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My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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Five Relocation, Alter-Your-Destiny Reports

  • $60.00
  • Five Relocation

    Relocation, Alter-Your-Destiny Reports (via the advanced Horizons Software program from Matrix) provide a wealth of information on your main alignments, opportunities and challenges in another city other than where you were born. Based originally on the pioneering work of astrologer Jim Lewis in the 1970s, each report contains several pages in interpretation as well as your birth chart relocated to the city of your choice (with the 4 main asteroids and Chiron included in the chart wheel along with the Sun, Moon, 8 planets, and the Lunar Nodes). With this offer priced at $60, you can request 5 different cities and towns from anywhere around the world. Note: It is best to choose cities far apart, and in different time zones, if possible, so that the texts are different (as cities near one another may have identical reports). It is important to be aware that these reports are not only for relocation purposes, but to understand places that can provide you with golden opportunities for business success, professional advancement, improved relationships, better health, as well as spiritual insights or simply fun and heightened R & R. 

    To view a sample report, click here to view President Barack Obama's Relocation Report to Washington D.C.

Five Relocation, Alter-Your-Destiny Reports | Astrology Reports
Five Relocation, Alter-Your-Destiny Reports | Astrology Reports
Five Relocation, Alter-Your-Destiny Reports | Astrology Reports
Five Relocation, Alter-Your-Destiny Reports | Astrology Reports

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