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News > Top Stories Archives  > The Chrysler Bankruptcy = Pluto 180 to USA Venus Now

The Chrysler Bankruptcy = Pluto 180 to USA Venus Now

The Chrysler Bankruptcy = Pluto 180 to USA Venus Now | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: Friday May 1, 2009: In the last 48 hours, the Chrysler Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to The New York Times -- in its edition today -- "with Thursday's filing, Chrysler became the first major American automaker to seek bankruptcy protection since Studebaker did so in 1933."

As almost every student and teacher of astrology knows, Pluto rules over the extremes of life -- including vast wealth and poverty, and especially bankruptcy. Of course, one of the goals of this kind of bankruptcy is to strive to be "reborn" as a new entity after all the negative attributes have been purged and eliminated.

Remember that Pluto was discovered in February 1930 -- just after the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929. And our national economy reached its lowest point by the summer of 1932 -- not far from the Studebaker bankruptcy of 1933 (the year that FDR became president).

During this entire week, transiting Pluto has been re-approaching its opposition to America's Venus (our values, financial well-bring and societal sensibility) -- a highly potent, challenging and crisis-producing alignment that has never before happened in our history as a nation.

When I say never before, I mean that except for the first hit -- that occurred on March 7, 2009 -- transiting Pluto had never before opposed our national Venus since the country was born on July 4, 1776. Now this Sunday represents the second of five oppositions by Pluto in the sky to Venus in our national birthchart. The other three oppositions will arrive at Christmas 2009 and then in August and October 2010.

For those economic prognosticators who are thinking we are moving out of the fiscal woods sooner than later, they may be in for a rude awakening in years 2010, 2011, 2012 and beyond as transiting Pluto will continue in opposition to our national Jupiter (wealth; success; opportunities) and Sun (life force; heart center; core power) with a total of eight more times! Thus, all told, transiting Pluto will be in polarity to the three main positive celestial bodies of our national birthchart -- Venus, Jupiter and the Sun -- thirteen times during about a 7-year time-span (2009 to 2015).

Earlier in this week, we saw a different demonstration of vast, invisible, fear-inducing Plutonic power when the possible pandemic of a Swine Flu outbreak (H1N1) began in Mexico, moved quickly into the USA and then began surfacing around the world. However, it was the Chrysler story on Thursday and Friday -- closest to this upcoming Pluto opposition to the USA Venus this Sunday May 3 -- that is representing the darker shadow of financial losses, societal worries, extreme fears and underworld tensions so common when negative Pluto is on the march.

While I have been reporting in our companion article in this Top Stories section about the bullish run of the DJIA (primarily due to Venus once again becoming a "morning star" relative to the Sun), we still have a gargantuan financial crisis to deal with regarding the toxic assets in the banking system, the massive fraud and corruption that was perpetrated via the sub-prime mortgage fiasco worldwide, and the major banks still refusing to lend money to individuals, small businesses and large corporations as they did so in recent years past.

This gargantuan financial crisis is very connected to Neptune now in the process of returning to its discovery placement at 26 Aquarius from April 2009 to February 2010. You can read what I wrote on this important subject in that companion article in this Top Stories section. Without that knowledge and understanding, you won't be able to figure out WHY it is absolutely essential that the entire world restructure the global currency system and trading practices. Neptune -- as the higher octave of Venus -- rules over international financial waves, cycles and rhythms that, unfortunately, are often too ineffable and too confusing-chaotic to see and comprehend.

Pluto is also strongly connected to leaders of governments and the use of extreme force to make something happen in the physical realm. Note the lead paragraph of The New York Times front-page feature for today: "President Obama forced Chrysler into federal bankruptcy protection on Thursday so it could pursue a life-saving alliance with the Italian automaker Fiat, in yet another extraordinary intervention into private industry by the federal government."

What makes this statement so amazing is that Pluto is currently in Capricorn (the key sign of government) while America's natal Venus is in Cancer (the key sign of private industry). Keep in mind that one of the primary reasons we elected Barack Obama as president is that his natal Venus is the same as America's Venus (within a 2-degree orb early in the sign of Cancer). Thus, just as America is going through a couple of years of financial crisis as represented by the extremely rare situation of Pluto opposing our national Venus, President Obama must contend with the exact same alignment.

You may recall that Chrysler almost went into bankruptcy 30 years ago (1 complete Saturn orbit around the zodiac!) in 1979, but then Chrysler eventually became paired with Daimler-Benz. In 2007, a company called Cerberus Capital Management held the major stake in Chrysler.

Do you recall who Cerberus was in Greek mythology? It was the name of the 3-headed dog that helped to guard the Gates of Hell -- ruled over by Pluto. So, we even see that ancient myths are still living out their essence in the modern world.

While Americans in general appear to be casually accepting the demise of our entire auto industry (GM could also be forced into bankruptcy a month from now), the total losses of jobs, income and livelihoods from the breakdown of our former pride and glory -- the automobile industry -- is a mammoth reflection of how America is no longer the giant industrial power that used to be the envy of the world in the 20th century.

There is no telling whether -- as President Obama hopes -- this type of bankruptcy process will allow Chrysler and its new partner Fiat to truly get going in a couple of months as a reformed corporation. That is the hope, but many pundits and forecasters believe that large numbers of people will not buy cars and trucks from an automaker that might be doomed to extinction (extreme negative side of Pluto) in the near future.

Ironically, if you examine the Chrysler Incorporation chart that is given out at the end of this article (calculated for December 31, 1925 in Detroit, Michigan), you will see that the Sun is in Capricorn. Pluto will reach this solar placement (life force of Chrysler) in the years 2012 - 2013. Those years could represent the positive re-emergence of Fiat-Chrysler-USA OR a final demise.

Notice that Chrysler's natal Pluto is 13+ degrees of Cancer -- exactly America's natal Sun from July 4, 1776. This helps to explain why Chrysler -- with its magnificent symbology over the years, its fantastic history of car-making and even its iconic building in New York City -- have meant so much to our nation.

You will also be astounded to realize that this bankruptcy is happening at the Uranus Return for Chrysler since the company has just turned 83+ years old -- one full Uranus orbit around the zodiac! Uranus has much to do with technology, genius, the assembly line, inventiveness, but also short-circuiting, shock waves and radical actions that can produce excessive nervous strain and disorders.

As the news about Chrysler's bankruptcy appeared on Thursday April 30, the transiting Moon had just made its monthly union with Chrysler's natal Pluto and was about to make its monthly Lunar Return in late Cancer.

Another principal reason for the dissolution of the present company is that it is currently experiencing transiting Neptune opposing its natal Neptune -- something that only first happens when any entity is around 82 - 83 years old. The shadow side of Neptune is deceptions, illusions, confusion and chaos, and anything that gradually dissolves away -- just like an acid that can eat away at a physical structure over time.

The main saving grace for Chrysler right now is that transiting Jupiter (success; good fortune; abundance) in 2009 is making three unions with Venus in Aquarius in the Chrysler birthchart. This is also fascinating because President Obama is born with 20 degrees of Aquarius Rising -- almost the exact placement of Venus for Chrysler. This helps to explain President Obama's powerful role in trying to prop up Chrysler and suggest to the public that this important auto company still has an excellent chance to resurrect itself following the bankruptcy process.

Whether President Obama is right or not remains to be seen, but he did become president almost precisely at his own Jupiter Return in Aquarius. Thus, our new president is definitely a believer in second chances, saving someone or something at the eleventh hour and when all hope seems lost, and not squandering a golden opportunity when it comes along.

Copyright 2009 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[To reach Mark Lerner -- publisher of Earth Aquarius News -- please e-mail him at MARKL@EARTHAQUARIUSNEWS.COM ]

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