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News > Top Stories Archives  > Dems Win; Nancy Pelosi to Lead House

Dems Win; Nancy Pelosi to Lead House

Dems Win; Nancy Pelosi to Lead House | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Election Results - Morning Nov. 8, 2006: For my article a week before the Election, see section several paragraphs BELOW. The Democrats have handily won the House of Representatives and may win a majority in the Senate -- IF (!) the Virginia Senate race goes to Jim Webb over George Allen once a recount happens after Nov. 27 (when that race is officially confirmed). So ... we may have a long wait to see which party has a slight majority in the Senate.

Update: Nov. 9 Sen. George Allen has officially conceded the race, so there will be no recount (by him) once the Virginia race is certified in a few weeks. Based on this victory by Jim Webb, the Democrats will take control of the Senate by a slight margin. For astrological researchers, the state of Virginia has a fascinating natal chart -- based on its admittance into the Union on June 26, 1788 (near Noon) in Richmond. There are major tie-ins to America's birthchart as both are Sun-sign Cancer entities and the births are 12 years apart, revealing the same Jupiter in Cancer just two degrees apart.

Nevertheless, Nancy Pelosi (a congresswoman from Northern California) is poised to become the first woman Speaker of the House and third in line for the presidency. She is born on March 26, 1940 in Baltimore, MD (time unknown). Her solar chart and a chart for the launching of the next Congress (Jan. 3, 2007) are added down below -- along with America's birthmap.

It is amazing to note that the elevation in the stature of Nancy Pelosi occurred on a day when Mercury retrograde in Scorpio was making a precise and flowing trine of 120 degrees to her natal Mercury retrograde in Pisces. In addition, she is born as a Sun-sign Aries with Jupiter also in her Sun-sign and approximately 12 degrees further on.

As Nov. 7, 2006 began -- the day of this election -- the Sun-Jupiter orb in Scorpio was approximately 11+ degrees. Therefore, the same celestial signature Nancy Pelosi was born under -- Sun-Jupiter 12 degrees apart and in the same sign -- exactly repeated! This is a rare and potent example of dynamic astrology in work.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is also born very close to a Chiron station in Cancer -- whose placement is conjunct America's Sun at 14 degrees of Cancer. People who are born at Chiron stations are often major catalysts, mavericks and healers in their main fields of expertise.

When the new Congress convenes at Noon on January 3, 2007 with Nancy Pelosi becoming the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives, it will be the day of a Full Moon -- exactly igniting America's natal Sun, President George W. Bush's natal Sun, and Nancy Pelosi's Chiron.

In another extraordinary example of dynamic astrology at work, Nancy Pelosi was born at a very close Saturn-Pluto square whereas those same heavy-duty, important planets are now almost exactly trine. Furthermore, Saturn now -- with the success of the Democratic Party and the toppling of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (see Rumsfeld article in our News and Newsmakers section) -- will exactly repeat its position as the new Congress begins on Jan. 3, 2007. This is due to Saturn's retrograde station coming up on Dec. 4, 2006. Thus, Saturn at the Midterm Election debacle for the Republicans will be precisely triggering its own placement when the new Congress convenes on Jan. 3, 2007 with Democratic Congresswoman as the Speaker of the House.

On the day of the Election, the transiting Nodes of the Moon (fate/destiny) where exactly igniting America's Neptune at 22+ Virgo -- representing a comprehensive victory by the Democratic Party and the confusion striking the executive branch of government (as America's Neptune is overhead). Also -- the transiting Moon in Gemini on Election Day crossed over the USA Mars -- revealing the national mood of anger (Mars) over the War (Mars) in Iraq. This lunar transit has also symbolized the demise of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld as the chief architect of the overall war effort.

By the way, the distant planet Sedna -- discovered in Nov. 2003 and moving very slowly in Taurus -- was exactly crossing the USA Vesta (national security and safety themes; sisterhood!) -- to the minute of arc -- and this placement (19+ degrees of Taurus) is where Nancy Pelosi has a triple conjunction of Uranus, Venus and Vesta. It is another astounding example of the way Mundane Astrology works.

Another distant planet -- Eris (a goddess in ancient mythology who was said to cause major disruptions, chaos and discord for powerbrokers) -- which was named in the last 2 months and currently located at 20+ Aries (moving very slowly) is conjunct America's Chiron and exactly opposite America's Juno. Juno = potential empowerment of a female leader. Nancy Pelosi's fateful and destiny-oriented Nodal Axis of the Moon precisely triggers the Chiron-Juno polarity in the USA birthchart from 21 degrees of Aries to 21 degrees of Libra, and Eris is strongly influencing her life now and in the next 2 years.

BELOW is the article I wrote a week before the election, so you can see what I anticipated and what has so far ensued.

Dateline: One week before Election Day 2006

It is urgent that all people able to cast a vote do so during one of the most important midterm elections in the history of our republic.

It is pointless to go into what is at stake. You all know what is at stake and there are so many articles on the Earth Aquarius News website concerning America, politics, the past and the future. Please see the News and Newsmakers section and other articles within this Top Stories area for a variety of features and perspectives.

In the meantime, I have listed below – in a concise fashion – the essential astrology of what is going on as we approach the week of the election. At the end of the article appears the USA birthchart for July 4, 1776.

Mercury is RETROGRADE as we vote. [Mercury is RETROGRADE from this past Saturday afternoon (Oct. 28) to the late afternoon of Nov. 17.]

Venus squares Neptune in the sky the day before the election.

The two traditional malefic planets – Mars and Saturn – form a strongly abrasive cosmic pattern on the day before the election.

On Tuesday Nov. 7 – Election Day – the Sun (center of the solar system) aligns directly with Pluto (outermost planet). This represents a day of EXTREMISM.

The day after the election (when the news is presented), Mercury squares Neptune, the Moon is in a void condition for many hours (huge uncertainty), and there is a rare Transit of Mercury across the disk-face of the Sun (during the daytime on the West Coast).

The next day – two days after the election – the Sun squares Neptune.

Squares represent crises, friction, tension and discord. Neptune (when negative) is massive confusion, chaos and uncertainty, and this planet is active Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of the election week.

An election commission official indicated last week that with thousands of new and yet untried voting machines placed around the country, if there are very close races in some states, we may not know the official results for many days or WEEKS!

There is no excuse for not voting this time.

Please also read the Cosmic Kalendar (within the Daily Astrology Calendar section of the website) for the day-to-day, full treatment on the exact times and descriptions of all the alignments that will be happening and influencing Americans and people around the globe as our election occurs.

Hopefully, the shadow side of Neptune (confusion; chaos; deceptions; fraud in voting; etc) will not be the big news of next week. However, America was born with Neptune overhead and closely square Mars – with the red planet in the sign of communication and information (Gemini).

As many of you know – from reading my special feature over the last 5 years The Martialization of America: Red Planet Blues (still placed in a special box with a picture of Mars on our website) – the USA Progressed Mars made a station and turn into retrograde motion this year at 18+ Libra. This stopping by Mars has never happened before in the 230-year history of our republic. Our national Mars is STILL (!) virtually motionless and won’t really be effectively “moving” in reverse until 2007-2008!

Mars = warfare; the military; martial law; volatility; panic; bloodshed; courage; idealism; zeal; fanaticism; anger; anything acute and inflammatory; independence and the potential erosion of our Bill of Rights, and liberties as individuals and citizens.

Mars has many other meanings, but it is clear that in this provocative year – with the war in Iraq still raging and more American soldiers dying this month than in any previous month for almost two years – that crucial decisions must be made in the near future about where our nation is heading and what congressional forces will be at work in 2007 to lead that potential reformation and revolution.

The USA Progressed Mars is now headed for a 79-year cycle of being in reverse. This has never occurred before and we have been witnessing all kinds of disappearing rights due to the war on terror, and the extensive wiretapping and surveillance methods now manifesting throughout our society (i.e. witness the recent presidential signing of the Military Commissions act in the last 2 weeks and the relative inattention in the media to its dire consequences concerning Habeas Corpus and other portions of The Bill of Rights).

The only person who appeared to offer a gigantic criticism – to the president, senators and congress members – was reporter/journalist Keith Olberman, the host of Countdown on MSNBC, who offered a stunning, clear and courageous statement of conscience regarding what had just happened with that presidential signing.

Based on your own conscience and views of the world and where we are headed, I am confident you will make the right decisions at the polls this year.

Note: The recent Mercury station – initiating the current 3-week retrograde cycle – occurred at 25 degrees and 5 minutes of Scorpio. This is within just 6 minutes of arc (or one-tenth of 1 degree of the zodiac!) of the Neptune/Pluto midpoint in America’s birthchart for July 4, 1776. The Neptune/Pluto midpoint could be seen as the extreme mirror reflection of the Sun/Moon midpoint – usually considered the most important midpoint structure in any birthchart. This placement – of the Mercury station leading into the election – exactly on our national Neptune/Pluto midpoint reveals the EXTREMISM message that I pointed out above when it comes to this election. The day of the election has a major Sun-Pluto aspect while the entire week is heavily influenced by transiting Neptune’s power.

With all good wishes, Mark Lerner

© 2006 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[To contact Mark, please use the Contact Us section located at the bottom of the website.]

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