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News > Top Stories Archives  > VMP: The Void Moon Presidency: Updated Aug. 31, 2010)

VMP: The Void Moon Presidency: Updated Aug. 31, 2010)

VMP: The Void Moon Presidency: Updated Aug. 31, 2010) | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Brief Update Aug. 31, 2010: The Void Moon strikes ever again! In only his second address to the nation from the Oval Office, President Barack Obama declared an "end" to our "fighting" in Iraq after 7+ years -- even though much sectarian violence continues and a true, stable government is far from being a reality. Instead of starting his 18-minute address at 9PM EDT (after a void lunar cycle would have been over and his own Moon sign of Gemini would be energizing the speech), he began his speech at 8PM EDT (5PM PDT -- while tens of millions of West Coast residents are fighting traffic on busy highways). In addition, the Moon was not only void for the entire speech, but the Moon's presence at 29+ Taurus put it precisely opposite the Void Moon at the President's Inauguration at 29+ Scorpio -- from back on January 20, 2009. Continue reading below for the full treatment on the Void Moon Presidency and what it means.

Update May 28, 2010: Since the last update to this key story, health care legislation (with numerous questions about funding and work-ability in the future) was passed, the president gave a speech about starting to drill oil, the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, and a watered-down, loophole-ridden financial reform bill is being considered by Congress. I will have a more substantial update on how all this connects to the Void Moon at 29+ Scorpio when President Obama took the Oath of Office. However, transiting Neptune and Chiron made a precise square of 90-degrees to the Void Moon at President Obama's Oath of Office just as the explosion on the oil rig happened in the Gulf of Mexico. This is definitely -- without a doubt -- a presidency that is unfortunately victimized by circumstances beyond their control. There are still ways to resolve this "Void Moon Presidency" conundrum and I explore those ways as you read through this article -- that starts directly below.

Update: March 9, 2010: Yesterday morning -- with the Moon in the last degree of Capricorn, another extreme void lunar placement -- President Obama gave a rousing, potent and incredibly clear speech (mostly to students and young supporters) about the importance of passing Health Care legislation.

The problem is: Was it too little too late? This was the "community organizer" Barack Obama who excels when he is campaigning, when he is the underdog, when he wants to build from the bottom up rather than from the top (the Presidency) down.

Always remember that President Obama is born with a Gemini Moon and he definitely has two sides -- the erudite, philosophical scholar, and the street-wise, cool and deft coordinator of how people, along many strata in life, can find a way to work together in harmony. [Hint: He is born with the asteroid Juno stationary and therefore extra powerful -- the only motionless celestial body in his birthchart. Juno equates with fairness under the law, balance, peace, diplomacy, equality, justice, elegance and refinement.]

There will eventually be a lengthy Part II to this story concerning Void Moons at inaugurations of presidents from 1793 to the end of the 1800s.

First Update: January 12, 2010 I am working on a new feature concerning the failure of air safety and security measures on the Northwest flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day 2009.

However, the upheaval that this has caused -- within the nation, the media, Congress and especially within the Obama Administration -- adds more proof to the pudding concerning what you will be reading below about the disturbing, extreme potency of the Void Moon at President Obama's Oath of Office on January 20, 2009.

First Published: Monday Nov. 16, 2009 at 6:29AM PST, Eugene, OR.

Introduction (with assistance from William Shakespeare, Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander)

In order to give you a vague feeling about how the void-of-course Moon cycle – that occurs every couple of days for a few minutes, a couple of hours or many hours – functions in our lives, take a few moments to absorb the following two quoted literary passages:

“Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.” – Macbeth, Act V, Scene V

Selected Dialogue from The Pitch (a Seinfeld TV show on NBC that first aired on Sept. 16, 1992)

GEORGE: You know it must be impossible for a Spanish person to order
seltzer and not get salsa. (Angry) "I wanted seltzer, not salsa."

JERRY: "Don't you know the difference between seltzer and salsa?? You
have the seltzer after the salsa!"

GEORGE: See, this should be a show. This is the show.

JERRY: What?

GEORGE: This. Just talking.

JERRY: (dismissing) Yeah, right.

GEORGE: I'm really serious. I think that's a good idea.

JERRY: Just talking? Well what's the show about?

GEORGE: It's about nothing.

JERRY: No story?

GEORGE: No forget the story.

JERRY: You've got to have a story.

GEORGE: Who says you gotta have a story? Remember when we were waiting for, for that table in that Chinese restaurant that time? That could be a TV show.

[Later on in the dialogue…]

GEORGE: Yeah. I think we really got something here.

JERRY: What do we got?

GEORGE: An idea.

JERRY: What idea?

GEORGE: An idea for the show.

JERRY: I still don't know what the idea is.

GEORGE: It's about nothing.

JERRY: Right.

GEORGE: Everybody's doing something, we'll do nothing.

JERRY: So, we go into NBC, we tell them we've got an idea for a show about nothing.

GEORGE: Exactly.

JERRY: They say, "What's your show about?" I say, "Nothing."

GEORGE: There you go.

(A moment passes)

JERRY: (Nodding) I think you may have something there.

[Key scene as Jerry and George try to pitch the show about nothing to NBC executives…]

GEORGE: I think I can sum up the show for you with one word: NOTHING.

RUSSELL: Nothing?

GEORGE: (Smiling) Nothing.

RUSSELL: (Unimpressed) What does that mean?

GEORGE: The show is about nothing.

JERRY: (To George) Well, it's not about nothing.

GEORGE: (To Jerry) No, it's about nothing.

JERRY: Well, maybe in philosophy. But, even nothing is something.

Susan Newman: What's the premise?

JERRY: Well, as I was saying, I would play myself, and, as a comedian, living in New York, I have a friend, a neighbor, and an ex-girlfriend, which is all true.

GEORGE: Yeah, but nothing happens on the show. You see, it's just like life. You know, you eat, you go shopping, you read... You eat, you read, You go shopping.

RUSSELL: You read? You read on the show?

JERRY: Well, I don't know about the reading...We didn't discuss the reading.

RUSSELL: All right, tell me, tell me about the stories. What kind of stories?

GEORGE: Oh, no. No stories.

RUSSELL: No stories? So, what is it?

GEORGE: (Showing an example) What'd you do today?

RUSSELL: I got up and came to work.

GEORGE: There's a show. That's a show.

RUSSELL: (Confused) How is that a show?

JERRY: Well, uh, maybe something happens on the way to work.

GEORGE: No, no, no. Nothing happens.

JERRY: Well, something happens.

RUSSELL: Well, why am I watching it?

GEORGE: Because it's on TV.

RUSSELL: (Threatening) Not yet.

GEORGE: Okay, uh, look, if you want to just keep on doing the same old thing, then maybe this idea is not for you. I, for one, am not going to compromise my artistic integrity. And I'll tell you
something else, this is the show and we're not going to change it. (To Jerry) Right?

(A moment passes)

JERRY: (To Russell) How about this: I manage a circus...

[Monks Restaurant]

JERRY: I don't even want to talk about it anymore. What were you thinking? What was going on in your mind? Artistic integrity? Where, where did you come up with that? You're not artistic and you have no integrity. You know you really need some help. A regular psychiatrist couldn't even help you. You need to go to like Vienna or something. You know what I mean? You need to get involved at the University level. Like where Freud studied and have all those people looking at you and checking up on you. That's the kind of help you need. Not the once a week for eighty bucks. No. You need a team. A team of psychiatrists working round the clock thinking about you, having conferences, observing you, like the way they did with the Elephant Man. That's what I'm talking about because that's the only way you're going to get better.

[With Thanks and © 1992 from Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and NBC.]

What Does the Void-of-Course Moon Cycle Mean?

I have started this key feature with the quote from Macbeth and the rather long dialogue from one Seinfeld television show to demonstrate the point that the phenomenon of the Void Moon Cycle has a lot to do with so-called “nothing.”

In our Daily Astrology Calendar section of Earth Aquarius News, I would like you to read the section entitled Learning about Void Moons. The actual article comes from a cover story we ran in my printed astrology magazine -- Welcome to Planet Earth -- back in the 1990s. That article is called The Void-of-Course Moon: Astrologers Sound Off.

It is important for you to read through the Void Moon feature because (a) many astrology writers contributed their views on the subject to the article and (b) you will then learn how the Void Moon actually functions.

The short answer, at this point, is that every couple of days, the transiting Moon ceases making what are called traditional Ptolemaic aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition) to the Sun and eight main planets and is, so to speak, set loose for a few minutes, several hours or sometimes many hours wherein no more of these Ptolemaic aspects will occur as the Moon completes its transit in whatever zodiacal sign it is located in.

Once the Moon enters the next sign, the Void nature of the cycle is over and whatever the void-ness has meant is now finished, and the Moon begins a new series of Ptolemaic aspects to the Sun and 8 planets in a new sign. Then the whole void-of-course cycle happens again in this zodiacal sign – for so many minutes and hours – until the Moon enters the next sign. And on and on.

There are many students of astrology who are completely bewildered by this supposed lunar condition and reality. And many of them don’t even track it or consider its merits and attributes. Some professional astrologers ignore it, too. Other astrology-savvy individuals work intensively with it all the time.

I have reported on the Void-of-Course Moon – in my Daily Cosmic Kalendar – for over 27 years now, whenever it occurs. And I have been writing the Kalendar every day during this last 27 years. Therefore, I am very aware of the void-of-course energy-field.

However, I believe the jury is still out about what the full ramifications of the void-of-course lunar cycle imply for decision-making, major events and the initiation of specific plans.

Why Bring Up This Unusual Subject of the Void Moon at Presidential Inaugurations?

The main reasons for bringing up this subject are the following:

(a) For many years before Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and other politicians decided to run for the presidency in 2008, I knew that whoever would win would have to be inaugurated on January 20, 2009 at Noon EST in Washington, DC under a void Moon in the last degree of Scorpio.

(b) This void lunar placement would not only be extreme (Scorpio is one of the most intense, dramatic and mysterious signs of the zodiac), but it would precisely unite with the Sun’s placement on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

(c) I had already written articles in Welcome to Planet Earth in the years before President Clinton’s second inauguration that he would have to deal with a void lunar cycle on January 20, 1997.

(d) I had also investigated all the void Moon Inaugurations – since FDR’s void-of-course lunar inauguration on January 20, 1945 and including JFK’s void Moon inauguration of January 20, 1961 and President Nixon’s second inauguration void Moon of January 20, 1973.

(e) I now want to make comments on the phenomenon of the void-of-course Moon at presidential inaugurations, focus most of my attention on what the void lunar cycle for President Obama’s current administration means, and then look into the future at the next two void-of-course Moon placements at the presidential inaugurations on January 20, 2021 and January 20, 2045. These next two void lunar inaugurations of presidents will mean that over 100 years – from January 20, 1945 to January 20, 2045 – seven times presidents will have been and will be inaugurated during the phenomenon of the void-of-course Moon.

Watching the First 9+ Months of the Obama Presidency

Many of you may know that I wrote a lot about candidate Barack Obama and then President-elect Obama in the run-up to his inauguration. You should also re-familiarize yourself with one or two major stories about his inauguration on January 20, 2009 that I wrote right before and just after the event. [These stories are still in this Top Stories section.]

I was already pointing out to all of you – as readers of our website – for many months before last year’s primaries and last year’s election that whoever would be elected on November 4, 2008 would then face a severe and extreme void-of-course Moon presidency for four years because the Moon on January 20, 2009 – when the person becoming president would take the Oath of Office – was going to be located at 29 and ¾ of Scorpio.

What none of us knew was what was going to happen to the president in power, to his administration, to the Congress, for our nation and the world-wide implications. It is only now – 9+ months into the current Void Moon Presidency of Barack Obama – that we can begin to see the outlines of how this strange and unusual lunar phenomenon might be working itself out.

Before Proceeding: The Inauguration Date Changes from March 4 to January 20

When the Constitution was first passed by the members of the Continental Congress in the late summer of 1787, the inauguration date of future presidents was left out. What was indicated was that a president would (a) have a term of four years and (b) need to take an Oath before “he enter on the Execution of his Office…”

Once the Constitution was ratified by 9 of the 13 state legislatures on June 21, 1788 (thereby going into effect), it was the intent that the U.S. Government begin its first operations on “the first Wednesday in March of 1789” (a date which turned out to be March 4).

Once that day rolled around, a quorum wasn’t present and governmental activities did not actually begin for another 33 days. In fact, our first president – George Washington – did not take the Oath of Office until April 30, 1789. Note: In several other articles in our Top Stories section, I refer to the chart for this event as the birthmap of Presidential Power. It is very potent in terms of the behavior patterns of the people who ascend to this highest political office in our nation.

By the time George Washington was re-elected for his second term in November of 1792, it then became customary for presidents to take their Oaths of Office around Noon on March 4 – every four years. It was Amendment XII to the Constitution (on the Manner of Choosing President and Vice President, ratified in June 1804) that made the first mention of this soon-to-become-traditional March fourth date.

This Oath taking by presidents every four years on March 4 lasted until FDR’s first inauguration on March 4, 1933. Just two months earlier – Amendment XX to the Constitution (on the Terms of President and Vice President, ratified in January 1933) – changed the inauguration date for future presidents to January 20 and, significantly, specified a Noon time for the beginning and ending of terms of office. This was the first time ever that the time of day was actually brought into the Constitution as a living document of our national law.

The above paragraphs – concerning the transition from March 4 to January 20 – has been shared in order that you understand the importance of how our presidents are being constrained by Oaths of Office, at specified times, even if those times, periodically, force the president to have an entire term of office conducted under the aegis of a Void Moon.

One final point in this regard. I have written elsewhere about what I refer to as the Sacred Triangle in Time within our national life. This used to link our Independence Day every year (July 4) with the approximate day of national voting (November 4) and the old inauguration date (March 4). These dates create a Grand Triangle or Trine in Water Signs in the Zodiac. However, whoever decided to alter the presidential inauguration to January 20 – probably with good intention, in order to reduce the number of days in the “lame duck” time-period between one election in November and the taking on of power in the following year – has destroyed an archetypal triangle of flowing and inspirational power that had existed for over 140 years of our history as a nation. With all this in mind, let us move on with our story.

The Key Hypotheses for this Feature

Before getting into the current void-of-course themes of the Obama presidency, my views about the void lunar phenomenon for inaugurations are the following:

(a) The major game-plan, focus or goals of the president being inaugurated are frustrated, blocked or left incomplete.

(b) The nation itself becomes very bewildered – usually veering off into a kind of psychic “black hole” experience.

(c) Our allies and adversaries are extremely confused and/or emboldened due to the uncertainty factor influencing the executive branch of our government.

(d) Beyond the extreme turmoil and uncertainty that a Void Moon Presidency (afterwards designated by VMP) creates, there are actually “spiritual awakenings” happening for the entire nation and the world. In fact, almost all VMPs seem to have the following in common: The international efforts by the president in the VMP condition are often stupendous, alarming (in some cases) and surprisingly magnificent (in other cases) while the president on the home front appears to be a tortured soul (even including death as in the presidencies of FDR and JFK). The president seeming to “fail miserably” on the home front might be due to the fact that in traditional astrology the concept of “home” is totally LUNAR IN NATURE.

Now it is important to note that this article doesn’t examine the void Moon cycles for presidents before 1932 and the presidency of FDR – except for a special section later on that I decided to add about the VMP for President Wilson’s second term in office that began on March 4, 1917. I plan to investigate any VMPs from 1793 to 1929 at a later date – although the March 4, 1917 VMP is the only other one of its kind happening in the 20th century before FDR’s VMP on January 20, 1945.

It is also crucial to mention that every inauguration of a president is monumental in scope in terms of indicating what will be the accomplishments for that 4-year presidential experience and the behavior of the president, vice-president, cabinet and The White House while in office.

Here are the salient keynotes about the four VMPs since FDR’s Oath of Office at his fourth presidential inauguration.

FDR’s VMP: January 20, 1945 with a Void Moon in Aries

President Roosevelt – already in office for almost 12 years (during The Great Depression and most of World War II) – dies suddenly and shockingly via a Cerebral Hemorrhage while away from the nation’s capital at his favorite retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia on April 12, 1945. His death occurs at the time of an Aries New Moon.

One can foresee his demise in the inauguration chart as the Moon in Aries squares Mars in Capricorn in the sky as the last aspect before the void cycle begins at 9:34AM EWT – a full day before he takes his last Oath of Office. [The Moon would stay void for FDR until 6:48PM EWT during the evening of his Inauguration date.] In medical astrology, the head is ruled by Mars and Aries, and FDR dies of a massive hemorrhage in the brain.

Note: Later on – during television interviews – politician John F. Kennedy refers to the sickening and shocking feelings he experienced when he heard that FDR was dead.

Much of our country is in shock as FDR has been the USA Chief Executive for so long. Vice-President Harry Truman comes into power as a virtual unknown to much of the nation and the world. He also knows nothing about The Manhattan Project (to create atomic bombs) and many other crucial state secrets. He has to make many war and post-war decisions for which he has little preparation and training. This includes dropping two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, trying Nazi war criminals in Nuremburg, Germany, establishing a CIA and revamping the Defense Department in 1947, rebuilding war-torn Europe through the Marshall Plan, and handling the rising tide of Communism around the world and the growing “Red Menace” scare in America.

There is also the famous photo of him (with a great smile on his face) holding up an early edition of the Chicago Tribune newspaper on election night in 1948 with a headline reading in enormous bold letters: Dewey Defeats Truman This erroneous report of Truman’s loss – when he actually won the presidency in November 1948 over Republican Thomas Dewey – suggests the power of the uncertainty imbedded in a VMP that lasts for the four-year duration of the term in office.

Additional investigating revealed to me that once the news surfaced on April 12, 1945 about the death of FDR that Harry Truman wound up taking his new Oath of Office at 7:09PM EWT that day also with a void Moon in Aries. The last lunar aspect that day before the void was a union of the Moon and Venus (Truman was a Sun-sign Taurus with Venus ruling his Solar Life Force), and the Moon wouldn’t enter a new sign (Taurus itself) until 8:40PM EWT. Thus, Truman – already in office, like FDR under the previous VMP of January 20, 1945 – now continues fulfilling FDR’s term while adding on an additional VMP into the situation.

JFK’s VMP: January 20, 1961 with a Void Moon in Pisces

On the morning of the Inauguration, the Moon in Pisces made a 60-degree sky pattern to Saturn in Capricorn at 9:39AM EST. The Moon began its void experience at that time and wouldn’t enter Aries until late that night at 11:26PM EST. Updated Note on Nov. 17, 2009: The Oath was also delayed until 12:51PM EST – creating an actual secondary “void-ness” because there was a gap in time when President Eisenhower’s second term had ended, but the transition to JFK’s term in office hadn’t happened. Who knows what the fateful impact of this additional “void energy field” to JFK’s VMP really meant?

Of the four VMPs preceding the current one under Obama, this is for obvious reasons (the horrible assassination of November 22, 1963), the most alarming example of what can ensue during a void-of-course Moon at a president’s inauguration.

I have probably written more on JFK’s life and death in my 37+ years as a professional astrologer than on any other topic. So, I don’t want to go into a lengthy discussion here.

Suffice it to say, his transits and progressions, fate-destiny cycles within his family, the nation’s fate-destiny, a powerful Total Solar Eclipse in July 1963, and nefarious elements within or mysteriously connected to our nation’s top-secret organizations (FBI; CIA; etc) conspired to kill the president.

The chart for the assassination – which I have meticulously studied for 37 years – contains a precise Pythagorean Figure or Triangle – composed of Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus, creating a special 3-4-5 triangle, containing angles of 90 degrees, 120 degrees and 150 degrees. The exactitude of this highly unusual sky pattern – the planets, signs and houses involved – reveal the extra-ordinary “forces” that undermined President Kennedy as he was on the verge of steering us out of the morass that later became the Vietnam War.

In a cover story in the year 2000 for my printed astrology magazine, Welcome to Planet Earth, I also discussed the importance of Chiron being precisely motionless on the day of JFK’s assassination. Including the terrible events of September 11, 2001, there has never been a more extreme sense of national loss, confusion, mystery, secrecy, “conspiratorial fear” and “psychic wounded-ness” than when JFK was murdered. And this may be due not only because of the VMP, but because of the Void Sun at his death at 29 and ¾ degrees of Scorpio – which is now the Void Moon placement for the inauguration of President Obama (born on August 4, 1961 in the first year of the JFK VMP).

Yes, the Sun, like all the major celestial bodies, can be void, too. It will usually happen when the celestial body is near the end of the zodiacal sign it is in. With JFK’s assassination, the Sun was not only near the end of the extreme sign of death in ancient and medieval astrology – Scorpio – but at 29 ¾ degrees. By 7:49PM EST on the night of JFK’s murder, the Sun was out of its void mode – having entered Sagittarius.

At this point, I should be clear that the VMP does not mean the entire term of office is a zero, a blank, a complete nothing. After all, JFK’s administration created the Peace Corps, the Alliance for Progress, and the first major Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in the atmosphere (in the summer before his passing). However, he was on the defensive within office from the beginning because he had to accept the highly-covert Invasion of Cuba (infamously known later as the “Bay of Pigs” fiasco) that had been orchestrated by the CIA under President Eisenhower. And JFK’s inability to handle that invasion successfully eventually led to the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 – wherein for 13 torturous days the world stood on the brink of Nuclear War. Thanks only to the brilliance of President Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy – then the Attorney General – and a few brave and trusted advisers, America moved through that trial by cosmic fire, although the ultimate disaster for JFK may have been sealed by fate at that time.

Richard Nixon’s VMP: January 20, 1973 with a Void Moon in Leo

On the morning of Inauguration Day, the Moon in Leo made a 60-degree sextile sky pattern to Uranus in Libra at 9:24AM EST. The Moon began its void experience at that moment and would not enter Virgo until the evening festivities were underway at 9:23PM EST.

On June 17, 1972 – some seven months before President Nixon’s second inauguration – the Watergate Burglary and Break-in at the Democratic National Headquarters had already begun to unravel the power of Richard Nixon’s time as president. Much was covered up before his second inauguration, but once he was inaugurated under this Leo void Moon on January 20, 1973 events in the Congress and around the nation spiraled out of control – until President Nixon was to resign in disgrace on August 9, 1974 (simultaneously with transiting Saturn – the ruling planet of his Capricorn Sun-sign – exactly on the USA Sun degree in Cancer for the first time in 29+ years). All of President Nixon’s goals and plans went down the drain as he became the first U.S. president to resign from office.

As I researched further, it became clear that as Vice-President Gerald Ford took his Oath of Office to become president at 12:03PM EDT on the same day as the resignation, there was another void lunar cycle going on in Aries – lasting until 1:13PM EDT (when the Moon entered Taurus). Eventually, President Ford gave an unconditional and complete pardon to the former President Nixon for all crimes he committed or might have committed about one month later – an event that shocked the nation, as it created the impression that there may have been a hidden understanding between the two presidents.

In the fall of 1974, the former and disgraced President Nixon nearly died during an operation to remove blood clots from his legs. When President Ford faced newcomer Jimmy Carter two years later in 1976, the election was one of the closest ever and President Ford went down to a tearful defeat. Part of his demise was sealed when – in one of the debates – he made it sound like Poland was not being dominated by the Soviet Union. This gaffe – played up mightily by the press and the Carter campaign – made it look like President Ford was not deeply aware of international geopolitics. There were also two bizarre assassination attempts against him in 1975 – within just a couple of weeks in California – both by female assailants who were apprehended and spent long terms in prison. Eventually, Presidents Ford and Carter – forever locked into history by their battle in 1976 (the 200th anniversary of the birth of America) – became close friends and did much good work together for the nation and Planet Earth as ex-presidents.

Bill Clinton’s VMP: January 20, 1997 with a Void Moon in Gemini

In the void lunar situation confronting President Clinton, you have to go back to January 18 at 3:15PM EST to find the last key Moon aspect – a potentially frustrating and oddly symbolic opposition to distant, extreme and sexually-oriented Pluto. Then over 48 hours went by (!), during which the void lunar force held sway, before the Moon entered Cancer at 3:30PM EST on the day of his second Inauguration.

Due to the Monica Lewinsky sexual scandal – erupting close in time with President Clinton’s State of the Union address in 1998 (and while transiting Pluto was crossing the USA Rising Degree at 8 Sagittarius for the first time ever) – President Clinton’s second term in office became a series of disasters due to his lying, impeachment by the House of Representatives, and his trial in the Senate (where he was found not guilty).

Although he remained in office, like FDR in his final term of office, JFK in his only term, and Richard Nixon in his second term, the Clinton presidency and leadership potential was lost and squandered – another victim of the “celestial curse” of a void lunar cycle happening at his second inauguration.

Do you also remember the famous video clip of a young Bill Clinton in his mid-teens going to Washington, D.C. in the early 1960s and shaking the hand of President Kennedy? This hand-shake may have created an unusual psychic-destiny bond between the two men. Of course, revelations later on showed that JFK had experienced many sexual escapades while president – a pattern of behavior that led to President Clinton’s undoing.

Because President Clinton did not resign, Vice-President Al Gore – also inaugurated during that void Moon in Gemini on January 20, 1997 – held the void Moon energy-field throughout his own run for the presidency in the year 2000 against George W. Bush – leading to the bizarre situation of Gore winning the popular vote for president while the Supreme Court intervened five weeks later to decide the presidential contest in favor of Republican George W. Bush. Therefore, one could make the case that it was the power of the void Moon of January 20, 1997 that helped to sink Al Gore’s chances to become president on his own in 2000.

President Obama’s VMP: January 20, 2009 with a Void Moon at 29 ¾ of Scorpio

As mentioned earlier in this feature, we have 9+ months of experience and information to gauge the current VMP. However, already the situation looks dangerous, bleak and ominous for the future.

Realize that the last aspect the Moon in Scorpio had before President Obama took his Oath of Office was a sharp and potentially confusing square to Neptune in the sky in Aquarius at 10:38PM EST the night before. The Moon went into Sagittarius at 12:31PM EST as the inaugurated president was giving his speech to the nation. However, President Obama is born with (a) Neptune as his most elevated planet; (b) his natal Sun in Leo is exactly on the entire orbit of Neptune as that orbit around in the zodiac intersects with our orbit around the Sun (this makes him into a major ambassador, for good or ill or both, of profound-deep-exalted Neptunian principles and archetypes, including High Vision and/or Extreme Disappointment, a Savior Role and/or Martyr Complex); (c) transiting Neptune in late Aquarius is making its first return (three times in 2009 – 2010) to its discovery placement since September 23, 1846 when it was first sighted with Saturn in an almost exact conjunction.

Not only was the actual Oath itself mangled – by the Supreme Court Justice Roberts and the President (creating a second Oath later on, also under dubious circumstances in terms of need and importance) – but look at this list of key activities-stories-themes going on during this first year of Obama’s VMP. And as you examine this list, remember that a shadow side of Neptune can be a kind of veil, nebulosity, haziness and miasma – not only within the higher echelons of our government, but especially within our multi-media (so connected to photography, television, film and video work, which are all ruled over by Neptune).

*His taking over a “bankrupted national treasury” and fraud-laden banking system from the previous eight years of Bush-Cheney.

*Pushing through a $780 billion stimulus package in Congress following a highly questionable Federal Reserve bailout of major banks, insurance behemoth AIG, and mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

*Extremely rising unemployment (now over 10% by the official numbers, but realistically, much higher) in the American labor force – which first began in the waning months of the previous administration.

*No solution yet to the tens of trillions of dollars of toxic assets still on the books of major banks and which is still being obscured by the current Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

*A Federal Reserve Banking system creating trillions of dollars with no metallic standard in place since President Nixon took the nation off the Gold Standard on August 15, 1971. [And with President Obama already announcing this past summer his intention to re-nominate Ben Bernanke for another term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve as though he were the savior of Western Civilization – a title that may look very tarnished in the years to come if a hyper-inflationary spiral were to rock the world due to the Federal Reserve Bank’s recent sleight of hand with monetary manipulation out of NOTHING (think void Moon here).]

*No clear war strategy for Afghanistan and increasing violence-bombings in Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Iran (where Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists seek to demoralize the American people, pushing President Obama into making deeper, long-term commitments with no “exit plans” yet in sight). This is an eerie and frightening mirror reflection of JFK’s desire to not escalate the Vietnam War – which after his horrific demise in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 22, 1963 was escalated by President Lyndon Johnson (eventually leading to LBJ’s own gradual dissolution as president by 1968). Note: LBJ became Vice-President under JFK with the same VMP as President Kennedy. When Vice-President Lyndon Johnson took his Oath – on board Air Force One, within 2 hours of JFK’s death – there was no void Moon. This may be part of the reason why the newly-installed president was able to win a resounding victory in November 1964 against Conservative Barry Goldwater. Nevertheless, by 1968, President Johnson was a tired, disenchanted and defeated figure in office and only 4+ years later – ironically right after President Nixon’s VMP in January 1973 – former President LBJ died, almost forgotten, in Texas.

*No closing yet of Guantanamo Base – although that was promised by President Obama within a year of his taking office. Perhaps he can still fulfill this promise by January 20, 2010.

*Nuclear stalemates still in effect regarding North Korea and Iran.

*The National Health Care Bill confusion and controversy dividing our people with no sense of clarity that any final passage will cover everyone or that the hundreds of billions of dollars will really be there in the future. [We just had a recent example of the power of the void-of-course Moon in action. On Saturday night November 7 – with great fanfare – the House of Representatives barely passed its version of Health Care legislation under a void Moon in Cancer (the nation’s Sun-sign). The next morning – on television – Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina declared the Health Care Bill “Dead on Arrival” in the Senate. It remains to be seen whether any Health Care Bill is passed and signed by President Obama, and whether the restrictions and obfuscations make it more trouble than helpful in the long run.

*The bills that have been passed in Congress to supposedly help people whose homes are in foreclosure and to pressure Credit Card companies to act honestly are apparently leading to more fraud and non-compliance by corporations, leading to enormous complaints and frustrations by home owners and credit card users that they cannot resolve their problems.

*The H1N1 “Swine Flu” supposed National Emergency – in which tens of millions of vaccine doses are already very late and in which millions of parents and non-believers do not want to take the vaccine because of the fear that it could cause the illness itself or lead to dire side-effects. A recent statistic indicated that at least 3900 Americans have died from this flu, but almost everyone questions the numbers coming out from the Centers for Disease Control because some of these flu deaths might be from the usual flu that happens every fall and winter.

*To all of the above, we can add inaction and continuing controversy on global warming and environmental disasters, nationally and globally; worries still super-strong on the future of Social Security, as well as federal budgets, annual deficits and the national debt, all climbing astronomically, with no end in sight; a world banking-trading-currency mass-confusion still lingering (deeply connected with the first-ever return of Neptune to its discovery placement at 26 degrees of Aquarius in 2009-2010, and which I have reported about elsewhere, in many of my articles); oil and gas companies keeping prices high even while certain economists try to perpetuate a myth about deflation (rather than the distinct possibility of extreme hyper-inflation during future Obama presidential years because of the Federal Reserve’s extremely – let’s say it clearly -- LIBERAL monetary behavior in making money appear out of nowhere).

*Last – but not least – is the continuing campaign by President Obama’s opponents to say that he is not really an American citizen, that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, and that his birth certificate is a fake – all of which would essentially VOID his presidency, according to his detractors. With a VMP at 29 ¾ Scorpio, this issue – which seems to never completely vanish from the media, especially the World Wide Web – remains a constant irritant to the senior advisers surrounding President Obama and to the entire 4-year agenda of this first half-black and half-white chief executive officer of our nation.

Of course, President Obama is very eloquent and charismatic, and his forceful speeches around the world led the Nobel committee in Norway to give him the Nobel Peace Prize just last month.

There are still golden opportunities for the “other Obama” – the fighter for community action and positive change – to come out of the VMP shadows, but the non-stop pressure by Republican/Conservative adversaries are keeping the president, his advisers and Democratic Congressional leaders constantly on the defensive. And when you are constantly on the defensive and reacting to events and circumstances much more than acting, the VMP vibration leads to nowhere instead of somewhere.

In a possible President Obama second term, there would be no void Moon – plus the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in the sky (something I have investigated carefully relative to the Sun-Moon Phase at birth for presidential candidates) mimics his natal Sun-Moon Phase. This is what made me feel in 2007 – before the primaries even began in 2008 – that Barack Obama would be a much better president for our nation in 2013 than 2009.

Future VMP: January 20, 2021 with a Void Moon in Aries

Taking place just a few weeks after a Jupiter-Saturn union at 0+ degrees of Aquarius – that could be an energizer for the Aquarian Age of 2,160 years – the president taking the Oath on this date will be stymied with an Aries Void Moon that has just squared Pluto in Capricorn at 3:30AM EST. The Moon won’t enter Taurus until 1:57PM EST – unfortunately nearly 2 hours AFTER the presidential and vice-presidential oath-taking.

What is also ominous on this date is that at 12:04PM EST – virtually simultaneously with the Oath of Office – there will be a potentially caustic 45-degree link in the sky between Saturn at 4 degrees of Aquarius and Neptune at 19 degrees of Pisces. This is a very challenging alignment that can equate with a rising tide of confusion-chaos-dissolution (shadow side of Neptune) regarding the structure-form-material comforts (Saturn) that have been a vital part of our evolution as a nation over the previous 245 years.

By 4:03PM EST on this date, there is a precise First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase from 1+ Aquarius to 1+ Taurus – signifying a “Crisis in Action” that might go on for the entire term of four years. Be aware that transiting Pluto at 25 degrees of Capricorn will be very close to making its first-ever return to its natal placement since the founding of the nation on July 4, 1776. This potentially extreme and discordant NATIONAL PLUTO RETURN will occur several times within the VMP over the years 2021 to and through 2024.

Second Future VMP: January 20, 2045 with a Void Moon in Aquarius

Exactly 100 years after the FDR VMP that I discussed as the first case study in this investigation, there will be another void Moon for a future president and vice-president to contend with. The Moon in Aquarius will oppose Uranus in Leo at 6:58AM EST on the morning of this future VMP. The Moon begins its void experience at that moment and won’t enter Pisces until 3:22PM EST.

On the first evening of this void-of-course Moon presidency, the Moon unites with Pluto in the sky, a lunar cycle that suggests more underworld and disturbing conditions arising for the next four years.

Even more alarming is the following: Within the first 24 hours of this VMP situation, Neptune is motionless in the sky and this planet of either spiritual inspiration or massive confusion will also be within two degrees of the Rising Sign in Taurus when the newly elected president and vice-president take their Oaths of Office. What kind of nation and world will exist 35+ years from now? In all honesty – and even though I tend to be an eternal optimist at heart – this scenario appears fairly bleak at best.

For the time being, the essence of this VMP story ends here – except that I decided to check out the time-period from 1901 to 1929 (going from William McKinley’s second term in office, and Herbert Hoover’s only term in office). The only VMP turned out to be the one on March 4, 1917 when Woodrow Wilson took a private Oath of Office (due to March 4 landing on a Sunday). Here is what I gleaned from that research.

President Wilson’s VMP: March 4, 1917 under a Void Moon in Cancer

What began as simply an extra exercise on my part to double-check my research during the 20th century about potential VMP experiences became another large-scale investigation. Although I knew certain things about President Woodrow Wilson’s two terms in office, now armed with the knowledge that his second term began with a void Moon in Cancer, I was about to be plunged into an astounding odyssey concerning the deeper implications of a VMP.

On the morning of March 4, 1917, the Moon united with Saturn in America’s Sun-sign of Cancer at 4:32AM EST. The Moon would not enter its next sign of Leo until 4:36PM EST. Around Noon on this day, President Wilson took a private Oath of Office (because it was a Sunday) – given to him by Supreme Court Chief Justice Edward White.

During his first term as president, Democrat Woodrow Wilson – a former President of Princeton University and Governor of New Jersey – had kept America “Out of War,” a slogan that helped him win in a close battle in November 1916 against Republican challenger Charles Evans Hughes. This presidential contest was so close that many newspapers declared Hughes the winner for several days – until it turned out that California had voted for Wilson, handing him a victory by a very narrow margin in the Electoral College.

Thus, President Wilson went into his second term – which would be dominated by a void Moon – while the nation was not only deeply divided politically, but while World War I was raging in Europe.

On the day of the inauguration – in addition to the Moon being void and united with taskmaster and potentially debilitating Saturn – the Sun in Pisces was exactly united with Mars in the sky. Just one month after the inauguration – on April 6, 1917 – Congress declared war on Germany following a presidential address a few days earlier. Mars has always been known as the God of War in mythology and this connection between Mars, violence and bloodshed continues in reality now. On the day of this war declaration, Mars – now in its home sign of fiery Aries – was exactly squaring the Sun in Capricorn in President Wilson’s birthchart.

In his first term in office, President Wilson’s wife Ellen died on August 6, 1914 – just 5 days after Europe had erupted in total war. He married again the following year and it was his second wife (Edith) who would eventually play an enormous surrogate leadership role during the president’s second and very strange term of office.

Once the war ended in November 1918, the Spanish Influenza raged across the battlefields of Europe and eventually went global – bringing its wave of massive deaths to America as well. President Wilson – a high idealist – had already earlier in 1918 enunciated his famous Fourteen Points, which eventually planted the seed for a League of Nations, that came into being in 1919-1920.

The League of Nations, a great dream-vision of Wilson’s, became the source of his dissolution and demise when – after his many travels back and forth to Europe, to sign peace treaties and strive to create a better world for the future – he collapsed and suffered a paralytic stroke on September 26, 1919. Jupiter and Neptune had just converged in the sky on September 24, and this alignment itself was a celestial signature for an idealistic vision of a world organization for peaceful purposes. However, at President Wilson’s VMP, back 2+ years before on March 4, 1917, Jupiter and Neptune were locked into a nearly exact and potentially frustrating square aspect.

The key disaster facing the president was that our own Congress refused to allow America to join the League of Nations. This was not only a crushing blow to President Wilson, but it also (a) destroyed the potential for the League to really have much power in the world (with the USA not a member) and (b) this eventually led to Mussolini’s rise in Italy and Hitler’s rise in Germany – two totalitarian dictators who completely defied the League, and this eventually led to World War II. Therefore, you can see how the chain of events – first begun under the VMP at President Wilson’s second term in office – actually had a cascading influence that could be seen as the precipitating cause of a second world war that led to the death of tens of millions of people world-wide, not to mention the devastation to so many forms of life on our planet.

In a closing note about President Wilson, he suffered more physical damage in the two weeks after the first paralysis and stroke – leading him to become virtually immobilized for the remainder of his term of office, and for the rest of his life.

His wife, secretary, private physician and the Secretary of State were the real leaders of the nation for the remainder of his term in office. This truth was completely hidden from the nation as well as his own cabinet. President Wilson didn’t have a cabinet meeting for six months – while the nation was told simply that the president has suffered a “nervous collapse.” When he was wheeled into his first cabinet meeting in six months, there was complete shock as to his deteriorated condition. It is said by most historians that his second wife Edith pretty much ran The White House and conducted most of the duties of the presidency from October 1919 until President Harding was inaugurated on March 4, 1921.

A Brief Section on the Inaugurations of Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley – the Three Assassinated Presidents taking Oaths on March 4, 1865, March 4, 1881 and March 4, 1901

There were no void Moon cycles when these three presidents took their Oaths of Office. However, in each situation, the chart of the inauguration -- and most especially the Moon placement -- were highly indicative of their future deaths. Note: In a special 5-part feature on our old website, I reported about these charts (and many dozen other ones) while doing a thorough investigation of the George W. Bush presidency and comparing his astrological birthchart, transits and progressions with other presidents (especially Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield and McKinley).

At some future time, I can share more information about these disturbing inauguration charts. I have no doubt that when I investigate all the inaugurations from March 4, 1793 (George Washington’s second inauguration) to March 4, 1897 (William McKinley’s first inauguration), there will be more VMPs to analyze and consider.

Remember to examine the 8 VMP charts that are a part of this feature down below.

It is my hope that as we all look to the potential accomplishments of the President Obama first term in office – and to the stunning failures that will undoubtedly occur due to the VMP Effect – that we stay tuned into this void lunar “curse,” and therefore realize that it is not so much that a person is not doing his job as our chief executive officer, but that another MYSTERIOUS FORCE AND PRESENCE has taken over the reigns of our government and held the president hostage in order to teach us some very profound, disturbing and yet eventually soul-spirit awakening lessons.

©2009 & 2010 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Earth Aquarius News. He can be reached by using the contact email at the bottom of the Front Page of our website.]

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