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News > Top Stories Archives  > Fall of the Little King: Revisited

Fall of the Little King: Revisited

Fall of the Little King: Revisited | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Another New Dateline: Monday July 2 -- In stunning news, President George W. Bush commutes the 30-month prison sentence of Scooter Libby.

This is not a pardon, but a kind of compromise in which Libby does not go to prison and yet leaves intact his conviction, a $250,000 fine, and that he is on probation for two years. This will create a firestorm of criticism in the Democratic Party (and around the nation due to this being a clear, unfair "gift" to someone of power, affluence and influence), and this event occurs just following a potent Full Moon at 8+ degrees of Cancer-Capricorn that precisely struck Scooter Libby's natal Uranus (shocks; surprises; lightning bolts; radical change). See much more below...

Dateline: Tuesday June 5, 2007 -- It took over 18 months, but today Lewis "Scooter" Libby was sentenced to 30 months in jail for his role in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Please see the long story -- down below -- that I wrote in the fall of 2005 on this complex issue.

It is significant that today's ruling occurs on the one day in 2007 when the Sun and Jupiter are opposite in the sky and placed at 15 degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius. At the birth of America (July 4, 1776), the Mars/Uranus volatile midpoint was located at 15 degrees and 9 minutes of Gemini-Sagittarius. This midpoint links to the concept of explosive news or information. When the Japanese conducted their sneak attack against Pearl Harbor (Dec. 7, 1941), there was also a close polarity of the Sun and Jupiter on the Mars/Uranus midpoint, but at that time Jupiter was in Gemini and the Sun was located in Sagittarius.

There is also the potential for shocking and surprising repercussions based on this verdict and sentencing. Will President Bush choose to pardon Libby -- fueling a gigantic backlash within the nation that might also affect the choice of the next president in 2008? There is still a cloud surrounding the roles of Vice President Dick Cheney and Karl Rove regarding this entire "mess" within the halls of power at The White House.

It is also noteworthy that today's highly illuminating Sun-Jupiter polarity exactly strikes Chiron (wounds/pains) and the Mercury/Jupiter midpoint (words; language; communication; justice system) at the birth of Scooter Libby.

Take a look at what I wrote on this subject awhile back [SEE BELOW]. It should spark new insights as the news media puts a magnifying glass to whether justice was truly served in this controversial and nationally divisive matter. Sincerely, Mark Lerner

Dateline: Saturday October 29, 2005 Eugene, Oregon: Thousands of years ago, the ancient watchers of the sky in Persia, Greece, Egypt, India, China, the Americas and other regions of the Earth globe gazed in wonder at the power and magnificence of certain individual stars. Tracked for centuries, some highly evocative names became attached to these distant suns – names like Sirius, Antares, Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, Rigel, Capella, Bellatrix, Vega, Spica, Arcturus, Polaris, Fomalhaut and Regulus. There is a combined sense of magic, mystery and transcendence when contemplating the potential power inherent in and released by these stellar sources of divine light, love and wisdom.

Regulus (located in our time at 29+ Leo in the tropical zodiac) is a first magnitude, bright star 84 light years from Earth that is the alpha or central star in the constellation of Leo. To the cosmically-attuned cultures of the ancient world, Regulus at the heart of Leo was one of Four Royal Stars that guided and controlled the heavenly dispensation to life on Earth. Regulus was the great northern star while Aldebaran in Taurus pointed east, Antares in Scorpio directed humanity west, and Fomalhaut in the constellation Pisces Australis oriented us south. For millennia Regulus gained an exalted reputation as a star connected to regal figures, royal families and raising certain figures to a larger-than-life stature. Note the following quotation from North Star to Southern Cross by Will Kyselka & Ray Lanterman:

“Most stars have Arabic names, but the brightest one in Leo is an exception. Copernicus named it Regulus, ‘Little King,’ in the belief that it ruled the heavens as one of the four Four Royal Stars. ‘The Lyon’s herte is called of some men, ‘the Royall Starre,’ for they that are borne under it are thought to have royall nativitie.’ It was the study of this star that revealed to Hipparchus the precession of the equinoxes.”

So, why am I starting this article with the focus on one star? When Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby was born on August 22, 1950 – the Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, the one person indicted on 5 counts by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the case regarding the “outing” of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson – his Sun was located at 29+ Leo and in conjunction with this great and royal star, Regulus.

Within this presidential administration, Lewis Libby clearly was the “Little King.” As a former graduate of Yale University (President Bush’s alma-mater) and having a law degree from Columbia University, Lewis Libby was a “rising star,” who rose through the ranks of the conservative branch of the Republican Party for several decades. He has been a central figure in the so-called Neo-Con movement that has been pushing now for many years to establish American superiority all across the board around the world since the Soviet Union dissolved away in the 1989-1991 time-period – leaving the USA as the lone-standing global superpower.

He was not only the Chief of Staff to the Vice President, but had been an Assistant to the President and functioned as an “assistant” National Security Adviser (Steven Hadley currently has the official title of National Security Adviser in The White House). Sometimes simply referred to as an “aide” to the Vice President or as a key member within The White House, these references gloss the surface and do not do justice to the crucial importance of his major role for many years – as the Vice President’s right-hand man and as someone in the inner echelons of the extreme conservative agenda propelling America to war in Iraq and the push toward USA domination of the Middle East and its vast oil reserves.

Now here is the most important fact about the location of Regulus in the sky. It is less than 1 degree from the ecliptic – the Earth’s pathway around the Sun. While Regulus is bright and potent in its own right, there are quite a number of other stars that appear even brighter. For example, the brightest star in the sky is Sirius -- the Dog Star -- in the constellation of Canis Major. Esoterically and spiritually, Sirius – located at 13+ Cancer in our current tropical zodiac – is probably the most dominant star relative to the evolution of the Sun, Earth and Humanity. It is also, so to speak, nearby at 8.7 light years distance compared to Regulus almost 10 times further away in the cosmos. The problem is that Sirius is almost 40 degrees south from the ecliptic and it needs another star to connect with to increase its massive effect on earthly life and human beings. What is happening – and this has been occurring for thousands of years if not much longer! – is that Sirius “uses” Regulus in order to connect with our planet! The ecliptic is not simply the Earth’s pathway around the Sun, but it is the central energy spiral of the zodiac and THE universal lifeline to our planet.

Therefore, in regard to the strange life and case of Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby, we have the following. The United States was born on July 4, 1776 with the Sun at 13+ Cancer – our solar life force as a nation conjunct the star Sirius. President George W. Bush has his Sun at the very same degree – conjunct Sirius – since he was born on July 6, 1946. And Lewis Libby – the “Little King,” with Sun at 29+ Leo – is the personification of Regulus, the key “step-down transformer” star that takes the inspirations coming from Sirius and then releases them to Earth, humanity and individuals. What I am saying is that via the stars in the sky, we are witnessing right now a celestial short-circuiting of the potent link between Regulus and Sirius because the Bush-Libby rapport (Sirius-Regulus) didn’t live up to the highest calling and energy frequencies being put out by these fiery and divine stellar sources. We are seeing the alleged failure of leaders who have misused their power in order to either lie or misrepresent the real aims of the executive branch of government, and conceal or distort the truth from the American people.

Part of the reason Lewis Libby has been seen as a “minor” figure in this scandal is that Karl Rove – see my article on Rove in the News and Newsmakers section of our main webpage – has played a much more prominent and publicly-recognized role as the president’s main adviser for many years. Relative to the well-known intelligence and cleverness of Karl Rove – guiding George W. Bush to two terms as Governor of Texas and two close-call elections as president of the United States – the “stellar light” of Lewis Libby has been dimmed and obscured. But make no mistake about this: The Special Prosecutor has aimed his laser-light on a Little King within this administration and, if he actually goes to trial, it may be that Vice President Cheney becomes the true focal point of this potential cover-up that harkens back to the Watergate scandal some 30+ years ago (one Saturn cycle) in the 1972-1974 time-period.

As I shared on the front cover of our website on October 26, both the Neptune station at 15 Aquarius (a potent Gate of the Avatar in our zodiac) and Saturn’s transit at 10+ Leo (very close to the entire heliocentric orbit of Neptune) in the past week were the active planetary agents fueling this national and governmental crisis. Neptune has a shadow side that connects strongly with illusions, confusion, chaos, nebulosity, deception and the tsunami waves of potential destruction on many fronts that can manifest due to deliberate acts of lying, distortion and obfuscation of the higher truth.

I pointed out several days ago – and before Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald released his findings yesterday – that on Friday October 28 and today Saturday October 29, transiting Saturn at 10 degrees and 48 minutes of Leo would PRECISELY (meaning no orb at all – zip, zero, nothing!) oppose the Sun at 10 degrees and 48 minutes in Aquarius for Vice President Dick Cheney. The last time this happened was 30 years ago.* Saturn is traditionally linked to the concept of “old karma,” fate, limits, fears, restrictions, frustrations and disabilities – when it is functioning negatively. At the same time, since President George W. Bush is born with the largest asteroid Ceres setting – and at 10 degrees and 48 minutes of Aquarius – he was also hit EXACTLY by a Saturn transit opposing his Ceres. Ceres equates with one’s productivity and ability to be prolific. Clearly, the sense here is that both Vice President Cheney and President Bush are being singled out by cosmic Saturn (karmic retribution?) for some kind of punishment, chastisement, criticism, limitation and dressing down by the higher powers-that-be running the show in the heavens. President Bush also experienced Saturn conjunct to his natal Pluto this past week as the Harriet Miers Supreme Court appointment went down in flames, the death toll for Americans in the Iraq War reached 2,000, and Lewis Libby was indicted. Saturn transiting one’s Pluto once in 30 years can be translated as extreme (Pluto) depression (Saturn) – and that’s just what the leader of the USA was undoubtedly experiencing during the past 7 days.

*From the “You are not going to believe this!” department of astrological synchronicity, brace yourself and make sure you are sitting down when you read the following: In November 1975, Dick Cheney was named Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff during the Ford Administration. This occurred when Saturn was last in Leo exactly 30 years ago. Saturn stands for rising to great heights, being in charge and at the top of the pecking order as well as having a major link to fears, blocks, delays, frustrations, chronic disabilities and the like. As a matter of fact, Saturn made a station or stopping that month at 3 degrees of Leo -- PRECISELY conjunct Dick Cheney’s natal Pluto (extremes; the underworld; death and rebirth themes). The following year in November 1976 – with Saturn stopping again, this time at 17 Leo, in his twelfth house of retreat, confinement and mysteries, and after opposing his natal Sun in Aquarius – Dick Cheney lost his job in the government when President Ford lost a very narrow election to Democrat Jimmy Carter.

This time-period in the fall of 2005 right now is almost one complete Saturn cycle of karma since 1975 when Dick Cheney played almost the same role to the president then that Lewis Libby has now been playing to Vice President Cheney and President George W. Bush. In addition, transiting Saturn in Leo next year in 2006 will return to where it was in 1976 when Dick Cheney and the Republicans lost their hold on the reins of the executive branch of government!

Saturn wasn’t just setting its sights on the two top leaders of America during the past few days. Down below you will see that one of the charts presented is for what I am calling Presidential Power. I first addressed the importance of this horoscope when I wrote my Hurricane Katrina article in late August. I found that the birthchart for the state of Louisiana (April 30, 1812) had the same solar placement for when George Washington took the first presidential Oath of Office during the early afternoon of April 30, 1789 in New York City. Historically, there were and still are many professional astrologers and researchers who believe that this chart – for Washington coming into power as the first president – is even more important as a birthchart for the nation than the traditional map used for the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (4:47:09PM EST) in Philadelphia, PA. [Note: The time we use here for the Declaration of Independence/USA chart at Earth Aquarius News comes from the impeccable and thorough research by colleague Barry Lynes back in the late 1970s.]

Now I do NOT believe that the moment George Washington took the first oath of office as an American president is the chart for our entire nation. It doesn’t make logical sense to me. A country’s birthchart should be for its first ”cry” as an infant nation – when it takes its first breath of independence from its mother land. I think all fair-minded people should agree – even though many in the astrology field will not! – that our country was born on July 4, 1776. So what should we call this other map from April 30, 1789? I have entitled it Presidential Power and I think it is logical that it has much to do with anything affecting each person who becomes a president of the United States.

Take a closer look at the Sun placement in the April 30, 1789 birthmap for Presidential Power. The Sun is located at 10 degrees and 46 minutes of Taurus. That is exactly squaring Vice President’s Cheney’s Sun within 2 minutes of arc (!), exactly squaring President George W. Bush’s Ceres within 2 minutes of arc (!), and transiting Saturn exactly squared that 10+ Taurus placement for Presidential Power on Friday October 28, 2005 when the first White House figure in 130 years (since the administration of Ulysses S. Grant in 1875) was indicted – Lewis Libby, our “Little King.” Those orbs indicated above are in MINUTES of arc – not DEGREES. That means the alignments are overwhelmingly powerful because they are so close.

The power of Saturn in this regard is also interesting in the following manner. If you trace back the history of astrology – before the discoveries of Uranus (1781), Neptune (1846), Pluto (1930), Chiron (1977), Sedna (2003) and the new, unnamed planet (July 29, 2005) – the two cosmic “adversaries” were the Sun and Saturn. Why? Because the Sun ruled Leo and Saturn ruled Aquarius. Leo represents the heart – center of all life – and Aquarius represents the arteries and veins – the circulation of the life force. In addition, the Sun was at the core of the solar system (standing for unity, warmth, light and wholeness) while Saturn was the outermost planet known (standing for distance, coldness, darkness and death, the Grim Reaper and Father Time).

The key here is that Saturn in the past week -- and as the indictment against Lewis Libby was revealed -- has been actually trying to focus our gaze on Vice President Cheney since Saturn formed a precise, no-orb opposition to his Sun. And since the vice president’s Sun is exactly square to the Sun in the chart for Presidential Power – and let’s not forget that a huge percentage of Americans and people around the world see Vice President Cheney as the President “behind the scenes” and certainly as the chief architect of the war in Iraq, the Neo-Con movement to secure oil domination in the Middle East, and so on – it may be the Special Prosecutor’s intent to bring down the vice president of the United States through the intermediary of his now former Chief of Staff, the “Little King,” Lewis Libby.

No one knows right now where all this will lead. Patrick Fitzgerald is keeping his options open regarding whether to indict Karl Rove or not. He could bring charges to a different grand jury in our nation’s capital if important information is forthcoming in the weeks and months ahead. While most reporters and commentators seem to agree that Karl Rove will probably be spared, if Lewis Libby goes to trial – rather than seek a plea bargain – Vice President Dick Cheney will definitely be called to testify under oath and that could prove one of the more riveting moments in our government’s history. However, there are people already guessing that Lewis Libby – if he plea-bargains and goes to jail – could be pardoned by President Bush in a few years before he leaves office after the 2008 national election. Many presidents have pardoned very questionable and notorious figures just as their term of office concludes. Sometimes this is done to silence those people from ever revealing the truth about secret deals within The White House. Thus, there may be a good reason for Lewis Libby to choose a plea bargain, keep the vice president off the witness stand, go into the slammer – only to be released after a short period of time as the president pardons him.

Remember that in September 1974 – almost exactly one month to the day of President Nixon’s disgraceful resignation from the presidency (August 9, 1974) due to his cover-up during the Watergate scandal – the new president, Gerald Ford, a fellow Republican, pardoned Nixon for all crimes he committed or may have committed during his term in office. President George W. Bush could perform a similar “service” to his former assistant Lewis Libby.

In closing for this time – and there may be updates galore in the weeks and months to come as this case is not over yet – I want to offer you a few hints and suggestions as you examine, study and research the various charts for many of the characters in this national-political scandal offered below or contained elsewhere on our website. [Note: The charts for Vice President Cheney, President George W. Bush, Presidential Power, the Inauguration of President Bush on January 20, 2005 and the USA map are accurate and based on specific times. The charts for Lewis Libby, Patrick Fitzgerald, Joseph C. Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson are what we call “Solar Charts,” where the time is not known and we put the Sun degree on the horizon. This is the best alternative when the time of birth is not available. In addition, the birth places for Lewis Libby, Joseph C. Wilson and Valerie Plame Wilson are not immediately available right now, so I have substituted Washington, D.C. This does not change the Solar Chart at all since the time is not known.]

Lewis “Scooter” Libby: In addition to what I have mentioned so far about the central figure in this unfolding drama, there is something else that is truly extraordinary. When the USA was born, the asteroid Vesta was located at 19 Taurus 45. In my writings over the years in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology journal and throughout the Earth Aquarius News website, I have pinpointed the importance of this asteroid when it comes to anything concerning NATIONAL SECURITY. This has to do with Eleanor Bach’s original and pioneering research on the four main asteroids – Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta – when she came out with the first asteroid ephemeris in New York City in 1972. That was the first year of my astrological work and I became her friend and colleague – often visiting at her remarkable parties in lower Manhattan. Over the years, Eleanor authored a self-published volume about the asteroids in which spelled out the deeper meanings of the asteroids – including their astounding connections to national life, international and universal archetypes. While Vesta was usually understood as linked to home and hearth, the need for shelter, safety and security, and having a strong tie to sisters and sisterhoods, Eleanor was able to lift the entire meaning to organizations like the FBI, CIA, NSA, the Secret Service and any other type of SECURITY group or organization. It is absolutely remarkable that Lewis Libby incarnated on the day of a Vesta Return for America. Recall that part of his role within the government was to function as an assistant security adviser to the president!

And let’s add one more potent unknown to the mix: The mysterious, distant planet Sedna -- discovered in November 2003 and way beyond Pluto -- is currently crisscrossing over America’s Vesta at 19+ Taurus! This will continue for the next couple of YEARS since Sedna moves exceedingly slowly. Might this draw out this National Security scandal for the rest of the Bush Administration?

To make matters worse for Lewis Libby, notice that his natal Pluto is at 18+ Leo. As the 5-count indictment was handed down, transiting Mars (volatility; warfare; anything acute and inflammatory) reached 18+ Taurus – exactly squaring his Pluto. With the five counts against him, he could serve up to 30 years in jail and have to repay over $1 million for lying, obstruction of justice, and misstatements to the grand jury. Pluto is always a planet of extremes. Meanwhile, on the day of his birth, Venus at 7+ Leo and Mars at 7+ Scorpio are exactly square to each other. Not only does that usually indicate a life-long battle between the male and female principles, but on December 9, 2005, Mars makes a direct station at 8+ Taurus – exactly opposite his own Mars in Scorpio and squaring his Venus in Leo. Unfortunately, he is also in the midst of three transits of Saturn over his Venus (this past September, as he became the focal point for the Special Prosecutor’s indictment; late January/early February and June 2006). Saturn crossing Venus only occurs for a short span of several months every 30 years. Its usual manifestation in most people’s lives is that there is a great depression happening, the person’s feels bereft of support, love and understanding – thereby increasing their sense of aloneness and isolation. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it is the likely scenario – particularly if one’s value system has been off-kilter, and social objectives and contributions have been primarily selfish or harmful to others.

On the day the list of indictable offenses was released to the public, the transiting Moon in Virgo crossed Lewis Libby’s Saturn – another confirmation of the power of Saturn in this entire matter. Furthermore, his natal Neptune at 15+ Libra is less than 1 degree from America’s Saturn at 14+ Libra. Talk about seeing dynamic astrology at work! This man has his Neptune almost exactly conjunct the USA Saturn – something that can only happen once in 164+ years – and he is the first White House official indicted in 130 years while transiting Neptune is stationary and transiting Saturn is making gigantic polarities to celestial bodies in the charts of Vice President Cheney and President George W. Bush.

On and off throughout 2006, Pluto at 26+ Sagittarius will be squaring his Mercury at 26+ Virgo. This is a clear representation of the psychic thunderstorm awaiting him because of this national scandal and a potential jury trial coming up in the future. His Moon – somewhere in the last decanate or 10-degree division of Sagittarius – has just received a once-in-a-lifetime conjunction from Pluto or this alignment is still waiting in the wings and about to happen in the next 2-3 years. A Pluto crossing of the Moon or Sun is the most extreme, difficult and challenging, single transit that can ever happen to a person. It may only occur to 33% to 50% of the world’s population since Pluto has a cycle around the zodiac lasting 248 years and can only go through 4-6 houses in a person’s birthchart in one lifetime. Therefore, Pluto on the Moon or Sun is the most potent of all cycles.

He has several prominent midpoint structures in his birthchart – including Mercury/Uranus and Sun/Venus on his Pluto, Venus/Saturn on his Sun (contributing a lot to his rise to power and downfall) – but the most significant and telling is that the Venus-Mars square in his birthmap discussed earlier is exactly conjunct America’s Neptune at 22+ Virgo. His own Sun/Neptune midpoint is also there. And during this past week, Juno opposing Pluto in the sky (an enormous symbol of the psychic political storm wreaking havoc in our national life) reached 22+ Gemini and 22+ Sagittarius by polarity – exactly igniting the USA Neptune (confusion; scandal) and Libby’s Venus/Mars and Sun/Neptune midpoints (perjury; deception; feminine and masculine imbalance).

Since Juno makes a retrograde station on Tuesday November 1 and Juno and Pluto repeat their polarity on November 4 (something that had already occurred once on Sunday October 23 when this entire critical and shocking week began – new Fed Chairman nominated, Harriet Miers Supreme Court candidate withdraws and Libby indicted), it seems likely that this coming week will be another blockbuster of intensity.** [The odds are that the president will name a new Supreme Court figure early in the week to create a new smoke screen over the scandal as a device to pull the national media away from the Libby-Rove investigation. The question will be whether that ploy will work and whether it also pulls the highly responsible, dedicated and focused Special Prosecutor away from his conscientious work of discovering the truth of what really happened.] **The news media is just reporting early Sunday morning October 30 that Lewis Libby will be arraigned in court on Tuesday November 1. This coincides with the date I wrote about in the first sentence of this paragraph. This November 1 date is not only the time of a Juno station (expect psychic thunderstorms on many fronts in the nation), it is the day of a New Moon at 10 Scorpio – within 1 degree of opposing the Sun of Presidential Power from April 30, 1789.

Believe it or not, I was only intending to write a short article on this subject, provide you with the charts, and then see what happens. This just goes to show that with complex national events, there are often 6-12 major charts that constitute the vital pieces of the puzzle. And these maps may lead to a whole series of other horoscopes that must be carefully analyzed and juggled around to make sense of the whole story.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Beyond what I have already shared concerning Saturn precisely opposing his Sun now, his Saturn-karma link to 1975-1976 and the fall of the Ford Administration, and his Sun square to the Sun in the chart for Presidential Power, if you cross-reference his natal Mars (17+ Sagittarius) with the chart for the Inauguration of January 20, 2005 (located in our Mundane Astrology section on the main webpage), you will see that the Inauguration chart also has Mars at 18 Sagittarius. Let’s not forget that when President Bush took his second Oath of Office at that time in January, Vice President Cheney renewed his Oath of Office, too. Therefore, he did so during his Mars Return – a cycle of the red planet of potential warfare, strife, inflammation, anger and volatility that only occurs once every 2 years for perhaps 24 hours!

Vice President Cheney is born with Juno rising within two degrees of his horizon and this asteroid has been a key celestial player in the past week and next week by exactly polarizing Pluto, stationing (November 1) and precisely squaring the USA Neptune (confusion; nebulosity; deception). Also – the Juno-Pluto opposition has been and still is exactly squaring his natal Moon (mood swings; emotions and feelings; home life; “gut check” time) at 22+ Pisces. It is noteworthy that Vice President Cheney’s Moon is exactly opposite the USA Neptune within 1/3 of a degree.

His biggest challenge – not including the return of Saturn opposing his Sun in December 2005 and July 2006 – is that he came into the world at a Jupiter-Saturn union (7+ Taurus and 8+ Taurus). When Mars makes its direct station on December 9, 2005, it will energize 8 degrees and 15 minutes of Taurus. That is only 4 minutes of arc from a precise conjunction to the vice president’s Saturn. Ouch! And during a good portion of this December, transiting Mars is just sitting on his Saturn without moving. To top it off, Jupiter and Saturn begin their cycle of three squares on December 17, 2005 from Scorpio to Leo. Right after Thanksgiving and into early December, transiting Jupiter (higher justice; anything BIG) exactly opposes his natal Jupiter. And next July – while the nation is celebrating Independence Day – Jupiter stations at 8+ Scorpio (igniting his natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction by a polarity). This is the same month that America’s Progressed Mars stops and makes a retrograde station for the first time in our history as a republic. [For much more on this story, see my Martialization of America feature in the red box along with the picture of Mars elsewhere on the main webpage.] If anyone thinks Vice President Cheney is completely off the hook for now, that may be wishful thinking.

Presidential Power: April 30, 1789. George Washington takes the first Oath of Office as a U.S. President: The Sun in this chart at 10+ Taurus appears to be awesome in influence. Think about the following. The third president of the United States – Thomas Jefferson – was born with his Venus in Taurus and just three degrees away from this solar placement for Presidential Power. What did he do in his administration? He sent Lewis and Clark exploring into the great Northwest and he also completed the deal with France known as the Louisiana Purchase – greatly expanding the land mass, natural resources and material assets of the nation. Taurus (the first earth sign) and Venus – ruling Taurus – both connect powerfully to the land, natural resources, assets, savings and anything valuable as a possession.

President James Monroe was born on April 28, 1758 and therefore his Sun at 7+ Taurus is within 3 degrees of the Sun for Presidential Power. He is famous for the Monroe Doctrine whereby we declared that other nations in the southern region around America were within our sphere of influence and protection, and we would not allow foreign nations to either undermine many of those nations or to try and subvert our institutions here at home. It is another version of expansion of Presidential Power regarding land (Taurus).

President James Polk came into office during the time Neptune was discovered, but he is best known as the nation’s leader in the war against Mexico (1846-1847). The land gains from that war constituted the greatest territorial conquest in American history. President Polk’s Sun at 10+ Scorpio was EXACTLY opposite the Sun at 10+ Taurus in the chart for Presidential Power! There are other examples of the power of 10+ Taurus in this chart – including the fact that President William McKinley (assassinated in 1901) and President Franklin D. Roosevelt (who died in office after being elected four times) were both Sun-sign Aquarians whose solar orbs closely squared the Sun in Taurus for Presidential Power. Their birthdates coincide with that for Vice President Dick Cheney within one day.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon of October 17 – the key lunation preceding the indictment against Lewis Libby – occurred at 24+ Libra-Aries. The Mercury placement for Presidential Power is at 24+ Aries. Therefore, the most recent eclipse and Full Moon triggered this Mercury that just happens to be exactly 90 degrees to Mercury in the USA map for July 4, 1776. This intensification regarding Mercury represents all the discussion concerning lying, misstatements and obfuscation of facts as brought up by the Special Prosecutor. A main shadow side of Mercury is perversion of the truth, lying and distortion of information.

The progressed Moon for Presidential Power exactly reached the Chiron placement in this chart for the first time in 27+ years as the indictment was released. Chiron has a lot to do with the need to heal wounds and pains, and it is also symbolized by the key that opens doors to higher consciousness. Oddly enough, Lewis Libby was born within three days of a Chiron station in Sagittarius. Therefore, Libby’s own birthchart became entangled with the progressed unfoldment energy in the horoscope for Presidential Power. Remarkably, Lewis Libby’s natal Saturn at 19+ Virgo is precisely opposing the Saturn placement for Presidential Power at 20 Pisces. The orb of exactitude is less than 1/3 of a degree of the zodiac! Once again we witness the power of karmic and fateful Saturn within this whole sordid episode of American history. Lewis Libby’s natal chart energy was never compatible with the expression of Presidential Power from the very beginning!

While there are many other planetary placements that can be discussed at some future time regarding this chart for Presidential Power, notice that Pluto in the sixth house is located at 19+ Aquarius. This is exactly square to America’s Vesta (19+ Taurus) and Lewis Libby’s Vesta (also at 19+ Taurus). Back in October 1994, I wrote a cover story on the last USA Progressed New Moon. Progressed New Moons in any chart – whether for a person, business, organization or nation – occur every 29 ½ years and represent a new birthing, a new potentiality that will unfold for nearly three decades. When America began its latest “new birthing” in October 1994 – now 11 years ago – the Sun and Moon converged at 19+ Aquarius. At that time, I warned that the next 30 years would see our nation embroiled in countless experiences associated with crises regarding NATIONAL SAFETY AND SECURITY. These are the very issues that have been plaguing our country since the terrorism of September 11, 2001, the war against Iraq (2003) and now the scandal surfacing from The White House (Fall 2005). This is all happening because our Progressed New Moon as a nation (a) occurred exactly squaring our Vesta and (b) focused as a precise conjunction on Pluto (extremes; underworld; secrets) in the chart for April 30, 1789 and Presidential Power.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald: The most significant part of Patrick Fitzgerald’s chart connected to the present time concerns his natal Venus-Vesta union at 14+ and 15+ Aquarius. Neptune (the search for higher truth and understanding in a sea of lies) has been crisscrossing his Venus and Vesta in 2004-2005 during this entire investigation! It is a once in a lifetime union. Remember that this prosecutor has been on this case because of the outing of a woman (Valerie Plame Wilson) who was a CIA agent. Venus stands for Valerie Plame Wilson and Vesta symbolizes her status as someone working under cover within a key security agency for America. Therefore, this long-term Neptune transit over his Venus-Vesta conjunction is a perfect example of dynamic astrology in action. The fact that he has concluded this portion of the investigation while Neptune stops adds an exclamation point to the above interpretation.

It is also highly significant that Patrick Fitzgerald has been spending almost two years on this investigation while transiting Pluto at 22 Sagittarius has been moving back and forth over his Mercury. This is also a once in a lifetime union that represents the need to plumb the depths (Pluto) regarding the realm of data, information, papers, communications, reports, files, telephone records and who said what to who (all Mercury themes). Amazingly, as he brings the indictment against Lewis Libby, it is the one day of the entire year when Venus conjuncts Pluto in the sky right on his Mercury, and he stands before the nation giving a press conference (Mercury) before a host of journalists (Mercury). His picture is not only carried around the world via television cameras, but he and his presentation are portrayed on the front page of almost all newspapers (Mercury) in the following 24 hours!

If one of Patrick Fitzgerald’s goals is to focus on the possible culpability of Vice President Dick Cheney in this case, then it is fascinating to realize that between their charts there is a Uranus-Vesta union. Fitzgerald’s Uranus at 25+ Leo is exactly conjunct Vice President Cheney’s Vesta at 25+ Leo. Since Vesta is clearly associated with national security and safety matters and Uranus is the agent provocateur of cosmic awakenings, shock waves and radical actions, we see the potential fireworks if this investigation moves forward into 2006.

Former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson: You will notice something very intriguing about a celestial signature that appears in his chart and in the horoscope of Patrick Fitzgerald. Joseph Wilson has the Sun at 14 Scorpio and Venus in “evening star” formation at 0+ Capricorn, some 46 degrees behind the Sun. [Venus spends 9+ months rising ahead of the Sun – considered a “morning star” – and then spends 9+ months setting after the Sun – considered an “evening star.” Having Venus as a morning star is very different in quality, essence and meaning than Venus as an evening star. Much will also depend on the signs of the Sun and Venus, the houses occupied, and the exact number of degrees between the two.]

When Patrick Fitzgerald was born, the Sun appears at 0+ Capricorn while Venus is located at 15 Aquarius, some 44 degrees behind the Sun. Thus, the two men have a nearly identical Sun-Venus celestial signature by arc of degrees and they also share a Venus-Sun conjunction with each other at 0+ Capricorn (the sacred portal of the Winter Solstice). However, Vice President Dick Cheney was born with Venus at 22 Capricorn rising ahead of his Sun at 11 Aquarius. In his chart, Venus is therefore a morning star and in front of his Sun by 19 degrees. Lewis Libby was born with Venus at 8 Leo – rising ahead of his Sun at 29 Leo. Therefore, Libby – like his mentor Vice President Cheney – has Venus as a morning star about 21 degrees ahead of his Sun. Is this not a rather amazing parallel among four lives all caught up in the same national scandal? Libby and Cheney have Venus as a morning star and rising ahead of the Sun by almost the same degree distance. Fitzgerald and Wilson have Venus as an evening star and setting behind the Sun by almost the same degree distance.

Valerie Plame Wilson: When you bring in the chart for Valerie Plame Wilson, it is stunning to note that her Moon (close to the beginning of Pisces) is conjunct the Moon for Patrick Fitzgerald. People born with identical Moon placements usually feel a great sense of kinship as if they are from the same tribe and can easily resonate with one another’s feelings, instincts and fundamental attitudes about life. While Patrick Fitzgerald has been functioning as a prosecutor, one might almost consider him the attorney for the apparent defendant – Valerie Plame Wilson. After all, what he is trying to determine is who compromised her position and stature within the CIA. He is certainly on her side IF he winds up showing that other people conspired to undermine her career and sensitive type of work.

On another front, take a look at her Neptune located at 14+ Scorpio. We know that transiting Neptune just stopped this week at 14+ Aquarius. Thus, she has been going through the astrological Rite of Passage known as the “Mid-Life Crisis or Power Surge” that everyone must go through around the age of 41-42 when Neptune in the sky exactly squares Neptune at birth. This occurs at the same age for everyone because Neptune has an orbit around the Sun of 164+ years and ¼ of that cycle is approximately 41+ years of age. During this time-period in life, the archetypes related to Neptune dominate one’s psychic, emotional and relationship landscape. On the bright side, there can be extraordinary breakthroughs in artistic expression, creative imagination, spiritual evolution and even business finesse. However, there is an equal and opposite hazy side associated with mental and emotional fogginess, enervating confusion and chaos, self-deception, becoming hooked into addictive behavior or falling victim to psychological breakdowns.

Her Neptune-Neptune pattern right now is nearly precise – as there is only a 6-minute orb from Neptune stopping this past week to where Neptune was at her birth on April 19, 1963. To add to the cloudiness and uncertainty afflicting her life over the past two years, you should note that her husband’s Sun at 14 Scorpio is conjunct her Neptune and he has been going through a 2-year cycle of transiting Neptune at right angles to his Sun.

Just as transiting Saturn has been exactly opposing Vice President Cheney’s Sun and President Bush’s Ceres, Saturn is almost conjunct her Mars at 11+ Leo. In fact, a few weeks from now and just prior to Thanksgiving, Saturn will make a retrograde station right on her Mars. To make all this more explicit: Her Mars is conjunct the president’s Pluto and opposite the vice president’s Sun. Mars (Plame) + Pluto (Bush) + Sun (Cheney) + Transiting Saturn (Now) = ? This is the political/mathematical equation of our times.

Her birthday (April 19) is also a focal point for many infamous moments in American history. On April 19, 1775, the Battle of Lexington and Concord took place with the “shot heard round the world” beginning the fighting stage of the American Revolution. On April 19, 1961, the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba ended in a total disaster for the USA with the death of some 90 Cuban exiles and the capture of nearly 1200 other exiles. This created a crisis within the early months of the Kennedy Administration – leading to the resignation of the Director of the CIA and other dire ramifications that would lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 and even JFK's assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald who was very active in trying to support Communist Cuba under Fidel Castro. On April 19, 1989, the USS Iowa had a massive explosion in one of its gun turrets – killing 47 sailors. However, it is alleged through several sources and a revealing book on the subject, that the U.S. Navy engaged in a massive cover-up of what led up to the explosion, falsely trying to pin the blame on a homosexual sailor who was supposedly upset with his partner. But that is not the end of major events happening on this unusual day of the year.

On April 19, 1993, Branch Davidian Religious Cult Leader David Koresh and 75 members of his group, including 21 children, perished in a firestorm and explosion in their Waco, Texas compound. The U.S. Government – particularly through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the FBI – was considered by many in the country to have acted recklessly and precipitously, although the standoff had lasted 51 days. Exactly two years later on April 19, 1995, Gulf War veteran Timothy McVeigh set up a massive explosion at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people, also including many children in a day care facility. It is said that McVeigh – in league with an Army buddy, Terry Nichols – destroyed the governmental office building in Oklahoma City because of their anger over the Federal Government’s killing of the Branch Davidians 2 years before! In addition, at McVeigh’s trial, the government’s prosecution team suggested that he had gotten the idea for the bombing from a white supremacist book The Turner Diaries and that April 19 was deliberately selected since it was also the date of the Battle of Lexington and Concord that began the American Revolution exactly 220 years before – to the day.

There is definitely something about this date that conjures up revolution, scandal, conspiracy and explosiveness. The only answer comes from a colleague of mine – Alex Miller-Mignone – a professional astrologer, writer and researcher who wrote many brilliant articles in my printed journal Welcome to Planet Earth from 1981-2000. In his self-published and illuminating volume -- The Black Hole Book -- he sheds light on a group of black holes in the cosmos that strike at various degrees of the zodiac. He also intuitively came up with names for these strange celestial power sources. At 26-27 Aries, there are two black holes that he names Kore/Persephone for that ancient goddess and daughter of the Earth Mother Ceres/Demeter. Then at 28 Cancer is a black hole that he calls Kali – after the potent, fierce, violent and deadly Hindu goddess. He also discusses a black hole at 28-29 Libra that he designates as Pele – the fiery goddess of destruction who resides beneath Mount Kilauea, the most active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. So what do we have here?

The Sun on April 19 – connecting all the unusual dates in American history mentioned above, along with the birthday of Valerie Plame Wilson in 1963 – is united with a double black hole in late Aries, opposing another black hole in late Libra, and squaring Kali, the black hole in late Cancer. This forms an almost precise T-Square Triangle in the heavens. If you add the USA natal Pluto (death-rebirth; transformation and metamorphosis; catharsis and purging; terrorism; extremes and underworlds) at 28 Capricorn to the mix, the T-Square Triangle turns into one of the most powerful, holistic patterns known in astrology – the Grand Cross, in this case, in the cardinal or active, dynamic first signs of each season. A Grand Cross is also a type of crucifixion and the astronomical symbol for Earth itself is a circle with a vertical-horizontal cross dividing it into four segments.

For good measure, the planetary body known as Chiron – the wounded healer, spiritual bridge-builder, maverick and outsider, the sense of déjà vu (Watergate all over again?), twilight zones of altered states of awareness, keys opening doors to higher consciousness and wisdom – has just made its direct station this month at 28 Capricorn, igniting America’s Pluto and reinforcing this entire Grand Cross within which Valerie Plame Wilson is intrinsically linked.

For the time being, this much longer-than-expected report ends “Phase One” of our astrological story on the CIA Leak Affair. You can still cross-reference all of these charts with the horoscopes of President George W. Bush (see the story on Terrorism and President Bush in our News and Newsmakers section), the Inauguration of President Bush and Vice President Cheney on January 20, 2005 (see the story in our Mundane Astrology section), and the USA itself (see two stories in our Mundane Astrology section). All these charts are being activated strongly – by many transits now and in the near future, via progressions (Secondary and Solar Arcs), and through interactions with the various figures explored in this feature. I am sure that Solar Charts for Judith Miller (The New York Times reporter who was jailed), Matthew Cooper (the Time magazine reporter who wasn’t jailed) and Robert Novak (who wrote the column on July 14, 2003 that started the ruckus in the first place) will also prove highly revealing. As you know from my many other articles in Earth Aquarius News, America is in the midst of and will be facing one of its greatest challenges as a nation over the next 12 months since its emergence as a republic in the last quarter of the eighteenth century.

Stay tuned to this web channel for late-breaking news and developments.

© 2005 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

[To write an e-mail to Mark, use the Contact Mark sub-section on the left-side, blue column under Mark Lerner Astrology. In the same area, you can find out more about his Astrology Consultations.]

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