My Resume

Mark Lerner Resume includes:

Attended and Graduated from Michigan State University (1967-1971) with High Honors and B.A. in Multi-Disciplinary Social Science.

Worked at Alice A. Bailey Center/Arcane School in New York City (1975-1976).

Member of Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland (1976-1979).

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal (1981-2000).

Professional Astrologer with worldwide practice since 1972-1973.

Creator and Designer of School of Planetary Studies astrological correspondence school with 36 1-hour tape-classes since 1985.

Author of Mysteries of Venus (self-published book in 1986 out-of-print), and co-author of Inner Child Cards (Tarot Deck-Book Set published by Bear & Company) and Baseball Tarot (Tarot Deck-Book Set published by Workman Publishing).

Note: Picture is of Mark Lerner at beautiful Crater Lake, Oregon in the 1990s.

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