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News > Top Stories Archives  > America's $$$-Crisis: Venus Shifts to Morning Star --Updated!

America's $$$-Crisis: Venus Shifts to Morning Star --Updated!

America's $$$-Crisis: Venus Shifts to Morning Star --Updated! | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Update Oct. 28, 2010: Venus shifts from Evening Star formation to Morning Star position at 6:11PM PDT this evening... Venus stays in this bullish, morning-star orientation relative to the Sun until Aug. 16, 2011. Read the rest of this lengthy story for the background on this very significant subject affecting a wide variety of financial markets. I will add a new feature on the power of Venus being in this type of connection to the Sun in the coming weeks...

News Flash June 29, 2010: Within 1 day of Mercury becoming an Evening Star (therefore "Bearish" for Traders), the DJIA loses over 260 points. To understand all of this, see much more below... Mark Lerner

May 28, 2010 Update: With the DJIA down 7.4% this month and with Venus still in its "Evening Star" and therefore bearish placement relative to the Sun for exactly another 5-months, you need to read this crucial compendium of financial reports.

Update: January 12, 2010: On the first day of Venus being an Evening Star (a cycle lasting until Oct. 28, 2010) -- while the NYSE was open (today) -- the DJIA went downward. It was a fairly strong down trend for much of the morning and then ended with a 37 point loss.

The amount of that loss is not as significant as the direction. You will see below about my research on Venus being either a morning star (rising ahead of the Sun for 9+ months, and indicating a greater Bull tendency) or an evening star (setting behind the Sun for 9+ months, and indicating a greater Bear tendency). Now Venus = investors (who are more stable in their actions) while Mercury = traders (who are more volatile in their actions). And both Venus and Mercury can manifest as morning stars or evening stars.

Because Mercury is still in its morning-star placement (rising before the Sun each dawn) -- until March 14 -- we won't have a truly major Bearish momentum going on for many stocks until reaching this year's Ides of March (the 15th).

It is fascinating that March 15 -- just a little after the NYSE closes for the day -- will bring a potent New Moon at 26 degrees of Pisces (energizing the bottom of America's birthchart for July 4, 1776). At the same time, the major Gold Trading chart that I use has its first Jupiter Return in 12 years! Might mid-March represent a sea-change in Stock Market psychology? Could Gold be in for a big (Jupiter rules bigness) change in price -- one way or the other? Please read the rest of this extensive feature on America's $$$ Crisis, and our many other articles on this subject.

Update: Oct. 14, 2009 The DJIA rose over 10,000 for the first time today since Oct. 3, 2008. This is primarily due to: (a) Jupiter in the sky having just turned from reverse to direct two days ago; (b) Venus about to enter Libra and making its annual union with the Lunar North Node (Dragon's Head) in the NYSE chart from May 17, 1792; (c) the Sun in Libra on the verge of making its annual conjunction with the NYSE natal Jupiter in Libra as well as making a nearly simultaneous flowing trine to the NYSE natal Pluto in Aquarius.

It's the above synchronistic astro-factors -- along with both Venus and Mercury rising ahead of the Sun in the zodiac (spelling "bullishness" by investors and traders) -- that have been rallying the DJIA upward since its low March 6 - 9.

[See much more below about my accurate predictions concerning the rise in the DJIA during these last few months as well as other important financial astrology stories. Important: Whether the DJIA continues the upward trend in the weeks and months ahead is questionable, and once Venus becomes an "evening star" for 9 months -- after January 11, 2010 -- added bearish astro-factors will enter the picture, not only for the DJIA, but for other markets and their indices.]

Update: July 30, 2009 There is an enormous amount of important astro-financial information in this article as well as in my numerous financial features in this section of Earth Aquarius News and in News and Newsmakers. Several of my subscribers have written in asking me why is the DJIA -- in particular -- continuing to rise.

The DJIA -- closely connected to the chart of the NYSE (born on May 17, 1792, with an elevated Venus in Taurus, and with Venus ruling the NYSE Taurus Sun-sign) -- is rising primarily because transiting Venus is rising ahead or before the Sun in the zodiac.

Venus spends about 9 1/2 months rising before the Sun and then switches to setting after the Sun for 9 1/2 months. Generally speaking, economic factors are "maneuvered" (by the press, the government, the mass consciousness, Wall Street power-brokers, hidden financial wheeler-dealers, etc) toward the bullish area of the monetary spectrum when Venus rises before the Sun whereas a bearish climate is more likely and strong when Venus sets after the Sun. [Note: I first read about this Venusian influence in Barbara Koval's book Time and Money.]

Venus remains in its bullish condition until Monday January 11, 2010. However, please keep in mind, that many other astrological cycles and alignments are always at work. This Venus "indicator" is very helpful. but does not tell the whole story. Plus -- as I explain throughout the lengthy story below -- any "Black Swan" unexpected and surprising world event could always send the DJIA and other indices reeling downward.

Nevertheless, the explanation for why the DJIA is currently around 9200 -- having climbed from its early March 2009 low -- is because Venus is in its "morning star" appearance, rising each day before the Sun comes up in the East. When Venus begins setting after the Sun sets in the West, starting the evening of January 11, 2010, we will be in more Venusian bearish territory for about 9+ months.

New Dateline: May 19, 2009: Please make sure you read carefully the Update and Dateline of March 13, 2009 further along in this article. It will help you understand why the DJIA has risen so much since March 9. This is primarily due to (a) Venus rising ahead of the Sun (from March 27 to January 11, 2010); (b) the New Moon of April 24 uniting with Venus in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange (born on May 17, 1792); and (c) Venus increasing its daily speed over the next several weeks and months -- plus Venus heading into its own sign of bullish Taurus on June 6 and its eventual second merger this year with Mars at the power point of 15 degrees of Taurus just after the Summer Solstice on June 21.

With meticulous watching of the NYSE chart (especially its natal Moon in Aries and Venus in Taurus), so much can be learned about many of the day-to-day rises and falls of the DJIA -- the main stock index that offers upward and downward trends of our nation's industrial strength and well-being. Of course, you need to be observant of ALL the major planetary, solar, lunar and asteroid transits (and progressions), and have an excellent working knowledge of transiting and natal midpoints (the middle points between any pair of celestial bodies or a celestial body and a significant angle in a chart). This takes a lot (!) of effort, time, study, patience, trial and error.

For example, many stock prognosticators started to believe that the recent rally for stocks was over last week -- especially on Thursday May 14 and Friday May 15 as the DJIA went down hundreds of points. What they didn't realize was that the NYSE was experiencing the last couple of business days in its previous 1-year SOLAR cycle and that the NYSE would be having its Solar Return or birthday late Sunday night May 17. To me this was a clear signal of a sell-off last week, but that the start of this week would see the DJIA and NYSE resilient and strong again -- since Monday May 18 would be the first work-business day of the NYSE's new annual solar cycle through the zodiac.

And right on cue, the DJIA soared over 200 points in one day! This recovered most of the losses of the previous week and, more importantly, gave the bullish DJIA movement its temporary rosy glow again.

The big question is (a) how far upward will the DJIA go in the coming weeks and (b) does it have the fortitude and ability to break through 10,000 later in the summer or later in the year? It seems that nothing will stop the DJIA from testing the 9000 to 9500 area in the coming weeks -- particularly with a Venus rising ahead of the Sun, gaining daily speed and entering Taurus on June 6 for nearly a month-long bullish visit. The only thing that can derail this temporary bullish locomotive in the stock market would be a Black Swan type event -- something shocking and unexpected, like a 911-type event, Middle East War, severe Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico this summer, renewed oil crisis, other kind of terrorist happening or new corruption-fraud discovery within national or international markets.

Stay tuned into this astrology website for late-breaking news and continuing updates, as well as the Daily Cosmic Kalendar -- always running one month into the future.

Dateline: Friday April 17, 2009: Finally, after six weeks of retrograde motion, Venus is now officially direct in motion for nearly the next 18 months. For more about the golden opportunities this important planetary change can bring into your life, career and primary relationships, keep on reading. This updated article -- as well as many throughout Earth Aquarius News -- will provide you with a stunning array of insights about the recent, current and continuing national and international crises concerning the banking system, world currencies and global trade.

Dateline: Sunday night April 12, 2009 So many talking heads on TV business channels are trying to figure out whether the DJIA recent rally (up about 26% since the March 9 recent bottom) is an actual new bullish cycle or simply a so-called "Bear Market Rally" that will have less staying power and which will eventually collapse since the whole Bear financial energy-field has not been fully tested.

Well, unfortunately the talking heads know nothing about astrology and when you read the rest of this article you will clearly know (a) why we are in a temporary Bull Run of the DJIA with the Greater Bear Cycle and (b) so much more about the need for restructuring the entire international money-currency system due to Neptune returning to its discovery placement for the first time in 163 years at 26 degrees of Aquarius three times (yesterday, July 17, 2009 and February 7, 2010), and how Pluto is going to make a total of 13 oppositions (2009 to 2015) to America's natal Venus, Jupiter and Sun placements.

It is the 1 - 2 knockout punch of Neptune and Pluto cycles that is making many economists fear we are on the verge of a new Great Depression. And they may actually be correct -- IF (!) world leaders and financial experts don't gather together much more frequently in the next 11 months (by February 7, 2010 at the latest) to carve out a new international system of rules and regulations governing currencies, banks and trade. It can be done and therefore it is still possible to turn another global financial depression into a new birth of opportunity and prosperity via Plutonian goodwill and purpose, and Neptunian vision and imagination.

Venus is moving back into a major power role as it slows down again all of this workweek (April 13) in the last degree of the zodiac (30 Pisces). It will shift from retrograde to direct at 12:25PM PDT on Friday April 17 and this can turn into a magic moment, afternoon, evening and next 24 to 48 to 72 hours for those lucky individuals who tap into higher Venusian energy, become more magnanimous and loving, and who strive to create equal, balanced and respectful partnerships across the board during the following 18-month cycle when Venus maintains its forward momentum.

See more below...

Wednesday April 1, 2009: As I predicted -- as you will see in the paragraphs down below -- the DJIA has been in a general move upward since Venus went retrograde on March 6. This time-period was also the current DJIA bottom because transiting Pluto exactly opposed America's Venus from July 4, 1776 for the first time ever at that time.

Now we have the enormously significant G-20 Financial Summit happening in London -- with the key date being tomorrow (April 2). And what are the most important approaching alignments in the sky? (a) Venus square to Pluto early on Friday April 3; and (b) Pluto stationary on Saturday April 4. These are the same two planets that are the main cause of the USA extreme (Pluto) financial-banking (Venus) crisis!

Thus, in a nutshell right now and for all the world to see -- with severe and violent demonstrations also being televised globally -- the financial virus that the American and British conglomerates and fraud-perpetrators let loose throughout the planetary banking system is now being revealed as millions world-wide lose their jobs, their homes, their security and -- possibly -- their sanity.

It is the five-time polarity of transiting Pluto opposite America's Venus during the next year and a half that will determine whether our nation sinks or swims relative to the economic tsunami forces that have been unleashed as Neptune nears its discovery placement from Sept. 23, 1846 at 26 Aquarius for the first time ever in April and July 2009, and February 2010.

In the lengthy article below and throughout Earth Aquarius News, you will see my many views on this gigantic and complex subject. Nevertheless, right now -- over the next couple of days in London -- much will be decided about whether the world takes seriously the need to completely transform and restructure the global currency and banking systems OR whether we fritter away this golden opportunity via nationalist posturing and political-financial grandstanding by leaders who still mistrust each other and who are also gripped by the shocking fear factor that is coming from the shadow side of Saturn which made a retrograde station exactly as the year 2009 was ushered in.

I will keep adding to this column or create another article on this subject in the days and weeks ahead. However, please read as many articles as you can find sprinkled INSIDE this website on financial astrology as they will all add to your understanding of what is now happening.

Update and Dateline: March 13, 2009: Down below you will read about some of my predictions and projections concerning transiting Pluto opposing Venus in America's birthchart -- something that has never happened before.

Unfortunately, I was correct in what I envisioned. I saw the week leading up to the first Pluto polarity to our national Venus (February 27 to March 6) as a time of crashing -- particularly for the stock market.

This is what exactly occurred as the DJIA dropped from 7062 on Friday February 27 to 6547 on Monday March 9 -- the first trading day after Pluto's exact opposition to our Venus on Saturday March 7. This was a loss of over 500 points -- bringing the DJIA "to its knees" and its lowest close in 12 years (one complete Jupiter cycle through the zodiac).

You will see a paragraph down below starting with the following words" "The DJIA -- not so long ago at its all-time high of over 14,100..." It is right after that in which you will a prediction about a RISING DJIA that seems out of whack when unemployment is skyrocketing, banks still refuse to lend, and foreclosures continue to increase nation-wide. Nevertheless, exactly as Pluto completed the first polarity to our Venus and Venus itself in the sky turned retrograde for six weeks, the DJIA has gone up in three straight sessions over 620 points higher.

Stock market watchers are wondering now if Monday's close of the DJIA was a new bottom -- for the time being. If this upward trend continues (knowing there will still be dips and dives ahead), America may see a Bull Stock Market within the greater Bear Stock Market Cycle.

Venus is going to switch from being an "evening star" to a "morning star" (Friday March 27). This "morning star" relationship of Venus to the Sun lasts for approximately 9.5 months. As it makes this shift, financial markets shift toward bullishness and away from bearishness -- something I first read in Barbara Koval's excellent book Time and Money.

I will be writing much more on this subject in a separate article, but for the moment you should anticipate the possibility that for several months this spring, the DJIA will be trying to rise up and climb out of its recent hole and the low of Monday March 9.

April and May -- particularly after the Venus shift forward on April 17 and the Sun's entry into Taurus on April 19 -- will witness (a) Mercury and the Sun in Taurus, and (b) a strongly Bullish Venus placement, rising ahead of the Sun each morning. May and June will showcase the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, followed by Venus catching up to Mars in mid-Taurus by the Summer Solstice on June 21.

With a bullish DJIA inside a gigantic bearish overall economy, what stocks will rise, what stocks will fall, and how far up will the DJIA go? Keep in mind that the extreme nature of Pluto opposing our nation's Venus will reappear again during the beginning of May, on Christmas, and twice more in 2010 before Pluto opposes our Jupiter three times and our Sun five times. The 13 Pluto oppositions to our Venus, Jupiter and Sun take us all the way into the end of 2015. Therefore, three full years into a second President Obama presidency -- if he wins a second presidential vote in November 2012.

I believe there are still many dark days ahead for the national and international economy -- as I explain in the rest of this feature and many of my financial articles in Earth Aquarius News. There is no escaping the fact that we are ending the first orbital cycle of Neptune around the Sun since its discovery in 1846 and this is the key concerning why the world needs to restructure its entire monetary system (as Neptune is the higher octave to Venus, the main planet connected to money, savings and assets).

Dateline: March 1, 2009: Be prepared for a massive dose of Pluto-in-Capricorn vibes as this week unfolds. That means extremes (Pluto) regarding the financial contraction (Saturn ruling Capricorn) -- particularly concerning giant corporate entities (Capricorn) like the insurance behemoth AIG and rapidly-failing superbank Citigroup.

AIG is desperate for another governmental bailout while Citigroup is all but nationalized (without that word being allowed usage by governmental authorities who want to keep playing down the pervasive economic disaster). They are being propped up -- essentially by us (the American taxpayers) via our leaders in Washington, D.C. -- because were they to fail, our entire financial system would collapse. Therefore, we wind up supporting the corrupt and fraudulent fiscal criminals who created this world-wide mess in the first place.

The Saturday February 28 edition of The New York Times (Business Section) was one horror story after another -- nationally and globally -- about the dominoes in the process of falling, whether banks, companies, businesses, newspapers, magazines, organizations, municipal governments and even nations (like Ireland, Greece, Italy and some of the Eastern European countries).

There is extensive information, dates, cycles and revelations in the rest of this article that provides my insights from the last few months. Read on!

Dateline: February 20, 2009:With the passing of the $787 billion Stimulus Bill this past Tuesday February 17, the USA is poised to re-enact many of the kinds of programs that were designed and crafted to get our nation back on track when FDR took over a disastrous economy from President Herbert Hoover in March 1933.

However, when FDR declared on March 4, 1933 in his Inaugural Address that the only thing we have to fear is FEAR ITSELF (extreme Saturn) and that this "Fear Factor" was crushing our national spirit and life force -- after several years of a Stock Market Crash, massive waves of bank failures, and staggering rates of unemployment -- our population didn't realize that (a) he himself was crippled by polio and confined to a wheelchair most of the time and (b) that when he took the reins of the Executive Branch of government, transiting Saturn was exactly crossing over his Aquarius Sun degree for the first time in 29 years.

FDR was the right individual at the right time and in the right place -- no matter what our parents' and grandparents' politics might have been at the time. The traditional, archetypal planet representing fear (Saturn) was passing precisely over his heart center and core power (the Sun), and he illuminated this truth to an immobilized and deeply scarred populace. FDR was the only president elected four times -- prompting an Amendment to the Constitution to prevent this from happening ever again in the future.

Meanwhile, while fear again is rampant throughout our society, the extreme nature of it now is more akin to Pluto (the outermost planet that was discovered in February 1930 -- right at the beginning phase of The Great Depression).

This planet has just recently entered earthy Capricorn for a 16-year cycle and, for the first time ever, our nation is about to experience five oppositions by Pluto to our natal Venus in Cancer. During this year, these polarities will happen on March 7, May 3 and Christmas -- with two more in 2010.

Venus = how we save money; how we spend money; banking; assets; valuables; love; the arts; social and partnership activities; our emotional-feeling sense.

Pluto = extremes; the Underworld; death-rebirth and potential regeneration; bankruptcy or great wealth; terror; mysteries; secrets; corruption; nuclear-atomic type energy; willpower; psychotherapy and hypnosis; purification, transformation, catharsis and metamorphosis.

And President Obama has the same Venus in Cancer that America has -- within a 2-degree orb. Thus, he is simultaneously experiencing the same transiting Pluto polarity to his Venus that the nation is experiencing.

Remember President Clinton's statement "I feel your pain," and the spoofing of that phrase by Darrell Hammond on Saturday Night Live for years? Well, now we have another Lion King (Presidents Clinton and Obama are both Leo Sun-sign leaders) and he is undergoing a once-in-a-lifetime transiting Pluto polarity to his Venus along side the nation. I believe our new president is "feeling our pain" and struggling to help us find a way out of this impending national and global fiscal disaster. He also has several challenging transits just before, during and just after the first Pluto opposition to our national Venus that strikes on March 6 - 7. This ratchets up the potential for a new financial crisis influencing the nation and, by extension, the world as we enter March 2009.

It feels as though we are about to be rocked -- financially, once again (like last fall) -- as Pluto makes this first polarity to our national Venus in the few days leading up to March 6 - 7 and then during the week of March 9. Note -- in the articles below -- that transiting Venus will stop and begin a six-week retrograde cycle on Friday March 6 (lasting until April 17).

Keep in mind that the price of an ounce of gold (linked traditionally to Leo) has been rising considerably in the last six weeks and since Leo Sun-sign Barack Obama was sworn in as president. The new president's Sun matches up with the Moon's placement in Leo when gold trading began again in the USA at the end of 1974 after an absence of 41 years. Gold can be seen as both a safe haven, over the long haul, when financial times are deeply uncertain and as a way to gain back economic losses suffered elsewhere in one's trading activities. Of course, gold will have its dips and dives, here and there, but many experts believe gold could still make an eventual move to much higher levels in 2009 and the next few years.

The DJIA -- not so long ago at its all-time high of over 14,100 -- has lost nearly half its value and retreated to its lowest levels since 2002 and many people are anticipating some kind of upward bounce once it reaches a new floor. The DJIA often behaves irrationally and unpredictably. Therefore, do not be completely shocked if the rising tide of unemployment and the lack of clarity concerning how to value the trillions of dollars in toxic assets still held by the banks (CDOs, SIVs, credit default swaps, derivatives, subprime loans, etc) can still manifest in the days ahead as a stock market push upward even if great fears are engulfing millions of our fellow citizens who have fallen on hard, economic times.

During almost all of March, April and May, transiting Pluto will be virtually motionless at 3+ degrees of Capricorn -- in direct opposition to our national Venus at 3+ degrees of Cancer. This has never occurred in our history and the time-period is greatly stretched out over many weeks. How will our leaders in Washington, D.C. bear up under the strain? Will the call for nationalization of the major banks be heeded or neglected? Will President Obama -- like FDR some 76 years ago -- be forced into issuing Executive Orders to force the banking system to turn around and help the American people?

The folks on Wall Street have been very unhappy -- thus far -- with the confusing statements coming from the new Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner. It remains to be seen whether this is an ineptitude in speaking on his part or actually a kind of ruse by the new administration to temporarily create confusion and uncertainty in the financial markets in order to bring on a more forceful and government-managed "nationalization" of the banks.

Remember that President Obama is a Sun-sign Leo with Aquarius Rising -- two fixed and concentrated zodiacal influences. I have no doubt that President Obama will become a very dynamic leader -- a leader who may invite criticisms coming from the Legislative and Judicial branches of government if he, at times, over-reaches and tries to do too much as a beleaguered authority figure in the weeks and months ahead.

Even though it appears as if deflation has the edge right now over inflation as a threat to our economic way of life, just one terrorist act, renewed Middle Eastern war or monstrous hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico could drastically influence the price of a barrel of oil -- sending the entire globe toward a hyper-inflation that would make paper currencies increasingly worthless. It is something that we are woefully unprepared for -- particularly when the Federal Reserve Banking System in America (currently having a once-in-247-year Pluto transit over its Capricorn Sun three times in 2009) is printing extraordinary amounts of paper cash and offering unprecedented amounts of loans as if inflation is long gone and buried forever.

I will have much more to say on this whole subject and the need for a global financial restructuring as Neptune (key planet of global economics and currency interactions, rates and wave-cycles) returns to its discovery placement in late Aquarius in April and July 2009, as well as February 2010. Look for a special report that I will add to this feature during the week of February 23. For now, you can read the important text of what I wrote on our financial crisis this past December and September. Sincerely, Mark Lerner -- Publisher

Dateline: Sept. 18, 2008 and Updated December 15, 2008: Because of the arrival of new subscribers, I am adding upfront several specific dates and cycle information.

Today -- Monday Dec. 15 -- the asteroid Vesta is stationary and about to move direct at 30-degrees of Aries. This asteroid has so much to do with the global investment community as well as how individuals invest money. Fear and worry are unfortunately increased right now and over the next couple of days since today has also brought a frictional Mars-Saturn square in the sky.

Another crucial two-day sequence occurs on December 30 and December 31 as the USA experiences a rare, Progressed Full Moon from 5 degrees Pisces to 5 degrees of Virgo (Dec. 30) while the entire world experiences Saturn stopping its direct motion and turning retrograde until May 16, 2009 in Virgo (Dec. 31).

Any Full Moon can be enlightening or represent a severe struggle and tug-of-war. Thus, America is feeling this wave of inspiration or depression as 2008 ends. The transiting Saturn station of the following day (Dec. 31) can signify a time to be focused, grounded, sensible, pragmatic and hard-working, but the shadow side relates to an increased generation of fears, doubts, chronic stress as well as downcast thinking and outright pessimism.

With this unusual combination of cycles right at the end of 2008, it is imperative NOT to get down in the dumps about your own fortunes, what is going on in your fields of expertise or the outlook for 2009. No matter what forecasters are saying about the months ahead, with Pluto now in Capricorn for a 16-year cycle you can still tap into higher, spiritual willpower to transform your life for the good next year.

Pluto makes two potent oppositions to America's Venus on March 7 and May 3, 2009 -- plus a third hit on Christmas Day 2009. There will be another two of these rare alignments that occur in 2010. We have never experienced this before in our nation's history because Pluto has a 248-year cycle around the zodiac!

Venus equates with financial resources, savings, assets and banking habits of individuals (as well as American banks in general). Transiting Pluto equates with either deep-seated transformation and regeneration for the good OR a devastating, terrifying, extreme collapse and elimination of services, opportunities and fortunes. So, the stakes have never been higher for the well-being of Americans and our entire society as a whole -- and I am including what happened during 1929 and the Great Depression as well.

Eventually, transiting Pluto opposes our nation's Jupiter three times in 2011 and opposes our nation's Sun five times in 2014-2015. If we as a people don't get this first Pluto polarity to our Venus correctly, then the 2011 to 2015 series of Pluto cycles can turn very deadly financially and socially.

On the positive front, high hopes for a better 2009 than 2008 arrive on January 5 when giant Jupiter enters Aquarius until January 17, 2010. Jupiter will also unite with Neptune on May 27, July 10 and December 21, 2009 -- all of which can represent vast expansions of consciousness, golden opportunities for advancement across the board, stunning successes OR large-scale self-deceptions, massive confusion-chaos, and hyper-inflation in the overall economy of the nation and/or globally.

Also on the positive front, Venus turns direct at 30 degrees of Pisces during the afternoon and evening hours of April 17, 2009 -- following six weeks of retrograde motion starting on March 6. It is during the six-week cycle from March 6 to April 17, 2009 that everyone (but especially women) need to be super-careful when it comes to investing, spending habits, signing papers, making long-term financial agreements as well as on romantic, artistic and social levels. However, April 17, 2009 brings about a direct station of Venus and the start of its forward motion again through the zodiac over the next 18 months to follow. Thus, the week or two AFTER April 17 has many favorable financial vibrations in general -- although much depends always on your own day-to-day transits and progressions.

Regarding the Federal Reserve Banking System, I have mentioned many times in Earth Aquarius News during the past three years that the Fed will experience three Pluto crossings of its Sun in 2009. The dates are January 8, July 10 and November 9. These are times of extreme testing of the fortitude of the Fed as an institution that has attempted to sustain our economic way of life since December 23, 1913. However, the Fed will face either a total need for catharsis, metamorphosis and transformation OR a complete collapse and bankruptcy in the sense of an increasing lack of confidence by the American people and the world-at-large.

A collapse of the Federal Reserve Bank -- primarily due to its outlandish creation of tens of trillions of dollars that don't have any real backing -- will inevitably lead to the absolutely necessary world banking-economic restructuring.

This global fiscal and banking restructuring should occur -- as I have pointed out in numerous features over the last couple of years -- as transiting Neptune returns to its discovery placement at 26 degrees of Aquarius. The three primary Neptune Discovery Return dates are April 11 and July 17, 2009 as well as February 10, 2010.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and connects to world currencies and international finances. Humanity and the family of nations on Planet Earth are going through a collective dissolution of the old, 164-year financial cycle that was ushered in on September 23, 1846 when Neptune was first discovered. By the last date mentioned in the previous paragraph -- Feb. 10, 2010 -- world economists and leaders need to have reorganized the global banking-economic-financial system. If this doesn't happen or if the new system is restructured poorly and inadequately, then humanity will enter the crucial, new 164-year Neptune cycle around the zodiac with massive economic confusion, chaos, nebulosity and deception.

There are many other positive and negative financial cycles influencing our nation, the world and all of us as individuals. They may relate to Mercury's motions as this planet has much to do with business cycles, indices and international trade-commerce as well as transportation. They can also relate to Mars and Uranus, New and Full Moons, Eclipses and unusual geometric patterns in the sky. Sometimes I report on them in the Extended Daily Cosmic Kalendar (always available for subscribers in our Daily Astrology Calendar section).

I will keep adding financially-based Top Stories in the weeks and months ahead. Note: In listing specific dates -- in the sections above and below -- keep in mind that alignments build up in intensity for at least a day or two before the precise sky pattern and often stay influential for a day or two after the exact aspect has seemingly ended.

The Original Sept. 18 Article and Updates Follow: The crumbling and near crash of our economy over the last few days is connected to dozens of charts, cycles and alignments. [Updated information is near the close of this article.]

For the moment, I only want to spell out some fundamentals and – realistically – unless you are tuned into how astrological midpoints work, you may be at a disadvantage.

The bottom line is that there is a midpoint in the zodiac for any pair of celestial bodies. In addition, there is both the near midpoint and the far midpoint.

No matter what you have learned about how horoscopes work and how transits and progressions then influence a chart (days, weeks, months and years after the birth of any entity), the greater keys to understanding astro-dynamics in opportunities and challenges on a day-to-day basis is often revealed when you examine midpoints.

The problem here is that if you use the Sun, Moon, 8 planets, Chiron, the 4 main asteroids, and the North Node of the Moon (16 crucial celestial bodies or points), you wind up with 136 near midpoints and 136 far midpoints in any one chart. Then add on another 136 near midpoints and 136 far midpoints on any one day (transit-wise) and you are dealing with 544 zodiacal degree-and-minute placements to examine!

However, as you will see later on in this article, midpoints are astoundingly important – at least in the way I look at the world and what is happening relative to the charts of corporations, groups, organizations and individuals. Keep in mind that many of these midpoints are extremely slow-moving and therefore active for many weeks or months at a time. Other midpoints – say the Moon-Mercury midpoint for example – can move rapidly, especially when Mercury is moving at its top daily speed of over 2 degrees per day.

Sometimes midpoints will cluster together and represent a super-combination of celestial body intensity. And there are dozens of other techniques in the field of midpoint analysis that cannot be shared right now.

Back in March 2006, I wrote an important, breakthrough article about the Total Solar Eclipse of March 29 of that month igniting the chart for the great Stock Market Crash of October 29, 1929. I concluded that America was going to have to face up to a terrible and extreme banking-financial crisis in 2006-2007. What happened? The collective economic community in the USA and the world – as we now know – became greedier and greedier with the presently recognized, fraudulent and corrupt practice of bundling securities and mortgages in shocking ways (what are known as CDOs and SIVs, etc).

Instead of dealing with the extreme problem two years ago, the economic community, the CEOs and investment officials in hundreds of banks and firms world-wide, and our governmental leaders across the board, ignored the situation, tried to profit from it, and all of this has undermined the American people’s fortunes, savings and ability to survive financially in the short-term and the long-term.

My article on this banking-financial crisis (from March-April 2006) is still available for you to read in the Earth Aquarius News Download Current Edition section on the right side column in this website. You will need to click on this Earth Aquarius News Download Current Edition section and scroll down a little to find and read this feature. It also includes charts for the Stock Market Crashes of 1929 and 1987, the Total Solar Eclipse placements from March 29, 2006, and the NYSE chart from May 17, 1792. Because all of those charts are presented in that .pdf feature, I am not including those charts in this article.

You should also take a serious look at my lead story in the News and Newsmakers section in which I have gathered together many of my special features on financial astrology, the changing prices of gold, silver and oil, and – especially – my many references and insights about the Federal Reserve birthchart from December 23, 1913.

Transiting Pluto is currently (a) opposing the natal Pluto from the Federal Reserve chart (something that has never happened before) and (b) nearing its first time ever union with the Federal Reserve Sun at 1+ Capricorn in January, July and November 2009. This brings up the question of either a Fed bankruptcy or dictatorship (of the USA economy) or some compromise between them.

Furthermore, from 2009 to 2011, transiting Pluto in Capricorn will oppose America’s Venus (banking; savings) and Jupiter (collective wealth; prosperity; ruling planet of our Sagittarius Rising birthchart) in Cancer. It is hard to imagine that this kind of transit – something that last occurred over 245 years ago – will be helpful for the well-being of the country, our society as a whole, and for individuals in general.

Be aware that I will be adding several updates to this story in the days and weeks ahead. Today – Thursday September 18 – brings a new awareness of the extent of this financial crisis since the transiting Moon unites with Vesta in the sky – the same Vesta that just stopped and moved retrograde last week (after the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac takeovers that happened when Jupiter and Pluto simultaneously stationed in the sky and turned direct). This virtually motionless Vesta placement in the sky is at 14+ Taurus – the strongest, archetypal financial degree in the zodiac because it is (a) right in the middle of money-oriented Taurus and (b) it is located 45 degrees (a sharp, power angle) from the start of the zodiac at 0 degrees of Aries.

As my colleague from 28 years ago – Barry Lynes – told me, you’ve got to watch when the transiting Moon first hits a celestial body that has just stationed. Why? Because that’s when (a) the public becomes highly aroused and curious as to the meaning, qualities and energy-field related to that celestial body and (b) when individual human beings can – hopefully – take advantage of the Moon union to that sky object in a down-to-earth, sensible and responsible manner.

Vesta – the fourth asteroid discovered – connects very strongly to National Safety and National Security, Home and Hearth (and therefore the housing industry), Insurance Policies-Coverage-Rates, and Investments across the board. Now this asteroid means much more than that – including sisterhood ties and gatherings, the Eternal Flame (associated with old temple magic and rituals), esoteric-secret organizations (like the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc), as well as “turf battles” between nations (think of the recent Russia-Georgia struggle in Southeastern Europe that occurred right after the Total Solar Eclipse of August 1 when the Sun-Moon union exactly squared Vesta in the sky).

After whatever happens today in the unpredictable realm of national and global economics, transiting Mars and Uranus form an awkward, 150-degree link on Friday September 19 – a very volatile, explosive tie that will be followed by an equally troubling Sun-Pluto square in the sky on Saturday September 20. Could this mean that – once again as what occurred on the weekend of September 6 – 7 when the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on a weekend to avoid roiling the markets – we may be faced with another gigantic fiscal crisis this coming weekend? Let’s hope not.

After all, what financial entities are next on the “chopping block”? There is Washington Mutual – the largest Savings and Loan bank in the nation, with assets somewhere around $310 billion. Were this financial behemoth to go under, a bank panic could really ensue – leading to a run on banks throughout the nation.

Even though the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve had indicated during the recent Full Moon (on Monday September 15 – exactly united with and opposite America’s Neptune, linked to visionary thinking OR confusion-chaos on a massive scale) that they were not going to keep bailing out large, financial institutions (hence the demise and bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on that same day and catastrophe of the DJIA dropping over 500 points), nevertheless they changed directions less than 48 hours later in bailing out insurance giant AIG.

They bailed out AIG because a bankruptcy would have (a) put millions of insurance policies in danger – at least from the standpoint of how and when those policies would be ultimately supported and protected; (b) precipitated a financial-insurance crisis throughout the nation and the world; (c) possibly undermined the ability of the FDIC (in the near future) to keep insuring all bank accounts up to $100,000 each; (d) and also revealed the shadowy shenanigans from the past few years that led to all the tens of thousands of foreclosures on houses, implicating the entire economic-banking industry in massive corruption and fraud against the American people. AIG also created a rather confusing and nebulous system of “credit swaps” – another part of the paper trail to nowhere (think of the Alaskan bridge to nowhere) which has trapped trillions of dollars in an international House of Cards in connection with the mortgage-security bubble-debacle still sitting behind this current crash-mess on Wall Street.

There is still much confusion within our media and society about what the Federal Reserve Banking System actually is, who leads it, what “sinister” forces may be in control of it, and what was behind its creation back in 1913. Even though you can find out a lot by going to the library or visiting and learn that the Federal Reserve Bank is a quasi-governmental organization or entity, it is also a private company-bank serving as (a) our bankers’ bank and (b) the U.S. Treasury’s banking agent.

My great concern on this front is that our Congress could cede over to the Federal Reserve Bank (during the next two years, when transiting Pluto crosses its Sun in Capricorn) a kind of dictatorial economic power that only Congress should have and does have (with limits) according to Article I of the U.S. Constitution. I may be in a minority opinion on this score, but I know that – at the very least – Ralph Nader would back me up on this (and hopefully several Supreme Court Justices, and a couple of economic professors).

As we move into next week, Mercury slows down as it nears its retrograde station early on Wednesday Sept. 24. All of next week, Mercury – a planet that has much to do with business and trading, stock market indices, and the entire communication-transportation realm (along with Jupiter in particular) – is virtually motionless at 22+ degrees of Libra (the Jupiter placement from the birth of the NYSE on May 17, 1792). In addition, the transiting Moon next week moves from Cancer to Virgo – the same area of the zodiac it transited through during those fateful-scary days of October 24 – 29, 1929 when the great Stock Market Crash occurred.

As you will see in reading the astrological short-hand I have created in the closing section below, we are both in and nearing a “crash psychology” again. Beyond everything I have presented over the last couple of years, and what I am presenting now, the key is that we are heading toward a Financial Rendezvous with Destiny or an Economic Armageddon in the time-period of the October 28 New Moon at 6 degrees of Scorpio – which serves as the Solar Return for the great Stock Market Crash of 1929.

However, due to the changes in rules concerning electronic trading, etc., that followed the October 1987 market crash and the disaster of September 11, 2001, we cannot actually have the same kind of crashes that our economic system has had before and which we really need to maintain a healthy, holistic economic system of rises and falls as well as crashes and recoveries! The serious problem of the October 1987 “supposed fix” (to prevent future crashes) is that it has created a perpetual greed system on Wall Street and also prevented the old type of stock market crashes from happening as they should.

Therefore, what we are witnessing now is potentially more severe and more calamitous than ever before because of the interconnectedness of our society and the world economy and due to our exporting the fraudulent mortgage-securities fiasco to the entire global financial system. This could result in our experiencing a weird, protracted crash over weeks-months-years that keeps appearing impossible to resolve and constantly perplexing the so-called experts at every turn.

The ultimate bottom line is that we are nearing three Neptune Returns from the Discovery of Neptune back on September 23, 1846. These will occur in April and July 2009, February 2010, and October-November 2010 (this last cycle for an extended period of several weeks duration). Because Neptune is the higher octave of Venus (personal money and personal banking), this outer planet is a ruling force of international currencies, the collective banking system world-wide, and the metals-commodities that come from the ground (including gold, silver and oil, and all of the grains-cereals that are a crucial foundation for much of the world’s food supply as well as the ability to feed and nurture animals). Note: The largest asteroid – Ceres – is also deeply connected with cereals, grains, land, agriculture, farming, food production and distribution. It is also the only celestial body that is stationary at the birth of America on July 4, 1776 – plus Ceres is located in Pisces, a sign of the zodiac that is strongly affiliated with Neptune.

It has been my belief for a very long time now that the real solution to our national and international banking-financial crisis is (a) a complete restructuring-overhaul of the global economic system (along the lines of what happened at the close of World War II); (b) reordering of priorities to balance the wealth in the world, so that the super-rich shares its financial benefits with the ever-growing middle classes; (c) the creation of a trio of reserve currencies (U.S. dollar, Japanese Yen, and Euro) that will help to stabilize the global economy and also symbolize the 3-pronged trident of Neptune. Perhaps there could also be a revolving trio in order to prevent griping by other nations; thus, a U.S. dollar, Russian Ruble, Chinese Yuan triple combination, and so on – allowing many nations to be in the international economic cat-bird seat. This would be similar to how the U.N. Security Council selects various nations to be temporary members every couple of years.

Clearly, we are nearing the day when the U.S. dollar should not be the single, reserve currency in the world and, in order to change this situation, the global economic manner of “doing business” will have to change drastically.

Remember that we are now in the last year or two of a Neptune cycle lasting approximately 164+ years. Thus, we are in the extreme “dark of the moon phase” of this enormous cycle and we must let go and relinquish old methods and worn-out economic systems that don’t work, lead to corruption or create massive fraud in the business community and massive inequities in our society.

We must find and bring together the financial gurus, geniuses and visionaries who can rebuild a global economy – for the next Neptune cycle of 164 years – that will begin in earnest in the 2011-2012 time-period when Neptune enters Pisces.

For the time-being, take a look at some special astro-financial keynotes below.

Transiting Midpoints right now in the sky igniting Neptune’s placement from the Oct. 1929 great Stock Market Crash:

(1) Uranus/North Node = 3+ Pisces-Virgo
(2) Uranus/Chiron = 3+ Pisces-Virgo

These combinations represent the shocking (Uranus) and spiritually active (Chiron) archetypes that are deeply at work in attempting to dissolve away the confusing-chaotic (Neptune) global economic system that is rapidly bringing the whole world into financial ruin.

Transiting Midpoints right now in the sky (affecting USA chart):

(3) Mars/Uranus = 5+ Capricorn (opposite-conjunct USA Jupiter)
(4) Jupiter/Pluto = 5+ Capricorn (same as above)
(5) Mercury/Uranus = 5+ Capricorn (same as above)
(6) Vesta/Saturn = 14-15 Cancer (conjunct and square the USA Sun and Saturn)

Plus -- this past Monday’s Full Moon exactly on and opposite the USA Neptune (confusion-chaos-fog instead of visionary thinking and “imagi-neering”).

Why the Current Financial Crash is Happening (or Beginning to Happen) Now:

Hidden inside the Oct. 29, 1929 crash chart is a vital midpoint to examine:

Uranus = Saturn/Pluto (exact within 9 minutes of arc and from 8+ Aries to 8+ Libra). [Now think about the upcoming 5 Saturn-Uranus oppositions in the sky during the next 2 years, and the 5 or so Uranus-Pluto squares from Aries to Capricorn happening 2012 – 2015 (the mirror reflection of the Uranus-Pluto squares from 1929-1930 from Aries to Cancer). Also – Saturn squares Pluto in the sky 3 times in 2009-2010. These are the same trio of planets – all making discordant alignments to each other – again.]

Over the last 48 hours, we have had the Sun/Venus and Sun/Mercury midpoints in the sky triggering that Uranus = Saturn/Pluto midpoint from Oct. 29, 1929. And (!) over the next 24+ hours or so, we have the Sun/Mars midpoint in the sky hitting the same Uranus = Saturn/Pluto midpoint from 1929.

Uranus = shocks; short-circuits; upheavals; revolution; breakthroughs and breakdowns. Saturn = fears; chronic difficulties; blocks; limits; “falls from heights.” Pluto = extremes; death-rebirth-regeneration scenarios; the underworld; mysteries and secrets; hellish conditions; Plutocracy; bankruptcy, fascism and control cloaked in invisibility.

I also realized that the Sun/Moon midpoint from Oct. 29, 1929 is 18+ Libra. This is (a) the USA Progressed Mars from the last 4 – 5 YEARS, including now, and (b) where transiting Mars just crossed over Tuesday night into Wednesday as the DJIA dropped the additional 400+ points. The Sun/Moon midpoint in any chart is the fundamental key to the energy-field of the chart.

Mars stands for loss/debts in general financial astrology; it’s also impulse buying – which connects somewhat to the acute (Mars) rise of both gold and silver yesterday. Anything impulsive, acute and volatile has to be somewhat connected to Mars. Transiting Mars yesterday exactly crossed over Mercury at 19+ Libra in the great Stock Market Crash chart of Oct. 29, 1929. [Note: On the day of the Total Solar Eclipse of Aug. 1, 2008, Mars made its return to its natal placement in the NYSE chart.]

Add On the Following Chiron Keys:

Chiron conjunct the Lunar North Node in the sky at 13 Taurus on Oct. 29, 1929 (1 minute orb – thus virtually precise).

Chiron conjunct the Lunar North Node in the sky at 17 Aquarius over the past 3 days (and still now) within 5 minutes to 20 minutes of arc.

Chiron was exactly stationary-direct on Dec. 31, 1974 at the start of Gold Trading.

Chiron will be exactly stationary-direct on Friday Oct. 24, 2008 – the actual anniversary date of the first phase of the 1929 stock market crash – which took a weekend and an extra 2 days to complete!
[Thursday Oct. 24, 1929 was known as Black Thursday. The U.S. stock market recovered somewhat on Friday Oct. 25, 1929. The weekend of Oct. 26-27, 1929 saw all kinds of rumors, maneuverings, fears, etc. Then the final disaster was Black Monday and Black Tuesday Oct. 28-29, 1929 when over 2 days the DJIA lost 12.82% and 11.73% of its value -- still the worst percentage loss by combining those 2 days as a unit.]

Chiron was exactly stationary-direct on Nov. 22, 1963 when JFK was killed.

Note: The current place where Vesta has just stationed this month (14+ Taurus) is where Chiron stationed in the summer of 1929. This is also the most powerful financial degree of the zodiac – since it is the middle of fixed, earthy Taurus.

The Lunar Nodes = fate-destiny and also strong ties to the public and mass emotions. Chiron has many meanings, but one potent one concerns its connection to “twilight zones of strange time,” when tens of millions of people are thrown out of their normal, daily chronological rhythms and pushed into a kind of limbo-realm where the regular clock-time disappears and everything seems other-worldly, off-kilter and disjointed.

Proof on the Great Stock Market Crash Chart of Oct. 29, 1929 Versus the Current “Crash Sensitivity and Psychology” During This Week:

The Last Total Solar Eclipse from March 29, 2006 was at 8+ Aries – precisely (!) on the Uranus = Saturn/Pluto midpoint from Oct. 29, 1929. That’s when I came out with my article on the potential for a Banking and Stock Market Crisis in 2006.

The Current Total Solar Eclipse from Aug. 1, 2008 was at 9+ Leo – conjunct Vesta at 9+ Leo at the great Stock Market Crash of Oct. 29, 1929. And the current Total Solar Eclipse from this summer was exactly square Vesta in the sky at 9+ Taurus; therefore, the Total Eclipse Vesta from this summer was precisely square its own placement from the Oct. 29, 1929 Stock Market Crash.

The next Total Solar Eclipse occurs on July 21, 2009 at 29+ Cancer – that’s the Vesta/Pluto midpoint from the 1929 Stock Market Crash. The next Total Solar Eclipse after that happens on July 11, 2010 at 19 degrees and 24 minutes of Cancer – conjunct Pluto’s placement at 19 degrees and 37 minutes from the 1929 Stock Market Crash. Therefore, the last 2 Total Solar Eclipses and the next 2 Total Solar Eclipses are all igniting extremely sensitive natal placements or natal midpoint structures in the Great Stock Market Crash of Oct. 29, 1929.

Finally, the Upcoming Solar Return of the Stock Market Crash of Oct. 29, 1929:

I have cross-referenced ALL the years since 1929 to now, and we have never (!) had – as we will have at this Solar Return – a simultaneous Mars Return and Mercury Return to their placements from 1929.
Thus, from 1930 and to 2007, we have never experienced Mars coming back and Mercury coming back to their crash placements simultaneously when the Solar Return of the Great Stock Market Crash happens – that is until this year when it will happen on Oct. 28, 2008 – the day of the New Moon, but with the Solar Return happening slightly before and in the dark of the Moon cycle (representing extreme endings).

Mars at 15+ Scorpio* (the key zodiacal degree area related to Collective Debts-Assets) returning to the great crash placement = Extreme (Scorpio) Losses-Debts (Mars) while Mercury in Libra returning to the great crash placement = The Delicate Balancing Act (Libra) of the key market indices (Mercury), but also the potential for a lot of fence-sitting and inaction by investors who don’t know what to do and cannot decide (Libra being the strongest sign of indecision, fence-sitting and waiting instead of acting).

*The Mars Return to its natal position from Oct. 29, 1929 actually occurs between Oct. 27 - 28, 2008. The point here is that this Mars Return -- plus the Mercury Return -- are happening within about 48 hours of each other and in close proximity to the Solar Return of the Great Stock Market Crash of late October 1929. Just as the October 1929 crash happened during approximately 6 days, whatever is destined to occur this year in late October may also last for many days in a row. Don't forget that the national election campaign will be wrapping up during that time-period and a reeling, highly unstable financial situation in this nation is likely to increase the chances of Barack Obama winning in a close race against John McCain.

First Update today, Sept. 18: I am adding this update due to the increasing levels of fear being reported regarding the current financial crisis. Fear is always connected in one way or another to Saturn's shadow or lower side. Of course, if you add on Pluto that would mean extreme fear, add on Uranus and that would indicate fear that is shocking and nerve-racking, add on Neptune and that would translate as fear that is confusing or which creates chaos, and so on.

Saturn transits all charts and -- presently -- just made a parallel to its own placement in the NYSE chart from May 17, 1792. This occurred exactly on Tuesday Sept. 16, but was, of course, building up for several days and weeks beforehand. Even though the exact alignment has passed and the next parallel won't happen until July 2027, transiting Saturn today and over the next few days is still very much in operation.

Parallels and contra-parallels are similar to conjunctions, squares, oppositions and sextiles in the zodiac except that these parallel type aspects are measured via declination in which celestial bodies are moving north or south of the Celestial Equator. Aspects via declination have been used in astrology for hundreds of years, but they have taken on greater importance during the recent renaissance in astrology over the past few decades.

While most astrology students have heard of the Saturn Return that occurs every 29.5 years in each chart, not that many astrologers stay on top of watching Saturn parallels to a horoscope. There is no doubt that this week's Saturn parallel to its own placement in the NYSE chart has become an enormous factor in the rise of fear within the national and global investment community.

In addition -- as I mentioned earlier in this story -- it is really remarkable that this upsurge of fear today (as reported in so many media sources) occurs on the very day that the Moon (ruling the public and mass consciousness) unites with the virtually stationary and retrograde placement of Vesta (investments; insurance; safety-security) at 15 Taurus (key zodiacal degree of financial matters) in the sky.

Saturn -- when functioning in a negative manner -- can also represent recession and depression. Since Saturn has always symbolized "falling from a great height," we see that clearly going on now all over the place, money-wise and in terms of the stock prices of financial companies. And there is a move now -- starting in London's financial-banking system -- to temporarily curtail "shorting" stocks. This is another negative connection to Saturn -- a theme of needing to "blame someone," in this case short-sellers who are trying to cash in on the severe dropping of financial stocks.

Saturn is doing something else that is creating a lot of frustration for America and the entire world banking system. It is (a) making a 60-degree sextile to the USA Sun placement all of this week and (b) it is short-circuiting (via a 90-degree square aspect) the Full Moon alignment that occurred back in June 1993 when trading the U.S. dollar relative to a basket of currencies started. Now a 60-degree alignment is often considered as favorable, constructive and supportive in most astrology textbooks. However, as Barry Lynes clearly stated in his two extraordinary books over 25 years ago, it was a 60-degree sextile by transiting Neptune to the USA Venus that gave us the precise day of the Great Stock Market Crash of October 1929.

On the subject of the amazing rebounds for both Gold and Silver during the past 48 hours, as the U.S. dollar has been dropping during this crisis, it is natural for gold (and silver) to be seen as havens -- providing some measure of safety and security. Do you now see how Vesta fits in again? When people want and need safety and security of their money during a financial crisis in which the dollar is crumbling (and the banking-financial institutions that stand behind the dollar are cracking and in need of repair), then Vesta must be examined carefully. And today is the "perfect storm" regarding Vesta because the Moon is now about to unite with this asteroid, and this is the first conjunction by the lunar orb (representing the mass consciousness) with Vesta since Vesta made its potent station last week at 15 Taurus.

Furthermore, the Gold and Silver trading charts both have Sun-Vesta unions! That makes these metals extra sensitive to the movements, shifts and alignments of Vesta. Also -- each of these charts bring the Sun, Vesta and Pluto into a trio of influences, and -- in this case -- Pluto represents the extreme swings in trading that often accompany buying and selling of these twin metals.

One more point for the moment. I explained earlier in this article that we currently have a fairly rare situation in that transiting Chiron and the transiting Lunar North Node are exactly together, and using what is called the Mean Node rather than the so-called True Node, this Chiron-Node union was very precise at the start of this crazy week -- particularly when the Full Moon happened exactly on and opposite the USA Neptune.

Chiron is not only a representation of twilight-zone experiences when we are all tossed out of regular time and thrown into another dimension in which life and events are somewhat disjointed and seemingly unreal; it also symbolizes BRIDGES. Why bridges? Because of where Chiron is located in the solar system. Chiron orbits between Saturn and Uranus -- the two planets that are about to oppose each other five times (starting on Election Day, November 4, 2008) over the next two years. In fact, Chiron -- during its approximate 50-year orbit around the Sun -- sometimes comes very close to the orbital zone of Saturn and then other times touches the orbital zone of Uranus.

Symbolized by the key that opens doors to higher consciousness, Chiron represents the bridge between the inner solar system and the outer three planets.

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