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News > Top Stories Archives  > Big Doings on Large Planets

Big Doings on Large Planets

Big Doings on Large Planets | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: May 21, 2007: Two nights ago, I dreamt – very vividly – of setting up a radio in order to receive signals from the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. I am born with this planet rising in Aquarius and it is the ruling planet of my Sun and Moon sign at birth.

The dream stayed with me during the first few hours upon awakening, so I decided to check out Google for information.

I remembered that Jupiter is an amazing source for radio signals, but had forgotten the details of the discovery and the essence of the story. What I found out is very intriguing and I wanted to pass on the website information to all of you. At the same time, I also decided to refresh my memory about the giant hexagonal cloud formation at the North Pole of Saturn. I had read about this a couple of months ago. Below are the two website addresses for you to read the full features regarding (a) radio “broadcasts” from Jupiter and (b) the astounding symmetrical cloud design at Saturn’s North Pole.

Jupiterian Radio

In the early spring of 1955, two scientists – Bernard Burke and Kenneth Franklin – made an accidental discovery of great astronomical importance. Using an array of 96 sky-observing antennas about 20 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., they realized that radio signals were coming from a particular source in the heavens. By doing some research, they figured out that the radio signals were being received 4 minutes earlier each day. This tipped them off that the radio waves might be coming from a planet that rises 4 minutes earlier with each passing day.

They locked into the source and it was the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter. They reported their findings to a major astronomical group on April 6 of that year and the rest is history.

The website article will give you the “rest of the story” – a rather exciting one, in my opinion.

You will see that the Jupiterian Moon Io is deeply involved in this celestial mystery. Io is the most volcanic body in the solar system and, as it orbits Jupiter, a gigantic electrical current is established.

Jupiter’s magnetic field is enormous and its speed of rotation (a little less than 10 hours) is incredibly fast – compared to the Earth’s rotation of 24 hours. Jupiter is rotating faster than any other planet in our solar system – very odd considering it is the biggest planet.

As the website article states, the connection between Jupiter’s magnetosphere and the volcanic debris thrown off by Io creates an electrical generator and makes Jupiter into almost a stellar “pulsar”. The net result is that Jupiter is sending out conical-shaped radio beacons and earthlings have the capacity to receive the signals and translate them into audible sounds.

A radio image of what Jupiter looks like – on wavelengths considerably below the visible light portion of the light spectrum – is offered near the beginning of this section (see above).

Furthermore, if you type into Google “Radio Signals from Jupiter,” you will come across another website associated with NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory called RADIO JOVE.

There are hundreds of people around the globe who are LISTENING TO JUPITER! And you can buy a radio set-up to make that experience possible.

I listened to some samples and, like the articles indicate, you wind up hearing what sounds like waves striking a beach front or snapping noises that might mimic a woodpecker’s tapping in the forest (depending on whether you are listening to an “L” or “S” type broadcast – explained in the articles).

By the way, the Sun is also “broadcasting radio” to us, but I don’t think anyone has “heard” what the Sun is trying to tell us on those frequencies – yet.

Part of the reason I am bringing up the excitement of Jupiterian Radio transmissions is not that we are going to suddenly hear actual music and lyrics, but that this entire concept reminds us of the ancient Pythagorean belief in the Harmony of the Spheres – the mathematical and musical nature of the planets in the solar system.

Clearly, there are things going on in the solar system FAR BEYOND human comprehension, and this implies a beauty and amazing-ness that none of us can truly comprehend while in physical/dense form.

Saturn’s Giant Hexagon

This brings us to the other blockbuster story on the second largest planet in the solar system – Saturn.

Over 20 years ago, the Voyager space missions observed that Saturn had a strange hexagonal formation over its North Pole. No one – at that time – knew whether this was just a strange, temporary cloud cover.

Only recently, the historic Cassini space mission to Saturn and its many moons has confirmed that the hexagonal design over Saturn’s North Pole is still there. And now the Cassini cameras have been able to observe the entire formation – something that was not possible back a quarter century ago during the Voyager fly-by of Saturn.

The Cassini mission has been extraordinarily successful on so many levels. Note: See my stories on the Cassini Mission in the News and Newsmakers section (“Titan Welcomes Huygens Probe”) and in the Topical Analysis section under Astronomy (two articles – one on the Cassini Mission and the other on “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”).

The JPL/Nasa article from late March 2007 on the giant hexagonal design over Saturn’s North Pole suggests that this formation is no fluke and that it goes down to incredible depths of Saturn’s atmosphere. In other words, this bizarre and almost precise hexagonal pattern appears to be “permanent” and it has a gigantic structure to it. At least 5 Earths can fit into the pattern – length-wise. Who knows how many Earths could fit into its entire structure?

The JPL/Nasa feature also reports that at Saturn’s South Pole, there is a completely different and very odd formation of a hurricane-like force with a “Red Eye” at its center.

While we are not necessarily picking up radio signals from Saturn, its uncanny ability to create astounding symmetrical features (including the beautiful and stunning rings) is pointing us again toward the “higher dimensional” reality and importance of all the planets in the solar system.

Jupiter and Saturn

Another reason for bringing this up is that ancient astrology/astronomy focused an enormous amount of attention on the cosmic dance of these two planets. The Babylonians and Chaldeans of the Middle East spent hundreds of years developing a sophisticated understanding of the 20-year conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. We know that there are larger and larger cycles through which these planets (a) move through the four elements of the zodiacal signs and (b) repeat their patterns approximately every 794 years.

For example, Jupiter and Saturn united in Libra in 1186 A.D., then in Taurus in 1206 A.D., and also in Aquarius in 1226 A.D. Add 794 years to each of these dates and you wind up with 1980, 2000 and 2020. What happened in 1980 and 2000? Jupiter and Saturn united three times in 1979-1980 in Libra (same sign as in 1186) and then the two largest planets also united in Taurus in 2000 (same sign as in 1206). On December 21, 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will converge at 0+ Aquarius just as they had united 794 years earlier in 1226 at 2+ Aquarius.

In other words, we are in the same historical Jupiter-Saturn sky pattern as existed from 1186 – 1226 A.D. And remarkably many of the same type of historical events are happening again – NOW.

Back in the 1186 – 1226 time-cycle, the Holy Roman Emperor (Frederick Barbarossa) took up the cross (1186) and, within three years, the Third Crusade (to attempt to liberate Jerusalem from the Muslims) was underway. The 1180s and 1190s were the time-period of Saladin and Richard the Lion-Hearted. Remember the connections established – by the former Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein – that he was a modern-day Saladin?

We have just experienced a series of presidents (Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II) who have been deeply involved in Middle Eastern affairs – including accords between Israel and Egypt, battles and attacks throughout the “Holy Land,” and warfare on a large-scale level (Jupiter and Saturn as the LARGEST planets). This is the nearly exact parallel between the 1186 conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, and the Jupiter-Saturn triple conjunctions of 1979-1980 in the same sign. Just as the Holy Roman Emperor and Richard the Lion-Hearted, plus a cast of tens of thousands, sought to liberate the Holy Land from the Muslims of that time, our Western leaders have been fighting a similar series of battles 794 years later (one complete Jupiter-Saturn cycle through all four elements).

Oddly enough, the 17-year-old grandson of Frederick Barbarossa became king of what we might consider to be ancient Germany in 1212. This is just 6 years after the Jupiter-Saturn union in Taurus (1206). If the first Frederick Barbarossa corresponds roughly to Bush I, then this second Frederick Barbarossa could represent Bush II – exactly under similar Jupiter-Saturn cycles nearly 800 years apart. This second Frederick (known as Frederick II) goes on crusades in the Holy Land – just like his grandfather did. [There were at least 7 crusades over nearly 140 years – starting in 1095 A.D.]

Ironically, we find that the great and terrifying figure of Genghis Khan begins his march in taking over much of the East and West around 1208 (a conquest of Turkestan). Khan and his famous “Mongol Horde” invade China (1211) and capture the city that eventually becomes Beijing (1214). He goes on to invade the Near East with at least 60,000 troops (1216), conquers Persia (1218), and reaches Russia (1222). He dies at age 65 by 1227, but leaves his kingdoms to be divided by three sons. And in the years afterward, the Khan sons continue their conquests.

The dates in the above paragraph correspond to our time-period between approximately 2002 and 2021 (death of Genghis Khan 794 years earlier). I bring this up because of the renewed strength of China now for all in the world to see. While Genghis Khan was from Mongolia and wound up conquering China, it is still a strong historical marker to see the connections between these two time-cycles – separated by 794 years and one full Jupiter-Saturn cycle through the four elements.

In addition, Bible Code aficionados and people who obsess over Revelation (the last book of the New Testament) keep talking about a vast army from the Far East (Chinese and/or Asian?) that will lay siege to the Holy Land during our epoch – triggering Armageddon. This is also connected to the Nostradamus Quatrains – many of which are often badly translated or “tweaked” because the language of France in the 1500s is so much different than the French language now. Plus – Nostradamus used his own unusual codes, anagrams and letter/number secret combinations.

Speaking of similar time-periods, the signing of the Magna Carta – June 15, 1215 at Runnymede (near London) in England – was an important birthing point for individual liberties in the Western world. While this historical document did not equate with the arrival of democracy in England, it did put the law above the crown and the notion of liberty above the monarchy.

Amazingly, this event will correspond to our time-period of 2009 – coming up shortly. And get this: The main reason for the signing of the Magna Carta was because of King John’s enormous taxes on the English people to support foreign wars – wars that were lost and which led to a revolt by the English nobles and barons.

Does this seem to parallel what is now happening during our time – in which even the Republicans are revolting against their president in The White House due to his expensive and never-ending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the heavy debts in the trillions of dollars that are bankrupting the treasury of the United States? Are we in need of a NEW Magna Carta during the next few years to restore individual liberties – liberties that have been removed or destroyed through the recent installations of the so-called Patriot Act? Jupiter and Saturn will exactly return in 2009-2010 to the same zodiacal places they had 794 years earlier (one complete Jupiter-Saturn cycle through the elements) during the signing of the Magna Carta.

Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction Charts

You will see the last Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart (May 28, 2000) and the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart (December 21, 2020) presented at the close of this feature (below). If you read my article in the Mundane Astrology section (entitled “Great Mutation Charts”), you will be able to absorb more about the importance of the next Jupiter-Saturn meeting – scheduled for the Winter Solstice of 2020.

That next Jupiter-Saturn union may represent a birthing of the Aquarian Age – since it begins a series of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in air signs lasting for approximately 180 years. However, if you read my feature (“The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”) in the Topical Analysis section of our website (under the sub-section Astronomy), you will also understand why the Aquarian Age may take many decades to become a total reality within humanity.

Another reason for studying Jupiter-Saturn cycles is that we are currently in the midst of experiencing five harmonious trine patterns of 120 degrees between these planets. We have already experienced two of these on March 16 and May 6, 2007 in fire signs (Sagittarius and Leo). The next three trines will occur on January 21, September 8 and November 21, 2008 (all accentuating Capricorn and Virgo – earth signs). The next presidential election time-period falls within these up-and-coming Jupiter-Saturn trines in earth signs and our electorate will need to determine if a new wave of executive leadership needs to be installed at The White House and in Washington, D.C.

Notice that in the chart for the Jupiter-Saturn union of May 28, 2000 – representing the large-scale cycle we are currently in – the Jupiter-Saturn union was directly overhead and conjunct the tenth house cusp – a point in Mundane Astrology that EXACTLY coincides with the executive branch of government. Note further that Uranus in Aquarius (planet of shocks, surprises and topsy-turvy conditions) was closely squaring this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that happened during the year that George Bush defeated Al Gore in a very controversial electoral decision.

Starting now (May-June 2007) and then exactly in March 2008, August 2008 and January 2009 (inauguration of a new president), transiting Neptune at 23 Aquarius precisely squares the Jupiter-Saturn union at 23 Taurus from May 28, 2000. The implication? The great and yet highly destabilizing force of Neptunian “universal, collective dissolution” is about to “bring down” the large-scale executive leadership (Jupiter-Saturn together in Taurus from the year 2000 and the rise of Bush II as president) that has been in charge of our country over an 8-year time-period.

It is noteworthy that in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction map for December 21, 2020, the union of these planets is also in the tenth house of executive leadership, but in the air sign of Aquarius instead of the earth sign of Taurus. In addition, the Sun (closely conjunct Mercury) in Capricorn forms a nearly exact, flowing trine of 120 degrees to the Ascendant from the ninth house – a house that is traditionally associated with Supreme Courts and higher justice. This implies the possibility that the USA will be crafting a whole new set of legal documents to deal with some major and highly discordant future events that could unravel the “old laws” of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Note: There is also a nearly precise Mars-Pluto square in this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart for December 21, 2020 and this could signify a series of wars and battles that affect humanity and the Earth for 20 years to follow.

So many people are now wondering what December 21, 2012 might mean because it is the supposed ending date of the Mayan Calendar. The real December 21 to be concerned about is clearly that date in 2020. By the way, just 7 days before – on December 14, 2020 – there will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that also occurs overhead in the executive leadership house for America when utilizing Mundane Astrology interpretation tools.

Where are Jupiter and Saturn in your birthchart? Do you know what houses they are moving through this year for you and your family members? Where will these major planets be transiting for you over the next 13 years – the close of which will see Jupiter and Saturn merge together at the very first degree of Aquarius?

With all the excitement over new planets discovered far away in our solar system (Sedna and Eris) or in other star systems light years away, we don’t want to forget about our own giant planets right here – in our neck of the woods, some 30,000 light years away from the radio-beating heart center of our Milky Way galaxy.

© 2007 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner has been a professional astrologer for 35 years. Please see the left-side column of the website – under Astrological Consultations – to order a reading for yourself, a loved one or friend.]

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