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News > Top Stories Archives  > Bush's "End Game" Nears

Bush's "End Game" Nears

By Mark Lerner

Upfront December 22, 2007: I am leaving my personal political views out of this article and want to share totally based on (a) astrology and (b) logic.

Original Dateline: January 11, 2007 Eugene, Oregon, but reposted now in December 2007 because the Democratically controlled U.S. Congress has just authorized another $70 billion for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars (in the past two days) and we are now much closer to the president's END GAME scenario.

President George W. Bush gave a speech to the American people on January 10, 2007 concerning the war in Iraq and told the nation he is sending an additional 21,000+ troops as a “surge” into Baghdad and the surrounding areas in order to quell violence and bloodshed. This was anticipated and now the country, the media and the Congress are responding.

Charts: Literally dozens of charts could and might be studied regarding this situation. I have included 4 at the end of this feature – Bush’s speech last night; Noon Chart on the day of birth of Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates; Noon Chart on the day of birth of Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Mahdi army in Iraq and a principal, Shiite U.S. adversary; Noon Chart on the day of birth of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

However, for you to more deeply understand where this entire situation is coming from, I recommend your reading the following stories (which also contain important charts). The Future Shock story in our Mundane Astrology section on the website. There you will find the Election 2008 chart and Presidential Inauguration Chart of January 20, 2009 – the latter of which is crucial to this End Game article. The short piece on the United States of America -- also in the Mundane Astrology section on the website – as this story has America’s birthchart which reveals important celestial body placements at our nation’s birth. Go back into our Top Story section to the Fall of the Little King feature I wrote last year and which contains the charts for Vice President Dick Cheney and, most importantly, the chart for what I call Presidential Power. It will also help to find and examine the Karl Rove article in the News and Newsmakers section.

Furthermore, in our News and Newsmakers section there is an article on Terrorism and President George W. Bush. In that article, I give the web address of our old website:
If you go to the old website, you need to scroll down and read Part XVI of my Terrorism series. That article contains 3 charts: the start of the Iraq War (based on Washington, D.C.); the start of the Iraq War (based on Baghdad); Saddam Hussein taking power in Iraq (July 16, 1979).

Of course, if you really want to get into marathon reading of past articles and focus on the president himself, you will also find on the old website my special 5-part series on George W. Bush and America’s Destiny (almost book-length) and all the other articles in the Terrorism series, many of which relate to the current crisis in the Middle East.

Back to End Game

To understand this president and cut through all the verbiage about Iraq and the war, you need to move forward to January 20, 2009 – the END GAME position of President George W. Bush on the Military and International Chessboard as he hands over the reins of government to a new U.S. executive leader.

The president declared at his State of the Union address in January 2002 – 4+ months after the events of September 11, 2001 – that there existed an Axis of Evil in the world that consisted of Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

Therefore, President George W. Bush must be in a position (End Game Placement) to say to the American people and the world – at the close of his presidency – that he was right and that everything he fought for during his two terms in office was to protect us from destruction and harm from this Axis of Evil.

If he can do that and leave office – head held up high and recognized for accomplishing something that so many doubted was true or possible – then he will feel that he did his job correctly and that history will judge him in an honorable manner.

Chart for January 20, 2009

When you examine the Future Shock article and the chart for January 20, 2009, you will notice that Mars (planet of war, the military and bloodshed) is located in the ninth house and exalted at 19 degrees of Capricorn. The ninth house of any chart has a connection with “philosophy of life,” beliefs, morals and the higher mind. This Mars placement makes a flowing link of 120 degrees to the Taurus horizon of this chart. In addition, the Mars position is in a supportive sextile alignment of 60 degrees to a conjunction of Venus and Uranus, close together in Pisces.

Overall, as President George W. Bush leaves office and someone replaces him for a 4-year time-period, warfare (Mars) and the U.S. military forces (Mars) are now exalted (Capricorn) and elevated (ninth house) and are more accepted into the mainstream consciousness of the nation (the trine to the Ascendant of this chart and the sextile to Venus, which rules the chart itself). The fact that the Moon is void and located at the very end of Scorpio could imply that something extremely deadly, poisonous and long-lasting is going to haunt the nation (and the next president) far into the future.

By the way, the 19-degree Capricorn placement of Mars on January 20, 2009 is also significant because (a) Karl Rove – often said to the president’s “brain” – has his natal Venus, Mercury and Ceres close to this placement. Also – Karl Rove was born with Mars at 7 degrees Aquarius and exactly conjunct America’s fate-destiny oriented South Node of the Moon.

It is Karl Rove who has accidentally or deliberately steered the president into a presidency and executive rulership based on TOTAL WAR (Mars domination of the U.S. birthchart coming from Karl Rove’s Mars at 7 Aquarius). This is akin to concepts embedded in George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984 -- in which there is never-ending war among giant nationalities on Earth. The way our War on Terror has been orchestrated and devised is that it has been “pitched” to the American people as something that will go on for decades and decades.

U.S. Progressed Mars Still Stationary

This is a good point in this article to remind you of my several articles over the past few years (and sprinkled around the website) – plus the special reddish-looking box with the picture of Mars still prominent on the website – concerning America’s Progressed Mars stopping and turning retrograde for the first time in the 230-year history of our republic in 2006.

This station of the U.S. Progressed Mars officially happened on July 22, 2006 at 18+ degrees of Libra. However, the way Secondary Progressions really work is that there is a build-up for several years before AND continuing for several years after. This is crystal clear if you actually look at an ephemeris and can see that Mars is virtually motionless for many years in a row -- and not just 1 year and not just in one month.

Thus, the president’s call for 21,000+ new troops to be sent to Iraq and Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates’ statement this morning (January 11, 2007) that he is requesting an increase of 92,000 more troops in general to the Army and Marines over the next 5 years (leading to 202,000 Marines and 540,000 Army troops) is completely synchronistic with the U.S. Progressed Mars still stationary at 18+ degrees of Libra!

Furthermore, think along these very logical lines: THE U.S. PROGRESSED MARS IS NOT MOVING What could that possibly mean? Could it mean that our military and the war effort in Iraq are not changing, not improving, and that there are increasing fears that we will become more enmeshed in that bloody conflict, not be able to pull out, and still have no bonafide, clear exit strategy?

As I shared back in November 2001 -- when I first wrote Red Planet Blues: The Martialization of America -- this first ever station of the U.S. Progressed Mars (which turns the U.S. Progressed Mars retrograde for 79 years!) was, is, and will be affecting our national life and international role enormously.

It is a real shame that Mundane Astrology is not recognized for its accuracy, power and healing capacity by the society as a whole and by governments that can greatly benefit from this science, art and language.

Newly Discovered, Far-Out Planets

This concept of our needing to be prepared for never-ending war -- as mentioned in the paragraph concerning Karl Rove -- is amazingly connected to the discovery of two, very distant planets in the last couple of years: Eris and Sedna. I have a brief story on the naming of Eris on the front of the Earth Aquarius News website.

What’s remarkable about these two planets – Eris has been designated as a “dwarf planet,” along with Pluto and the largest asteroid, Ceres – is that (a) they are both profoundly influencing America’s birthchart from July 4, 1776 and (b) they were discovered within approximately three weeks of each other in October-November 2003.

Sedna – discovered after Eris – had its discovery announced to the world in March of 2004 and became the top astronomical story of that year. It orbits way beyond Pluto, has a total cycle of some 10,500 years around the Sun, is currently fairly near its closest position to the Sun in its orbit (probably why it was discovered in the first place), and is located now at 19+ Taurus.

Eris – originally nicknamed Xena (after the TV Warrior Princess) – was not officially named until September 2006 after a highly controversial meeting of professional astronomers in Prague, Czech Republic last August. Eris is about three times more distant than Pluto, takes approximately 560 years to orbit the Sun (Pluto takes 248 years), and is currently the most distant “dwarf planet” to be discovered.

Sedna and Eris are both named after goddesses. Sedna is named after a sea goddess from Inuit mythology and much of her symbolism relates to the repression of the feminine principle in society. Eris was the goddess of discord and strife, who stirred up the conflict leading to the Trojan War. She was considered a daughter of Night and sister of war-like Mars.

Eris and Sedna in U.S. Mundane Astrology

Here is something that amplifies the war-military-troop crisis and challenge that I linked with the U.S. Progressed Mars now stationary and turning retrograde for the first time in our history as a republic.

Eris is slowly moving through Aries and has been in this sign since the mid-1920s and will stay in Aries till almost 2040. Sedna has been in Taurus since the mid-1960s. The first key: Eris is now located on the U.S. natal Chiron (20+ Aries) and directly opposite the U.S. natal Juno (20+ Libra); Sedna at 19+ Taurus is crisscrossing the U.S. natal Vesta (19+ Taurus). These are exact alignments and therefore highly intense, inflammatory and provocative in their effects.

The second key: Chiron represents healing old wounds and pains, and signifies maverick, “outsider” influences; Juno stands for empowerment or disempowerment in primary partnerships, and also strongly relates to diplomacy and negotiation (or the lack of it), and terrorism-rage-anger by the small, weak and disenfranchised; Vesta signifies national safety and security – plus “turf wars” (battles over land areas) and top-secret organizations (CIA, FBI, NSA, Mossad, etc).

The third key: Eris has its stations or stopping points in early- to mid-January (and July) while Sedna has its stations in late-January or early-February (and late July or early August).

How Eris and Sedna are Invisibly Influencing President George W. Bush and the American War Effort

When you full comprehend what I am about to share in this section, you will realize that vast forces of the “Great Beyond” are pulling the strings that are motivating our president, the leadership in Washington, D.C., and the American military machine and defense establishment.

For several weeks, the president considered the recommendations from the Iraq study group (headed by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Congressional Representative Lee Hamilton) and then delayed his talk to the nation for awhile until finally deciding to speak to the American people on January 10, 2007. By waiting for a very long time, he wound up giving his speech with Eris STATIONARY DIRECT.

The station of any planet represents its most extreme power position in the zodiac. Why? Because it isn’t moving. And no motion at all relative to the usual motion of that celestial body signifies the most extreme “opposite” to its flow as we experience that celestial body from Earth.

In regard to Eris, it is now located at 20 degrees and 13 minutes of Aries. The U.S. natal Chiron placement is 20 degrees and 9 minutes of Aries. Therefore, the president gave his speech to the nation at (a) a station of Eris and (b) while that far-out planet was almost precisely conjunct our Chiron (the need for healing old wounds and pains, and maverick, “outsider” forces manipulating our government and its actions).

Eris conjunct the U.S. Chiron and opposite the U.S. Juno – as indicated in the previous section on Eris and Sedna in U.S. Mundane Astrology – is throwing our nation into an enormous crisis because it is exacerbating the already precise polarity between these two celestial bodies (Chiron and Juno) in the first place. Any exact opposition in a national birthchart will symbolize periodic clashes between forces, parties, ethnic groups, and so on. The ultimate clash is a civil war – which we experienced from 1861 to 1865 and which many people believe is happening in Iraq now, which is also religious (between Sunnis and Shiites).

When Eris stations in January 2008 – when the race for the presidency begins getting white-hot – it will be located at 20 degrees and 27 minutes of Aries. This will be only 1 minute (that is one-sixtieth of a degree of the zodiac!) from an exact opposition to America’s Juno. This is crucial because Juno connects with empowerment or disempowerment in primary partnerships (think here of our national allies and adversaries), diplomacy and negotiation (which have been almost nil since 1979 with Iran – the country that is our true enemy, from the governmental perspective), and which is also associated with terrorism by the small, weak and disenfranchised. Keep in mind, too, that Juno is a feminine body, Hillary Clinton may be running for president, and that large numbers of women in America are now lining up against the continuing deaths and injuries to our troops in Iraq.

To show you how slowly Eris is moving in Aries (remember that Aries is ruled by Mars, the main planet of war, military forces and bloodshed), note that when the next president is inaugurated on January 20, 2009, Eris will be at 20 degrees and 42 minutes of Aries (only 29 minutes or arc from where it has just stationed). Also – in January 2013 and January 2017, respectively – two other inauguration time cycles for the presidency – Eris will be at 21+ Aries and 22+ Aries.

Thus, over the next 3 presidential cycles (from 2009 to 2017), Eris is only moving 2 degrees, will stay focused on our national Chiron-Juno polarity, and then also make an awkward, 150-degree alignment with the U.S. natal Neptune at 22+ degrees of Virgo. This can only add illusion, deception, confusion and chaos to the mix since that is the shadow side of Neptune and the odds that an Eris-Neptune 150-degree association in a national chart will bring enlightenment and understanding is highly remote.

On the Sedna front, this far-out planet is now at 19+ Taurus. However, the U.S. natal Vesta (national safety and security, “turf wars” over land and control, and secret organizations like the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc) is located at 19 degrees and 45 minutes of Taurus. This is exactly where Sedna crossed this past summer for the first time ever. And it was during this past summer and into the fall that the situation in Iraq became more and more nightmarish – for our soldiers, the Iraqi people, and our nation’s view of the war.

Sedna makes another precise crossing of our natal Vesta in April 2007 and then – and here is a real stunner – when Sedna makes its station and turn direct in late January 2008 and early February 2008 (start of the next presidential primary battles), it will be precisely at 19 degrees and 45 minutes of Taurus. That is a direct hit on our nation’s natal Vesta – no orb at all. Who knows what perilous conditions will afflict our government, Congress, people and way of life as we move into 2008 and invisible Sedna is sitting exactly on our Vesta?

President George W. Bush was born at a station of Eris (6+ Aries) back on July 6, 1946. Since Eris equates with discord and strife in ancient Greek mythology and was the primary catalyst that led to the start of the Trojan War, you have to wonder about the power of this newly-discovered “dwarf planet.” In addition, the president has a Vesta-Eris conjunction within 3 degrees and this means that his inclination toward “stirring up war” is innately connected with his understanding of national safety and security. This appears to be a hidden, gold nugget regarding the temperament, behavior patterns and destiny of our current resident of the Oval Office.

Note: President Bill Clinton was born just six weeks after President George W. Bush. They both share the same Eris placement, but the difference is that President Bush has the exact station of Eris while President Clinton has that celestial body in its usual motion. Nevertheless, President Clinton has an exact conjunction of Vesta and Eris. Remember that the first attack on the World Trade Center occurred in 1993 – shortly after Bill Clinton was inaugurated for the first time. When September 11, 2001 occurred, it was during the first year of the George W. Bush presidency. Therefore, this Eris-Vesta union in early Aries in both of their birthcharts is speaking loudly about the connection between warfare, terrorism and national safety and security. In this vein, it is interesting that President Clinton has become very close to the former President, George Herbert Walker Bush – whose CIA director was Robert M. Gates, just selected to be our current Secretary of Defense.

Who is Robert M. Gates? A Mystery Revealed?

Robert M. Gates was the CIA director for a number of years during the presidency of the first President Bush. He spent over 25 years in the CIA. He also played other roles within Republican governments and, most recently, held the position of President of Texas A & M University.

When Donald Rumsfeld (see my article on Donald Rumsfeld in our News and Newsmakers section) resigned, President George W. Bush quickly nominated Robert Gates to succeed him. This happened the morning after the election results! It was clear at the time to me that the president – guided by Karl Rove – needed to make his own national news story to neutralize the political fallout coming from the thrashing the Republicans had taken nation-wide with the House and Senate going over to Democrat control. So, it was decided to create some “positive” news – the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld and the nomination of Robert Gates.

Although Democratic Senate leader Harry Reid suggested that the Gates nomination for Secretary of Defense would be scrutinized carefully, that really did not occur too much because the president offered up John Bolton (born November 20, 1948) – the controversial U.N. Ambassador – as a sacrifice. Bolton had been appointed by the president in a “recess” move because the Democrats had been violently opposed to his nomination. To take the heat off the Gates appointment to Secretary of Defense and to help Gates easily glide through into his new position, John Bolton was sacrificed and resigned his position in December.

The reason this is important to know is that Robert Gates was born on the one day in 1943 (September 25) when the Sun united with Neptune at 1+ degrees of Libra. Neptune must be considered the key planet of espionage – along with Pluto, of course – but Neptune is also associated (when negative) with invisibility, deception, illusion, confusion and (when positive) creative imagination, psychic sensitivity, and spiritual-religious inclinations.

Robert Gates is also born with a retrograde Mercury at 0 Libra within just 1-2 degrees of the Sun-Neptune convergence. This triple conjunction of Mercury-Sun-Neptune also means that (a) the new Secretary of Defense was born at an Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury (considered a “New Mercury” by eminent astrologers Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Dane Rudyhar) and (b) these three celestial bodies are conjunct the largest Black Hole in the cosmos that we are aware of (besides whatever is residing at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy, a Black Hole that is enormous, but cannot be totally understood due to interstellar dust and too many stars blocking its view from our vantage point 30,000 light years away).

To incarnate with a triple conjunction of Mercury retrograde with the Sun and Neptune, and to have these three celestial bodies situated on top of an enormous Black Hole, is to reinforce the message that this individual is a repository of much arcane and privileged knowledge, wisdom and surreptitious “information flow.” The Black Hole is called Adonis by my colleague Alex Miller-Mignone, who indicates that Adonis is at the center of Galaxy M-87 and has an “event horizon” or time/space region from which nothing emerges of approximately 326 light years. If the latter is even partially correct, we are talking about something incomprehensible as this distance is almost 80 times that between our Sun and our closest neighbor star (Alpha Centauri), some 4+ light years distant.

The question is: Why was Robert Gates selected to be the new Secretary of Defense? He is clearly an old protégé of President George Herbert Walker Bush – who himself was a director of the CIA during the President Nixon era. It has something to do with keeping secrets (Neptune), keeping things invisible (Neptune), and keeping important information away from public disclosure. Yet, on the surface, the man appears to be forthright, down to earth, clear and grounded. Nevertheless, the astrology suggests that something GIGANTIC and highly mysterious and “X-Files” like is going on behind the scenes and which must be protected at all costs.

It is noteworthy that Robert Gates is born with Uranus at 8+ Gemini – the same degree that revolutionary and unpredictable Uranus is located at when the USA was born on July 4, 1776. Therefore, Robert Gates was born at a Uranus Return for America, something that can only occur every 84 years.

Robert Gates is born with militaristic Mars at 15+ Gemini – crucial because of two factors: (a) This is the potentially explosive U.S. Mars/Uranus midpoint and (b) the current President of Iran has his Mars at 15+ Pisces – precisely 90 degrees away in a frictional and abrasive square pattern. Much of the hidden work within the George W. Bush presidency – as well as the Republican administrations of President Reagan and President George Herbert Walker Bush – is the invisible war against Iran, now almost 28 years old.

Iran’s President

One of the charts at the end of this article is that for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was first elected to the presidency of Iran in August 2005 and has been declaring the need to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He has been a thorn in our side – and for the Israelis – since he is pushing Uranium enrichment in his country which could lead to nuclear weapons.

Now, of course, the nuclear weapons of our own country and in Israel – even though Israel has never admitted it has nukes – are not usually spoken of when we forcefully push for sanctions against Iran due to their striving for the same technology and abilities that we have had since the end of World War II.

It was therefore very significant that as President George W. Bush gave his speech last night, the largest planet in the solar system – Jupiter – reached 10+ Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years. This is the exact placement of the Sun at the start of the First Nuclear Chain Reaction (Dec. 2, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois). Over the last 26 years – primarily in our printed magazine Welcome to Planet Earth (1981-2000) – I have probably studied and analyzed this chart and subject more than any other except for overall U.S. history and our national birthmap.

What this brings up again is the End Game of the George W. Bush presidency. This End Game is not only to leave office vindicated for his views about the Axis of Evil, but to possibly live through an Armageddon-like scenario that might include a nuclear strike (by Israel or America) against Iran.

Naturally, this is never actually articulated by our leaders because it would create too much fear and anger in opponents. However, the entire game-plan of this administration in Washington, D.C. is to preserve America as the lone superpower in the world, make sure we keep the oil flowing from the Persian Gulf safely to us, and to fight terrorists in the Middle East instead of on the streets of America.

Toward this end it is worrisome that the president gave his speech with the largest planet in the solar system exactly crossing the Sun from the First Nuclear Chain Reaction – the real birthmap for the start of the Atomic Age! America is a very Jupiterian nation as our rising sign is Sagittarius, Jupiter rules this sign, and it is located in Cancer, not far from our own Sun in Cancer. And the U.S. natal Sun (13+ Cancer) is also the same Sun placement for President George W. Bush.

While Jupiter is traditionally the planet of good fortune, success and opportunity knocking, it is also the planet of anything LARGE-SCALE and BIG because of its gargantuan size. And there is always a tendency with Jupiter to overdo and attempt to manage-control things from a position of superiority – as many opponents to the president feel he has been doing for a long time now in regard to the Iraq War and the fight against terrorism.

It is significant that as the president gave his address to the nation, the transiting Moon had just returned in his birthmap in mid-Libra – igniting his natal quadruple conjunction of Moon, Chiron, Juno and Jupiter. As the nation awakened this morning to the flurry of news about the troop “surge” and all the controversy, there was a Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase – activating 20+ Capricorn-Libra. Quarter Moons are times of crisis and the president was born at a First Quarter Moon Phase. This Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase exactly triggers (a) the USA natal Chiron-Juno polarity; (b) the Vesta-Neptune major conjunction in the chart of Presidential Power (from April 30, 1789) – more on this chart and sky pattern at the end of this article; (c) transiting Eris which is located at 20+ Aries and therefore transforms the Sun-Moon square at today’s Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase into a precise T-Square Triangle in cardinal signs.

What underscores the crisis between America and Iran is that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comes into the world – like Robert M. Gates – with a Sun-Neptune union. This takes place in Scorpio – the main zodiacal sign of mysteries, secrets and the unknown. Now his Sun-Neptune conjunction is not nearly as precise as Robert M. Gates, but his Sun is closely square to Uranus in Leo and Chiron in Aquarius. That creates a volatile T-Square Triangle in fixed, power signs. What adds to the unpredictability is that the Iranian President’s Uranus-Chiron polarity is precisely on the fateful nodal axis of the Moon for America at 7 degrees of Leo-Aquarius.

The radical cleric in Iraq – Muqtada al-Sadr – also has a Uranus-Chiron polarity that is virtually exact and his Chiron is precisely conjunct America’s Chiron (20+ Aries)! That means that al-Sadr is (a) tied strongly to America’s birthchart and (b) the current placement of distant Eris – planet that is associated with strife and discord starting wars – is right on his Chiron and opposing his Uranus.

By the way, if you examine the two birthmaps for the start of the Iraq War from my Part XVI of the Terrorism series on the old website, you will see that Pluto is at 19+ Sagittarius. Well, it turns out that Eris was at 19+ Aries when we started the war against Iraq on March 20, 2003 – giving Eris a precise, flowing trine of 120 degrees to Pluto.*

It is also noteworthy that in relocation astrology, the U.S. natal Pluto is overhead through the Persian Gulf. Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, astrologer Wayne Moody and I discussed this problematic relocation factor in many features during the first Persian Gulf War. Part of the difficulty is that where our national Pluto is overhead (Persian Gulf), we tend toward extremism and not clearly seeing what is happening. An example of this is that we are now sending another aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf (along with a group of ships) to bolster our presence there. This can wind up threatening the sovereignty of Iran, intimidating them, and/or leading to a future “Gulf of Tonkin” type manufactured event that could lead to war between America and Iran.

*While Eris trine Pluto in the Iraq War chart now appears to make total sense (a battle that keeps on happening for years or possibly decades), it is startling to realize that Muqtada al-Sadr is born on August 12, 1973 with his Sun at 19+ Leo. That puts his Sun in a precise Grand Triangle with Eris (19+ Aries) and Pluto (19+ Sagittarius) in the Iraq War birthmap.

Going back to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for a moment, he is not only a formidable opponent because of his Sun-Neptune conjunction, Sun-Uranus-Chiron T-Square, and Uranus-Chiron exactly polarized and conjunct our nodal axis, but his Mercury at 25 Libra is square to America’s Mercury at 25 Cancer. This creates deep suspicion and hostility when it comes to clear communication between him and America – and what his true intentions may be.

With his Saturn almost precisely on his own North Node of the Moon at the beginning of Sagittarius, he definitely relishes the role of being a world leader – having first come to notoriety as one of the hostage-takers at the U.S. embassy in Tehran (November 4, 1979) and then eventually becoming the mayor of that city. He is said to have a Ph.D. in civil engineering (focusing on traffic and transport) from a prestigious Iranian university and to be married with four children. Hopefully, some of his background will prevent him from helping to catalyze World War III because although he is said to believe in the return of the Islamic Messiah and that he believes he has a destiny to make this happen, he will not be so crazy as to lead the world into Armageddon.

Note: Making his chart more potentially ominous and extreme in this regard is that his natal Moon is very close to and approaching Pluto. When we reach 2008-2009 transiting Pluto at the beginning of Capricorn will make an exact flowing trine to his natal Pluto. This kind of trine may make him more dangerous rather than more sedate and peaceful.

Closing for Now

This is much more than I wanted to say right now, but it is far less than the total picture. So many events have been occurring recently – like the death of Saddam Hussein. There are many features on Saddam on the old website, within the Terrorism series of 18 articles, and separately. There is also the chart(s) for Revolutionary Iran to consider again in the near future – when events warrant it. I work with charts for Iran from February 11, 1979 and April 1, 1979.

There is also the enormous subject – which I covered extensively in Welcome to Planet Earth magazine in print – of Pluto moving inside Neptune’s orbit – an astronomical phenomenon that occurs every 248 years for a 20-year cycle. This just occurred from 1979 to 1999 and has vast implications for the rise of Islamic Fundamentalism, the WTC disaster, the Iraq War and any future war with Iran.

Let us not forget North Korea – the third part of the Axis of Evil. Now that the world scene has again focused on the Middle East, Iraq and Iran for the last few months, you never know when Kim Jong Il and North Korea will suddenly demand attention.

Near the beginning of this article, I mentioned the chart for Presidential Power. This is for when George Washington took the first Oath of Office as president on April 30, 1789 in New York City. It is a very crucial chart to study when analyzing how presidents use their executive power.

In that birthmap, Vesta (national safety and security; top-secret organizations) is located at 20+ Libra with Neptune (deceptions; illusions; chaos and confusion) less than one degree away at 21+ Libra. Therefore, what I shared earlier in this feature about distant Eris now in conjunction with our country’s natal Chiron (20+ Aries) is also very relevant here since Eris is closely opposing the Presidential Power Vesta-Neptune union in Libra. And this polarity of Eris to Vesta-Neptune from April 30, 1789 will become more intense and challenging over the next 2-3 years.

Stay tuned to this web channel for more astrological insights and observations as future events unfold.

© 2007 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[For more on Mark’s astrology consultations and services, see the left-side column of the website.]

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