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News > Top Stories Archives  > The Obama Win: How it Happened; What it Means

The Obama Win: How it Happened; What it Means

The Obama Win: How it Happened; What it Means | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Dateline: November 5, 2008 with updates Nov. 5 afternoon and Nov. 7 morning: This historic, turning-point presidential election reached its culmination at 11PM EST last night when all the main networks gave the entire West Coast to Barack Obama – providing enough electoral votes to make him President-Elect.

As it stands right now – with North Carolina leaning to Obama by some 12,000 votes – Barack Obama received 349 electoral votes to 173 by John McCain. That’s almost exactly a 2-to-1 margin and very close to many simulations and polls that were composed and taken in the week or so before Election Day. Barack Obama has won over 63 million votes nation-wide to approximately 56 million votes for John McCain.

Because there are so many things that could be said here and I am still thinking through the larger ramifications, I’d like to do the following:

(1) At your leisure, please re-read the 4 other articles in this Top Stories section that I have written during the past year. There are two presidential sweepstakes features I wrote in the first half of 2008. There is the Biden-Palin VP story and the most recent pre-election feature, too.

(2) Remember to go over my article in the News and Newsmakers section on the three presidential debate charts and how they favored Obama because of Uranus being elevated while Saturn was below.

(3) As you go through all of these stories and view the many charts, you will have a kaleidoscopic view of the totality of everything that led up to this victory by Barack Obama over John McCain.

In the future, I will be composing an article about (a) Obama and the Inauguration and the mysterious Void-of-Course Moon (picking up where I left off in the other, main Top Story now running); (b) What that Inauguration chart means for the 4-year Obama-Biden Administration; (c) Obama’s unusual and astounding connections to Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

For the moment, many of the ideas expressed in the remainder of this article are still demanding deeper expression, so see this more as a list of what happened and why rather than a smooth, running narrative.

My Own Predictions

I was completely on target in my hypothesis that Obama = Uranus and McCain = Saturn.

For months, I revealed in Earth Aquarius News that during Election Night and on the day of the next Presidential Inauguration, the planet Uranus (representing radical change and revolutionary events) would be up, elevated and visible in the sky whereas Saturn (representing the old order, structure and traditional values) would be down and not visible.

As I said over and over again, John McCain was Uranian within his own party for a wide variety of reasons – mostly because his natal Uranus was exactly conjunct the Uranus for the Republican Party founded in 1854 – but within the larger framework of the nation, he was absolutely associated with Saturn.

Since Saturn and Uranus formed their first of five oppositions precisely on Election Day, the nation was faced with the stark choice of voting for Uranus (Obama) or Saturn (McCain).

More on Uranus and Saturn

Watching Uranus and Saturn became even more astounding to me as the electoral votes were being counted last night. When Pennsylvania was won by Obama as well as Ohio (the key right there because no Republican has ever won the presidency without winning Ohio), I suddenly realized how correct this Uranus-Saturn correlation was in my predictions.

What happened was that the media were reporting that Barack Obama was in Chicago while John McCain was in Phoenix. Because Chicago was one time zone earlier than the Eastern Time Zone and Phoenix was two time zones earlier than the Eastern Time Zone, Uranus in the sky was even more elevated and up for Obama whereas Saturn was even more below and down for McCain. Thus, their physical locations – while the electoral votes were being officially announced by the NYC-based major television networks – reinforced their cosmic alliances to Uranus and Saturn!

That was pretty astounding.

The Closest Aspect in Barack Obama’s Birthchart

You will see both Barack Obama’s horoscope and the horoscope for John McCain in the companion story now running here in our Top Stories section. What is harder to see is that Obama was born with an extremely close and potentially awkward Saturn-Uranus 150-degree alignment (within 4 minutes of exactitude).

What I am about to say flies in the face of how many people analyze charts and make predictions.

It is primarily due to Saturn precisely opposing Uranus on Election Day – and the tumultuous and extraordinary ramifications of what that means in and of itself as an astrological phenomenon – that Barack Obama (the primary Uranian candidate) defeated John McCain (the primary Saturnian candidate). And since Barack Obama’s closest and strongest planetary alignment at birth is a Saturn-Uranus alignment, the cosmos was much more reflecting the nature of his astrological energy-field than the energy-field of John McCain at election time.

Let’s also be clear that transiting Uranus was visible pretty much all day long during most of the voting hours while transiting Saturn was invisible and below the horizon all day long. Therefore, even during the voting itself – and not just during the announcing of the voting results – Uranus above was forecasting victory for Obama while Saturn below was forecasting defeat for McCain.

Uranus is NOT the Good Guy and Saturn is NOT the Bad Guy

So absolutely no one out there misinterprets where I am coming from on this issue: I do NOT see Uranus as Good and Saturn as Bad. Far from it! Each planet has its own natural and essential themes, qualities and principles.

It was transiting Saturn in Virgo (John McCain’s Sun-sign and where he also has Venus and Neptune) that lifted John McCain into being the Republican Party candidate in the first place – giving him a fantastic victory over his rivals. However, on Election Day, transiting Saturn was just about to oppose his own natal Saturn in Pisces – a rather negative omen when you are striving to become the Chief Executive Officer of the nation and the leader of the free world.

Important Note on Saturn: Transiting Saturn will eventually cross over President Barack Obama’s natal Mars in Virgo during late August 2009 – creating a major test in his life and work as the nation’s leader. Later on in the Barack Obama presidency – the end of 2010 and on and off in 2011 – Saturn in Libra will return to its natal place for the nation. This will be another, huge Saturnian encounter for this future president. Barack Obama does not have a weak Saturn. His natal Saturn is strong in its own sign of Capricorn and very close to America’s natal Pluto in our national house of money and banking. President Barack Obama and his cabinet officers – particularly whoever leads the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve – will be dealing with a financial crisis and restructuring that will probably last for at least 4 – 8 years, if not longer.

What made John McCain even more Saturnian in nature – for this presidential campaign – is that his natal Saturn at 20+ Pisces is exactly united with Saturn for when George Washington took the first Oath of Office as president on April 30, 1789.

I have written about this crucial chart in American history in many of the features that you can still read in our Top Stories and News and Newsmakers sections of the website. I call it the chart of Presidential Power. It has astounding influence related to how presidents use and wield power and I see this chart as important as the birthchart for America (July 4, 1776) except that the April 30, 1789 chart refers to the Executive Branch of our government whereas the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence chart is the birthmap of the destiny of our nation.

In Retrospect, Comparing Obama to McCain, and Mercury-Venus Placements

If Obama had John McCain’s “number” (so to speak), it was probably due to the following: Obama’s natal Pluto is exactly conjunct John McCain’s Sun in Virgo; Obama’s Sun in Leo is right on John McCain’s Mars; Obama’s Mars in Virgo is exactly united with John McCain’s Venus (which is also America’s natal Neptune – another story for another time); and Obama’s Chiron in Pisces is on John McCain’s Ascendant.

Furthermore, these two men couldn’t be more different when analyzing an often-forgotten astrological measuring stick. Barack Obama is born with both Mercury and Venus in “morning star” placements relative to the Sun whereas John McCain is born with both Mercury and Venus in “evening star” placements relative to the Sun.

I have studied these morning star and evening star placements for over 30 years. The original premises and ideas come from the superb astrological teachings of Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudhyar.

It is simple to figure out whether Mercury and Venus rise before the Sun or set after the Sun. If Mercury and/or Venus are in earlier degrees of the zodiac than the Sun, they are in “morning star” placements. If Mercury and/or Venus are in later degrees of the zodiac than the Sun, they are in “evening star” placements.

What’s amazing here is that people born with the morning star positions of Mercury or Venus (or especially both) tend to be more liberal-thinking whereas people born with the evening star positions of Mercury or Venus (or especially both) tend to be more conservative-thinking. And that fits these two candidates to a T!

At the time of the election, Mercury was in a morning star placement in the sky whereas Venus was in an evening star placement in the sky. However, at the exact moment of victory for Obama, Venus in the sky was located in house number five – the same house that Venus is located when Barack Obama was born.

The Astounding West Coast Decision and How it Related to the East Coast

During the contest last night, I decided to keep a running chart going of where all the celestial bodies were – primarily using New York City as the base because that is where the main television networks broadcast from.

Once Ohio turned blue and Iowa as well, it was clear that once the polls closed along the West Coast (8PM PST and 11PM EST), the television networks would pronounce Obama the President-Elect. I realized this would happen 1 hour BEFORE at 7PM PST. Therefore, I quickly calculated what the horoscope for 11PM EST (or 8PM PST) would reveal in either New York City or Washington, DC (the nation’s capital) as that would be the historic, turning-point moment.

This is where astrology gets so eerie and shocking. In NYC and Washington, DC, the area in the zodiac rising was 11 – 13 degrees of Leo. Barack Obama’s natal Sun placement is 12+ degrees of Leo.

When the actual moment came at 11PM EST, all of the television networks, really in synchronicity, made the declaration that Barack Obama has broken the racial barrier and had become the first black president of America. Of course, most or all of you saw the scenes on television and it wasn’t long afterwards that John McCain offered his wise and gracious concession speech and Barack Obama wowed his enormous crowd in Chicago and the nation and the world with his cool, clear and extremely well-delivered, inspiring speech.

Naturally, fervent Republicans and Conservatives are still – undoubtedly – in shock because of the fears of what Barack Obama might bring to the presidency, the nation and the world whereas Democrats and Liberals (as well as quite a few Independents) are relishing the chance to have their views and positions validated again within the presidency and the halls of Congress for the next 4 years.

What was fascinating to observe was how the West Coast – as a whole – decided the outcome this time and that – simultaneously along the East Coast – Barack Obama’s Sun degree was rising in that part of the nation. Instead of having to wait for tricky Florida voting to decide an election or staying up all night to see which way Missouri or Ohio would tilt, it was a West Coast decision. And the West Coast has been usually out of the loop entirely in making presidential decisions at election time. So, that is one for the record books on that score.

The USA Birthchart, Saturn and Uranus

I want to make it clear that in discussing the Saturn-Uranus opposition on Election Day and my hypothesis of Uranus = Obama and Saturn = McCain, I also drew heavily upon my thoughts as follows:

America was born with a very close and approaching Sun-Saturn square from Cancer to Libra. Saturn is up and elevated at America’s birth and, before the discovery of Neptune in 1846, Saturn was the most elevated planet in our national chart.

The Sun-Saturn square for America signified our battle against King George III of England. As 13 colonies in 1776, we were breaking away from the tyranny of “no taxation without representation” and being ruled from afar by interests that were so different than the ones that held our attention here in America (the “New World” at the time).

As the Declaration of Independence happened on July 4, 1776 and that Sun-Saturn square highlighted our birth pains as a nation, an undiscovered planet – Uranus – was located at 9 degrees of Gemini, exceedingly close to its own Heliocentric North Node in the solar system (its orbital track around the Sun, so to speak). Any planet on its own Heliocentric North Node – very rare – is extra potent in its influence.

Five plus years later – in October 1781 at the Battle of Yorktown – America won its Revolutionary War. And seven months earlier – March 13, 1781 in Bath, England – Sir William Herschel discovered a new planet that eventually was named Uranus.

We know that Uranus is correlated with the industrial and scientific revolutions of that era – as well as the political revolutions (ours and the French Revolution as well).

Uranus equates with rebellion, revolution, radical change, shocks, surprises, inventions, breakthroughs and breakdowns, freedom and liberation, instability and anarchy, lightning-like realizations, intuitive promptings, the unexpected and the unpredictable, the future.

Saturn equates with rulership, executive authority, focus, responsibility, maturity, structure, form, traditions, rules and regulations, the established order, chronic factors, fears, limits, pessimism and melancholy, logic and the past.

Not only were John McCain and Barack Obama emissaries of Saturnian and Uranian cosmic forces, but the last eight years of executive leadership in our nation was decidedly Saturnian in influence – by a long shot. Therefore, it was simply time for the forces of Uranus to stage a takeover and that’s exactly what happened.

When Barack Obama and Joe Biden are sworn in to the Presidency and Vice Presidency on January 20, 2009, Venus (the planet united with the Sun in Joe Biden’s birthchart) and Uranus (the planet united with the Lunar North Node in Barack Obama’s birthchart) will be a conjunction in Pisces – elevated in the sky.

Since Taurus rises in the Inauguration chart, Venus is the ruling planet of that horoscope. A Venus-Uranus union in Pisces has never happened before as a new executive leadership takes power for a four-year stint in Washington, DC. We will soon see how that works out for the nation and the world.

More “Firsts” from this Historic Election

Although I see Barack Obama as both black and white – due to his parents – the nation and the world sees us as electing our first Afro-American, black president. If this isn’t Uranian in influence, what is?

No matter what your politics may be, how can anyone – fair-minded and into astrology – not be amazed at the power of planets like Uranus and Saturn to tell this story.

Now, of course, all the celestial bodies have a say and this is happening all the time.

For example, the transiting Moon entered Aquarius and exactly united with Barack Obama’s natal Jupiter (1 Aquarius) as he built up his mounting lead in the electoral vote tally between 7PM and 9PM EST last night. Jupiter is usually a planet of victory, success, good fortune and something Big since it is the largest planet in the solar system. And – in this case (something I had seen happening many months ago and which I reported to all of you in my articles) – you have to realize how rare it is for the lunar orb (signifying mass consciousness and the emotional expression of a nation in Mundane Astrology) to cross over someone’s natal Jupiter on Election Night.

The Moon makes a full orbit around the zodiac in 27.3 days. That’s around 640 hours of time and, in this situation, the transiting Moon was united with Barack Obama’s Jupiter for the 2 – 4 hours stretch when he won the biggest victory of his life – the presidency.

While the Moon was so powerfully favoring Barack Obama, in the newly-discovered chart for John McCain (birth time at 6:25PM instead of 9AM, as it had been reported for years in the past), he was experiencing the most extreme “dark of the Moon cycle” since his natal Moon is at 2+ Aquarius.

You will see – in the chart included in this article (Obama Wins) – that the Moon at the victory is located at 1 degree and 59 minutes of Aquarius – thus falling only minutes short of making a return in the horoscope of John McCain.

Dark of the moon cycles always represent the end of things, the finishing up of old projects, activities, ventures and journeys. And so, too, in this case, the dark of the moon vibrations were always forecasting a kind of “end of the road” scenario for the McCain-Palin ticket.

More Blue States

The campaign by Barack Obama’s team will be poured over by political historians for decades because he did something that seemed inconceivable – he wrenched free Indiana, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, New Mexico and Nevada from the Republicans.

Each one of these states – which President George W. Bush won over John Kerry four years ago – is astounding in its implications for future presidential races.

No Republican had ever won the presidency without taking Ohio. At last count, Ohio was won by around 200,000 votes by Obama this time around. So, too, in Florida – that state went to Obama by a little less than 200,000 votes.

Most remarkable was see-sawing Indiana all night – eventually won by Obama by around 22,000 votes or thereabouts. For Indiana to turn blue is a complete shock to Republicans and Conservatives.

However, Barack Obama’s team targeted Virginia early on during the campaign and he actually pulled off winning Virginia by a fairly hefty margin. It hadn’t voted for a Democrat in 44 years since LBJ defeated Barry Goldwater (ironically of Arizona).

Don’t forget that Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy during the Civil War. And we all know how connected Barack Obama is to Abraham Lincoln in his life-destiny path in Springfield, Illinois, the State Legislature in Illinois, and his coming to presidential power with little or no executive experience prior to this time.

In Closing This Time

As he becomes the 44th USA President (44 is a Master Number of great power in numerology), I believe the main reason is that Barack Obama excelled in his life as a community worker. He was called an elitist by his opponents in this election because he went to Harvard, was president of their Law Review, and how eloquently he spoke as he traveled around the country over the past two years.

What this nation needs now – after the financial crash (with a lot more crashing to come – see my many financial astrology articles on this subject) – and after the years of financing two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is a renewed effort to restore the framework of the 50 states of the union. We are falling apart inwardly (roads; cities; employment; health care; sensitivity to one another; etc) and Barack Obama’s work in the slums of Chicago after he left Harvard gave him a key life experience that can help to reshape the destiny of the nation over the next four years.

Early on Election Day, Mars and Neptune formed a 90-degree square in the sky. They formed the identical square (within 1 degree of exactitude) when the nation was born on July 4, 1776. Many astrological researchers have commented that it is this square that has represented the country’s internal division over slavery and civil rights. When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865, Mars squared Neptune in the sky.

However, Barack Obama’s victory has occurred with a strong and constructive 60-degree link between Venus and Neptune in the sky, and both Obama and Lincoln were born with Venus-Neptune flowing trines. In addition, Venus in early Cancer for Barack Obama is united with America’s natal Venus (within only 2 degrees).

Furthermore, Barack Obama is born when his Venus/Mars midpoint is conjunct his Sun within one-third of a degree. The Venus/Mars = Sun midpoint structure for Barack Obama helps to reveal his astounding appeal to men and women across racial lines, and his great popularity (so far).

In the future, I will have much more to say about this entire subject and how Barack Obama’s birthchart, transits and progressions fit or don’t fit into the nation’s chart and cycles as well as to other world leaders and national charts around the globe.

Important Note: There were enormous civil rights changes and historic legislation on this front during the LBJ presidential years in the mid-1960s and this was during the last Saturn-Uranus opposition cycle. So, we have come full circle and, once again, Saturn opposing Uranus changes civil rights and issues regarding fair treatment under the law.

By the way – and this is actually quite crucial – Barack Obama is born with only one stationary celestial body – Juno. Stationary celestial bodies stand out in a birthchart. He has Juno at the beginning of the zodiac – 0+ Aries – something quite symbolic in and of itself. The key, higher Juno qualities are emotional empowerment, equality, balance and fairness in all relationships – especially partnerships of any kind, but also under the laws of any land. Juno – when favorable – also signifies treaties, alliances and diplomacy agreements.

First Update, Afternoon of Nov. 5: Here are a couple of finer points I didn't mention above.

(A) The USA chart of July 4, 1776, 4:47:09PM EST in Philadelphia, PA has a Progressed Full Moon happening on December 30. The location is 5 Pisces (for the Progressed Sun) and 5 Virgo (for the Progressed Moon). Progressed Full Moons for any chart only occur every 29.5 years and represent high, illuminating and potentially enlightening times and experiences (or a tug of war in dealing with opposing forces).

This is just one day before transiting Saturn (leadership; authority figures; timing mechanisms; structure; traditions; fears) stops in the sky and begins retrograde motion at 22 Virgo -- just shy of America's natal Neptune (creative imagination and spiritual values versus massive chaos-confusion-deception).

The Sabian Symbol for 5 Pisces -- the USA Progressed Sun -- is A Church Bazaar -- described by Dane Rudhyar as having a keynote reading as follows: "The value of giving a spiritual or transcendent sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges between social persons and individual minds."

Dane Rudhyar re-interpreted The Sabian Symbols (first published by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones in the 1920s) in a book called An Astrological Mandala in 1973.

It is also astounding that as the election was won yesterday, the USA Progressed Sun had just hit 4 Pisces which has the following symbol -- Heavy Car Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seashore Resorts.. This is truly amazing since it exactly mirrors the blue states lining up along the East and West Coasts with a narrow, isthmus like corridor extending both North (Mid-Atlantic states into the Midwest) and Southwest (new blue states of New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada). Thus, the Democratic Party now links the two coasts if you look rather imaginatively across the mid-section of the country.

The USA Progressed Moon at the election is located at 3 Virgo -- symbolized by Two Guardian Angels. The keynote reads as follows: "Invisible help and protection in times of crisis." Do we really need any further interpretation of this symbol?

The USA Progressed Moon at the actual Progressed Full Moon on December 30 is located at 5 Virgo -- symbolized by A Man Becoming Aware Of Nature Spirits And Normally Unseen Spiritual Agencies. The keynote reads as follows: "The opening up of new levels of consciousness."

(B) Look for early announcements on important cabinet positions like State, Defense, Treasury. I suspect some strong Republicans will be in the mix within the cabinet. The Senate now has a sizable Democratic majority -- although it is not yet filibuster proof. Thus, Democrats and Republicans must still be civil with each other. The House gave the Democrats about another 20+ seats -- giving Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (an Obama supporter during 2008) more clout than before.

(C) Hopefully, President George W. Bush will have President-elect Obama be a vital part of the G20 gathering in Washington, DC on Saturday November 15 that has to do with figuring out a way to restructure and revamp the world economy following the recent financial crash-panic that is really only beginning -- unfortunately.

Notice that the DJIA went down 487 points today. The transiting Moon in Cancer will unite with Barack Obama's natal Venus (and the USA Venus) on the afternoon and evening of Saturday November 15. This looks auspicious for President-elect Obama to "get his feet wet" relative to meeting the distinguished group of leaders and economic experts expected to show up in our nation's capital.

(D) As I have reported in many of my financial astrology articles, transiting Pluto makes its official 16-year entry into Capricorn on the evening of Wednesday Nov. 26 -- just one day before Thanksgiving. On the next morning -- Thursday Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving) -- liberating and revolutionary Uranus makes a stop and turns direct in Pisces.

Thanksgiving morning also brings a New Moon in the sky at 5+ Sagittarius. This zodiacal placement is within 2 degrees of America's Rising Degree. Clearly, this is one of the more transformative and unique Thanksgiving holidays ever for our nation. [I will have much more to say in future articles about Obama and the nation's financial future.]

Several times in 2009 and into 2010, transiting Pluto will oppose America's Venus in Cancer. This is the first time ever in our history that this imposing, deep-seated and potentially metamorphic alignment will occur. Nearly simultaneously, transiting Pluto will oppose President Barack Obama's Venus. The first such encounter actually occurs on January 15, 2009 -- just 5 days before he takes the Oath of Office.

Venus has much to do with our national wealth, banking system and almost everything connected to money itself. It also has much to do with emotional sensitivity, love and kindness, friendly relations, social values, and the search for national and international peace, harmony, balance and understanding.

Pluto signifies extremes, the underworld, mysteries and secrets, the Plutocracy (government by the rich and powerful), spiritual willpower, the unknown and invisible, terrorism, nuclear energy, the Collective Consciousness, bankruptcy and death-rebirth experiences.

(E) The effect around the world because of the Obama victory was extraordinary -- as revealed by today's scenes in countries like South Africa, Japan, France, Cuba, Germany, Egypt and dozens of other countries. The revolutionary promise of America -- in a good, progressive and spiritually positive manner -- is being echoed around the globe as though we are once again showing how a nation can (without bloodshed and violence) shift from one party in power to another -- as well as to be so racially diverse to be able to open the gate into the presidency for someone from a formerly oppressed minority.

Update Nov. 7: North Carolina was declared for Obama yesterday giving him 364 electoral votes to John McCain's 173. Electors meet on December 15 to make these numbers official.

A special feature on MSNBC online today reveals that even though it was extremely helpful that voters under 30 years old turned out in droves for Obama, they did not actually determine the outcome. It was the enormously large turnout in the black community that tilted several of the most important states -- Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina -- from John McCain to Barack Obama. Therefore, this kind of voter turnout will be very helpful to future political campaign teams.

President-elect Obama is meeting with economic advisers (including multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffet and former Fed Chairman Paul Volker) today and will have his first post-election press conference at around 11:30AM PST today. He meets with President Bush on Monday and will probably attend* the G20 meeting of economic leaders in Washington, D.C. now scheduled for Friday-Saturday Nov. 14-15.

This important meeting is going to occur with an unusual sky pattern -- a nearly precise Grand Trine in earth signs of Vesta in Taurus, Ceres in Virgo and Juno in Capricorn. In addition, Venus joins the group on Nov. 14-16 -- leading to a Venus-Juno union on Sunday Nov. 16. Vesta, in fact, will be sitting on top of the Chiron discovery placement (3+ Taurus) from November 1977.

Chiron = healing of old wounds and pains; rainbow bridges of higher trust and faith; spiritual and eccentric thinking outside the box; twilight zones of strange consciousness and being outside of chronological time. Vesta = National Safety and Security issues; insurance and investment themes; fellowship gatherings; the entire investment community.

With three of the four main asteroids in a flowing and potentially visionary Grand Trine in earth signs (related to money, banking, industry and the material realm) and with Venus (social values; tangible assets; real-estate and banks) joining the group, this meeting of the G20 will -- at the very least -- make some initial headway to reforming and restructuring the world's economic system as we move toward Neptune returning to its discovery placement at 26 Aquarius three times in 2009-2010.

I have discussed the ramifications of Neptune returning to its discovery placement and that rare event connecting to a worldwide economic-financial-business restructuring many times throughout the financial astrology articles I have been writing all of this year and back into 2006-2007.

*News Flash on Nov. 7: Apparently, President-elect Obama may not be attending the G20 economic summit -- perhaps because he doesn't want to interfere with President George W. Bush's leadership effort, in this regard, but also because the new president may want to put an entirely different stamp on economic-financial-business matters once he takes office in January. The merits of whether President-elect Obama should or should not be a part of these important proceedings on Nov. 14 - 15 will probably be hotly debated in the week ahead.

This is just a beginning. Keep tuned to this website for late-breaking astrological stories.

© 2008 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Earth Aquarius News.]

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