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News > Mundane Astrology  > Presidential Connections

Presidential Connections

Presidential Connections | Mundane Astrology
by Wayne Moody

Dateline: December 4, 2009, 4:30pm

Publisher's Introductory Note: Four footnotes appear at the end of this special feature. Within the text, a footnote will appear with a number enclosed in parenthesis, i.e. (1). Wayne had wanted us to post this unique article in synchronicity with the wind-up of the Climate Change Conference happening in Copenhagen. We were able to publish this on December 22; thus, a few days after the U.N. sponsored conference ended. However, the importance of what Wayne is sharing goes far beyond the drama that just took place in Northern Europe. Please also make note of information about Wayne and his background in the brief section that precedes this story. Sincerely, Mark Lerner -- Publisher Earth Aquarius News

The Forty-four men elected to the Presidency of the United States were expected to be brave and wise advocates, serving the rest of the nation. They were elected to serve a higher calling and in the 21st-Century, when these public servants traveled the world and made connections on behalf of the U.S. - receiving Heads of State or connecting with them via modern telecommunications - they were often in tune with the value signatures and demands laid down in the U.S. birth moment (horoscope). The horoscope used in this discussion fixes numbers onto the sky of 4:47 p.m., on July 4, 1776, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. These horoscope metrics can be converted into maps whose legends trace sensitive zones, reflective of emphasis spread across the Earth’s surface during the U.S. birth moment,. In 1977 a valuable development of these maps came into use. In that year, an ancient wisdom of relocation astrology was innovated into a new structure/tool called Astro*Carto*Graphy® Maps A*C*G by astrological sojourner Jim Lewis. The many lines on the following map reflect astrology’s “So Below” stamped terrestrially on Earth’s terrain mirroring the “As Above” face of the planets; all directed by the metrics in the American horoscope.


Whenever the first forty-three presidents navigated the nation’s A*C*G world reality, their movements were regarded as big deals. A reasonable assessment, given these men were the focus of the nation’s most serious geopolitical business. When traveling on the nation’s business, presidents were carefully scheduled and protected. Secret Service personnel work with great dedication and skill to protect the president from unwanted public contact. Their ability to communicate, protect, and transport him has been greatly enhanced by 2009 technologies. Because of this, today’s President, Barack Obama, has unprecedented access to the Earth’s myriad and remote places, easily reaching out to touch those places both virtually and physically. Because of the rapid changes in modern technology and President Obama’s groundbreaking use of social networking, it can be argued that President Obama’s power to connect is magnitudes greater than that of any of his predecessors. Recall his innovative use of the internet, raising massive campaign funds, in route to getting elected President. Now he is here, serving as that president, operating within the frame of the nation’s A*C*G inheritance. It is this writer’s hope that President Obama will learn to direct and navigate A*C*G comprehensible lines, which are reflective of vital numbers and use that consciousness in his role as the nation’s “Decider”.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein

In his An Introduction to Political Astrology, 1951, Charles E.O. Carter (1) wrote about seeing the world anew and the role of political or mundane astrology maps (horoscopes and their derivatives):

“it should take precedence over all other branches of our science, especially during the present epoch, when the life of the individual counts for so very little in comparison with that of the community, to which it is increasingly subordinated and by which it is ever more coloured.”

He also supported a rule of “Doctrine of Subsumption”, which holds that:

“Horoscopes fall into a hierarchical order, each with less field as one descends, but yet itself being the dominant horoscope of others yet lower down the scale”.

In the world of nations, the U.S. has reigned as a ‘Superpower’ throughout the 20th Century. Within this world community America stands at the top of the hierarchical order. Within America, hierarchy is established by her Declaration of Independence and her institutions following from the Constitution. Within the reality of the constitution, the Chief Executive (the President) shares power with the Judiciary and Legislative leaders (the Chief Justice and Speakers of the House and Senate). All these important institutions and people, have horoscopes, which can be consulted. As the newest Salvador Mundi of the nation, President Obama is considered pilot of the national destiny as revealed by the signatures of the U.S. birth and terrestrial maps. His individual identity is subordinate to national interests

One major astrologer of the 20th Century, Doris Chase Doane, wrote in her book, Horoscopes of the U.S. Presidents (1952) the following observation:

“National events are not only seen in the United States Chart, but they are reflected in the President’s horoscope. In other words, the fortune of a nation usually coincides with the progressed aspects of its president. Therefore, in order for a man to win an election to the Presidency, his own chart and progressed aspects must approximate those of the national trends.”

We live in “thick” times when events ensue that result in fundamental changes to the realities. Mundane astrology allows one to put quantitative numbers upon emerging qualities during this thick time. Time-wise, as President Obama was being elected, during a historic election, on November 6, 2008, certain dramatic metrics were gathering in the heavens relevant to the U.S. chart. At birth, Obama’s North Node signature of destiny was at 27˚ Leo 17’ retrograde, with his Uranus close-by at 25˚ Leo 15’. He also had his Saturn signature at 25˚ Capricorn 21’ retrograde. These numbers – 25 plus through 27 plus, are the keys to the President Obama/U.S.A. relationship. All this is important and the moment dramatic because the U.S. has her Moon at 26˚ Aquarius 56’ and her Pluto position at 27˚ Capricorn 34’. This Aquarian Moon is the natural ruler of the U.S. Cancer Sun at 13˚ Cancer 18’. This rulership draws upon ancient traditions that assign each of the zodiacal signs planet rulers. Under this scheme, the Moon is given to the sign Cancer where the American Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are natally placed. These numbers, the Moon at 26 and Pluto at 27, set up the metrics that form major patterns into which Obama’s birth chart plugs. His Saturn placement, corresponding with discipline, organization, and structures are metamorphosed by contact with the U.S. Pluto placement. Simultaneously, President Obama’s North Node/Uranus activates and innovates American domestic and National Security institutions concentrated in the U.S. Moon Yod. In The Mystery of Numbers 1993, by Harvard Professor Annemarie Schimmel (2) , the number 27 “belongs to the lunar numbers, since the moon is at best visible 3x9 nights.” It bears repeating that the numbers 26 and 27 are keys to this discussion because of the patterns that gather to them, within the American chart, President Obama’s chart, and to the focus upon the U.S. Moon in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn.

Briefly, there are other connections worth mentioning between the President and the nation (Obama’s Mars at 22˚ Virgo 25’ sits on the U.S. Neptune position at 22˚ Virgo 25’, while squaring the nation’s Mars 21˚ Gemini 22’ position - always important because of Mars’ correspondence with power and war). 22˚ Virgo connects into the Moon Yod pattern, but here, short of time, we’ll deal primarily with the numbers 26 and 27, which serve as triggers to gatherings that form into unique patterns involving the Moon and Pluto.

Two pattern gatherings stand out in perpetuity in the U.S. horoscope. They are called Yods, which are Y-shaped structures formed when three to four planets organize to meet specific metrics. The previously mentioned numbers 26 and 27 are critical metrics in the Yods we are interested in. Each number forms the FOOT (bottom stem) of a Yod. The Moon is a FOOT at 26˚ Aquarius 56’ (almost 27˚) and Pluto at 27˚ Capricorn 34’ (almost 28˚) is the FOOT of our second Yod. These Yod patterns are joined in their parts, as they overlap sharing parts. As you stand with your feet together, arms (Yod HANDS) overhead in a V-shape, about 60˚ wide, you approximate a Y-shape. Your head between your outstretched arms is critically important because it is opposite your feet (the Yod FOOT) and at the exact midpoint between the two HANDS of your extended arms. This point where your head would be is know as the “Activation Point”, or “Trigger”, where the entire purpose of the pattern can be set into motion by transit, progression, or lunation. The purpose of the Head/Trigger position is to mediate between irreconcilable points, as established by the awkward 150 (inconjunct) relationships between the FOOT and the HANDS. Astrologer Robert Jansky describes the Yod pattern as one of Hope; pointing to purposeful adjustment, reorientation, and transition. The Yod is commonly referred to by astrologers as a mysterious, little known – “Finger of God”. Jansky sums it up with one word – HOPE. Below is the U.S. chart with the Moon and Pluto Yod patterns isolated out.



What, where, and when does the President need to adjust, reorient, and transition the American journey? Where does one start? Where does he need to go? Perhaps the best example of the numbers 26 and 27 at play can be seen in President Obama’s most recent contacts and travels around the Earth.


In less than a year (ten months) in office, President Obama has boarded Air Force One for Africa, Asia, Europe, Mexico, and the Near East. He has been all over the U.S. mainland, including Alaska and Hawaii (on vacation). Prior to his inaugural, he flew to South Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan. All the places he has journeyed to shine uniquely when monitored under an astrological light. That light reveals our two numbers active in the many places. Today, when President Obama arrives at international destinations, it seems as if transits in the sky are chasing him, closely timing his arrivals and movements.

Note that when transiting Neptune stationed direct to the U.S. Moon, during the first week of November 5th, at 1:30 p.m., 2009, the shootings at Fort Hood, Texas occurred near the exact heart of the U.S. Moon IC zone. The President was drawn to that place of tragedy within days. Before that, in real time DC, he was riveted to the events from the Heartland electronically. The day before that slaughter, November 4th, Neptune stationed direct at 23˚ Aquarius 42’. Jupiter, the expander, was waxing nearby from 17˚ Aquarius 57’. Before Neptune moved retrograde, on May 28th, 2009, the two had been together in the 26th˚ of Aquarius. Of Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction, Astrologer C.E.O. Carter wrote in 1952 that:

“The general value of this conjunction is inflationary, not only in an economic sense, but in the sense that hopes and fancies out soar the normal restrictions imposed by Saturnian common sense, which condition is inevitably followed by a greater or lesser degree of disillusionment. Boom is followed by slump.”

This describes the mood of the nation early in the Obama Administration. In the aftermath of the hellish end to 2008, expectations were, throughout the world, inflated by the promise of the new administration.


Shortly after attending the memorial in Fort Hood, in the active Heartland, the President returned to DC and quickly departed to Asia for 8 days. Heading the list of countries he visited was China. The U.S. Moon runs on the Nadir through Fort Hood and descends over China, but more importantly, astrology illuminates a Paran (3) (crossing signature along the 40˚ North latitude), through Beijing, where President Obama conferenced with the Chinese Paramount leader Hu Jintoa (4), who has his North Node at 26˚ Leo 49’; metric triggering America’s Moon. Transiting Mars crosses his Node June 1, 2010. Neptune stations retrograde May 31, 2010 at 28 Aquarius 42’. Beijing is located at 39˚ N 56’ latitude – in the heart of the 40˚ North Paran; which also links to Ankara, Turkey; Madrid, Spain; Washington, DC; and New York City.


After returning to the U.S., Obama hosted a State Dinner for Indian Prime Minister Singh on November 24th and then in short order Australian Prime Minister Rudd on November 30th, America’s Pluto zone sweeps eastern Australia, her Moon is on the Midheaven, over Delhi, India.


The numbers 26 and 27 were rung up by transit (Neptune station on November 4th, 2009) and it should be noted here that the Pluto zone’s stimulation was also considerable, triggered under the epic T-Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 at 29˚ Cancer 27’. While not at 27˚, the field of the T-Eclipse embraces every number close by with its intensity. America’s Pluto zones are at play for the duration of the President’s first term, lasting over 3 years due to the 6 plus minute duration of the eclipse – the longest eclipse for the next 130+/- years. Because Pluto in the sky is returning to its place in the U.S. birth moment, the Pluto zones will remain of paramount importance beyond 2020.


While the eleven month-old Obama Administration focused in the afore-mentioned active zones, other players and places from Columbia, Honduras, and Mexico in the Americas, while Iran, Dubai, and Somalia pulled at his attentions from the Pluto Midheaven center around 50˚ East. Surrogates like Secretary Clinton manned these issues. According to Subsumption, she would be most effective if she were wired with the numbers 26 and 27 to the U.S. chart and map metrics relocated to Kenya and Somalia. Secretary Clinton was born with her natal Saturn at 21 Leo 21. As of December 5, 2009, her Saturn progressed to 22˚ Leo 10’ retrograde. She now has Progressed Moon at 10˚ Cancer 27’.

In Iran, under the U.S. Pluto Yod Midheaven, hope for resolution of the Iran nuclear standoff seemed to shatter when the retiring IAEA Chief Nuclear Inspector, Mohamed elBaradei, declared Iran’s lack of progress to reach an accord. Both Iranian Nuclear facilities at Natanz and near Qom are within 100 miles of the U.S. Pluto Midheaven line. For five days in November 2009 the Iranians conducted National Defense missile exercises. The U.N Security Council, including China and Russia, condemned their intransigence. Simultaneously, the world markets were shaken by news of a possible Abu Dhabi default.


Ongoing, in the immediate future, an ominous anniversary “slouches towards Babylon.” January 15, 2010, is the day of an Annular Eclipse at 25˚ Capricorn 01’. On January 15, 1991, 20 years and a Metonic Cycle ago, the U.S Pluto Yod was triggered by an Annular Eclipse at 25˚ Capricorn 20’ and America stood poised, two days from launching her first war with Iraq. When the war began on January 17 at 2:44 a.m. the Sun was at 26˚ Capricorn 21’, conjunct Saturn at 27˚ Capricorn 33’, and the North Node at 28˚ Capricorn 04’. The physical signature of this gathering for America was upwards of 500,000 military personnel in the Persian Gulf. Soon the region was reduced to an image from hell. Today, December 2009, America faces a possible delay of Iraqi elections (set for January 15). There are hostilities between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, a financial crisis simmers in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and further south Somalia looks increasing the part of a ‘failed state’. Far to the north along 50˚ East in Russian, in early December 2009, we witness a suspicious explosion that killed over 100 people in the city of Perm 56˚ E 15’. Subsumption makes these U.S. concerns the world’s concerns.

These trends within the active Pluto Zone are not promising as the Eclipse event gathers with Venus at 27˚-28˚ Capricorn on January 17, 2010. The U.S. ascendants throughout the Persian Gulf states are in Taurus. America’s horoscope relocated to Qom and Natanz feature 15˚ Taurus Ascendants, nearby, relocated to Teheran, the ascendant is 16˚ Taurus. Relocated to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S. has 15˚ Taurus rising. Venus rules Taurus, making her role in the gathering more ominous due to the trends (Pluto now in Capricorn waxing towards its return in 2020 and the presence of the North Node now in Capricorn around 21degrees) and Mars square the positions from 15˚ Leo. The region will remain under pressure for months.


This discussion has been kept narrow, with the focus kept upon two numbers, 26 and 27, in order to illustrate the point that the U.S. President’s challenges, and their underlying meanings, can be seen more deeply though the lens of America’s A*C*G pattern around our planet. The U.S. birth chart is complex, capable of revealing an open door to insights on many issues. Besides 26 and 27, there are other numbers to consider. When they are in season with transits and progressions, other numbers open their own doors upon America’s destiny and create more options for agenda issues.

President Obama travels back to Copenhagen during December 2009, site of the Moon Ascendant Zone running through Scandinavia. He will join over 100 of the world’s leaders at the World Climate Summit. He goes charged by expanded hopes and fancies [which] out soar the normal restrictions imposed by Saturnian common sense that the Jupiter/Neptune conflict brings to the American Moon/people. The U.S. Midheaven relocated to Copenhagen is 23˚ Sagittarius 31’ and Uranus, recently direct (December 1, 2009), at 22˚ Pisces 43’ is closely square that Midheaven position. The square effect is peaked during the days of the summit. Mundanely, the relocated U.S. Midheaven is signature to her Presidential leadership abroad and to the many (100) Heads of State who will be in attendance. Natal and transiting Uranus has much to do with an intuitive sense of a season timing sudden reversals.


On December 4, 2009, the White House announced an abrupt change in President Obama’s travel plans to the summit. Instead of going early to Copenhagen, December 7, 2009, he will arrive late, but before the 18th, when final commitments are made. He will go to the region earlier, on the 10th, for the Nobel ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Oslo, Norway, like Copenhagen, Denmark, is within the orbs of the U.S. Pluto Ascendant and U.S. Moon Ascendant Zones. American relocated to Oslo has 25˚ Aquarius rising. The city is 41 miles south from the Pluto line and 141 miles north of the Moon Ascendant line. This is considered very close proximity in A*C*G methodology.

The U.S Midheaven to Oslo is 21˚ Sagittarius 50’. As with Copenhagen, the place is being squared by transiting Uranus, now at 22˚ Pisces 44’, only eight days after the planet stationed in direct motion. Consider the sky gathering on December 10, 2009, (I pen these words on December 6, 2009) over Oslo at midnight. The transiting Sun at 18˚ Sagittarius 01’ will wax to the U.S. relocated Midheaven at 21˚ Sagittarius and the Moon will ingress into Libra at 0˚ Libra 07’. In my mind’s eye I see leaders (Midheaven correspondence) gathering together from all over the world (again 120 leaders) exposing President Obama to their lands through this rare opportunity for hands-on physical contact, indeed, an opportunity for proximity (chemistry) with them. Every handshake is meaningful and physically connects the President to international issues. The rule of Subsumption will be in play, with the weak nations mixing with the powerful. I believe it was Russia’s Gorbachev who once said, upon receiving a gift, “shake the hand of the man who shook the hand of Stalin”. For President Obama, contact with Hu Jintoa, (if he attends) puts Obama/America in contact with a powerful Superpower and stimulator of the U.S. Moon Yod. Jintoa’s North Node is at 26˚ Leo 49’; minutes of an ‘exact opposition to the U.S. Moon, and within a degree of President Obama’s own North Node and Uranus positions. The President is, in fact, The Great Connector for America.

The U.S. Uranus (8˚ Gemini 55’) issues are also stimulated by Jintoa’s Saturn at 7˚ Gemini. Jintoa’s China has a land border connection with Afghanistan and Pakistan and is a major, but up to now, silent player in geopolitics of U.S. military engagement in the region. Evidence is being revealed that China and Iran have some contractual understandings to eventually exploit a pacified Taliban to ship oil through the Hindu Kush and Afghanistan‘s Vakhan Corridor.

Then there are those other numbers making up the U.S. birth chart. During any sign ingress, relative to the U.S, chart, the first (lowest degreed) planet receiving the transit dictates the first aspect. The U.S. Venus at 3˚ Cancer 05’ is the lowest number in the horoscope; thus, the Moon transit into Libra during the Conference produces a square (with American money and sense of justice at issue). Next, in increasing order, the Moon squares the U.S. Jupiter at 5˚ Cancer 56’. Joining the gathering, creating a T-square pattern to the U.S. Jupiter will be transiting Mercury from 6˚ Capricorn 48’. Shortly thereafter, the Moon sextiles the U.S. North Node at 6˚ Leo 34’, which opens the possibility for an opportunity for America with regard to the world’s destiny. This will all happen around noon Oslo time on December 10th. The next aspect is formed to the paramount Ascendant angle at 7˚ Sagittarius 31’ and at about 4 pm the Moon reaches 8˚ Libra 55’ bringing America’s Uranus energy into play. The transiting Moon crosses the U.S. Saturn 14 Libra 48’ in her 10th House of leadership late in the evening (EST) on December 11th.

This chart shows the order of aspects to the U.S. horoscope positions.

The issue of the war in Afghanistan may come up for the President during contacts with other leaders at Oslo, or later in Copenhagen as transiting Moon trines the U.S. Uranus; impelling the U.S. (through President Obama) to focus upon her A*C*G Zones at 8˚ Gemini 55’. The Progressed U.S. Sun in 5˚ Pisces 07’ is also waxing to a square with the U.S. Uranus position. It clocks in powerfully (6˚ Pisces 41’) on the July 2011 date set by the President for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. This progression looks suspiciously like a warning of how bad conditions will get for American troops in Afghanistan/Pakistan. A*C*G-wise, the U.S. has Uranus running on the Descendant 60 miles northeast of Kabul.

Indeed, all Superpower nations have their own horoscope A*C*G signatures across the Earth's surface, and these other leaders (like President Obama) also attract to places that are active for their nations and connect to issues and people marked by numbers in their personal and national horoscopes.

As an example, consider Communist China's horoscope and A*C*G Maps, set for October 1, 1949, at 12:00 noon, in Beijing, China. Relocate China to Copenhagen and you find the Midheaven Angle at 22˚ Gemini 46'. This is the opposite degree and sign from the U.S. Midheaven relocated to Copenhagen. The Chinese relocated Ascendant is 24˚ Virgo 45'. Like the U.S., the Chinese Paramount Leader, arrives in the city when the site is active by transit by the Sun 21˚ Sagittarius and by Uranus 24˚ Pisces. Note that China's Midheaven to Washington, DC is 21˚ Pisces 43'. Uranus frequently introduces times of 'breakthrough' or 'breakdown'. Reinforcing all this is the Chinese Progressed Sun at 7˚ Sagittarius 49' conjunct Progressed Midheaven at 7˚ Sagittarius 7', both exact to the American Ascendant on December 18, 2009. Hu Jintao, like Barack Obama is the instrument of action for his country at Copenhagen. U.S. and China can work in partnership or in opposition as indicated by the respective Midheavens in opposition.


As of this writing there are hopes that the President’s December 18th arrival at the Climate Change Conference will provide time for the U.S. Senate to equip the President with their vote, clearing the way to a bill (the House has already voted on clean energy legislation), giving Obama some worthy achievement, worthy of a reigning Superpower to role-model at Copenhagen. Just today, December 7, 2009, dramatic events have unfolded. At 9:00 a.m., December 7, 2009, EST, (near the time of the EPA announcement) the transiting Moon was at 26˚ Leo, in opposition to the U.S. 26˚ Aquarian Moon. On this first day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the U.S.A. Environmental Protection Agency’s Administrator Lisa Jackson’s “Endangerment Finding” officially acknowledges the role of man in producing Green House Gases - Carbon Dioxide CO2 (and other gases), which, when added to the atmosphere, cause Global Warming. Lisa Perez Jackson’s connection to events is significant (understatement). Born February 8, 1962, with six planets (including the Sun) between 4˚ and 21˚ Aquarius and her Uranus at 28˚ Leo 55’ retrograde she is connected according to the rule of Subsumption as surrogate of President Obama facilitating his service. She will be with him in Copenhagen; the right assistant, in the right place, at the right time. While she is there, transiting Mars (now at 18˚ Leo 33’ the day of her finding) will be hours (on the 19th at 19˚ Leo 42’) from a station on her North Node at 18˚ Leo 00’. You can’t make this astrological stuff up. Born from humble beginnings, adopted as a child, and raised in New Orleans’s Ninth Ward, she was born to serve America at this hour. We must not forget that she connects to the President, is his appointee and serves at his pleasure as he manages the affairs of the nation. Serving him has placed her on an international stage in Copenhagen.

Because of these findings, America is now officially on record as acknowledging that “Green House gases are a threat to public health”. This EPA finding gives Jackson the power to begin to regulate emissions of Greenhouse gases in American automobiles and industries – a wake up call for the Senate to act. Thus, we see, yet again, America on a time schedule connected to her birth moment. The U.S. Moon Yod was triggered astrologically, timing the solution to a vexing conundrum for President Obama, one connected to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen; a conundrum over whether the U.S. government would officially acknowledge CO2 production as lethal in advance of the Conference. Even without the vote out of the Senate for Clean Air and Climate Change Legislation the President will arrive on the Copenhagen Moon/Pluto Yod-marked stage with integrity backed by his government, indicating to the world community an American resolve to act, from this key regulatory agency. The President made his own breakthrough.

Now, with that embarrassment largely averted, the President can journey to Copenhagen on December 18 and stand before his peers with some credibility. On the 18th, beginning at midnight local time, the Moon will be at 12˚ Capricorn 19’ in route to a conjunction with the transiting North Node 21˚ Capricorn 05’. At midnight, beginning December 19th, the Moon will have reached 24 Capricorn 15’. Early on the 19th the Moon waxes to the U.S. Pluto position at 27˚ Capricorn 34’. Remember that Copenhagen is within orb of the U.S. Pluto rising zone through Scandinavian and also that the relocated U.S. Midheaven to Copenhagen is 21˚ Sagittarius. During that during day transiting Venus crosses from 20˚ to 21˚ Sagittarius 26’. From the U.S. perspective this moment smells of success.

But there's more...
India, with her billion plus people, is a heavy-weight player at the table of Climate Change in Copenhagen (December 7-18). The Subsumption rule includes her with China, Russia, and the U.S. as critical to any cooperation Our Subsumption discussion would be incomplete without mentioning India's role. India's horoscopes (from Nicolas Campion) for both her Independence and Republic moments feature A*C*G mapping lines marking Copenhagen. Both charts have Moon lines to Copenhagen. The Independence chart (August 15, 00:00 a.m., Delhi) features the Moon at 27˚ Cancer 06' - exact to the U.S. Pluto Yod trigger. This Moon line descends exactly through Copenhagen; additionally, this Moon is at high declination +24 degrees 55', is out-of-bounds and therefore emphasized.

In the Republic chart and A*C*G map we find the Moon at 5˚ Taurus 42' on the Nadir IC - running north/south 150 miles to the east of Copenhagen. The relocated Indian Republic Ascendant to Copenhagen is 20˚ Sagittarius 52'.

We can see that the late Sagittarius numbers are active and interactive in all of these relocated charts (China, U.S, and India) to Copenhagen. Outside of astrological reality (in the conventional way of seeing the world) this congruency cannot be seen, or appreciated. All of the chart dates and times used in this presentation come from Nicolas Campion's book on Mundane Astrology - a respected source. Recall that the U.S. and Chinese charts produced late Gemini/Sagittarius Midheavens when relocated to Copenhagen (21 - 23 degrees). Today, December 11, 2009, the Sun is transiting these positions as America and these other countries seek a compromise agreement over Climate Change. One last synchronicity, Manmohan Singh, the Indian leader, has additional important ties to the American Yods. He has natal Pluto at 23˚ Cancer 17' and Saturn at 28˚ Capricorn 09'. Small wonder that President Obama held his first State Dinner on November 24, 2009, for the Indian leader Manmohan Singh.

(1) Charles E.O Carter was President of the Astrological Lodge of London, Principle of the Faculty of Astrological Studies.
(2) Near East scholar and Professor of Indo-Muslim Culture.
(3) A Paran is two or more planets simultaneously on the angles.
(4) Hu Jintoa was born December 21, 1942, Jiangyan, Taizhou, Jiangsu Providence. His birth map contains a perfect Yod with a FOOT at 6˚ Capricorn, HANDS 6˚ Leo and 7˚ Gemini. America’s Jupiter position at 5˚ Cancer 56’ (the U.S. Sagittarius Ascendant ruler) is on the ‘trigger’ of Jintoa’s Yod.

© 2009 by Wayne Moody. All rights reserved.

[To reach Wayne, please contact him via the following email address: ]

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