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News > Top Stories Archives  > Presidential Sweepstakes: II (Updated June 14)

Presidential Sweepstakes: II (Updated June 14)

Presidential Sweepstakes: II (Updated June 14) | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

New Datelines June 3 and June 14, 2008: Barack Obama is finally the presumptive Democratic nominee for the November presidential election -- now that he has enough delegates to become the official nominee during the last week in August when their party meets. [Important: In addition, a new, potential birth time has surfaced for Barack Obama and therefore a new chart is included at the end of this article. If and when a birth certificate appears, I will alert you.

Update: June 14, 2008 -- A birth certificate has appeared and the time on there is 7:24PM. Therefore, the chart included in this article is now calculated for August 4, 1961 at 7:24PM in Honolulu, HI. Unless someone has created a fraudulent-looking birth certificate -- I have seen the copy online -- then we all now have the right time of birth.

Barack Obama "goes over the top" in delegates today as (a) the New Moon strikes 13+ Gemini (the exact Heliocentric Nodal Axis of revolutionary Uranus); (b) transiting Venus at 12+ Gemini makes an exact, supportive 60-degree link to Barack Obama's Sun at 12+ Leo; (c) just 24+ hours after transiting Mars has crossed his natal Sun in Leo; (d) with transiting Uranus at 22+ Pisces (surprises; radical change; the future) almost precisely opposing Barack Obama's natal Mars at 22+ Virgo (personal power; courage; leadership, but also volatility and inflammatory vibrations); (e) and while transiting Uranus is precisely -- no orb! -- opposite America's natal Neptune.

Since transiting Uranus is currently opposite the USA Neptune and square to the USA Mars -- while Barack Obama has Mars and John McCain has Venus directly involved with America's natal Mars-Neptune square -- we can see why the coming fall election debates and campaign will be filled with historic fireworks and probably some very distressing advertising that brings up old racial fears and stereotypes. America's very close Mars-Neptune square along with Mercury opposite Pluto and the Sun square to Saturn are the three main "challenging archetypes" that afflict our nation.

Hillary Clinton's role -- either as a VP candidate or a member of Barack Obama's cabinet (if he is elected) -- is still unknown at this point. Nevertheless, she and all her supporters remain an enormous influence in who will become the next president of the United States.

His birthmap shows even more connections to President Kennedy AND to that infamous and dreadful day when JFK lost his life in Dallas, Texas (Nov. 22, 1963).

I will report more to you on this entire troubling situation (potential threats or harm to a presidential candidate or figure) -- which I have already begun to spell out in both of these parts to Presidential Sweepstakes.

Over my 36 years of studying and practicing astrology, I have probably spent more time on analyzing the life and death of JFK than on any other topic -- except perhaps Atomic Energy. Therefore, please bear with me as I compose my thoughts on the subject of whether Barack Obama will make it to the presidency and what kind of presidency it will be in the years to come.

Dateline February 8, 2008 -- Soaking in all the political stories of the last few days has helped me to see things even more clearly than when I wrote the first part of this article just before Christmas 2007.

NOTE: There is a short update near the end of this article -- posted late on March 4, following the four primaries on this date.

As you begin reading this feature, make sure you have assimilated the information in Part I. The reason is that (a) I offered my reasons why John McCain would be in the position he is in now; (b) there are many insights in Part I that I don’t need to repeat here; (c) there are charts with that article – as well as the recommendation for you to read through Future Shock (in our Mundane Astrology section) – which gives the charts for Election Night and Inauguration Day, and The Fall of the Little King story (in our News and Newsmakers section) because the chart for Presidential Power is there and this is the chart for when George Washington took the first oath of office as president back on April 30, 1789 at approximately 1:05PM in New York City.

John McCain

The chart for John McCain is presented at the close of this feature. Right now, I am not giving a full analysis of that birthmap, but it is based on information that he was born at approximately 9AM on August 29, 1936 at Cocosolo in Panama. Therefore, it is highly probable that the fundamental structure of his chart is correct – giving Libra Rising, Pluto above and closely opposite the Moon below, Jupiter in a waning square to Saturn in mutable signs (and both below the horizon), a potent Mars in Leo (like Pluto, elevated and strong), Venus at 22+ Virgo (conjunct the USA Neptune exactly) and square his Chiron at 22+ Gemini (giving him enormous maverick tendencies) – plus a Sun in early Virgo within 3+ degrees of a flowing trine to revolutionary and rebellious Uranus in Taurus.

When you study his life and involvement with the military, there is a sense of astonishment about what he has had to endure and why this could bring him into the presidency at this time in history. Many people know that he was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, but perhaps only a small percentage of the American voting populace – at this point – know the extent to which he was tortured and also the solitary confinement that was part of his abuse and heroism.

He could have left the horrible experience of being a prisoner of the North Vietnamese – who captured him following his bombing mission on October 26, 1967 – because his father was an admiral in the U.S. Navy who had tremendous clout and the North Vietnamese wanted to use the symbolism of releasing John McCain to make it seem like they were compassionate. But John McCain refused to leave his fellow American prisoners of war. So, he was tortured all the more viciously by his captors. Instead of going home after a couple of months, he wound up being a prisoner until mid-March 1973 – a total of nearly five years and five months.

No matter what your view is about the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of us honor and respect those soldiers who have paid the ultimate price (their lives) and who have also been injured and maimed in their military service to our nation. But what percentage of our soldiers going off to fight a war wind up a prisoner for over five years? What does that do to the psyche of the individual? And has there ever been such an individual who then became the nominee of either the Republican or Democratic Party? The answer to the last question is certainly “No” – at least until possibly the first week of September when the Sun unites precisely with Saturn in Virgo (John McCain’s Sun sign) and he officially becomes the Republican presidential standard-bearer going into the fall national election.

Here is the shocking insight that illuminated my mind last night after watching a one hour program on his life: Our country has been a prisoner of war since we have been battling and warring against Islamic radicals and terrorists in Iraq since 2003. Therefore, who better than John McCain – the decorated, heroic prisoner of war during the Vietnam era – to strive toward the presidency in the Republican Party in order to undo the damage of that war (on the American psyche, economy and social life) and help to heal our wounds? Furthermore – and this is really astounding – as the summer political conventions take place, it will have been almost five and a half years since we began the Iraq War on March 20, 2003. This is exactly the length of time that John McCain was held and tortured as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam!

When you grasp the significance of this fact, then everything else about where the man stands on the issues of the day (right to life; gun ownership; taxes; immigration; health care; international affairs) fades away somewhat. No that his views on these issues are meaningless; they are important and need to be carefully reviewed by all of the electorate and the multi-media that will be researching his life, career, work, and contributions to our country.

I have been studying presidential elections and campaigns since I was a 10-year-old when JFK beat Richard Nixon in a see-saw battle that – at the time of that 1960 election – lasted until the following morning. That made me into a young, current-events “fanatic” and I couldn’t get enough of American history and researching statistics of presidential politics. My bible growing up was each annual edition of The World Almanac. Not only did I learn about floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, but I memorized baseball statistics, averages, winners and losers over and over again, year after year. This gave me a love of numbers – and this love of numbers and mathematics eventually translated into a love of astrology, the zodiac, the planets and the celestial Harmony of the Spheres, to paraphrase the ancient Greek sage Pythagoras whose school of numerology 2500 years ago must have been something to behold.

Now the truth is that you can analyze October 26, 1967 (McCain’s capture) and March 15, 1973 (his arrival back on U.S. soil) from an astrological perspective and you do get a lot of answers regarding WHY he had to go through such a terrible ordeal for over five years. Personally, as much as I admire his stamina, heroism and dedication to our nation, I would be worried to see him as president for 4 years or more. Not simply because of his age (72 upon taking the Oath of Office), but due to the unknown factors of how his 5+ year torment has influenced him emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We know that – physically – it took strenuous and painful efforts over nearly a year following his return to America for him the regain the capacity to fly jets again. Everyone said that he wouldn’t be able to do it, but he did. [Note: I also have concerns that he missed the five years that included the student revolutionary movement in this country (particularly during 1968), the landing on the Moon (1969), and the Watergate break-in (June 1972). Because he didn’t actually experience those events – as they happened – he might be missing something very crucial that can help a president make better, all-around decisions.]

This scenario – the potentiality of a John McCain presidency– reminds me very much of what happened with Franklin D. Roosevelt. He contracted polio in the early 1920s and he tried for so many years to find a cure. His visits to Warm Springs, Georgia were a valiant attempt to bathe in warm curative waters in the hope that he could eventually regain the capacity to walk. But he was never able to do so. However, when The Great Depression arrived – during the administration of Republican Herbert Hoover – and the country turned to FDR, he started his four-term run as president (March 4, 1933) exactly with transiting Saturn in Aquarius conjunct his natal Sun. However, the polio that afflicted and physically incapacitated FDR was – on a smaller scale – similar to The Great Depression, extreme poverty, massive unemployment, and shocking distress that incapacitated massive portions of the American populace. Thus, the president became the symbol of the greater affliction influencing the entire nation.

Now we have John McCain ready to become his party’s presidential nominee on the night of the annual Sun-Saturn union in 2008. Saturn is so strongly connected to fate, destiny and chronological time. If there were ever a candidate for the presidency who has experienced the ultimate rendezvous with destiny regarding TIME (as a force, phenomenon, even an Entity), it is John McCain. And Saturn needs to be a strong planetary influence in anyone who becomes a president (leader; executive authority) of the United States.

Thus, if the higher need of this country is to heal the wounds and pains of 5+ years of war, then maybe the country wants John McCain to be its leader between 2009 and January of 2013. Plus – he is steadfastly AGAINST torturing prisoners (due to his own plight in North Vietnam), and therefore he is a strong proponent of reinforcing the rules of the Geneva Convention, so that prisoners and soldiers are treated in a humane fashion. This is all the more important because our CIA has just admitted torturing several prisoners via water-boarding techniques. While John McCain may move to the right to regain support of conservatives in his party, he will never waver on the issue of torture and this is crucial as the eyes of the world are on whether America will ever come out of this militaristic/fascist-like cycle of turning to the dark side of the Force to impose its will on smaller nations wherein we have an interest in usurping their natural resources (i.e. Iraq, its vast oil reserves and its strategic placement near the Persian Gulf).

In watching and studying past elections – and as I suggested near the end of the previous article on Presidential Sweepstakes -- each person who becomes president has a special role or mission to perform. For JFK, it was to lead us through the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962. He was the “person of national destiny” that we needed at that time with the cool intelligence – along with his brother, Robert Kennedy – to prevent our extremist military brass from entering into a Nuclear War with the Soviet Union. For Richard Nixon, it was the requirement that we would finally have a president who could become the martyr figure for ALL abuse of presidential power in our history as a nation. So, he was – in his birthchart – the ultimate “Fall Guy,” and he fell from the heights of power with natal Saturn at the top of his horoscope. For Jimmy Carter, it was to bring Egypt and Israel together in a Middle East peace pact, and to finally open the door to the recognition of “Red China” (following Nixon’s lead in the early 1970s). For Bill Clinton, it was to reveal the human flaws and weaknesses (regarding sexuality and infidelity) that had plagued many presidents in the past (including Thomas Jefferson, Grover Cleveland, FDR, Eisenhower and JFK).

Another way in which John McCain links up strongly with Saturn, karma, Time and being America’s top executive authority is that his natal Saturn is exactly conjunct Saturn in the chart of Presidential Power within 5 minutes of arc. That is an incredibly small orb and – I believe – it is more than any other astrological factor driving him to be president and drawing him magnetically toward being the leader (Saturn) of the executive branch of our government.

Why John McCain may not make it to the Promised Land of the Presidency

As I explained in Part I, Grant Lewi discussed how transiting Saturn rising to the top (and fourth quadrant – houses ten through twelve) of an individual’s chart could propel that person into the heights of the presidency. Plus – another rise to power will come when Saturn unites with the Sun in a politician’s chart. Well, Saturn is performing both feats right now for John McCain – over the last few years and still into the next few years. In fact, transiting Saturn at 7 degrees of Virgo now – as he has eliminated Mitt Romney from the race after the Super Tuesday results – is re-crossing his Sun precisely following its first crossing over his Sun at the end of October in 2007. Saturn reaches his solar placement one more time in mid-July and the third week of July. Saturn will then cross over his natal Neptune (visions; inspiration; fuzziness; confusion) October 7 – 9 (probably close in time to one of the fall presidential debates) and, by Election Day (November 4), Saturn will be just 1 degree away from exactly opposing his natal Saturn.

Meanwhile, in April and September of this year (and then late January and early February of 2009), revolutionary Uranus will be not only at 20+ Pisces (crossing Saturn in the chart for Presidential Power), but this planet of shocks, surprises, rebellion and radical change will precisely oppose Saturn on Election Day. This type of major planetary alignment – happening on a national election day where we select a president – has probably never happened before. And although John McCain is born with a relatively strong Uranus (in a flowing trine to his Sun) and a potent Chiron (giving him maverick qualities), his connection with Saturn is undeniable and extreme.

From John McCain’s standpoint, he is rising to national prominence via Saturn’s power, but right as he is about to peak in power (a) Uranus appears to directly oppose him and (b) Saturn itself becomes polarized to its own natal placement in his chart. Grant Lewi suggested that the career of a person can be blocked if Saturn opposes that’s individual’s Sun and, by extension, a Saturn-Saturn opposition can symbolize a similar blocking mechanism.

Enter the Democratic Twins of Uranian Power!

Instead of Super Tuesday with over 20 primaries and caucuses bringing an answer to the Democrats, it almost exactly reinforced how split that party is with its top two choices – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. What key planet are both of these individuals associated with in terms of transiting celestial bodies in 2008? Uranus. And Uranus is in Pisces -- the zodiacal sign of the DOUBLE FISH. Therefore, we have Saturn in Virgo in 2008 (and Virgo is the Sun-sign of John McCain) whereas Uranus in Pisces in 2008 (represents the struggling desires, hopes, and ideals of candidates Clinton and Obama together, the entwined Fish).

Now – at birth – Barack Obama (August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, time unknown) is born with Uranus in Leo conjunct his fateful/destiny-oriented Lunar North Node (showing how connected he is with the revolutionary vibrations of this outer, transformational planet) and his Uranus is in an extremely close, awkward 150-degree tie to his Saturn in Capricorn. This reveals why most conservatives and Republicans (represented by Saturn in Capricorn) will not like his radical message. In addition, Barack Obama has Saturn with Jupiter – and this giant planet is at 0+ Aquarius (which is exactly the Sun-Mercury conjunction at the next presidential inauguration on January 20, 2009). Also – Barack Obama will have a Jupiter Return (feelings of buoyancy, success and opportunity knocking) just 10 days before that presidential inauguration. Keep in mind that the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (December 21, 2020) could actually be the key catalyst launching the long-awaited Age of Aquarius. And during that event in 12+ years from now, Barack Obama will have another Jupiter Return at 0+ Aquarius. Will he have been president for 8 years and have reached historic highs as a leader, hero and savior of our nation? Many of the planets seem to be saying “Yes!”

Hillary Clinton has a strong Uranus at 25+ Gemini (within 1 degree of its discovery placement) and it is within 3 degrees of a flowing trine to her natal Pallas at 28+ Aquarius. Her Pallas (mental brilliance; strategy wizard; the “father’s daughter”) is also stationary (therefore extra-potent) and conjunct America’s natal Pallas-Moon union in late Aquarius. Therefore, her rise to power – as the first, serious female candidate in a major party for the presidency – makes total sense and especially this year when Uranus is fighting against Saturn in the sky (and Saturn represents the patriarchy and the “old boys’ network” that has controlled national politics since the founding of our nation in 1776). Saturn is at the top of the USA birthchart (along with Neptune) and Saturn is locked in a tense square with our Sun. If Hillary Clinton is born in the morning (as her mother suggests around 8:02AM on October 26, 1947 in Chicago), then she is born with Saturn elevated, close to distant Pluto, and exactly square to Mercury.

The major reason why predicting the outcome of this election is more difficult than normal is that the birth times of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are either unknown or disputed whereas John McCain’s birth time is approximately correct. For the Democrats to avoid their usual trap of creating dissension in their ranks and then losing to the more focused, pragmatic and media-savvy Republicans, they should make sure that Obama and Clinton come together in a unity ticket. That way there is truly a potential of a 16-year revolution of the American way of life – wherein we have the first woman president and the first black president in our history.

It makes the most sense – at this point – for John McCain to latch onto Mike Huckabee as a running mate – not only because of the positive personality of Mike Huckabee and his good sense of humor, but that Huckabee gives the Republicans a fairly solid South (in terms of electoral votes) and it helps to bring out the evangelical religious right that might sit out the election if a Huckabee type figure is not on the Republican ticket. Mike Huckabee has a surprising amount of charisma – coming from a quintuple conjunction of Vesta, Pluto, Mars, Venus and the Sun in his birthchart (something I explained in Part I). Mike Huckabee is also a former governor (to go along with McCain as a senator) and Huckabee’s late Scorpio Moon matches the late Scorpio Moon in the chart for the next presidential inauguration. Plus – John McCain and Mike Huckabee are both Solar Virgos (which can explain why they were more supportive of each other in the Republican debates compared to the difficulty they had in relating to Piscean Sun-sign Mitt Romney – their polar opposite by Sun-sign). Their Moons are also in a supportive, 60-degree alignment from Capricorn (McCain) to Scorpio (Huckabee).

By the way – and this is actually incredibly important from the angle of money matters, banking, finance and where the country is headed on that front – John McCain’s natal Moon is at 27+ degrees of Capricorn (which just happens to be America’s natal Pluto from July 4, 1776). Here is another reason why he was fated to have the ordeal of being a prisoner of war as Pluto connects to hellish conditions, the underworld, secrets and mysteries, death-rebirth-regeneration. John McCain was also born with Pluto itself opposite America’s Pluto. Thus, John McCain has a very formidable link to our national Pluto and not in the easiest manner. Since John McCain’s Venus at 22+ Virgo is exactly on the USA Neptune and his Chiron at 22+ Gemini is right on the USA Mars and squaring our national Neptune, he has even more connections to our country’s birthmap than might be expected at first glance. It is also possible that he could help to organize (Virgo) an efficient (Virgo) withdrawal of our forces from Iraq (his Venus on our country’s Neptune, and his Chiron on our Mars – representing a transformation of our military forces).

Missouri and Closing for Now

I will be adding more to this feature as we see the results of other primaries and caucuses coming up this month and with the big ones – Texas and Ohio – happening on Tuesday March 4.

However, I decided to add the chart for the state of Missouri to this article – in addition to the charts for John McCain and the questionably timed charts for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Why Missouri? It almost always goes with the winner of the presidential contest. The only time in the last 50+ years that this did not happen was in 1956 when former Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson made his second attempt to win the presidency against war hero Dwight Eisenhower. Stevenson – from the neighboring state just East of Missouri – eked out a win in Missouri that year by less than 4,000 votes out of almost 2 million cast.

Now Bill Clinton won Missouri twice (1992 and 1996) and was the last Democrat to win that state as Al Gore lost it by 78,000 votes (out of nearly 2.3 million cast) while John Kerry lost it by nearly 200,000 votes (out of nearly 3 million cast). However, the only reason Bill Clinton won Missouri was that Ross Perot ran as an Independent in both years – siphoning off quite a lot of votes from George H. W. Bush (1992) and Bob Dole (1996). Now in both of those elections, Bill Clinton could have lost Missouri and he still would have had plenty of electoral votes to win the presidency. But a win by Gore in 2000 and he becomes president. A victory by Kerry in Missouri (11 electoral votes), New Mexico (5 electoral votes) and Iowa (7 electoral votes) would have propelled him into the presidency over Bush in 2004. [Kerry lost New Mexico by a mere 6,000 votes out of around 750,000 cast while he lost Iowa by only 10,000 votes out of 1.4 million cast.] As I reported in Part I, you will want to watch the following states on Election Day: Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, New Mexico and Nevada.

Of course, if we see an Obama-Clinton ticket, they will have to campaign in Oregon and Washington (to shore up their party’s support in those two states), and they will need to make a couple of visits to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania (to make sure John McCain cannot loosen up one of those and turn them “red”), and the Democrats will probably spend time in Florida – to possibly overturn the Republican direction of that state and also to force John McCain to spend more time there than he needs to. But (!) if you do not see enormous numbers of visits of all 4 campaigners in and out of Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, New Mexico and Nevada – and particularly in Missouri, Iowa and Ohio – then you know their campaign managers have lost all of their senses and their political credibility.

Ohio could be pried loose from the Republican category because – although remaining with George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 by margins of 165,000 and 118,000 votes, respectively – the surging numbers of young people entering the voting population could tilt that state to the Democrats (particularly if the Democrats can get out the vote and we stay mired in the horrors of the Iraq War through the fall). Nevertheless, this state – with 20 big and important electoral votes – almost always goes to the Republicans. Bill Clinton won it twice, but – again – only due to the prominent third party candidacy of Ross Perot (who took most of his votes away from George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole). But in a very close election – as we have been having in 2000 and 2004 – we might all be watching Missouri all night (just as we did with Florida in 2000). This is actually what just happened on Super Tuesday in both the Democratic and Republican primaries. The Obama-Clinton battle and McCain-Huckabee battle lasted till almost all the votes were counted – showing the extreme split in this state right at the center of the nation. [Note: Good news for the Democrats is that the turn out for their primary included about 234,000 more voters than in the Republican primary. However, these primaries were not “closed” – in other words whether you were a Democrat, Republican or Independent, you could vote in either primary. Nevertheless, the great increase of voters involved with the Democratic primary hints that Missouri could go “blue” in 2008.]

Missouri was “born” when it entered the Union on August10, 1821. The time of day is approximate and comes from a well-known astrological and researcher Marc Penfield. However, Missouri’s main reality is that it is a Leo Sun-sign state, with Mercury in early Leo, and a Jupiter-Saturn union (where Jupiter is approximately 4 degrees ahead of Saturn). Barack Obama is also a Sun-sign Leo, with Mercury in early Leo, and the same kind of Jupiter-Saturn union (where Jupiter is approximately 5 degrees ahead of Saturn). This is extraordinary and the synchronicity was just proven – in Obama’s favor – as he defeated Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary when he had been way behind just a couple of weeks before. Thus, from the astrology angle, Barack Obama on the Democratic ticket this fall could insure that Missouri will become “blue” rather than “red.” If John McCain chooses Mike Huckabee as his running mate (the former Governor of Arkansas – which is just South of Missouri), then this is another reason why Missouri will be big, big BIG in the run-up to the election and may determine the next president of the United States.

Important Update: Tuesday Feb. 12 after the Potomac Primaries in D.C., Maryland and Virginia: Several new realities are popping up on the American political radar screen. (A) Hillary Clinton’s campaign is totally on the ropes and I have much more to say on this front below. (B) John McCain won three primaries tonight as the Moon in Taurus approached and crossed his natal Uranus (revolution; excitement; the eccentric) and with the Moon in a flowing trine to his Virgo Sun. (C) Barack Obama continues to be on a gigantic roll, based on the concept of change, and has now moved past Hillary Clinton in number of delegates for the Democratic Convention in late August. (D) Unless Hillary Clinton has some miraculous turn-around on Tuesday March 4 – when the Ohio and Texas primaries are held – there will be no stopping Barack Obama’s march to the Democratic nomination.

Even though the birth times for Obama and Clinton are still unknown, we can ascertain some key trends going on right now. Within the Democratic Party over the last year, Hillary Clinton has been the Saturnian figure (older and more tied to the Party leadership and the “old guard” of the Clinton years in the presidency) whereas Barack Obama became the Uranian figure (the surprising candidate, not tied and held back by past votes for the Iraq War in Congress, 13 years younger in age than Hillary, and more appealing to the disenchanted youth of the nation who are sick and tired of horrible warfare and hundreds of billions of dollars disappearing for the Pentagon and the U.S. war machine overseas while our cities, social networking, health care and governmental support for students have been falling apart).

From the late spring of 2007 to November/December 2007, Saturn moved forward in Leo and early Virgo while Uranus retreated in Pisces. It was during this time-period of about 7 months that Hillary Clinton (Saturn) appeared to be the inevitable nominee for the Democrats while Barack Obama (Uranus) scrambled with the other Democrats to see who would emerge as the chief challenger to Hillary Clinton. But then Uranus made a station and shifted from retrograde to direct around Thanksgiving while Saturn slowed down and stopped – shifting from direct motion to retrograde motion just before the Winter Solstice.

Well, ever since the caucuses and primaries got underway during the start of January 2008, Barack Obama has been surging in the polls and in money raising while Hillary Clinton has been on the defensive – barely holding on during the New Hampshire primary, but now clearly on the verge of losing more and more of these contests. And during January and February, Saturn (Hillary’s planet within the Democratic Party) has been in reverse in Virgo while Uranus (the symbolic planet of Barack Obama in the Democratic Party) keeps moving forward in Pisces. Saturn won’t halt its backward motion in the zodiac until May 2 while Uranus stays direct until June 26.

The enthusiastic and young crowds coming out for Barack Obama are reaching the point of almost cult worship for their hero and leader (Barack), and conveying extreme excitement for “radical change” (clearly a Uranian sentiment or force). We have only had two truly Uranian figures in the presidency in the last 50 years – John F. Kennedy (whose natal Sun at 9 Gemini was exactly conjunct America’s Uranus from July 4, 1776) and Ronald Reagan (who was a Sun-sign Aquarius – zodiacal sign ruled by Uranus – and who was born with a close Mercury-Uranus union in Capricorn). JFK captivated the youth of this nation like no one before him. Plus – his Camelot-looking family (Jackie Kennedy, Caroline and John, Jr) represented a rare, archetypal potential that inspired tens of millions of people. The Peace Corps, the Alliance for Progress, and landing a human on the Moon – all of these activities opened the door for young people to dream again. Ronald Reagan started a revolution – particularly of young Republican conservatives and disenchanted blue-collar Democrats – that made his party vault into two sweeping national elections in 1980 and 1984. And it was still strong enough to propel his Vice President – George H.W. Bush – into the presidency by a wide margin against Democratic challenger Michael Dukakis in 1988.

What makes Barack Obama the main Uranian figure in this campaign? As I have indicated in Part I and II (above), he is born with (a) Uranus conjunct his Lunar North Node (a major fate-destiny point in any horoscope); (b) Uranus is almost exactly 150-degrees to Saturn; (c) Uranus is in two key and nearly exact triangles – a Yod or Finger of God triangle (composed of Uranus, Saturn and Pallas), and a mysterious Pythagorean or 3-4-5 Triangle (composed of Uranus, Saturn and Vesta). In addition, his Vesta and Pallas are exactly sextile or 60 degrees apart. Overall, his horoscope shows enormous Uranian energy that is also integrated very well with many other celestial bodies at the time of his birth.

I have also mentioned that Uranus can be associated – mythologically – with Prometheus (who stole fire from the Gods and then was punished severely for this transgression by the King of the Gods, Zeus-Jupiter). [See astrological books by Richard Tarnas on this topic especially.] Zeus-Jupiter represents the patriarchy and the “old boys’ network” that tends to control political parties and the apparatus of the executive branch of our national government. However, Uranus represents freedom, daring and radical change, shocking moves, liberation, and rebellion against Saturnian tyranny and the formidable structures that the old guard constructs in order to prevent dangerous uprisings by the young, unruly and impulsive disenfranchised masses.

Several times I have reported to you that the chart for Presidential Power is very important to study, so – to make it easier for you to check out this horoscope – I am adding it to the group of charts presented below. While John McCain’s natal Saturn is exactly conjunct Saturn in this chart for when George Washington took the first Oath of Office on April 30, 1789, transiting Uranus in 2008 will crisscross this zodiacal placement at 20+ Pisces in April and September (particularly as the fall campaign is potent). This would imply that we are going to have a Uranian Revolution against the old power structure (Saturn) within the presidency – one potential pointer toward a Barack Obama victory over John McCain in November.

Nevertheless, if it turns out that Barack Obama triumphs over Hillary Clinton within the Democratic ranks, then Hillary will no longer be the symbol of Saturn or play out that more limited Saturnian role. Saturn nationally will then be clearly symbolized by John McCain while Uranus will still remain the representative planet reflecting the future fortunes of Barack Obama. And the reason the fall campaign could become incredibly close is that Saturn will be moving forward in the summer and fall while Uranus will be moving retrograde. And if we have one or more international incidents that create a wave of fear in the USA, then even though the youth of our nation and the Democratic Party may be very united behind the Uranian Revolution symbolized by Barack Obama, the old guard (and old fears) represented by John McCain and Saturn can make a comeback in September and October – to reach a kind of parity with Uranus by Election Day. This is more or less confirmed by the fact that – on Election Day – Saturn and Uranus precisely oppose each other or, to look at it another way, are equal in strength and exactly in a tug of war across the Earth.

As I have discussed now several times, this is why Democrats cannot assume that Barack Obama will easily sweep to victory over John McCain. Although the crowds of folks at Barack Obama rallies and the increased voters going to Democratic primaries and caucuses appear to favor a huge Democratic victory in November 4, 2008, you still have to get the vote out, you still have to prepare for late-in-the-campaign mud-slinging by the other side, dirty tricks, disgraceful ads, and certain “toss-up” states – like Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, New Mexico and Nevada – that will determine the winner in terms of an electoral vote majority.

Now on Election Day itself, Saturn – by transit in the sky – would seem to have the upper hand (initially) as it is elevated and above the horizon during the morning and early afternoon hours, but in the later part of the afternoon and throughout the evening, Uranus is elevated while the power of Saturn is diminished as the evening wears on. Thus, an early call about the vote that day is likely to reveal surprising strength by John McCain and the Republican ticket whereas later polls in the day will show increasing power of radical change and the Uranian Revolution – heralded by Barack Obama and whoever his running mate is.

Since the main television broadcasters are based in NYC, I usually utilize a chart for approximately 9PM to scrutinize the likely winner of the presidential contest. And Uranus will be up above in the sky at that time while Saturn will be down below the horizon. However, if the election results are inconclusive and the contest remains in doubt past midnight, then Saturn starts rising and becomes stronger in the early morning hours of the next day while Uranus recedes from visibility as it goes below the horizon.

[See my article called Future Shock for more on this Election Night “horary type” chart. It is in the Mundane Astrology section.]

Hillary Clinton’s Achilles’ Heel – Revealed: In Part I, I mentioned that transiting Pluto is making a once-in-a-lifetime crossing of Hillary Clinton’s natal Juno at 29+ Sagittarius (January 2008; July 2008; November 2008). When I wrote Part I in late December 2007 and when I added some updates after the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire primary, I began to see how this Pluto transit over her Juno could eventually disempower her during these essential months of the primaries and caucuses.

The shadow side of Juno is disempowerment in key partnerships – plus anger and rage as this disempowerment continues. The positive side of Juno is equal rights, fairness under the law, diplomacy and unwavering support for the disenfranchised.

However, Hillary Clinton – like her husband – is also born at a Pallas station. Pallas is the warrior goddess who is wise, ingenious, inventive, a great strategist, a champion of cities and urban growth, someone adept at economics and health care. Pallas is a much stronger asteroid for Hillary Clinton than Juno because Hillary has Pallas as a stationary celestial body at her birth (along with Mercury). Since Pallas is a feminine asteroid, this singles out her Pallas as being super-strong and a potent symbol of Hillary Clinton’s identity and what motivates her politically and socially. Hillary Clinton’s Pallas is also in late Aquarius, so that it is very closely conjunct America’s natal Pallas-Moon union in late Aquarius.

Nevertheless, in 2008, it is Juno in her chart that is being attacked, transformed and – probably – undermined until she is weakened too much to continue the fight for the nomination. Amazingly, Barack Obama is born within 2 days of a Juno station – so he becomes a kind of Juno nemesis to her during this one year in her life when Pluto is conjunct her Juno.

Well, what I did not fully realize at the time of those writings back in late December 2007 and early January 2008 was that Hillary Clinton is having a very potent and unusual Juno Return (for the first time in 4.5 years) at 29+ Sagittarius from April 10 to about April 28 as Juno also stations and goes retrograde right at that degree! This will be very shocking and perhaps overwhelming for her. If her candidacy unravels, it will be very hard for her to keep those bottled-up emotions in check. She – like Mitt Romney on the Republican side – might have to capitulate and throw in the towel rather than continue on in a bruising fight that might only cause rancor to develop within the heart of the Democratic faithful as the convention in Denver approaches. Plus – during the last few days of October – right on the eve of the election on November 4 – Juno will make a final return for her while Pluto is conjunct her Juno, and Juno in the sky simultaneously.

It may very well be that the reason she will not become the Democratic nominee this year is that the Republicans would actually be able to defeat her – via whatever tactics that would have used against her in the fall campaign. With Juno and Pluto united in the sky in late October (just days before the election) and Juno making its final return for her, this celestial combination is far too explosive – in a negative manner – and I believe if we are going to see a Democratic victory this fall, it has to occur with Barack Obama (instead of Hillary Clinton) at the head of the ticket.

[Note: I don’t want to completely close the door on a Hillary Clinton miracle on March 4 and down the road with other primaries, but right now something drastic will have to change to make her the front-runner again. Some polling following the Feb. 12 results shows that she still has a lead over Barack Obama in Ohio and she is probably still leading in Texas. It is true that there are nearly 800 super-delegates going to the Democratic Convention and they could turn toward her if a scandal regarding Barack Obama came out or if he became ill, etc. She still does have the best Sun-Moon relationship at birth when compared to the transiting Jupiter-Saturn phase happening this year. This is something I discussed at length in Part I. She and John McCain have this in common during 2008 whereas the Sun-Moon relationship for Barack Obama is more akin for a presidency during 2012 to 2016. However, if she is born at 8:02AM – rather than at 8PM – then her horoscope is not compatible with the Jupiter and Saturn sky placements on the night of this election and that becomes a problem for her “electability” that day. John McCain’s chart is also not compatible with the Jupiter and Saturn sky placements on the night of this election. Without knowing Barack Obama’s birth time, we don’t know how compatible his horoscope is with the Jupiter and Saturn placements on the night of November 4, 2008.]

While I do believe the election will be very close (in electoral votes and not necessarily in popular votes) – with Saturn the equal to Uranus on Election Day – note that Uranus shifts from retrograde to direct precisely on Thanksgiving Day this year (November 27) while Saturn ends its direct motion on New Year’s Eve (!) and begins to go in reverse for four and a half months as 2009 begins. What is more auspicious for the forces of Uranus – over the forces of Saturn – than to see this double-shift by these two planets dancing through the heavens at the end of this tumultuous year and as a new year of amazing changes (2009) arrives on the scene?

We can also take heart in looking at the chart for the next presidential inauguration on January 20, 2009. While there is danger and uncertainty in the Moon being void-of-course in the last degree of Scorpio, revolutionary and liberating Uranus is elevated and conjunct Venus (creativity; love; friendship) in compassionate Pisces in the eleventh house (universality; networking; world service) while Saturn (old fears, restrictions, and limits on freedom) is retrograding below the horizon and in opposition to its own placement in the chart for Presidential Power.

Update after March 4 Primaries (late Tuesday evening): John McCain has locked up the Republican nomination with enough delegate wins tonight. This is good news for him as the Moon is now in Aquarius -- where it will also be when all is said and done on Election Night Nov. 4, 2008 and the following day when the new president-elect faces the news media and the nation.

Hillary Clinton struck back by winning three of four primaries -- including the big prizes of Ohio and Texas. However, Barack Obama closed her wide leads in both of those states -- making the Clinton campaign very fearful of losing one or both. Nevertheless, these victories reveal (a) her incredible staying power (seen in all her Scorpio and Leo zodiacal placements), and (b) that her natal Sun-Moon waxing trine pattern in water signs is very much in tune with this year's Jupiter-Saturn waxing trine pattern in earth signs in 2008.

The odds are that Barack Obama will win the Wyoming and Mississippi voting coming up Saturday March 8 and Tuesday March 11. The next big primary is Pennsylvania on April 22 -- where Hillary Clinton is heavily favored. Although Barack Obama must contest there -- in order to avoid falling behind in the total delegate count -- the Moon will be in Scorpio and Sagittarius on April 22, and Hillary Clinton has her Sun, Chiron, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, plus natal Jupiter in Sagittarius. Thus, Barack Obama will need a miracle to overtake Hillary Clinton's power in Pennsylvania.

All of this keeps leading to a gargantuan struggle at the Democratic National Convention in Denver during the last week of August. While it is healthy for all these voters to be coming out and voicing their political views, the Democrats have new worries about gigantic divisions later on in the year that will rival the sesimic fractures still inside the Republican Party.

Despite their personal distaste for running as a Vice President, either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama might have to be placed on the lower end of the ticket (with the other on top) to truly keep ALL the Democratic voters going to the polls on November 4 -- not to mention the crucial Independents who might just switch to McCain if either Obama or Clinton is not on a Democratic ticket.

© 2008 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, LTD. All rights reserved.

[For more about Mark Lerner, see the left-side column of this website.]

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