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News > Top Stories Archives  > Presidential Sweepstakes 2008: Part I (With Updates)

Presidential Sweepstakes 2008: Part I (With Updates)

Presidential Sweepstakes 2008: Part I (With Updates) | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: Monday December 24, 2007 and Special Updates on Thursday night January 3, 2008 (Iowa Caucus results) and Tuesday night January 8, 2008 (NH Primary results) as closing segments
The Iowa Caucus voting (Thursday January 3) and the New Hampshire Primary voting (Tuesday January 8) will probably establish leaders in the Democratic and Republican parties for the coming presidential sweepstakes in 2008. These votes are happening much earlier than normal and by Super Tuesday – February 5 when almost twenty states have primary voting – we should have a good idea of who the presidential nominees will be come late August (Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado) and early September (Republican Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota).

This article will be expanded in the months ahead as results pour in from around the United States. You will definitely need to read my Future Shock article in the Mudane Astrology section of our website. This article gives you the broad overview of the astrological energies developing during 2008 as well as key charts for Election Night (Nov. 4, 2008) and the next Presidential Inauguration (January 20, 2009, Noon EST, Washington, D.C.).

Right now I am including horoscopes for the approximate evening times when votes should be tabulated for the Iowa Caucus voting (Jan. 3), New Hampshire Primary (Jan. 8), Democratic Convention vote for president (Aug. 27), and Republican Convention vote for president (Sept. 3). These charts can be used as “horary maps” – where you can get a feeling for the astrological, planetary and zodiacal symbolism. This may – in turn – help you figure out which of the candidates will be likely to be moving on toward nomination in the late summer.

For example, notice that in the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary charts (calculated for approximately 9PM local time during those evenings) Virgo is rising with Saturn near the Ascendant. This will place the largest planet – Jupiter – (which has just recently merged with Pluto for the first time in 13 years) near the bottom of the chart. Does this carry a message for the candidates and for America as a nation? Yes.

The message is that we are looking for an executive figure (Saturn) who is more organized, efficient, sensible, and wise – someone who will work hard and diligently, and who cares about the little things in life (Virgo), and ALL the individuals who make up this great nation. Because Jupiter and Pluto are down and in the more obscure region of the fourth house, the cosmos is suggesting that we are very tired of BIG (Jupiter), ARROGANT (Jupiter) Government (Pluto) by the Super-Rich (Pluto) and All-Powerful (Jupiter-Pluto combined).

Be aware that Uranus – the planet of shock waves, surprises and revolutionary acts – is setting and therefore polarized to the rising Saturn placements in the Iowa and New Hampshire voting charts. This opposition alignment will become far more powerful later in 2008 as these two planets (which last opposed in the mid-1960s) will make five polarities from November 2008 to the summer of 2010. The implication here – and this is very important – is that no matter who wins the presidency, the next administration is likely to be on a razor’s edge of support – with half the populace disgruntled and angry, and the other half hoping the new leaders of our executive branch stand by their promises and convictions.

There is also a fairly close Moon-Mercury supportive sextile of 60-degrees in the Iowa Caucus chart whereas by the time of the New Hampshire Primary (5 days later), the Moon is closing in on its monthly conjunction with Mercury. The reason this is important is that Mercury rules Virgo (the rising signs when the results of Iowa and New Hampshire are probably declared through the media), and the Moon represents the mood of the masses and the general pulse of the national heart/sentiment. Therefore, once the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire have their say, it is likely that national polls will tilt toward the new leaders.

It is also intriguing that the Moon in late Scorpio during the Iowa voting is the same Moon location for when the next president is inaugurated on January 20, 2009. In addition, the Moon-Mercury approaching conjunction area of the zodiac (late Capricorn to early Aquarius) during the New Hampshire Primary results is exactly where the Moon will be transiting throughout the day of November 4, 2008 – when voters are electing the next president on the day of a rare Saturn-Uranus opposition!

If the results of Iowa and New Hampshire are mixed or do not produce clear front-runners, then it is likely that Tuesday February 5 (Super Tuesday) will be the next major date to watch. Nearly 20 states will have their primary or caucus votes at that time and, in a remarkable example of synchronicity, the Moon on that day will also be in Capricorn (similar to the lunar placement at the New Hampshire Primary voting, and the voting on Election Day itself – November 4).

Amazingly, from February 5, 2008 to November 4, 2008 is exactly 10 lunar cycles or a 9-month pregnancy period of 10 lunar months or EXACTLY! 273 days. Thus, February 5, 2008 behaves as a political CONCEPTION leading to a BIRTH on November 4, 2008. And oddly both February 5 and November 4 carry the note of a “Void-of-Course” Moon cycle – which usually has the effect of creating uncertainty, doubt and confusion (in the material or physical realm).

Other charts that have crucial significance in the election process are the following: (a) America’s birthchart (see our Mundane Astrology section for one or two features giving the USA horoscope); (b) The Chart for “Presidential Power” – given out in my Fall of the Little King article in our Top Stories section. This is the horoscope for when George Washington took the first Oath of Office (April 30, 1789, approximately 1:05PM LMT, New York, NY); (c) Charts for the founding of the Democratic and Republican Parties. I will have more to say (at a later date) on this topic as the charts are speculative – with different dates, places, and even years vying for recognition.

As far as the candidates and their birthcharts are concerned, I will only list their names and birth data below (for the time being). In some cases, birth times are not known or are approximate. Therefore, until we know more about who will come out of these initial votes as the leaders in their parties, I will leave the calculation of the charts up to you. However, I have added some observations (further below) that you should find very revealing.

6 Leading Candidates for the Republican Nomination (from Oldest to Youngest)

Ron Paul August 20, 1935 in Greentree, Pennsylvania (Time Unknown)
John McCain August 29, 1936 at 9:00AM EST in Cocosolo, Panama
Fred Dalton Thompson August 19, 1942 in Sheffield, Alabama (Time Unknown)
Rudy Giuliani May 28, 1944 at 2:30PM EWT in Brooklyn, NY (Time is questionable and mentioned on the Lois Rodden website)
Mitt Romney March 12, 1947 at 9:51AM EST in Detroit, MI (Time given out by the candidate to an astrological researcher and indicated on the Lois Rodden website)
Mike Huckabee August 24, 1955 in Hope, Arkansas (Time Unknown)

7 Leading Candidates for the Democratic Nomination (from Oldest to Youngest)

Joe Biden November 20, 1942 in Scranton, PA (Time Unknown)
Chris Dodd May 27, 1944 in Willimantic, CT (Time Unknown – born 1 day before Rudy Giuliani)
Dennis Kucinich October 8, 1946 at 5:53PM EST in Cleveland, OH
Hillary Clinton October 26, 1947 at either 8AM or 8PM CST in Chicago, IL (8AM time is apparently from her mother while 8PM time is from Hillary – directly – to astrologer Celeste Longacre back in 1992 when Bill Clinton was running for president)
Bill Richardson November 15, 1947 in Pasadena, CA (Time Unknown)
John Edwards June 10, 1953 at 7:02AM EST in Seneca, SC (I have seen this time mentioned in many places back in 2004. It may still be in dispute.)
Barack Obama August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, HI (There is a time floating around for 1:05PM or early afternoon, but no one yet has come up with a birth certificate or exact record.)

Some Closing Observations for Now

Many years ago, I wrote one or more articles on an unusual subject regarding the election of recent presidents in our printed Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine that reached thousands of subscribers and readers across America and around the world (1981-2000). I discovered that if you compared the natal Sun-Moon Phases for Presidents John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton with the Jupiter-Saturn Phases in the sky (during their elections and time-periods in office), you would find an exact correspondence.

To make this very clear and straight-forward, consider the following:

President Kennedy (May 29, 1917) was born at a waxing, First Quarter Phase of the Sun and Moon. When he took office in 1961, Jupiter and Saturn were just about to unite (a month after his inauguration), and these two largest planets in the solar system would move toward a waxing, First Quarter Phase to each other in the sky during his assassination-shortened administration.

President Reagan (February 6, 1911) was also born during a waxing, First Quarter Phase of the Sun and Moon. When he took office in 1981, two of three Jupiter-Saturn unions had just taken place. After the third one took place (March 4, 1981), he was nearly assassinated on March 30, 1981. Following his recovery, he stayed in office for two terms and Jupiter and Saturn formed a waxing, First Quarter Phase to each other in the sky about 4 – 5 years into his presidency. It was also during that Jupiter-Saturn square or First Quarter Phase that the Iran-Contra Scandal broke out.

President Clinton (August 20, 1946) was born during a waning, Last Quarter Phase of the Sun and Moon. When he took office in 1993, Jupiter and Saturn had already opposed each other a couple of years earlier (around the time of the first Persian Gulf War), and Jupiter and Saturn were nearing their waning, Last Quarter Phase in the sky. Many of President Clinton’s initial failings (gays in the military; health insurance fiasco; and big loss in the November 1994 interim election cycle – giving the Republicans the leadership in the House of Representatives) occurred as the Jupiter-Saturn clashing square or Last Quarter Phase loomed prominently in our collective political sky.

By the way, Al Gore (March 31, 1948) was also born close to the Last Quarter Phase of the Sun and Moon. His waning solar-lunar arc fit in perfectly with the waning nature of Jupiter and Saturn during the mid-1990s, but the nation required someone born in the waxing Sun-Moon cycle for the time-period starting in 2001 (as Jupiter and Saturn began their waxing, New Moon Phase to each other). Ironically, Vice President Dick Cheney’s birthchart (January 30, 1941) contains a New Moon Phase of Sun and Moon – exactly what the time-period of 2001 demanded – and so many people feel that in the early months of the George W. Bush administration he was the real power behind the president.

The problem with Dick Cheney’s birthchart is that it also contained an extreme dark of the Moon cycle between Jupiter and Saturn – just one degree apart in Taurus, but where Jupiter is BEHIND Saturn in the zodiac. Jupiter and Saturn would not launch their new, 20-year cycle until February 15, 1941 – just about two weeks AFTER Dick Cheney’s birth, and Jupiter and Saturn had already united in August and October 1940 – already “dark times” following the beginning of World War II. Thus, Vice President Dick Cheney’s role or attribute as being a “Darth Vader” like presence in the administration is totally apt when you understand his unusual Jupiter-Saturn placements, just 1 degree apart, in early Taurus.

And look at this synchronicity: George Herbert Walker Bush (June 12, 1924) ran for president in 1988 while Jupiter and Saturn were making a flowing, waxing trine formation of 120 degrees in the sky, and he was born with a flowing, waxing trine formation of the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Libra. However, once he came into office in 1989 and thrived for a year or two (his height came in March 1991, just after the Persian Gulf War, when his popularity reached 91%, and Jupiter and Saturn exactly opposed each other in a Full Moon, enlightening rapport!), his luck ran out, Jupiter and Saturn shifted into a waning configuration, and this brought in Bill Clinton, born during the waning of the Sun-Moon cycle.

President George W. Bush (July 6, 1946) – like presidents Kennedy and Reagan – was born during a waxing, First Quarter Phase of the Sun and Moon. Jupiter and Saturn had made their union on May 28, 2000, and they began moving toward their waxing, First Quarter Phase in the sky during the next 5 – 6 years. Of course, we have all been witness to the results with the Iraq War fiasco and Valerie Plame/CIA scandal (involving the Vice President and Scooter Libby) coinciding with the abrasive Jupiter-Saturn waxing, First Quarter Phase and square alignment in the sky (December 2005, June 2006; and October 2006 – the last one nearly coinciding with the big, national Republican losses in November 2006, leading to the Democrats reclaiming majorities in the U.S. House and Senate).

One of the reasons it was clear to me that Bush would defeat Kerry in 2004 was that Bush was born at the First Quarter Phase of Sun and Moon and we were still approaching the Jupiter-Saturn First Quarter Phase of their relationship in the sky. On the other hand, John Kerry was born close to a Full Moon while his running mate – John Edwards – was born at the end of a Sun-Moon cycle (known as the Balsamic Moon or Dark of the Moon cycle). Thus, the solar-lunar cycles of the Democratic running mates were not IN SYNCH with the Jupiter-Saturn cycle in the sky. [John Kerry’s chart and solar-lunar Full Moon cycle would have fit in much better for the presidency between 2008 and 2012 – although had he won in 2004 and won again in 2008 that would have made total sense from an astrological perspective.]

Now a big question is the following: Is it always true that the person elected to the presidency has a Sun-Moon Phase at birth that is similar to the ongoing Jupiter-Saturn Phase in the sky during their term(s) in office? I would say the answer is “no,” but I have never conducted all the research to make that determination.

It is possible that the reason we are witnessing this synchronicity over the last 40+ years is that (a) our astrological knowledge-wisdom has grown considerably; (b) our national awareness is increasing – about the merits and flaws in our leaders; (c) the dissemination of information – on all fronts – is skyrocketing (via satellites, television, the Internet, etc). We are also much more aware of the backgrounds of our leaders than in previous historical time-periods. For example, few people in the nation were aware that President Franklin D. Roosevelt couldn’t walk and was mostly confined to a wheelchair (due to his contracting polio). All sorts of secrets were never revealed about many of the earlier presidents.

Why use the Jupiter-Saturn Phase relationship? Because it works (that’s number one) and because it is the key celestial relationship that has been analyzed for thousands of years -- dating back to the ancient Babylonians and Chaldeans. In addition, these are the largest two planets (ruling over worldly affairs, government, politics, business, religion, education, etc). and Jupiter has a special kinship with the Sun and Saturn has a special kinship with the Moon. Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the zodiac while the Sun appears to circle the Earth in 12 months. Saturn takes 29+ years to circle the zodiac while the Moon has a 27+ day cycle around the Earth.

So here is the big question at the moment: Of all the candidates whose natal Sun-Moon Phase relationship is very similar to the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn Phase relationship later in 2008 and in the few years just beyond?

[Note: Jupiter and Saturn form three, flowing and waxing trines of 120 degrees throughout 2008. Then they will reach the waxing, 150-degree rapport from 2009 to 2010. In 2010 and 2011, Jupiter and Saturn will oppose several times – therefore making a polarity or Full Moon-type opposition of potential enlightenment or tug-of war-scenario (within the government and relative to the nation and the world).

The answers are (a) John McCain on the Republican side and (b) Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side. John McCain – about a year ago or so – was considered the main Republican in the race, but probably due to his adamant support of the Iraq War, he lost a lot of ground. However, very recently – with several newspaper endorsements – he is picking up steam again. Of course, Hillary Clinton has been the leading Democratic contender all along. Both of them are born with waxing, Sun-Moon Phases just past the trine and moving toward 150 degrees of arc. That’s exactly what the waxing, Jupiter-Saturn Phase in the sky will be when the next president takes office on January 20, 2009.

On the Republican side, the solar-lunar phase relationships for Giuliani, Thompson and Huckabee have already passed by (in recent years) – although Thompson and Huckabee may both have Scorpio Moons (similar to the Scorpio Moon placement at the time of the next presidential inauguration).

Note: The current flirtation by conservative Republican voters with Huckabee is because (a) he is born with an extremely potent and magnetic Vesta-Pluto-Mars-Venus-Sun quintuple conjunction (within 5 degrees in late Leo and the beginning of Virgo); (b) his Moon in late Scorpio is the Moon placement during the Iowa Caucus voting on January 3 (and, recently, he has pulled ahead in that state, surprising pollsters); (c) his Sun is conjunct the transiting South Node of the Moon in early Virgo (making him the wishful candidate of the recent past – what George W. Bush SHOULD HAVE BEEN, BUT WAS NOT. While anything is possible in politics, his waxing Sun-Moon First Quarter Phase fits into the world picture of 2006, but not where we are moving in the next 4 years. He also shows a major contradiction as he is born at a Sun-Moon waxing square, but his natal Jupiter-Saturn Phase is precisely Last Quarter (or 90-degrees but waning).

Also on the Republican side, the solar-lunar phase relationships for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul would be more in synch with the Jupiter-Saturn Phases that will be developing from 2012 to 2016. And Ron Paul is already 72 years old. Mitt Romney has a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in late Scorpio, so he is linked to the Iowa Caucus Scorpio Moon as well as the Scorpio Moon at the next inauguration. His Sun (21+ Pisces) is also conjunct the Saturn placement in the Presidential Power chart for April 30, 1789. John McCain’s Saturn is virtually conjunct the Saturn placement in the Presidential Power chart. A McCain or Romney presidency is likely to INCREASE (rather than decrease) the imperial attitude of that individual making vital national and global decisions inside the Oval Office.

On the Democratic side, Dennis Kucinich and Jo Biden have Sun-Moon Phase relationships that could fit into the Jupiter-Saturn waxing phases that will be developing from 2009 to 2011, but their chances of gaining the nomination are slim to none. However, either one could be the Vice Presidential nominee or wind up with a cabinet position in a Clinton or Obama administration.

The solar-lunar relationships in the birthcharts of Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd have already passed in significance (relative to upcoming Jupiter-Saturn cycles) although Richardson’s Sun in Scorpio would be a good companion to Hillary Clinton’s Sun in Scorpio – plus they are contemporaries and born only 20 days apart in the fall of 1947. Richardson might be an excellent VP match on a Hillary Clinton ticket since he could rally support in New Mexico, the Rocky Mountain states, and the Northwest (areas of the country vital for a Democratic win in 2008). His being a governor and from a minority group (Latino) would help balance the fact that she is a senator – and governors have been elected to the presidency far more frequently than senators.

John Edwards has a birthchart that would fit into a presidential run during 2016 since his Sun-Moon Phase is extremely waning. Therefore, many of his current views and beliefs will be more widespread at that time, and people will look back to this time-period and say that he “had it right in 2004 and 2008, but was AHEAD of his time.”

Barack Obama was born just AFTER a Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase and therefore (all things considered) he is better suited for the presidency in 2016. He declared for the presidency on Saturday February 10, 2007 – during a void lunar cycle and on the one day in 2007 when the Sun was opposite Saturn. He is also now coming back in the national polls after being down a lot. Weirdly, the Moon was void in SCORPIO when he declared for the presidency and the Moon will be void again in Scorpio when the next president is inaugurated on January 20, 2009. In addition, while his declaration for the presidency occurred with the Sun opposite Saturn (not generally considered a very favorable astrological alignment), America came into being as a nation on July 4, 1776 during a very close and approaching Sun-Saturn square. Plus – on Election Day, November 4, 2008, Saturn will exactly oppose Uranus in the sky, and Barack Obama is born with an almost precisely 150-degree link between Saturn and Uranus. So, you cannot count him out of the running and he should be a strong presence when the Democrats meet in Denver at the end of August – one way or another.

The Moon will be in Leo when the Democrats nominate their next candidate for president on the night of August 27, 2008 in Denver. This will place the Moon moving toward Barack Obama’s Sun in Leo (and also Hillary Clinton’s Mars-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction in Leo). Whoever is nominated for president will then give their speech to the nation on the next evening – when the Moon in Leo is crossing over Barack Obama’s Sun and Hillary Clinton’s Mars-Saturn union in Leo.

The Sun conjuncts Saturn in Virgo on the night (September 3, 2008) that Republicans choose their presidential nominee. Shouldn’t that indicate an older and – hopefully – wiser candidate? John McCain would certainly fill the bill since he and Ron Paul are the oldest candidates running, and John McCain is also a Sun-sign Virgo. John McCain is also a prominent candidate because he fulfills two of the “rules” for presidential election as set forth by the famous astrologer Grant Lewi (author of Astrology for the Millions and which was written over 60 years ago).

Grant Lewi indicated that a person running for the presidency would be peaking in strength as (a) Saturn climbed toward the top of the birthchart or was transiting somewhere in the fourth quadrant (between the tenth and twelfth houses) and (b) as Saturn crossed the Sun for that individual. We have Saturn in Virgo in 2008 – which is John McCain’s Sun-sign and the eleventh and twelfth houses of his timed birthchart.

If John McCain – who is not really running in Iowa – somehow wins or comes in a close second in the New Hampshire Primary, then he will become a notable force again as we move toward February 5 and Super Tuesday.

Here are a few concluding observations: John McCain and Barack Obama are almost 25 years apart in age and yet McCain’s Venus (22+ Virgo) is conjunct Obama’s Mars (22+ Virgo), and McCain’s Mars (12+ Leo) is conjunct Obama’s Sun (12+ Leo). Their planets at 22+ Virgo link them to the USA birthchart which has Neptune at 22+ Virgo and Mars at 21+ Gemini. Either man – as president – would put his mark on a major change in how America conducts wars. Obama is much more in the anti-war camp than McCain, but McCain – as a former victim of torture in Vietnam – would help to transform our nation away from the recent move toward torture of suspected terrorists and back in the direction of honoring the Geneva Convention rules and regulations about treatment of prisoners and soldiers during wars and battles.

Note the following: The Capricorn Moon at the time of the New Hampshire Primary will be returning for John McCain. Then the Moon returns again in his chart on the day of Super Tuesday. On the day of the Election, the Moon is also returning in his chart. The Capricorn Moon on all of these dates will be conjunct Barack Obama’s Saturn (planet of executive authority) – located in its own sign of Capricorn.

If the approximate time of birth for Barack Obama is accurate (around 1:05PM), then Saturn is elevated by transit in his birthchart – located around his eleventh house and about to cross his natal Mars in 2009 (leadership; courage; warfare themes). Transiting Saturn will cross John McCain’s Venus in 2009 as well as America’s Neptune.

In addition, John McCain’s Sun (6+ Virgo) is right on top of Barack Obama’s natal Pluto (6+ Virgo). If they ran against each other, the juxtaposition between old and new would be stunning – and that would also correspond to the precise Saturn-Uranus opposition that will occur on Election Day (November 4, 2008).

A race between John McCain and Hillary Clinton would also represent the Saturn-Uranus polarity as Hillary would be coming in as the first female president (shocks and surprises = Uranus) and the Sun-Saturn paternalistic square at the time of America’s birth in 1776 has always kept women out of the ruling seat of presidential power.

For a woman or a black man to win on Election Day in 2008 (while Uranus in Pisces and Saturn in Virgo are precisely opposite for the first time since January 6, 1967) is to represent Uranian lightning bolts toppling the Saturnian tower of the old regime. This is what the American Revolution was all about and yet the adversary then was “Mother England” and the tyranny of King George III. However, in mythology, it was Saturn who overthrew his father Uranus, and therefore a Saturnian Republican may still be able to defeat a Uranian Democrat in our physical dimension of reality.

Look for some added material to this story once the Iowa and New Hampshire results are in.

Important Extra Section: I didn’t mention this in the article, but recall the following: Presidents Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter were all born in the waxing New Moon Phase. Nixon, of course, probably beat JFK in the 1960 election, but did not contest the election. With Jupiter-Saturn moving into their New Moon Phase in February 1961, Nixon would have been president – with a New Moon Phase of Sun and Moon in his chart during the time of a New Moon Phase of Jupiter and Saturn in the sky. But that didn’t happen. JFK (with a waxing First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase) was elected and we all know what happened.

However, his VP was Johnson – who had also really wanted the presidency back in 1960 and ran against JFK in the primaries to get it. Johnson is born at the New Moon Phase. With Johnson on the ticket, JFK wins Texas and if he doesn’t win Texas AND Illinois (the key state of tricky voting that year), then Nixon winds up as president.

So Johnson waits in the wings and becomes president after JFK is killed. BUT! Johnson’s chart with its New Moon phase was much better for 1961, 1962 and 1963 when the Jupiter-Saturn Phase was also approximately in its New Moon type cycle. By the mid-1960s and the war raging in Vietnam – while Jupiter and Saturn are transiting in a SQUARE and they are in their First Quarter Phase – Johnson’s support completely disappears. And this is particularly true because his natal solar-lunar phase is NO LONGER APPROPRIATE to the times at hand (mid-1960s and shortly thereafter) when Jupiter and Saturn are clashing in the sky – not to mention Uranus with Pluto, and both opposing Saturn.

At any rate, due to all this craziness, Nixon makes his comeback and is elected twice. But he is a New Moon Phase person at birth and winds up having his second administration just AFTER the Full Moon relationship between Jupiter and Saturn in the sky has occurred. And lo and behold, Watergate happens, and Nixon resigns in 1974 in disgrace – in a year and at a time (regarding Jupiter and Saturn) that is COMPLETELY OUT OF SYNCH with his natal Sun-Moon relationship.

This natal Sun-Moon Phase synchronicity (or lack of it) with the ongoing Jupiter-Saturn Phase in the sky is interesting when looking at candidates who did NOT win or who did not perform well during election time. It helps greatly to understand why Bush-Cheney beat Kerry-Edwards in 2004. It easily explains Bush beating Gore in 2000. Now, of course, there are so many other factors of WHY a person becomes president and there are all kinds of numerous chart comparisons (with the USA chart, what I call the chart of Presidential Power (for April 30, 1789), the Presidential Convention Charts, the Election Night Chart, Inauguration Charts, and more).

President Gerald Ford against Governor Jimmy Carter of Georgia in 1976 makes sense, too. Ford was born with a waxing trine type of Sun-Moon Phase at birth and would have felt comfortable in the presidency around 1968, but when he becomes president (via the resignation of Nixon in 1974), the Jupiter-Saturn WANING squares are coming up. Now the problem is that he is running against Carter (who is NOT a Washington insider and represents something new and different trying to come into D.C.).

Symbolically, the country needs a NEW beginning in 1976 after the Watergate disaster of the preceding few years. So we get a very close race (Ford in tears!) and Carter (New Moon Phase of Sun-Moon at birth) makes it into the presidency, but – fundamentally – Carter comes in during the crisis time when Jupiter and Saturn are not only in a waning, Last Quarter Phase relationship, but Jupiter and Saturn will go toward their Balsamic and Dark Moon cycle for the rest of his years in office.

And what happens? The Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979-1980 – coinciding with the Dark Moon cycle of Jupiter and Saturn in the sky, sealing the doom of the Carter presidency, and bringing in a guy (Reagan) who has the WAXING, First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase that – whether we like it or not – fits in well with the coming NEW DISPENSATION of Jupiter and Saturn in early 1981, and throughout the 1980s. Plus – Reagan selects George H.W. Bush who is born at a waxing, trine Sun-Moon relationship (perfect for the election of 1988) when Jupiter and Saturn in the sky are also in a waxing trine relationship.

Note that Governor Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts (born Nov. 3, 1933) and having a natal Full Moon Phase of Sun and Moon at birth appeared to be the rightly chosen candidate in the summer and fall for the Democrats in 1988. His natal Sun-Moon cycle would coincide with the transiting Jupiter-Saturn Full Phase by around 1991, but he had the misfortune to run against George H.W. Bush – whose natal solar-lunar phase was EXACTLY coinciding with the transiting Jupiter-Saturn Phase during the 1988 election year. Dukakis also self-destructed when he gave a very unfeeling and intellectual answer about capital punishment during a debate he had with George H. W. Bush (a hypothetical question of whether he would be for the death penalty if his wife Kitty were raped and murdered), and when he appeared with a helmet while riding in a tank! No Democrat seeking office in our modern society should ever try to make it to the presidency by over-extolling their war-time image or heroics (look what happened to Kerry).

Special Update the Night of the Iowa Caucuses (January 3): This is a very fascinating result – although everyone should keep in mind that, according to the American way of using the void-of-course Moon cycle, the events of Iowa happened with a void and late Scorpio Moon placement. However, having said that, the Moon itself was almost exactly returning for Mike Huckabee (if he were born in the morning) and he has beat out Mitt Romney by a substantial percentage on the Republican side. Note that both of these men are born with late Scorpio-placed Moons! The difference is that Mike Huckabee most likely had just experienced his monthly Lunar Return (empowerment of his personality) whereas Mitt Romney was experiencing the extreme “dark of the Moon” or end of his monthly lunar cycle. Thus, Huckabee receives a great, national boost (as the Moon connects strongly to the masses and public opinion polls in Mundane Astrology) going into the New Hampshire primary on January 8 while Romney appears – for the moment – to be on the edge of defeat.

Meanwhile, John McCain looks like a third place finisher in Iowa (along with Fred Thompson) and he really did not campaign there. As indicated earlier in the main feature, he must still be considered as a very viable candidate and there’s still a good chance he could defeat Mitt Romney in New Hampshire – thereby creating a two-man race (Huckabee vs. McCain) for the Republican nomination, with the biggest prizes coming on Super Tuesday February 5.

Mike Huckabee will certainly gain momentum from his victory tonight, but if you add up the Romney, McCain and Thompson percentages those numbers are a little over 50% of the Republican voters. Thus, more than half of the Republican votes are NOT in the Huckabee camp – at least not yet.

On the Democratic side of the voting, the surprise has been Barack Obama with approximately 38% of the caucus voting (with Edwards at 30% and Clinton at 29%). Senator Obama outspent Hillary Clinton here and he obviously really needed a win to get him going. As the youngest candidate in the field and as a black American, this is a great victory for him. However, the votes for Edwards and Clinton reveal that approximately 60% of the Democrats are not yet Obama supporters – so he still has a lot of work to do in convincing the Democratic Party that he should be their standard-bearer and can defeat a strong Republican opponent in the November election.

Nevertheless, as I explained earlier in this article, when Barack Obama declared his presidential run back on February 10, 2007, the transiting Moon was in late Scorpio and void! This is the same void Moon that just happened tonight and it is the same void Moon that will be setting in the sky as the next president is inaugurated on January 20, 2009, Noon EST, in Washington, D.C.

One of the reasons – of many – why Hillary Clinton faltered here is that even though she is a Sun-sign Scorpio (with Chiron, Venus and Mercury also energizing Scorpio at her birth), the transiting Moon was past those placements in her chart and focused right on top of her South Lunar Node in late Scorpio. As most students and practitioners of astrology know, the South Lunar Node does have vulnerable qualities – some of which may be very severe from a karmic and/or past-life vantage point.

In addition, the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan last week may have made more Iowans aware of the vulnerability of a woman to lead the USA at this time of world terrorism.

Now, you may recall that Governor Bill Clinton (in 1992) did not do very well in Iowa and then declared himself the “Comeback Kid” following a very strong, second-place showing in New Hampshire – leading him to the Democratic nomination that year. Therefore, Hillary Clinton begins with the same kind of losing situation in Iowa and will have to summon up enormous grit, courage and stamina (which she definitely has with so much Scorpio in her chart) to do well or win in New Hampshire and then do extremely well on Super Tuesday (Feb. 5 or one lunar cycle following the NH primary). Even if Obama defeats her again next week in the New Hampshire primary, she is not likely to back down. That would not be in her nature. Nevertheless, a poor showing on February 5 (Super Tuesday) would force her to throw in the towel.

Since the Iowa results came in a little earlier than expected tonight, we find that Leo was the rising sign in Iowa while the largest asteroid – Ceres in Taurus – was almost precisely overhead. This is incredibly significant as Barack Obama is a Sun-sign Leo while Ceres was exactly opposite and polarized to Hillary Clinton’s Sun when she was born. On the other hand, Ceres and Vesta – plus the Moon – are all together in Obama’s birthchart.

Hillary Clinton is also in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime Pluto transit (death-rebirth; extremes; underworld currents) over her natal Juno (empowerment; women’s rights) at 29+ degrees of Sagittarius. Mars just opposed this placement during the past few days. Thus, she is caught in the crossfire between volatile Mars and explosive-subterranean Pluto right now.

For researchers, please note that Iowa entered the Union on December 28, 1946 (close to the time of the Discovery of Neptune – September 23, 1846). Iowa has a Neptune-Saturn union in Aquarius and part of this state’s function – via the presidential caucus voting every four years – is to separate the magnetic, imaginative and charismatic figures (Neptune) from straight-forward, uninspiring, traditional politicians (Saturn).

New Hampshire entered the Union on June 21, 1788 with a Sun-Jupiter union in early Cancer and a Venus placement at 14 degrees of Leo. Barack Obama’s Venus in Cancer is conjunct the Sun-Jupiter union in New Hampshire while his Sun at 13 degrees of Leo is within about 1 degree of Venus for New Hampshire. At the same time, Hillary Clinton’s natal Mars (14 Leo) is almost exactly on Venus for New Hampshire.

On the day of the New Hampshire primary, there is a New Moon in Capricorn that focuses a lot of energy on Barack Obama’s natal Saturn-Jupiter union (in late Capricorn and early Aquarius). Also – transiting Mercury in early Aquarius will have just crossed over his Jupiter. Will he win again over Hillary and be on his way to an historic nomination as the first black American to run for president as either a Democrat or Republican? After all, on the night of the New Hampshire primary, Venus will be conjunct Juno (feminine forces strong in Hillary’s birthchart), but down below in the sky while her main, feminine nemesis – Ceres – will once again be elevated. And Ceres is more integrated in Obama’s birthchart than in Hillary Clinton’s birthchart.

There will still be much guessing and conjecturing in the weeks ahead, but Iowa has spoken and its voice is bringing forth the two youngest candidates (Huckabee born in 1955 and Obama born in 1961). This itself suggests that the masses in this country want change and perhaps a youthfulness that goes against the tired, old policies of war, secrecy, fear and greed.

With Uranus opposing Saturn exactly occurring on the day of the election (November 4), the most revolutionary or Uranian candidate is likely to upset the old, traditional approaches to power and authority (Saturn themes). And Barack Obama is born with Uranus conjunct his Lunar North Node (fate-destiny point focused on the future) – plus Uranus at the fulcrum of a very tight Yod or Finger of God triangular pattern in his chart (including Saturn and Pallas), and a very close and mysterious Pythagorean Triangle (including Saturn and Vesta).

Tightly-orbed triangular structures within the energy-field of a birthchart can point to a highly-attuned soul and unusual destiny to perform on the global stage. Remember that our founding leaders were primarily revolutionary figures filled with fervor and enlightenment (Uranian in nature) whereas a large percentage of our presidents over the last 2+ centuries have been much more rigid, business-like, conservative, cautious, and even fear-dominated (Saturnian in quality).

Our nation finally won its revolutionary battle against England in 1781 during the same year in which Uranus was discovered. It may very well be time for a Second American Revolution – the kind that Thomas Jefferson suggested when he said that “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

Update the Night of the New Hampshire Primary – January 8: Once again the pollsters are scratching their heads – particularly since Barack Obama seemed to be on a roll and polls were showing a widening lead by him over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire since his Iowa win only five days ago. However, Hillary Clinton’s close win over Obama just shows that (a) each state has its own mentality and views (see my previous addendum on Iowa where I gave out the birth month, day and year for Iowa and New Hampshire); (b) you cannot prejudge a race through dubious polling practices; (c) the media keeps trying to determine a result before people actually make their final choice – in the voting booth; (d) the astrology cycles on each primary or caucus day/night are significant (witness today’s Capricorn Moon almost precisely returning in the birthchart of John McCain as he defeats Mitt Romney by about 5% of the vote); (e) New Hampshire has a partially open primary system since Independent voters can cast their primary vote in ANY party.

Taking up point (e) for a moment, it appears that one of the reasons contributing to Hillary Clinton’s close win tonight is that with polls showing a potentially large Obama victory over Hillary Clinton, it is possible that large numbers of New Hampshire Independents voted in the Republican Primary and in support of John McCain – who has often toyed with running as an Independent in the past! Thus, in a weird kind of way, Hillary may owe her narrow margin of victory this evening to Independents who like John McCain a lot and who definitely do NOT want to see Mitt Romney become the next president.

In addition, women voters – who strongly split their vote in Iowa between Obama and Clinton (with Obama winning the women’s vote in Iowa) – sided with Hillary Clinton tonight (by a fairly substantial margin). Another misread – by the polls and media pundits – is that they forgot that New Hampshire is tucked away in Northern New England and that these folks hate to be told how they are going to vote. The New Hampshire Primary used to be (for decades!) the first primary and first test for presidential candidates every four years. Therefore, New Hampshire voters have great antipathy for the Iowa results and Iowa winners as they feel insulted that Iowans now have the first vote instead of New Hampshire. This is true no matter how you cut it.

And, remember, a simple look at the map of the United States reveals the following: Iowa is the state just West of Illinois (Senator Barack Obama’s state) whereas New Hampshire is just East of New York (the state that Hillary Clinton represents in the U.S. Senate). Thus, geography, name recognition and familiarity have also contributed greatly to Obama’s win five days ago in Iowa and Clinton’s win tonight in New Hampshire. There is simple political logic here and not a whole lot of shocking surprise.

Right now – with 91% of the Democratic vote tallied – Hillary Clinton has 102,486 votes (39%) to 95,263 votes (36%) for Barack Obama. It may take a day or two to determine how many Independents voted in the Republican Party and mostly voted for John McCain (who won the New Hampshire Primary in 1980 – defeating Governor George W. Bush at that time).

However, tonight’s results – Hillary Clinton and John McCain winning – are connected precisely to two special celestial signatures I discussed earlier in my original article (written and posted on Dec. 24, 2007). Here is what I said:

“So here is the big question at the moment: Of all the candidates whose natal Sun-Moon Phase relationship is very similar to the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn Phase relationship later in 2008 and in the few years just beyond?”

The answer that I gave was John McCain for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. You can review that whole section in the main feature above.

If John McCain runs against either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, then we will still have the same battle on Election Day – and that battle is between Saturn in Virgo EXACTLY OPPOSITE Uranus in Pisces, the first of five polarities of these major planets over the next few years. And notice what I wrote five days ago when the Iowa Caucus results came in:

“With Uranus opposing Saturn exactly occurring on the day of the election (November 4), the most revolutionary or Uranian candidate is likely to upset the old, traditional approaches to power and authority (Saturn themes).”

And if John McCain defeats the other Republicans in the next few months, then he will be the candidate connected to Saturn (traditional, conservative, older – he will be 72 years old at the election) and either Obama or Clinton (minority, female, younger and more liberal, and therefore radical in nature) will be the candidate connected to Uranus.

Also – do not underestimate the potential of John McCain to win this election. Ultimately, the presidential election will come down to who wins the following states: New Mexico, Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, and Missouri. And Missouri could be the big deal this time around. More so than any state in this group, it swings back and forth, from Republican to Democrat, and it is always a supreme battleground in every election.

Not only does John McCain have a birthchart well-suited to victory this year, but if national and world events turn extremely scary in the months ahead, then wisdom, knowledge and experience (Saturn) might still triumph over change, the future, and going with a radical choice (Uranus). [Note: National polls before Election Day could show that change and the Democrat are heavily favored, but presidential elections are won via electoral votes and that’s what will still give the Republican in the fall a fighting chance – especially if that candidate focuses a lot of attention on the voters of the five states mentioned above.]

The next stops on the presidential primary campaign are Michigan (January 15), South Carolina for the Republicans and Nevada (January 19), South Carolina for the Democrats (January 26), and Florida (January 29) – with around 20 primaries and caucuses happening on Super Tuesday (February 5). Get ready for plenty of political fireworks (and increasing dirty tricks or questionable advertising).

© 2007-2008 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[For more about Mark Lerner, please see the left-side column of our website.]

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