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News > Top Stories Archives  > The Astrological Da Vinci Code: Part II

The Astrological Da Vinci Code: Part II

The Astrological Da Vinci Code: Part II | Top Stories Archives
Here are the Facts thus Far

Look at this list:

(1) New Moon Before Birth for da Vinci: Uranus exactly stationary and Sun-Moon located at 9+ Aries

(2) Leonardo da Vinci born: Mercury at 9+ Aries becomes his potent and lifelong Channel of Destiny

(3) Uranus Discovered March 13, 1781: Mercury is located at 11+ Aries

(4) New Moon Before Birth for Einstein: The Sun-Moon at 2+ Pisces are precisely with no orb! opposite Uranus at 2+ Virgo! [This also means that Uranus was exactly in conjunction with the Earth at the New Moon Before Birth for Einstein. This Uranus-Earth union can only occur for just a few minutes of time during one calendar year. Another way of putting this is that the Sun, Moon, Earth and Uranus were all in a direct line in the solar system during the New Moon Before Birth for Einstein.]

(5) Albert Einstein born: Like da Vinci and the Discovery of Uranus, Mercury is in the first half of Aries and almost exactly conjunct the planet of the material world and how everything is structured and formed – Saturn.

IMPORTANT! Hidden within the 5 points above is the Fundamental Astrological Da Vinci Code. It speaks of future-math-science and also hints of the critical necessity to explore the New Moon Before Birth for yourself (and any other person you are researching in astrology), the station of planets, and whether one or more Channels of Destiny appear in an astrological chart.

You will want to start thinking of the New Moon Before Birth chart as your key tie-in to what we might call your Group Soul, National Soul or Collective Soul. There are tens of millions of souls incarnating on Earth during any 29 ½ day solar-lunar cycle. Each one of us is a vital part of such an enormous cosmic entity or energy-field on spiritual levels. However, in terms of practical and everyday reality, we have almost no awareness of this spiritual and invisible connection.

Beyond the New Moon Before Birth, you will also want to study the Full Moon closest to your birth. In addition, there are the Progressed New and Full Moons after your birth. These charts are studied more widely in astrological analysis. It’s usually the New and Full Moon before our birth that have become forgotten or ignored.

Now that we are beginning to work with the Astrological Da Vinci Code, realize that there are great and secret keys locked away in these pre-birth, dynamic solar-lunar charts. Note: If the New Moon Before your birth happens to coincide with an eclipse – mainly a Total or Annular Solar Eclipse – that will add potency to its influence in your destiny and life direction. The same thing holds true if the Full Moon closest to your birth was also a Partial or Total Lunar Eclipse.

However, we have only revealed 1/8 of the Da Vinci/Einstein iceberg while 7/8 remains to be explored.

What am I really saying and Why am I saying it?

I cannot prove the following, but I know the core of the reality is sound.

Separated by approximately 500 years of time as reckoned on our planet, the lives, achievements and contributions of Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein form a Secret and Mysterious Parallel – that I am now revealing with the aid of an astrological coding device.

I will not say that the same soul or spirit incarnated in each man – based on reincarnation (something I definitely believe in and have studied for well over 30 years). Although, I also think – and will explain in a moment – why it is still possible that the same entity that lived as Leonardo da Vinci returned as Albert Einstein.

What I will say – without a shadow of a doubt – is that the miraculous body of scientific work expressed by both men are very similar relative to the ages in which they lived and that the planets Mercury and Uranus were Secret Keys guiding their evolutionary journeys and destinies in those lifetimes.

Were da Vinci and Einstein the Same Soul?

As a sidelight to the Astrological Da Vinci Code, this is a very fascinating and intriguing question. As indicated above, I feel that it is a certainty that whatever cosmic forces wanted to transfigure humanity from 1452-1519 (da Vinci’s life-span) and 1879-1955 (Einstein’s life-span) did so through these two people – more so than any other two people in history at those times. And through the mechanism of future-math-science as a spiritual pathway.

So, if the masterworks and genius of these two immortals stand out – 500 years apart – and we can say with some measure of confidence that da Vinci and Einstein seemed to “stand above almost all others” in their SCOPE and BREADTH of knowledge, wisdom and understanding of universal truths, then what kind of astrological and zodiacal connections should we find or be looking for to link them as souls?

Now that kind of question could be a book in itself. Imagine trying to figure out a set of astrological and zodiacal rules to determine whether two individuals separated in human history were the same soul. What will be the criteria? How close do alignments have to be between the charts to “clinch the deal” that these two people are the same soul reincarnating so many years later in the future? And what alignments should we be looking at for the maximum proof? Furthermore, what charts should be used to get the “final answer” of a “Yes!” or “No!”? Should we give maximum weight to a comparison of the two birth charts? Or should we try to link the first person’s death chart to the next person’s birth chart? What about these New Moon Before Birth charts? How might they fit in to the analysis?

I do not have those kinds of answers at this time and sense I probably never will. But! Just working with (a) your intuition (a Mercury-Uranus talent!) and (b) the life stories of the two men and (c) some snazzy astrological tools, I believe all these in total can guide you along the right track.

Here are several “for examples” as we ponder the question of whether da Vinci reincarnated as Einstein.

When you study the WHOLE life of Leonardo da Vinci, you realize that he had an innate talent for inspired art (something he must have been trained in over and over again in prior lives). However, his great fascination and longing was to (a) understand the nature of things and the world via scientific inquiries; (b) solve mathematical problems that had stumped keen intellects for thousands of years before him; (c) and apply his artistry, intelligence, wisdom and genius to inventing scientific devices, not only to advance human civilization, but for the purposes of military defense (and/or offense) and in civil engineering projects in the rise of the cities of the Renaissance during which he lived.

When you study the WHOLE life of Albert Einstein, you realize that he was focused on revolutionizing our understanding of the Laws of the Cosmos, Solar System, gravitation, change of matter into energy (and the reverse) – culminating in E=MC2, the most famous mathematical equation of the last 101 years, if not all of human history. This equation also formed the basis of the search to split the atom and create the first Nuclear Chain Reaction (Dec. 2, 1942). Eventually, this led to the scary situation our fragile planet is in now (and has been in since 1945) with the detonation of the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

If you look closely at the all-consuming dedication and near obsession concerning science, mathematics and understanding nature and its laws by both men, I think you will come away sensing there is a deep bond between da Vinci and Einstein as souls.

Before looking at some chart comparisons, think of the following: One of Einstein’s most important early experiences (about age 4-5) was connected to why a compass needle behaves as it does. Leonardo da Vinci was also fascinated with the compass later on in his life. They were both consumed with understanding Euclidean Geometry – da Vinci in the latter portion of his life and Einstein early on – by the age of 12.

And this is very amazing: The year after Einstein was born, his family moved to Munich, Germany and eventually to Milan, Italy. In Milan, Italy, Einstein’s father and uncle opened up a shop having to do with electrical products and engineering supplies. Back in 1482, Leonardo da Vinci moved from Florence to Milan (!) – when he was 30 years old (a Saturn Return cycle) – and, once there, da Vinci wound up writing to the Duke who was the leader of Milan and da Vinci obtained a job as a military engineer (!) – using his inventive skills, art and mathematical genius to create weapons of war!

Furthermore, it was Einstein’s famous equation of E=MC2 which eventually led to the Manhattan Project in America and the race to develop an atomic bomb. Even though Einstein was a pacifist at heart (like da Vinci), when he realized that Hitler and the Nazis were going to create a World War, he encouraged European nations to build up in armaments so they would be prepared. Leonardo da Vinci was on a very similar track back in the late 1400s!

Comparing Charts

Some of the most compelling connections between these men are hard to dismiss as pure chance.

Take a quick look at their natal charts. I am using an early morning time for da Vinci – which most other researchers have used – but my timing may be a little different than theirs. There is no birth time recording for da Vinci. However, we can see that da Vinci is born with Mars, Jupiter and the Moon close together for sure, and probably very near the Eastern horizon. Einstein is born with the Moon, Mars and Jupiter near the Western horizon.

Mars and Jupiter will only be near each other every 2+ years. Within that 2+ year cycle, the Moon will converge with Mars and Jupiter for about 2 days, maybe twice – about a lunar cycle of 28 days apart. Translation? It’s a pretty rare combination for the Moon to be very close to both Jupiter and Mars – particularly without the presence of any other celestial bodies in that grouping.

What makes this link up even more astounding is if you go back to the New Moon Before Birth for da Vinci. Recall that the New Moon Before Birth is a precisely timed chart. You will see Mars at 28+ Capricorn in the 7th house and Jupiter at 26+ Aquarius in the 8th house and near the 9th house cusp. Now compare this to the same planets in Albert Einstein’s natal chart. Mars and Jupiter are not only in the same signs, but they are virtually in the same exact degrees of the zodiac! Even the sequence and order of the Sun, Mercury and Venus – in the 10th house of both of these charts – are the same.

There are two other extremely unique contacts:

(1) Venus at da Vinci’s birth is located at 24 Taurus 41. Pluto at Einstein’s birth is located at 24 Taurus 44. That’s a conjunction within 3 minutes of exactitude and happening 427 years apart! Venus is very important for da Vinci because it rules his Taurus Sun-sign, is in its own, natural sign, and has much to do with artistic talents.

Einstein faired poorly in art (although he played the violin) as a student while math and science were his off-the-charts, strong suits. This makes sense if we are talking about the evolutionary advance of a soul that has already tremendously excelled as an artist. In other words, if you have already become one of the greatest artists who ever lived, wouldn’t you eventually go on to try something different centuries later – particularly if you were on a rather exalted divine mission to help save humanity from its own self-destruction as a violent species?

(2) The Uranus placements at the New Moon Before Birth for da Vinci and in his natal chart are focused at 22 Cancer. When Einstein died, there was a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at this same degree area! Therefore, we know that there were 6* complete Uranus cycles of 84 years through the zodiac that link the birth of Leonardo da Vinci to the death of Albert Einstein. Because of what I have already related about the power of Uranus – via the Astrological Da Vinci Code – we now realize that Uranian vibrations are even more intrinsically connected between these two advanced humans (who may be the same soul).

*You might want to imagine these six, full Uranian cycles around the zodiac – encompassing da Vinci’s birth in 1452 and Einstein’s death in 1955 – as a Six-Pointed Star (a great symbol of Nature, Peace, Harmony, Beauty and the interlacing of Heaven and Earth). The Six-Pointed Star is also known historically as the Hexagram, Seal of Solomon or the Star of David. It is also a magical talisman that goes back thousands of years.

The Statistical Wizardry of Michel Gauquelin

Not too many decades ago, a French statistician and researcher – Michel Gauquelin along with his wife Francoise– created an enormous revolution in astrology by determining that certain planets were unusually prominent (in specific places in the sky) at the births of sports champions, writers, doctors, scientists, actors, journalists, and so on.

By analyzing thousands of timed birth charts – for celebrities and people from a variety of fields – he was able to prove that far beyond chance there was a greater likelihood for, say, sports champions and military men to have Mars in one of two zones in the sky (around the eastern horizon and slightly above that horizon, and near the Midheaven and somewhat to the west).

He found similar correlations for doctors and scientists (while investigating Saturn), and actors, journalists and politicians (while researching the Moon and Jupiter). Jupiter is also in the strong, power zones of the sky at the birth of military leaders.

The first reason this is important is that both da Vinci (with Moon conjunct Jupiter, and probably rising) and Einstein (Jupiter in Aquarius in the 9th house) are prominent from a Jupiterian perspective. How can we understand this? Very simply. They were both (a) fantastic as journalists or writers – with soaring imaginations and intuitive abilities; (b) public figures or actors on the stage of the world, who were larger than life, and Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system; (c) their lives forced them into dealing with military matters, with life-and-death consequences.

Another reason the Gauquelin statistical research is important is because it reminds us of a major, traditional meaning of Saturn (logical science, and science conducted in a serious and profound manner!). Plus – this can lead us to a deeper exploration of the relative placements of Mercury and Saturn in the birthcharts of da Vinci and Einstein.

The Teacher-Mentor Archetype of Saturn, and Mercury’s Role as the Divine Messenger

As indicated earlier in this article, one of the most crucial keys to understanding Einstein is to realize that he came into the world during the one 24-hour period in 1879 when Mercury united with Saturn.

The revolution that Einstein created could be said in the following way: His intellectual power (Mercury) enlightened humanity and scientists (Saturn) about understanding the laws (Saturn) and structure (Saturn) of the cosmos. His theories changed our comprehension of the relativity of time, and Saturn has always been represented by Father Time, the clock, and the chronological sequence of days, weeks and months that we have organized over the centuries into a fairly reliable calendar.

You can even make a celestial substitution for E = MC2 in the following manner: Sun = Saturn multiplied by Mercury squared (where the Sun is Energy, Saturn stands for Mass, and Mercury symbolizes speed or movement of light). Therefore, we might call this the Astrological Einstein Code.

What’s remarkable is that if we return to da Vinci’s birthmap, we see a Mercury-Saturn polarity or opposition. Any polarity is similar to a Full Moon – since at the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition, and the Moon completely reflects the light of the Sun. It represents a sense of climax and crescendo or a tug of war of complementary principles.

In da Vinci, Mercury opposite Saturn stands for the mental (Mercury) need to comprehend how the world and the laws of nature work (Saturn) – via intense observation, illustration and literary abilities (Mercury). Any opposition finds its union and resolution when the same two planets are conjunct (Einstein’s birth)! Therefore, from April 15, 1452 (Mercury opposite Saturn) to March 14, 1879 (Mercury conjunct Saturn), we find the unification (Mercury-Saturn for Einstein) of what had been formerly divided (Mercury-Saturn for da Vinci) 427 years earlier.*

*Four footnotes in this regard concerning Saturn and Mercury:

(A) Saturn has always had a reputation for being somewhat of a loner, hermit or alienated figure. This could have come from the fact that it was the outermost planet (thus, most distant of the celestial bodies) to the ancients who were not aware of the existence of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

After Einstein came up with his astounding theories about energy, mass, relativity, gravitation, time and the nature of the cosmos, he spent the last few decades of his life obsessed by coming up with what is called the Unified Field Theory -- a theory or formula that would clearly and exactly link electromagnetism (in the physical and atomic realms) with gravitation and light (in the cosmic realms). Einstein became a rather isolated figure (a la Saturn) within his own realm of physics as other highly respected researchers put forward rival views on Quantum Mechanics very different from his own.

(B) When da Vinci died on May 2, 1519, Saturn in the sky -- exactly within 1 minute of arc! -- opposed his natal Uranus. Not only is such a transit-to-natal pattern synchronistic with a possible time of dying or disturbing transition in life, but if there is a tie-in between da Vinci and Einstein as the same soul entity, then we see Saturn at work at da Vinci’s death almost like a time-traveling forerunner of the dominant role it will have in Einstein’s life 400-500 years in the future.

(C) Mercury was moving as fast as possible – during that time of the year – on March 14, 1879 when Albert Einstein was born. So, he not only had a rendezvous between Mercury and Saturn in his natal chart, but he had Mercury – the Messenger of the Gods! – moving at the fastest daily speed possible. The accelerating and decelerating motion of Mercury has much to do with your mental approach in life. Leonardo da Vinci was born shortly after Mercury had been in a three-week retrograde cycle, but this planet was also accelerating in daily speed when he was born.

(D) Mercury also acts differently if it is rising in front of the Sun or whether it sets after the Sun. This is a big deal in astrological analysis and Dane Rudhyar – along with his mentor Dr. Marc Edmund Jones – wrote a lot about the concepts of Mercury in its Promethean expression (“morning star” and rising before the Sun) and Epimethean expression (“evening star” and setting after the Sun).

Since da Vinci was born with Mercury rising some 24 degrees in front of his Sun, he incarnated with an extremely curious, pioneering and forward-looking mind. Rudhyar and Jones would see this as extremely “eager” and that the individual with this pattern would project the mind and consciousness out into the world in eager expectation of learning. It sets the mind up as a revolutionary vehicle because – for da Vinci – his Mercury in Aries is in a different sign from the Sun (Taurus), and his Mercury is also the Channel of Destiny!

On the other hand, Einstein incarnated with Mercury in setting formation – some 10 degrees behind the Sun, and as we have learned with Saturn, often considered to be the arch-enemy of the Sun in ancient and medieval astrology. In addition, like da Vinci, Einstein has the Sun in one sign (Pisces) and Mercury in a different sign (Aries).

Individuals born with Mercury in this “Epimethean” mode are experts at learning from history and tend to be more cautious in their mental expression than people who have “Promethean” Mercury placements.

However, if we are talking about the same soul inhabiting the body of da Vinci and Einstein, then what would be more appropriate than in the first life having Mercury rising ahead of the Sun (foresight) and then having Mercury setting behind the Sun (hindsight) in the life 400-500 years in the future – a future life when you certainly want to be able to look backward to re-learn and study what you absorbed centuries before?

By the way, in ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus and Epimetheus were brothers whose names meant “foresight” and “hindsight.” You can make an excellent case here that da Vinci and Einstein had very complementary Sun-Mercury placements at birth that would dovetail well if the same soul-sprit were in charge of the incarnation process in each life.

Waterbearers for Humanity: Offering Electrical Waters as Forerunners for the New Age of Aquarius

On another level, it is fascinating that da Vinci was consumed with a life-long obsession about water. His famous Codex – bought by Bill Gates (who was born during the same year that Einstein died, and whose Sun in watery Scorpio is almost precisely opposite the Sun in Taurus for da Vinci) – is now on loan and display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. It has unbelievable illustrations of inventions (like the parachute, helicopter, scuba diving equipment, submarine, tank, special kinds of bridges, even solar energy device based on mirrors and reflected light from water, etc). Plus – there is da Vinci’s mysterious mirror-writing (right to left – and backwards!) and thousands of pages of text, and extraordinary anatomy drawings. He was left-handed. Mirrors and water have always been associated with the Moon.

Leonardo da Vinci was born with a Moon-Jupiter union in Pisces – the final water sign of the zodiac. He actually believed that the Moon reflected the Sun’s light because the Moon was covered with water! While that wasn’t true of course (the telescope had not yet been invented), it is a statement about da Vinci’s own natal Moon in the watery sign of Pisces!

When Albert Einstein was born, the Sun was in Pisces. Therefore, we have one genius with the Moon (symbolizing Personality) in Pisces who might have chosen to be reborn 427 years later with the Sun (symbolizing Character, and the evolution from one cycle to the next) in Pisces.

Note: If you look at Einstein’s death chart, you will see the Moon at the beginning of Pisces. From da Vinci’s birth with the Moon in early Pisces to Einstein’s death with the Moon in early Pisces, we see another synchronicity regarding their lives and the element of water.

It is also noteworthy that the first water sign of the zodiac – Cancer – was rising with Uranus at the New Moon Before Birth connected to da Vinci while Einstein was also born with Cancer rising. By the way, one of Einstein’s favorite hobbies was sailing!

The power of water for both men shows up in another way. The every-20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycles – major influences of social and world events – shift approximately every 180-240 years from one element to another. This has been studied going back to the Chaldeans and Babylonians hundreds of years before the time of Jesus. The larger cycle lasts around 794-800 years and follows the sequence of fire, earth, air and water.

Starting in 1425 (27 years before da Vinci’s birth) and lasting through the 1500s (well past the death of da Vinci), all the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions every 20 years were in water signs. In fact, in June 1504, the Jupiter-Saturn union energized 16+ Cancer – the exact rising degree at the New Moon Before Birth of da Vinci. What was happening in 1504? He was in the process of completing his most famous work of art – the Mona Lisa.

When he was 26-27 years old in 1478-1479, three very rare Uranus-Neptune conjunctions struck the very end of the water sign of Scorpio. Uranus-Neptune unions only occur about every 171 years. Here was yet another gigantic influence in the water realm influencing the life, career and scientific inquiries of Leonardo da Vinci.

To add to the cavalcade regarding major planetary unions in water signs affecting the psyche and future of Leonardo da Vinci, we also find that just 6-7 years before his birth (1445-1446), there were also three Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in late Cancer. The element of water was being accentuated over and over again during the decades of the 1400s, and Leonardo da Vinci became a conduit through which the mysteries and secrets of cosmic water could be revealed for future generations who would be inspired by his inventions pertaining to this elemental quality.

In 1897 – when Albert Einstein was 18 years old and well into his mathematical and scientific studies – there were three shocking and disturbing Saturn-Uranus conjunctions also in late Scorpio (re-triggering the Uranus-Neptune unions from 1478-1479 from da Vinci’s time). Saturn-Uranus conjunctions happen approximately every 45 years. Eight years after 1897, Einstein came up with his Theory of Relativity – bringing the formula of E = MC2 into the world. Einstein’s water Sun-sign in the last section of Pisces formed a flowing trine pattern to the Saturn-Uranus unions in late Scorpio in 1897. During the year of the next Saturn-Uranus union (1942), physicist Enrico Fermi and his team of scientists created the first Nuclear Chain Reaction* – something that could only have been attempted and accomplished from the knowledge gained in Einstein’s theories and mathematical formulas.

*In another fascinating parallel between the lives of da Vinci and Einstein, when the first Nuclear Chain Reaction happened in December 1942 and the secret Manhattan Project was being conducted in New Mexico – leading to the creation of atomic bombs – transiting Neptune in Libra and Pluto in Leo were returning precisely back to their natal placements in da Vinci’s chart from 1452! This is because there is an approximately 490+ year cycle regarding the two outermost planets. It was Albert Einstein’s mathematical genius in the early 1900s that led physicists and scientists to believe they could split the atom, release and control enormous amounts of energy, in order to create a super-weapon. Remember that da Vinci spent a good portion of his life as a military engineer for the Duke of Milan – designing and building weapons to protect this region from enemy city-states or France, its restless and often volatile neighbor to the west.

7th Harmonic Charts

In the chart section below, you will see that the last two maps are for the 7th harmonic charts for da Vinci and Einstein. What are harmonic charts and what does the 7th harmonic symbolize?

This is another vast subject, but suffice it to say that various researchers in the 20th century – particularly John Addey – explored a revolutionary method of extracting the essence and numerical significance of certain aspects or mathematical relationships of planetary alignments in birthcharts.

For instance, if a person is born with Mercury and Uranus close to a septile (51+ degree aspect or 1/7 of the zodiacal circle), when you construct a 7th harmonic chart, those planets will be conjunct. They will also be conjunct if Mercury and Uranus are bi-septile (102+ degrees apart), and so on.

With the modern astrological software programs, it is easy to print out and study almost any harmonic you want and with the appropriate study techniques and books – one of which is David Hamblin’s Harmonic Charts – you can understand the deeper life purpose and destiny of any individual.

I was introduced to the concept and field of harmonics a long time ago and use these charts (mainly the 5th, 7th and 9th) for a wide variety of purposes. The 5th harmonic is connected strongly to mind, thought and intelligence, the 7th harmonic is associated with imagination, intuition, mysteries and secrets of a cosmic nature, and the 9th harmonic (often referred to as the Navamsa chart in Indian or Hindu Astrology) shows strong links to divine love, search for one’s soul-mate, ultimate joy, peace and contentment.

Concerning the difference between the 5th and 7th harmonic charts, author David Hamblin says the following: “Human order may be found in the number Five, but cosmic order is sought in the number Seven.” Just before this statement, he suggests that Five relates to Man while Seven relates to God – a very similar concept that goes back to Pythagorean Numerology from the 6th and 5th centuries B.C.

If you take an objective view of da Vinci and Einstein – for their entire lives – it is not hard to come to the conclusion that the number 7 (the goal of attuning to and understanding Cosmic Order) has got to be an overriding keynote for their destinies as two of the greatest geniuses every to grace the human kingdom.

What do we discover in their 7th harmonic charts? Leonardo da Vinci has a very close Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Gemini while Albert Einstein has a very close Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Aries!* Both unions are within approximately 1 degree and that means that, in their natal maps, the bi-septile of Mercury-Uranus for da Vinci was nearly precise while the septile of Mercury-Pluto for Einstein was nearly precise. Both da Vinci and Einstein have the principle of SEVEN-NESS etched into their natal charts – and, most importantly, the common denominator is Mercury for both of them.

*In another link confirming the Astrological Da Vinci Code, it turns out that at Leonardo da Vinci’s death, Mercury and Uranus were in a close and approaching conjunction! Any major alignment at the time of a person’s death becomes a guiding symbol of what that individual’s life meant. In this case, the Mercury-Uranus combination is one of the strongest for da Vinci – Uranus stationary at the New Moon Before Birth; Mercury as his Channel of Destiny; Mercury and Uranus in a nearly exact bi-septile, 102+ degree aspect at birth, leading to their conjunction in his 7th harmonic chart.

When Einstein died, we also see his Mercury-Pluto energy prominently established since they are in a close trine (also including the Sun) in fire signs. Since Einstein had a nearly precise Mercury-Pluto septile of 51+ degrees in his natal chart and their conjunction in the 7th harmonic chart, it is then another remarkable confirmation of their meaning in his life that they are in a close, harmonious rapport when he dies and leaves the world stage on April 18, 1955. In fact, you could make the case that Einstein evolved in his life from the formidable conjunction of Mercury-Saturn to the more extreme, death-rebirth and metamorphic Mercury-Pluto association.

Were da Vinci and Einstein Mystics?

Following through on this topic of the 7th harmonic chart and its meaning, David Hamblin (author of Harmonic Charts) also offers the following words that can describe the quality of “sevenness”: magic; mystery; divinity; imagination; fantasy; and romance.

When he uses the word “romance,” it is more in the nature of magnetic resonance on higher levels of consciousness than the emotional desire for ecstatic love with another person.

I believe a survey/poll could be taken of a large number of fairly-well educated people – having graduated high school and knowing a reasonable amount of history – posing the following two questions: What is the most famous painting in the world? What is the most famous scientific formula in the world?

The results will show that the number one answers will be the Mona Lisa and E=MC2. In essence, this means that Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein are recognized as the top artist and scientist in human history – from our vantage point in the 21st century.

Where these two giant figures on the world stage meet is through their mutual love of mathematics and an insatiable desire to uncover the grand design of nature and the universe. And it is that life path that I believe constitutes mysticism.

Great philosophers like Emanuel Swedenborg, Jakob Boehm, Rudolf Steiner, George Gurdjieff and even Buddha, Pythagoras and Jesus would probably fall into the category of great mystics. The number 7 has been considered the “mystical number” for centuries.

Now we have seen that both Leonardo da Vinci (born with a Mercury-Uranus bi-septile aspect, 2/7 of the zodiacal circle, within 7 minutes of exactitude) and Albert Einstein (born with a Mercury-Pluto septile aspect, 1/7 of the zodiacal circle, within 9 minutes of exactitude) have the quality of sevenness deeply etched into the fabric of their birthmaps. Their 7th harmonic charts reveal this hidden power by showing the da Vinci Mercury-Uranus 7th harmonic conjunction and the Einstein Mercury-Pluto 7th harmonic conjunction.

To me this settles the question and gives us the answer that in addition to being the most famous or greatest artist and scientist in history, both da Vinci and Einstein should be recognized as phenomenal mystics whose lives are somehow being intertwined astrologically and spiritually in the march of human evolution.

Chiron in Aquarius and Coming Back Full Circle

As I near the end of this unusual story, we find another celestial body tying together some cosmic and chronological threads.

Chiron – the small, comet-like body discovered on November 1, 1977 – has been a part of the astrological lexicon for less than 30 years. However, so many books have been written about its meaning and its orbit (taking approximately 50 years and moving between Saturn and Uranus), that it seems virtually indispensable as a celestial body for us to understand how the solar system works and who we are as divinely-inspired human beings struggling to evolve, lifetime after lifetime.

I have written many features on Chiron over the years when I published the pioneering astrology journal – Welcome to Planet Earth – reaching thousands of readers from 1981-2000. In addition, many of the writers contributing articles – particularly Zane Stein – focused their attention in the 1980s and 1990s on the meaning of this “wounded healer” celestial body, named after a great, mentor-teacher-sage centaur of ancient Greek mythology. Chiron is strongly associated with the concepts of maverick, outsider, bridge-building, alternative medicine, holistic healing, wounds and pains, déjà vu, time displacement, twilight zones, ETS, UFOs, and parallel universes.

When I was studying this entire subject and coming up with the idea for the Astrological Da Vinci Code, I also stumbled onto a unique Chiron placement that keeps appearing. Here is what’s going on with Chiron.

When da Vinci died (May 2, 1519) Chiron is stationary at 9 degrees of Aquarius. When Einstein was born (March 14, 1879), Chiron at 5+ Taurus is conjunct da Vinci’s natal Sun (3+ Taurus). When Einstein dies (April 18, 1955), Chiron is back again in Aquarius (and rising) – very close to where it was when da Vinci died in 1519.

Meanwhile, when author Dan Brown is born (June 22, 1964), Chiron is exactly stationary and therefore exceedingly powerful. And now – with the film version of The Da Vinci Code – thrust before the entire world, it is one full Chiron cycle since the death of Einstein and Chiron is not only back in early Aquarius, but it has just become stationary during the last few days and is almost precisely located where it was when da Vinci died in 1519.

What makes this part of the story all the more astounding is that as I write these words, Chiron in Aquarius is about to rise -- AND – drum roll, please! -- it turns out that Leonardo da Vinci’s natal Sun at 3+ Taurus happens to be the one, precise degree placement in the zodiac where Chiron was discovered on November 1, 1977!

To think this could just be a coincidence or an accident is to fool oneself. This is part of some invisible process going on that we cannot see. Leonardo da Vinci’s Sun placement at 3+ Taurus is the one degree out of 360 where Chiron will wind up being discovered some 525 years after his birth! Then Dan Brown – who dreams up the idea of the Da Vinci Code for his novel – is born at a precise Chiron station. This is very much in the keeping of the meaning of Chiron itself.

Speaking of what we cannot see, here are four quotations – two each from da Vinci and Einstein – to end this initial airing out of the Astrological Da Vinci Code. I do hope you will write in with your comments, opinions and ideas. There is much, much more to all this.

For instance, Dan Brown is born with a nearly precise Grand Cross (imagine a crucifixion or Christian cross here for effect!) of Mars in early Gemini, Uranus in early Virgo, the Moon in early Sagittarius, and Saturn in early Pisces. Considering his now clear “assault” on Christian orthodoxy – whether intentional or not through his novel – it is astounding that his astrological birthchart should contain its own nearly precise cross or crucifixion.

Another thought is just like we had approximately 500 years between the lives, philosophies and master teachings of Buddha and Jesus (sustaining and giving birth to the religious epoch of the Piscean Age), perhaps we have 500 years between the lives, scientific discoveries and master teachings of da Vinci and Einstein (sustaining and giving birth to the scientific epoch of the Aquarian Age).

This is all-the-more real because one of the vital components of the Astrological Da Vinci Code as I have explained is the power of Uranus at the New Moon Before Birth charts for both da Vinci and Einstein – one having the exact station and the other having a precise polarity to the New Moon itself.

Do not forget that Uranus is the ruling planet of Aquarius and therefore we are moving from a 2,160-year world epoch guided by Pisces (and its ruler Neptune, connected very strongly to religion) to a 2,160-year world age guided by Aquarius (and its ruler Uranus, connected very strongly to science).

”Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?” – Leonardo da Vinci

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

“Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.” – Leonardo da Vinci

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.” – Albert Einstein

© 2006 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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