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News > Top Stories Archives  > Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are VP Choices

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are VP Choices

Joe Biden and Sarah Palin are VP Choices | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

New Datelines August 23 & 29, & Sept. 3, 2008: For many days now, Senator Joseph Biden – the six-term senator from Delaware – appeared to be the number one choice for Barack Obama. This became confirmed last night from news reports. It becomes official later today when both men appear at a Springfield, Illinois rally.

Important: John McCain has just chosen Sarah Palin -- Governor of Alaska -- as his running mate (Aug. 29). Their charts are at the end of this article -- as well as a short section of several paragraphs on her Solar Chart (time of birth unknown).

Note: For much more on the candidates and the primaries, see my previous two articles on the presidential campaign in this Top Stories section.

Before Proceeding, Here’s Why Barack Obama Doesn’t Get a Solid A

Although the choice of Joe Biden as a running mate is primarily very favorable and could propel the Obama/Biden team to victory on November 4, there are a couple of problems with the choice.

Until the Russia-Georgia crisis developed only a few weeks ago, I still felt the best choice for Obama as a VP was Hillary Clinton. Despite their supposed enmity for each other, she would bring with her enormous numbers of women to the voting booths on Election Day. In addition, her strong Scorpio Sun and other celestial bodies in Scorpio would dovetail with the Mercury, Sun and Mars placements happening on November 4, 2008.

Furthermore, the brewing international, political chess game regarding Russia-Georgia, oil pipelines and the ongoing stalemates in the Middle East and Persian Gulf war zones had pushed John McCain up in the polls and reminded the public about the weaknesses on the leadership scorecard in regard to rather untested Barack Obama. In other words, Obama was almost forced into choosing a man of the stature and experience of Joe Biden – whose credentials include 36 years as a senator, current chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and his presence on the Senate Judiciary Committee for a very long time as well.

Furthermore, the official announcement of the choice of Biden happens during a so-called void-of-course Moon and on the eve of a Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado when the “Hillary Factor” is still kind of up-in-the-air and volatile for this party that has flubbed its last two chances to win the big political prize that comes up every four years.

Why Obama Gets Nearly an A

So, having articulated a couple of qualms, Obama receives great kudos for his first major decision as the Democratic candidate for high office.

This is the key right off the bat. If Obama had chosen a weak running mate or gone for a relatively unknown person, everyone would have questioned his decision-making skills. But in choosing Joe Biden he has found someone who is (a) usually amiable, (b) well-qualified to be president and (c) perhaps more experienced in government than John McCain!

This latter point cannot be underestimated as the campaign goes forward. Of all his choices – possibly including Hillary Clinton – no one rivals John McCain more (from the Democratic side) than Joe Biden. Obama’s running mate has a track record of 14 more years in the U.S. Senate than John McCain. Thus, this choice is reminiscent of when John F. Kennedy – a 43-year-old and relatively inexperienced candidate in the summer of 1960 – felt forced into choosing the Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson as a running mate because Johnson was well-known, nearly 9 years older, and deeply experienced as a Washington insider.

I will have much more to say – in another article coming up soon – about the similarities between this election and the one between Kennedy and Nixon in 1960.

The other main, non-astrological reason that the Biden choice is outstanding is that Joe Biden can easily go on the attack against John McCain (and whoever John McCain chooses for his running mate) without this forthcoming attack demeaning Barack Obama and the current wave of “Obama Mania” and “Obama Charisma.”

The bottom line is that Barack Obama needed a highly vocal, glib and seasoned veteran like Biden who can shoot from the hip if necessary and won’t back down in a verbal fight with anyone. Joe Biden – as you will see from looking at his horoscope – is tenacious, forceful and yet also kindly and friendly in his demeanor. This is a rare blend and not everyone can pull this off correctly as Joe Biden has done nearly flawlessly on the national political horizon for the past 36 years.

Getting Into the Astrology

Astrologically speaking – from the personal point of view and how Joe Biden’s horoscope stacks up in general – this choice is almost sensational. Here’s why.

Even though it is said that people don’t vote for the vice-presidential individual, Joe Biden – born on November 20, 1942 at 8:30AM EWT in Scranton, PA – has a powerful array of celestial bodies in Scorpio. This includes Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Venus. Amazingly, Joe Biden’s Mars is right where Hillary Clinton has Chiron and Joe Biden’s Mercury is at the same degree of the zodiac as Hillary Clinton’s Mercury. It’s as though Obama went searching for an astrological replacement for Hillary and Joe easily popped up as both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are Sun-sign Scorpios.

The reminder here is that Barack Obama is relatively weak when it comes to “owning” Scorpio fire-power. He only has Neptune in this sign. John McCain only has Pallas in Scorpio whereas a likely running mate for John McCain (at this point Mitt Romney) has Chiron, Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio.

Why can Scorpio planetary placements make a difference in an election? The answer is simple: The election is held when the Sun and often other celestial bodies are in Scorpio! Ronald Reagan coasted to two landslide wins as president primarily due to his having a prominent Jupiter (largest planet in the solar system) near the middle of Scorpio and very close to where the Sun was located in November 1980 and November 1984 when he handily defeated Jimmy Carter and then Walter Mondale.

When this year’s election occurs, the transiting Sun will be united with Joe Biden’s Mars while transiting Mars will be united with Joe Biden’s Mercury. While this doesn’t guarantee the Democratic team absolute victory on Election Day, it certainly helps generate excitement in getting the vote out – one of the problems that often afflicts the Democrats at the eleventh hour.

The Importance of Venus in the Horoscope of Joe Biden

To figure out who becomes president, you always have to go backwards in analyzing the situation. You need to start with the charts for the Inauguration (always fixed at Noon on January 20 in Washington, D.C.) and for Election Day. Then find the horoscope for the night of the official nomination at that candidate’s political party. It also helps to delineate the chart for when the candidate declared his or her intent to run for the presidency.

The above four charts – in many ways – are more important than specific transits happening on the day of the election itself! This is one of the most unusual things about trying to figure out who will be the next president of our nation.

If you just focus on transits to the chart of someone running for political office – on the day of the election – you get some valuable information, but you miss the wider and greater importance of what’s going on. In the case of the presidency, the main horoscope is for the exact time of the Inauguration and then secondly the horoscope for Election Day. In even writing this, it may sound weird or inaccurate, but on the deepest level, it works out that way. After all, when Mundane Astrologers seek to determine the influence of any president, the key chart to examine is the horoscope for their taking the Oath of Office as president – and that happens at the Inauguration.

Now, why is Venus of crucial importance this time around in choosing a person to become president? Ever since the Inauguration date was changed from March 4 to January 20 (in 1937 via an amendment to the U.S. Constitution a couple of years earlier), Taurus rises when each president takes the Oath of Office on that usually cold day in January every four years. This gives Venus rulership of each Inauguration chart.

For the first time ever, on January 20, 2009 the planet Venus will be united with revolutionary Uranus in the sign of Pisces with only an orb of 2+ degrees. No matter what else you analyze in the Inauguration chart, the Venus-Uranus union in that horoscope is like a neon sign or beacon of light that is saying “a radical change (Uranus) of values (Venus) is happening now.”

For many months, it seemed right and best for Barack Obama (the key Uranian figure in this election process, just as John McCain is the key Saturnian figure and Saturn opposes Uranus on Election Day) to choose Hillary Clinton as a running mate. And for me the reason was that she is a woman (Venus) and would bring with her millions of votes from women (Venus). By choosing Hillary (Venus), he would have a cake-walk into the presidency from the angle that an Obama-Hillary ticket (Uranus-Venus combined) would clinch the deal that’s already written in the stars on January 20, 2009 when the nation and the world experience a Venus-Uranus union at the inauguration of the next president.

Then came the Russian-Georgian debacle, John McCain’s rise in the polls and the troubling feeling that Barack Obama needed to shore up his lack of foreign affairs experience as a candidate. The natural remedy was to go with someone like Joe Biden or perhaps Chris Dodd or Bill Richardson.

The magic astrologically in choosing Joe Biden is that he is so strongly connected to Venus. To be born at a Sun-Venus union is rare and significant. These conjunctions only occur every 9+ months and the one he is born under (a Superior Conjunction of Sun-Venus when Venus is moving fast and on the far side of the Sun) only happens every 19 months. It makes Venus (the key planet of love, the creative arts, sensitivity, societal values, the feminine principle, striving for harmony, peace and balance) extra significant.

Now Barack Obama is no slouch when it comes to Venusian power. This is because his own Venus (1+ Cancer) is within a close union to America’s Venus (3+ Cancer) from July 4, 1776. This is one of the main reasons why there is so much buzz and social excitement surrounding the Obama candidacy.

John McCain has Venus prominent as well since he has this planet at 22+ Virgo (exactly united with America’s natal Neptune).

Planetary Ties Between Biden and Obama

For the most part, the links between Obama and Biden are very good – for the following reasons.

One of the secrets to compatibility analysis in astrology is the ability to complete GEOMETRIC PATTERNS like a Grand Triangle or a Grand Cross, etc.

Barack Obama is born with the Moon in early Gemini and Jupiter at the beginning of Aquarius, but he doesn’t have a celestial body in early Libra that would complete a Grand Triangle in air signs.

What does Joe Biden have in early Libra? Neptune. And Neptune is (a) the most elevated celestial body at the birth of Barack Obama (revealing his cult status as a larger-than-life American political figure) and (b) Neptune is also at the top of America’s birthchart (the late-afternoon time for our nation on July 4, 1776).

In this situation, Joe Biden receives back a Jupiter in early Aquarius placement from Barack Obama – assisting Joe Biden in strengthening a Grand Trine in air signs in his own chart in which Uranus is in early Gemini and Neptune is in early Libra.

Therefore, both candidates have glowing, inspirational and highly vocal air sign Grand Trines that they wouldn’t have had without joining forces!

On other levels, we note the following:

(a) Their Lunar Nodal Axes (fate-destiny themes) are nearly identical (late Leo-Aquarius) and activating America’s natal Moon-Pallas union in Aquarius. The Lunar Nodal cycle (Moon’s orbit around the Earth going backward through the zodiac) lasts approximately 18+ years and that’s the exact difference in age between Joe Biden (born in 1942) and Barack Obama (born in 1961).

(b) Both have prominent Juno placements. Juno is stationary at the birth of Barack Obama and it is rising in Sagittarius in the chart for Joe Biden. Juno is very important when it comes to diplomacy, international negotiating skills, fair treatment under the law, management-worker relations and creating a positive atmosphere of creativity, beauty and elegance that certainly has been missing for a long time within the presidential aura. Note: Juno is also prominent for John McCain as the New Moon before his birth (often a key to fate and destiny) is almost exactly conjunct his Juno at 24 Leo while John McCain’s Rising Sign in Libra coincides closely with America’s Juno at 20 degrees of that sign. America’s Juno is exactly opposite our national Chiron in Aries, and both celestial bodies are now being “attacked” by transiting Eris – the outermost planet in our solar system, discovered several years ago and which connects strongly to global discord and war-like scenarios.

(c) Joe Biden is born with Chiron united with his Lunar North Node and both are elevated in his birthchart whereas Barack Obama has Chiron under the horizon and near his South Lunar Node. In addition, there is a lot of excitement-stimulation of ideas being generated between these two men since they have a Uranus-Chiron union between them as well as a Uranus-Moon union. This can lead to a rich harvest of thinking, planning and research if the two of them make it to presidency and vice presidency of the nation.

(d) The most challenging aspect between them is Joe Biden’s Mars at 13 Scorpio is very closely square Barack Obama’s Sun at 13 Leo. This is also interesting because Hillary Clinton is born with a Mars-Pluto union in Leo (very close to Barack Obama’s Sun) while John McCain has Mars exactly (!) on Barack Obama’s Sun.

A Sun-Mars square between two people should not be underestimated and it could produce tension and even volatility in their relationship. Joe Biden was a strong critic of Barack Obama during the recent campaign when Biden suggested that Obama did not have enough experience to be president. However, these kinds of rivalries and sniping go on all the time with candidates in all parties.

It’s almost as though Barack Obama needed to find someone to run with who didn’t have a Mars in Leo breathing down his neck since both Hillary Clinton and John McCain are Mars-in-Leo individuals. In selecting Joe Biden, he connects with someone whose Mars will be precisely illuminated on the day of the election.

Note on the Red Planet: Mars has some detrimental qualities, but it is also the key planet of leadership. If you think along a military line, then a General (the Sun and Obama as a Sun-sign Leo) needs a good Captain (Mars and Biden as a Sun-sign Scorpio with Mars prominent in Scorpio) to keep his own troops under control and to dominate the armed forces belonging to his opponent (McCain and the Republicans). Looking at the VP choice in this manner reveals the superior nature of this first main decision by Barack Obama.

Other Realities (and Worries) Before Closing for Now

I will have much more to say about the election once both candidates have made their vice-presidential choices and the campaign gets into full swing during September.

In the meantime, here are some deep and serious questions to ponder.

Barack Obama declared for the presidency back on February 10, 2007 when the Moon was void in late Scorpio and there was the annual Sun-Saturn opposition in the sky. Today’s official announcement takes place during a void Moon in late Taurus and on the annual Venus-Uranus opposition. How will this affect the Obama/Biden run for high office in the next few months? [It could be significant – for the good – that Venus and Uranus are in polarity today (August 23, 2008) as the Biden selection is confirmed since these are the same two planets that will be united at the Inauguration in approximately five months.]

Obama could wind up being officially nominated for president (this Wednesday night August 27) during another void Moon due to the current plan for Hillary Clinton’s name to be put into nomination and for there to be a roll call vote. If this void lunar selection of Obama happens, it may add to a bunch of void Moon problems that are afflicting Obama’s run for the presidency. Important Note: The Moon at 30 degrees of Scorpio is void when the next president takes the Oath of Office on January 20, 2009. This cannot be changed and affects both Barack Obama and John McCain (and their running mates). This void lunar placement is a big deal and I will explain it in much greater detail in the major article I will be writing in September on the presidential campaign.

I have posted a chart in several articles in the Top Stories section that I call Presidential Power. It is the chart for when George Washington took the Oath of Office as president on April 30, 1789. Over the years, I have found this horoscope extremely helpful in understanding how presidents (and vice presidents) behave in office. Joe Biden has some great ties to this crucial American horoscope and these connections may be able to partially neutralize or blunt the fact that John McCain’s natal Saturn at 21 Pisces is precisely conjunct Saturn in the chart for Presidential Power.

In addition to the charts of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, I have included their composite chart for your study and research. Highlights in this composite horoscope are (a) a Grand Trine in air signs (including the Sun, Juno and Chiron); (b) an almost precise Sun-Juno trine (and Juno connects strongly to diplomacy and foreign affairs-relations, and the need for peace, harmony and fair treatment under the law); (c) expansive and exuberant Jupiter very closely trine the Lunar North Node; (d) the Sun opposite Vesta (wherein Vesta = National Safety and Security themes as well as the Investment Community); (e) the Sun is opposite Saturn as well (interesting because Obama declared for the presidency on the exact day in 2007 when the Sun was opposite Saturn, and Saturn rules over authority figures and being a chief executive); (f) the Moon in grounded Taurus closely trines Venus in meticulous Virgo; (g) the heavily-packed ninth house suggests how involved these two men will be in conducting U.S. foreign relations if they are elected to the presidency and vice-presidency of the United States.

It is noteworthy that the exact Saturn-Uranus polarity in the sky on Election Day – the first of five oppositions between these two planets stretching until late July 2010 – is right on Joe Biden’s vertical Meridian Axis. As a candidate running for high office, you want Saturn as elevated as possible because (a) Saturn feels comfortable while transiting through an individual’s tenth house (since it rules Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac) and (b) Saturn symbolizes your capacity for executive leadership. Uranus at the bottom of Joe Biden’s chart could easily signify his moving to the residence of the Vice President of the United States – which is located on the grounds of the U.S. Naval Observatory. [The Saturn-Uranus polarity is energizing the eighth-second house polarity in Barack Obama’s chart and the twelfth-sixth house polarity in John McCain’s chart. Thus, based on Joe Biden’s birth time, the current Saturn-Uranus polarity is a great boost for his own role in this election and his ability to lift Barack Obama toward and into the presidency – somewhat ahead of schedule regarding Obama’s transiting Saturn, eight-house chart placement.]

One final note: Joe Biden’s Jupiter at 25 Cancer is almost exactly united with America’s Mercury while Joe Biden’s Mercury at 22 Scorpio forms a close and flowing trine to America’s Mercury. This is very favorable. It also doesn’t hurt that Joe Biden’s Ceres at 20+ Pisces is exactly united with Saturn in the chart for Presidential Power and this Ceres placement for Joe Biden is precisely in a 60-degree, supportive link to Ceres at 20+ Taurus in the chart of Barack Obama. Ceres is the only stationary celestial body at the birth of America and has a lot to do with agriculture, cereals and grains (America still being the bread-basket to the world), food preparation and nutrition. Ceres is also a key to productivity. Thus, in terms of running together and what they could accomplish in office, their Ceres-Ceres rapport is definitely another plus.

Until next time, many blessings to everyone reading these words.

Important Update on Friday Aug. 29: Sarah Palin -- John McCain's VP choice -- is born on February 11, 1964 in Sandpoint, Idaho (time of birth is presently unknown). With a Sun, Mars and Saturn triple conjunction in Aquarius, you can get a sense of her toughness (pro-life; pro-hunting; pro-oil drilling; pro-business) and yet also some rebellious tendencies. She bucked the Republican system itself in Alaska and exposed Republican ethics violations to become their Governor. A big uncertainty here is that transiting Neptune (either confusion-chaos or imagination-vision) is making a once-in-a-lifetime union with her Sun and -- over the next 2 years -- her natal Mars and Saturn. Her Mercury (mental power) at the beginning of Aquarius is an excellent match to the quadruple conjunction of Juno, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter at the beginning of Aquarius at the presidential inauguration (Jan. 20, 2009). Her Moon could be in late Capricorn (therefore united with John McCain's late Capricorn Moon!) or in early Aquarius. In either case, she is born with a fairly close Moon-Mercury union -- something that makes a lot of sense since she was a journalism major in college. She has an inspirational Venus at the beginning of Aries in a flowing trine to a Juno-Pallas union at the beginning of Sagittarius. This could be a fascinating counter-weight to the fact that Barack Obama is born with a stationary Juno at the beginning of Aries.

Speaking of Freedom-Loving, Liberating Uranus

A key to her selection by John McCain is that their natal placements of Uranus are almost precisely trine (9+ Taurus for John McCain and 8+ Virgo for Sarah Palin). It is John McCain's natal Uranus on top of Uranus for the founding of the Republican Party (Feb. 28, 1854) that makes him such a maverick to his own party. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin's Uranus is very close to an exact square to America's Uranus at 8+ Gemini. Will this prove too shocking and uncomfortable for voters OR inspirational and revelatory (since she will be seen as a newcomer and outsider coming into the nation's capital as a potential ethics reformer)?

Yikes! A Vice President with the Sun united with Both Mars (War) and Saturn (Fear)... Can this be Good?

However, her Sun-Mars-Saturn union is near the USA natal Moon-Pallas union in Aquarius. Wow! This is truly momentous in potential because one of the traditional "marriage" or "love" ties in astrological compatibility is one individual's Sun on the other individual's Moon. Of course, this is more complex because Sarah Palin has not only her Sun near America's Moon, but she adds a Mars-Saturn volatility or strength in association with our national Moon (the public; our national moods, feelings, rhythms and cycles). Until we see her in action, speaking out across the nation, and in debate with Joe Biden, it will be hard to predict whether she will be an enormous plus for the Republicans or a weakness as we move toward November 4.

Note: Years before the senior George Bush became president in January 1989, I warned all my readers that if he were elected, the USA would go to war because his Sun was right on America's Mars in Gemini. If Sarah Palin is the next Vice President and eventually goes into the presidency while transiting Neptune in Aquarius makes a once-in-a-lifetime union with her natal Mars and Saturn, then we could wind up actively engaged in new global battles, wars and volatile situations.

Back to Venus and Uranus Conjunct on the Day of the Inauguration

Earlier in this article, I explained that the Obama-Biden ticket brings together Uranus (Obama) and Venus (Biden) -- the two planets united in Pisces at the coming presidential inauguration. Now -- with Sarah Palin selected by John McCain -- you also have a Venus-Uranus combination because (a) Sarah Palin would become the first female Vice President, if their ticket is elected, and (b) this could lead her to eventually becoming the first female President (Uranus = breakthroughs).

Pro-Life Versus Pro-Choice, and the Supreme Court

Thus, John McCain may have made a bold stroke here for the future of the nation, the rights of women across the board, and the coming Aquarian Age dispensation since Sarah Palin has enormous Aquarius vibrations in her birthchart. It is true that she is pro-life rather than pro-choice -- something that will not sit well with many millions of women in America -- but her being a mother of several children, her roles as mayor of a small town and governor of our largest state could bring her into Washington, D.C. if the Obama-Biden Democratic slate stalls during the coming two months.

In addition to the above, Sarah Palin is going to get strong marks from the conservative, evangelical, religious right and she will be viewed as someone totally in rapport with John McCain about putting any new justices on to the Supreme Court who would want to overturn Roe Versus Wade. Therefore -- Hello disenchanted Hillary Clinton supporters! Do you really want to be swept into voting for the Republican ticket because a woman is on there in the second spot? Think this through carefully before pulling the Republican lever on November 4.

Dynamic Astrology in Action

From a strictly neutral standpoint, it is another dynamic proof of astrology in action that John McCain chose Sarah Palin during the extreme dark of the Moon Solar-Lunar cycle since she was born in the extreme dark of the Moon Solar-Lunar cycle on Feb. 11, 1964. That's divine synchronicity that you can clearly see happening regardless of your political viewpoint. Whenever the same phase of the Moon you were born under "returns" -- 13 times a year -- something special and powerful can occur in your life. Obviously, this is one of the most potent solar-lunar phase returns that Sarah Palin has ever experienced.

On a similar note, I did not mention earlier in this story that Joe Biden was chosen by Barack Obama to run as his running mate when Venus was in opposition to Uranus in the sky and he was born with Venus within a 4-degree opposition to Uranus -- a Venus-Uranus polarity that hugs his rising and setting areas of the birthchart.

Sun-Moon Phases are Important

I have written many articles that correlate a candidate's natal Sun-Moon Phase with the current Jupiter-Saturn Phase as to whether that individual is "in synch" with the worldly situation (represented by these two largest celestial bodies in the solar system).

Of all the candidates running for office before the primaries began, I had explained that both John McCain and Hillary Clinton -- born with waxing/increasing trines linking Sun and Moon -- were corresponding "correctly" to the waxing/increasing trine happening in the world right now and in the near future between Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Virgo. Therefore, to me, their astrological main signatures are connecting the most strongly to gaining high office.

John McCain made it to the top spot in his party -- although so many others were initially seen as superior to him. Hillary Clinton missed her opportunity due to (a) running a poor campaign in the beginning; (b) going up against a formidable, Uranian-breakthrough candidate in Barack Obama; (c) and -- in my humble opinion -- having too much arrogance that she was entitled to be the nominee from the get-go.

From this Solar-Lunar Phase point of view -- in alliance with the worldly Jupiter-Saturn Phase currently happening -- the main individual "in synch" is still John McCain. Then comes Joe Biden who is born with a waxing/increasing Solar-Lunar Phase approaching a Full Moon type link. Then comes Barack Obama -- born with a waning/decreasing link between Sun and Moon near 70 degrees. Finally comes Sarah Palin -- born in the extremely waning/decreasing tie between Sun and Moon of less than 30 degrees. Thus, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are actually "futurists" whose potent political energies are strongest from around 2015-2020.

No matter what your voting preferences may be, the Solar-Lunar Phases of the candidates are important to recognize and study. It remains to be seen if the choice of Sarah Palin is seen more as a gimmick/trick to steal Democratic women voters who are disappointed that Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency and also wasn't chosen to be the Vice President on the ticket with Barack Obama.

Venus, Neptune and the Rise of the Feminine Principle in America

One fact cannot be ignored: John McCain has changed the future of the country with one dramatic blow. He now guarantees that America will have either its first Black President or first Female Vice President. It is crucial to realize that John McCain is born with Venus (key feminine planetary archetype) united with America's Neptune at 22+ Virgo (the planet considered the higher octave to Venus). John McCain's greater destiny may be to accelerate the rise of feminine power in this nation right at the point when the Hillary Clinton wave has begun diminishing. Even though Sarah Palin's background is not very strong in many respects regarding knowledge and wisdom of global affairs, you could make the same statement about Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman before their entry into the top office in the nation -- two presidents who were born with Mercury-Pluto unions and who dynamically changed the destiny of America primarily in a forward-looking direction (despite their detractors and despite the question of some of their actions, Lincoln suspending Habeas Corpus during the Civil War and Truman dropping two atomic bombs on Japanese cities).

The Greatest Irony of All

The Democrats just had one of the closest primary battles ever between a Black American and a Female American running for the presidency. Their back-and-forth contests over many months brought more voters to the polls than ever before during the primary season and the results were just about even -- with Barack Obama just slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton. This revealed the enormous power and importance of the Democratic Party in putting forth these breakthrough candidates in the first place.

And just as one of these two -- Barack Obama -- is poised to become the USA president, one person -- not 40 million primary voters -- one person, John McCain, has the power to choose a dark-horse woman Governor from Alaska to potentially become the first Female Vice President and/or President of America. Somehow this seems inappropriate, but also highly symbolic of the 232-year history of our nation that has the paternalistic, natal celestial signature of Sun closely square Saturn -- in which men (visible or invisible to the public) control the political strings in America.

By the way -- watch out Barack Obama on the basketball court -- since Sarah Palin was a fabulous point guard and leader for her high school basketball team.

Update -- While Watching Sarah Palin's Address to the Republican Convention, Sept. 3: The Sun has just made its annual merger with tradition-loving, authoritarian, and conservative Saturn, and the Governor of Alaska has already mentioned Harry Truman, who became president from the vice presidency after the sudden death of FDR in April 1945. You will remember that a few paragraphs above I explained that Harry Truman was not widely known -- nationally -- when he became the leader of the free world, and he did not have a lot of foreign affairs experience. He didn't even know about the top-secret Manhattan Project in which we were developing an atomic bomb.

As I anticipated, the speech writers have given her a fabulous speech in order to appeal to everyday Americans who work hard and have many family responsibilities.

While millions of Americans will strongly disagree with many of her views, our media- and advertising-driven society -- now drenched in Reality TV shows that make anyone a star, even if they have no in-depth, long-term credentials to back up their new-found star-power -- can make an apparently light-weight political figure appear formidable, strong-willed and ready to take over the presidency, if need be, at a moment's notice.

I have no doubt that (a) many reviewers will give her a solid "A" for her performance tonight and (b) that she and the McCain-Palin ticket will be sold to the American people as a sensible, balanced and reform-minded leadership-combination that can rule over the nation at one of the most crucial turning points in world history.

The bottom line is that the so-called "tax-and-spend" Democrats -- as usual -- will have their hands full in defeating this potent Republican ticket on November 4 and if the Democrats do not fight back misleading advertising against them and turn out millions of cell-carrying and cell-texting young supporters, the scales could be tipped back to the GOP for another 4 years.

Even though the Uranian vibrations of revolution, change and liberation favor an Obama presidency -- via celestial signatures at the time of the Election and the Inauguration -- John McCain and Sarah Palin (mainly affiliated with the meaning of Saturn) carry their own Uranian lightning bolts that should not be underestimated by over-confident Democratic advisers surrounding the Obama-Biden ticket.

A final comment for now: I just noticed that as Sarah Palin began her first moment in the national spotlight -- giving a major speech -- the Moon had just reached 3 degrees of Scorpio. This is within 1 degree of Hillary Clinton's Sun and it is also the USA Progressed Saturn -- a Saturn placement that became motionless and retrograde back in 1997-1998 when President Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky became exposed and Hillary Clinton was under intense scrutiny for her response to that demoralizing episode of American presidential history. The zodiac never forgets and the transiting Moon is often an incredible sign-post when it comes to expressing the feminist point of view to the world -- regardless of whether that view is liberal, conservative or somewhere in between.

I felt it was right and best for Obama to have chosen Hillary Clinton as his running-mate and now I know why. In bypassing Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama opened this door to America's alternative future (the potential of a conservative woman as our first president down the road), and it is very possible that the Republicans will walk through that door unless the Democrats find the nerve, guts and resilience to slam it shut in the two months ahead.

Keep tuned to this web channel for late-breaking developments on the national election campaign.

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[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Earth Aquarius News and a professional astrologer since 1972.]

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20 Cities from the USA & the World are Receiving a Cosmic Thumbs-Up or Thumbs-Down. The City Rating List gives you the current answer...

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