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News > Top Stories Archives  > Barry Bonds and the Quest for 756

Barry Bonds and the Quest for 756

Barry Bonds and the Quest for 756 | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: August 1 - 6, 2007:
This is NOT just a sports article. Please read it.
Barry Bonds Breaks the All-Time Home Run Record at 8:51PM PDT on Tuesday night Aug. 7, 2007 -- see P.P.S. at the end of the article.

America’s national pastime – baseball – is once again under assault by the supposed purists of our era. As San Francisco superstar Barry Bonds is poised to tie and pass Hank Aaron’s Major League home run record (755*), the sports media are analyzing this situation from every conceivable angle, 24/7. And rightly so – in our non-stop, information-saturated first decade of the 21st century. *Barry Bonds tied the home run record approximately 7:29PM PDT on Saturday Aug. 4, 2007 in San Diego.

Note: Four charts are presented at the end of this feature: Babe Ruth; Willie Mays; Hank Aaron: Barry Bonds. Only the birth time of Babe Ruth is possibly suspect; the other times are apparently accurate, with the greatest accuracy for Barry Bonds. Also – I share some personal baseball and unusual stories in this feature; thus, everything is not just on Bonds and this home run record.

Instead of welcoming the breaking of what is considered the most hallowed record in all of sports, the armchair pundits are putting Bonds under the microscope of alleged steroid use and for his supposed lying about that use to a grand jury several years ago. If he “cheated” in this manner, would his breaking the home run record really count? Is Barry Bonds a fraud as a top-flight baseball player? What are our collective beliefs, at this time in history, concerning the behavior of our heroic athletes?

There is no denying that steroid use in baseball – as in many other sports – happened and may have occurred quite frequently, affecting dozens, if not hundreds, of ballplayers. Nevertheless, most of this steroid use occurred long before Major League baseball and the Major League Baseball Players’ Union addressed the widespread problem and put in a series of fairly strong rules in 2005.

Big-time players like Jose Canseco (who exposed much of the steroid shenanigans as the author of Juiced), Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, and Curt Shilling spoke before a Congressional hearing on the steroid question. It resulted in all kinds of extreme ramifications – with McGwire, Sosa and Palmeiro now extremely questionable when it comes to whether they will be able to enter the Baseball Hall of Fame. And Canseco is reportedly coming out with a new book – possibly “naming names” – and rumor has it that Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees (probably bound to hit 800+ home runs by the time he retires) may be singled out in some infamous fashion.

Why this Article?

I am the co-author and co-creator – along with Laura Phillips – of Baseball Tarot. [See left-side column on the main webpage to order a book-deck set. This deck is quite beautiful, inspiring and remarkable. Almost everyone who ever uses it, comes away with great results.] She and I came up with the idea one day at the metaphysical bookstore Laura was working at in Eugene – back in 1989. It took many years to come up with the right plan and then several more years to actually pull off the entire project – published by Workman Publishing in March 1999.

I had been fascinated by the tarot just before I began my astrological studies in New York City in 1972. Over the years, I worked with many different Tarot decks and even created quite a stir with one, particular deck (the Aquarian Tarot, designed by David Palladini) when I visited the Findhorn Community in Northern Scotland in 1976. I became a member of Findhorn and lived there for approximately three years. If you are familiar with Angel Cards – one of the top-selling metaphysical products of all-time in America (the original ones, not the decks or cards by Doreen Virtue) – then it is only fair you know the truth about how those cards came into existence.

One of the eventual co-creators of Angel Cards -- Joy Drake – was a friend of mine and lived at Findhorn. We became quite close and she heard about my doing tarot readings with my deck. She wanted a reading, and I did one for her at the old hotel that was the main educational center at Findhorn. This happened in early 1977. She was so thrilled by the reading that she asked me to buy her a deck of Aquarian Tarot cards when I made my next visit to NYC. I did so in March 1977 and brought back this tarot deck to her at Findhorn. She and her partner – Kathy Tyler – wound up creating Angel Cards as well as something called the Transformation Game -- which originally was an interactive, dynamic and inspiring experiential program at the community. Thus, in a small and yet significant manner, my bringing a deck of tarot cards to Findhorn led to the widespread insights that millions of people have had meditating on the significance of Angel Cards.

My own explorations with the tarot allowed me to come full circle in my life in creating a beautiful 78-card deck surrounding the theme of baseball. As a child growing up in the 1950s in Forest Hills, New York (where the U.S. Open Tennis Championships used to be held for decades), I was able to watch the Yankees, Dodgers and Giants on television. My Dad had always been a fervent Yankees fan since he and my grandparents had a grocery store in Manhattan back in the 1930s. This was the time of The Great Depression, but also the era of baseball greats Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe DiMaggio. My Dad told me countless stories of “the good old days” in baseball. Mickey Mantle (#7) was my supreme hero and I was consumed with knowing his statistics, day after day, during the baseball season.

[Note:His wearing of #7 on his uniform had a synchronistic influence on my eventual development as a metaphysician – since 7 is the mystical number by a long shot. Ironically, when he first came up, the Yankees made him wear the number 6 – because they saw him as the natural extension of legendary greats Ruth (3), Gehrig (4) and DiMaggio (5). However, Mickey hated this reasoning and the pressure it put on him. Therefore, after the Yankees sent him down, back to the Minor Leagues for more work on his batting in 1951, when he came back up to the Yankees he requested and received #7 – and eventually made that number a retired jersey that can never be worn by any future Yankee. Also – Ruth became number 3 and Gehrig number 4 not because they wanted to have those numbers on their backs, but only because Ruth was up third in the line-up while Gehrig was up fourth.]

As a matter of fact, my love of mathematics and numbers – so crucial in the work of astrology – comes completely from baseball and being a fanatic about knowing the statistics for all the New York Yankees. In addition to being a fervent baseball card collector, and flipper of baseball cards with my friends, I had several books that I would read over and over again on statistics of ballplayers – including all the greats like Christy Mathewson, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Rogers Hornsby, Willie Mays, Duke Snider, Hank Aaron, and so on.

When I went to our primary school library (I didn’t like school very much because I always wanted to play stickball, touch football, basketball and other sports outside), I would take off the shelves the same book over and over again. It was a biography of Babe Ruth. I don’t remember the author, but it had pictures and the key events and stories of his life.

In summer camp – I might have been 9 years old – I was playing second base in a softball game, and it was the weekend when our parents visited to see us compete in various athletics. The opposing team had gotten the first two runners on base. So, there was one kid on first and another kid on second. The batter lined a drive straight to me as I moved to my right and caught the ball exactly on second base. The batter was out because I caught his line drive. The runner on second had left the base and was running to third. He was automatically out because I had caught the ball on second base. The boy on first didn’t realize what was happening, so kept running toward me. I saw my Dad jumping up frantically in the stands shouting “Tag him! Tag him!” which I did as he ran into me and was called out by the umpire. I knew this was pretty amazing, but my Dad kept shouting now “An Unassisted Triple Play.” One of the greatest rarities in the game had just occurred and I was on center stage completing three outs on one play.

So, the why of this article? Baseball has been in my blood since I was a child. Now the issue is what is changing the actual chemical content within the blood streams of many of our heroic baseball figures of the modern age.

The Guys from Dallas at Yankee Stadium: October 10, 1964

Before proceeding to the meat and potatoes of this feature, I want to share one more great and rather amazing event that happened to me. No one in my family had ever gone to a World Series game. I don’t know why my Dad never got tickets, but – for whatever reason – we never went to a World Series. Plus – they were always on television anyway.

On Saturday morning – October 10, 1964 – I woke up on a beautiful fall day and started heading for our local park to play stickball with my friends. A prompting or inner voice told me to go to Yankee Stadium. To do so – by myself, at age 14 – was not acceptable to my parents. It would take two subway trains to get there (in the Bronx) and two subway trains to get home. I only had a little over $1.00 in my pocket. The tokens would cost around 50 cents and that would only leave me with some spare change left.

WHY was I going to Yankee Stadium? I did not have a ticket, so could not go inside and watch the game. The whole thing seemed pretty pointless. But I suddenly had this flash: I wonder what it is like just to stand outside of Yankee Stadium as all the fans are excitedly about to witness a World Series game. That itself would be a powerful experience.

So, I went – knowing my Mom, in particular, would have never let me go if I had asked permission.

When I arrived, the excitement was – as I expected – palpable and astonishing. Plus – the day was crisp, clear and bright. There were still a lot of people milling around the little booths and turnstiles where you would show your tickets.

Well, I soaked in this great and wonderful atmosphere, and was just about to go back into the subway station, when three tall guys with big hats and cowboy-style boots approached me. “Boy, do you have a ticket for the game?...”

Can you believe this? I think I just nodded in the negative and said a polite “No…”

The leader of this group, who had asked me the initial question, then said “Would you like to go as our fourth guy hasn’t shown up and the game is about to start?...”

Darting through my mind was the fear of what my Mom would think, but to parallel the later, immortal words of the ingenious Doc Brown in the movie Back to the Future, I figured what the hell…and went into Yankee Stadium with these three guys.

The seats were incredible – right behind home plate and in the mezzanine section. The game was low scoring and tied 1-1 going into the bottom of the ninth. Curt Simmons (left-handed pitcher for the Cardinals) had been facing right-handed ace Jim Bouton (future author of the famous Ball Four) for the Yankees. There were 67,101 in attendance as this was the old Yankee Stadium – not the newer one that holds thousands less. The Cardinals changed pitchers – bringing in knuckle-balling specialist Barney Schultz.

Mickey Mantle – my hero – was going to be the first hitter up in the bottom of the ninth. The crowd had just sat down again after many had gone to the restrooms and service stands for food – thinking the probability of extra innings for this game.

But this was not in Mantle’s mind. Years later I learned that while Schultz was throwing his warm-up pitches on the mound, Mantle had told Bill “Moose” Skowron – the on-deck hitter – that “I am going to hit the first pitch he throws for a home run…”

Mantle strode to home plate having either absolute confidence and/or a premonition of exactly what he was going to do on the first pitch. Schultz threw his fluttering knuckle-ball pitch right over the plate and Mantle hit a drive into the upper deck in right field that gives me chills every time I remember the experience. The crack of the bat and the lofting arc of the ball are indelibly etched into my memory cells. The sound of 67,000+ people all rising to their feet, cheering and screaming, plus the silence that had just happened prior to the pitch being thrown was beyond belief. [By the way, the Sun and Moon were almost perfectly aligned when Mantle hit that home run – Libra to Sagittarius in a 60-degree, flowing alignment – while the Moon was in mid-Sagittarius, the key sign of athletic prowess.]

Here I was – at a World Series game that I should not be at – watching my hero hit the game-winning home run in the bottom of the ninth inning. Around a quarter of century later, while coming home in Eugene from printing our astrology magazine Welcome to Planet Earth, I turned on the radio about 2:15AM on a whim. Larry King was interviewing Mickey Mantle. I was just catching the end of the interview and Larry King said: “Mick, in your great career of hitting over 500 home runs, is there one that stands out above the others?” You guessed it – he said to Larry King that it was the home run I saw on October 10, 1964.

The three guys from Dallas offered me a ticket to go to Sunday’s game and Monday’s game. All I needed to do was return to the same place, at the same time, etc. Well, my parents nixed that idea very quickly when I got home. My Mom was excited that I was at a World Series game, but was horrified by my actions, and she and my grandmother (the two, chief fear-mongers in my family) laid down the law that there was no way I would be going back to see the next two games.

Meanwhile, when I walked in the door of our house, my Dad greeted me with “You are NOT going to believe what happened in the Yankee game today!” He thought I had been at the park about 10 minutes away playing stickball with my friends. When I told him what I had done and what had happened, his jaw dropped and he sat looking at me in astonishment.

[Important: The next day – with me not in attendance at Yankee Stadium – the Yankees were up 3 – 0 against the Cardinals, and still basking in the glory of the previous day’s heroics by Mantle. The Yanks seemed to be clearly on their way to another World Series triumph. However, in the top of the sixth inning, the Cardinals loaded the bases against left-handed pitcher Al Downing of the Yankees. Ken Boyer – the Cardinals’ excellent third baseman – came up and hit a Grand Slam home run to lead St. Louis past New York 4 -3, eventually leading to the Yankees not only losing that World Series, but plummeting to last place in the American League two years later in 1966. Thus, Mickey Mantle’s home run – on October 10, 1964 – was the final act of a 40+ year cycle of Yankee greatness. And – crucial note here – the Grand Slam homer given up by Al Downing to Ken Boyer was the worst home run he ever gave up – and that includes Downing giving up home run number 715 to Hank Aaron in 1974 (allowing Aaron to break the Babe’s home run record) when Al Downing was now on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Strangely, Downing wore number 24 as a Yankee pitcher (the same number worn by Barry Bonds as a Pittsburgh Pirate) and when Downing went to the Dodgers, he wore number 44 – the same number of Hank Aaron. Oddly, Hank Aaron hit 44 home runs 4 times in a season.]

I wanted to “get this out” because it reveals how much baseball can influence the lives of tens of millions of Americans. Of course, all sports can have this effect on boys and girls in every nation of the world. To this day, I very much enjoy watching baseball games and was fortunate to be at At&T Park (the beautiful stadium of the San Francisco Giants) on June 24 to watch the Yankees play the Giants. The Giants won handily – with Barry Bonds reaching first base on a single, stealing second, and igniting a rally. So much for his legs not being good anymore.

Every time Barry went to the plate, everyone in the stadium stood up – waiting to see if he would hit a home run, strike out or give the crowd some other kind of thrill. While a large percentage of folks in the stands were Barry lovers, some fairly outspoken visitors were decidedly Barry haters. However, it felt really good to be back at a Major League baseball stadium again. I have been to perhaps 4 Giants games since their new stadium opened on April 11, 2000.

What’s “Natural” and “Cheating” and What Isn’t…

My attitude toward this entire chapter of baseball and sports history is very different from a large group of the sports writers and media. While there is definite proof that steroids, amphetamines (now considered a worse problem than steroids), and other “banned substances” were being used by many baseball players, the new, official rules only went into effect in 2005.

The Commissioner of Baseball – Bud Selig – and the owners of the teams did not get on top of this problem until recently. In addition, our culture – for many decades now – has been super-saturated with unnatural or artificial chemicals, and a ridiculous number of pharmaceutical drugs that are “hooking” tens of millions of people into weird and often non-productive lifestyles and behavior patterns.

Is it totally wrong for athletes to want to “get an edge” over their competitors or to take some kind of substances that will enhance their performances? We have witnessed athletes from the former Soviet Union, Romania, East Germany and other nations from behind the Iron Curtain “bulk up” and appear “strange-looking” at the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics. Then – most likely as a response from Western nations – athletes in America and Europe began a similar process. All this has led up to the drug, steroid and amphetamine problems of the last 10 – 20 years. The Tour de France bicycling event is now a total joke – with so many cyclists failing drug tests or admitting drug use from the past. In basketball, football, track and field, and other sports, we are witnessing an avalanche of drug-taking.

I happened to find a November 18, 2002 posting on the web concerning medical/health records released to the public concerning the types of “medicines” taken by President John F. Kennedy who suffered from Addison’s Disease – an adrenal insufficiency that leads to many other physical problems. Now, it was well known that JFK had a very challenging childhood health-wise – almost dying at a young age. But just as the press – at that time – did not disclose the true nature of his deeper health disorders, the media now is more than happy to uncover all kinds of secrets pertaining to the heroes and heroines of our era.

It turns out that Dr. Jeffrey Kelmar, in this interview conducted by PBS-TV, said that the facts indicate JFK was on 10 – 12 medications/drugs per day – including antispasmodics, muscle relaxants, Phenobarbital, Codeine, Demerol, Methadone, Librium, Nembutal (for sleep), Meprobomate, oral Cortisone and injected Cortisone. Also – at least six times a day, he was injected in his back with Novocaine and Procaine – since he had a history of severe back pain stemming from his heroism in saving sailors in the PT-109 sea disaster during WWII.

My political hero growing up was JFK. He and his brother Robert Kennedy saved America from WWIII and a possible nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union during the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 – an event over 13 days that occurred with some of the strangest astrological and zodiacal alignments ever (including stations or stopping points by Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus). Dr. Kelmar suggested during the interview that JFK might have been more alert and able to function better due to his taking all these drugs so he could cope with terrible pain and all the extreme stresses going into being president of the United States – particularly during the rise of our television and media-drenched society of the 1960s.

While it should be considered “unnatural” for JFK to have taken all these drugs while president, what about the current president having admitted to a long history of alcohol abuse and who never resolved this addiction, but has tried to coax us into believing that he suddenly found Jesus Christ and that was the end of his “alcohol addiction”? However, almost all physicians believe that if you are an “alcoholic,” then you have a disease that must be controlled and monitored (by you and perhaps a physician) for the rest of your life. How does a president go about making “clear” and “sensible” decisions in the Oval Office when that person is an alcoholic and yet denies that he has a “medical problem”? Might that lead to mischievous behavior patterns where the individual acts in strange, irrational and obstinate ways that could undermine the safety and security of the nation, and also put thousands of our soldiers in harm’s way? In other words, perhaps our heroes, heroines and leaders should either be forced into admitting all their flaws, weaknesses, addictions and medical problems AND/OR be required to take the necessary drugs, additives, stimulants, unnatural products, herbs, special foods and pharmaceutical drugs in order to perform at a higher level of awareness and focus.

”Whoever is without sin, cast the first stone…”

Approximately 2000 years ago, Jesus taught his disciples and the people of ancient Israel that “whoever is without sin, cast the first stone.” When he made that remark – relative to the lifestyle of Mary Magdalene – the people, who were all prepared to stone Mary, stopped in their tracks and heeded the wisdom of this extraordinary teacher.

I think now of the thousands of baseball fans – around the nation – who hate Barry Bonds and feel that he has arrived at this home run record by cheating. However, as they watch their baseball games at home or at bars or at casinos or at the stadiums across America, how many of these fans are hooked on drugs and behavior patterns that would make Jesus cringe if he could see how far our nation has become drugged?

”Hot Dogs, Ice Cream and Beer, Oh My!”

When I went to the Giants game in SF in June, my daughters bought me a hot dog with mustard and sauerkraut. It was actually a Polish sausage and quite a meal. However, what artificial ingredients have gone into the making of that hot dog? What antibiotics and other unnatural chemicals went into the feed for the cow, pig or chicken (or combination) making up that meal? How many zillions of hot dogs, ice cream sundaes, and beers are sold at all the baseball stadiums across America in a six-month season? How many more are sold in football, soccer, basketball and hockey facilities? What about all the grocery stores and markets gracing our landscape? And now multiply that number by the millions sold in Europe and now throughout the world – considering the profusion of McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King outlets globally?

And think about how all those beers are artificially and unnaturally “spiking” the blood levels in millions of fans.

Many people are also down on Barry Bonds for his alleged infidelity. If fidelity to one’s spouse is a criterion for Baseball Hall of Fame status, then I guess we will have to remove Babe Ruth. Infidelity also seems to be somewhat of a badge of honor to millions of men in France and other nations.

Speaking of the great Babe Ruth – who I admired greatly as a child – he was a well-known philanderer and an extreme over-eater who had a penchant for very rich foods and lots of alcohol. Who knows how this affected his mental attitude and ability to hit a baseball? [Note: Babe Ruth – traded to the Yankees from the Red Sox on January 5, 1920 – also started hitting enormous numbers of home runs that year – amazingly, the same year that the “dead ball” in Major League baseball was changed into the “live ball.” Does that mean that Ruth was hitting with a ”juiced” ball, so-to-speak? Maybe his totals should be reviewed – now in retrospect. Also – when the Yankees opened their new ballpark in April 1923, the right-field foul line was a mere 296 feet. Thus, whether or not done intentionally (probably was), this would give Ruth an enormous “home run performance edge” over other hitters since he would play half of his yearly games at Yankee Stadium (eventually nicknamed “The House That Ruth Built.”] One of the reasons that Babe Ruth was never allowed to manage the Yankees – even though it was his greatest dream – was that the NY Yankees owner, Jake Ruppert, didn’t feel Ruth could control his own appetites and set the best example for his fellow players. While Lou Gehrig was the epitome of what it was like to be a great and loyal teammate on the Yankees of that time-period, Babe Ruth was much more of a showman and law-unto-himself – not too different than Barry Bonds appears to be in our era. In another ironic twist, Babe Ruth’s last full year of baseball was 1934 – the same year that Hank Aaron was born. [More on Aaron and Ruth later in our story.]

Wade Boggs, the “Chicken Man”

It bothers me that one of the greatest players of the last 20+ years – Wade Boggs – had one superstition (of dozens he had) that makes him suspect as a ballplayer – just as Bonds is considered to have cheated with different kinds of steroids. Wade Boggs ate a meal of chicken early in his career as a ballplayer and then had an amazing number of hits that day. He decided he would eat chicken before every game for the rest of his playing career.

Well, in the 1980s, that just seemed a real strange oddity and nothing more. However, we now know that most of the chicken that is bought and cooked in this country is laced with antibiotics – among other unnatural chemicals – due to what goes into their feed. I read a very scary article on this subject and it is one of the great scandals of our time regarding what is fed to the animals that we eat on a regular basis.

Boggs – who holds the record in the last 100 years for the most seasons in a row (7) with 200 hits or more – felt that the “chicken-eating superstition,” as well as many others, helped him perform at a much higher level.

This brings up the whole issue of natural athletic ability, intent (mental attitude), and – again – how should our modern heroes and heroines behave. Must they always be squeaky clean (a la Hank Aaron, who was a remarkable, all-around baseball player and one of the nicest, too), and never indulge in anything artificial? And – anyway – who determines what is okay and what is not okay, what is natural and what is unnatural?

I have a phenomenal book entitled Plants of the Gods. It reveals the hundreds -- no exaggeration – of naturally growing plants around the globe that are used for sacred, healing and hallucinogenic purposes. Now we know that Major League Baseball will currently not allow players to indulge in cocaine, marijuana, crack and drugs like that, of course. Nevertheless, you don’t see alcohol and cigarettes (which have numerous chemicals that are addictive and bizarre in their effects on the human brain and blood stream!) on their banned list.

Therefore, are we really saying that our sports figures have to toe the line and refrain from taking dozens of steroids, amphetamines, and other “bad” and unnatural, artificial substances, but it’s fine if they drink a lot of alcohol and smoke cigarettes? It seems to me that our entire food and beverage industry is at fault here, and contributing to a vast amount of athletic abuse and enhancement.

Perhaps a Commissioner of Baseball should have disqualified Boggs from the Hall of Fame or stepped in and said “You are eating far too much chicken compared to what all the other ballplayers are eating on a daily level…” After all, no one in the 1980s and early 1990s was hitting for as high an average as Wade Boggs – at least in the American League.

In the National League, Tony Gwynn of the San Diego Padres – who was just elected to the Hall of Fame – was playing on a similar level to Wade Boggs. However, Gwynn was not eating chicken every day. He had a different manner of “getting high.” As he said in his Cooperstown speech this past Sunday – upon his induction into the Hall of Fame – he did not have the natural talent of, say, a Willie Mays or Hank Aaron. So, what did he do? He formed what can only be considered an “addiction” to watching himself, via videos, over and over and over again. He did this to perfect his swing and eliminate mistakes. It sounds okay and all right at first glance. Right? But he did this for two decades and, not only during the season, but in the off season. He was clearly fanatical on that level in order to enhance his performance and he was clearly one of the greatest baseball players ever.

What our society seems to be saying is that it is totally wrong to imbibe or take into your body certain substances which “society” says gives you an “unfair advantage” over others. However, using the modern device of video recording tools is okay and eating chicken, laced with antibiotics and god knows what else, is okay, and drinking beers and smoking cigarettes until the cows come home are also okay.

Barry Bonds as the Flawed Baseball Hero of our Times

Instead of condemning Barry Bonds, we should all be glad he is who he is. Alleged steroid use. Alleged lying to a Grand Jury. Alleged extra-martial affair(s). Remember what Jesus said: Whoever is without sin, cast the first stone.

By this rule from Jesus, who among us has not taken an artificial substance/drug (knowingly or unknowingly), lied or “lusted in their heart” for someone other than a main significant other? Even if you are a teetotaler and fortunately don’t have to be on a prescription medicine, did you never take one baby aspirin or something like an aspirin in your life? And even if you are a vegetarian now, did you ever eat chicken salad (with all those antibiotics in there)? And what about the cows (offering us milk, ice cream and beef) from the 1950s, eating the grass, which had absorbed the Strontium-90 (radioactive elements), from the rains that had been impregnated with atomic-bomb particles, from all the nuclear testing by the supposed “Superpower” nations like the USA, USSR, UK, France and China?

We are all guilty Barry Bonds-like figures. So, if we hate him, we are only projecting our self-hatred onto him. And he becomes a perfect athletic mirror of our own dichotomy and schizoid-style lives in the 21st century.

Think of what our multi-million dollar heroes and heroines have to do as far as travel is concerned. Did Babe Ruth have to contend with flying from coast to coast, and dealing with jet lag for half of every year? Of course not. What about the insane pressure on these ballplayers coming from endless scrutiny by the media on TV, Radio, and the Internet? After all, the more money you are making, the more pressure to perform – at the highest levels possible.

Also – during the 1990s, when the steroid use began to get out of hand, it wasn’t only hitters that were “juicing.” Some pitchers were also taking substances and chemicals that they knew were inappropriate. These pitchers were seeking an “edge” to win games, and thereby enhance their potential for higher salaries. And if the hitters knew that some pitchers were juicing, then can we blame them for trying to respond in kind – particularly when the Commissioner’s office was turning a blind eye to all these proceedings that were happening probably on every team in the Major Leagues.

By the Numbers…

Most people who are fairly moderate baseball fans will think that Barry Bonds is really only after this one big record. That’s not really the goal and purpose here. He knows he will break the record, but believes Alex Rodriguez will probably break his home run record several years from now.

So then what is Barry Bonds after? Look at his current HIT and RUN totals. Going into tonight’s game against the Washington Nationals (August 6), he has 2912 hits and has scored 2209 runs. By next year – assuming he re-signs with the Giants or agrees to a trade to become a designated hitter in the American League (think Yankees most likely) – he would have 3000 hits (an important milestone for a player of his stature and age) and pass Ty Cobb (2245 runs) and Rickey Henderson (2295 runs) for the all-time lead in the RUN category of Major League Baseball. His On Base Percentage (which includes walks) is third all-time (just below the amazing Ted Williams and Babe Ruth) while his Slugging Average (Total Number of Bases divided by official times at bat) brings him to fifth all-time – just below Ruth, Williams, Gehrig and Jimmy Foxx. On Base Percentage and Slugging Average are much better indicators of a baseball player’s abilities than the regular batting average.

Barry Bonds was already a feared hitter when he played with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the second half of the 1980s and the early 1990s. By the time he became a San Francisco Giant, pitchers were walking him like crazy – and this is way before he weight-lifted, bulked up. and became the home run hitting phenomenon of the last 6 years or so. He holds the WALKS record by a huge margin right now and this record will probably never be broken. And consider this: He has been walked over 2500 times while Hank Aaron was walked just a little more than one-half that amount (1402 for Hank). Many of these walks for Barry Bonds were intentional (he holds the lifetime record) – so there was no chance to hit a home run during that time at the plate. With all the other, non-intentional walks, he was usually thrown a variety of bad pitches – with the pitchers hoping he would swing at something he really couldn’t hit that well. The timing, patience and focus of Barry Bonds – considering what pitchers have presented to him – are remarkable. In addition, before tonight’s game, Barry Bonds has played in 342 less games than Hank Aaron – and, regarding the Aaron versus Ruth home run comparison, Ruth played in – are you ready for this statistic? -- 795 games less than Hank Aaron!

The Focus has always been on Babe Ruth – not Hank Aaron

The greatest player of all-time is Babe Ruth – hands down. Even though Willie Mays was extraordinary and perhaps all-around even better than Babe Ruth, think about the following: Babe Ruth pitched for the Boston Red Sox from 1914 – 1919. In 1915, he was 18 and 8; in 1916, 23 and 12; in 1917, 24 and 13; in 1918, 13 and 7; in 1919, 9 and 5. Along with a 2 and 1 record in 1914, and winning 5 and losing none from 1920 to 1933 with the Yankees, his lifetime pitching totals are 94 wins and 46 losses or a .671 winning percentage. Only six pitchers in baseball history have higher winning percentages than the legendary Sultan of Swat. And the pitchers below him are superlative guys like Sandy Koufax, Christy Mathewson, Lefty Gomez, Cy Young, Dizzy Dean, Bob Feller and every other pitcher who ever went to the mound.

Thus, when Babe Ruth was completely in his prime (from age 19 to 24), he was a pitcher and, therefore, only part-time hitter. It was only when he was traded to the Yankees in 1920 that his full hitting capacities unfolded to the thunder-struck eyes of a nation in the midst of the Roaring Twenties.

The modern baseball fan may forget that it was Willie Mays who seemed to be a cinch to break the Babe’s home run record of 714. But during the last 7 years of his career, Willie only hit 118 home runs whereas Hammerin’ Hank hit 201 home runs. Willie (born in 1931) came up a couple of years before Hank (born in 1934), but Willie didn’t finish up his career with as much stamina as Hank Aaron.

When Barry Bonds was interviewed a couple of years ago – many home runs shy of Ruth’s total and Aaron’s total – it was Ruth’s 714 that was in his mind. After all, both Ruth and Bonds are left-handed hitters. In addition, I don’t think Barry Bonds imagined he would actually keep on going way past the Babe’s total and focus on breaking Aaron’s record. This is important because, in his heart of hearts, I don’t believe that Barry Bonds is really focused on this particular record. His main goals were or are to win a World Series (that eluded him and the Giants in 2002 when playing the Angels), pass Babe Ruth for most homers by a left-handed batter, get 3000 hits, and top the run list.

With these achievements – and 7 MVP awards (far more than anyone else in baseball history) – how will the Baseball Writers of America bar him from the Hall of Fame? Even with the shadows cast by supposed steroid use, the steroids being discussed were not banned by Major League Baseball while he was playing. And he has never tested positive for steroid use since the new rules went into effect in 2005.

Some Astrological Keynotes Regarding Barry, Willie, Hank and the Babe

The following are really being presented in a random fashion – just a few observations I want to share from checking out their charts over the past couple of weeks and comparing planetary placements.

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, Bonds’ home run – tying Aaron at 755 – happened with transiting Saturn (for the first time in 29+ years) exactly crossing his natal Mercury at 27 degrees of Leo within about one-third of a degree. Since he has only been playing Major League baseball for approximately two decades, this type of conjunction never occurred before during his professional baseball “career” – and careers are always connected to the planet Saturn. Mercury certainly represents the five senses, agility, movement and hand-eye coordination.

It’s also fascinating to see that the transiting Lunar Nodal Axis (representing fate/destiny) is now conjunct his natal Uranus (surprises; shocks; something revolutionary; lightning-like event; breakthroughs) at 9 degrees of Virgo. This orb is about one-quarter of a degree – thus, extremely tight – and will become precise during the next few days (as the Giants begin a 7-day home-stand).

When I started this feature on August 1 and was doing the research for a couple of weeks prior to that, I looked in the ephemeris and figured that he would hit 755 to tie Aaron around within 24 hours of when he just did it – due to the Saturn crossing of his Mercury. Part of the reason was the rarity of such a cycle and the presence of Saturn – so close to his Mercury – makes so much sense relative to a historical (Saturn), numerical statistic (Mercury). In addition, the view that he has achieved this record in a shadowy or sinister fashion (via alleged steroid use) seems particularly suited to a Saturn-Mercury union as Saturn (negatively) can equate with falling from a previous rise to greatness while Mercury (negatively) can coincide with trickery, cheating, and sleight-of-hand.

As books, stories and media coverage have inundated the psychic atmosphere of Major League baseball during the last two years about steroid abuse and Barry Bonds’ alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs, he has experienced a once-in-a-lifetime Progressed Sun conjunction to Natal Pluto (2006) and is about to experience a once in 29.5 years Progressed New Moon (14 degrees of Virgo) at the end of this September. Both Progressed Sun conjunctions to Natal Pluto AND Progressed New Moons united with Pluto are very, very rare.

Pluto is the key planet of mysteries, secrets, the unknown and extremes. It has also been associated – ever since its discovery in February 1930 – with the theme of the underworld -- and this can include the criminal underworld. The recent book Game of Shadows expressed many views that the entire BALCO scandal concerning illegal steroid and chemical substance abuse was deeply connected to criminal elements and figures in our society. Note: Since Barry Bonds has still not reached his Progressed New Moon (occurring during the end of September), he is in – what we call – the “dark Moon cycle” or end phase of the last 29.5 year cycle. This is one of the key reasons why he is under so much pressure to “get this over with” and succeed in breaking the record – because he needs to desperately move forward in his life and he really cannot do so until October 2007 when he will enter the dynamic dispensation of the new, 29.5 year Progressed solar-lunar cycle.

To top it off – regarding the power of Pluto in the life of Barry Bonds – it turns out that the New Moon before his birth was a Partial Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees of Cancer – the exact discovery degree placement of Pluto in the zodiac.

The New Moon before a person’s birth is considered an extraordinary influence on that soul’s life and destiny. A birthchart for that New Moon event – calculated for the place of birth – can tell quite a story about the future opportunities and challenges for the person born within 30 days of that New Moon.

On this score, it is intriguing to note that Barry Bonds was born within two days of a Neptune station (halt or pause in the zodiac) at 15 degrees and 4 minutes of Scorpio. [The fifteenth degrees of the four fixed signs – 15 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius – are called “Gates of the Avatar” by the renowned astrologer Dane Rudhyar. This is because the seed-power of each season is released and dynamically expressed at these middle points in the fixed signs.]

It is rare to be born at a station or stopping of a planet, and Neptune (when negative) rules addictions and drug-use! However, it also rules deceptions, illusions, confusion, chaos and invisibility. It is deeply associated with martyrdom, sacrifice, victimization as well as redemption, prayer, soul-searching, creative imagination, psychic sensitivity, and an uncanny ability to perceive things that most people don’t see. The ability to hit a baseball with a bat is often considered one of the hardest things to do in all of sports. And most people achieve Major League baseball immortality when they play for a very long time and consistently miss a hit and make an out 7 out of 10 times – giving them a lifetime .300 batting average. Furthermore, to hit the ball so strongly as to make 755 or more of these hits go – approximately – 300 to 400+ feet and land beyond the playing field is considered phenomenal. [Note: On August 6, one of Barry’s fellow Major League baseball players commented that many ballplayers have used steroids in the past decade or so, but only Barry has been able to hit 755 home runs. He said that as a compliment.]

Part of the greatness and uniqueness of Hank Aaron undoubtedly comes from the fact that he was born with three stationary celestial bodies (Vesta, Chiron and Jupiter). These celestial bodies all made stations within 48 to 72 hours of his birth. Willie Mays was born within three days of a Saturn station. Babe Ruth is another story entirely, but he was not born with a stationary planet. However, Mickey Mantle – once considered likely to vie with Mays and Aaron to break Ruth’s home run record – was born on October 20, 1931 within three days of a Pluto station. Both Mays and Mantle were born the same year and their baseball achievements happened fairly simultaneously. Although this is not the place to start interpreting how all these stations influenced the players mentioned, the point here is that being born at or close to a planetary station is highly significant because it represents the “soul’s intent” in this lifetime’s incarnation. When a planet has no motion, its powers, archetypes and principles are reinforced and magnified to an enormous degree – for good or ill or both.

By the way, it is rather remarkable that today – Saturday August 4 – both Alex Rodriguez of the N.Y. Yankees (who hit his 500th home run at the earliest age ever) and Barry Bonds have reached historic, statistical milestones in their careers. And guess what? Jupiter – the planet ruling the key sign of sports (Sagittarius) – is virtually motionless while still retrograde and poised to make its direct station on Monday night August 6. And for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter is located in its home sign of Sagittarius. The incredible focus by the media right now on Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and also Tom Glavine (of the N.Y. Mets – who is seeking pitching victory number 300 on Sunday night August 5 – he got it, Sunday night) is definitely connected to the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter – having no motion. Just think this through very logically. Jupiter = BIGNESS (since it is the largest planet). The lifetime home run record in Major League baseball is the number one record in all of sports. And sports are ruled by Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter). It is even possible or likely that Jupiter switching from retrograde to direct during the coming week – and yet barely moving at all – will coincide with Bonds breaking Aaron’s home run record at home in San Francisco.

This week the Giants play the Washington Nationals four games in a row – from Monday to Thursday. Assuming the weather is fine and that Barry plays every day, note that the Moon in Gemini on Tuesday August 7 and Wednesday August 8 will trigger his natal Venus-Mars conjunction in Gemini. This Venus-Mars Gemini union for Barry is (a) an emotional, mental and physically dexterous powerhouse, and (b) it also represents the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dualism of his personality and the division within which the baseball world views his record-breaking performances over recent years. (Gemini is the twins and one of three “double-bodied” zodiacal signs, along with Sagittarius – half-human, half-horse – and Pisces – the entwined fish.)

Furthermore, the transiting Sun in mid-Leo – during all four games between the Giants and Nationals – will exactly OPPOSE Hank Aaron’s natal Sun-Venus union in mid-Aquarius while transiting Mars in early Gemini SQUARES Mars in early Pisces for Hank Aaron. These Sun and Mars movements are very tight. Thus, the cosmos seems to be suggesting that Hank Aaron will experience something antagonistic for a couple of days – plus, it is his half-birthday and that is often a challenging time for anyone during a calendar year.

By the way, Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth are not only both Sun-sign Aquarians, but their birthdays are within 1 day of each other (Feb. 6, 1895 for Ruth and Feb. 5, 1934 for Aaron). The close connections between the celestial bodies for Ruth and Aaron are – without any doubt in my mind – why Aaron (and not Mays) passed Ruth for the all-time home run total back in 1974. Could the fact that Mays was born at a Saturn station – Saturn being the second-largest planet – while Aaron was born at a Jupiter station (Jupiter being the largest planet) – be the astrological difference of why Aaron beat out Mays for the record back in the 1970s when both players completed their careers? Now Barry Bonds is on the verge of baseball immortality and his stationary planet (Neptune) is “far out,” invisible to the naked eye, and much more difficult to define and understand than upbeat Jupiter and dependable Saturn.

If you look closely at Aaron’s birthchart and then examine the chart for Ruth, you will see that they both have the Moon at birth having last united with giant Jupiter. Thus, only hours before their incarnations, the lunar force received a massive dose of optimistic, enthusiastic and larger-than-life Jupiter.

An astounding connection between Willie Mays and Babe Ruth – often ranked #1 (Ruth) and #2 (Mays) as all-around baseball players – is that both had Sun-Mars SQUARE patterns in fixed, power signs, and both had this Sun-Mars association in waning or Last Quarter type formations. Ruth’s was exact while Willie’s was within 2 degrees of orb. However, Mays has the Sun at 15 Taurus – one of those “Gates of the Avatar” as a dynamic portal in the zodiac.

Before Barry Bonds set his sights on the Hank Aaron record, he was much more focused on reaching and surpassing the total of 714 home runs hit by Babe Ruth. After all, both are left-handed while Aaron and Mays were right-handed. Also – Barry wasn’t itching to be compared so closely with Hank Aaron, a fellow black baseball player and someone who is alive now and greatly revered. The astro-connections between the charts of Bonds and Ruth are stunning: Uranus at 20 degrees of Scorpio (Ruth) is exactly conjunct both Juno and Pallas at 20 degrees of Scorpio (Bonds); Ruth’s Venus-Mercury union (4 – 5 degrees of Pisces) is the same placement for Saturn in the chart of Barry Bonds; Jupiter at 27 degrees of Gemini (Ruth) is the same placement as the Mars position for Barry Bonds. To have this many exact astrological ties reveals the fate/destiny principle at work linking these two men through the greatest record in all of sports.

Another uncanny link-up brings Bonds to Ruth on karmic and fateful levels. Their births are 69 years apart (1895 and 1964). The largest asteroid – Ceres (connected to productivity and being prolific) – has a 4.5 year cycle around the Sun, but an even more attuned 23-year cycle of coming back to the same places in the zodiac. Three, 23-year, special Ceres orbital cycles in the zodiac following the birth of Babe Ruth in February 1895 will lead you to the birth of Barry Bonds on July 24, 1964. Therefore, Ruth and Bonds have Ceres in Sagittarius, and just two degrees apart. Meanwhile, this is close to the Rising Sign (window to the world) for Barry Bonds (Sagittarius).

And – in another strange match up – both Hank Aaron and Bud Selig (Commissioner of Major League Baseball) are born in 1934 with the same placement of Juno (24 Sagittarius). Selig – former owner of the Milwaukee Brewers (now run by his daughter) – was born on July 30, 1934 while Hank Aaron was born on February 5, 1934. From Aaron’s birth to Selig’s birth, the asteroid Juno slowed down, made a retrograde station, and – by July 30, 1934 – had returned to its exact placement when Hank Aaron was born. These two men have been very close for a long time and their identical Juno placements help to explain why. [Oddly, America’s Juno in Libra has just returned to its natal placement over this past weekend when Barry Bonds tied Aaron, and Bud Selig – very awkwardly – was at the game as a representative of Major League baseball. Even though Juno is a goddess-type feminine energy, it equates with the principles of fairness, equality, respect, and civility while its shadow side is more akin to rage, anger and jealousy.]

Like Barry Bonds, Commissioner Bud Selig is a Sun-sign Leo and he is clearly having a big problem in coming to grips with Barry's surpassing his friend -- Hank Aaron -- for the all-time home run crown. He looked very ill-at-ease when Bonds tied the home run record last Saturday night in San Diego -- standing up (reluctantly) and keeping his hands in his pockets. Transiting Saturn at 26+ degrees Leo was making the first, precise opposition to his natal Saturn at 26+ degrees of Aquarius in nearly 30 years. And we know Saturn has to do with executive authority and being in charge.

Sadly -- for whatever reason -- he did not show up in San Francisco for the first game of the four-game series between the Giants and the Nationals. Unless he was sick in bed, this was a slap in the face at Barry Bonds, Major League baseball, the San Francisco Giants team, the fans in San Francisco who admire Barry Bonds, as well as the millions of other fans -- nation-wide and world-wide -- who also want to watch and experience this historic baseball experience.

With Saturn opposing his own Saturn (exactly) -- an astrological cycle that can only happen 4 times in a person's life -- Bud Selig has been showing his true colors as a poor sport and highly erratic symbol of Major League baseball leadership.

"Bud -- the last 15 years of Major League baseball history have happened under your watch. It's time to be at every game -- unless you are ill and have a prescription to prove it. You may eventually have the facts to prove Barry Bonds participated in shadowy steroid use in the past, but right now you and not Barry Bonds are the man in the shadows -- who refuses to come out in the public eye in a consistent manner and accept the higher role of Commissioner of Baseball in which the greatest record of the sport is about to be broken."

It is often very illuminating to examine the two lunations (New Moon and Full Moon) before and after a special event in someone’s life. The last Full Moon occurred on Sunday July 29 at 6+ degrees of Leo and Aquarius. Barry Bonds had just turned 43 on July 24 and was therefore in his new, reborn solar-return cycle of the year. He hit home run number 754 in a Friday night game in San Francisco on July 27 in his first time up – ironically when Commissioner Bud Selig was not at the game because he had returned to Cooperstown, New York to attend the Baseball Hall of Fame inductions of Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripkin.

So, as Bonds neared Major League baseball immortality, the Full Moon of that weekend ignited his natal Moon in Aquarius – just one degree away from the Full Moon. Meanwhile, since then, Barry Bonds tied the home run record. Now – with Jupiter not moving at all (Monday August 6 and most of the week ahead) and in the key sign of sports (Sagittarius), along with the red planet Mars entering Gemini (Mars being a key planet for athletes and Gemini is where Mars is located for Barry Bonds) – baseball history is about to change.

By the time we reach next weekend and the New Moon at 4:04PM PDT on Sunday August 12 (19 degrees and 51 minutes of Leo), these three crucial midpoints in Barry Bonds’ birthchart will be almost precisely triggered: Moon/Saturn (19 degrees and 53 minutes of Aquarius-Leo); Jupiter/Neptune (18 degrees and 33 minutes of Leo-Aquarius); Sun/Uranus (20 degrees and 4 minutes of Leo-Aquarius).

Midpoints in a birthchart reveal converging planetary qualities. They are a fantastic key to unlocking profound secrets about a person's physical, emotional and mental states of being -- plus that individual's spiritual path in life. The Moon/Saturn midpoint in someone’s birthchart is a big deal and refers to that person’s unique sense of fate, destiny, and the structure of their psyche. The Jupiter/Neptune midpoint can represent the faith, religious beliefs and spiritual mind-set of a person as well as their concerns about being largely (Jupiter) misunderstood (Neptune) – plus distortions or scandalous allegations about them (Neptune) written in the press or divulged by the media (Jupiter). The Sun/Uranus midpoint can represent illuminating (Sun) breakthroughs in consciousness (Uranus) that offer a person the possibility of rebirth and transfiguration.

There are many more alignments between all these birth charts, but space and time limitations (at the moment) prevent me from delving into all of this to a greater degree.

In Conclusion

While the jury (literally, from the standpoint of the Grand Jury in San Francisco investigating Barry Bonds) is still “out” about what – if anything – alleged steroid use by Barry Bonds will mean once he breaks the all-time home run record, I feel the following statement makes sense (at least to me).

No matter who you are (outside the ranks of modern, Major League baseball players), you need to realize how hard it is to hit this many home runs during approximately 20 years – each year composed of a grueling, 162-game schedule, and lasting for six months in a row. The pressure on players now is far, far greater than it was in Aaron’s day and Ruth’s day. During the Ruth era – for the most part – there were newspapers (as the major media source) and then the radical implementation of radio broadcasts (NBC and CBS began national radio broadcasts in 1926-1927). By Aaron’s era, newspapers were still prominent, but radio was a fixture, and television was coming into its own. However, the Milwaukee Braves’ and Atlanta Braves’ baseball games – his two primary teams (he also played briefly for the Milwaukee Brewers in the American League at the close of his career) – were not being televised nationally. There was only The Game of the Week national broadcast (on a Saturday) – and that could be any game – and, of course, the World Series. And Hank Aaron was only in the national spotlight of the World Series in 1957 and 1958 when they split championships with the Yankees. During the current era, Barry Bonds is being watched by baseball fans, and the national and global media, 24/7 – and via the Internet, satellite feeds around the planet, and now even via cell phones, I-Phones and the like. In addition, Major League Baseball is big in countries like Japan, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Central and South America, and even China now.

Therefore, the entire world baseball community is watching and judging every at-bat, hit, run and homer by Barry Bonds. The scrutiny would drive almost any regular person and also any average baseball player stark-raving mad.

For the most part, Barry Bonds has kept his composure (probably due to his being born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, two fixed signs of the zodiac) and – regardless of your opinions about his personality and behavior toward the media – he has conducted himself with class on the baseball diamond. I believe he has also mellowed out – emotionally – over the last couple of years while watching him break so many records.

You also have to realize what it might do to a player of his capabilities and stature to be walked so often and – when not walked – to be given so few really decent pitches to hit (whether for home runs or just regular hits). When you are pitched to so carefully – for so many years – maybe this has also forced Barry into developing more of an eagle eye, since he has to work much harder than the typical baseball player in order to get his share of hits.

As Ted Williams and Tony Gwynn would know – two masters of the scholarship and analysis behind the science and art of baseball hitting – all the enhancements in the world will not change the fact that you have to stand in the batter’s box and take your cuts – often looking at blazing fastballs, followed by slow curves, change-ups, screwballs, sliders, knucklers, spitballs, and whatever else pitchers can serve up to the beleaguered batters 60 feet and 6 inches away.

And for sports commentators to keep denigrating Barry Bonds is horrible – in my humble opinion. I remember the great comedian, actor and director Jerry Lewis once speaking out vehemently against film critics (particularly the ones panning his movies). He saw them as worse than cowards since they were never “in the ring” and could not experience the intensity and pressures of what it was like to be on center stage and having to perform before the public.

We are living in an age of pharmaceuticals, addictions, and hooked behavior patterns – from the taking of a single aspirin a day to help ward off back pain and a headache to the most horrendous criminal actions of meth-lab creators and sellers of hard-core drugs. We are also a society that loves gossip and scandal. As the wise prophet and teacher said two thousand years ago, “whoever is without sin, cast the first stone…”

P.S. Alex Rodriguez – touted by many to eventually pass Bonds and Aaron for most home runs – just hit home run number 500. He is born on July 27, 1975 (a Sun-sign Leo like Barry Bonds) in New York City (time unknown). His Mars at 18 Taurus is conjunct Babe Ruth’s Mars within 1 degree. Mars is always a key planet for anyone into sports, exercise, muscle-building, and expressing a strong, personal power-drive. We are about to crown a new home run king (Barry Bonds) and he is a Sun-sign Leo (ancient sign of royalty). Even if A-Rod breaks the record 6 – 7 years from now, it will mean that two Solar Leos are at the top of the list – followed by two Solar Aquarians (the sign opposite and complementary to Leo). Plus – we are about to enter the Aquarian Age – which has Leo as its companion, polarity sign. For alternate views on the subject of Barry Bonds on the issue of steroids and drug use, please see Jon Saraceno’s sports column in the August 6, 2007 issue of USA Today -- entitled “Thanks to Bonds, 755 doesn’t mean what it used to.”

P.P.S. Barry Bonds just broke the all-time record for home runs about 23 minutes ago at 8:51PM PDT on Tuesday night August 7 with 0+ Pisces rising, Venus exactly setting, the Sun (at the all-powerful 15+ degrees of Leo placement) exactly at the Leonine "Gate of the Avatar" (mentioned earlier in this feature and squaring his natal Neptune exactly as well), with Jupiter in Sagittarius (key ruling energy of sports) overhead and close to the Meridian (power line of the chart) -- and all this happening on a Venus-Mars square day while Barry Bonds is born with their union in Gemini. Barry Bonds has just left the game after a double, single and home run, and a wonderful, taped speech by Hank Aaron. Barry's home run came in the 5th inning to give the Giants a 5 - 4 lead over the Nationals. Willie Mays -- Barry's godfather -- was on the field with him during a few minutes of ceremonies and thank yous. I have added the important chart for this home run (#756) -- considering its historical significance. Before his historic home run, several batters -- on both teams -- had launched home runs. Barry's was no cheap shot -- going approximately 435 feet. And now a baseball fan has what could become one of the most valuable baseballs ever. All of this occurred on an evening when the Commissioner remained away from AT&T ballpark -- apparently not sick at all, but preparing to meet with former Senator George Mitchell who is leading an investigation into steroids in Major League baseball.

© 2007 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is the publisher of Earth Aquarius News.]

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