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News > Mundane Astrology  > Future Shock: 2008-2009

Future Shock: 2008-2009

By: Mark Lerner
Future Shock: 2008-2009 | Mundane Astrology

While America lurched toward the presidential election in November 2004, I couldn’t help but keep examining the next presidential sweepstakes in November 2008. I had already created charts for the evening of November 4, 2008 (next presidential election results coming in) and the future inauguration of the winner of that contest – an inauguration that MUST happen at approximately Noon EST in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 2009. Here’s the long-range, future-shocking scoop.

As 2008 unfolds fateful Saturn in Virgo and eccentric, surprising Uranus in Pisces approach a polarity that only happens around every 45 years.

[Note: Their last oppositions occurred in 1965-1966 when Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus was in Virgo (along with Pluto -- planet of the underworld and extremes). This was a very revolutionary and disturbing time-period in America -- socially and politically -- with the civil rights upheavals, student movements, and -- eventually -- the shocking deaths of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. The previous Saturn-Uranus oppositions -- five in all -- occurred from the fall of 1918 (end of WWI, severe and horrifying Spanish Influenza deaths, Yanks coming home from the European war with gigantic, undiagnosed psychological wounds, and the illusory hopes of President Wilson for the idealistic League of Nations) and into the summer of 1920. By the way, Presidents Harding (elected 1920) and Johnson (elected 1964) had disastrous terms in office -- with Harding suffering through the Teapot Dome oil scandals within his administration and dying in office after only two and one-half years, and Johnson winding up with the fiasco of Vietnam and deciding not to seek another term in 1968).]

Now because of our rules and laws – part of the magnificence of our Constitution and form of government – the next presidential election must happen on the first Tuesday in November of 2008. And that day is November 4 that just happens to be the precise time of the first of three Saturn-Uranus polarities! The following two will occur in February and September 2009.

Thus, here is the first piece of this rather unnerving political puzzle for America several years in the future. Who wants to have an extremely crucial presidential election – not only affecting everyone in this country, but billions of people around the world – on the day of an exact Saturn-Uranus polarity? These planets are very different from one another and might be considered as cosmic combatants or intense antagonists. One (Saturn) stands for tradition, conservation, caution, logic, focus and practicality. The other (Uranus) represents upheavals, revolution, radical change, lightning-like revelations, sudden breakthroughs, intuition and eccentricity. The hope is that any opposition has the potential of becoming a “Full Moon illumination.” But realize that any Full Moon type polarization can easily become a tug of war and tendency toward a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mental or emotional dichotomy and breakdown.

By the way when the American electorate votes on that day, the transiting Moon in the leadership and executive-authority sign of Capricorn (most of the morning and afternoon) will be in a void cycle. Void Moons happen every 2+ days -- for either a few minutes, a couple of hours or many hours. The usual meaning of the Void-of-Course Moon is that nothing will develop or actualize from the matters at hand. Generally speaking, one can go with the flow at a void Moon, finish old business, and zero in on spiritual growth. What you don’t want to do is dynamically attempt to push forward at all cost in a very physical, material and realistic manner.

Fortunately, by 4:03PM PST or 7:03PM EST on that Election Day, the Moon will shift out of the void, limbo zone at the end of Capricorn and enter airy Aquarius. What’s alarming is the transiting Moon early in the day as tens of millions of Americans vote will be crossing America’s natal Pluto (extremes; death-rebirth themes; the underworld and metamorphosis) from July 4, 1776. It feels like November 4, 2008 will be a rather severe, profound, serious and potentially upsetting day for a large number of souls.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve of 2008 as nearly 300 million Americans are bringing in 2009 and attempting to wash away the worries, concerns and alarm bells from Election Day almost two months before. This is where we stumble upon the second piece of the unnerving political puzzle that is hopefully not becoming a national nightmare. Saturn decides to slow down and make a retrograde station at 21+ Virgo right as 2008 changes into 2009. Now remember that Saturn rules earthy Capricorn and January 1 has the Sun situated comfortably in this tenth sign of the zodiac. However, Saturn’s stopping point – 21+ Virgo – just happens to make a highly inflammatory square pattern to America’s Mars (volatility) and conjunction link to America’s Neptune (our capacity to delude ourselves) within less than 1 degree.

Thus far we have a presidential election on the day of a Saturn-Uranus polarity and a gala New Year’s Eve party for the nation with potentially fearful and fateful Saturn as master of ceremonies. I didn’t mention that between Election Day and New Year’s Eve, the outermost planet Pluto finally enters Capricorn until 2024 when it will journey into Aquarius. However, Pluto makes its move on Wednesday November 26, 2008 – a few hours before all Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in that cheerful year we are discussing.

OK, perhaps all is not lost. Who knows? Maybe the presidential election will be a fun time, Thanksgiving will still feel euphoric to most of our citizens, and my concerns about a saturnine and gloomy New Year’s Eve will not come to pass. There’s still the third piece of the unnerving political puzzle waiting in the wings. And we won’t have to wait too long since it will arrive just about three weeks later – on Tuesday January 20, 2009 at Noon EST in Washington, D.C. – when the next president of the United States puts one hand on a bible and raises the other hand, taking the Oath of Office, and becoming the leader of the Free World for the next four years.

The problem? The Moon at that inauguration will be located at 29 degrees and 44 minutes of Scorpio – having become Void-of-Course the night before when the lunar orb squared Neptune in Aquarius. The Moon will not leave void status until precisely 12:31PM EST – some 31 minutes after the new president has been sworn into office. Again, because of our rules, laws and constitutional form of government only some kind of dreadful act of God or Nature will prevent that president from starting his or her term of office with a very tricky and potentially confusing void Moon. Even more worrisome is that the Moon at the inauguration is precisely the Sun placement from November 22, 1963 at 12:29PM CST in Dallas, Texas when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

In my studies of presidents being inaugurated at a void Moon in the 20th century, we find that FDR took the Oath of Office for his last term at a void Moon. He died less than 3 months later from a cerebral hemorrhage. President Richard Nixon’s second inaugural event happened during a void Moon. He had already started being plagued by the Watergate scandal and this just snowballed in his second term until he was forced to resign on the day that transiting Saturn crossed America’s natal Sun on August 9, 1974. Finally, President Clinton’s second inauguration occurred under a void Moon. Almost exactly one year later, the scandal over Monica Lewinsky boiled over – eventually leading to his impeachment by the House of Representatives and near removal from office by the Senate. We may also forget that Al Gore took his second Oath of Office as Vice President on January 20, 1997 – right when President Clinton took his. Therefore, VP Al Gore’s second cycle as Vice President happened under a void Moon and even though he should have easily defeated George W. Bush, he lost in a bitterly contested presidential election in November 2000 that had to be decided after 36 days by the United States Supreme Court.

31 MINUTES OF TIME – that’s what may cause the president inaugurated on January 20, 2009 to have a term of office that could be monumentally taxing, uncertain and disturbing on a variety of levels.

Again, I have always been an eternal optimist looking for a silver lining in the clouds. Human beings have FREE WILL and the astrological patterns offer direction rather than enforce a higher fate. But when governments create fixed laws and regulations to keep their societies operating on an even keel, we sometimes have to deal with unchangeable deadlines and choices that throw a giant monkey wrench into the positive and exalted future we deserve as soul-infused personalities.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that shocking and provocative Uranus makes a direct station on Thanksgiving Day – just around 14 hours after Pluto enters Capricorn. It seems as if the cosmos is in a very bizarre and feisty mood from November 2008 to January 2009.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News
Note: To reach me via e-mail, please click on the following:
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