Nuclear Axis Discovery By Mark Lerner

My Discovery of the Nuclear Axis in 1982 & Why it is Important

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Why Make a Contribution?

I became a professional astrologer because of a series of dreams and visions I experienced around the age of 22. During several months of profound inner and outer events that drastically altered my life path and destiny, it was clear that astrology was my primary career focus.

However, this caused many disruptions within my family and with loved ones and friends who couldn’t understand what was happening to me and why I was focused on such an unusual metaphysical journey. There were many individuals who thought I was wasting my life and missing much better opportunities to become wealthy in the “real world.”

Once I developed a plan of action to create an astrological journal – Welcome to Planet Earth (back in 1981) – a wide variety of threads, themes and spiritual wavelengths all came together. And throughout most of the 1980s and 1990s our educational astrological work flourished through subscriptions, orders for services and also from people just wanting to contribute financially because they believed in our mission and the quality of what we were providing to the global astrological community.

Now the stakes are even higher in the launching of Earth Aquarius News. There is no single financial guardian angel or magical Swiss bank account that takes care of our monetary needs. Designing, printing and mailing printed newsletters is costly. And the ability to maintain and develop a vital and meaningful astrological online web site is dependent on the generosity of our supporters.

I remember going to several banks when I arrived in Eugene hoping they would give me a credit line so that I could expand the educational work of our astrology center and newspaper. But they couldn’t get past the idea that what I was doing was astrology and, from the vantage point of the banking industry, astrology was still a pseudo-science.

To bring astrology into the forefront of consciousness – within the scientific and astronomical communities, and in the fields of publishing, government and the multi-media – will take enormous sums of money. This is why every contribution will assist us in making this print and online astrological enterprise a success within the public sphere.

It’s time for astrology, higher wisdom, science and the information realms to embrace – allowing our sacred, ancient art and language to make its higher mark in the 21st century and as the Age of Aquarius dawns in our hearts and minds.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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