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News > Mundane Astrology  > The New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange | Mundane Astrology
The chart for the birth of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) takes us back to the founding era of America as a new republic. Although there was a restructuring of the NYSE on February 18, 1971 close to 10AM in Albany, New York, most astrological economic researchers utilize the 1792 NYSE map to understand the real and psychological financial trends affecting not only the stocks traded within the exchange, but how those shifts affect the nation and the world.

One of the best books on everything connected with personal, national and global economics – from an astrological view – is Barbara Koval’s Time and Money: The Astrology of Wealth (Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN, Paperback, 1993). It is a true gold mine on the subject and has many charts related to what’s called The Great Mutation (Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Capricorn on January 26, 1842). Chapter by chapter, she reveals fantastic insights about the wise use of money, assets, trading, buying, selling, borrowing, and so on.

At this time (beginning of 2005 and the launch of our Earth Aquarius News web site), I simply want to present the chart for the NYSE, offer a few observations and let you experiment on your own. I will amplify my ideas in the weeks and months ahead.

One crucial point to remember is that there are many stock and trading markets in the nation and around the world. Each one has a birthmap and therefore is affected by ongoing transits and progressions (dynamic movements in the zodiac of celestial bodies after the start-up for that market). Anyone who watches the news or reads The Wall Street Journal or other periodicals that report on the daily or weekly fluctuations of stocks knows that a market/stock exchange can be catalyzed in a positive way by good news in the world or spooked by a disaster. Sometimes a very conservative, practical and down-to-earth move by a company – that can include down-sizing and eliminating many employment positions – will raise the value of a stock. Other times rumors of takeovers, a stock split or release of a new product or service will send a stock soaring or plummeting.

What’s important to remember is NOT to simply analyze the NYSE chart by itself. You need to be savvy about the power of the USA chart (July 4, 1776), The Great Mutation map (January 26, 1842 when Jupiter and Saturn united in Capricorn and started an earthy series of 20-year cycles lasting until December 2020), daily-weekly-monthly transits of the Sun, Moon and planets – plus big planetary alignments (like conjunctions, oppositions, squares, trines, sextiles, etc) happening in the sky itself and unusual New Moon, Full Moon or Eclipse phenomena. One also needs to take into account the start of each season – often known as the four cardinal ingresses (when the Sun enters Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) – and how those birthcharts impact on the NYSE and the nation.

You will notice that the time given for the start of the NYSE is 10AM on May 17, 1792 in New York City. This is presented in Barbara Koval’s book. I have seen other sources over the years where the time is slightly earlier or later although the day itself is not in question.

If you are someone who likes to speculate, then what will inevitably draw you to one stock exchange or another will be how your birth horoscope matches up with the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, Chiron and Lunar nodes for the exchange in question. If you decide to trade in the NYSE, it is probably wise to have some astrological tie to that chart’s Venus, Jupiter or Sun. On the other hand, if the NYSE Sun (27+ Taurus) and/or Moon (19+ Aries) is illuminating your birth placement for Venus or Jupiter, that will be another good omen that success may occur due to your buying and selling of stocks within the NYSE.

Now the preceding paragraph is merely an example and potential. You must look carefully at all of your planetary bodies and those for the NYSE or another stock exchange. For instance, a Total Solar Eclipse occurs on Friday April 8, 2005 at 19+ Aries. That happens to be right on the NYSE Moon placement. You may have a fantastic rapport between your natal chart and the birthmap for the NYSE, but on or around April 8, 2005 bewildering and shocking events/forces/activities may make trading on the NYSE a nightmarish ride. And if you were ignorant of this eclipse and information, who knows what might happen to your investments and strategies?

Looking ahead in 2005, we note that transiting Neptune in Aquarius opposes the rising Uranus at 15+ Leo in the NYSE chart during February, August-September and November-December. This also happened from April to June 2004. For one outer planet of Neptune’s stature – and this planet is often considered a higher octave of Venus and strongly influencing global economic “waves” of change and potential confusion – to oppose another outer planet in the NYSE birthmap (Uranus in mid-Leo) is a rare event and signals some kind of significant shift. Another cycle to watch is Saturn reaching and stationing in November 2005 within 1 degree of the NYSE Ascendant. Saturn will be pivoting in the sky at 10+ to 11+ Leo during October, November and December of 2005. It will then come back to this degree in July 2006. Saturn is usually very conservative, cautious, careful in its influence and, on the negative side, prone to creating fears, doubts, worries, restrictions, contractions and so on. Nevertheless, markets can still rise when Saturn is strong because like Jupiter it is one of the biggest planets, it helps to keep the entire solar system in balance and, as a ruling planet of Capricorn, strives to sustain order, structure and clarity in the material world.

A greater cause for concern will occur in 2008-2009 when transiting Neptune at 23+ Aquarius makes a crossing of the NYSE Pluto (in the seventh house of the chart) – simultaneously squaring the NYSE Mercury at 23+ Taurus. Pluto connects with underworlds, death-rebirth, deep-seated transformation and all extremes – due to it being the most distant planet and having a wildly eccentric orbit around the Sun relative to the other planetary orbits. Mercury is the key to trading itself, communication channels, the information and news realms, and the business community in general. The years 2008-2009 may see the NYSE going through some tremendous upheavals. [Note: Neptune also made this transit just before its discovery in 1846. However, Pluto was not sighted until 1930, so the entire conjunction pattern was never known or recognized.]

There is much more to the story about the NYSE and other stock exchanges around the globe. This is merely a first look and additional comments will be added in the future.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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