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News > Top Stories Archives  > Russia Invades Georgia: Planting Seeds of a New Global Conflict

Russia Invades Georgia: Planting Seeds of a New Global Conflict

Russia Invades Georgia: Planting Seeds of a New Global Conflict | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: August 15, 2008 -- Trying to do justice to this theme is impossible in one article. For the most part, I want to simply present 9 charts (see end of article for all the horoscope wheels) and then let you do most of the work.

In the meantime, you should know that on July 16 – the sixty-third anniversary of Trinity (the first atomic explosion in the desert area of New Mexico) – I added an introduction to a Top Story article I had written back in 2006 about Israel and Iran around the time that America’s Progressed Mars (war) made its first station ever in our history and began 79 years of retrograde movement.

I had composed a very elaborate article in November 2001 about this USA Progressed Mars station and shift into retrograde motion, and what it would mean for our nation and the world upon its occurrence in July 2006. Then Israel started fighting with Hezbollah in the summer of 2006 and it became very clear to me that this could lead to a wider battle between Israel and Iran (the main supporter of the terrorist organization of Hezbollah).

The battle between Israel and Hezbollah that summer – focused in and around Lebanon – eventually died down, although Israel has been dealing with the seemingly unsolvable Palestinian problem for the last two years and could be on the verge of trying to “take out” the Iranian nuclear development sites in the heartland of Iran at almost any time now (summer and fall of 2008).

In the middle of July of this year, I started to more seriously examine the astrological chart for first Total Solar Eclipse (on August 1, 2008) since the previous one on March 29, 2006. I could see the proverbial handwriting on the wall that this Total Solar Eclipse was going to (a) re-trigger the celestial sky pattern from the start of World War I (August 1, 1914) and that (b) a Mars-Uranus polarity in the sky five days later on August 6, 2008 could through America into huge turmoil since this Mars-Uranus explosive opposition was right on top of our nation’s natal Neptune (confusion and chaos as its shadow side) and closely square our nation’s natal Mars (warfare; hostilities; acute problems due to an armed attack or military action).

Furthermore, you did not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that the station of the asteroid Juno in Sagittarius at the start of the Beijing Olympics on August 8, 2008 could also feed into this highly disruptive energy-field influencing the world’s geo-political fortunes since the shadow side of Juno motionless can be terrorism and rage, by or against, the disenfranchised, weak and small groups and/or nations on our planet.

Overall, the start of August 2008 looked like a calamity in the making and I decided to put out a warning in my July 16, 2008 introduction to the older Israel-Iran feature that I had written back in the summer of 2006.

I put out warnings like this only rarely. I was incredibly alarmed by cycles in the sky from March to August 2001 – thinking America was going to get caught up in some kind of war. However, I did NOT warn anyone and then began to relax once August 2001 was past. Then 11 days later the horrifying events of September 11, 2001 took place.

So, I vowed to myself that if I saw other very extreme alignments pointing toward major national or international conflicts in the future, I would say something through Earth Aquarius News and I have been doing that, every so often, over the past few years.

In this situation, what appeared initially to be something minor – Russia sending troops into a former republic, in order to support South Ossetia (an enclave in Georgia that is pro-Russian and wants to be reunited with Russia) – has wound up becoming a firestorm of heated controversy around the globe.

Linkage of Many Charts

I have been a professional astrologer for 36 years. Mundane Astrology is my great love although I have had a thriving personal and professional astrology business for 3+ decades.

The way that I “problem-solve” astrological situations is that (a) I don’t stop until I get to the core answers (which I will find, one way or another) and (b) almost always many charts (never one) are interconnected – requiring a lot of painstaking research, juggling of cycles and alignments, and lengthy writing assignments to explain what’s going on to everyone who is interested.

The bottom line here is that the Total Solar Eclipse that just happened – amplified by Russia’s Invasion of Georgia 6 – 7 days later (so close to Mars opposing Uranus in the sky, and Juno becoming motionless) – are galvanizing the horoscopes of (a) the Discovery of the planet Neptune; (b) the start of World War I; (c) the start of World War II; (d) the chart for the Republic of Georgia; (e) the chart for new Russia (Dec. 25, 1991); (f) the chart for Vladimir Putin; (g) the chart for Nicolas Sarkozy; (h) and the chart for Mikheil Saakashvili.

Other maps are involved, too. For example, the horoscopes of the USA, President George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, the birth of European Civilization (Dec. 25, 800 A.D., Noon, Rome, Italy at the Coronation of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor), and – obviously – the charts for Senators Obama and McCain, and the current president of Russia (Dmitri Medvedev). However, at this time, I want to give some pointers about the 8 birthmaps mentioned above as well as the Total Solar Eclipse chart that is triggering the rest of them.

Before Proceeding: How America Goofed Up

To simply blame the Russian Bear for this latest world crisis is to look at the world naively. America has been openly supporting democratic ideals in all the former Soviet Republics (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Georgia and others) for many years. President Saakashvili is a graduate of Columbia University and practiced law in New York City for awhile before eventually returning to Georgia and becoming its president. America just finalized an agreement with Poland (a country under the Soviet Union’s control from 1945 to 1991) for a mutual missile defense system in that nation – which will be manned by American military personnel. In addition, the radar stations for this combined American-Polish defense system will be based in the Czech Republic.

We said – to Russia – that we were doing this to defend Poland against a potential attack from Iran or some other rogue nation in the future. But were we to really think that the Russians would be happy with this set-up? After all, were we happy when the Russians put nuclear missiles inside Cuba in 1962 – a land only 90 miles off the Florida coast? Of course not! We almost had a nuclear exchange in October 1962 because it was inappropriate for the Soviet Union to be encroached so close to our natural territory.

In this current situation regarding Poland, it is true that we offered Russia to participate in this missile defense system we were creating in Poland. However, if you were the leader of Russia, would you readily go along with this plan and not wonder what your former, bitter Cold War enemy was up to? Not only that, but America has had its foothold in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf since 1991 while Russia has been on the defensive, losing land, inhabitants and prestige.

Just as Iraq (and Saddam Hussein) was part of an ancient superpower that was a major cradle of Western Civilization and modern Iran was formerly the great, ancient superpower of mighty Persia, the Russians have an amazing history that goes back hundreds of years before the founding of America in 1776. Thus, the Russians have a proud heritage and were never likely to take all this “democratic meddling” in their former republics lying down.

The geo-political war game has been going on for many years now and has a lot to do with oil, the Middle East, and those nations – bordering Russia – in which oil pipelines are flowing to Western Europe and – eventually – America.

Vladimir Putin is strongly connected to the KGB in Russia while our current president’s father was the head of the CIA. President George W. Bush said that he could look into the soul of Vladimir Putin, but that was really an enormous cover for their mutual, hidden agreement to do a lot of geo-political maneuvering over the past 8 years. [George W. Bush has the Moon in mid-Libra conjunct the Sun in mid-Libra for Vladimir Putin.]

President Saakashvili – for all his noble comments in the last few days and the fact that he does represent potential democracy and liberty in Georgia – could almost be considered a “plant” by the USA and the CIA into Georgia in order to reinforce our aims to (a) keep the Russians out of the Middle East (where we have become entrenched in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to control future oil shipments) and to (b) be our surrogate in that part of the world (similar to how Israel behaves as an American surrogate directly in the heart of the Middle East).

Thus, our leaders have been stoking the fires of democracy and independent movements all along the border of Russia while Russia itself has become stronger during the last few years (especially financially) – and Putin and Company finally decided to teach the Georgians (and us, by extension) a lesson in Global Chess Moves 101.

The Russians, and the Soviets before them, never make these kinds of bold, internationally-divisive moves willy-nilly. There is always a scheme, a kind of Machiavellian game-plan shrouded in secrecy and mystery behind the scenes.

For example, only two weeks before Eisenhower’s re-election as president in 1956 – when he was running against Adlai Stevenson and our nation was focused on politics – the Soviet Union cracked down on a liberation movement in Hungary. During August of 1968 – at the height of the political turmoil in the USA following the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King – the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia and foiled the liberation movement in that Eastern European country that had been initiated by Alexander Dubcek. As President Carter prepared for his 1980 re-election campaign against Governor Ronald Reagan of California in December 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan – starting a 10-year war in that nation, a war the Soviets eventually lost.

Now – once again – as America is embroiled in a highly contentious national political battle and exactly as the world settles in to watch Olympic “athletic games,” the Russian Bear creates “war games” against a much smaller and vulnerable country (hence, the shadow side of Juno stationary at the invasion – which is terrorism and rage, by or against, the disenfranchised and weak).

No, the astute and savvy Russians never orchestrate these kinds of intriguing battles by chance or by whim. Everything is carefully choreographed and plotted out – weeks and months in advance. Plus – no one ever seems to get the drift that they are going to pounce on an unsuspecting neighbor nation until the deed is done and it is usually too late for the Western nations to adequately respond. Hence the recent problem in which President Saakashvili “assumed” America and the Western European powers would (a) either prevent Russia from ever invading or (b) quickly intervene in some way to push Russia out of Georgia after an invasion had begun.

Keep in mind that Russia itself has felt belittled and beleaguered for 17 years now since it was vastly reduced in land-size and population-size due to the end of the Soviet Union and the rebirth of “Mother Russia” during the evening of December 25, 1991. The fact that they – the KGB- and Putin-led Russians – are picking on poor, defenseless Georgia (a nation that they can easily beat up if they want) is happening under the celestial stresses and strains ignited by the Total Solar Eclipse of August 1, the explosive Mars-Uranus polarity of August 6, and the Juno station in fiery Sagittarius on August 8.

Examining the 9 Charts for Important Clues to the Current and Perhaps Future World Crisis in the Making

The chart for the Discovery of Neptune is very important now because transiting Neptune in late Aquarius is on the verge of returning to its own placement from September 23, 1846 three times in 2009. Neptune is strongly connected to oil and to the rise of communism and socialism around the world. Neptune is also at the top of America’s birthchart from July 4, 1776. Neptune also rules over world currencies and the global economic system that is now falling apart.

Amazingly, when Neptune was discovered (25+ degrees of Aquarius), it was exactly with Saturn. Even during the discovery of the other outer planets (Uranus in 1776, Pluto in 1930 and Chiron in 1977), there was never a situation where the celestial body being discovered was right with another celestial body.

One of Neptune’s major shadow sides is massive confusion, chaos, illusions and deceptions taking hold within humanity. Transiting Neptune reached 29 degrees of Cancer right at the start of World War I and thereby crossed over the exact Ascendant degree for when it was discovered late at night in Berlin on September 23, 1846.

I have studied this chart – as well as the discovery maps for Uranus, Pluto and Chiron – extensively for decades. All of these discovery horoscopes have enormous significance for humanity’s evolution or devolution in the future.

And get this: In the Neptune Discovery chart, there is an exact, awkward 150-degree alignment between Mars at 26 Virgo and Neptune at 26 Aquarius. On the day Russia invaded Georgia, Mars and Neptune not only made the same type of awkward, off-kilter 150-degree link, but the two planets were almost exactly in their same zodiacal locations – Mars at 23 Virgo and Neptune at 23 Aquarius. Therefore, for the first time since Neptune’s discovery in 1846, Mars and Neptune are close to returning to their own, identical placements in Virgo and Aquarius – thereby rekindling their problematic rapport from when Neptune first entered human consciousness.

In esoteric astrology, Mars and Neptune are associated with what is called Ray 6. There are said to be 7 Rays influencing humanity and the Earth. Each Ray has its key qualities. Ray 6 is connected to Idealism, Religious Beliefs, Devotion, but – by extension – fanaticism and zealotry that represent more of a breakdown in order than anything uplifting. Mars is considered a “non-sacred” or less advanced planetary entity linking up to Ray 6 whereas Neptune is considered a “sacred” or more advanced planetary entity in alliance with this Ray 6. Thus, the fact that Russia invaded Georgia with Mars and Neptune at extreme and unsettling loggerheads has created a vast problem associated with Ray 6 vibrations. Ray 6 is also closely associated with what is called the “astral plane,” the realm of dreams, visions and glamour – as well as the “emotional life” of humanity as a whole species on the Earth.

Making matters worse on this esoteric front is that Russia has a Ray 6 “personality” (as a nation) and so does America. On the other hand, it is said that Russia’s soul vibrations as a nation are in league with Ray 7 – a very important Ray that is bringing in the Aquarian Age cycle of 2,160 years and a Ray that is said to be ruled over by revolutionary Uranus.

Remember that Mars just opposed Uranus on August 6 – the day before the Russians invaded Georgia. Therefore, Ray 6 and Ray 7 were directly in polarity – adversely affecting the entire planet, American-Russian relations, and humanity as a kingdom on the Earth.

There is so much more that can be said about this Discovery of Neptune chart and if you look in my Beginner’s Section on this website, you will see my explorations on this crucial subject. Suffice it to say that humanity is in a vast breakdown-dissolution of old societal values because we are ending the first 165-year cycle of Neptune’s presence in our consciousness since its emergence in 1846.

By the way, an astounding example of how Neptune can represent dissolution of the old is that as the Voyager II spacecraft took the first close-up pictures ever of Neptune in the summer of 1989, the collapse of the Soviet Union began with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany, and the eventual demise of the Soviet Union in December 1991. When the USSR was formed in early November 1917, Neptune was conjunct Saturn again – just as these two bodies were united when Neptune was discovered. Neptune is totally connected to Communism and Socialism (among its many rulerships).

The Charts for World War I and II

One could spend dozens of hours reporting about these charts. However, the key reality recently has been (a) that the Total Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008 exactly ignited the Sun from August 1, 1914 and the start of World War I and, (b) perhaps more ominously, transiting Saturn at 7+ Virgo at this Total Solar Eclipse was precisely (NO ORB) on the Sun placement from the start of World War II (when Hitler unleashed his blitzkrieg or lightning war against Poland).

It was actually the Balkan War zone between 1908 and 1912 -- in which the smaller countries in and around Russia, Germany and Italy were fighting each other over ethnic rights and land issues -- that led to the major powers in Europe (Russia, Germany, France, Austria-Hungary, Italy and England) igniting World War I. Appropriately then -- as you will see below -- Mars, the planet of war, was in Virgo (sign of little things; small countries; minor squabbles that get out of hand) when the first World War blasted its way into physical manifestation following the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by a 20-year-old radical student (Gavrilo Princip) in Serbia on Sunday morning June 28, 1914.

The Mars placement (think along war lines here – the key, traditional meaning of the red planet) for the start of World War I is 21+ Virgo. The Neptune placement (think along deception-illusion-confusion-chaos lines here – the shadow side of Neptune) for the start of World War II is 22+ Virgo. Now this 22+ Virgo placement is also America’s Neptune from July 4, 1776 because transiting Neptune in the sky in 1939 was coming back to America’s natal Neptune position. Therefore, our getting caught up in the second European war of the 20th century was extremely Neptunian (confusing) for us and it also set us on a very nebulous course into the post-war period – including the Cold War against Neptune-ruled USSR, Red China, North Vietnam and Cuba.

So, why should I be isolating for attention Mars at 21+ Virgo at the start of WWI and Neptune at 22+ Virgo at the start of WWII? Because the Mars-Uranus polarity that just happened on August 6 occurred at 22+ Virgo and Pisces! In addition, transiting Uranus – on and off this year and into early 2009 – is at 22+ Pisces, igniting America’s natal Neptune-Mars square at 22+ Virgo and 21+ Gemini. Furthermore, in the birthmap for the start of European Civilization (not presented at this time), the Moon is exactly placed at 22+ Pisces. Thus, transiting Uranus can only unite with this Moon placement for Europe briefly every 84 years. But when it does so, radical change and revolutionary energies are let loose with a flourish.

To top it off – concerning placements of celestial bodies around or near 22+ Virgo or Pisces – President Saakashvili of Georgia is born when Pluto (extremes; death and rebirth; purging and catharsis) is at 22+ Virgo while Barack Obama has his natal Mars at this precise location and John McCain has his Venus at the same spot.

Transiting Mars at the Total Solar Eclipse on August 1, 2008 was located at 18+ Virgo – thus directly on top of Venus (peace; harmony; balance) in the World War I birthchart. This Mars placement was also where Mars was at the founding of the New York Stock Exchange on May 17, 1792 (hence the incredible volatility in the stock market in the first two weeks of August) and it is also the Sun placement from September 11, 2001 when lower Manhattan was blasted by terrorism and the Pentagon was attacked.

It is alarming and yet fascinating that when both world wars began, Venus and Jupiter were locked into precise, awkward, 150-degree relationships in the sky. These are the two key planets of earthly peace, harmony, joy and success. For them to be in these off-kilter and highly stressful mis-alignments of 150-degrees is to symbolize the horrible toll of violence and bloodshed that afflicted tens of millions of people (and so many innocent civilians who became unwilling victims in the universal, maddening carnage). Even on the day that Europe was finally liberated at the close of WWII (V-E Day, May 8, 1945), Venus had just made a direct station at 17+ degrees of Aries while Jupiter was poised to station direct just a week later at 17+degrees of Virgo.

Therefore, the same two planets that were exactly 150-degrees apart at the beginning of WWII were once again in the same caustic and frictional association in the sky as the war “ended” – and precisely so! Humanity did not realize the implications at the time, but World War II never really ended (with that upsetting, 150-degree linkage between Venus and Jupiter); instead, we moved on to the Cold War, a brief extinguishing of that Cold War for the last 17 years or so (while the Middle Eastern wars flared up), and now we may be drifting back to the same Cold War that never really ended in the summer of 1945!

The Charts for the Republic of Georgia and “New” Russia

These two charts are pretty much in lock-step because both nations were “born” in 1991 and they both have the outer planets Uranus and Neptune in close proximity in mid-Capricorn. Uranus and Neptune only unite about every 171 years and they would do so three times during 1992 and 1993.

Well, in this end-phase of the previous Uranus-Neptune 171-year cycle that had begun in 1821-1822 (at the time of the death of Napoleon, and the end of his French dream of an empire connecting Europe to Russia!), both Georgia and modern Russia came into being.

It is important to see that Georgia’s natal Mars (3+ Cancer) is exactly opposite the Sun placement for Russia (3+ Capricorn). This reveals the innate hostility between these two nations. Ironically, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France (born on January 28, 1955) has his natal North and South Nodes of the Moon (fate-destiny) right at 3+ Capricorn-Cancer. It was Nicolas Sarkozy who brokered the original cease-fire agreement of the past few days. The North and South Nodes of the Moon in a person’s birthchart (also known as the Dragon’s Head and Tail) have much to do with fate and destiny).

You may also note that Georgia’s Sun is located at 18+ Aries which is exactly 150-degrees (there’s that awkward, off-kilter aspect again) to the Mars placement at 18+ Virgo that happened at the Total Solar Eclipse on August 1. In addition, this Georgian Sun position at 18+ Aries is sharply opposing the Sun-Saturn union in Libra in the chart of Vladimir Putin, the present Prime Minister of Russia (and the true mastermind of the recent Russian invasion).

Another alarming placement concerns the asteroid Vesta – ruling over safety and security issues (including National Security, “turf wars” between nations, and secret organizations, like the KGB, CIA and the MOSAD) – which is located at 22+ Virgo for the birth of Modern Russia. Ouch!

Almost every celestial body was under the Earth -- and therefore not visible to the human eye -- when Modern Russia was born. This may have a lot to do with our inability to figure out what is really going on these days in that secretive country. It's almost as though the principles at the heart of Soviet-Totalitarianism never died in 1991 and are still silently at work via Vladimir Putin and his puppet -- Dmitri Medvedev (a Solar Virgo who is born on September 14, 1965).

There are many “uncomfortable” links between Georgia’s chart and the USA chart – which explain why we are being drawn into this Russian-Georgian conflict, kicking and screaming so to speak. Georgia’s revolutionary Uranus at 13+ Capricorn exactly opposes our Sun at 13+ Cancer. The Georgian Mars at 3+ Cancer is right on our natal Venus. The Georgian fateful Nodes of the Moon exactly link to our natal Mercury at 24 Cancer. Georgia’s Juno in late Capricorn is within 2 degrees of our Pluto while their Saturn in early Aquarius is within 2 degrees of our Lunar South Node.

The Charts for Mikheil Saakashvili, Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Sarkozy

Whoever thought that the name SAAKASHVILI would become a household word in America and throughout the world in August 2008? This leader’s chart is very shocking and disturbing to see for many reasons.

He is born with the Sun at 28+ degrees of Sagittarius. Therefore, he is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime Pluto transit over his Sun right as his country is invaded by a mysterious, secretive power (KGB-dominated Russia and its KGB-led ruler Putin). Millions of people never experience a Pluto transit over the Sun because Pluto has a 248-year cycle around the zodiac. The two most extreme transits (to natal celestial bodies) that can occur for an individual are (a) Pluto on the natal Moon and (b) Pluto on the natal Sun. I rate Pluto on the Moon as more extreme because the Moon is the fastest celestial body in the sky while Pluto is the slowest.

Scary as well is that President Saakashvili is born at the time of an exact, shocking, revelatory and often upheaval-generating Sun-Uranus square. Vladimir Putin has this as well, but Putin’s Sun-Uranus square has an orb of about 5 degrees whereas the president of Georgia has his Sun-Uranus square exact. You can see this when he talks as he has a very nervous and excitable countenance – to say the least.

By the way, President George Herbert Walker Bush (born June 12, 1924) had this same kind of Sun-Uranus square – a deadly alignment for America because his Sun-Uranus square exactly triggered America’s natal Mars and he led us into the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. That sent his presidential ratings to an exorbitant and unheard of 91% approval rating – only to leave him hanging in despair about 18 months later when he lost the presidential election to Bill Clinton. Note: I had predicted long before the election of George Herbert Walker Bush that he would lead our nation into war because his Sun was exactly on America’s natal Mars while his Uranus was precisely squaring our Mars. That’s just what happened in 1991.

As indicated earlier in this article, President Saakashvili is also born with the extremist planet Pluto at the super-sensitive 22+ Virgo degree of the zodiac – so connected to America, Russia, the two world wars, the discovery of Neptune, and the recent Total Solar Eclipse and Mars-Uranus polarity.

Making life miserable for Georgia and Russia is the adverse relationship between Putin and Saakashvili, Supposedly, the rumor mill has been suggesting that Putin despises Saakashvili. This could explain why even though the Russians keep saying that they will comply with the various cease-fire agreements, they never really do so. Clearly, Putin wants Saakashvili out of power and may try to undermine him in another manner over the months ahead. Both men have discordant Venus-Mars relationships in their own birthmaps. Saakashvili has a very noticeable and super-strong square between Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Aquarius while Putin has the same Venus in Scorpio, but with Mars some 45 degrees away in late Sagittarius.

What adds fuel to their rivalry and animosity is that (a) Putin’s Mars is very close to Saakashvili’s Sun placement in late Sagittarius and (b) Putin’s Mars is actually on Saakashvili’s natal Sun/Mercury midpoint.

Sometimes “likes” repel each other – as we know from physics. Both men are born with Sun square Uranus, both have Venus in Scorpio, and both have frictional interactions between Venus and Mars.

Born 15 years apart, their natal Saturns are in opposite signs (Libra and Aries). That doesn’t help to bring them together. Another similarity and problem is that both men are born when Jupiter and Saturn – the largest two planets and the key celestial bodies that rule over the political, religious, financial and social realms – are locked into the awkward, 150-degree alignment. Putin’s Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Libra are in this relationship and approximately 2 degrees from exactitude while Saakashvili has Jupiter and Saturn exactly (NO ORB) in this 150-degree, off-kilter connection.

It is not only disturbing to see Jupiter and Saturn having this association in both men’s charts, but it has a wider meaning for the entire world and humanity – that their feud can spill over into all of our lives and create extreme disruptions across the board. On March 22, 2009, August 19, 2009 and February 5, 2010, Jupiter and Saturn in the sky will be in this 150-degree alignment and – hopefully – Putin and Saakashvilli will not still be in this violent relationship to each other, a volatile interaction that could lead the world into a new global conflict.

Another serious problem regarding President Saakashvili – as he attempts to lead his Georgian nation back to a semblance of normalcy – is that he is on the verge of having the archetypal “Mid-Life Crisis” or power-surge that always occurs when a person enters the age-cycle from approximately 41 to 43 when (a) Neptune squares its natal placement and (b) Uranus opposes its natal placement. This double-whammy for everyone often has a lot to do with martial or relationship shake-ups and an entire re-evaluation of one’s philosophy of life and spiritual beliefs. However, when you are simultaneously the president of a nation under attack by a re-emboldened Russian Bear that has awakened from a 17-year-long hibernation, this two-fold Neptune-Neptune and Uranus-Uranus predicament facing President Saakashvili puts him into a very dangerous personal and symbolic position on the world stage.

Nicolas Sarkozy is not only the president of France, but he is the current leader of the European Union. His natal Sun in Aquarius opens the door to the new ideas and inspirations streaming in from the coming New Age. He was born within 24 hours of Chiron (shaman; maverick; healer) entering Aquarius as well. His strong ties to America are revealed by his natal Mercury-Pluto opposition – the same celestial signature that exists at the founding of the USA on July 4, 1776. His flowing Jupiter-Saturn trine in water signs mimics the current transiting trine of these same two planets in earth signs throughout 2008. His Juno (diplomacy and negotiation of peace treaties – when positive) is right on Mikheil Saakashvili’s natal Venus in mid-Scorpio – a key reason why it has been Sarkozy who brokered the cease-fire to help the Georgian leader and the people of that beleaguered nation right now.

The Total Solar Eclipse of August 1, 2008

Every Total Solar Eclipse is part of a vast cycle of some 70+ partial, annular and total eclipses that take place over a time-period of about 1200+ years. This Total Solar Eclipse links up to its originating source from March 1079 when the Sun and Moon united in late Pisces and made a close square to extremist, underworld-ruling Pluto in late Gemini.

Bernadette Brady’s illuminating book -- The Eagle and the Lark -- is a gold mine on the subject of eclipses and much more. It is noteworthy that the fateful Lunar Nodal Axis from the originating eclipse chart of March 1079 is at 10 degrees of Virgo-Pisces – exactly where transiting Saturn is now and where the Sun was located at the beginning of World War II.

It is highly significant that transiting Chiron at the Total Solar Eclipse was right with the transiting Nodal Axis (19+ Aquarius – Leo) and this transiting Nodal Axis is the natal Nodal Axis for Vladimir Putin. There is no doubt in my mind that this was one of the precipitating celestial reasons why he felt it was time for him to take this kind of action and begin the long process of restoring Russia to its past glory – if (!) he can pull this off in the months and years to come.

Anyone who thinks (as our current president supposedly did when he first came into office in 2001) that Vladimir Putin is a friend of the USA is sadly mistaken. Everywhere you look in his chart, you see very troubling interconnections back to America’s chart. He was born at a Saturn Return for America and his natal Sun in Libra is almost exactly on our natal Saturn. That reveals the fact that we are very vulnerable to his power-control moves. In addition, he was born at the time of a frictional square between Uranus in Cancer and Saturn in Libra whereas America came into being during a year when Uranus in Gemini was in a flowing trine to Saturn in Libra. Putin is born with Pluto overhead whereas America is born with Neptune overhead.

When you cast the precise Total Solar Eclipse chart for Moscow, 3+ degrees of Scorpio is rising. In synchronicity, it turns out that according to the probable birth time for Vladimir Putin, he also has 3+ degrees of Scorpio rising. Thus, the Russian leader’s Ascendant (path into the future) and the Ascendant of the Total Solar Eclipse calculated for Moscow precisely coincide. This gives Putin additional, hidden power and authority to try to undermine his rival Saakashvili and create brutal shock waves throughout Georgia.

One of the biggest problems in this Total Solar Eclipse chart is that the Sun and Moon in Leo are exactly square to Vesta in Taurus. A shadow side of Vesta is turf wars between nations – particularly when conducted by secret organizations like the KGB. Vesta is also strongly related to National Security and National Safety – so we see this clearly played out this month as Georgians are fleeing for their lives and desperate to find shelter and safety during this warring conflagration in their homeland.

More to Come in the Weeks Ahead

I have no doubt that this highly-charged and dangerous world hot-spot will require a Part II in the near future. Even though this is a lengthy feature, there are still so many perspectives among all these charts that have been left out. As I discover more of the cosmic, historical and esoteric threads, I will report back to you. Keep tuned to this web channel in the weeks and months ahead as this story unfolds.

© 2008 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner publishes Earth Aquarius News and is a professional astrologer.]

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