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News > Top Stories Archives  > New bin Laden Tape: Real or Not?

New bin Laden Tape: Real or Not?

New bin Laden Tape: Real or Not? | Top Stories Archives
Osama bin Laden's "Horrorscope"

By Mark Lerner

Important: January 21, 2006 -- A new audio tape -- supposedly created by Osama bin Laden -- surfaced during the past week. Am I the only person wondering if this is really from him? Just because our CIA says it is his voice, how do we know all this is 100% bonafide? Why did this tape surface just following dramatic speeches by Al Gore and Hillary Clinton -- lambasting the executive branch of our government right now? Are we to believe that with all of Osama's billions, he can only come up with an AUDIO tape rather than a VIDEO tape to spur on his fundamentalist millions waiting to see their leader? There is something not quite right with this recent re-appearance by bin Laden. What follows is the story I wrote a number of years ago on Osama bin Laden's birthchart and much more. It is as timely as ever.

[Note on December 26, 2004:
In scope and significance, this is one of the most important articles I have ever written as a professional astrologer over 32 years. The feature below has not been changed from when it was first composed on September 15, 2001 except that I have eliminated a few references to web site addresses and speculations about transiting cycles in late 2001 that are no longer important for our larger study of the Piscean Age right now. At the end of the main story, I have added a crucial Postscript about the remarkable connections between the charts of Osama bin Laden and Jesus, and what appears to be occurring now in the waning decades of the Piscean Age. Part of the reason for this new feature is that Osama bin LadenĎs apparently accurate birth data was discovered by Karen Hamaker-Zondag a couple of years ago -- validating the date I used: March 10, 1957. She is a well-known astrologer, writer and researcher who is highly respected for her investigative skills. The timed birth charts for Osama bin Laden -- as well as one for Jesus (researched by Don Jacobs many years ago) -- are presented on a separate sheet of paper.]

Dateline Sat. Sept. 15, 2001 1:15AM PDT Eugene, Oregon. After writing two comprehensive and elaborate stories about the shocking attacks against America this past week, I thought I might have a night off from reporting. I was wrong. Here's what happened. With very little sleep the past few days, I logged on to AOL only to find an e-mail giving me Osama bin Laden's birthdate, year and place -- March 10, 1957 in Jeddah (or Jiddah, Saudi Arabia). The e-mail gave a confirmation web link from Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization, based in Lyon, France and in existence as a worldwide crime-fighting organization since 1923.

My initial response when I receive information like this is to be very skeptical. People have been trying to get Osama bin Laden's birth information for a long time. Even in today's The New York Times, a rather large article on his life only said that he was born in the "mid 1950s." Why didn't The New York Times have this information? They usually have great journalists and often have their "Person in the News" column, which almost always gives, at least, the month-day-year for someone. They didn't have this birthdate. In the USA Today newspaper on Wednesday, I did read an article saying that bin Laden was 44 years old. I figured the cause here, of tracking down Osama bin Laden's birthdate, year and place, would have to wait for awhile. That didn't bother me too much. I'm already overwhelmed from juggling so many charts, astrological alignments and cosmic signatures in Parts I and II of this story.

Well, in the midst of a violent lightning and thunderstorm here in Eugene, Oregon -- the first substantial rain in months and a great symbol of the events of the past week -- I decided to try and get through online to Interpol. Luckily, it was easy to get through and I was very impressed with what I found. There on their web site was a full page on bin Laden, with his photo and lots of personal data, physical description, his birthdate and year, place, etc. Very professional, clear, practical. It's pretty much a kind of "Wanted: Dead or Alive" type page, an alert through cyberspace to all other crime-fighting organizations around the world, to be on the lookout for this terrorist. And, most importantly, the data on the Interpol page corresponded to the data sent to me personally in the e-mail.

Now an important point of order. I've been a professional astrologer for 29 years. Normally, I would not publicize a chart like this quickly without trying to get extra confirmation from other sources. However, these are extraordinary times and they demand, in the astrological community, extraordinary responses. So, I have decided to write this article now without waiting. In the event that the birth data for Osama bin Laden somehow turns out to be inaccurate, I will remove this article and chart, and explain what's happening.* My gut feeling right now is that Interpol has probably got it right -- for reasons I will explain in a moment. After all, this is one of the most respected international police groups in the world. Why would they publish a false date and year? *Note on Sat. Sept. 15: Through two more e-mails, it now appears there are two more prospective dates for bin Laden's birth -- June 28, 1957 (from a Forbes story online) and July 30, 1957 from a State Department Fact sheet online. Astrologer Robert Blaschke has already written a report on the July 30, 1957 date. Until we know something for sure, I'm sharing the following based on the Interpol data of March 10, 1957.

What I don't do in these circumstances is start fiddling around with the chart to "rectify" it. I prefer to use a Noon birth time -- giving the most accurate lunar placement within reason -- and then create a "solar chart," which puts the Sun degree on the horizon and creates an Equal House type of birthmap. It's the best solution when a birth time is unknown. Therefore, we will proceed from here, but please remember, it is possible that in the future, there could be an alternative date given for bin Laden. I hope that doesn't occurs.

At this time, I am going to share some astounding ideas concerning the birth of Osama bin Laden. Nevertheless, this feature is going to be a first statement, a starting point, and I am sure more ideas will come streaming in for a future follow-up. The great astrologer Dane Rudhyar was my mentor. I read, re-read and intensely memorized so much of his knowledge and wisdom from his many illuminating books on astrology. In his classic The Lunation Cycle, Dane Rudhyar suggested that you needed to study the New Moon Before Birth for any individual. After all, we all incarnate at some point within the 29+ day solar-lunar cycle. What's important is to know our past, origins, an energy-field happening before this lifetime. Rudhyar said that if the New Moon Before Birth was conjunct a natal planet, then that planet becomes the "channel of destiny." It makes that planet extra-special, powerful, a conduit for mysterious forces of the cosmos. The New Moon just preceding Osama bin Laden's birth occurred on March 1, 1957 at 10+ degrees of Pisces. When Osama bin Laden was born 9 days later, Mercury and Venus would both be located at 10+ Pisces. That means that bin Laden has two channels of destiny! First of all, most charts that I do have none. Once in awhile, I see a chart with one. I don't ever remember seeing a chart with two! But there's more. The asteroid Juno -- which I discussed at length in a previous article in this terrorism series (connected -- negatively -- to terrorism by the powerless; rage; storms; abuse; victimization themes) -- was located at 11+ Pisces, actually within less than 1/3 degree from the New Moon Before Birth. So, here we have something extremely rare -- a New Moon Before Birth for someone where there are THREE channels of destiny! In this case, Mercury, Venus and Juno.

Looked at more closely, the above paragraph tells us this. Here is a person who is incredibly smart, elusive and tricky (Mercury in Pisces), someone who can be like a chameleon, and an individual gifted with a powerful imagination and memory. Here is an individual who has a great magnetism (Venus) and therefore can bring dozens, hundreds and thousands of people to him, because he is literally a magnet. But a magnet for what? For Piscean and potentially dualistic causes, ideals, religious beliefs. Remember that while Jupiter has always ruled both Sagittarius and Pisces in traditional astrology, in a more general sense, Neptune (ruler of the 6th Ray of Zeal, Fanaticism and Religious Devotion) is affiliated with Pisces. And in the Esoteric Astrology by Alice A. Bailey and the Tibetan Master D.K, Pluto is considered the esoteric ruler of Pisces. Pluto, of course, links to death, extremism, the underworld, secrets, nuclear energy, the spread of terrorism, etc. Venus, one of the three channels of destiny for Osama bin Laden, is also the ruling planet of Taurus. Venus connects with money, assets, resources and banking. Born as the youngest of 20 sons to a Saudi construction magnate, Osama bin Laden grew up in a family and life of privilege and wealth! He wasn't poor and destitute. When his father died in 1968 -- when he was 11 years old (again "11" connecting to Sept. 11, 2001 and his New Moon Before Birth at 11 degrees Pisces) -- he inherited a vast fortune of $300 million.

Beyond the planetary channels of destiny -- Mercury and Venus for bin Laden -- we also have the third channel: Juno. The fact that he has become probably the chief terrorist within the world of Islamic Fundamentalism is certainly linked to Juno as the third channel of destiny. In mythology, Juno was the Queen of Heaven and the consort of Jupiter. Normally associated with diplomacy, marriage, unions, the search for peace, cooperation and civilized behavior, when Juno turns destructive we have terror by the powerless and weak, terrible crimes of abuse and victimization, rages and storms, producing nightmarish destruction of what society holds most dear.

Moving on, you may recall the importance of the Summer Solstice map for June 21, 2001. I indicated that 26 Taurus was rising in that chart for Washington, D.C. and that the most violent star in the heavens -- Algol -- had its zodiacal energy present at that Ascendant. When Osama bin Laden was born, his natal Mars (war; bloodshed; strife) was located at 25+ Taurus -- right on Algol and right on the Washington, D.C. Ascendant for the solstice influencing our life during the entire summer. In addition, Mars is at the fulcrum of a potent T-Square triangle at Osama bin Laden's birth. He has an approaching Vesta-Pluto polarity (more on this in a moment) -- from 26+ Aquarius to 28+ Leo -- with Mars at 26 Taurus, squaring both ends of the Vesta-Pluto opposition. This is a very volatile triangle to be born under and with Mars at the fulcrum, warfare and fighting are natural for this person. It is said, in the few articles I have read about him, that as a college student (he graduated with a degree in civil engineering) he went to bars and was often involved in brawling. [A shadow side of Pisces can be drinking and alcoholic tendencies. Perhaps he did a complete turnaround from this behavior in the late 1970s when he went through a major transformation. It is said that because of the Israeli-Egyptian Camp David accords, the Iranian Islamic Revolution in February 1979 and the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, he changed his life. He is quoted as saying: "I was filled with rage." That is a definite JUNO statement!]

Something that tends to confirm that this is actually Osama bin Laden's birthdate is the following. Examining the Vesta-Pluto part of the T--Square just mentioned reveals that he was born with Vesta approaching a polarity to Pluto and about 2+ degrees away from exactitude. That becomes a permanent "cosmic signature" of his birthchart. When the WTC/Pentagon attacks took place on Sept. 11th, Vesta was -- once again -- approaching a polarity to Pluto, within 1+ degrees of exactitude. In a rare example of celestial synchronicity, the cosmos reproduced the same opposition that Osama bin Laden was born under! What are the odds of that? But it is not only amazing that the same configuration was occurring -- one that can only occur perhaps ever 5 years or so -- but the message of the opposition itself.

I mentioned the importance of Eleanor Bach's views of the four main asteroids in a previous article. In her revolutionary book A Graphic Ephemeris of Sensitive Degrees, she gives us the low-down on Vesta. It is filled with revelatory material about what has just happened in the attack on America. Here's a sampling of her references to Vesta written 15 years ago: extremely conservative principle; referring to ethnic purity, home, roots, land; being a zealot or fanatic; focused on rituals and traditions; linking strongly to safety, security, insurance, investments; locks, keys; fire alarms; protective services like the police, army, navy; ultra secretive, clandestine and national security agencies like the CIA, FBI; outlawed groups like the KKK, Nazis, Mafia; someone who wants to turn the clock back, to restore and preserve old customs; the priesthood, monks, nuns. I think you get the picture. But here is a direct quote from her book, referring to Vesta: "But, on the other hand, some of these spiritual leaders and the groups they lead are extremely intolerant and destructive, such as religious fundamentalists, whether Christian, Moslem or any other sect. All those religious groups and sects who claim to have a special pipeline to God or Allah, would have us believe that they alone have the truth which will insure entry into paradise after death; after-death insurance. In most cases, they are seeing to their own before-death comfort and security." Later she says this in regard to stations (stoppages in the zodiac) of Vesta -- one of which will happen on October 9, 2001 at 13+ Gemini: "Since Vesta has to do with trust, her stations can indicate the potential for betrayal of trust, such as espionage, violations of national security. Industrial espionage may be indicated by Vesta. The stock market may be in trouble... Vesta is Embassies, or Consulates; bits of íhomeí on foreign turf. Such places are supposed to be Ďsafe,Ď inviolate. But that tradition was shot to hell with the Iranian hostage crisis, where the embassy was taken over, and its personnel taken captive. Conservative fundamentalists, religious or political, may be up in arms, anywhere in the world." [Note from Dec. 26, 2004: In the accurate chart for bin Laden, Vesta is the most elevated planet -- therefore its principles overlight his life.]

I have deliberately gone on extensively in the above paragraph because you needed to hear it all. Keep in mind for all the negative Vesta that Osama bin Laden seems to symbolize, it is the same Vesta that represents the power of insurance companies (which are now overwhelmed with the disasters from the deaths of 200+ people on the planes and thousands killed at the attack sites, plus the damage to the buildings in NYC and at the Pentagon). It is the same Vesta which rules the stock, bond and financial markets! And the attacks attributed to Osama bin Laden and his operatives in the USA have leveled so much of the financial center of the world in Lower Manhattan. And when you look more closely at the Vesta-Pluto polarity for bin Laden, you see that his Vesta is located exactly on America's Moon-Pallas conjunction at 26+ Aquarius from July 4, 1776! This reveals a direction connection between the March 10, 1957 birthdate for bin Laden (via Vesta at 27 Aquarius) and the USA people and their creative ingenuity (Moon-Pallas union at 27 Aquarius).

And I haven't even commented on the fact that what we are discussing here is a Vesta-PLUTO polarity. Think about it. The man is born with Vesta opposing Pluto or Pluto opposing Vesta. Either way, it reveals a person dedicated to destroying (Pluto) the economic values and homeland (Vesta) for America through the means of a clandestine organization (Vesta), networking in a universal way (Vesta in Aquarius), perhaps even via the Internet and high-tech means (Vesta again in Aquarius). Remember that we are now finding out how the hijackers went to aeronautical training schools in the USA. This certainly links to Vesta (national security lapses) in Aquarius (through aviation and high-technology).

While the cosmic signature of Vesta opposite Pluto -- which bin Laden has -- repeated at the attacks on Sept. 11th, there will be three exact polarities of these planetary bodies coming up: Sept. 25, 2001; October 16, 2001; and April 11-12, 2002. As mentioned above, Vesta will be making a station and turning retrograde on October 9, 2001. And we have a strong sense that America, and perhaps many of its allies, may be in full attack mode against Osama bin Laden, and his cells and network, during October, November and beyond. While the Vesta station retrograde is officially on October 9, it is active for several days before and after. And the degree of the station remains in effect for many months. Vesta will stop at 13+ Gemini -- closely opposite Osama bin Laden's natal Saturn at 14+ Sagittarius. Saturn connects to fears, worries, timing, structure, restrictions. And this is a good moment to realize that bin Laden is in the midst of three polarities of transiting Saturn to his natal Saturn. Late August and late October 2001 are the first two times; the last one will be in the first half of May 2002. This is an archetypal turning point in everyone's life and always occurs when a person is 44-45 years old. Symbolically, it is similar to a "second adolescence," reflecting on a higher turn of the spiral, what occurred at about age 14-15. But at age 44-45, a person is also finishing a cycle of perhaps 7 or more years which has included Pluto square Pluto, Neptune square Neptune, and Uranus opposite Uranus. Note that for almost all of September-October 2001 -- due to Saturn's looming station and turn retrograde on September 26 at 14+ Gemini -- Osama bin Laden is experiencing a very stretched-out Saturn-Saturn polarity. It's remarkable that as he experiences this, he is the most wanted man in the world by civilized governments and international police agencies (Saturn exemplified). Even his countenance, to many in the West, seems to represent the traditional images of "Father Time," Chronos, a very Saturn image in our Collective Consciousness.

Do we know his natal Moon placement? Not totally. At noon in his birthplace, the Moon has just entered Cancer. That may seem appropriate for a person of rather conservative beliefs. However, at the moment of the attacks in NYC on Sept. 11th, the Moon was at 28+ Gemini. If bin Laden was born the morning of March 10, 1957 in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, then the coordinated attacks against America would have occurred exactly on his monthly lunar return! We do know that this man was born about a day after a First Quarter Moon with the Moon increasing in light. People born in the First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase have to deal with tangible, often physical or emotional crises and must learn to manage their lives with great finesse and authority. The fact that Osama bin Laden is born with a very close and approaching Sun-Pallas union serves him well. People born under this configuration can be brilliant strategists, seeing all the potentially invisible patterns of life. They are like chess masters, who can see dozens of moves ahead at one moment. It is a reminder to President Bush, our military and allies NOT to doubt this man's genius and inventiveness. Because his Mercury and Venus both rise ahead of his Sun, they are considered "morning stars." Mercury is thus termed "Prometheus" or "foresight" and Venus is named "Lucifer" as a "bearer of light," harbinger to the Sun about to rise. Mercury and Venus ahead of the Sun means that bin Laden will utilize his mind and emotions as a kind of antennae system, an advanced radar or sonar to know what's just ahead, who is after him, what to expect. These placements can greatly increase his intuition and psychic sensitivity. In the declination system, he is born with a close parallel of Mars and Uranus at 20+ degrees North of the Celestial Equator while Saturn is contra-parallel at 20+ degrees South of the Celestial Equator. And his Moon may be very close to the Mars-Uranus placements. This is kind of similar to his diabolical Vesta-Mars-Pluto T-Square triangle and reinforces his tendencies toward extremism, anger projected toward countries like the Soviet Union (communism) and America (capitalism).

It is noteworthy that as Osama bin Laden entered the Earth plane in March 1957, the world had just experienced the Suez crisis and Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Uranus and Neptune had been squaring each other during 1954-1955-1956 and Osama bin Laden still has this conflict going on at his birth. Let me bring in the traditional chart for the birth of the Muslim Era at this time. This is cast for July 16, 622 A.D. when the Prophet Mohammed gave birth to Islam in Medina, Saudi Arabia. [This chart is given in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes and the date is in the main encyclopedias as well.]

When I was given the March 10, 1957 birth data for Osama bin Laden, I quickly grabbed my chart for the start of Islam back in July 622 A.D. I felt certain there would be a major tie. I was right. The last station of revolutionary Uranus preceding Osama bin Laden's birth (November 1956 at 6+ Leo) is exactly on the Lunar North Node (Dragon's Head) for the birth of the Muslim Era. It seems that something radical, shocking and transcendental was in the ethers just before Osama bin Laden was born. He has picked up on those Uranian revolutionary vibrations related to Islamic Fundamentalism and connecting way back to July 622 A.D. In addition, Uranus at the Islamic Fundamentalist Revolution in Iran (Feb. 11, 1979) was located at 21 Scorpio -- right on Osama bin Laden's Lunar North Node (future; destiny). It is also fascinating that both at the start of the Muslim Era and at Osama bin Laden's birth, Jupiter was moving retrograde and not very integrated with the personal planets in the chart (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars). Having Jupiter retrograde can imply going against the rules of society, being a pariah, being a rule-breaker, someone who goes against laws and becomes a law himself. In a very precise, powerful and remarkable link-up, we find that Osama bin Laden's natal Sun/Mars midpoint (22+ Aries) is almost exactly conjunct stationary Pluto (22+ Aries) when the Muslim Era began. There are other links between bin Laden and the birth of the Islamic civilization nearly 1500 years ago.

Let's return to the close square of Uranus and Neptune at Osama bin Laden's birth. This is significant because it symbolizes one of his weaknesses or vulnerabilities. It's kind of a clash between his intuition and imagination. It also signifies the battle now taking place in the world between the old 6th Ray energies (Religious Fanaticism) connected to Neptune and the new 7th Ray energies (Ceremonial Order; Synthesis; White Magic) connected to Uranus. In his very being, he has these archetypes clashing. The foundation chart for Islam -- from July 16, 622 A.D. -- reveals an approaching rare union of Uranus and Neptune in Virgo. Comparing that chart to bin Laden's suggests that he is a wrecking ball for his own culture and religious background -- that rather than being a savior for Islam, he is working against its higher tenets and that he doesn't speak for the greater wisdom within the Islamic religion.

In the Tertiary Progressed techniques discussed in a prior article, we find something astounding happening for bin Laden now. For the first time in about 28 years, his Tertiary Progressed Sun is conjunct his natal Neptune at 2+ Scorpio. Because we don't know his exact birth time, we cannot say which day that was or will be precise. However, it is likely it is occurring now or right at the attacks against America. Remember that Neptune links to religious fanaticism. By early October, the Tertiary Progressed Sun will move on to square his natal Uranus (revolution; shocks; surprises) and then somewhere perhaps in the middle of October, he will have a Tertiary Progressed Full Moon at 3+ Scorpio-Taurus -- galvanizing both his natal Uranus and Neptune. He will be clearly in a heightened emotional state and under extreme pressure as the Western powers try to destroy him and his band of followers. It is even more unusual that in Secondary Progressed analysis, he is also having the Secondary Progressed Sun square his natal Uranus. So, he has a double whammy -- two Progressed solar placements both squaring his natal Uranus in 2001. In his Secondary Progressed chart, Mercury (trade; thinking; communications; transportation) is slowing down and nearing a retrograde station that will occur sometime in 2002-2003. It is happening at 19+ Taurus -- which just happens to be America's natal Vesta (our nation's safety; security; homeland). So many contacts that it seems never-ending.

You may remember that I stressed Juno's placement at 26+ Cancer on Sept. 11th in the first article in the terrorism series. That is a big part of the devastation quotient for it is also President Bush's Saturn, Colin Powell's Pluto and Saddam Hussein's Pluto. It is also the transiting Mars/Uranus explosive midpoint from Sept. 11, 2001 and now we see that it is also Osama bin Laden's natal Mars/Jupiter midpoint. Here is another reason for a validation of this birthdate for the world's most-wanted terrorist and a confirmation of his involvement in the terrorist events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Here is another one of those mind-numbing astrological liaisons. The Muslim Era chart from July 622 has the destiny/fate points of the Lunar Nodal Axis at 6+ Leo-Aquarius. This is the precise Lunar Nodal Axis for America, born on July 4, 1776. The nodal axis has a 18+ year cycle through the zodiac and this link is at the same degrees! Then add on that Pluto (death; extremes; power; underworld) for the completion of work on the Pentagon (January 15, 1943) was also at 6+ Leo and that Neptune (religious fanaticism) on Sept. 11, 2001 was at 6+ Aquarius. President Bush is born with 7+ Leo rising -- almost exactly conjunct all of these points and placements. This also reminds us that the President is in the midst of experiencing the bewildering, rare and once-in-a-lifetime transit of Neptune crisscrossing his 7th house cusp (chaos or imagination in relationships and links to allied nations). It may mean that it is important for the President to form alliances and not go it alone in response. He appears to be doing that, but will he keep doing that in the months to come or turn back to unilateral action if some of our allies back away? There is a divine orchestration here that is unsettling and awe-inspiring.

A further signal that March 10, 1957 is the right birthdate for Osama bin Laden is that the Moon is found moving from a conjunction to Mars to one with Uranus. In fact, the explosive midpoint of Mars/Uranus -- so strong itself on Sept, 11, 2001 -- may be conjunct his natal Moon. That is another celestial signature of someone who was born to be a rabble-rouser, rebel, iconoclast. One of the most revealing facts of a birthchart, often ignored by students, is what two bodies the Moon is linking in the chart simply by its position. The planet the Moon last united with is something deeply buried in the soul's history. For Osama bin Laden, it is Mars, planet of war and bloodshed. The planet the Moon is approaching by conjunction is a force or quality the personality in this lifetime is striving to understand, assimilate, energize. For bin Laden, this is Uranus, planet of revolution, change and intuitive thinking.

Lastly, the lunation just before any event must be looked at as a major influence. There was something missing concerning the Sept. 2, 2001 Full Moon ever since it occurred. I kept looking at the Sun-Moon degrees energized -- 10+ Virgo-Pisces -- wondering: What or who are those degrees activating? The Full Moon was close (1 degree) to President Bush's Mars, but there had to be more. This brings us back to the very beginning of this lengthy article, where I discussed the three channels of destiny at work when Osama bin Laden was born. Remember his natal Mercury, Venus and Juno trio all at 11 Pisces? Not only was the Full Moon preceding the attack against America on Sept. 11th exactly igniting his triple conjunction (!), but transiting Jupiter (success; fortune) at the Sept. 2 Full Moon was at 10+ Cancer -- exactly trining (harmony; flow) his triple conjunction in Pisces. Apparently, this Full Moon provided an incredible level of support for his covert work here in the USA on the East Coast. This is a stark reminder that we need to be aware of these lunations and study as many charts as possible to understand the deeper levels of what's happening in mundane astrology.

Postscript Sunday December 26, 2004: I had been wanting to write an update to the above story ever since receiving an e-mail giving me the apparently accurate birth time for Osama bin Laden on March 10, 1957. Back in 1986, I self-published a book that is now out of print called Mysteries of Venus. One of the major charts in that book was for Jesus. I had read a fantastic astrological story a long time ago -- written by Don Jacobs (alias Moby Dick) -- who had determined, through an amazing amount of research, that Jesus was born March 1, 7 B.C. I was so impressed with his meticulous work and reasoning that I included the birthmap for study in Mysteries of Venus. I realize that some of you may not want to agree with his findings, but all I can say for the moment is that the Jesus chart makes total sense on a variety of levels and when Don Jacobs wrote his feature, it was filled with historical references.

On the night of December 20-21, 2004 -- with a sacred turning point of the year, the Winter Solstice, about to occur -- I received many inspirations concerning the accurate Osama bin Laden chart, connecting it to that for Jesus, Americaís birth on July 4, 1776, the birthmap and ray energies for President George W. Bush, and the fact that we are living in the last few decades of the Age of Pisces. What follows are a series of observations intended to give you important Food for Thought about why bin Laden and al-Qaeda have come into our lives in the USA and why the entire world is being affected by his terrorist organization. In a future Part II to this article, I will weave together additional astrological insights.

Uranus-Neptune-Pluto Cycles: One of the more fascinating connections linking the charts of bin Laden and Jesus is through the Neptune placement which is almost identical -- 2+ and 5+ Scorpio. This is important because in Esoteric Astrology -- as explained by the Tibetan Master D.K. throughout the Alice A. Bailey books -- Neptune is the sacred planet associated with the sixth ray connected to religion, devotion, and -- when most extreme -- fanatical zeal for an idealistic cause. Mars is considered the non-sacred ruler of this ray. You will remember that bin Laden has Mars with the powerful and potentially destructive star Algol in late Taurus, Jesus is born with Mars overhead as the most elevated planet, and America has Neptune also overhead with a troubling Mars-Neptune square causing many religious upheavals in the life history of our nation. Considering all three outer planets, note that Uranus (orbital cycle around the Sun close to 84 years) takes a little over 2000 years to complete 8 full orbits. Thatís why you will notice that transiting Uranus in 2004 returned to its placement in the chart of Jesus. Twelve cycles of Neptune -- a planet that takes around 164+ years to orbit the Sun -- are close to 1970 years in length. The births of bin Laden and Jesus are very close to this time-period and thatís why they have the same Neptune. Eight cycles of Pluto -- taking around 248 years to orbit the Sun -- create a similar time span of between 1975 and 1988 years, depending on Plutoís eccentric course through the heavens. Their Pluto placements are within 10 degrees in the zodiac. They are both born with Neptune sextile Pluto in a waxing formation -- bin Laden has them 63+ degrees apart while Jesus has them 57+ degrees in orb.

Anti-Christ or Anti-Jesus of the Piscean Age?: Perhaps I donít need to really spell out the greater vision of what I am trying to say here. A vast cycle of nearly 2,160 years -- the approximate time-period for a zodiacal age -- should have various figures or events that begin the cycle and also close it down. We know that Jesus, John the Baptist, the 12 main disciples of Jesus and the various stories and characters from around 2000 years began the Age of Pisces. The question is: Who and What will close it down in order to launch the next long cycle, the Age of Aquarius? In reviewing the previous section, we can see that bin Laden and Jesus are strongly linked through having the same Neptune. Not only is this planet the key celestial body associated with religion, it is probably the major ruling planet of the entire Piscean Age. Most professional astrologers agree that Jupiter always has ruled Sagittarius and Pisces, but when Neptune was discovered in 1846 it appeared to be very similar in nature to the sign of Pisces. In addition, the Tibetan Master D.K. over and over again says that Pluto is the esoteric ruler of Pisces. Recall that bin Laden and Jesus have the same Neptune and Pluto sextile pattern at birth -- an astrological cosmic signature that has been a cornerstone of millions of souls who incarnated in the late 1940s and into the early 1960s. Itís just that bin Ladenís birth chart -- with all the Pisces energy -- shares a remarkable connection with all the Pisces vibrations in the birthmap for Jesus. When you add on their nearly identical Neptune placements, you realize that bin Laden has the ability to represent a global destructive force able to start the process of closing down the Piscean Age. It strikes me that Osama bin Laden is far more than a political terrorist (Pluto); he is an englamored messiah figure (Neptune) bent on creating a new world religion out of the ashes of ancient Islam, Christianity and Judaism. He and al-Qaeda are ďplaying outĒ the role of destroyers of the old religions through a mix of extreme violence (negative Pluto) and extreme faith and fanaticism (negative Neptune).

Rays and Glamors: Utilizing the sophisticated research of astrological author Ruth Mierswa, it appears to me very likely that the following ray structures hold true. Osama bin Laden has a second ray soul and a first ray personality. Jesus was born with a sixth ray soul and first ray personality. President George W. Bush -- and I have discussed his ray energies and significance before in my series on Bush and Kerry in the run up to the presidential election -- is born with a first ray soul and a sixth ray personality. America has a second ray soul and a sixth ray personality. And the United Kingdom has a second ray soul and a first ray personality. From the above, it is not hard to draw important conclusions. (A) Osama bin Laden and Jesus have the same first ray personality (extreme creator or destroyer) due to their sharing a Sun-sign in Pisces. (2) Jesus and President Bush are mirror images when it comes to ray structure -- having 6-1 and 1-6, respectively. This is why the presidentís life path became so extremely altered when he became a born-again Christian and simultaneously left his drinking days and more englamored life style behind. (3) The USA, United Kingdom and bin Laden all share the same soul ray -- the second ray of love-wisdom, education and a vibration that often makes it considered the ray of the Christ. Now some of you -- particularly those of you have studied deeply the meaning of the 7 rays -- may bolt out of your seats thinking how is it possible for bin Laden to be a second ray soul individual in this lifetime. Let me share a few of the glamors of the second ray -- as every ray suffers from illusory behavior: the glamor of the love of being loved, of popularity, of personal wisdom, of selfish responsibility, of too complete an understanding that negates right action, of the Messiah complex in the world of religion, of self-sacrifice, of selfish unselfishness, of selfish service. These are not misprints. They come from page 121 of Glamour: A World Problem by Alice A. Bailey (Lucis Publishing Company). By the way, I worked for the Alice A. Bailey center in 1975-1976 in New York City. That book was definitely the least ordered of all the Bailey books on metaphysical wisdom. Part of my job was to update peopleís files of what they ordered, so I know first-hand that individuals were very anxious to steep themselves in universal knowledge and wisdom, but not so inclined to figure out the crucial ways to eliminate potent glamors and illusions from their consciousness!

The key messages in the above section are to help you understand the seeming paradox that bin Laden carries a soul ray vibration (the second) that links him strongly to the Christ energy on Earth. He cannot do his destructive work of eliminating much of the old religious force connected to ray six if he isnít associated with the greater vibrations associated with rays two and one. Since he is born with a first ray personality, he also has some of the following glamors to contend with: the glamour of personal magnetism, of ďthe one at the centre,Ē of selfish personal ambition, of dictatorship and wide control, of the Messiah complex in the field of politics, selfish destiny of the divine right of kings personally enacted, of destruction, of isolation-aloneness-aloofness, of superimposed will -- upon others and upon groups. This is all from pages 120-121 of the same book. Does this not spell out almost completely the glamors affecting bin Laden as the global leader of al-Qaeda? It is a stunning and remarkable example of being able to utilize the meanings of the rays in a practical manner to understand a personís life force and destiny. And do not forget that President George W. Bush is born with a first ray soul -- so he is contending with the very same glamors! It was once President Bush took power in the USA that bin Ladenís plans for September 11, 2001 became more clear, definitive and advanced. Osama bin Laden sees President Bush as a modern-day expression of Jesusí energy from 2000+ years ago. [Note: I believe the British may be more capable of finding bin Laden than the Americans because the UK ray structure is the same as bin Ladenís. It is also interesting to note that America was born at the time of a waning Sun-Saturn square (Cancer to Libra) and Moon-Pallas union. Osama bin Laden was born at the time of a waxing Sun-Saturn square (Pisces to Sagittarius) and Sun-Pallas union. I think that part of the reason that bin Laden and al-Qaeda were able to pull off their massive destruction at the World Trade towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. has to do with bin Ladenís birth chart energy giving him a kind of edge over our nation.]

Pluto Inside Neptuneís Orbit and the Messiah Complex more fully revealed: In closing this time, itís crucial to remember that we have just come out of a 20-year cycle (January 1979 to January-February 1999) when Pluto moved inside Neptuneís orbit. This happens every 248 years and I wrote a major story on this topic years ago in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine and it is still available to be read on the web site. Therefore, I will not repeat what I said then. However, what this does in effect is to mix up and blend the Neptune (religious-sixth ray) energies with those of the Pluto (political-first ray) energies. [Keep in mind that it was during the years of Jesusí ministry 2000 years ago that we also had one of these Pluto inside Neptuneís orbit cycles!] It was in February 1979 that the Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran -- launching the current wave of Islamic Fundamentalism via political power. In July 1979, Saddam Hussein gained official power as president in Iraq. In November 1979, the Iranian hostage crisis began and in December 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. This mobilized Osama bin Laden to fight against the godless, Communist troops of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. And he obtained support from the USA in this mission. Once the Soviets were defeated and the Soviet Union was destroyed by 1989-1991, bin Laden turned his attention to fighting the Capitalist West. As al-Qaeda expanded to enormous numbers and took bolder and bolder worldwide terrorist actions, we neared the end of the Pluto-Neptune interchange and it was once Pluto was again restored as the outermost planet that 9/11 happened -- including the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Clearly, Osama bin Laden recognized his role as a global destroyer of Western capitalism or materialism and godless Communism -- two economic systems that aligned themselves with a colonial mentality when it comes to Islamic peoples and religious beliefs in the Middle East and the oil that is the main means of prosperity in this part of the world.

What follows will be our starting point in Part II. It might be entitled 7 Stages To Become a Messianic Figure: (1) Become a stateless person cloaked in personal mystery and public fascination. This is stage one in the process and is something both Jesus and Osama bin Laden fulfilled on their journeys. (2) Disconnect from your birth family in order to play your higher destiny role. Jesus declared that his followers might have to leave their families and loved ones behind to follow him and the Word of God. Osama bin Ladenís birth family disowns him. (3) Form a core group of dedicated disciples sharing a common vision. (4) Be persecuted and hunted down by the major political power of the times (Ancient Rome and Modern America). (5) Become willing victims and sacrificial lambs for their fanatical religious beliefs. (6) Religious movement becomes global in scope (Christianity and Extreme Islamic Fundamentalism). (7) Leader and movement eventually take on a legendary and mythological designation and reverence as the decades and centuries unfold.

I have no doubt in my mind that bin Laden sees himself as a messianic figure and that he is operating on a level of consciousness that is very different from the average person. He is tied up with vast planetary and hierarchical forces that we know little about, but that definitely connect to the dissolution of the Piscean Age -- along with an erosion of power for the sixth ray, allowing the seventh ray energies of the Aquarian Age to gain strength in the coming decades. There is much more to this story and it will continue either in print and/or on the new astrology web site we are preparing to launch in January 2005.

© 2004-2005 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[Mark Lerner is a professional astrologer and publisher of Earth/Aquarius News in print and online. To reach him, write to the following e-mail address: or write to: Mark Lerner, 348 Heritage Oaks Drive, Eugene OR 97405.]

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