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News > Top Stories Archives  > The Red Planet: Life and Death

The Red Planet: Life and Death

The Red Planet: Life and Death | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: Friday December 8, 2006:
On Wednesday December 8, two major news stories were interweaving concerning (a) major archetypal qualities of Mars and (b) an exciting discovery on the actual surface of the famous Red Planet.

The long-awaited Baker-Hamilton led study on Iraq was released with much fanfare in the nation’s capital while NASA had something very exciting and unexpected to say about the planet Mars.

Of course, the report on Iraq – from a group headed by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton – was a bleak assessment of the war quagmire in Iraq, but it also contained 79 recommendations for President George W. Bush and the new Congress to consider as 2007 dawns.

Meanwhile, on the same day, NASA was revealing photos taken within the last two years on Mars showing what appears to THEM (the scientists, researchers and photo experts) to be liquid water in gullies flowing down a side of a Martian crater. The earlier pictures – from several years before of the same site – did not show the same fluid. While this is not yet a “smoking gun” proof of recent water on the surface of Mars, it has suddenly stirred up a new round of enormous interest that microbial life (and/or other forms of life) could now exist on Mars.

You may know that the Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli became famous for suggesting that “canals” existed on Mars after his observations around the time of the Mars-Sun opposition in 1877. He actually saw “channels” or lines on the surface, but his term was misquoted and misunderstood – leading to the idea that Martians were building water canals on the surface of the Red Planet.

This idea did not seem totally far-fetched in the 1800s as the Suez Canal and Panama Canal were being built here. Then astronomer Percival Lowell – who built the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona (where, eventually, Comet Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930) – re-ignited the controversy over canals on Mars in the 1890s. He believed water was flowing on the surface of Mars, that there was vegetation there, and that there were Martians.

It was all of the above that became the source material for H.G. Wells and his masterpiece -- The War of the Worlds.

Remarkably, with the new photos revealing possible water flowing on Mars, we may eventually realize that – periodically – Mars and other planets “heat up” (global warming from within due to “hyper-dimensional physics”? see comment about Richard C. Hoagland later on in this article). If Mars can somehow “heat up” from within and if ice had been trapped there eons ago when the planet was “more alive,” then what we might be seeing now is the eruption on the surface of underground ice. And this may mean that what Schiaparelli and Lowell saw via their telescopes in the 1870s and 1890s was something similar to what we are seeing now – due to a mysterious solar systemic mechanism that has eluded our scientists because it only happens every, say, 100 or 150 years.

Back to my Red Planet Blues Feature of November 2001

In a box (reddish tint) on this website, with a picture of Mars, I have been running a story since January 2005. The actual article was written in November 2001 and appeared on a former website. If you have not yet read it, please do so asap.

This story is in my humble opinion THE international story of our times – concerning the disastrous war in Iraq, and how the USA Progressed Mars – station and retrograde of July 2006 at 18+ degrees of Libra – foretold the horrors and misadventures of this debacle all along.

The truth is that in any progressed horoscope, the dire influences and effects of a planetary stopping will be potent for AT LEAST TWO YEARS BEFORE AND AFTER THE EXACT STATION. And this is simple logic because if you work with an actual ephemeris, you will see that Mars – by Secondary Progression for America (born on July 4, 1776) -- wasn’t really moving since around 2003-2004 and won’t move again until perhaps 2008-2009 at the earliest.

During the course of this year – and particularly this summer and fall on the Coast to Coast AM radio show – I explained the connection between Mars and warfare, the military, violence, bloodshed, America’s current involvement with the war in Iraq, and USA Progressed Mars making its first station (July 2006) and shift into retrograde EVER in the 230-year history of our nation as a republic.

While I had to give the exact date – July 22, 2006, according to the best astrology software programs – the reality is that the “Martian-War Effect” was building for several years and will stay influential for several years.

When I shared my views on this topic on the radio program and online, I believed the essence of the story was the extreme and acute, martial violence, bloodshed and warfare, and the rising alarm over its intensity – as Mars became more and more stationary. Any planet turning stationary is at white-hot power because having no motion is the rarity and unique feature of a planet that has a normal, daily rate of motion from the Earth’s perspective.

As we now know – due to the rising number of U.S. military casualties and the slaughter in what everyone (except the president) sees as a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis – my above view was terribly correct. However, there is another and very important influence when a planet turns stationary in a progressed chart for a nation, person or group.

That very important influence is the most basic one -- NO MOVEMENT. Sometimes the simplest and most accurate description is the correct one.

In essence, what we have now is (a) Mars in the USA Progressed horoscope having made its first station and turn retrograde ever in our 230-year history as a republic; (b) Mars = war; the military; violence; bloodshed; (c) a president, nation and military situation that itself is IMMOBILZED, NOT MOVING, IN A STATIONARY POSITION.

This is such an astounding proof of dynamic astrology in action that I wanted to spell it out as clearly as possible.

The big question now is whether any solution – to MOVE the president, our nation, Iraq in civil-war crisis, the American military in that part of the world away from a stationary, immobile position – will work during the next couple of years. We may start to see very slow progress – with, hopefully, more rapid withdrawal of American troops in late 2007 and early 2008 in concert with the first, faint movement of the USA Progressed Mars, now in retrograde motion for 79 years.

It is also intriguing that the Baker-Hamilton group made 79 recommendations to the president and, oddly, the USA Progressed Mars will remain retrograde for 79 years!

Another big question is whether American troops are really in Iraq for another reason. President George W. Bush has always said that we are fighting them (the terrorists) THERE, so we don’t have to fight them HERE (our homeland).

However, what if the hidden reason American troops are bogged down in that war is to be close at hand in case we decide to attack Iran – due to their pushing forward with Uranium enrichment (in order to build nuclear weapons). After all, in World Geography 101, just take a look at a map that focuses on the nation of Iran. Then look West and East of that nation. You will find Iraq and Afghanistan – both nations now occupied by American troops.

Clearly, our major enemy in that region – since the 1979 Hostage Crisis in Tehran (where dozens of American civilians were held for 444 days, leading to the defeat of President Carter and the election of President Reagan) – is Iran. Iraq (as well as Saddam Hussein) was our ally during the 8-year Iraq-Iran bloody war. All of this leads back to the Coast to Coast AM radio program hosted by George Noory.

Richard Hoagland, The Monuments of Mars, and Water on Mars

For the last few months, host George Noory – of Coast to Coast AM (the nightly radio show about everything metaphysical and far-out, reaching tens of millions around the nation and the world) – has been talking with special guests about the possibility of either America or Israel striking against Iran in order to prevent that nation from succeeding at creating nuclear bombs and/or missiles. George has felt that this could happen very soon – perhaps in the next 1 – 3 months, something that could rapidly lead to an Armageddon (biblical end-of-the-world scenario). [Remember that Israel – unilaterally – destroyed a nuclear facility in Iraq in 1981.]

Therefore, in summing up my position regarding the USA Progressed Mars (warfare; violence; bloodshed) not moving and now beginning 79 years of retrograde motion, what George and his special guests are speaking of about a potential bombing, attack of or war against Iran fits totally into the awesome and negative power connected to America’s current stationary placement for the Red Planet.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday night’s radio program, George Noory brought Richard C. Hoagland on during the first hour to discuss the latest NASA press conference and discussions about possible water flowing on the Red Planet.

If you are not familiar with his work, go to:

In addition, please visit my old website:

And by scrolling down on my old website – below Election 2000 Analysis and Astrology Articles with Color Charts, you will see an article I wrote (The Face on Mars) in 1998. You should read that article when you are done with this one. At the end of that feature, you will also see a Noon Chart for the birth of NASA on July 29, 1958 in Washington, D.C.

It has been Richard C. Hoagland (author of The Monuments of Mars) who has – with a number of fellow researchers for so many years now – popularized the notion that (a) there are ruins on Mars; (b) that life and water existed on that planet; (c) and that all this is part of what he calls “hyper-dimensional physics.”

The latest photographs showing the possible gullies of liquid water in a crater on Mars are very exciting. Those photographs – however – have come from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft which has now malfunctioned after about 10 years of stunning work. Nevertheless, many other Mars missions are planned for the future and we may be at the very beginning of one of the great space adventures of all time.

Even though I don’t know the exact time of the press conference by NASA on December 8, it is highly ironic that their presentation about potential water (and therefore LIFE) on Mars coincided with the Iraq study group’s condemnation of the culture of DEATH, violence and bloodshed (shadow side of Mars) currently happening in that war-torn Middle Eastern country. Life and Death (represented by the twin, ancient rulerships by Mars of fiery Aries and watery Scorpio) – both connected to the Red Planet – were being clearly revealed to the American public and the world by two different and yet major stories on December 8.

In closing this time, I thought it appropriate to provide a chart for Noon (Pacific Time) on December 8, 2006 – giving approximate solar, lunar and planetary placements for the NASA suggestions that there may be water (and hence LIFE) on Mars.

What struck me as very significant are the following: (a) The Moon is located in Cancer – the first water sign of the zodiac and a sign ruled by the Moon. Amazingly, just a couple of days before this NASA press conference, NASA also announced that we would be going back to the Moon to create a lunar base, starting around 2020. Richard Hoagland also believes there are ruins on the Moon and that NASA has covered up this crucial information. (b) Mars had just entered Sagittarius as NASA made this announcement. Mars rules Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, the archetypal “beginning of LIFE.” When Mars reaches 0+ Sagittarius, it is forming a precise, flowing and harmonious trine pattern of 120 degrees back to 0 degrees of Aries – the start of the zodiac. This 120-degree trine seems highly symbolic of what the new Mars photos are presenting to us.

It is fascinating to realize that an astrological chart for a NASA press conference can somehow speak to us about LIFE on the Red Planet.

I invite you to e-mail to me your opinions and views on the power of the USA Progressed Mars and these new photos from the Red Planet. You can utilize the Contact Mars section at the bottom of the website to send me your ideas.

© 2006 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All Right Reserved.

[For readings by Mark Lerner, see the left-side column of the website – section entitled Astrological Consultations.]

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