Nuclear Axis Discovery By Mark Lerner

My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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"To ensure a future for wild cats and the vast landscapes on which they depend."

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Neptune | Astro-Business Keys Oil (with Pluto); Shipping, Seas, Oceans, Cruises and Fishing (with the Moon); Products and Treasures from waterways, but also toxic spills and pollution; Tsunamis and Hurricanes (with the Moon and Juno); Gasoline and Refineries; Plastic and Rubber; Film, Photography, Movies, Fantasy and Imagination; Socialism and Communism; Psychology and Psychics; Yoga, Spiritual Studies and Out-of-the-body experiences; Gurus, Fanatical Religious Beliefs and Far-out Concepts; Dreams and Visions (with the Moon); Global Financial Markets and the International Economy; Long-Term Monetary Waves and Cycles; Malls and Department stores; Supermarkets (with the Moon); Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Acids and Gases; Addictions and Alcoholic Beverages; Confusion, Chaos and Fog; Mass advertising; Global forces and anti-globalization movements; Hospitals and Prisons (with Saturn and Pluto).

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