces, even in places not directly under major planet lines (such as the four U.S. Mars zones) the drums of militancy can be heard from within Paran zones wrapping the Earth, Parans like the U.S. zone marking Lagos, near 6˚ N 46’. In short, Muslim peoples all along 6˚ N from Nigeria through Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, all the way across the Earth’s seas through to Mindanao, Philippines. We’ve known the headlines coming off of this Paran for years now; Somalia pirates off East Africa, al-Qaeda in the Horn of Africa, political mass murders in the Philippines – the list is long. This latitude should be seen as a major trail of dots by U.S. Intelligence agencies.

A look at a map is convincing. Note that Thailand (7) has been having trouble with Muslim insurgents in their southern most provinces. Where? Along 6˚ North latitude cutting through the country, where four thousand have been killed. These provinces, Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala are all clustered around 6 N 40’ and from there the Paran runs due east over the waters through Maguindanao, on Mindanao, where the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)(8) is accused of a November 2009 massacre. This place is also located near 6˚ N 40’ – the heart of the ‘active’ U.S. Paran. One shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Islamic youth all along this zone are being radicalized into the foreseeable future.

Enough? No, there’s more to these dots…

Let’s return to our ‘Baby-faced’ Terrorist. Here are Umar Mutallab’s December 24, 2009 Progressed positions (Midnight timed chart); note that the Sun/ Mercury is at 23˚ – 25˚ Capricorn, currently receiving the transits of the Sun with the North Node in the sky. This person, whose notoriety was the lead headline in American, British, and Nigerian newspapers from Christmas Eve beyond New Years 2010, was a puppet of forces bigger than him.

Remember that this Progression is based upon a midnight birth time for Mutallab and the Progressed Moon can run from 11˚ 15’ to 24˚ Cancer again the U.S. Mercury position; activation point of the American Pluto Yod.

Something attracted Umar to Yemen and since we don’t yet have his ‘timed’ natal chart, we can only speculate as to which of his planet lines and Parans were activated drawing him to San’a, Yemen and Detroit, Michigan environments. Number-wise, 44˚ (San’a’s longitude) figured prominently. In previous works I have already established America’s sensitivity to 44˚ (Mercury IC) through 50˚ E longitude (Pluto MH). The U.S. Mercury at 45˚ E 02’ runs just 55 miles east of San’a. You don’t have to wax poetic to read this – Mercury represents the young men (Gemini) being conditioned (Cancer) as a terrorist at the Yod’s FOOT; the embodiment of all those corrupting forces in the world.

Go back to Mutallab’s Progressed chart, noting his Progressed Sun/Mercury conjunction at 23˚ – 25˚ Capricorn; these are the dots that point to Mutallab’s actions. But they only point. We do not get the meaning of the dots without the astrological lens. People like Umar are being radicalized in today’s world by ideas (Mercury) delivered by charismatic (Sun) characters, but a person’s stars do not compel. The Nigerian still had choices.

The Christmas Eve bombing attempt over Detroit happened under a sky transited by Mercury from 21˚ – 23˚ Capricorn during the day of December 24, 2009 – exactly waxing over his progressed Sun/Mercury. The calculated North Node – a signature marking destiny – was also nearby at 21˚ Capricorn 16’. A Pisces Moon in the sky had just crossed transiting Uranus activating a perfect, potent T-square to the Mars 21˚ Gemini 22’ square Neptune 22˚ Virgo 25’. Remember that 6˚ N Paran? These dots seem to answer a question. Why this moment? Well, six days earlier Mars stationed retrograde at 19˚ Leo 36’, close to one of the HANDS 26˚ Leo shared in common by the U.S. Moon and Pluto Yod pair. Simultaneously, Neptune and Jupiter at 24˚ Aquarius 22’ and 24˚ Aquarius 50’ opposed this Leo HAND, lending a significant amplification of the Pluto Yod.


The Sun of the horoscope of a human being correlates to the physical and spiritual heart (life force). Mutallab’s midnight-timed chart gives a Sun ranging from 29˚ Sagittarius 47’ to 00˚ Capricorn 47’ over 24 hours (a total range of 2 degrees). Whenever he was born, whatever his sign, over the past year Mutallab has had the epic transit of Pluto cross his Sun position egressing Sagittarius – ingressing Capricorn. If he was born early in the day, he has Uranus 6˚ from his Sagittarius Sun. If he was born after the Sun ingressed Capricorn (the Winter Solstice) his Saturn at mid-Sagittarius squares his Jupiter/Mars located mid-Pisces. Uranus/Sun is the mark of the radical, while Jupiter/Mars (in Pisces) is a prescription for ‘spiritual warrior’. These are not facts, yet they are dots which inform the mind as well as any other reasoning. The astrological signatures speak to the Nigerian’s relationships to his God, to the U.S., and to his qualities. All these dots clustered to blacken the page. Something in the stars told Mutallab it was time. What was in his heart? If our terrorist was born with the Sun in Capricorn (Sun rounded to 1˚ Capricorn), then a Fixed Star called Spiculum at 1˚ Capricorn 04’ points to “depression, hopelessly doomed, religious outlook, no concern for human life.”

Like any confused puppet, the young Mutallab moved to fulfill a compellingly fateful role; his strings pulled hither and thither in a great passion play between radical followers of a great Religion (Islam) and a great Nation (the USA). He was but a fly smashed upon the windshield of a U.S. Hummer.

For years the Puppet Master’s hand has worked
through hidden strings,
blind puppets tied to serving hidden needs.
Vexed by pulls and tugs, frustrated puppets
Why me?
Why now


(1) See,

(2) See,

(3) Profile: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, BBC, 2009-12-27,

(4) Generally speaking, terrorists are not women, but when they are, they are often the impassioned sisters or mothers of dead Islamic terrorists, from the places of conflict (Palestine or Iraq). On March 9, 2010 the U.S. government announced the arrest of a petite, causasian American woman for conspiracy to recruit male terrorists for violent jihad. Her name is Colleen Renee LaRose (also "Jihad Jane" and "Fatima LaRose") and she was born in Michigan ( She was arrested in October of 2009 and held before the public announcement. A Solar treatment of her birth day for midnight of the 5th of June, 1963, gives Sun 14 - 15 Gemini (activating the U.S. Uranus/Mars midpoint), her Pluto at 9 Virgo 36' - squaring the U.S. Uranus, her North Node at 20 Cancer.
In no way did she constitute a "dot" for the U.S. Intelligence Agencies using their traditional profiling methods. According to the FBI’s former deputy assistant director Skip Brandon, “"In my mind, Jihad Jane represents what all my old colleagues were afraid might happen, and is now their worst nightmare," Brandon said, "people who are Americans, not identifiable in any way and can move across borders at will as a terrorist. It's frightening."

(5) Also published in Earth Aquarius News,

(6) See,

(7) See,, note also “In society it rules radical ideas and people, as well as revolutionary events that upset established structures.”

(8) As reported in The Trouble in Between, “The Economist” December 12-18, 2009, page 48

(9) See,

(10) Words from a poem, written by the author in 1994, dedicated to Astrologer Jim Lewis before his death in 1995. See, also,

Copyright 2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, please contact him via the following email address: ]

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