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News > Mundane Astrology  > Haitian Renewal: Part I

Haitian Renewal: Part I

Haitian Renewal: Part I | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody
Edited and Images by Achaessa S. James

Publisher's Note:
This is a comprehensive look at the recent earthquake in Haiti by Wayne Moody -- with a multi-faceted perspective based on the history of this nation and various astro-locality principles, charts and maps. It was submitted to us on February 12 and is being posted online the evening of Monday Feb. 15. Due to its length and the many images, you can continue reading this special feature in Part II that is contained in this Wayne Moody section of Earth Aquarius News. Part I begins directly below.

Given the unparalleled scale of disaster that Haiti has suffered after the Armageddon-like January 12th earthquake, onlookers, especially those endeavoring to help, require an uncommon perch from which to wisely view the chaos and events. Astro*Carto*Graphy® (1) astrology offers such a perch, one any sage would revere.

The whole range of human experiences has issued forth from Haiti through the media’s technologically informed eye; peoples a whole continent away are witnessing Haiti’s pain; her crying, appalling loss of life, terrible displays of despair and desperation, of fear, hope, the drives kindled by hunger, of new life springing from the fields of destruction, soul-stirring miracles, and sacrifices of every description have been on display. The full palette of human emotions, seen through a macabre kaleidoscope, has been electronically injected into the senses of an insatiable internationally wired audience. But are we turned cold by this impersonal conveyance? Or will this information inoculation take hold and render the viewer sensitive to the Haitian experience? Like President Bill Clinton’s words, “I feel your pain!”, do we feel Haiti’s pain? I write as part of that audience. I write, from a position of vicarious knowing and wonder, what story has not yet been told; where can I contribute?

The mainstream chroniclers are prolific in their skills, but, as usual in this age of deep skepticism, they penetrate little with their framing. Do their words serve and move collectives to action? I know an astrological story that is unfolding in the shadows. Can it contribute? Desperate times, where answers to questions like “why?” are scarce, find guidance and relief in exotic locations.

“New facts require a new set of instruments or a sharpening of existing tools.”
Octavio Paz, 1914-1998

These times require the best each individual has to offer. Events in Haiti have moved me to release my special talents without regard for modesty, or timidity. I am suited to render an astrological voice; one trained for decades. My intention is to avoid being overdramatic and offer the judgments I feel as a man of color. The service I offer walks a precipice of fairness. As an international story, a Mundane astrological story, the Haitian earthquake crises with its many acts (all with their cast of players) is a vast ocean of complexity. Missing the input of just one player can direct the ship of judgment off course. To attempt a worthy astrological perspective of Haiti – to open the widest possible door - the charts of many people and nations, for vast stretches of time, must be considered. The experience of a rescued child may catch more eyes and hearts than the charisma of government leaders, so I must not omit that child’s importance. Babies were born in the rubble and their lives must be included in the measure where possible. In short, I work to open a door on what has not yet been revealed, using the tools of ancient kings and wise men. The exceptionality of the astrological story Haiti is compelling and its connections to the earthquake moment astonishing. Stay with me a short while, as I endeavor to tell this unusual story; with due respect, guided by the amazing, awe-inspiring signatures; written in the sky at every moment.

Without a doubt, good advice taken from the ephemeral movements seen in the sky often proves beneficial. All evidence points to the Haitians as a profoundly ‘spiritual’ people who would appreciate these words from the bible (2), “Where there is no vision, the people perish,” Proverbs 29:18. The world must not disappoint the hopes of such a people. It sustained some of them fifteen days under the rubble.

Here is the chart of the earthquake moment:

C.E.O. Carter’s Doctrine of Subsumption (3) establishes the hierarchy of comparative chart analysis, holding that the chart of the individual earthquake victim is subsumed within that of the state (in this instance Haiti and, in a larger sense, the community of humankind), and the state by that of the chart of the Earth - for our purposes the chart of the earthquake event. Thus, as the representation of the “bigger picture,” the earthquake chart is introduced first.


Carter’s doctrine also provides that a stronger nation subsumes the interests of the weaker nations. For the better part of the past 200 years the U.S. and Haiti have had an uneven relationship; with Haiti playing the perpetual needy neighbor. Campion gives one chart for Haiti, the second oldest republic in the New World, as January 1, noon, 1804, in its capital city Gonaïves.

The U.S. ‘Significant Moment’ chart, also from Campion, is July 4, 4:47 p.m., 1776, in Philadelphia, PA.

Given the powerful leadership that led Haiti to freedom, the Sun placement at the zenith of her map rings true. Haiti’s zenith or Midheaven has a fateful connection to America’s own chart, which contains the planets Venus at 3˚ Cancer 5”, Jupiter at 5˚ Cancer 56”, and the Sun at 13˚ Cancer 18”, all opposed, or squared to the Haitian Capricorn chart strength (Mars/Saturn), Simultaneously, the U.S. Saturn at 14˚ Libra 48’ squares both the U.S. and the Haitian strengths (from the U.S. 10th House) – these signatures reveal checks on power. The activated patterns play large in the history of both nations moving forward.


Render the Haitian chart large and you see an emphasis in its details to the Midheaven.

For our immediate purpose, we note that within the Haitian map above, one signature fairly glows in importance, the almost exact square aspect pattern between the horoscope’s rulers of an Aries Ascendant and Capricorn Sun; respectively, we find Mars at 3˚ Capricorn 33” in square to Saturn at 3˚ Libra 27”. Also note in the Chart Line comparison above that the Haitian Sun placement at 10˚ Capricorn 09’ is in close opposition (180˚) to America’s own 13˚ Cancer 18” Sun, conjunct Haiti’s Nadir at 9˚ Cancer 19”. The history of these opposition of power issues will prove an important signature as we proceed, playing out in the historic relationship between the two nations. Indeed, this Mars/Saturn square in Haiti’s chart is the key astrological tool to directing her transformation in the wake of the earthquake destruction; Haiti can set her compass to the insight held by this Mars/Saturn pattern now active.

Here is that directing Mars/Saturn aspect isolated out of the greater chart for easier scrutiny:

Launched from this entry point, those ‘Significant Moments’ of connection that draw the rest of the world to Haiti’s character. The wise say that character is destiny. To astrologically discover the character of any ‘Significant Moment’ an average astrologer looks to charts and maps (if not the sky Nut herself) and establishes its epicenters. Those epicenters are considered to be (in order); the Ascendant, Sun and Moon placements; after which, the sign rulers of these points are ascertained. Mars, ruling Aries, is Haiti’s Ascendant ruler. Saturn is the Sun’s ruler. In addition, because of Saturn’s rulership of Capricorn, Saturn rules Haiti’s Mars placed in Capricorn, with the Midheaven and the 10th House in the same sign.

These placements are Haiti’s dots, sacred unto her bodily death. Over the next two decades transiting Pluto will cross through Capricorn over the Haitian Midheaven and through the 10th House; the House given correspondence over accomplishment, governance, leadership, and reputation. Pluto is the quintessential symbol for profound metamorphosis; of deep renewals, and empowerments. If the spark of new vitality does not stir in Plutonic moments, death reigns. Haiti has never in her history had Pluto cross her Midheaven Angle. Astrologers validate suspect charts during that rare season when Pluto crosses a considered angle. Given the dramatic occurrences recently witnessed, a year when three severe storms and a 7.0 earthquake striking at Haiti’s infrastructure (destruction and renewal of structure being a correspondent of Pluto in the 10th House), astrologers expect a long and thorough transformation for Haiti; one that has been many years approaching. Because of the emphasis on her leadership house, that transformation will begin with a catalyzing person as leader. We find such a person at the very beginning of Haiti’s story.


Riding the rails of the Mars/Saturn aspect pattern, now in season, we can harvest many useful insights into the heritage of Haiti. In her deepest root (during the age of Columbus – December 1492) Haiti, then named Hispaniola by the Spanish, saw her indigenous people, the Arawaks and Caribs enslaved. The Spanish, through their agent Columbus, instituted the practice of ‘chattel’ plantation slavery in the second largest Caribbean Island until the 1697 Treaty of Ryswick divided the island into French St. Dominque and Spanish Santo Domingo domains. Some authors write that reverting to the trade of Caribbean natives into slavery was an admission of defeat on Columbus’ part; he failed to find the unlimited treasure and spices he had promised his sponsors in Spain. Haiti’s historic roots are anchored deep in this oppression, the most brutal form of slavery. Even in Columbus’ time the activity met with a mixed reception.

In 1510, a contemporary of Columbus, Dominican friar, Anton Montecino (4), famously denounced the practice, which nonetheless persisted for many years afterwards; until the virtual extermination of the indigenous Indians found another Dominican friar by the name of Fray Bartolome de Las Casas, also known as “The Apostle of the Indies” (5), ironically sanctioning the importation of African slaves in 1516 to replace the decimated Caribs; so ironic because Casas wrote the famous The Tears of the Indian as an advocate, “An Historical and True Account of the Cruel Massacres and Slaughter of Above Twenty Millions of Innocent People, Committed by the Spaniards”. Such were the attitudes of that time that justified commoditizing the African race. Similar practices were later brought to horrific heights under French control of Hispaniola. Haiti had her improbable ‘Significant Moment’ of creation in the same season in which the American miracle unfolded; she is in fact the second oldest Republic in the ‘New World’. Uranus, newly discovered on March 13, 1781, was ruler of this heralded age, a signature descriptive of roiling changes, of revolution, reverberating through the ensuing decades, across the face of the Earth. Breathing in this rarefied air were the British capitulating at Yorktown in 1781, Peru struggling with Spain, India fighting a Second Mysore War, Hungary abolishing serfdom, Siam forming a new dynasty, and famine brewing in Japan. A decade later, by August 14, 1791, Slavery in Saint Dominque was at full boil: the people revolted.

‘BWA KAYIMAN’ (Haitian Creole of ‘Boris Caiman’) – THE NIGHT THAT CHANGED THE WORLD

It would be reasonable to conclude that the long history of slavery preceding St. Dominque’s burst to freedom left deep scars upon the slaves; upon everything. Hispaniola’s first martyred leader was the Arawak Indian, Caonabo (4) who defied Columbus in February of 1495. He was the first of a long line of freedom fighters on the island. Haiti’s impulse to freedom was an in-house affair. By 1791, the slaves of Hispaniola were emotionally, spiritually, and astrologically ready to move from the role of prey and into the role of the hunter.

When the lion catches and secures its prey with its terrifying teeth; it would appear from the physicality of the predator against that of its prey that a fated outcome is insured – a certainty. It is said that form follows function and that the mighty teeth of the lion assures the outcome – destruction for the prey. What power of strength or will could an antelope, buffalo, or man call upon it such a moment to preserve life?

The slaves of the island nation Saint Dominque were the antelopes to the French lion. Yet, they sought and found this denied power and released themselves from the lion’s death grip. What weapon did they discover that was unavailable to them during 130 years of the most brutal chattel, plantation slavery under the French? These slaves, soon to call themselves Haitians, did not initially have the cards to play against the French, who were then, in 1791, a world ‘Superpower’; arrogant in their might. Their advantage was their rediscovered and dedicated spirit, their belief in ancestors, and their release to those ancestors for guidance.

From one account, we learn that this weapon was revealed to an assembly of people of many African tribes, under a Full Moon, during a ceremony called the ‘Bwa Kayiman’. The telling of this ceremony is compelling; invoking many passions and is not the astrological story I wish to tell. The astrological story is powerful in the first descriptive words – Full Moon.

The signature of the full Moon has long had power in the lives of people. Africans have their traditions beliefs, which colored and shaded lunations accordingly. The astrological lens does no less, drawing upon a universal sense of awe, mystery, and respect for the cycles of the Moon. Astrology adds to the ‘Bwa Kayiman’ the insight that on August 13, 1791, at sunset (6:50 p.m.) the Haitian sky was filled with an Aquarian Full Moon 21˚ Aquarius 03’. Astrologically we know that Aquarius is that signature most corresponding to violent rebellion. Taking the astrology to another level reveals the planet Pluto 20˚ Aquarius 57’; invisible to the eye, but felt by all, was aligning exactly with the Moon; all this symbolism to the all-important Ascendant Angle of this singularly important “Significant Moment’. Dig one level more, and the astrology lens reveals the declinations of Pluto at -23 54, a contraparallel to Mars at +23 31. The Moon’s (people) conjunction with Pluto (the mysteries and powers of ritual), both conjunct the Ascendant 28˚ Aquarius 21’ (as seen from Gonaives), with the hidden force of Mars (martial activity) describing the agitated temperament of the people. At yet another level the Sun, so critical to the fullness of the Moon, had a neighbor in the sky; the planet Uranus 15˚ Leo 01’, ruler of the Aquarian Ascendant. Rebellion (Uranus) was indeed the creative (Sun) instinct of the moment. In the Full Moon moment the Sun and Uranus were in the 6th House (of the public health) showing where the work was to be done. The ancestor spirits invoked during the ‘Bwa Kayiman’ can be seen signatured in Neptune, trining the Ascendant from 25˚ Libra 16’ in the 8th House.

A people in search of release from soul crushing conditions and conditioning were ready to fight. They first needed was break their conditioning; their prey-like mentality – hence the need for ritual; then fortified with a new spiritual reality they needed to break the conditions; accomplished through taking up arms against the French oppressor.

Through ritual the people transfigured themselves; they stopped seeing themselves as prey, in the jaws of lions and turned into the hunters of lions using every means possible.

As that Full Moon night unfolded, the slaves took their destinies into their own hands and Haiti was born.


Is there any signature in Haiti’s ‘Significant Moment’ on January 1, 1804, that is connected with resourcefulness, wounds and scars? A return to Haiti’s chart shows the planet Chiron (4˚ Capricorn 41’), that signature denoting injury and wounds, in close conjunction with Mars. Yes! Chiron, signature of the art of warfare, ethics, healing, woundedness, survival skills, and the teaching arts, is a part of one of the charts major dots – her vitally important Mars/Saturn pattern. Now when we look in deeper levels at Haiti we see that her scars are by design. Indeed, they seem to be written in heavens.

Can we see, in the Haiti of today, the Chiron symbol? How else does one explain her sad experiences since freedom; the stunted growth and lack of prosperity for hundreds of years, existing like her neighbor Cuba (the largest island in the Caribbean) in the shadow of U.S. wealth and prosperity? This is one of the vexing questions that today’s rescuers must confront and resolve as they provide Haiti immediate aide. This astrological insight Chiron can put words to the prejudice that has existed since the time of Thomas Jefferson who wrote, “confine the pest to the island”, referring to the Haitians. In fairness Jefferson’s words were balanced by on July 5, 1803, by Alexander Hamilton who wrote an editorial for the New York Evening Post, stating, “To the deadly climate of St. Domingo and to the courage and obstinate resistance of its black inhabitants, are we indebted for the obstacles which delay the colonization of Louisiana until the auspicious moment when a rupture between England and France gave a new turn to the projects of the latter?”


Those words of U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, and Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, both revered framers of the American system of government and officials in that newly formed government, represent frames seen in the Midheaven (Tenth House) to Midheaven oppositions shown and discussed earlier; illustrating the symbolism pointing to leadership struggles between the two nations. Astrologer C.E.O. Carter writes in 1951,(6) “The Tenth House denotes the rulers, whether monarchs or president, the government in a general sense, and the national prestige and puissance. It is probably the most important and powerful of all houses in mundane astrology and bodies here have a wide significance.” Recall the placement of the Haitian Mars on the country’s Midheaven Angle, emphasizing that planet’s importance; reflected in its square to Saturn. Thus, Haiti’s Mars opposes some elements (Jefferson) in the U.S. government and is able to reach agreement with others (Hamilton). In this relationship we see a natural hostile inclination towards authority or compromise.

As a Black astrologer/writer these are hard things to objectively say in the Age of Obama Hope; where the decline of racism is seen as a given and meritocracy, regardless of race, is seen as on the ascendant. I agree with some of this, but we cannot forget when no less than Republican Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice referred to the problem of race as a “birth defect” (7) in the American character. She spoke these words in 2008 and also said, “…descendants of slaves did not get much of a head start, and I think you continue to see some of the effects of that.” If this is true for the U.S. in the 21st Century, it is exponentially true for Haiti. If slavery was America’s “Birth Defect”, a resistance to good government may be Haiti’s; but like a blind person, she can learn to compensate with other strengths.

In her struggles after the January 12, 2010, earthquake, Haiti, with goodwill from rescuing nations, can use this ‘Significant Moment’ in her history to surmount her 1804 ‘birth defect’, but only if it is recognized, understood, and mitigated against. There is another signature connected to the Tenth House and its natural ruler Saturn. The Haitian nation experienced a very important astrological event during the first week of December 2009. I recall seeing President Bill Clinton (another 10th House U.S. signature) in news programming during the Autumn before the earthquake. Working through the United Nations, he was promoting Haiti’s development asHaiti experienced her 6th Saturn Return (a 29-year-long cycle), since 1804, to 3˚ Libra 27’. January 12th, the day of the earthquake found Saturn stationing retrograde at 4˚ Libra 39’. That station occurred on the morning of January 13th, 2010, hours after the earthquake. The Saturn Return can be that celebrated moment of maturity for person and nation alike. It is the greatest of ironies that President Clinton, the Special Envoy of the Sec. General to Haiti (appointed in 2009), was celebrating Haiti’s Progress and possibilities before the earthquake struck. To understand the challenges Haiti and the U.S. now face in rebuilding Haiti, we need to look into distant and recent history at the relationship.

Question? What will be the treatment of leaders with vision moving forward? A meeting in Montreal during the last week of January 2010 was supposed to address this issue. Though these are extraordinary times, with awe-inspiring astrological events yet looming for Haiti’s 10th House we are left to wonder.

NAACP Leader James Weldon Johnson (8) after visiting Haiti, wrote in an editorial, A Witness to the Times, published in the September 20, 1920 “Crisis”, that, “the Haitian Revolution was not merely a political revolution. It was also a social revolution…The man who had been the chattel became the ruler.” More importantly Johnson pointed to the prejudices of the time in white America, about Haiti’s “Fitness to Rule,” saying, “The unfitness of the Haitian people to govern themselves has been the subject of propaganda for the last century.” In my understanding of what I see looking through the astrological lens at Haiti; this has been the problem and continues to be the problem at the root of Haiti’s difficulties in the world in her relationships with her neighbors.


The names of Haiti’s first leaders are little known outside of Haiti. I refer here to men like Dutty Boukman who lead the ‘uprising’, the Bwa Kayiman Ceremony on the evening of August 14, 1791, the famous (in Haiti), notorious (outside of her) Vodou (anglicized word is Voodoo – a syncretic religion) event that coalesced the slaves into a fist to revolt in fury against their French oppressors. As described above, it took no less to convert these gazelles into lions.

The men who became the faces of the revolution were Toussaint L’Ouverture (9), the movement’s greatest martyr, born May 20, 1743 in Cap Francais, northern Haiti, President Thomas Jefferson, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Toussaint was betrayed; it was not honorable dealing. In truth, the third-party Haitians and Toussaint were seen as expendable pawns in a geopolitical power struggle between America and Superpower France – while both looked warily over their shoulders at Super Power England who waited on the sidelines for an opening. From Pulitzer Prize winning author Joseph Ellis (10) we learn that President Jefferson gambled that a huge French expeditionary force of 25,000 troops (later raised to 60,000) would “get mired down in Santo Domingo (11) and never make it to New Orleans”; their prime objective being the control of the lands west of the Mississippi. At the same time, Jefferson feared that news of a Haitian success would encourage slaves in the U.S. to revolt; Jefferson gambled, but slave insurrection was foremost in his mind It was Napoleon’s plan to first crush Toussaint L’Ouverture’s forces with this army through a ‘Code Noir’ (12) of barbarities. After putting down the black insurrection the French army was to proceed to New Orleans, take over the land on the west side of the Mississippi, challenge American interests, and thus reclaim the Louisiana Territories according to Napoleon’s grand vision. The Haitian/New Orleans move was a strategic play against Super Power Britain. Failing in Saint Dominique, Napoleon was forced into the Louisiana Purchase arrangement with Jefferson’s government.

Since Independence in 1804, Haiti has had over fifty leaders. The first of these, Jean Jacque Dessalines, a Haitian Revolutionary hero, began as Governor, morphed into an emperor by 1804 and was assassinated in 1806. (13) Dessalines, born September 20, 1758 (untimed), had many connections to the U.S. Yod patterns; particularly revealing was his Venus (29˚ Leo 14’) opposition to Saturn (28˚ Aquarius 45’ retrograde) to the American Moon Yod. This is the reason his leadership model so easily became of interest in American popular culture.

For two hundred years now, Haiti has been relegated to poverty; again proof for me of the Mars/Saturn ‘Birth Defect’. Under the French Haiti was known as the richest possession in the Americas – known as the “Pearl of the Antilles” for the rum, coffee, cotton, indigo, exotic wood, and mainly for the lucrative sugar monopoly her slave economy supplied France and Western Europe; upwards of 40% of their sugar and 60% of their coffee needs. The European taste for indigo created huge demands for the crop’s production in the Caribbean and throughout Central America. But after independence, care was taken by America in particular, to insure that Haiti failed to thrive despite her wealth of natural resources. Apparently, as a free nation, her sugar wealth never made it to markets and the U.S. played a role in this. Before Haiti’s independence, on March 4, 1801, Thomas Jefferson had stood against the government of former slaves saying, America needed “to confine the pest to the island.” Fearing an imagined slave uprising on the Haitian model, the U.S. embargoed her agricultural riches – keeping her in a weakened state - until June 5, 1862, when President Abraham Lincoln signed Diplomatic Recognition of Haiti.

The Aries Ascendant of Haiti and the emphasis to Mars is fully illustrated in Henri Christophe (born October 1767), Haiti’s second leader, fought along with hundreds of free black Haitians on the French and American side at the Battle of Savannah, GA, in October 1779, against the British, during the American Revolutionary War. Christophe went back to Haiti, inspired by the American vision and joined the others to lead his people to freedom. He helped depose Jean Jacque Dessalines and died a King; an alleged suicide by a silver bullet. (14) Do we see in Christophe’s end the congenital ‘failure to thrive’ in Haiti? Eugene O’Neill’s play, The Emperor Jones, premiered November 1, 1920, just over a month after Johnson’s editorial. Starring Paul Robeson, the movie was about a black tyrant (Brutus) running a country in the Caribbean. He could only die from a silver bullet. Emperor Jones was obviously modeled after King Christophe.

Here again the Chiron signature; the wound. But note, Haiti’s King Christophe had mastery in planting, he knew agriculture, and he was a cultivated man. Chiron’s symbolism also marks one with genius in the area of herbs and medicinal plants. To be scarred means to have healed, and moved on – an aspect of symbolic evolution not yet evidenced in Haiti’s government; the six leaders following Henri Christophe were overthrown, or died in office. The trend continues thus up to present times.

The American marines invaded the island on President Wilson’s orders and established what the U.S. called a brief period of stability when thousands of marines protected and supported U.S. business interests and puppet governments from 1915 – 1934. President Wilson (15), born December 28, 1856, at 11:45 p.m., had 3˚ Libra 20’ on the Ascendant; exact, almost to the minute of the Haitian Saturn, again 3˚ Libra 27’. The marines came ashore twice. The first time, July 28, 1915, after a coup d’état, overthrew and killed the dictator Vilbrun Guillaume Sam; then again on Dec 17, 1917. On that December day transiting Pluto was at 4˚ Cancer 41’ retrograde, on the nodal axis (North Node was then at 1˚ Capricorn 32’). There would be a Total Lunar Eclipse on the axis on December 28, 1917 at 6˚ Cancer 7’ – President Wilson’s 61st birthday and America was in the Great War in Europe. Wilson’s Sun was 7˚ Capricorn 44’, aligned to the Haitian Midheaven Angle; triggering the Haitian pattern. His Saturn was exactly 11˚ Cancer 00’ retrograde. He was the person ‘born’ to embody the opposition role to Haiti’s leadership. You could say he ‘plugged’ right in.




Wilson’s America (1913 – 1921) contributed infamously to Haiti’s “Birth Defect” pattern by killing off any grassroots nationalists. In 1919, a U.S. marine, 2nd Lt. Herman H. Hanneken (born June 23, 1893 in St. Louis, MO), assassinated nationalist leader Charlemagne (there goes that French influence again) Peralte, a beloved guerrilla leader of the ‘Cacos’ (a band of a thousand or more), martyring him to the Haitian people. A horrid picture of the dead leader, crucified to a door, announced his death to the Haitian people. It was ghoulish work, yet the U.S. awarded the marine presenting him with the Medal of Honor for the deed. This marine was born during a Saturn Return for Haiti, pushing the Haitian leadership button. Astrologically Hanneken’s person was the antidote for Charlemagne; with his Saturn around 6˚ Libra 13’ and his Sun between 1˚ and 2˚ Cancer 56’ in square to it; simply a man born at odds with Haiti’s leadership. All actors – the martyr, the marine and nations – were astrologically tied to the workings of a pattern writ in the sky. In 1994, when President Aristide returned to Haiti, the image of the long dead martyr, Charlemagne Peralte, was minted on Haitian coins.

A glimpse at Charlemagne’s birthday (October 10, 1885, Hinche, Haiti) shows his linkage to the Haiti’s ‘Significant Moment’ in 1804. Working from a midnight chart we see his Uranus at 4˚ Libra + and his Saturn at 8˚ Cancer + in a tight T-square aspect with Haiti’s Mars/Saturn; not an insignificant connection to the Haitian chart.

This is how it works, one nation’s citizen soldier, deployed against another nation’s freedom fighter; each born to serve their respective cause. At times, the right ‘place’, ‘time’ and ‘issues’ and a perfect astrological match forms. Suitability is found out in other ways, less compelling than astrology. It is just remarkable how much meaning, while not actionable, can yet change an equation; much like metal deflects the compass point altering the steering. I hope that more responsible leaders amongst the worlds 194 nations develop a taste for applying this kind of information in their relations with other countries, making the stars more consciously ‘actionable’ in human hands. There will be abuses; there always have been. Wilson in Haiti is proof of that.

With Charlemagne’s Uranus (corresponding to upheaval, breakdowns, and breakthroughs – revolution) on the Haitian Saturn 3˚ Libra 27’, we see a strong signature for his role as a guerrilla leader in opposition (the Nationalist “Cacos” movement) to the American ‘puppet’ government control. At the time of Charlemagne’s assassination (October 31, 1920) the island was under U.S. military control and remained occupied by the marines from 1915 until 1934. The Moon was in Capricorn, in Haiti’s 10th House of leadership. The puppet in place when he died was Sudre Dartiguevave, ruling from 1915 until 1922; one of the few of Haiti’s 50-some leaders to serve his full term.

©2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

Editor’s Note: Part II is continued in the next Wayne Moody story in this section.

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