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News > Top Stories Archives  > Mars, War and Israel (Updated July 16, 2008)

Mars, War and Israel (Updated July 16, 2008)

Mars, War and Israel (Updated July 16, 2008) | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

New Dateline: July 16, 2008
-- I am resurrecting this important story from 2 years ago for the following reasons:

(a) The Israeli birthchart from May 14, 1948 is being triggered again by transiting Neptune in Aquarius -- in which this elusive outer planet is making a series of rare, precise squares to Israel's Sun in Taurus this year. This has just become super-strong again while the Israeli government and military have been contemplating making a strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities.

(b) The upcoming Total Solar Eclipse of August 1 in Leo exactly squares Vesta in Taurus in the sky. Total Solar Eclipses are awesome in potential influence and this one ignites Jupiter and Uranus placements from the start of World War I (August 1, 1914) -- the main war energy-field that has never been completely resolved, still leading to global discord and fears of an eventual third world war happening, perhaps in the Middle East. Vesta not only rules investments and economic factors (like insurance coverages and rates, plus international financial matters), but it rules over national security and national safety mechanisms and organizations, as well as secret groups (like the MOSAD, CIA, NSA, etc) that operate in the cover of dark, unseen budgets and personnel.

(c) Revolutionary Iran's birthchart from February 11, 1979 -- see my other article in Top Stories about our creating a new Gulf of Tonkin ruse and its link to a War with Iran -- contains the Sun (life force; heart center; core power) at 22 degrees of Aquarius, the very place in the zodiac that Neptune is about to unite with for third time in the last two years -- very exactly for all of this fall and into the winter months of 2008-2009. The shadow side of Neptune is confusion, chaos, haziness, illusions, fog, deceptions, false reports, and so on. It was Neptune reaching the end of the sign of Cancer -- in 1914 -- and crossing the Ascendant in the Neptune Discovery Chart from September 23, 1846 which set off the confusing and chaotic events of July 31 and August 1, 1914 - when Europe plunged into an abyss of foolishness and senselessness, culminating in the death of tens of millions globally -- and leading to the horrors of World War II a quarter of a century later.

I could go on and on here -- about Mars crossing the Sun of the World Trade Center disaster of September 11, 2001 when we have this next Total Solar Eclipse on August 1, 2008. The Sun degree of the World Trade Center catastrophe just so happens to be the Mars placement from the birth of the New York Stock Exchange from May 17, 1792 -- another Solar Taurus entity like Israel.

I could also explain how inflammatory Mars opposes shocking Uranus in the sky on August 6, 2008 (a very explosive and stunning celestial signature every time it happens in two-year intervals) -- the anniversary of the first atomic bombing of human beings at Hiroshima some 63 years ago in 1945 when Pluto (extremes; death and rebirth; terrorism; the Underworld) was at 9+ degrees of Leo, exactly the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse starting our August of this year. [Important Note: I just realized that today is July 16, 2008 -- the sixty-third anniversary of what's known as TRINITY -- the first atomic explosion ever (July 16, 1945) in the desert region of New Mexico (Alamagordo).]

In addition, this explosive polarity of Mars-Uranus this year is exactly square and opposite to America's confusing and volatile Mars-Neptune 90-degree relationship from our nation's birth on July 4, 1776. Plus -- this Mars-Uranus opposition in the sky on August 6, 2008 acts as a forerunner, harbinger or catalyst for the more wrenching and long-lasting Saturn-Uranus polarities -- five of which (over the next two years) begin on our Election Day this year on November 4, 2008.

But -- for right now -- I need to rest my case and hope (prayers and positive thoughts welcomed all-around) that world leaders wake up to higher truth and do NOT fall victim to the ancient shadows of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto which always seem to lead us to confusing wars instead of encouraging peace and human evolution. Maybe they are always creating wars on Earth because all six planets are named for male power gods of the very ancient and unknown past. By the way, in just two days (July 18, 2008), we all experience a potent Full Moon that occurs within 1 degree of America's Pluto from July 4, 1776 at 27 degrees of Capricorn. See the story I wrote on this subject BELOW

Original Dateline: August 3, 2006 Eugene, Oregon – It is a little over three weeks since the fighting began between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is almost two weeks since the U.S.A. Progressed Mars made its first station and turn retrograde in the 230-year history of our republic.

I would have shared the following thoughts, ideas and charts earlier except that it was too depressing and sad to write. I am sure many of you were experiencing similar feelings – particularly concerning what is happening in the Middle East and, of course, within our own country.

On the Subject of Mars

I had been warning about a disaster concerning our nation and the world – regarding war, military might, volatility and violence – since November 2001 when I wrote an article on my old website entitled: Red Planet Blues: The Martialization of America When our new, current website began in January 2005, I created a special red-colored box, with a picture of Mars, and posted the story there, for all of you to read. Hopefully, you read it and were totally prepared. If you didn’t read it, read it now – as it is still, unfortunately, extremely timely.

Amazingly, on schedule, about 10 days before the official U.S.A. Progressed Mars station and shift into reverse (July 22) at 18+ Libra, the Israel battle against Hezbollah began. This was on top of daily bloodshed and carnage in Iraq – something horrendous that has become terribly overshadowed by the daily killings around Israel and Lebanon.

A few people have questioned me and said something like “Mark, you said it was America’s Mars…so why would an Israeli-Hezbollah battle connect with America’s Mars?…” or “Mark, why would the Iraq War be related to America’s Mars?…”

The simple and clear answer is that: (a) America is a world power and the one, remaining super-power; (b) Our presence and, in fact, our military might and weaponry are pervasive all around the globe; (c) Look at a map of the Middle East and you will see that Iran is now blocked by an America-dominated Iraq to its West and an America-dominated Afghanistan to its East; (d) This domination by America in the Middle East is not theoretical – tens of thousands of our troops (troops = America’s Mars) are stationed in these nations, are fighting there, are killing other people there, and dying there; (e) Israel has been allied with America since May 14, 1948 when Israel was born and President Harry Truman gave a thumb’s-up to the Jewish state by making America the first country to recognize Israel; (f) As this latest war between Israel and its neighbors began, President George W. Bush pretty much waved a magic wand and gave Israel a clear right and full backing to use all its military power to defend itself and rout its terrorist enemy to the north, Hezbollah (backed and supported by the Islamic Fundamentalist extremists running Iran). Much of Israel’s weapons and financial support comes from the United States.

I wanted to write this article on July 22 to share with all of you and say: I told you so – since I had put my finger on the martial pulse five years ago in November 2001. But I didn’t have the heart, mind or desire to write one word – it was so frustrating, disappointing and sickening to see that we have continued to devolve as a human species since 1948. This is not a new revelation and we have all been feeling it for so many years and decades. Nevertheless, I had secretly hoped – naively and innocently (like many of you, I am sure) – that maybe the leadership of our great nation would act with courage, clarity and balance in the week or so before the U.S.A. Progressed Mars station and shift retrograde (that will now last for the next 79 years!).

But, right on schedule, President George W. Bush – at the G-8 Economic Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, of all places – chose to give Israel a free hand in going forward with this war-effort. He did this in order to reinforce his own agenda and war-game that just as America is fighting evil-doing terrorists (known as al-Qaeda), Israel is completely correct to fight evil-doing terrorists (known as Hezbollah). Our president believes he must – absolutely must – leave office on January 20, 2009 in full vindication of his global and Middle East policies. So, instead of sending Secretary of State Rice IMMEDIATELY to the capitals of Israel and Lebanon, and instead of organizing his fellow world leaders while they were actually all together in Russia, he – and they – chose to do virtually nothing. To the president and his circle, he and our American republic are always right and GOOD, and the BAD GUYS – Iran, Saddam, Hezbollah, Hamas, Kim and North Korea, Hugo Chavez, Fidel, etc – constitute the Axis of Evil. Case closed. That's it. End of the Discussion. Period.

[Note: President George W. Bush is born with Jupiter at 18+ Libra – the exact zodiacal placement where the U.S.A. Progressed Mars has just stationed! He should have demonstrated courage, initiative and inspiring leadership – nationally and globally – and he did not rise to the occasion. This was similar to what happened during and right after Hurricane Katrina, and then when he did not seize the initiative to bring the oil company leaders to The White House for an urgent meeting in order to cap or voluntarily restrain oil and gas prices across the nation.]

I believe – in retrospect – this could be the equivalent of July 1914 – following the shocking assassination of the Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a 19-year-old Serbian terrorist (Gavrilo Princip) on June 28, 1914 – when world leaders crumbled before the presumably fated World War I. Just as those supposed leaders fell apart at the seams and allowed Europe to degenerate into a horrific nightmare of blood, poison gas and atrocities over four years, our current G-8 leaders failed miserably to even give the illusion of leadership at a time when humanity needed that states-craft in an optimal fashion.

If this Israeli-Hezbollah warfare gets out of control – leading to a wider war, pulling in Syria, Iran and America – there is no way that, ultimately, Russia or China will sit idly by while its surrogate – Iran – is pummeled into submission by either Israel or America or both.

Okay. Now it is always possible that Israel will succeed in carving out this new zone in southern Lebanon to try and protect its land from Hezbollah raids, rockets and aggression in the near future. They – meaning Secretary of State Rice and a few other people – may succeed in getting a temporary cease-fire or truce to become more “permanent.”

However, this latest onslaught between Israel and its neighbors has certainly created a new wave of terrorists to be plucked by Hamas and Hezbollah and Islamic Iranian Fundamentalists. Therefore, some kind of future violence, bloodshed and warfare must happen – even if we bury our heads in the proverbial sand for several years.

Some Mars Definitions

Take a look at the list (down a few paragraphs). It will help you to digest what happened in the several months leading up to the U.S.A. Progressed Mars stopping and turning retrograde on July 22. The way Secondary Progressions work is that if you have a station, the energies will build up for YEARS and, certainly, for MONTHS before the exact date. The energies will then continue to have a dynamic influence for MONTHS and, potentially, YEARS following the exact date. Thus, do NOT remain under an illusion or deception that because the July 22 date has come and gone that we are all out of harm’s way. More painful, harrowing and challenging martial type events may be coming to pass in the near future – unless our humanity has an incredible cosmic waking-up, soul-searching realization.

The situation – for America, the world, our military excursions, and regarding the elimination of our individual rights on the home front – may become more critical, difficult and chaotic in the months and years to come.

By the way, we can already see – between July 22 (exact date of the U.S.A. Progressed Mars station) and now (August 3, 2006) – that our nation, our leadership and our military are behaving more erratically and in a shaky fashion – in concert with the concept of our Progressed Mars being in reverse!

After all, answer this question: Has our military, our leadership, our Secretary of State acted in a clear, dynamic and forceful manner during this latest Middle East Crisis? Absolutely not. In fact, we have done virtually nothing. We have been virtually silent. All we have done is to say: Israel, do what you need to do. This is something that no president – before this one – has ever, ever said. Therefore, our Mars has been completely malfunctioning and inaccessible, so far – and that is a total synchronization with our Progressed Mars not moving and no longer being in direct motion.

Plus – there have been new calls – particularly to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld – to start getting our troops out of Iraq. This would actually be a positive development relative to our national Mars now turning retrograde – that we stop becoming the world’s policeman for a change, and we start restoring individual rights on the home front, and become an international proponent of peace, equality and understanding instead of circulating weapons of war to countries like Pakistan, for instance, ruled by a military dictator and whose main nuclear physicist wound up giving atomic secrets to Iran and North Korea.

At any rate, please examine and meditate on the following Mars list – (something that I composed during March, April, May and June of 2006):

Mars is WAR (Iraq; Afghanistan; and a potential nuclear battle regarding Iran).

Mars is fighting and battles (i.e. this sudden Immigration battle in Congress and the nation).

Mars is Anger (over rising gas prices, energy prices, the Government eavesdropping on our conversations).

Mars = monetary panic and crisis due to stock market declines, losses, volatility – including inflationary pressures and rising interest rates!

Mars is rage.

Mars is Violence.

Mars is the red blood in the human body and bloodshed in society.

Mars rules the animal kingdom (consider the increased animal – gator; bear; mountain lion – attacks recently).

Mars is accidents.

Mars = Recent States of Emergency on the East Coast due to flooding and massive evacuations and many deaths; now, in August, extreme heat.

Mars = The Supreme Court decision on Thursday June 29 going against Pres. Bush concerning Military (Mars) tribunals for inmates at our base in Cuba.

Mars = headaches; fevers; migraines; burns; muscle aches (in Medical Astrology that goes back thousands of years).

Mars is anything ACUTE.

Mars = rash and reckless behavior – un-THINKING behavior, un-REASONABLE behavior (i.e. people in a daze and distracted while driving).

Mars connects with martial law and our worries that martial law can happen here in America, with troops, tanks, armed patrols and curfews.

Mars = retired generals speaking out in the last 2 months against the current Secretary of Defense.

Mars = anything military and militaristic (constant daily news reports of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians dying in that country).

Mars is the new CIA chief – Air Force General Michael Hayden (who had run the NSA, and was/is responsible for eavesdropping on USA citizens).

Mars is the new scandal concerning our troops committing a massacre (“war crime”) against innocent Iraqi civilians last November.

Mars represents our independent, individual rights as citizens (that are on the verge of being taken away by the present executive branch of the Federal Government).

Mars = our zeal, idealism, and courage (to speak out even though we feel oppressed, stifled and ignored).

Mars is our emotional, desire and passionate nature as human souls.

On the Subject of War

The above should give you a lot to ponder for the time being. However, in our News and Newsmakers section, you will see a story about Terrorism and President Bush (on my old website). You can still return to my old website and read over 18 articles on Terrorism and War (from 2001 to 2003) and a full, book-length manuscript about President Bush and America’s Destiny (5-Part Series).

Go to:

I was on Coast to Coast – the evening radio program – with Lisa Garr on July 1. We discussed the U.S.A Progressed Mars stopping on July 22, the build-up over the last few months, and what could happen during the summer and the rest of the year.

One of my main concerns for the last 5 years and, definitely, during the last few months was the absence of a true World Crisis. We had the September 11, 2001 terrorism events in America, and there have been other, isolated events like these in London, Madrid, India, Indonesia, and other lands. However, it had been a very long time since we had a World Crisis that could lead to something unthinkable.

THAT -- a mushrooming and possibly unstoppable World Crisis, more so than anything else – was what I was worried about over the last 5 years since realizing that America’s Progressed Mars was going to stop and go into reverse for 79 years starting on July 22, 2006. I think I did what needed to be done – as a professional astrologer, in this day and age – to articulate my views, get the word out, and hope that our leaders – and those around the world – would be wise enough not to ignore the planetary-volatile hot-spots and to find the wisdom to prevent a third world war.

During that radio interview, I had the presence of mind to look a little into the future and report the following. From October 5 to 7, 2006, transiting Mars in the sky will reach 18+ Libra – and therefore trigger and ignite the U.S.A. Progressed, Stationary and now Retrograde Mars at that same, precise zodiacal placement. This time-period will include a Full Moon – energizing 13+ Aries and Libra. America’s natal Sun is 13+ Cancer – exactly in square, a frictional and tense relationship, to that Full Moon. Furthermore, President George W. Bush has his Sun also at 13+ Cancer. Therefore, he will be afflicted at the same time. America’s Saturn is located at 14+ Libra – just one degree from this Full Moon. And our Saturn relates to authority, leadership and responsibility OR fear, failure, pessimism, limits and old karma.

And – in a chart that I have shared elsewhere on our website – in the article on The Fall of the Little King – when George Washington took the first Oath of Office as President (April 30, 1789), the planet Mars was located at 13+ Aries. I call this map, the horoscope of Presidential Power. Thus, the arrival of the red planet, in the real sky, during October 5 – 7, 2006, will coincide with an incredibly powerful Full Moon that ignites our national chart, the U.S.A. Progressed Mars, the Sun for President George W. Bush, and Mars in the chart of Presidential Power! Wow – that is quite an amazing group of contacts and makes me very concerned about what might happen in America and the world due to such a build-up and conglomeration of celestial forces.

As a confirmation of my concerns for this time-period coming up in October, my good friend Bob handed me a full page ad from today’s New York Times. The title was “The World Can’t Wait! Drive out the Bush Regime!” Where this group is making October 5 (!) a day of “Mass Resistance.” All kinds of celebrities, national leaders and unusual people have endorsed this national rally and who knows whether it will develop into a full-fledged, national event. It is astounding that the people organizing it have tuned into the October 5 date – one of the days I mentioned in the interview. October 5 is a Thursday. October 6 is a Friday and the actual date of the potent Full Moon. However, Full Moons always build up in intensity several days before they happen and still have ramifications for several days after they happen.

Following the above line of thought, we must all be alert and aware from Saturday October 21 through Wednesday October 25. This will include: a Powerful New Moon at 28+Libra* on October 21; a Sun-Mars union the next day, plus a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction; the Sun and Mars both shifting simultaneously into Scorpio the day after that; then a Venus-Mars union in Scorpio on October 24 and the last of three Jupiter-Saturn squares on October 25. This is not only a frightening series of planetary and cosmic line-ups, but all of this occurs just two weeks before the mid-term, national election on Tuesday November 7 – itself a very disturbing time, astrologically.

On the Subject of Israel…

*In the previous paragraph, I put an asterisk by 28+ Libra. Here is why. When Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948, Saturn and Pluto in Leo were close together – within 4 degrees. Saturn-Pluto conjunctions happen approximately every 35 years – depending on the eccentricities in Pluto’s orbit. In the year that Hezbollah was born (1982) – following Israel’s invasion of Lebanon that summer – there was another Saturn-Pluto conjunction, this time at 27+ Libra on November 8, 1982. Thus, the coming New Moon on October 21 at 28+ Libra will stimulate the awesome and dangerous energies of the Saturn-Pluto union that occurred in 1982 – the year Hezbollah came into being.

No one knows for sure the birthdate of Hezbollah, but there is almost universal agreement that Hezbollah began in 1982. And the Saturn-Pluto union in November of that year was probably the most awesome celestial sky alignment. In addition, a Saturn-Pluto union is not a very friendly, easy-going and happy rendezvous. Of course, it could be utilized for fantastic research, investigative and detective work, profound and serious study in a positive manner. Realistically, in the chart of a nation or for that of the founding of a terrorist group, a Saturn-Pluto conjunction is only going to make that entity or organization more determined, rigid, fanatical and extreme. I find it rather astounding – and depressing – that with Israel fighting Hezbollah, we have two groups that are plagued and motivated by the same celestial signature – Saturn conjunct Pluto.

[Critical Note: We should not forget that when Pakistan and India were separated on August 15, 1947, there was a precise Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo! Therefore, those two nations could equally wind up being the powder keg leading to a third world war – and both of those countries have nuclear weapons at their disposal.]

When the Israeli-Hezbollah violence began a few weeks ago, I put a brief notice on the front of the website – along with a color chart, and information that Israel is about to experience its second Saturn Return. Any person, group or country will have this “Identity Crisis” event every 29.5 years. Israel’s exact Saturn Return happens on August 19-20. The Full Moon that happens on August 9 is right on Israel’s Saturn.

So, let me say this – categorically – if our leaders were able to use astrology knowledge, wisdom and cycles right now, (a) our president and leadership would not have stood idly by at this crucial time and (b) we would not be on the brink of a third world war due to confusion, poor international communication and just plain stupidity by global leaders.

Astrology cycles – and awareness of New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, astrological alignments, national charts, rare progressions, stations of planets, mid-point analysis and so on – in the hands of wise, national leaders can help to ameliorate, neutralize or even extinguish world problems and military hotspots – because the consequences of ignorance, inaction and wrong moves can be known, analyzed and understood before they happen!

I have offered five charts for the time being for your study and reflection: Birth of the Islamic Civilization (July 16, 622 A.D. – Mohammed’s Hegira or Flight); Birth of Israel; signing of Iraq Sovereignty – supposed passing of power back from America to Iraq; two charts for Iran – Iran#1 from when the Shah’s last Prime Minister resigned, giving power over to the Ayatollah, and Iran#2, when the Islamic Republic of Iran was formally announced in Teheran. I prefer the Iran#1 chart and transiting Neptune will soon make its first crossing ever for the Sun of that chart (22+ Aquarius) in 2007-2008. I think that Neptune united with the Sun for Islamic Iran could be very chaotic and devastating for the Middle East and the entire world – due to the power of their religious beliefs, and that Neptune = Oil, and even just today Iran threatened that if we pushed forward with our efforts to stop their uranium enrichment, eventually the price of a barrel of oil could skyrocket to $200.

It is also very odd that the state of Florida – born on March 3, 1845, when it entered the Union – has Pluto at the same degree (22+ Aries) as for the birth of the Islamic Civilization! You will remember that Mohammed Atta and many of his group – the hijackers who crashed the planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon – were taking their flying lessons and living in Florida. Florida has a very troubling connection with radical Islam due to their astrological charts having identical Pluto placements. Pluto made five exact orbits around the zodiac from Mohammed’s Hegira in 622 A.D. to Florida entering the union on March 3, 1845. Therefore, one of the main states where governmental officials must be vigilant at all times – in order to help prevent another September 11 terrorist event – is Florida

I will end this feature on that scary and yet important note, but may add updates if and when the current Middle East crisis is defused or becomes more toxic and inflammatory. May cooler heads prevail in the days and weeks ahead. May President Bush finally step up to the plate as a true world leader along the lines of a Winston Churchill, Gandhi or Pope John Paul II. And May the Democratic Party find its voice and soul – in order to be a real counter-weight to the formidable Republicans three months from now.

P.S. August 4 -- 92 years ago, World War I officially began with the sounding of (what was eventually called) The Guns of August -- with a famous history of that time-period eventually written, with that title, by Barbara Tuchman. President John F. Kennedy helped us avoid World War III in October 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis because of his knowledge and wisdom gained from reading that book, and his understanding the foolishness and stupidity of European leaders in that shocking summer of 1914. [That book is on my desk right in front of me and President George W.Bush should be reading it extensively -- instead of his being immersed in studies of Abraham Lincoln so he can model himself after a wartime president.[

It should be noted that the first two world wars were ignited principally due to two factors: (a) long-standing racial or ethnic rivalries and hatred; (b) national cravings for more land and "space" for their peoples. This was brought to an ultimate extreme by Adolf Hitler's hatred and extermination of the Jews, and his longing for "living space" for a 1,000-year German Empire (that surived a mere 12 years -- 1933 to 1945).

The same motivating factors leading to WWI and WWII have been in place in the Middle East since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 -- long-standing ethnic or racial hatred, and the question of enough secure land for a nation (or the lack of land, in regard to the Palestinians).

Thus, the ingredients that could lead to a wider war have been stewing and boiling in the Middle East for the last 58-59 years. This also means that as Israel experiences its second Saturn Return now in August, the two largest planets -- Jupiter and Saturn -- are simultaneously returning to where they were located in 1948 over the next year or so.

Therefore, this so-called crisis can re-ignite if world leaders are not wise and careful almost anytime through 2007 -- even if a cease-fire is arranged. The Jupiter-Saturn celestial signature of 1948 is returning -- in the same zodiacal positions -- for the first time in 2006-2007 and this represents the Big Picture and Major Story of our times.

© 2006 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[To reach Mark for a reading, see Astrology Consultations – left-side column of our website. You can also e-mail him using the Contact Mark link on the website.]

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