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News > Mundane Astrology  > Born to Throw: Dressing Down of an American President

Born to Throw: Dressing Down of an American President

Born to Throw: Dressing Down of an American President | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody

Edited and Images by Achaessa James

Editor's Note: Do you remember the Iraqi TV journalist who threw his two shoes at President George W. Bush? Here's the insightful and synchronistic astrological story of how this "Shoe Thrower" fits into the giant cosmic picture of our seemingly perpetual war efforts in the Persian Gulf. Wayne's feature begins directly below.

In Iraq and other countries bordering on the Arabian/Persian Gulf, showing someone your shoe or its sole is an act of deep disrespect, even hostility(1) In 2003, when Iraqis pulled down Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad statue, many Iraqis took off their shoes and vigorously beat the downed statue. Images of this moment were flashed around the world by the media. Personally, in December 2005, while visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, I observed people faithfully removing their shoes and washing their feet and hands before entering the mosque as a sign of their deep respect. The outside of the Mosque was ringed by stone wash basins and numerous metal spigots to facilitate these foot-washing rituals.

In environments, such as this, it was immediately recognized a great insult when Al-Baghdadia TV Journalist, Muntadhar al-Zaidi (a Shi’ Muslim) removed and threw his two shoes, one after the other, at President George W. Bush on December 14, 2008. He missed his physical target but hit dead center the bulls-eye of public opinion. The now famous event, which caused a phenomenon, occurred as President Bush stood addressing the press at the right-hand of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The Prime Minister, born June 20, 1950(2), (Progressed Sun 23˚ – 24˚ Leo to the U.S. Moon Yod Activation Point), knew the journalist from a 2005 interview. On this day in 2008, Muntadhar’s quick actions gave voice to feelings shared by millions of Iraqis towards the U.S. after years of war and occupation.

Although subsumed within the U.S chart, as well as the Iraqi chart, Muntadhar’s astrology numbers were none-the-less impressive. Born January 16, 1979, in Sadr City, Baghdad, Iraq, at a glance we immediately see close relationships; his Sun 25˚ - 26˚ Capricorn 07’ and Mars 26˚ - 27˚ Capricorn connection to the U.S. positions - namely the Pluto 27˚ Capricorn 34’ Midheaven / Mercury 24˚ Cancer 12’ ‘Activation Point’ emphasis to Iraqi territory. From my published discussion in “America & Islam, A Short Curious Story of Signatures”(3) we know that our shoe thrower also plugs into the strength of the Islam Era’s chart Ascendant at 25˚ Capricorn 41’ and the Sun at 25˚ Cancer 26’. These astrological numbers give added flavor to a fairly transparent event – one witnessed through countless millions of hits to YouTube.

On the day of the shoe throwing (we use a midnight chart here), the Moon was at 9˚ Cancer 07’ ending the day at 24˚ Cancer 11’ almost exact to the U.S. Mercury trigger. Jupiter started the day at 24˚ Capricorn 52’ and Neptune 21˚ Aquarius 57’. By day’s end Jupiter was at 25˚ Capricorn 05’, in opposition with that transiting Moon position. Additional transit detail found Mars starting at 20˚ Sagittarius 00’to 20˚ Sagittarius 45’ and the Sun transiting from 22˚ Sagittarius 14’ to 23˚ Sagittarius 15’ (another Sun/Mars conjunction moment). These Sagittarius numbers are important because of the opposition aspect they form to the U.S. Mars at 21˚ Gemini 22’. Here again, we have the irrepressible U.S. Moon/Pluto Yods activated.

Indeed this entire drama played out in the right ‘place’, right ‘time’, and the issues fulfilled the U.S. Pluto Midheaven correspondences. Consider a few of them: the Midheaven is signature to a country’s leadership; here representing both Bush and al-Maliki. The Pluto Midheaven was the ‘Great Satan’ signature of corrupt power and evil deeds. George W. Bush’s image with shoes attached to them had long appeared throughout the Middle East and Muntadhar al-Zaidi, as a journalist covering the American occupation, was very aware of the issues of the day from the Iraqi perspective. As he threw his shoes he shouted (first shoe), “This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog.” and the second shoe flew with these words, “This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq.” At his trial he revealed that he had rehearsed his words in front of a mirror. Muntadhar’s raised arm and spoken words corresponded with Gemini and Mercury. As the shoes flew, Mercury was out-of-bounds at 25˚ 30’.(4)

Like Journalist al-Zaidi, President Bush’s chart is subsumed within the needs of the U.S. chart and also contains significant corresponding numbers. A look at the President’s chart is a look into a chapter in U.S. history. George Bush has his North Node at 19˚ Gemini 36’ with Uranus at 19˚ Gemini 09. Here again we see the US Mars position 21˚ Gemini 22’. The words ‘preemptive war’ describes the unpredictable but innovative Uranus on his nodal axis; his being the self proclaimed “War President” has ended up his destiny (North Node). Another signature, his Saturn 26˚ Cancer 30’ plugs right into the trigger to the Pluto Yod through the Gulf. Remember he is the self declared ‘Decider’. Note here that al-Zaidi’s Sun/Mars conjunction is in direct opposition to Bush’s saturnine authority.

With the Moon in Cancer on December 14, waxing (9˚ – 24˚ Cancer) to the U.S. Mercury at 24˚ Cancer 12’, Muntadhar’s Sun/Mars at 25˚ - 27˚ Capricorn and Bush’s Saturn at 26˚ Cancer 30’, al-Zaidi describes Bush manner, “He was talking and at the same time smiling icily at the (Iraqi) Prime Minister. He said to the Prime Minister that he was going to have dinner with him.” Stirred by Bush’s demeanor, al-Zaidi, a journalist who reported on the plight of widows, orphans, and children in the Iraq War, revealed at his subsequent trial, “After more than a million Iraqis killed, after all the economic and social destruction… I felt that this person is the killer of the people. I felt that this was the prime murderer. I was enraged and threw my shoes at him.” The Cancer Moon showed that those shoes had to fly; it was fated that they should fly at this image incarnate of the ‘Great Satan’.

Finally let us look to the stage of the Press Conference event, Baghdad itself. The building of this ancient city, the ‘round city,’ guided by Abbasid Caliph Mansur’s astrologers, had its Significant Moment July 31, 762, at 2:40 p.m. In this chart we find Mercury retrograde at 26˚ Cancer 54’ in opposition to the North Node at 28˚ Capricorn 47’. President Bush’s Pluto at 10˚ Leo 35’ is almost exactly conjunct Baghdad’s Sun at 10˚ Leo 47’, both activated by the transiting Nodal Axis at 10˚ Aquarius/Leo 18’ during the Press Conference. Progress the Baghdad chart to December 14, 2008, and we get Mercury at 25˚ Cancer 21’, conjunct Mars at 29˚ Cancer 16’ in opposition to Jupiter at 22˚ Capricorn 35’. We see that in the sweep of Baghdad’s 1 ¼ millennium long history the U.S. is but part of her experience, what she has to cope with now since 1776 – when America’s Pluto Midheaven Yod swept over her, without subsuming her. Baghdad and those that identify with her, live on.

The U.S relocated to Baghdad has 22˚ Capricorn 57’ at the Midheaven – a region swept by the U.S. Pluto Yod conjunct that Midheaven, simultaneously a U.S. Mercury IC Zone. This Pluto stage is set with people, nations, an ancient city and religion. Our unique astrological planet dots tell a riveting story (Mercury) of hidden connections – of secret (Pluto) leadership (Midheaven) motivations. On December 14, 2009, the world witnessed a dramatic shoe-throwing with subtext; an astrological story of a Sun/Mars born Iraqi insulting the visiting Head-of-State of an invading and occupying army. It bears repeating that we see all this under a sky filled with; multiple transit numbers (the Moon in Cancer and Jupiter waxing to 25˚ Capricorn) applying to activate the formidable American Mercury (24˚ Cancer 12’) / Pluto (27˚ Capricorn 34’) Yod A*C*G connection to the city; as well as, President Bush’s Saturn (26˚ Cancer 30’), opposing Muntadhar’s Sun/Mars (both 25˚ – 26˚ Capricorn) ‘warrior’ signature, Baghdad’s Mercury (26˚ Cancer 54’) / North Node (28˚ Capricorn 47’) opposition, and the Islamic root Ascendant (25˚ Capricorn 41’) / Sun (25˚ Cancer 26’) opposition . The shoe throwing was quite a show; especially with all the current and historic celestial special effects going-on. The timing was impeccable and the players straight out of central casting. Seen through the astrological lens, it certainly matters where and when you were born.

It would be absurd to call the gathering of these connecting parts mere coincidences. Let me throw one more stone onto our impressive pile. Al-Zaidi was born with Mercury (signature for dexterity of the hands) out-of-bounds by declination at -23˚ 51. On the day he took aim on the U.S. President, transiting Mercury was once again ‘severely’ out-of-bounds at -25˚ 29’ in contraparallel with the transiting Moon at +25˚ 47’; resulting in a blend of mercurial quickness and emotional cool guiding Muntadhar al-Zaidi’s hand.

One last thing: on December 14, 2009, Al-Zaidi’s (midnight timed) Progressed Sun was between 25˚ to 26˚ Aquarius 29’, conjunct Mercury at 29˚ Aquarius 53’. This meant that his person stimulated the U.S. Moon (26˚ Aquarius 56’) Yod assuring his shoe-throwing performance would be a hit in America - and. it was! YouTube took the video viral with millions of hits to the site of the tape of al-Zaidi throwing his shoes and President George W. Bush ducking. One Iraqi commentator wrote, “The great Arab shoe sums up the history of the criminal Bush, who is responsible for the loss of lives of hundreds of thousands of Islamic sons and who remained arrogant, spiteful, and mean-spirited until the last moment of his term.”(5)

And what happened to Muntadhar al-Zaidi? And to modern shoe-throwing?
• He was given a three hour trial starting February 19, 2009.
• The trial ended and was postponed to March 12, 2009 in order to determine if Bush was truly an “official” visitor to Iraq as Head of State.
• On March 12, Muntadhar was sentenced to three years after pleading guilty to: “aggression against a foreign leader during an official visit.”
• He served nine months in jail.
• On February 2, 2009. China’s Supreme Leader was shoed at Cambridge University, London.
• On March 6, 2009 Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was shoed, in his motorcade through the city of Urmia at 45˚ East 04’. The shoe missed.
• April 26, 2009, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was shoed in Ahmadabad - 72˚ East 58’, under the U.S. Moon Yod Midheaven line.
• The IMF Director, Dominique Strauss-Kalin was shoed in Istanbul on October 1, 2009. The thrower missed.


(1) “Shoes, and the bottom of one’s foot, are considered especially dirty and distasteful in Islam.”, Habeeb Ahmed – President Islamic Centre of Long Island to “Newsday”

(2) Unconfirmed birth data from Wikipedia,

(3) Published in Earth Aquarius News, January 13, 2010,

(4) Declinations measure the relationship of planets and stars to the plane of the Earth's equator, whether they are north or south. Anything located above (higher degrees) the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which occur at 23 degrees +/- North or South latitudes are considered 'Out-of-Bounds'. See, also

(5) Words of Abdel-Sottar Qassem, Political Science Professor at An Najah University.

Copyright 2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, please contact him at the following email address: ]

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