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News > Top Stories Archives  > The Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006

The Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006

The Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006 | Top Stories Archives
Dateline: Monday March 6, 2006 Note: This story is also covered as a .pdf on the upper right side (under Download Current Issue) of our website under the title: Will There be a Banking or Stock Market Crash in 2006?
It appears to be highly significant that I write this troubling article (a) the day after the film Crash has won the Academy Award for best movie and (b) on the 80th anniversary of the birth of former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan – whose incarnation on March 6, 1926 occurred on the day that karma-producing Saturn stopped in Scorpio from the Earth’s perspective.

Why do I include the word “troubling” in referring to this feature? No one likes to discuss the subject of a major financial panic or crash affecting the American economy and rippling throughout global stock markets. Nevertheless, the USA is teetering on fiscal insolvency with hundreds of billions of dollars in annual, federal and trade deficits, and total debt – much of which is held by countries like Japan and China in the form of treasury notes and various government-backed securities.

If another September 11 type terrorist event were to strike on our soil, warfare develop between the USA and Iran or the price of oil were to skyrocket, the fragile economic system could fall apart.

At the end of this story in Part II, I will offer a hint that all this may be happening for the good and due to a massive restructuring of the global monetary network by cosmic forces via Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. However, right now I want to give the fundamental reasons why I believe there will be a banking/market panic and crash over approximately a two-year period from 2006-2008. NOTE: Three astrology charts related to this feature are included in the .pdf to the right of this article on our main webpage. That .pdf can be opened using Adobe on your computer.

IMPORTANT: Please do no buy or sell stocks, securities, precious metals, real estate, etc., based on astrological information in this article or follow-up features. The cycles I am discussing are affecting nations, corporate structures and major organizations. You have personal transits and progressions affecting your own birthchart and should order a consultation to determine your investment plans for the future. Do not just look at the DJIA as an indicator of whether financial fortunes are going up or down. There are serious problems with the American and global economic systems -- yet hidden, powerful Plutocratic forces are attempting to manipulate information and indices. It is still possible for business market indicators to go up while financial imbalances and dangers are growing.

The Financial Past

There have been numerous financial disasters in American history. Some of these were ignited by bank failures, railroad bankruptcies, major corporate scandals, the exposing of a manipulative currency scheme, years of boom and inflation, and the impending fear of a crash – leading to the withdrawal of cash savings or frantic selling of stocks. The years 1819, 1837, 1857, 1873, 1893, 1901, 1907, 1929 and 1987 all stand out as highly significant in this regard. There were other years of problems, downturns and recessions, but the above years are the most dominant.

Depending on what occurs in the next few months, I may go into detail about the astrological sky patterns synchronistic with these financial panics and crashes. What’s important to note is that (a) in every one of these years – particularly at the exact time of the fiscal crisis – extreme astrological signatures were taking place and (b) those astrological patterns (often squares, oppositions, T-Square triangles and Grand Crosses) were directly zapping the horoscopes of America (July 4, 1776) and the New York Stock Exchange /NYSE (May 17, 1792).

For example, during the panic in May 1837, the Sun exactly crossed America’s natal Vesta (investments; national safety and security) as the crisis began and a Grand Cross in the fixed, power signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius occurred – including Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Aquarius. This was also a unique year when the planet of shocks, surprises and revolution – Uranus in Pisces – made a precise right angle of 90 degrees to its placement in Gemini when America was born on July 4, 1776.

During the panic of 1873, Saturn in Capricorn made three crossings of America’s natal Pluto (extremes; underworld mysteries, secrets and fears) in our second house of financial assets and banking. It was the first time this had occurred in three decades. Simultaneously and moving much more slowly, Neptune in late Aries was united with the NYSE Saturn (falls; failures; limits) for the first time ever, opposing its own placement in Libra in the NYSE chart, and also in exact square formation to America’s Pluto.

In the panic of May 1901, the Sun and Venus united with America’s Vesta while the two largest planets in the solar system – Jupiter and Saturn, both in Capricorn, and having just made stations – were opposing the life force of America’s Sun in Cancer. In addition, a Total Solar Eclipse struck on May 18, 1901 – exactly hitting the Sun of the NYSE. To make matters more extreme in 1901, Uranus in Sagittarius was opposing Pluto in Gemini – creating a solar systemic battle royal on the explosive Mars/Uranus midpoint at 15 Gemini-Sagittarius in America’s birthchart.

The financial panic of 1907 – with trigger points in March and October – is a veritable proving ground of the power of astrology. On March 14, a New Moon at 23 Pisces happened at the same time that Mars opposed Pluto from 22 Sagittarius to 22 Gemini. Now 22 degrees of Gemini just happens to be America’s Mars and 23 degrees of Virgo is America’s Neptune. Therefore, the potent New Moon of March 14, 1907* was a fiery, underworld catalyst of extreme proportions and Saturn also played its often restrictive and economic contraction role by being within 4 degrees of the Sun in Pisces.

By the way, the panic of 1907 had a second trigger point that struck on Monday October 21 – the day of a Full Moon at 27 degrees of Aries-Libra. This is exactly the Saturn-Neptune polarity when the NYSE came into existence on May 17, 1792. Saturn equates with falling prices and lack of confidence while Neptune connects with dissolution, acidic conditions, mass confusion, deception and waves of economic turbulence.

The critical financial events of October 1907 may have been a harbinger of the two future crashes that both occurred in October – 1929 and 1987. The 1987 crash on October 19 contained the greatest percentage loss of the Dow Jones Industrial Average ever (22.6%) with the DJIA falling 508 points. The Chairman of the NYSE was quoted as saying: “It’s the nearest thing to a meltdown that I ever want to see.” [Note: Later on in Part II, I will show some eerie comparisons between the two October crashes of 1929 and 1987. For instance, both crashes occurred during the “dark Moon phase” in which the Sun-Moon distance is 34 and 36 degrees, respectively. Amazingly, the NYSE has the same “dark Moon phase” in its chart with a Sun-Moon distance of 37 degrees!]

There is no doubt that the Big One of American financial history occurred from Thursday October 24, 1929 to Tuesday October 29, 1929. The extreme selling panic during the morning hours of October 24 was somewhat ameliorated that afternoon when Richard Whitney – Vice President of the NYSE – started buying millions of dollars worth of stock. He was considered the momentary hero at that time. However, much deeper and more extreme financial forces were at work. On Monday October 28 and Tuesday October 29, 1929, the NYSE lost a record 13% of its values followed by another 12% loss the next day. No heroes emerged on the scene and the shattering events of late October 1929 ended the boom times of the Roaring Twenties, doomed the presidency of Herbert Hoover, brought in the New Deal of FDR (1933), and ushered in the decade of the Great Depression.

The astrology of October 24, 1929 – October 29, 1929 is astutely described in the self-published masterwork by Barry Lynes – AstroEconomics: The Union of Astrology and Economics. Copyrighted in 1983, this is a ground-breaking tour de force about the power of long-term astrological cycles – particularly those by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The book carefully explains how their squares, oppositions and conjunctions – to their own natal placements in America’s chart – reveal financial flashpoints for our nation. Barry pinpointed the October 24, 1929 start of the great Stock Market Crash as transiting Neptune (3+ degrees of Virgo) made a precise 60-degree link to America’s Venus (3+ degrees of Cancer). This is not the place to re-argue his case, but on point after point, Barry Lynes’ manuscript is something that future historians will need to study meticulously in order for us to avoid economic catastrophes in the decades ahead.

The Financial Present

Now comes the most crucial and immediate reason why I am presenting this article in March 2006. I must preface my remarks here with a little background on what happened during 2001.

My astrology journal – Welcome to Planet Earth – had just gone on hold in early 2001 after 19 years in print. I was still publishing material on my first website, but was not in touch as much with all the subscribers to the printed journal. I looked at the ephemeris for 2001 and suddenly became alarmed because (a) Pluto would be stopping in March at 15+ Sagittarius and (b) Mars would be stopping in July at 15+ Sagittarius. Why was this so alarming? The year 2001 was exactly 60 years after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941) and the two stations above were going to conjunct the Sun (15 Sagittarius) from the attack on Pearl Harbor! However, this degree area is also the highly explosive and deadly Mars/Uranus midpoint in America’s birthchart from July 4, 1776. The USA Mars/Uranus midpoint runs from 15+ Gemini* to 15+ Sagittarius.

[*Note: I have just discovered a new link between October 1929 (Stock Market Crash) and December 1941 (Pearl Harbor Attack). Jupiter made a stopping at 16+ Gemini in October 1929 and was at the same degree when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and we went to war against Japan and Germany in December 1941! Jupiter has a 12-year cycle. Thus, the month of the greatest stock market crash in history is totally connected to the month when America entered WWII – and it all happened due to an exact correspondence at the same degree in the zodiac by Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system and the planet that rules America’s birthchart.]

During the first 8 months of 2001, I worried that America was going to war. I didn’t know against what country or how it would occur, but simply by noting the stations of Mars and Pluto – plus the midpoint factor and the 60-year link of 1941 and 2001 – I felt sure we would be going to war. Nevertheless, as much as I wanted to warn the subscribers to Welcome to Planet Earth, I hesitated. What if I were wrong? What if nothing happened and I wound up alerting thousands of people to something that was never going to occur? I would have looked incredibly foolish and astrology itself would be dismissed as an erroneous science and illusory art. So, I did not speak up and once August ended, I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that I had been so wise not to mention anything to anyone about my research, concerns and fears. Then September 11 happened and I wrote an 18-part series on Astrology and Terrorism – comprising a giant manuscript about the dynamics of Mundane Astrology in action.

Since 2001 I have been constantly watching the ephemeris to see if another year or time-period would be occurring of similar magnitude to 2001. I knew that the summer of 2006 would be significant since America’s Progressed Mars in Libra would stop its direct motion and, for the first time in our 230 years as a nation, the red planet would cease going forward, pause and begin over 80 years (!) of retrograde motion. I wrote an article on this subject almost 5 years ago and it is still on my Earth Aquarius News website. That feature warns of a potential war, extreme strife or even martial law afflicting our nation.

Several months ago, I created a chart for the exact time of the Total Solar Eclipse of Wednesday March 29, 2006 at 5:12:22AM EST. I calculated the horoscope for New York City – the financial capital of the world and the home of the NYSE. I was astounded by what I saw in this map and how the planetary placements were affecting a whole host of other horoscopes.

The conclusion that I came up with is that (a) this Total Solar Eclipse is the key trigger that can begin a new American, financial panic or crash and (b) the odds are great that this Total Solar Eclipse will also ignite a global economic panic/crash due to the extensive networking among all stock markets and trading communities worldwide.

It turns out that this Total Solar Eclipse – one of the most powerful astronomical events – happens on the exact date of a Pluto station (extremism; terrorism; underworld themes; government by the wealthy, bankruptcies and foreclosures; mysteries and secrets; power struggles) and – in New York City – Pluto is precisely overhead (a major power point and axis in any chart). Furthermore, Pluto during 2006-2007 is making its first crossing of the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) in 248 years – since before the birth of America! The Galactic Center is not only the source of life for our Milky Way of billions of stars, but it contains an enormous Black Hole – an astonishing energy field with a cosmic influence and meaning way beyond anything we can understand and imagine.

When you compare the Total Solar Eclipse chart with the Stock Market Crash of October 1929, there are four stunning triggers: (A) Pluto at the eclipse is exactly on Saturn from October 1929; (B) the Total Eclipse Sun and Moon at 8+ Aries are exactly crossing shocking and revolutionary Uranus from October 1929; (C) the Sun-Jupiter degree separation in both charts is equal to 141 degrees*; (D) Mars at 21+ Gemini at the Total Solar Eclipse is returning to its natal placement at the birth of America. *The 141-degree link is not a recognizable astrological alignment, but because both charts have the same, exact 141-degree orb of the two largest celestial bodies in the solar system – the Sun and Jupiter – we can expect a BIG association between this Total Solar Eclipse and the memory of what happened from October 24, 1929 to October 29, 1929. Therefore, the psychology of a large-scale Stock Market Crash will be in our collective consciousness as we reach late March 2006.

The Financial Future

Some ominous milestones are just ahead close to the time of the Total Solar Eclipse as Iran is poised to open its euro-based oil bourse* (March 20), the Fed is going to stop reporting data on M3 – the broadest indicator of money supply (March 23), the Fed is meeting on March 28 (probably raising interest rates another ¼ point), and Israeli elections are due on the same date. *Iran has postponed its opening of the bourse -- possibly under hidden pressure by America and the Plutocratic $-forces behind the scenes that attempt to control the global monetary scene.

In Part II of this story, I will do four things: (A) Discuss the Stock Market Crash of 1929 in greater detail; (B) Go over what has happened in America and the world financially following the Total Solar Eclipse; (C) Examine the birthchart for the new Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (December 13, 1953); (D) Explain how the Total Solar Eclipse will ignite America’s horoscope, connect with the disturbing July 2006 USA Progressed Mars retrograde station, and drastically affect the other horoscopes in the following list:

The Great Mutation chart of January 26, 1842 when Jupiter united with Saturn at 9 degrees of Capricorn – starting a 179-year cycle of the largest two planets conjuncting every 20 years in Earth signs. Hint: The Total Solar Eclipse at 8+ Aries is exactly 90 degrees to the Jupiter-Saturn union in the Great Mutation chart.

The Birth of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) on September 14, 1960. Hint: Transiting Pluto this year is exactly crossing OPEC’s Jupiter and opposing OPEC’s Mars. This has never happened before. The Total Solar Eclipse at 8+ Aries is short-circuiting the Moon-Vesta polarity in OPEC’s chart at 8+ Cancer to 7+ Capricorn.

The Federal Reserve System that began on December 23, 1913. Hint: For the first time ever, transiting Pluto will conjunct the Sun in early Capricorn for the Fed and oppose its own natal position during 2008-2009.

We should not just be observing the DJIA each day and week for extreme volatility. That is only one indicator of many that something financially extreme may be in the works. It will be noteworthy to watch Jupiter’s July 2006 station at 8+ Scorpio – galvanizing the Total Solar Eclipse again (8+ Aries) and America’s Uranus (8+ Gemini). This creates an exact and profound triangle – esoterically known as a Yod or Finger of God.

The pathway of the Total Solar Eclipse – primarily cutting through various countries in North Africa (including Nigeria), the Mediterranean Sea, Turkey and Southern Russia – links the potential financial panic/crash scenario with (a) some oil routes associated with Nigeria and the Middle East and (b) the recent spread of the bird flu (along the eclipse path!) that could mutate into a pandemic affecting hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

There is also something called the Metonic Cycle where New Moons, Full Moons and Eclipses fall on the same dates every 19 years. The years 1987 and 2006 are separated by 19 years and the two eclipses that happened in September/October 1987 (just prior to that Stock Market Crash) will repeat in September/October 2006 (as an Annular Solar Eclipse and a Full Moon) on the same dates. This reminds us that past financial catastrophes can be triggered again by current sky patterns repeating what happened in the heavens so many years or decades before.

© 2006 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

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