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News > Top Stories Archives  > Water Discovered on a Saturn moon!

Water Discovered on a Saturn moon!

Water Discovered on a Saturn moon! | Top Stories Archives
March 10, 2006: In the last 48 hours, announcements were made about water -- mostly as ice and water vapor -- gushing forth in geysers at the South Pole of Enceladus -- a very unusual moon (about 314 miles in diameter) of Saturn. This moon also has an atmosphere and some kind of internal heat source. While the South Pole of this moon is still incredibly cold, it is not as cold as suspected. Scientists are checking out all the data, but it appears almost 100% certain that water is present in some form on this moon. And wherever there is water, there could be life -- even if it is in microbial form.

The spacecraft mission named Cassini -- exploring Saturn and its moons -- has been an incredible success. It is still continuing. For much more on this Top Story, please read what I have already reported before within Earth Aquarius News in the section below.

Thursday January 13 7:30PM PST Eugene, OR Excitement is building at NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency plus for astronomers, scientists, physicists, and their organizations all around the globe as the Huygens probe (part of the Cassini-Huygens space mission to Saturn) reaches a critical and major milestone tomorrow.

[Note: For more background and the Cassini launch chart go to our Topical Analysis area on the Home Page under Astronomy.]

A special probe is going to parachute through the thick and mysterious atmosphere of Titan a large moon orbiting Saturn for about 2 hours time. If all goes well, this Huygens probe will send crucial, new scientific data and pictures back to the main Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn for relay to eager officials at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other key centers in America and Europe. The data will hopefully give astronomers incredible insights about what is happening in the atmosphere and surface of a much enshrouded and complex moon that can give us secrets about the origins of the solar system and planets.

Keep in mind that so far! this has been one of the most successful space accomplishments ever, that Saturn and its large group of dozens of moons are about 750 million miles away, and this entire event happening just about now is occurring during the one time of the year of a Sun-Saturn polarity in the sky! Furthermore, this Sun-Saturn opposition is happening right on the Heliocentric Nodes (orbit) of Saturn. This nodal axis moves very slowly relative to our zodiac, is a major Saturnian power region in all of our lives, and is currently focused at 23+ Cancer (North Node) and 23+ Capricorn (South Node). It is truly astonishing in an astrological and synchronistic manner that as this mission to Saturn, its big moon Titan and the whole complex of Saturnian phenomena in the solar system takes place, Saturn itself is right on the only degree of the zodiac (23+ Cancer) where its Heliocentric North Node is located. Realize as well that a Sun-Saturn polarity is also an astronomical Earth-Saturn union. And in Esoteric Astrology, both the Earth and Saturn are considered channels for the Third Ray of Active Intelligence otherwise known as the Mind of God. Thus, it appears that this mission is truly being overlighted by hierarchical energies and a divine hand.

For a much more complete picture of what is occurring during this historic visit to a moon larger than Mercury or Pluto, visit the following web site:

I will report back or add to this article once the Huygens probe is successful, fails or is somewhere in between.

P.S. A little more information at 12:45AM PST on Friday January 14. The Huygens descent through Titan's atmosphere should begin at around 2AM PST. The probe weighs 700 pounds. Scientists connected to the mission are hoping Huygens will actually make it all the way through the turbulent winds on this moon and land safely on Titan's surface. If it succeeds, its batteries will only allow it a few more minutes or hours to send additional data and take pictures of the surface. There are also worries that the information sent by the probe might not be coherent to the Cassini spacecraft and relays back to Earth due to some glitches discovered over the past couples of years. Humanity has never landed a space probe on the moon of another planet. Therefore, this is truly an historic moment in the short history of space exploration. The results -- one way or another -- should be received by the eagerly awaiting mission team members back here on Earth.

Important Update: -- 1PM PST Jan. 14 -- Huygens landed A-OK and has started sending photos back of the surface of Titan! Mission controllers in Darmstadt, Germany erupted in applause and some tears when they learned the probe had successfully reached its destination after a 7-year journey. Hopefully, it will have sent back a wealth of scientific data and photos concerning the mysteries of Titan's atmosphere and land features. This shows how international cooperation and alliances can work wonders. Perhaps the military and political movers and shakers who orchestrate wars should take serious notice of what this fantastic scientific effort has, is and will be accomplishing as the actual Cassini spacecraft around Saturn will still be operational for a long time.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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