How I Became Interested In Astrology

Mark Lerner began his astrological studies in New York City in June 1972 on the same day that he began taking a chemistry class at Columbia University to prepare for a pre-Med training and entry into Medical School.

Instead of becoming a physician like his father and uncle, a few months later he decided to become a professional astrologer after reading a variety of astrological books, including masterworks by the eminent Dane Rudhyar.

Having already graduated Michigan State University with High Honors and a B.A. in Social Science, he completed an intensive, self-directed one-year training in learning professional astrology from A to Z. He started his active consultation work in the summer of 1973.

After working at the Alice A. Bailey/Arcane School in Manhattan (1975-1976) and becoming a member of the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland (1976-1979), Mark became a father for the first time in August 1979.

Settling back in the USA in 1980, he initiated The Great Bear as an astrological educational center and journal in Amherst, Massachusetts. This is where his second daughter was born at the Summer Solstice in 1981 on the same day that Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal began publication.

This newsletter eventually grew into a newspaper and magazine over a time-period of 19 years (1981-2000) in Massachusetts, Madison, Wisconsin and Eugene, Oregon (where Mark has lived and worked since 1984). WTPE journal reached thousands of astrological students and professionals around the nation and world, and it became well-respected as one of the top periodicals concerning Mundane Astrology (focusing on the higher destiny of nations, humanity and Spaceship Earth).

The first WTPE astrological web site was launched in the mid-1990s and the new Earth Aquarius News web site represents a great ideal and dream of merging astrological wisdom with late-breaking reporting in an online newspaper format.

Mark has done thousands of astrological consultations in person, by telephone and e-mail, and 90-minute and 1-hour consultations during more than four decades of professional work. He has appeared on TV, been interviewed on radio and by newspapers, and lectured at many conferences. He organized and created two successful Planet Earth Astrology conferences in 1988 and 1990 each conference attended by over 150 subscribers.

For more information on his consultations, the School of Planetary Studies astrological course (with 36 1-hour CDs-classes), wide variety of astrological reports in .PDF format and sent via email attachment, color birth charts (also sent via email attachment), and Daily Cosmic Kalendar forecasts, explore the rest of this extensive web site or contact him at

P.S. The photograph accompanying this information is Mark Lerner at around the age of 20. He is now considerably grayer and in his 60s, but remains very youthful at heart!

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