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News > Mundane Astrology  > Battleship Missouri: Tokyo Bay to Persian Gulf

Battleship Missouri: Tokyo Bay to Persian Gulf

Battleship Missouri: Tokyo Bay to Persian Gulf | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody

Edited and Images by Achaessa James

Publisher's Note: Wayne's first draft of this article took place on January 10, 2010, with a first edit the following day. This completed feature was submitted to me on January 24 and it is now yours to read and study on Saturday morning January 30, 2010 -- just hours following a potent Full Moon that activates 10+ degrees of Aquarius and Leo, degrees of the zodiac that connect in a major way to the talismanic destiny of the USS Missouri. Wayne's special article begins directly below. Enjoy! Sincerely, Mark Lerner

My long career in astrology is built upon seminal realizations, I’ll call them “dots,” that I was able to follow, connecting them together in moments of “There It Is!” These moments have tied to my birth moment, as well as to the ‘Significant Moments’ of the U.S., her institutions and leaders. My role has been ‘subsumed’ within these other entities, but at times, my numbers have been dialed up, signaling my moment upon the stage of history as a bit-player, a citizen.

I’ve waited a long time to tell my stories. Twenty-three years ago, in mid August 1987, I wrote and published an article entitled “The Great Satan” that, looking back can be seen as inspired language at the time. I made a specific astrological forecast about events; specifically naming an American naval vessel, the USS Missouri (Mighty Mo) – BB-63, and placed it on the Persian Gulf stage with a particular purpose. I gave my conditions for timing that vessel’s appearance on stage; that events in the sky would activate the U.S. Pluto (Yod) Midheaven position at 27˚ Capricorn 34’, and then I waited and monitored the sky.

That placement of the USS Missouri was erroneous in 1987, but three short years later Saddam Hussein invaded and occupied Kuwait. As the United States began the defensive military build up now known as Desert Shield, the sky showed Saturn and the North Node waxing towards the U.S. Pluto. With her Pluto Yod activated America responded, amassing one-half million soldiers on or near Saudi Arabian soil in preparation for invasion. That invasion finally came two days after an Annular Eclipse to 25˚ Capricorn. On January 17, 1991, Mighty Mo launched Tomahawk missiles at Republican Guard positions. Operation Desert Storm had begun.(1)

During December 2009 while talking with Mark Lerner, who published the original forecast as “The Great Satan” in the Virgo 1987, “Welcome To Planet Earth Journal,” I realized that few people understand my perspective – few would be able to “connect the dots” of my work, as it were. Of course Mark wasn’t one of those sorts, he had published my words for decades and was himself immersed in an ocean of information, and he could readily see the dots as they connected. It seems appropriate to connect these dots for the reader again after nearly twenty continuous years of American warfare in the Persian Gulf.


Back in the summer of 1987, while traveling the U.S. ‘Heartland’, I wrote that “The USS Missouri is the embodiment of the Great Satan in the Gulf for Iran. It would be a death Talisman coming to touch them.”(2) Less than four years later the Missouri was in the Persian Gulf off Kuwait sending car-sized projectiles into the bunkers of the Iraqi Republican Guard, with the whole world watching in awe on television.

The Missouri was, up to that moment, the most celebrated vessel in the U.S. navy. She was the most potent talisman of power symbolizing America’s WWII victory over Japan. In the USS Missouri’s Captain’s quarters was another precious talisman, the flag flown by Commander Perry on July 14, 1853, when he opened Japan to the U.S. The charge that this talismanic flag carries is potent for American interests. On that 1853 date, with the Sun between 21˚ to 22˚ Cancer, the North Node at 19˚ Gemini, and also semisextile from the other side - Mercury at 16˚ to 18˚ Leo; the American Pluto/Moon Yod patterns were active. It was on Mighty Mo’s deck that the final Japanese surrender papers were signed in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945, at 9:04 a.m. – with these same points activated again. From the U.S. perspective the USS Missouri was a righteous sword used to defeat evil (yes “evil”) enemies. A devil to the Japanese, the ship was destined to be “The Great Satan” to enemies in the Persian Gulf under the Pluto Midheaven zone and on America’s 28˚ North Paran running near Kuwait City (29˚ N plus). American soldiers and sailors saw Mighty Mo as an American Talisman for good.


Let’s take a moment to talk about what a talisman is. As an Astro*Carto*Graphy practitioner, I have great interest in the concept of talisman. In the Oxford Dictionary the word talisman is linked to muezzins who climb the minaret towers in every Islamic city; who climb the Mosque minarets and call upon the faithful to align to Mecca for prayer. To my eyes this physical aligning is the key to any application of the word talisman. People wear talismans (crosses, medallions, stars-of-David, and the like) that are at once real values and symbols aligning them to their path through life.

As an A*C*G practitioner I have to consider whether there is any strict proximity rule (a certain minimum or maximum distance), or whether placement alone (a pattern) is itself relevant enough to link one to the physical qualities (benefits or dangers) of remote places. After all, to some degree we are all connected to every other expression on Earth.

Vicarious is the word used to denote indirect experience – not first-hand experience. It’s most common application implies that if you receive something originating from a particular place, but have not actually visited there yourself, then the value is somehow diluted. But the dictionary definition does not express that negative connotation. Indeed, as applied to physiology, vicarious means “noting or pertaining to a situation in which one organ performs part of the functions normally performed by another.” Like this definition, the A*C*G perspective argues that receiving an object, contact by phone, or merely receiving information of a distant place plays powerfully on the recipient – as if the place had come to you through this talisman – as if the talisman were the dots connecting you to the originating places. You can carry the essence of a place in your belongings - clothing, footwear, machines, tools, adornments. A computer from your Uranus line can greatly empower you. You can find your own Krupp Diamond signature to empowerment.(3)

I took this detour, exploring these ideas about talisman, to explain my naming the USS Missouri a “death Talisman” in August 1987, but what is the A*C*G relationship of America, who subsumes the USS Missouri to her service, to Iran? If the USS Missouri is a talisman, a connecting dot between the U.S. and Iran, what symbolism does this talisman invoke and enliven in its “recipient”? This was the speculation in 1987. What will happen in the future during transit and progressed events to the U.S. Pluto position, to 27˚ Capricorn 34’?


According to author C.E.O. Carter, ancient cultures, now considered developing nations, would arguably be subsumed by the reality of America’s Superpower status. Western Iran is ‘ground zero’ of America’s Pluto Midheaven line along 50˚E; the line running 83 miles to the west of Teheran. This line, invisible to all but astrologically informed A*C*G eyes, is the heartland of the current conflict over Iranian nuclear development. The cities of Qom and Natanz are both within one hundred miles of the Pluto Midheaven line and are alleged to be honey-combed by secret research tunnels. Underground secrets are key Pluto symbols.

We are engaged in connecting dots here and these dots are not based upon the first-hand knowledge of the physical senses, but rather upon signature patterns based in a “Significant Moment” for the U.S. – July 4, 4:47 p.m., 1776. Like any carefully considered discipline, there is reasoning and logic to follow. The realities of the U.S A*C*G lines are no exception. For almost seven years now, the U.S. has deployed her military might all throughout the lands marked by the Pluto Midheaven zone. This zone‘s width – either side of the line – stretches over lands all the way to the Sudan to the west and Pakistan on its eastern limits. The line runs from pole to pole sweeping lands around the Caspian Sea, through Russia (Dagestan) and south of the Persian Gulf through the waters of the Indian Ocean off East Africa. I have monitored this zone for 23 years now, a tenth of America ’s existence, and born witness to events that synchronize the ‘where’ ‘when’ and ‘what’ of American actions throughout the zone.


Returning to our discussion of the USS Missouri, what astrological insights can we gleam that conventional methods would miss entirely? From Babylonian times shipbuilders have observed ritual during the building of boats. In modern times these rituals take form as; the laying of the ‘Keel’, the ‘Christening’, and the ‘Commissioning’. We see U.S. compatible signatures in the “Significant Moments” when the Missouri’s keel was laid and her later first commissioning.(4)(5) The keel of the USS Missouri was laid on January 6, 1941 at the Brooklyn (NY) Naval Yard. The completed battleship was christened by Mary Truman, daughter of President Harry Truman, on Saturday, January 29, 1944 at 1:10 p.m., in the New York Naval Yard.(6) A look at the charts behind ship and person reveal many dots that connect.

The first rivet in the Missouri keel was laid January 6, 1941,with the Sun at 15˚ to 16˚ Capricorn. By the time of the Japanese surrender, that Sun would Progress to 20˚ to 21˚ Capricorn – waxing towards the U.S. Pluto/Mercury opposition. The Progressed Moon on September 2, 1945 had moved in a range between 18˚ and 30˚ Gemini across the U.S. Mars.(7)


The Christening of the USS Missouri came in the immediate wake of the D-Day, Normandy Invasion (Operation Overlord & Operation Neptune). It was a test of strength between the U.S., her Allies, and Germany. In today’s world (at least in my life), young men testing their strength refer to their arm strength as guns. Mighty Mo’s 16’ cannons would be referred to as her ‘guns’. The ship’s cannon were famous for their overt destructive potential. Astrologically the sign Gemini is given correspondence over the body’s arms. When you use the ‘zodiacal address method’ (counting through the zodiac using 360 degrees) we find that Mighty Mo’s Naval designation, a.k.a. BB-63, reduces to 3˚ Gemini. The timed christening chart, January 29, 1944 at 1:10 p.m., features 2˚ Gemini 19’ on the Ascendant – the paramount position in any chart. No kidding! This reads as follows: the USS Missouri’s most visible and impressive feature were/are her cannons – her guns, her “arms.” Reinforcing all this is the ship’s Mars placement close to the Ascendant at 7˚ Gemini 05’, harmonious to the chart’s Sun 8˚ Aquarius 41’ conjunct the chart’s Midheaven at 8˚ Aquarius 54’.


On the day of the commissioning, June 11, 1944, the transiting Sun (and Part of Fortune) was between 20˚ to 21˚ Gemini – crossing the U.S. Mars (War) position at 21˚ Gemini 22’; a great signature (and a validation of the moment’s importance) for an American battleship. The Part of Fortune is significant here – one of the “Arabic Parts,” and often considered a karmic element, the Part of Fortune is a calculated point in the horoscope where the influences of the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant can harmonize in the most fulfilling way. Additionally, the commissioning chart Jupiter was at 21˚ Leo 53’ in opposition to the transiting Moon that day anywhere from 17˚ to 30˚ Aquarius crossing the U.S. Moon at 26˚ Aquarius 56’. These Signatures of time (the ‘when’), agreed with the nation’s peoples’ military purpose (the ‘what’).(7)

In this timed chart of the christening of the USS Missouri (7) you can easily see significant signature patterns:
• The ‘perfect’ Air grand Trine to the Ascendant (Ascendant conjunct Uranus and Mars in early Gemini, to Sun conjunct Midheaven in early Aquarius, to Neptune in early Libra.
• Pluto conjunct the North Node and Nadir in early Leo, all sextile the Ascendant
• The Ascendant ruler is Mercury opposite the U.S. Sun from 13˚ Capricorn 43’.
• Finally, the Sun ruler is conjunct the Ascendant


And what of the human factors, like the christening agent Mary Truman? Her February 17, 1927 (see chart below) natal Sun placement fell between 27˚ and 28˚ Aquarius, making her perfectly (astrologically) attired for the event, with her Sun connecting to the U.S. Moon at 26˚ Aquarius 56’. The American public related to Missouri-born, Margaret Truman, who launched the ship with these words: “I christen thee Missouri. May God guard the Missouri and all who sail in her.”


Some signatures are breath-taking. Consider that the U.S. relocated to Tokyo Bay has 10˚ Leo plus ascending. At the moment that Japan, a nation subjected to the first Atomic weapons, surrendered on September 2, 1945, the planet Pluto (signature to that atomic power) was at 10˚ Leo 44’. Look at an additional level of astrological perspective - using declinations - and another reality is revealed. During the surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri, transiting Pluto (power), Moon (needs of nation’s people), Mars (military might), and the North Node (Destiny) were all between +23˚ 14’ and +23˚ 19’ declination. In the U.S. “Significant Moment” from July 4, 1776, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are all at +23˚ in contraparallel to Pluto at -23˚.

Finally, back to my 1987 forecast about the USS Missouri. I said at this stories’ beginning that the naming was erroneous. I named the Missouri as that U.S. battleship that had bombed Beirut, Lebanon in modern memory. It was the USS New Jersey. Mistake or not, my mind was on the USS Missouri. On a personal note, my birth Sun position at 3˚ Gemini 48’ connects me to Mighty Mo and my Moon at 7˚ Aquarius 59’ is exactly aligned to the ship’s Christening moment Sun/Midheaven. (And, yes, if it must be told, I once had pride in my “guns” as an Olympic caliber shot-putter.) From the A*C*G perspective, my own Moon line rises in a sweeping arch through the Persian Gulf. My interest in the Persian Gulf is tied to this A*C*G connection. When the First U.S./Iraq War began I was in phone contact with a naval ensign at his duty station in Fleet Headquarters in Bahrain. The Missouri was indeed sent to the Persian Gulf in 1987 as part of the American Fleet but did not demonstrate her power. Almost three and one-half years later she was back again to fire her big guns for what turned out to be the last time. The Missouri fired some of the opening salvos of the first U.S./Iraq War, launching her Cruise Missiles on January 17, 1:40 a.m., 1991. Later on February 3, 1991, she fired 113 massive rounds from her big guns at Republican Guard shore positions in Kuwait. On the January 17th date her progressed ‘keel’ chart showed a possible Progressed Moon as early as 26˚ Aquarius. There she was, ‘ Mighty Mo ’ back in action, not the ‘Great Satan’, but the American people’s champion getting in the first licks. Progress Mighty Mo’s Commission date and you get the Progressed North Node at 27˚ Cancer 36’ retrograde – exactly opposite the U.S. Pluto, on the Activation Point. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to claim that the battleship was destined to fire the first rounds in the Persian Gulf under the American Pluto Midheaven signature.

On January 3, 2010, almost 66 years after her christening on January 29, 1944, the mighty and revered USS Missouri, newly refitted, returns from dry dock to take her place on Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.(8)


(1) Gulf War on Wikipedia,

(2) From the days of the Islamic Revolution & American Hostage Crisis, Iranians have referred to the U.S. as the “Great Satan”.

(3) Elizabeth Taylor owns a diamond called the Krupp. Originally part of the of the estate of Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach of the Krupp family of German industrialists, it likely came from the Krupp Holdings in modern day Namibia in the diamond rich coastline of south western Africa. If that location is correct, the diamond originated under Ms. Taylor’s Pluto Midheaven line and thus serves her as a Pluto talisman. She received the diamond from her then-husband Richard Burton on May 16th, 1968. She has publicly stated that it is her favorite piece and is rumored to have worn it nearly every day and in every film since acquiring it. The diamond is such a part of her persona that it was even animated into her guest appearance on The Simpsons.

(4) Appeasing Neptune: The Function of Nautical Tradition by Louisa W. Pittman, Chrestomathy: Annual Review of Undergraduate Research, School of Humanaties and Social Sciences, School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs, College of Charleston, Volume 5, 2006: pp. 198-226,

(5) See, also,

(6) Today Is the Day She Leaves Ways!, The New York Navy Yard Shipworker, Vol. III, No. 10, January 29, 1944,

(7) These positions are given in ranges because precise birth times are not available. Charts are set for midnight starting the day.

(8) The Missouri was launched on Jan. 29, 1944, and commissioned on June 11, 1944. She was assigned to the Pacific Third Fleet and arrived in Pearl Harbor on December 24, 1944.. On June 22, 1998, the USS Missouri was opened as a memorial museum on Battleship Row.

© 2010 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, contact him at the following email address: ]

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