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News > Mundane Astrology  > Haitian Renewal: Part II

Haitian Renewal: Part II

Haitian Renewal: Part II | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody
Edited and Images by Achaessa S. James


Roughly, from 1804 until 2010, 23 of Haiti’s leaders were overthrown, two assassinated, one suicide, one executed, and seven died in office; this is what befell over half of all Haiti’s leaders. It is the sort of record one should be moved by, without even having an astrological insight into the dots, of Haiti’s “Birth Defect” seen astrologically; her Mars/Saturn pattern.

Today Haiti is ruled by President Rene Preval, an Agronomist (Chironian) by education. Perhaps Haiti can be led by Preval in that archetypal Chironian direction and establish a place (a market) in the world. There are signs that she can.

As I have said, Haiti’s government (a correspondent of Saturn) must find strength in this crucible of misfortune to seize the moment. How Preval meshes with the United States, donor of $100 million in aid, nearby neighbor, and world Superpower, is critical. Preval was born January 17, 1943, in Marmelade, Cap-Haitian. Briefly considering his natal chart we discover his birth Sun placement between 26˚ - 27˚ Capricorn – a degree extremely important to the U.S. chart. President Preval is a key player in the recent activation of the U.S. Pluto Yod that was activated by the January 15th Annular Eclipse to 25˚ Capricorn 01’. Preval is a seasoned leader, whose Sun is in Haiti’s 10th House; recalling C.E.O. Carter, this should be a plus. Carter writes, “The Sun stands for the supreme authority in the state….and thus eclipses of the Sun tend to affect these.” (16). As Haiti and her leader recover and transforms, the role the U.S. plays is a critical part of the balance.

Here is Rene Preval’s untimed chart set for midnight the day of his birth. Notice that his Mars and Pluto placements are contraparallel by declination and ‘Out-of-Bounds’:

His Sun is also on President Obama’s Saturn 25˚ Capricorn, which, by the way, also took the eclipse hit; evidenced in his setback in Massachusetts, the failure to influence a Senatorial election that would preserve his supermajority. This cost him immediately passing a Health Reform Act into law, and led to other policy pullbacks. This contraction, a Saturn signature, pushed President Obama to address the deficit and order a freeze on spending for the next three years. After his announcement of that freeze, January 29, 2010, the airlifts of people injured by the earthquake to American hospitals for treatment were suddenly ended. Reporting placed the responsibility on Florida’s Governor looking for U.S. Federal dollars in support of the strains to the Florida health system. Or was this an immediate but unintended consequence of the spending freeze? This linkage could be an ominous sign for the Haitian President. Preval’s North Node at 25˚ Leo 20’ is on the U.S. Moon Yod ‘Activation Point’; showing some leverage here also.

Preval has a year left in office. Elections are next year in early 2011. Of his government, most of his Departments (the physical structures) are destroyed like his capitol building. His civil servants are scattered and many critical records; like voter registration forms are destroyed. Documents are said to be blowing down the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Of those officials visible to the public, Patrick Delatour the Minister of Tourism, born 1958 in Port-au-Prince, is responsible for attracting Foreign Investment.(17) Delatour survived the quake, but both his parents were killed and his home was destroyed. Three weeks after the quake, he, an architect by training, is preoccupied with setting up temporary government buildings. Before January 12, 2010; there was foreign interest and investment pouring into Haiti. For instance, there was a deal with Venezuela to build an airport in Cap Haitien. How are we to view these foreign connections?


There is another way of looking world response to the earthquake and President Preval’s prospects for leading the country out of crisis into recovery. With a known time - Haiti’s first full day of freedom was January 1, 1804; so we can start the day with 00:00 hours and produce an International A*C*G map (below).

One of the first insights I had using A*C*G was how often it proved true that one’s ancestors came from locations under the chart’s Moon Zones. A look to the Haiti A*C*G focused upon West Africa supports the idea.

The agreements with Venezuela to build an airport at Cap Haitien also connects to these signatures, arguably corresponding to air flight and technology, Haiti’s Mercury 18˚ Capricorn 11’ (ruler of the sign Gemini and air) Midheaven line and Uranus 16˚ Libra 02’ (technology - all innovative devices) Descendant line. The signatures make sense of ‘what’ the Haitian government was interested in achieving with the Venezuelans.

The deal comes with Pluto’s long transforming transit of Capricorn. The Haitian Moon IC (strong signature of roots) runs through Gore Island, Senegal. Haiti’s Sun, Mars, and Saturn embrace the Nigerian Delta/Cameroon region. Haiti’s Mars line descends near the modern state of Ghana (ancient Dahomey (18) ). Dahomey (19) is said to be the source of the Voodoo practices and traditions.

Now, we know that both the Sun (10˚ Capricorn), Saturn (3˚ Libra 27’) and Mars (3˚ Capricorn 33’), are prominent, so we focus upon these lines. Her Midheaven Sun sweeps northward along 71˚ West 46’ roughly paralleling the irregular coastline embracing Washington, DC and New York; historically showing America’s considerable role in the intrigues of the black slave struggle against Napoleon’s armies and the possible U.S. role in the recovery of Haiti. We also witness the Saturn exact square line running through Virginia at 78˚ W 41’, mere miles (78˚ W 22’) from the birth longitude of President Jefferson’s home. In Jefferson, Haitians have their ‘Birth Defect’ stimulus embodied. It is instructive to know more about the history of the U.S., French, and Haitian triangular relationship; it is that old story of betrayal, despotism, and exploitation. Like cats circling, in search of advantage, while Haiti served as the stage (a macabre playing board) of horrors; the Super Power France and the fledging U.S. maneuvered until the Louisiana Purchase deal was forced upon Napoleon; much to America’s great historic advantage.

Below is a close-up of Haiti’s Mars, Saturn, and Sun lines running along and through Virginia and the eastern states. Mars and Saturn, in square, mark where people who might don the garbs of the “Birth Defect” might stage it in America. We have seen the example of President Wilson born Staunton, Virginia, on the 79˚ West 05’ L0ngitude line; this is 6 and 20 miles respectively west of the Haiti’s Mar’s (War) line. Awesome connection! Note the Uranus Descendant (the foreigner) line running on the diagonal through New York’s Staten Island marks locations, where upwards of 156,000 people of Haitian birth, legally live in 2010. They are concentrated in Brooklyn and Queens, with more affluent immigrants living in Holliswood, Nassau, and Suffolk, New York.(20)

On this day a Full Moon 12˚ Cancer/Capricorn, joined the Sun’s of the U.S. and Haiti. Uranus was transiting 7˚ Libra bringing friendship (Uranus ruler of Aquarius corresponds to friendship).

It was not until President Lincoln signed a diplomatic recognition on June 5, 1862, that trade was resumed between the U.S. and Haiti. Some years later, Frederick Douglas was named U.S. Envoy to the island.


The January 12, 2010, 7.0 earthquake that centered upon Port-au-Prince shook more than Haiti’s physical foundations. It tumbled the status quo of its government. In the weeks following the devastation, the worst in two hundred years (worse than the hurricanes that only recently demolished the impoverished nation), a strong light has been shown on every aspect of Haiti; words have been spoken and deeds performed in a season of change. The Haitian Mars/Chiron square Saturn wound is drawing attention and a need for new structures is setting in. Where is her government?

France was there in a new role. The French Doctors without Borders was one of many nations to respond to Haiti’s desperate need. From as far away as Australia, Brazil, China, Liberia, the United Kingdom, and U.S., rescuers arrived, to dig through debris in search of survivors; still miraculously finding people unto the fifteenth day. A look to the Haitian A*C*G map relocated to Western Europe reveals more insight into the nature of her French connections. In this map we see the exactitude of Haiti’s hidden astrological connections to Paris, France.

Although there are no major Haitian A*C*G zones exact to Paris at 48˚ N 52’, she has four Parans running near the city’s outskirts to the south and north along 47˚ North 54’ through 49˚ North 55’. These Parans are made up of Haiti’s natal Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto positions. In particular, the activation of the Saturn/Venus Paran along 49˚ North 31’, weighs heavily; the earthquake happened during a dramatic Haitian Saturn Return to 3˚ Libra 27’.

Through our astrological lens, the Haitian death/renewal, and impending transformation could be seen beginning with the triple hurricane strikes of Hanna, Gustav, and Fay from August 17 through September 2009. The Sun on August 17 is at 24-25˚ Leo, on the ‘Activation Point’ of the U.S. Moon, simultaneously transiting Neptune was at 25˚ Aquarius retrograde, thus activating the U.S. Moon Yod trigger at 26˚ Leo, strongly signaling activity in the U.S. Moon zones, including the 19˚ North Paran Zone sweeping Haiti. The January 12, 5:00 p.m. (local time) 2010 7.0 earthquake piled it on; occurring just days before an important Annular Solar Eclipse at 25˚ Capricorn 01’. We must also factor in the Saturn retrograde Station on January 13, 2010 at 4˚ Libra 39’. The major chart patterns previously discussed (A*C*G connections and aspects) were active in both the U.S. and Haitian charts.

Early on (as of January 13, 2010) the earthquake is being described as the worst to hit Haiti in 200 years; the epicenter of the quake striking within miles of her seat of power at Port-a-Prince. It is more than symbolic that the Capitol building (said to be modeled after the U.S. Capitol) came down upon the Haitian government’s leadership during the quake; ominous signs that the nation’s governing structure might have to be rebuilt top to bottom.


The U.S./Haiti relationship can be looked at by one other metric in America’s A*C*G map – Parans. Haiti is in the U.S. 19˚ North Paran Zone (21); with Port-au-Prince at 18˚ North 32’.

It is composed of the Moon on the Midheaven crossed by the Uranus Ascendant line in Southern India. This Paran is the same one that sweeps America’s highly controversial detention camp at Guantanamo, Cuba (19˚ North 55’). The 19˚ North Paran has ‘always’ been important in the telling of America’s history. From Jefferson’s intrigues in 1803 - 04, through American marine occupation and military governors in the 1920s and 30s, the boat people in the 1990s, and now this earthquake; America has been connecting with Haiti in significant ways marked by events in the astrological sky. This particularly concerns the Moon Yod pattern so conspicuous in the U.S. ‘Significant Moment’ (July 4, 4:47 p.m., 1776 – Philadelphia, PA). Whenever this Yod activates, by progression or transit; events important to the U.S. play out all along the 19th Latitude North. During America’s 233 year existence many ‘Significant Moments’ occurred between the two nations; with Haiti being subsumed by U.S. interests in each case, all synchronized by astrological events.

Our story is actually bigger than that, for whenever any part of the conjoined U.S. Moon/Pluto Yods’ (HANDS, FOOT, or Activation Points) received transits or Progressed movements, Americans were caught up in dramas in Haiti. This was true in November 1994, when the author first noticed the pattern of front-page news stories in American newspapers. The same proves true today, in the moments of the earthquake tragedy, with Haiti’s destruction occurring days prior to an Annular Eclipse at 25˚ Capricorn 01’ to the U.S. Pluto 27˚ Capricorn 34’; transiting Neptune waxed to the Moon at 26˚ Aquarius 56’, the two events signaling activation of both American Yods.. Jupiter (America’s Ascendant ruler) had recently crossed the Moon and is waning away in late Aquarius. The 19˚ North zone continues around the Earth embracing other places of concern for the U.S. during her short existence; major places like Mexico City (19˚ North) to the west, Bombay/Mumbai to the east (19˚ North), and China’s southern most island, Hainan at 20˚ North. In the season of 19˚ North Paran activation, stories from all of these mentioned places have curiously gathered on the front pages of U.S. newspapers.


We have noted that the Guantanamo Detention Camp is within the U.S. 19˚ North Paran. This camp is notorious in the world for the role it plays in the U.S. global war, holding Islamic extremists, who are still detained there. The heart of Islam, Mecca, the most holy of the Islamic places, is located at 21˚ North 27’, within a 2˚ orb of the Paran zone’s heart. We know of this place’s importance to the Islam Era, whose chart features a 25˚ Capricorn Ascendant and Sun at 25˚ Cancer (see previous article America & Islam). Back in December of 1991, over 7,000 Haitians, intercepted on their way to the U.S. after a coup, were collected off the seas and detained at Guantanamo Bay. Soon after, that number swelled into the tens of thousands. Now, again, in the aftermath of the earthquake the camp has being considered as a place to stage the Haitian relief effort and receive more Haitians.

Mexico (Spain) lost (retroceded to France) the Louisiana lands to the U.S. during the first U.S. Progressed Moon return to 26˚ Aquarius 56’, when Neptune was last on that same Moon position in 1846. During that important season the U.S. defeated Mexico, ultimately gaining Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California in time for the California 49er Gold Rush.

Is America’s 19˚ North Paran Effect real? Well! Further support for the thesis is found in the Far East (Southeast China), within the 19th Paran, on April 1, 2001, an American EP-3E reconnaissance spy plane was forced to ground on Hainan Island and its 24-member crew was held by the Chinese government for eleven days. They were freed under a sky that held Uranus at 23˚ Aquarius 29’. 2001 was the year when America was experiencing an epic moment, her first Progressed Sun to her natal Moon position. As mentioned earlier, multiple events from different locations marked by active U.S. Parans simultaneously stormed America’s news headlines. The Progressed Sun conjuncting the U.S. natal Moon was exact (26˚ Aquarius 56’) on October 25, 2001; on that date the Patriot Act was signed by President George W. Bush in the aftermath of the infamous 9/11 ‘Significant Moment’. 9/11 occurred on yet another sensitive Moon Paran zone - the 40˚ North Zone (22) and was synchronized by this significant Progressed astrological event.

What ties the two parans together is the U.S. Moon, which the different parans (at 19˚, 28˚, 40˚, 52˚ North) share in common. The U.S. Uranus position at 8˚ Gemini 55’ was also receiving transits, with Jupiter at 7˚ Gemini 33’ on April 1, 201. Eleven days later, when the crew was released at 7:30 a.m., CCD, the transiting Moon was at 10˚ Sagittarius 10’ opposed to Jupiter at 9˚ Gemini 37’. Here again, in the U.S.A. A*C*G map below, the Moon Yod and Uranus signatures are seen expressing all along 19˚ North Zone synchronized by transits and progressions of this time.

All of this additional information is important because it puts Haiti experience under a lens whereby problem solving metrics of ‘where’, ‘when, and ‘why’ might be more ‘actionable’; seeing and trusting those dots that tell a wider, but emotionally cooler story outside of the sensational images we witnessed during the media coverage of the Haitian earthquake; the horror of seeing heaps of bodies in the streets of Port-au-Prince with people walking around covering their noses against the smell.

This again is the full A*C*G Map of Haiti projected around the Earth:

She has her Venus (29˚ Capricorn 26’) Midheaven and Jupiter (2˚ Scorpio 10’) descending lines sweeping west of Brazil’s Capital. The Brazilians had a quick response to the earthquake, being amongst the first nations to land help in the stricken Port-au-Prince. Venus also descends through Germany, with Saturn (3˚ Libra 27’) on the Nadir, Uranus (16˚ Libra 02’) rising exact over Beijing, China, with Mercury to the west close by on the Nadir – exact. Haiti’s Venus IC line runs through the South Korean city of Pusan; a South Korean company was considering opening a factory in Haiti. Haiti’s North Node runs on the Nadir through eastern Australia, just 50 miles west of Melbourne. The Australian government pledged 10 million dollars in aide. The United Nations Mission Chief in Port-au-Prince, representing Tunisia, was that nation’s Saturnian sacrifice to the Haitian disaster. Haiti’s Saturn runs on the Nadir (IC) through eastern Tunisia; you will soon see that this was a fateful signature for Hedi Annabi who was born in Tunisia, with his Neptune/Mars (both 3˚ Libra) exactly aligned with the Haitian Saturn Return. Annabi was born with his own Saturn around 8˚ Cancer 39’.

As you can seen from these brief examples, despite her impoverished status within the world’s nations, Haiti has her own A*C*G story, connections which hold promise, connections that can be made ‘actionable’ during her renewal/rebuilding process. China sent a rescue team with search dogs. Germany declared $10 million in aid; the Sun marked U.S. sent a supercarrier, the USS Carl Vinson with thousands of troops (a profoundly Marian signature). America also sent a Medical ship, the USS Comfort, and pledged $100 million in initial U.S. Government support, amongst other assistance. Additionally, Americans by the millions are responding through cell phone technology and a massive TV celebrity Charity Drive; surely these signatures correspond with the activated Moon in Aquarius signature - of pledging money in increments of $5 and $10 increments, in a depressed economy – totaling millions. Haiti’s Mars/Saturn square lines run 100 miles west of Washington, DC, where Haiti’s relocated Midheaven is 5˚ Capricorn 19’.

This map, shown earlier, and its derivative Haitian ‘Significant Moment’ chart, should be studied for where it trains the mind to look.

Here, isolated, is the rare event manifesting in the sky hours at the moment of the earthquake:

The key fitting the Haiti Mars/Chiron/Saturn pattern and her relationship with the U.S. is found in the chart of the Earthquake moment January 12, near 5:00 p.m. On January 13, 2010, Saturn stationed retrograde at 4˚ Libra 39’ to the Haitian Saturn (she is in her Saturn Return season). Transiting Mercury Stationed Direct on January 15, 2010, at 5˚ Capricorn 35’. Mercury was closely conjuncting transiting Pluto’s position at 3˚ Capricorn 48’. Simultaneously Saturn, having returned to its natal position, Stationed retrograde. It’s coming back. Will Haiti’s leaders and the world’s leaders be informed and prepared?

In closing, we find Saturn angular at the Nadir during the earthquake moment; extremely powerful at the entrance of the 4th House of personal and collective security. It bears repeating that squaring this Saturn are Pluto at 3˚ Capricorn 44’ and Mercury two days from its own station direct at 5˚ Capricorn 35’. The news out of Haiti is one of a growing catastrophe.

The reduction of astrological aspects and signatures to parables, i.e.: the people will endure great suffering and then be delivered, is not interesting to me. I feel that much of the color in the signatures is lost to that sort of distillation; connecting a Moon Nadir line to Gore Island or a Mars Descendant line to Dahomey means a lot. Connecting the dots to other nations and their populations is important to me. Through their stories, I can then consider judgments taken directly from the “So Below”.

Postscript on February 19, 2010:

On February 17, 2010, French President Nicolas Sarkozy appeared in the Haitian Capitol of Port-au-Prince. This was the first visit by a French leader in Haiti's 206 year history. The visit was historic, unprecedented, a potentially transforming symbol, that already showed its benefits; in this case almost $400 million in aide. Why Sarkozy? Why now?

President Sarkozy has extensive horoscope connections to the Haitian nation that are compelling. He was born January 28, 1955 in Paris, France with his Sun at 7-8 Aquarius. More importantly are his many connections to the Haitian Mars/Saturn pattern in early Libra/Capricorn. Sarkozy's own North Node axis is 5 Capricorn 11', tight to Haiti's Chiron/Mars placement. He also has his Mars at 9 Aries 08'; a srong Mars to be sure, as it is in its sign of rulership. On the day of the French President's arrival in Port-au-Prince the transiting Moon was at 5 Aries 18' at 6:00 a.m. that morning in a T-square with Pluto and Saturn all on the Haitian and Sarkozy's pattern.

Besides his ties to Haiti's chart, Sarkozy also has stellar links to the U.S. 'Significant Moment' on July 4, 1776, 4:47 p.m. He has natal Pluto at 26 Leo activating the U.S. Moon Yod, whose Paran runs along 19 North latitude sweeping Haiti. His (Solar) Mercury at 25 Aquarius 41' aligns to the U.S. Moon at 26 Aquarius 56'. Then there's his Jupiter at 23 Cancer 18' plus, with Uranus 25 Cancer plus on the 'Activation Point' to the U.S. Pluto Yod. President Sarkozy's appearance came within 48 hours of Mark Lerner's posting of "The Haitian Renewal".


(1) Astro*Carto*Graphy® or A*C*G® is that branch of astrology that deals with the benefits of relocating any horoscope in order to places planets on relocation chart angles in an effort to emphasis, if not strengthen them. It is here used in Mundane (all that concerns groups or nations of people) astrology.

(2) A significant percentage of the Haitian population are Christian.

(3) citation to Carter’s doctrine of subsumption

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(8) Civil Rights Leader, Lawyer who wrote (with his brother), “Lift Every Voice and Sing” – considered ‘The Black National Anthem.

(9) Toussaint tried to rebuild the Haitian economy between 1800 – 1802, restoring commercial contacts with the U.S. and Britain

(10) Ellis, J. Joseph. American Creation: Triumphs and Tragedies At the Founding of the Republic, Alfred A. Knopf. 2007

(11) Actually the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo, not modern Haiti as Ellis writes who was Saint Dominique as established by the treaty of Ryswick –September 20, 1697- closing the Nine Years War.

(12) Ellis writes that Napoleon ordered that after Toussaint’s capture black insurrectionist were to be hunted down with a thousand bloodhounds and when caught “hanged, drowned, decapitated, burned alive over coals or, for ultimate dramatic effect, crammed in the backside with gunpowder and exploded.”

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(20) Taken from Migration Information Source MPI

(21) See “America’s Unified Field Relationship to Earth” published by Mark Lerner in “Welcome To Planet Earth” Journal, November 1994.

(22) See Wayne Moody’s America’s Unified Field Relationship to Earth, Welcome To Planet Earth Journal, Editor Mark Lerner, written November 6, 1994

Copyright 2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, please contact him via the following email address: ]

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