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News > Top Stories Archives  > DJIA Crash Trajectory: Sept. 29 Thru Monday Oct. 13

DJIA Crash Trajectory: Sept. 29 Thru Monday Oct. 13

DJIA Crash Trajectory: Sept. 29 Thru Monday Oct. 13 | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Dateline: Monday September 29, 2008 and Updated on Sept. 30, Oct. 3, Oct. 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 13 The DJIA plummeted 777 points today – primarily due to the House of Representatives NOT passing the Financial Bailout Bill by a vote against of 228 – 205. Originally, the Senate was supposed to vote on the same bill – had it passed – on Wednesday. Note: Important Updates -- today Sept. 30 at 1PM Pacific Time, Oct. 3 and Oct. 6 - 13 -- are near the end of this article.

Today’s loss is the worst one-day drop in the DJIA since September 2001 and the attack against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. One of Osama bin Laden’s main goals was to “bankrupt the West.” Seven years later his Piscean vision-nightmare is coming to reality.

Many disgruntled Conservative Republicans in the House had been very upset about the bill before-hand and had appeared for many days in a row on television explaining their concerns and why they were going against the Republican leadership of President Bush, the Treasury Secretary and the Federal Reserve Chairman all of whom are Republicans. So, fundamentally, it was a split in Republican ranks and the inability of the president to keep his party behind this bill that has doomed it. While over 90 Democrats in the House voted "no" on the bill, many more Republicans were against it.

To some extent, these Conservative Republicans were simply trying to stay true to their values which go totally against government bailouts on this titanic scale. However, many congressional representatives in both parties can be accused of playing politics with their votes today -- considering that every single member of the House is about to return to their home state districts in the hope to be re-elected for another two-year term. And many of them did not want to face the wrath of their constituents who -- according to recent polls -- are very upset with Congress and still have many fears that even this giant bailout will not solve the nation's financial crisis.

Now the entire bailout bill situation is in greater confusion and uncertainty with a major holiday (the Jewish New Year) happening tomorrow, and the stock and financial markets remaining open in many other countries around the world over the next few days.

In addition to a large percentage of the national and global investment community being in a pretty negative mood before the vote (with the DJIA down over 250 points before the vote went down), transiting Mars (losses; debts; acute and inflammatory action) in late Libra opposed the NYSE natal Saturn (fear; falls and crashes; contractions) in late Aries while the red planet was poised to make its first union in approximately 2 years with the NYSE natal Neptune (confusion; chaos; dissolution of value). Mars unites with the NYSE natal Neptune during the last 90 minutes of trading tomorrow.

I had explained – on two Coast to Coast AM radio interviews in July and August – that the Total Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008 was (a) exactly square to Vesta (the investment community; National Safety and Security themes; insurance rates, coverage and policies) and (b) that Mars in that Eclipse chart was making its first, precise return in about 2 years to its own placement in the NYSE chart at 18+ Virgo. This is, by the way, the same zodiacal placement as the Sun in the World Trade Center disaster from September 11, 2001.

In a companion piece also appearing in this Top Story section – that I just posted in the last two weeks during this national and international financial crisis – I explained the approaching potential for another type of stock market and financial market crash due to astrological similarities to what happened in late October 1929. There are also a couple of charts in that feature.

Another key and deeply disturbing alignment happening today is transiting Jupiter (anything Big) in Capricorn (limits and restrictions; regulations; control by higher-ups) exactly opposing America's Sun in Cancer (our heart-center; core power; fundamental character) within 2 minutes of arc. That Jupiter polarity is precise tonight as the news sinks in to a shocked country. This was the third and final Jupiter opposition to our national Sun since the third week of February 2008. You can also look at transiting Jupiter as representing Big Business and the U.S. banking system that has now turned against us and is in direct opposition to the vital life-force of Americans (symbolized by our natal Cancerian Sun).

Even if a revised bailout bill comes to the floors of the House and Senate and passes both around Wednesday to Friday of this week (then to be signed by the president), we have a highly volatile and rattled group of financial markets and indices.

Remember that every market index is connected strongly to the planet Mercury – which is currently in one of its tri-annual, three-week retrograde cycles. This one began on September 24 with Mercury’s station and shift retrograde at 22+ Libra – exactly on the NYSE Jupiter placement from May 17, 1792. Jupiter equates with anything BIG since it is the largest planet in the solar system. And although Jupiter is usually the planet of providence and good luck, it does rule over over-spending, over-speculation, and Large-Scale losses – especially if Mars is highly active at the same time.

Meanwhile, this morning’s big move by the Federal Reserve to increase to over $600 billion (from around $290 billion) what are known as “swaps” (making U.S. dollars more available to other currency markets) may have – inadvertently -- unnerved congressional representatives and the investment community as well. Why? Because instead of showing confidence, this was now one more gigantic movement revealing panic and worry by the Federal Reserve itself that national and international banks were still too frozen, worried and fearful about loosening up credit for the average person.

Just as the Financial Bailout Bill has an intention of unfreezing credit throughout the banking system through the purchase, evaluation, selling and/or liquidation of very flaky mortgage-backed securities, the Fed action this morning may have signaled a staggering inflationary cycle to come and added distress for the value of the extremely-shaky U.S. dollar.

Note: It also didn’t help that Wachovia bank (at least its retail division) was acquired by Citigroup this morning in another speculative merger (backed by the FDIC and the Federal Reserve) of two very battered banking institutions.

If you read the other financial Top Story then you will have my pertinent information on a wide range of topics – including the coming union between transiting Pluto and the Federal Reserve Sun at 2 degrees of Capricorn in early 2009, along with transiting Pluto eventually opposing America’s natal Venus and Jupiter in Cancer over the next 2 years.

Down below are the important paragraphs extracted from an e-mail I sent early this morning to a colleague about the powerful parallels and contra-parallels now influencing the silver and gold trading charts.

Let me add here that transiting Jupiter today (and over the next day or two) is parallel to the Sun in the gold trading chart – a cycle that had already occurred twice this year and which signified another upturn in the price of gold. That upturn occurred today right on schedule with gold rising as much as $40 at one point that I saw once the bailout bill was rejected. Gold has settled around $913 an ounce – up about $24.50 on the day.

Parallels and contra-parallels are aspects in astrological analysis that are calculated via declination North and South of the Celestial Equator. They are very potent and probably more powerful than “regular” aspects like the conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition that are used when measuring celestial body distance within the zodiacal circle (the Ecliptic).

E-Mail to a Business Colleague on Monday Sept. 29, 2008

Working with my Astrolabe Ephemeris that includes daily declinations, Pluto was parallel Saturn in the silver chart last December (07), February 08 and July 08. That's over with -- although it could explain the drag on silver prices, yes? Particularly the July final crossing of Pluto parallel Saturn, and this is an actual parallel rather than a contra-parallel (thus perhaps functioning more like a conjunction than an opposition or polarity).

But then Pluto hit a contra-parallel to the silver chart Chiron one time -- between approximately Aug. 16 - 20. Again, unless silver gained in its price at that time, it might have continued the dragging, constraining trend that Pluto parallel Saturn had indicated.

The Pluto contra-parallel to the silver chart Mercury is actually within 1 minute of exactitude stretching for around 12 days from Oct. 26 to Nov. 6 (with your Oct. 31 date at the center of that time).

I mention this for the following reason, which will help you figure out extended rising or falling in, say, silver or gold charts when using parallels and contra-parallels:

During the same time-period (Oct. 26 to Nov. 6) when Pluto's contra-parallel to the silver chart Mercury is within 1 minute of exactitude (with Pluto only traveling 2 minutes in declination during that whole 12-day sequence), transiting Pluto in its zodiacal movement goes 17 minutes of arc.

Therefore, I think you need to widen the influence of this Pluto contra-parallel to the silver chart Mercury by at least a couple of days before Oct. 31 and a couple of days after.

Pluto is hanging out in the contra-parallel to the silver chart Mercury for many days* rather than during the specific minute of time as listed through your computer program. This is one of the misleading factors in any astrology software computer program; it never can reveal the real impact in true day-to-day timing when an extremely slow-moving outer planet does something in comparison to, say, Mercury, Venus or Mars which move much faster on a daily basis.

*The proof of this is revealed in looking at the actual ephemeris which shows Pluto at 17 degrees and 35 minutes south declination from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2 (at the very least and, again, I would widen this influence another day earlier and later since a contra-parallel like this hasn't occurred for many decades).

If a crash-like scenario is being played out in the DJIA in late October, then this extended Pluto contact with silver's Mercury looks like a buoyant time for silver rising don't you think? Particularly since Jupiter will be making its third parallel over both the gold trading Venus and Vesta from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 (Election Day).

I wonder if Gold and Silver could be rising then for 3 reasons: (a) the astrology; (b) the economic crisis and stocks taking a beating and going lower then (as well as the inflationary hit on the U.S. $, making it go lower around then, too); (c) Republican-Conservative fears of an Obama win, depressing the stock market and making people turn to Gold-Silver as hedges against inflation and also reassurance in a tangible asset because a coming Obama Administration (much more so than a McCain Administration) will be pointing to (1) greater regulation of banks and Wall Street practices; and (2) increased taxes for the SuperRich, as Obama has recently proposed.

Also -- as we go past the November time-period and then get into next year, Pluto will not come back to make an exact contra-parallel to the silver chart Mercury.

Starting in 2016-2017 and going on for several decades (!) Pluto will hang out around 21 degrees, 22 degrees and 23 degrees south declination as it slows down more and more.

Could this mean the eventual rise of silver and gold prices when we are in our late 60s, 70s and 80s? This should be because both the silver and gold charts have several planets each in the band of 21 - 23 degrees south and north declination.

Here's an extra point for you concerning the gold trading chart this week: Late Wednesday afternoon Oct. 1 and continuing into Thursday morning Oct. 2, the Sun in Libra makes its annual passage over Pluto in the gold trading chart and thereby squares its own placement in Capricorn (conjunct Vesta as well) in the gold trading chart. Since you sometimes don't include transiting Sun in your transits (or do you?), this might escape your attention. Depending on other alignments with the dollar and NYSE, etc., maybe transiting Sun on the gold Trading Pluto could reveal a temporary extreme swing in the price of Gold. You should be able to determine whether up or down I am sure!

I hope the above helps...Happy Monday morning...Mark [End of E-Mail]

Update: Monday Evening Sept. 29: I have added two charts to this story.

The first one is the moment when the House defeated the Financial Bailout Bill. You will see an early Capricorn Rising Ascendant. However, as the voting began at 1:28PM and the vote continued for 38 minutes, Pluto in late Sagittarius exactly crossed the Washington, D.C. Ascendant as the no votes began revealing the inevitability that the bill would fail.

Furthermore, as Pluto crept closer to the Ascendant during the voting process, the DJIA -- based in New York City -- began plummeting by hundreds of points.

Pluto equates with extremes, underground earthshaking movements, terrorism (financial, political and "other"), hellish conditions, bankruptcy and mass, impersonal destruction of monetary values.

The Sun placement as the bailout bill failed was precisely united with the red planet Mars (losses; debts; acute and inflammatory conditions) from the Stock Market Crash of October 19, 1987. This is rather amazing because when the 777-point drop of the DJIA finally came through on the delayed, electronic ticker (around 4:15PM EDT -- some 15 minutes after trading ceased), that number became the worst one-day drop ever for the DJIA and the worst drop since October 19, 1987.

To make matters more severe, the Moon's placement when the bailout bill failed was virtually on top of Venus at 11+ degrees Libra from the Great Stock Market Crash of October 29, 1929.

In looking at the second chart -- for when the 777-point DJIA loss was officially recorded -- you will see Aquarius rising. However, the key here is that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus is very close to house cusp number 2 (representing the vast savings and monetary interests of the American people, plus our entire banking system). On the other hand, transiting Saturn is very close to house cusp number 8 (representing the interlocking, global community of financial interests).

Saturn and Uranus will be making their first of five oppositions in the sky on Election Day (November 4, 2008). Therefore, in many ways, today's 777-point loss in the DJIA was a gigantic wake-up call to the nation and all of us as investors of one sort or another. Uranus = revolution and shock waves, plus electrifying uncertainty. Saturn = fears; old karma; constraints; and falls or crashes from great heights.

The fact that Saturn and Uranus -- now approaching their November 4 polarity in the sky -- are so near to house cusps 8 and 2 at today's NYSE close suggests that we may start witnessing DAILY, alarming trends and events in the world-wide financial markets that keep us all on the nerve-racking edge (Uranus) of our proverbial seats (Saturn).

The Magical Meaning of Today's 777 Number

In the field of Esoteric Astrology -- linked to the concept of 7 Rays pervading all of life as we know it -- Ray 7 is always associated with the planet Uranus whereas Ray 3 is always associated with the planet Saturn. Thus, today's "crackpot" (rather than jackpot) number of 777 signifies the 7th Ray vibrations being raised to the power of 3-ness (3 sevens).

Also in Esoteric Astrology and 7-Ray analysis as given out through the Alice A. Bailey books, both Saturn and Uranus are deeply connected to the creation, dispensation and circulation of money. Saturn is also strongly affiliated with New York City as the financial capital of the world.

Uranus is always super-charged with extraordinary illuminating and liberating power when revolutions must occur -- shattering the foundations of the old world (Saturn) in order to allow a cycle of long-term dissolution (Neptune) to set in, eventually leading to a complete destruction and annihilation (Pluto) of the former structures and forms (Saturn) -- hopefully setting the stage for a regeneration (newly discovered Sedna far beyond Pluto) and ultimate rebirth (newly discovered Eris even further beyond Sedna).

Update: Tuesday Sept. 30 1PM PDT Today's steep rise and "recovery" in the DJIA is probably much more dangerous than it is helpful. Why?

Danger Number One: If yesterday's 777-point worst loss ever in one day was supposed to shock lawmakers into finally passing the $700 billion Bailout Bill, then today's excessive gain of 485 points could be telling those Conservative Republicans (who doomed the bill yesterday) that they were right to block passage, that the so-called urgency to act now has been exaggerated, and that they might as well go on recess and seek re-election back at their home districts.

Now some of today's financial talking heads are trying to say that today's DJIA rally is simply happening because the investor community is more hopeful now that a bailout bill will be accomplished. I think today's rally is happening for another, very simple reason: Investors knew the DJIA would be bouncing back very early this morning. How? Simply turning on their TVs and seeing the DJIA Futures up around 190 points. I saw this as well and figured we would have a big bounce in the DJIA throughout today's trading hours. And that's exactly what happened.

Thus, the reasons for today's skyrocketing of the DJIA are (a) people wanting desperately to gain back their losses from yesterday; (b) a day-trader mind-set out there as investors are desperate to ride quick-moving roller-coaster rides to lock in profits in a few hours -- knowing they might also have to sell quickly by tonight or tomorrow morning if the DJIA begins diving again!

Also -- and I pointed this out in my companion Top Story piece on our Financial Crisis -- short-selling has been temporarily banned by the SEC. This ban covers a large number of financial stocks -- hundreds of them. When "shorters" are temporarily blocked from "shorting," what will they do? They are NOT going to sit idly by on the sidelines of trading bemoaning their fate. No, they will go "long" and turn around and, if necessary, bid up a stock market that -- quite frankly -- hasn't reached its true bottom or lows yet.

Danger Number Two: While I was never a good student of Economics when I attended Michigan State University in the late 1960's, I have been learning a lot over the past decade and even more so during the past few years.

Today's speculative, "cashing in" rise in the DJIA prevents the NYSE and the DJIA from reaching a deeper bottom that it needs to find. As Jim Cramer (Mad Money host on CNBC) has mentioned, a DJIA back down to 8,200 or somewhere around there is not ridiculous or out of the question.

Ironically, were the DJIA to "crash" during October -- and there are scary signals concerning such a crash psychology out there (as explained in my companion piece in this Top Story section) -- it would be back much closer to where the DJIA was during the beginning years of the George W. Bush reign of presidential power.

The bottom line is that (a) today's DJIA surge up 485 points at the close is definitely NOT a signal that all is well in the economy; (b) the recovery of the DJIA today is primarily based on desperate speculators-investors trying to recover their losses from yesterday to pay bills, etc; (c) and this leaves the overall technicals and dynamics in the financial markets extremely vulnerable to a near-future crash psychology developing during the entire month of October, and especially in the second half of October.

Danger Number Three: The hundreds of billions of dollars already tossed into the national and international financial markets by the Federal Reserve will eventually create massive inflation and the U.S. dollar will thereby sink accordingly.

Over the past 72 hours, four major banks in Europe were nationalized and many European countries are in desperate straits regarding the credit squeeze and simultaneous absence of enough liquidity to keep their banking system going strong.

Many reporters on major financial websites (MarketWatch, Kitco and Bloomberg) point to Europe as potentially "cracking" soon financially. Will our Federal Reserve then have to bail out some of their banks to preserve the international structure of banking?

With transiting Pluto on the verge of striking the Federal Reserve Sun in early Capricorn for the first time ever as we move into 2009, the Federal Reserve is either moving toward bankruptcy OR dictatorship of financial assets, resources, banks, organizations, systems, etc. Either path is too horrible to consider, but bankruptcy would, at least, pave the road toward the Neptunian Re-Visioning of the world-wide monetary system that has to occur by 2010-2011 as Neptune starts its second 164-year orbit around the Sun since its discovery.

America created the sub-prime, foreclosure and derivative MESS in the first place and then spread it, like a virus, throughout the global banking system. And if you add what are called "credit default swaps" (connected to insurance backing of debts-loans) and all the other phony paper "fiat money" that has no precious metal, gold-silver backing, there are hundreds of trillions of dollars of monetary negativity out there in the world.

I have come to the conclusion -- from reading and studying extensively about this entire subject -- that the so-called $700 billion Bailout Bill was and is only a smoke-screen and cover-up for something that is gargantuan and cannot be revealed to the public. Those so-called "bad debts" held by banks, investment firms and world-wide investors are so enormous in financial quantity and so impossible to calculate that the entire international financial system would collapse in a matters of days or even hours if the real truth were admitted.

In essence, there is a several hundred trillion dollar financial supernova ready to explode and only a complete restructuring of the world's economic system will prevent that explosion. I hinted at the cause and solution of this in my other, companion piece. It is related to our nearing the conclusion of Neptune's first 164-year orbit around the Sun since its discovery on September 23, 1846.

Neptune equates with international currencies and global financial trends-cycles-waves. Neptune returns to its discovery placement at 26 degrees of Aquarius in April and July of 2009, and February 2010 (and very potently again in November 2010). Please read that other article so you know the positive and negative ramifications of what Neptune is bringing in its first return ever to its discovery position.

I will have more to say about all these subjects soon. In the meantime, for gold and silver investors: Be vigilant and see dips as possible, new buying opportunities instead of feeling discouraged. And if you need maximum security and safety for large amounts of money, make sure your hard-earned cash and savings are secured by the FDIC at up to $100,000 per account in reliable banks. Some money-market funds, CDs and Treasury Bills are also insured, but double-check everything meticulously with experts at your bank. The FDIC may be raising the insurance to $250,000 per account shortly, so stay alert to that change as it could help stabilize the recent financial panic-crisis and give people a temporary sense of comfort and support.

Very Important Update: Friday Oct. 3 at 12:20PM PDT: The House joined the Senate today in passing the so-called Bailout Bill by a vote of 263-171. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the bill at 2PM EDT, but for it to be official and go into effect President Bush needs to sign it. He said that he will do so.

However, the DJIA -- which had been up substantially in early trading -- is now only meandering around just slightly in the plus category with only 45 minutes of trading left. Note: DJIA is now down over 100 points with only 10 minutes of trading left.

Now that the American people have witnessed several weeks of financial and market turmoil, and the House first rejecting and now passing the Bailout Bill (loaded with extra incentives this time around), an exhaustion factor has set in. Also -- many individuals received e-mails in the last 2 weeks explaining how $700 billion dispersed instead to U.S. citizens above the age of 18 could bring over $400,000 to every adult -- allowing consumers and regular people to turn the economy around instead of this bailout approach to the very people (bankers, investors and traders maxed out on greed) who created this financial mess that we are all in.

Beyond all of this is the ticking time-bomb in the tens of trillions of dollars known as credit default swaps (mentioned earlier in this article) and the coming tsunami wave of credit card defaults and the accompanying charge-offs and write-downs by the credit card companies who have been overly-eager in creating a system of very large interest rates that, in this crisis environment, are throwing millions of Americans into extreme debt.

Add on the probable fact that the U.S. Treasury will be coming back to Congress for additional $$$ in the future and the hazardous state of the European and Asian economies (as fragile, if not more so, than ours) and it is clear why the DJIA is wavering and going down (even with an upbeat Sagittarius Moon on the agenda today).

It also did not help the investment community to see an additional loss of 159,000 jobs while the apparent acquisition of Wachovia Bank by Citigroup earlier this week was overthrown today by a replacement merger of Wells Fargo and Wachovia. On any other type of regular news day, this controversy and a possible law suit by Citigroup against Wachovia would create screaming headlines in the business sections of major media outlets.

Overall, what we are witnessing is (a) Neptune nearing the end of its 164-year cycle around the Sun since its discovery on September 23, 1846 and (b) Pluto making its shift from boom-and-speculation Sagittarius (a fire sign) to control-and-regulate Capricorn (an earth sign). These two major shifts by the two outermost planets are the main reasons for the overall national and international financial crises affecting all of us. How we get out of this pending catastrophe is another matter -- one requiring a lot of business genius globally-dispersed.

It is this Pluto move from Sagittarius to Capricorn that is eerily similar to Neptune's 14-year transit in Leo (during the Roaring 20s) and its 14-year transit in Virgo (which, in its beginning, triggered the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929). As Barry Lynes wrote so clearly in one of his privately printed masterworks in the early 1980s, it was the precise (no orb!) transiting Neptune sextile of 60-degrees to the USA Venus that timed Black Thursday (Oct. 24, 1929) and the beginning of the Oct. 1929 Market Crash while the following Neptune sextile to the USA Jupiter several years later timed the U.S. Stock Market bottom.

Now we have extremist, deadly and yet potentially regenerative Pluto about to make a similar shift from a fire sign to an earth sign with sweeping, transformative vibrations affecting all economies on Planet Earth. And as soon as March 5 - 9 , 2009, transiting Pluto opposes the USA Venus (the first of three of these alignments in 2009) while the transiting Pluto opposition to our nation's Jupiter occurs three times in 2011 (starting in mid-January of that year).

These polarities by extremist Pluto to the USA Venus (our savings, assets and personal wealth) and the USA Jupiter Big Business, the overall banking system, accumulative wealth and success potential) have never happened before to our nation and won't occur again for 245 years! It is this motion by Pluto and the ending phase of Neptune finishing its first orbit around the Sun since its discovery which are astrologically behind all our financial worries, fears and -- should I say it? -- hopes.

Update Monday Oct. 6 at NYSE Close: After falling around 800 points at its low, the DJIA reversed itself during the last hour of trading to turn down 370 points. However, this 430+ difference is highly suspect in "who" or "what forces" came in during the last hour of trading to manipulate the final numbers. The DJIA at 9955.50 is its worst level since 2004.

As I had indicated yesterday (Oct. 5) on the front of the website, today brought to humanity and the investment community a highly frictional Sun-Jupiter square in the sky during trading hours. Plus -- the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury happens just after the NYSE closes and this is being followed by a Mercury-Jupiter square in the sky. Asian and European financial markets crumbled under the abrasiveness of these up-and-coming, discordant sky patterns.

The reason our DJIA went so low at one point is because today's Sun-Jupiter and Mercury-Jupiter squares -- as well as the Sun-Mercury-Earth line-up in the solar system that constitutes an Inferior Conjunction of Sun and Mercury -- were all igniting America's very potent and disagreeable Sun-Saturn square from 14 degrees of Cancer to 15 degrees of Libra.

Saturn = fear and falls from a great height. The recent movement of transiting Saturn around 14 Virgo short-circuited both the USA Sun at 14 Cancer during the last couple of weeks and it also created a "financial mess" relative to the Dollar Trading Chart which began at a Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius back in early June 1993.

Today's severe sky alignments struck our nation's natal Saturn full-force; hence, the fear and extreme drop in the DJIA for several hours. The volume of traded shares was not that high -- indicating that many investors are on the sidelines already afraid (negative Saturn) to put their hard-earned money into stocks right now. Of those individuals who were either more courageous or foolhardy to be into day-trading, many were burned in the early hours of trading and, instead of letting the NYSE and the DJIA find a true bottom or floor, these same people bid the market up during the last hour of trading in a desperate hope of regaining losses.

However, as certain experts and long-term analysts of financial market behavior are noting, we really need to have the DJIA settle down to its real bottom or floor in order to avoid what is now happening -- a prolonged, unstable crashing of the DJIA.

Unless we learn from past crashes and panics, we are going to have a whopper that really gets fired up in the next few weeks. Please see my other financial feature in this Top Story section to read my research about the potential for a crash in the second half of October and into November and beyond as many of the celestial patterns and alignments from the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929 are coming back to haunt and trick us around the lead-up to Halloween.

Let's not forget that with each passing day, the first of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions is reaching closer to exactitude. The initial opposition of these super-giant planets occurs on Election Day!

The Federal Reserve is pumping even more tens of billions of dollars again (after $600 billion a week ago that pretty much happened under the financial radar screens of the world) in a desperate attempt to get American and international banks to start making loans again. However, the banks are still shell-shocked from the mortgage-backed securities, CDOs, SIVs, credit default swaps, titanic financial disaster, and their accounting books are totally awry with no real hope that anyone anywhere can place a true value on assets, debts and overall losses. No wonder they don't want to loan money out when their accounting numbers make no sense!

Between tonight and tomorrow morning, Jupiter makes a parallel to Pluto in the NYSE chart from May 17, 1792. In addition, we have the monthly Moon-Jupiter union in the sky in Capricorn, a possible crisis-producing First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase, the lunar orb moving through America's second house of money, assets and banking, and -- to top it off -- the transiting Sun making its annual union with our natal Saturn (15 Libra). It's going to be a hope-for-the-best and prepare-for-the-worst kind of day relative to the NYSE, DJIA and the overnight response coming from Asian financial markets then supplemented by another response from European banks and markets (that are definitely going through their own intense catastrophe).

By the way, the Bank of America announced after trading hours (how surprising!) that they will cut their quarterly dividend by 68% and that they are needing to sell $10 billion of new common stock in order to raise funds to offset loan losses. Remember that this is now one of the great USA banks still standing -- following their acquisition of Merrill Lynch. Their CEO warned of the steep and severe recessionary problems that lie ahead for them and the nation. How this news and his statement can possibly be encouraging for investors and shareholders is anyone's guess.

Note: We also have the Federal Reserve now playing the role of referee and arbiter between Citigroup and Wells Fargo who are in a desperate struggle to acquire Wachovia Bank. This sounds very much like an exhausted parent trying to separate two bratty children who are arguing over a toy that each of them insists is theirs. When will this madness and childlike me-me-me behavior on Wall Street ever end?

Update Tuesday Oct. 7: Even the Federal Reserve indicating it would buy tens of billions of dollars of unsecured commercial paper (which helps banks deal with day-to-day finances) didn't push the DJIA higher today. And Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke -- born at a Sun-Jupiter opposition and talking in Washington, D.C. and to the public on the day after a Sun-Jupiter square in the sky -- only fueled more selling on Wall Street. He hinted at an interest rate drop later in October, but the investment community seemed to respond with a ho-hum, so-what kind of reaction.

You may keep hearing talking heads on television suggest that we are in for a deflationary cycle in prices and costs. They are trying to make this case because of the housing bubble and the vast downturn in the value of houses across the nation. However, the ridiculous amounts of paper currency being printed and thrown around by the Federal Reserve is only increasing the inevitability of a giant hyper-inflationary wave -- a tsunami of dollar worthlessness that I have indicated earlier in this story could actually materialize in 2009 when Jupiter unites with Neptune in Aquarius and while Neptune nears the completion of its first orbit around the Sun since its discovery in 1846.

This financial crisis is global for all the reasons spelled out earlier in this feature and also in the companion article in the Top Story section. It didn't help the national financial bottom line that the Bank of America released a statement yesterday (after trading hours) that they would be cutting their dividend by 68% and that they would need to sell $10 billion worth of new common stock to offset loan losses. And this is coming from one of America's great, still-standing business institutions which just recently acquired Merrill Lynch.

You need to now review carefully what I shared in the companion piece on the Financial Crisis and what's really behind it astrologically.

Update Wed. Oct. 8: On a day when Mercury made an awkward, 150-degree link to Vesta in the sky (revealing extensive worries and stress in the investment community with few or no solutions) and while Saturn made a much more rare and yet also off-kilter, 150-degree tie to Chiron in the sky (chronic fear in the financial markets in contact with out-of-time Chiron creating a twilight-zone effect), we have seen more craziness and extremes coming from national and world leaders.

First off were a 9.38% drop in Japan's Nikkei while there was a 8.2% drop in Hong Kong's Hang Seng. Then came UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's extremist, socialistic nationalization of eight UK banks. He even indicated that his plan went beyond the American $700 billion supposed "solution" and that the days of buying unclearly valued mortgage-backed securities was over. This was a definite dig at both Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke.

If Brown's plans are imitated by other nations within the Common Market, then we are witnessing a resilient, futuristic Aquarian Age socialism sweeping away the capitalistic mentality of the past 30 years (beginning with Reagan and Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher).

Another unique happening was that the Federal Reserve Bank coordinated a one-half point interest rate drop with five over international central banks -- including the Bank of China. This was a bold attempt to inject more liquidity into the global banking system and to prod banks to start lending money again. However, the historic move temporarily failed to do the trick.

Many commentators on the home front felt that the lowering of this key interest rate by the Federal Reserve Bank was too small to have a major influence right now. Supposedly, there will be another decrease of a half point or more when the Federal Reserve Bank has its next key meeting just before Halloween.

Meanwhile, the DJIA went through a frenetic up and down rollercoaster ride -- eventually leading to a 189 drop down to 9258. The NYSE and the DJIA of 30 companies are seeking a realistic bottom-floor and the transiting Moon in Aquarius over the next 48 hours should push the numbers lower or a little higher to find that foundation. But a foundation for what?

At least a short, bullish rally back up that looks like it could happen in the middle of next week (Wednesday Oct. 15 and Thursday Oct. 16) when (a) Mercury stops again (going direct and ending its retrograde cycle in fence-sitting and indecisive Libra) and (b) the Moon goes through financial-bullish Taurus (thereby uniting with the NYSE natal Venus and Sun). However, it remains to be seen how far back up such a short-term bullish ride will go. And remember everything that I have warned about the "psychology of a crash" coming into play in the latter part of October.

After trading hours were over -- and very quickly thereafter -- a breaking news snippet occurred revealing that the Federal Reserve was offering another $37.8 billion (of the taxpayers' fiat-paper money) to the embattled insurance giant -- AIG -- to help it get through its current monetary crisis and deal more effectively with its so-called "subsidiaries."

This new bailout -- on top of the $85 billion bridge-loan by the Fed to AIG three weeks ago (when Venus and Mercury were both in an awkward, 150-degree link to shocking Uranus) -- is so insulting to the American people that it is almost impossible for any conscientious citizen to accept what's going on here.

The Federal Reserve Bank -- OUTSIDE OF the $700 billion Bailout Bill -- has been and is coughing up well over $1 trillion of our money to seemingly solve this unsolvable problem. Even so, most banks nationally and internationally remain in a frozen condition regarding giving loans and offering regular people and small business owners lines of credit and financial support.

As I have explained many times now in these articles, there is no solution right now and through what all these "leaders" are trying to do because they have no grasp of the bigger, vaster astrological cycles, waves and hidden influences connected to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto -- plus Jupiter and Saturn, as well as far-out Sedna and Eris. Dozens of charts and historical events are involved in this global financial catastrophe and, in a future article, I will round up all of these charts so you know the true magnitude and timing mechanisms involved in this extraordinary situation we are all facing.

Update: Thursday night Oct. 9: What started a couple of weeks ago as a scary situation for the national and global economies has turned into a several-week crash -- although the truth is that we are merely contracting from the ridiculous, over-the-top, excessive greed and debt-oriented mind-set that has been with us since at least Pluto's entry into speculative, expansive and excessive Sagittarius in 1995.

Now that Pluto is about to enter Capricorn (officially November 26) for a 16-year odyssey, the booming, got-to-have-it lifestyle of the I-wanna-be-a-multimillionaire is collapsing as Saturn (fear) temporarily overtakes greed (Jupiter combined with Pluto).

The supposed recent heroes on our home turf recently (Paulson & Bernanke) are really incompetent villains who perhaps mean no harm, but are incapable of figuring out this financial mess (that they could have prepared us for). Be aware that some $7.4 trillion in market value has now been lost during the past couple of weeks from stocks while over $2 trillion has been lost in retirement accounts -- pushing many to borrow from their 401K's to pay bills and make millions of people contemplate delaying their retirements perhaps for years.

As I mentioned in earlier segments, Henry Paulson is born on the one day in 1946 when the Sun was exactly opposite Neptune while Ben Bernanke is born on the one day in 1953 when the Sun was exactly opposite Jupiter. They are very internally-split individuals who have major blind spots as they look at the world.

When I first made these remarks I kind of hoped that I was wrong in my judgment and assessment of their actions. But in retrospect -- and in remembering that their original proposal of the Bailout Bill to Congress was three pages long, in which they wanted to only report back to Congress six months following their receipt of $700 billion in taxpayers money, and with no oversight during those first six months (!) -- I was actually much too kind.

They have each made extensive speeches during the last 48-72 hours that have either made no impact on the investment community, provided no real reassurance and actually caused the DJIA to plummet further.

[Note: Ben Bernanke has a Sun-Jupiter exact polarity precisely on top of America's Mars. Mars = debts and losses in financial astrology. He is also born at a Mars-Neptune union while the nation is born with Mars square Neptune. It looks like he is the financial Emperor Nero of our times -- fiddling with his research on The Great Depression while our 21st Century Roman Empire burns to the ground.]

Now President Bush has cordially invited the finance ministers from G-7 nations (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan) to The White House this Saturday (on the day of a Venus square to Neptune in fixed signs in the sky) for discussions and to "swap ideas" prior to annual meetings of The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and The World Bank in Washington, D.C.

As I was reading about this White House meeting, I was stunned: No one invited from China -- whose banking system is also totally on the ropes and a nation that could destroy the U.S. dollar if it wanted to by selling off massive amounts of U.S. securities and debts? No one invited from Russia? Sure, Russia is still a frequent adversary, but it is a nation whose banking system is also teetering on the edge of a cliff and their leader (Putin) is definitely someone we don't want to anger right now. And how about -- just to be fair and decent -- inviting someone representing India (like China having about one-seventh of the world's population), being the largest Democracy in the world, and a country whose enormous purchases of gold every year (particularly during the fall and winter) have so much to do with what the price of an ounce of this precious metal and currency will be in the years to come.

At any rate, in the last few days, whether because of excessive margin calls, short-sellers re-entering the financial markets, the continuing freeze within the global banking system to loan out money, the very high LIBOR interest rates (which are constraining banks from loaning money to each other), the so-called "Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction" (CDOs, SIVs, mortgage-backed-securities, unsecured commercial paper, credit default swaps, etc.), our world is rapidly moving from recession to either deep-recession or the unmentionable "D"-word.

The supposedly unmentionable "C"-word (crash) is now being articulated because the DJIA has lost about 21% of its value in the last 10 days and 39% of its value since exactly a year ago when it had reached its high of 14,164. Well, what a difference a year makes. Plus -- 2 1/2 years ago I had written my article on whether we were going to have a Banking and Stock Market Crash in 2006-2007.

If we had only awakened to all the severe financial problems earlier -- via a much more vigilant multi-media and a much less greedy worldwide business community -- this might have been a manageable recession rather than the financial melt-down that will definitely dwarf the early horrors from the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929.

Note: On Black Monday and Black Tuesday -- Oct. 28 - 29, 1929 -- the DJIA lost a then record 13% and 12% of its value (combined 25% in two days). Because our current crash has been developing for a couple of weeks, the phrase FINANCIAL CRASH has not been seen on the front of a daily newspaper in gigantic letters. But make no mistake -- that's exactly what has happened.

Nevertheless, it has nothing in common with the massive deflationary monetary cycle that occurred during The Great Depression. Instead, we are having or are about to have a Weimar Republic type of hyper-inflationary monetary cycle where paper currencies turn worthless UNLESS the nations of the world come together to reorganize the global banking and financial system.

I have already explained why that reorganization must happen (Neptune finishing its first 164-year orbit around the Sun since its 1846 discovery, and Pluto entering Capricorn for a 16-year cycle, among several other important factors).

The housing bubble was inflationary and the recent collapse in the prices of homes is simply a return to what's correct and not truly deflationary. The downturn in oil prices is simply a return to what's normal -- following a speculative bubble in that commodity and energy-fuel that sent the price of a barrel of crude oil to $147 (while now it is under $90).

Thus, all these bursting economic greed bubbles are bringing us back to the concept of living within our means rather than beyond our means. Of course, this is very frustrating to millions of people and they want to label it deflationary. However, the real truth is that the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury, central banks in other nations, and wicked investors, bankers and agent-provocateurs of financial fraud all over the world have created the most severe hyper-inflationary monetary cycle of fiat money (paper currencies not backed by gold) ever.

The only way out of the mess -- without suffering what happened in Germany in 1923-1924 when their currency (The Mark) became completely worthless (one Uranian orbital cycle ago of 84 years) -- is via a global dissolution of the old Bretton Woods (1944-1945) financial agreements-structures and post-WWII scenario in which the U.S. dollar was created as the supreme reserve currency in the world. After this dissolution, we require the implementation of a new, totally different global economic network that reflects the incoming vibrations of the Aquarian Age.

Next year's triple conjunctions of Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius (along with Neptune returning to its discovery placement at 26 degrees of Aquarius, and with the healing forces of Chiron also involved with Jupiter and Neptune) can serve as the launching point for this restructuring of the framework for a New Economic Order. On the other hand, if we don't have international cooperation and coordination, those Jupiter-Neptune unions can signify the hyper-inflationary wave-cycle that will doom the paper currencies throughout the world.

And gold may have to come back into the picture -- in one way or another -- as a backing system behind what could be a trinity of reserve currencies. The U.S. Dollar, Euro and Yen would make total sense as a trinity reserve system -- for the time being -- as a way to internationalize money matters because (a) financial markets open in Asia; (b) then shift to Europe; (c) then end each day with the results in New York and America. And the trinity concept = the trident symbol of Neptune.

Neptune has always been considered the "higher octave" of Venus (key personal money planet and celestial body related to individual banking as well as approaches to saving money, assets and valuables). Neptune rules over the vast, unseen waves-cycles-rhythms that interconnect world currencies, banking and trading systems. Just because individuals can't see it doesn't mean it isn't real, potent and affecting all our lives, fortunes and destinies all the time.

Heading into today's trading session (Friday Oct. 10), we have to deal with four potentially discordant sky patterns: (a) Mercury parallel Uranus; (b) The Moon making its monthly union with Neptune (a possibly tricky, confusing, chaotic or visionary conjunction); (c) The Sun contra-parallel Saturn; (d) Mars moving into a highly explosive, 135-degree link to Uranus.

Of these four, the Sun-Saturn linkage via Declination South and North of the Celestial Equator is the only aspect to occur during the trading hours of the NYSE. It signifies another time-period of more fear, falling numbers and chronic failure in the foundational system UNLESS a real financial hero or group of heroes suddenly appear responsible-focused-sane-logical (all positive Saturnian qualities).

It still seems to me that we will find some kind of floor-bottom for the DJIA shortly (below 8500 or even considerably lower) that will allow some kind of bounce next week (when Mercury leaves retrograde status on Wednesday Oct. 15 and the Moon goes into Taurus and makes its monthly unions with the NYSE Venus and the Sun).

Nevertheless, when I proposed my "crash psychology" hypothesis (within these two articles in Top Stories), it was the second half of October that has appeared the most dangerous.

The key question now is: Have we recognized -- ahead of time -- what was always going to happen during the last ten days of this month? Or will we have a brief recovery in the DJIA and other world financial markets for about a week (starting October 15) only to suffer another round of disasters as the anniversary of The Great Stock Market Crash of October 24 - 29, 1929 comes calling as we are about to elect a new president and while we await the first of 5 Saturn-Uranus oppositions (the first one to occur on Election Day)?

By the way, the IMF birthchart connects to its founding on December 27, 1945. Like the Federal Reserve Banking chart of December 23, 1913, it has the Sun in early Capricorn -- where Pluto will be moving for the first time in 247 years in 2009-2010. This IMF birthchart doubles as a horoscope for The World Bank -- which is an entity that is part of the IMF.

Both the Fed and the IMF are ticking time-bombs of self-destruction and bankruptcy (on all levels) -- due to Pluto's rare union with their Sun placements in the next two years. The only other scenario makes them into dictatorial agencies -- making all of us into unwitting pauper pawns while they rise as King and Queen of the Global Financial Chess Game. And, boy, do they have the immense gold reserves* (particularly the Fed) to eventually rule the roost if and when the price of an ounce of gold makes its long-awaited breakthrough past its $1034 high of March 2008 and moves into uncharted financial territory far beyond that figure during the next 8 years.

Added Information Early on Friday October 10:
*According to an article on the ABC News website (Sept. 19), the New York Federal Reserve Bank holds $200 billion of the world's gold contained on approximately 540,000 28-pound bars. This $200 billion is about 25% of the world's above-ground gold and the USA has about 5% of its gold in the NY Federal Reserve Bank. There is more gold in the buried vault at this bank than there is at Fort Knox in Kentucky.

Based on a feature in the Vancouver Sun newspaper (in the last 24 hours), many central banks around the world are hoarding gold due to quickly rising borrowing rates for transferring gold from one bank to another. There are also many other reasons why they would want to hoard gold -- especially if they "know" it is poised for an enormous rise in the months and years to come, and because they can clearly see that paper currency may wind up being worthless if we arrive at that Weimar Republic type of hyper-inflationary financial disaster.

In this same story, it is reported that central banks worldwide hold about 30,000 tons of the above-ground inventory of gold -- and that this 30,000 ton amount is 20-25% of the total. Out of the 30,000 tons, the USA has 8,100 tons and Germany's Bundesbank has the next highest total.

Meanwhile, the futures price of gold this morning has climbed $42 (although this could change downward or upward in the hours to come). As I have shared in these twin financial astrology features here in Earth Aquarius News, the current and rare union of Chiron and the Lunar North Node in the sky in Aquarius (along with Chiron's being virtually motionless this month at 17 Aquarius) is creating a distinctly bullish emphasis in the gold trading horoscope.

Overnight figures reveal that the Nikkei has plummeted another 9.6% while the Hang Seng has lost another 7.2%. The main index in India is down 8.97%. The major European markets were down almost 10% each when they opened, but some of those percentages have moderated since then.

I've implicated many of the celestial bodies in the recent financial carnage, but Saturn (fear) and Pluto (extreme) are right now fueling this out-of-control financial Supernova.

During the past 72 hours, transiting Saturn crossed 16 degrees and 5 minutes of Virgo. This is precisely where the last Uranus-Pluto union occurred on June 30, 1966.

Uranus-Pluto conjunctions happen either every 115 years or around every 140 years. This difference is due to the eccentric orbit of Pluto and its wide inclination to the ecliptic (the Earth's orbit path around the Sun). Why might this week's Saturn triggering of the last Uranus-Pluto union be one of the causes for the current worldwide fear (negative Saturn) right now?

Uranus (shocks and revolutionary changes) and Pluto (extremes of wealth and bankruptcy) were exactly square when FDR became president in March 1933, closed the banks ("Bank Holiday") for four days, and then eventually wound up confiscating enormous amounts of Americans' gold in exchange for paper currency that was then devalued (when the price of an ounce of gold was arbitrarily changed overnight from $20 to $35).

This shift represented an extreme loss of value of the U.S. dollar paper currency, but an enormous increase in value for the U.S. Treasury -- which, because of the Gold Reserve Act of January 30, 1934, was the only entity legally allowed to own gold in the USA. While it may have seemed wrong -- in retrospect -- for FDR to have furtively "stolen" the gold from Americans, he needed it to be in the hands of the U.S. Treasury and the increased value of that gold helped him to pass through his legislation and to reopen the banks with a new sense of solvency for those banks that survived the carnage stemming from the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929.

We are moving toward a time-period (2012-2015) when transiting Uranus will return to where it was during the early years of The Great Depression and simultaneously square transiting Pluto in Capricorn. This upcoming waxing square between Uranus and Pluto a few years from now will be the mirror reflection of their waning square from 1933.

Thus -- the bottom line here -- is that it is the shocking and extreme wealth/bankruptcy factor, that lies at the heart of the last Uranus-Pluto union in Virgo on June 30, 1966, which Saturn is now crossing, AND by Saturn igniting this Uranus-Pluto vibration (that still exists within the psychic atmosphere of humanity!) we are also being drawn back to the crisis of 1933 when Uranus and Pluto were exactly square, the banks were closed, the U.S. dollar was devalued and the U.S. Treasury, more or less, "stole" the gold from regular Americans by confiscating it and giving the public "worth-less" paper currency.

Now this is fascinating because the previous time Uranus and Pluto united together was in 1850 when California entered the union on September 9. And as soon as the Bailout Bill was passed by both houses of Congress recently, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California asked the U.S. Treasury for a $7 billion loan. California's horoscope reveals a very prominent Uranus-Pluto union at 30 degrees of Aries.

One more point for now. If you look back at Saturn's motion in 1929 -- shifting from late Sagittarius to early Capricorn -- it is virtually identical to Pluto's current motion in 2008. Therefore, I call this "Transiting Pluto in 2008 tracking the 1929 Saturn Placement."

So, we have a double-whammy in effect in which (a) transiting Saturn (fear) is igniting the shocking extremes of wealth-bankruptcy from the last Uranus-Pluto union 42 years ago (b) while transiting Pluto (extremes of wealth and bankruptcy) is igniting Saturn's (fear) placement from the 1929 Great Stock Market Crash.

There are many other charts and planetary alignments that are all contributing to the financial nightmare enveloping the globe and -- one by one -- I will explain them and bring them to your attention as we move forward.

Special Update Friday Oct. 10: We are in the last hour before closing on the NYSE and the DJIA has gone through another extremely volatile session -- being down about 700 points again near the opening, then shifting toward a small plus, and then mostly down several hundred points for the last few hours.

In the last 30 minutes, the DJIA moved from down hundreds of points to up over 300 points. Some of this is what is called program buying and selling, but we also have millions of day-traders desperate to be in on any quick profit possible before the NYSE closes for the weekend. [The DJIA wound up going down 128.00 points to 8451.19.]

While investors are all looking to see how far down the DJIA will go in seeking a bottom-floor (which will then create a renewed buying opportunity for so many people with cash, but temporarily riding out the financial storm on the sidelines), the entire world is hoping that this weekend's G-7 summit at The White House (mostly finance ministers) will bring some sanity and stability back into the global business realm.

I must make a comment about Venus and Mars transiting now in Scorpio. Venus just crossed over the Mars placement in Scorpio from the Great Stock Market Crash horoscope(s) of Oct. 24 - 29, 1929 while Mars has just entered Scorpio during this entire past week.

To understand why the whole world is going through a simultaneous fear-panic financially, you have to go beyond the astrological analysis of individual trading charts, technical lines-curves, and historical waves-cycles, etc.

Venus and Mars are the two planets on either side of the Earth. They represent the feminine and masculine qualities of sensitivity-caring-balance-harmony-peace-assets (Venus) and ego drive-force-impulse-inflammation-losses-debts (Mars).

Venus is centripetal motion -- toward the Sun and light, love, and the deep-seated empowerment that comes from holding on to one's vital energy and resources. Mars is centrifugal motion -- away from the Sun, and representing the outward, giving up and release-loss of assets, investments, and vitality.

Now it is true that -- traditionally and still today -- Mars has always ruled Scorpio as well as Aries, and therefore Mars should "usually" be strong in Scorpio. However, Mars was in Scorpio during the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929 and -- as I reported in the other, main financial article in this Top Story section -- when we have the Solar Return of the Crash of 1929 (on Oct. 28, 2008), this will be the first time ever that Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Libra will simultaneously be back to their natal placements during one of these annual Solar Return horoscopes of the 1929 Crash.

In addition, Mars is about to unite with the Sun placement (5+ degrees of Scorpio) from the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929 this weekend as the G-7 financial ministers exchange ideas on how to resolve this financial crisis-crash-panic. This weekend's Mars triggering of the Oct. 1929 Crash Sun placement could represent (a) the lighting of a fire underneath the G-7 attendees to act in concert to resolve this financial crisis-panic OR (b) another lost opportunity if the G-7 finance ministers squabble and argue (shadow side of the red planet) -- leading to more global strife, tension and emotional anxiety (lower vibrations associated with Mars and Venus).

Venus and Mars are not always in the same sign -- let alone united in the sky. They joined together in mid-Libra on September 11-12, 2008 and will unite again on April 21, 2009 (30 degrees of Pisces) and June 21, 2009 (15+ Taurus).

Usually, only one Venus-Mars union happens approximately every 2 years. Thus, we are in a heightened time-period of mutual Venus-Mars activity, and this greatly influences stock-market and business cycles as well as contributing intensively to the wild up-and-down gyrations in the DJIA and other financial indices around the world that we have been witnessing of recent.

These future, zodiacal placements are very suggestive in their meaning concerning how women and men globally will be looking at their lives, fortunes, debts and responsibilities. The 30-degree Pisces emphasis next April implies extreme endings and closures of cycles -- perhaps signaling a finishing off of a very widespread, universal financial problem-crisis-disaster. The 15+ Taurus zodiacal placement on June 21, 2009 -- the same day as the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere -- is critical since 15 Taurus is the main financial degree out of the 360 degrees of the zodiac!

The key here -- regarding Venus and Mars -- is that they are both now in Scorpio -- a fixed, power sign that also signifies death-rebirth, catharsis, transformation, metamorphosis, trials and tribulations, the "Dark Night of the Soul," and interactive or collective pooling of money, assets and investments (as well as extreme losses, debts, taxes).

What I have just explained above about the present locations of Venus and Mars should help to give you clues about the world's financial psychology as well as your own (on a subliminal, deeply emotional level).

Update Monday Oct. 13: Unless you were hiding under a very big rock today, you know how high the DJIA soared. However, the volume was not substantial, the Bond markets were closed here in America, the banks were on the Columbus Day holiday, and millions of our citizens were still fooling around on their three-day weekends.

The DJIA appears to be much more erratic than expected for today (Tuesday Oct. 14) -- with the DJIA up considerably early and then shifting lower. We may have more extremes (up and down) to deal with like last week.

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