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Pluto | Astro-Business Keys Oil and “Black Gold” (with Neptune); Diamonds; Coal, Mining and Underground resources and minerals; Plutocracy and government by the wealthy (who are usually covert); Gemstones (with Venus); Casinos (with Jupiter); Detectives, Espionage, Mysteries and Secrets; Hypnosis and Auto-Suggestion; Past-Life Recall and Reincarnation; Morgues, Undertakers and Cemeteries (with Saturn); Metamorphosis and Transformation; Death and Rebirth; Recycling; Bombs, Nuclear and Atomic Energy; Deadly Illnesses and Pandemics (with Neptune and Saturn); Compulsions and Obsessions; Scandals and Disasters; Extremes of any kind; Lasers in medicine and technology; Plumbing, Tunnels and things hidden from plain sight; Governmental power and people in control; Dictators, Mobsters, Crime and the Underworld; Panic, Bankruptcy and Financial Crashes.

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