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News > Top Stories Archives  > Still Unsafe at Any Speed: The Rise and Fall of Toyota

Still Unsafe at Any Speed: The Rise and Fall of Toyota

Still Unsafe at Any Speed: The Rise and Fall of Toyota | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Updated March 9, 2010: This comes from the "You've Got to be Kidding!" department of Toyota marketing strategy.

You will see from my original story (first written on Feb. 9, 2010) that I believe there will be many more setbacks for Toyota later on in 2010 due to transiting Saturn and Pluto re-triggering the Toyota birthchart from August 1937.

However, I just have to add my 2-cents following my seeing new TV ads by Toyota telling new potential buyers that they "don't have to pay interest for the next 60 months"!

Can you believe this gimmick? What if you had bought a Toyota last week, a month ago, several months ago or even a couple of years ago -- with NO delaying of interest on your behalf. Will Toyota let you come back in, with your reams of paperwork, and get your interest deferred for a 5-year or 60-month time-period? I rather doubt it.

So now that Toyota is on the ropes -- and getting more and more desperate that the public, the U.S. Congress, and other watchdog agencies will catch them in their net of lies -- they have the prideful Leonine audacity to offer "new buyers" a 60-month, interest reprieve.

Wow! They are SO generous! Meanwhile, each day and week, there are new discoveries and investigations seriously pointing to electronic/software problems that Toyota continues to deny exist. Is Toyota accurate or are they stonewalling? It feels to me that it is the latter. And if they are stonewalling, then more people may wind up in accidents, maiming themselves or others for life, and killing folks, too.

This 60-month interest delay for new buyers of flawed vehicles reminds me of how the U.S. Congress decided (without a lot of in-depth analysis) to give the families of heroic policemen and firemen -- who died in the September 11, 2001 disaster -- a $1 million bonus, because these courageous individuals perished in a national catastrophe.

Well, it sounds right and noble at first glance -- until you start thinking about any policemen or firemen who died on September 10, 2001 or September 12, 2001 or a few days before or a few days after, or 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after, or 2 months before or 2 months after, etc.

Were these policemen or firemen any less courageous when they lost their lives? Well, their families don't get the extra $1 million bonus that the families of deceased policemen and firemen get who died right on September 11, 2001. And why only the families of policemen and firemen? How about the families of every person on the three doomed flights? How about the families of everyone who died on that tragic day?

There are a lot of outrageous things going on relative to Toyota and how the people in top positions within this corporation are behaving these days. Please read the full story of what I wrote a month ago. It begins immediately below.

Dateline: Tuesday Feb. 9, 2010 Here’s a story I never anticipated writing.

The largest automobile company in sales – Toyota – is now scrambling in a kind of corporate nightmare as various models of their once prized vehicles are being recalled for design flaws.

Rather than go into the history of the recalls, the particular problems (like the gas pedals sticking, the floor mats, the braking systems, and software glitches) and the specific models – which most of you are probably painfully aware of by now– I want to point out the astounding astrology-in-action celestial events, cycles and alignments that make this feature important for you to read.

Last week – during the early hours of Thursday Feb. 4, 2010 – I couldn’t sleep very well and finally decided to start an investigation concerning when Toyota came into the world as a business entity.

This is not the same kind of research that must be done when attempting to find the month-day-year of birth of a person. In other words, there is no one source to go to that immediately tells you “Here is the official and correct birth of such-and-such a corporation…”

You have to review any astrology books you have related to business organizations, go online, and especially utilize Google as a vast library-like resource of websites that may provide you with an answer.

Suffice it to say that various websites and newspaper articles from the past started coughing up pieces to this puzzle. First, I was able to know that the year that the Toyota Motor Company came into existence was 1937. Then, from another website, the month came into the picture – August. Then another online website suggested that it was during the week of August. 16.

However, I really wanted the exact date in order to create – at the very least – a workable, Noon Time chart (with the Sun overhead) and the rest of the celestial bodies scattered around that type of chart.

Finally, I found what I was looking for – at a website that made total sense: The History Channel. There was the holy grail of information (about an hour or so after I started looking): August 18, 1937 in Koromo, Japan.

Clarification: Apparently, Toyota was also re-incorporated as a much vaster business on July 1, 1982 in the morning and a chart for this event is interesting, but only as it dovetails and connects with the main, originating chart from August 18, 1937 that I am presenting with this article.

Once I saw the August 18, 1937 chart for the Toyota Motor Company, everything fell into place – showing you don’t always need to have the precise birth time for some thing or some one in order to tell a huge story.

Now for the stunning observations…And please buckle your seatbelts (if they are working correctly).

Even though I am writing this article on the same day that Toyota in Japan announced the recall of some 437,000 Prius models from 2010 world-wide – adding another nearly ½ million vehicles for recall to the previous 8 to 10 million various Toyota models recalled in the last couple of weeks, months and years – it was really last week during my initial research that the multi-media became greatly alarmed about the current Toyota crisis.

And it was last week that our Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood (look at that last name!) – a Republican within the Obama cabinet – while testifying at a Congressional committee actually stated that Toyota owners – whose cars were being recalled – should “stop driving them.” Merely an hour or two later – after some reporters appeared shocked by his comments – he retracted his definitive statement – altering it somewhat in tone, suggesting that people bring in those vehicles for the maintenance checks required, etc.

But Ray LaHood’s sense of alarm was important and – to my way of thinking – crucial and sensible since it is quite dangerous (to everyone driving on our roads regardless of vehicle type) for these poorly-designed Toyotas to remain “drive-able.”

After all, do you want to be driving your Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Pontiac, Subaru or Honda, be on a narrow country, two-lane road, during a vicious rain storm, with the ground slick, soaked with water and oil, and have someone approaching you, at night, from the other direction, who is driving, say, a Corolla or Camry, who has pressed down on the accelerator pedal, which becomes stuck under a floor mat, and then loses control of their car, with that death-device then aiming straight for you, but you cannot get out of the way, if, say, a guard rail is on your right side of the road? [By the way, that type of road is how I commute often from where I live now to Eugene.]

So, take it from me, and I don’t drive a Toyota, this current problem, where millions of Toyotas from different years and makes are being recalled for very real problems, is not just alarming to our Secretary of Transportation, to the leaders at Toyota in Japan, and to all the Toyota owners affected by the recalls. This current problem is a potential nightmare for every driver.

And please remember: You now have to be concerned not only about someone’s gas pedal getting stuck, where their car could ram into you from the front, but if the braking system in various Toyotas is malfunctioning, then what about those Toyotas just behind you, in which the drivers slam on their brakes a little too late, during inclement weather, and thereby hit you from behind?

Back to last week when Ray LaHood made his alarming statement. It happened when transiting Saturn reached 4 degrees and 18 minutes of Libra, and continuing its retrograde movement that began on January 13, 2010 when this great, ringed planet made a station in the heavens at 4 degrees and 40 minutes of Libra.

What does Saturn in the sky at 4 degrees and 18 minutes of Libra have to do with this Toyota Motor Company crisis? This zodiacal placement is precisely – no orb, not even 1 minute of arc (which is 1/60th of a degree) – opposite from the natal Saturn placement (4 degrees and 18 minutes of Aries) in the August 18, 1937 birthchart for the Toyota Motor Company.

Saturn – when shadowy and functioning negatively in our lives – represents fear, chronic problems, restrictions, frustrations, slowdowns, stoppages, pessimism, loss, depression and even death (especially when connected to Mars or Pluto).

Therefore, last week – when our Secretary of Transportation blurted out that Toyota owners of recalled vehicles should stop driving their cars – he was uttering those words more as an emissary of the Grand Triangle in earth signs in the Toyota chart from August 18, 1937, wherein giant Jupiter is located in Capricorn, inventive Uranus is in Taurus, and quick-thinking Mercury is in Virgo. In addition, Venus in Cancer – opposite the Toyota Jupiter in Capricorn – makes that Grand Triangle into a larger celestial pattern of reliability, a celestial energy-pattern that normally rules over this usually great automobile company that has now had its illustrious reputation for high quality severely tarnished in recent months and years.

From the above and my research, the number one present problem facing Toyota is that transiting Saturn is now in opposition to the natal Saturn from August 18, 1937. Furthermore, when the Toyota Motor Company was established on that day, the undiscovered, far-out planet Eris – just recently sighted in the last couple of years and symbolizing great panic, disturbance and warfare within the human and cosmic realms – was exactly with Saturn at 4+ Aries! Therefore, this makes the current crisis for Toyota even more potentially disastrous than anyone could have imagined – unless they had the foresight to have been studying this August 18, 1937 birthchart in advance.

Another reason why the Toyota explosion of bad news has become a Top Story worldwide is (a) transiting Saturn stopped in January 2010 close to the exact opposition to its natal Saturn, and (b) using midpoint analysis (where you calculate the middle points in the zodiac between any pair of celestial bodies), here are the following midpoints that have been activated recently in the Toyota Motor Company, August. 18, 1937 birthchart: Sun/Uranus at 4+ Cancer, Mars/Uranus at 24+ Aquarius, Pallas/Saturn at 24+ Aquarius, Jupiter/Saturn at 26+ Aquarius, Neptune/Pluto at 23+ Leo, and Mercury/Pluto at 25+ Leo.

To translate from the end of that last sentence: It turns out that there is the following midpoint structure for the Toyota Motor Company: Saturn = Sun/Uranus via 90-degrees. This is very close to precise. It means (for the most part) that the structure (Saturn) of Toyota vehicles is fundamentally strong (Sun), but also prone to sudden/surprising/shocking (Uranus) actions. Now add on transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto (reaching 4 degrees and 18 minutes of Capricorn at the end of January), and you have the extreme (Pluto) fears (Saturn) that are afflicting the company, the owners of the vehicles, the Secretary of Transportation, and everyone who drives a car.

Regarding the other midpoints mentioned from August 18, 1937 – Mars/Uranus, Pallas/Saturn, Jupiter/Saturn, Neptune/Pluto and Mercury/Pluto – these 5 highlighted, powerful and significant midpoints are all associated with the Toyota Sun placement at 25 degrees of Leo. That is rather an extraordinary array of midpoints of celestial bodies to align with the Sun in a birthchart.

The Sun and various midpoints so close together speak of and symbolize the former greatness of this automobile company and yet – sadly – the possibility that Toyota, which had just recently replaced General Motors as the largest car company in sales globally, may be on its way out, particularly in terms of quality and reliability. And this entire 25 degrees of Leo and 25 degrees of Aquarius solar and midpoint area for Toyota has just been triggered via the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in the sky in Aquarius in 2009, and now continuing with Chiron and Neptune in 2010.

It is especially transiting Chiron (wounds and pains) and Neptune (confusion, chaos, nebulosity and disillusionment) in Aquarius – when malfunctioning – that have demolished the Toyota reputation (Sun at 25 Leo) by opposing the Toyota solar life-force, core power and heart-centered energy.

Ironically, just as Sun in Leo individuals are often regal in their attitudes, often seeing themselves above others and reluctant to admit their flaws and weaknesses, this corporate giant with Sun in Leo was slow to respond to all the complaints and grievances that had been pouring in for months and years about the floor mats, gas pedals, and braking problems.

And the Toyota crisis is not nearly at an end. Transiting Saturn in Libra returns to oppose the natal Toyota Saturn-Eris conjunction in Aries at the very end of August and early September 2010 while transiting Pluto in Capricorn re-triggers its square to the Toyota Saturn-Eris union this May-June and then November-December 2010 as well.

I could go on and on with my research, even concerning the irony that Steve Wozniak – the former co-founder of Apple with Steven Jobs – was a major catalyst last week for the now-occurring Prius 2010 global recall because he reported that his own Prius 2010 model was having a severe braking problem. And it was only during the previous week that his ex-colleague Steven Jobs (suffering from Pancreatic cancer) stunned the software/computer world by coming out with his new design for a Tablet – something that could turn into the next must-have device of the electronic mega-universe.

Thus, a big part of the Toyota car crisis is not just with poor design of mechanical features, but software errors that need correction because cars like the Prius are hybrids that combine electrical and gas-engine components, in complex formations, and when chronic difficulties arise, they may really become a hassle to fix all-around.

Here is one more gigantic synchronicity to ponder on concerning this downfall of a major automobile colossus: It was in late 1965 – 44+ years ago – that consumer advocate Ralph Nader came out with his blockbuster expose of deliberate-design problems built into American-made cars. He entitled his book Unsafe at Any Speed, and it became a cult-like classic, eventually leading to our creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and making Ralph Nader a household name for anyone who was alive in our country in the late-1960s, 1970s, and all the way until recent years when he ran as a third-party candidate for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008.

It was during 1965 – as his book came out – that Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo (along with Pluto also in Virgo) opposed each other several times. Thus, Nader’s consumer advocacy – which began with investigating the Chevrolet Corvair for design flaws in particular – happened during the last Saturn-Uranus set of oppositions. However, now that it is 44 years later, we are once again experiencing Saturn-Uranus oppositions (five of each in total, beginning on Nov. 4, 2008, the day of the presidential election that brought Barack Obama into our highest office, and continuing until July 26, 2010).

Now the zodiacal placements of Saturn and Uranus are reversed from their mid-1960s positions. Uranus is in Pisces and Saturn is in early Libra/late Virgo. The nature of Saturn opposite Uranus is to put the past and future, logic and intuition, steady work and sudden shock, rules and revolution, structure-form and radical change on a collision course – especially when this Saturn-Uranus polarity is either malfunctioning or too difficult to handle.

The bottom line is that the same celestial signature that helped to create the Nader investigation into design flaws in American cars in the 1960s is back again in 2009-2010 with the Toyota tragedy (and upcoming inquiries), and this celestial signature is primarily the Saturn-Uranus polarities that only happen approximately every 44 years.

Although there is much more to the entire Toyota Motor Company birthchart analysis, as well as its various Progressed charts and cycles, you should take note of this final irony: The Toyota Motor Company came into being within 24 hours of the innovative, inventive and ingenious planet Uranus making a potent station at 14 degrees of Taurus. Thus, Toyota – founded on August 18, 1937 – resonates very strongly to the futuristic, intuitive and highly-intelligent vibrations of Uranus. But what is causing the current downfall is the great opposing principle to Uranus – Saturn, planet of focus, common sense, structure, form, quality of workmanship, and steady reliability.

If you ever needed a clear case of astrology-in-action – regarding a corporate/business organization – here is your textbook example with the toppling of Toyota, unfolding before your eyes in the early months of 2010.

P.S.This has been written during the monthly Lunar Return in Capricorn for the Toyota Motor Company. The last name of the founder of this car company is actually Toyoda. When coming up with the right sound and Japanese spelling of “Toyota,” they aligned themselves with the number 8 (Toyota) rather than number 10 (Toyoda). The Japanese revere 8 (for various reasons) and the key is that it takes 8 brush strokes to sound out “Toyota” instead of the 10 it takes to sound out “Toyoda” (in the Japanese dialect used in Koromo, Japan). Thus, this company – which actually began on a numerical 10 or 1 day vibration – made its name correlate to the 8-vibration via brush strokes since the number 8 is auspicious in Japan. By the way, in the English Alphabet, “Toyota” with 6 letters is also a “6” via numerology as we look at the letter-numbers of a name here in America.

©2010 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[To reach Mark Lerner – publisher of Earth Aquarius News and professional astrologer – see the Contact Information at the bottom of our Front Page of the website.]

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