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News > Top Stories Archives  > Update on Mars Red-Alert: Oct. 1

Update on Mars Red-Alert: Oct. 1

Update on Mars Red-Alert: Oct. 1 | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Red-Alert on Mars Update: September 30, 2005 and new, early October Updates
-- With the first of two Mars stations happening less than 24 hours from this writing, I thought it appropriate to give an up-front, short report on the accuracy of my warnings that were first composed in July and followed by updates in August well before the formation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. [The Hurricane Katrina and Rita features are also located in our Top Story section.]

The essence of the story you can still read in our News and Newsmakers section is that Mars is making two stations in the financial/money/property sign of Taurus (October 1 and December 9). That these stations – along with New and Full Moon, Eclipse activity, stations of other planets from October to December, transits to the charts of the nation and the president, and the first of three Jupiter-Saturn squares in fixed, power signs (December 17) – are going to create an extremely panicky public in America, create an acute (a major meaning of Mars) economic crisis, and all of this is a kind of preview or dry run for the USA progressed station retrograde of Mars at 18+ degrees of Libra (July 2006). Mars has always moved forward in America’s chart since the nation was born on July 4, 1776. It has never stopped or gone into reverse. Therefore, we are nearing a mysterious, potent and extreme situation that our nation has never experienced before.

The items listed below are in no way a complete portrait of the total and scary reality facing American society, but they will help you realize a fuller extent of what’s been happening. The more wealthy, conservative politicians, media pundits and entrenched, bullish business interests (America’s Plutocracy) would have you believe the country is still on track, with few major problems and that the economic foundations for America are a-okay. The reality is completely the reverse.

--Tonight’s CNN major news program (usually called Nightly News) has been renamed State of Emergency for the past week or two since Hurricane Rita hit in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Even though the two storms are over, CNN continues to use the name “State of Emergency” less than 24 hours before Mars stations retrograde tomorrow. When you switch over to MSNBC, you see the title Breaking News with the raging, out of control Southern California wild fires (fires are always another Mars manifestation) that have scorched some 20,000 acres and continue to threaten about 2,000 homes.

--Speaking of homes and property (remember the two Mars station are in Taurus – the main sign of valued property and land), tonight’s CNN State of Emergency program said that 350,000 homes were destroyed in Louisiana alone (with another 500,000 suffering severe damage). The nearly $80 billion offered by the U.S. Congress in two separate votes is still a preliminary figure and realistically doesn’t have anything to do with how and through what means those homes will be rebuilt. Some money will come through insurance claims, but in terms of a jump in inflation (another Mars reality as inflation means that money loses its value and Mars = loss/debt while Venus = savings), the outpouring of insurance money in the months ahead will drastically increase all consumers’ insurance rates to allow the insurance companies to survive the devastating storms. The tens of billions of dollars that will be going to Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for reconstruction after the two hurricanes are mainly for re-establishing infrastructure, working on rivers/levees, assisting businesses and individuals to get back to some sense of normalcy after the evacuations.

--One more item from tonight’s CNN State of Emergency show is that around 200,000 cars were submerged or destroyed by flood and rain in the hurricanes (again primarily this statistic is from Louisiana and New Orleans, not from all areas hit). Once again this is a gigantic task for car insurance companies that will then increase rates to all consumers – jacking up prices and costs for years to come. They also added that something like 50 million cubic tons of debris will need to be hauled away in Louisiana alone and that this will take at least one year (!) to accomplish. Many people and bullish business leaders in other parts of the USA are acting as if the crisis is over when it has only just begun and the full reports are really trickling in. Many large companies – like BP (British Petroleum) – have not shared how the disasters have affected all their rigs, platforms, supply lines, inventories and ability to get up and running across the board. Remember that by not reporting the full problems and level of destruction of their refineries, they may be hoping to keep consumers/shareholders in the dark and delay or prevent a downturn in their stock prices!

--While the Labor Department on Thursday September 22 stated that around 214,000 Americans were thrown out of work due to Hurricane Katrina, the Commerce Department on Thursday September 29 upped that total to 279,000. In the meantime, fixed and variable mortgage rates are beginning to rise and there are major fears that the housing “bubble” could burst soon. Keep in mind that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan – someone I have called Mr. Saturn and Mr. Anti-Inflation – is about to leave office early next year. He has been a prominent fixture in our society since August 1987 (when first appointed to a temporary position as Fed Chairman) and February 1, 1992 when he accepted a 14-year stint as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He was born on March 6, 1926 on the day of a Saturn station at 27 degrees of Scorpio (the opposite sign and degree area to where Mars is making its retrograde station). His Saturn is also almost exactly opposite the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Sun degree in Taurus. Many economists accuse Alan Greenspan of mishandling our economy and failing to act responsibly. The Fed raised short-term interest rates again on September 20 (as they have been doing for the last 15 months) and they are likely to keep doing this until Alan Greenspan leaves office as he wants to make sure inflation is kept at bay. However, by continuing to increase short-term interest rates – despite the drastic financial problems affecting individual consumers – the entire cost of borrowing goes up and this adversely affects the budgetary bottom line for every American.

--To show you how strange the Dow Jones Industrial Average (as an index of major stocks on the NYSE) behaves, on the Monday following last weekend (just after Hurricane Rita’s devastation), the DJIA actually jumped up around 80+ points in early trading – only to settle with about a 26-point gain by the end of the day. How is it possible that after 2 disastrous hurricanes – affecting the main oil-refining and supply region of the country – the bullish energies were outweighing the bearish energies? This would seem to have no connection to reality (Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and should link to practicality and pragmatism) and what’s affecting the American consumer. Here’s how they were able to pull off this magic act.

--The highly conservative, Republican stalwarts and business-media-corporate “spinners” on Wall Street – who do not want to see the DJIA plummet and become a true barometer of the American economy with all its outrageously extreme deficits, debts and imbalances -- focused like a Plutonic laser beam on what DIDN’T happen during Hurricane Rita. Compared to and because of the lack of preparation before Hurricane Katrina (locally, federally and presidentially!), there were few deaths being reported. Houston wasn’t in the eye of the storm. Galveston wasn’t in the eye of the storm. The oil refineries, rigs and platforms in those areas weren’t struck. Rita was not a category 5 storm; instead it was 4 and losing strength to a 3 as it hit land. These spinners of greed were looking at the glass as half FULL rather than half EMPTY. On the other hand, what DID happen was and is still extremely frightening. The Lake Charles area of southwestern Louisiana was dealt a crushing blow as were the areas surrounding the “Golden Oil” triangle of Orange-Port Arthur-Beaumont, Texas – with a grand total of 7 major oil refineries, plus the assorted pipelines, supply lines, storage facilities, rigs, platforms, you name it. These areas were and are not only crippled relative to oil refining and delivery schedules, but the towns and the people are in a catastrophic situation.

--Because Houston was spared the brunt of Hurricane Rita’s wrath (USA Today’s front-page headline of September 22 was “1 million flee Rita’s wrath” – talk about a headline connection to an up-and-coming Mars station on the verge of happening!), the bullish pundits on Wall Street were not only able to push up prices on the NYSE and keep the DJIA moving upward on Monday, but they were able to keep this general trend going toward the end of the week – bringing the DJIA upward close to 100 points as we near the Mars retrograde station tomorrow. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the USA and is second only to New York City of Fortune 500 companies. According to USA Today, “forty-four of the 200 largest U.S. publicly traded gas and oil companies are in Houston, which has 88% of the industry-related jobs in the USA.” Houston is also the leading American international shipping port in terms of tonnage and a mecca for the chemical, financial, insurance, real estate and banking industries. So, when Houston wasn’t directly hit by Hurricane Rita it was a real and major relief to the people of that city, to the state of Texas and all Americans. However, there was the mass evacuation that worked, but that also created a highway horror for hundreds of thousands of people fleeing the city. This included the Middle-Eastern looking explosion of a bus carrying several dozens sick elderly citizens – an accident killing 23 of them. The upshot of all of this was that very conservative business/media people – extremely savvy and ruthless in their goals – were able to manipulate the news of the last week to (a) force up the DJIA and (b) make it look like things are much rosier and positive than they really are.

--After all, following my question two paragraphs above about how it was possible for the bullish energies to outmaneuver the bearish energies, here are some of this week’s ACTUAL news and business reports. You be the judge of whether these sound promising and uplifting or more frightening and of great concern for our financial future as a nation.

(A) President Bush asked people to conserve fuel, decrease unnecessary travel, and restrain personal spending due to gasoline supply interruptions from the Gulf refineries while the Senate was passing a bill to add another $50 billion for the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. All told – and not yet including this latest amount – the U.S. Congress has spent $350 billion of American taxpayers’ money on those wars and for the Department of Defense to conduct them. There is no end in sight for those battles and you may remember that when the first $80 billion was authorized during 2001-2002 – with no one in the Congress standing up for the principle of fiscal common sense because of the desire to appear patriotic and the need to run again for office! – the Bush administration considered that $80 billion to be the total required because the “mission” was being accomplished relatively quickly (recall the president on the aircraft carrier announcing major hostilities ended in Iraq shortly after the war started in March 2003).

(B) “Consumer confidence took the biggest tumble in 15 years in September, as Americans grappled with soaring energy prices after Hurricane Katrina, the New York-based Conference Board said Tuesday” (September 27) – according to USA Today.

(C) Also on Tuesday September 27, the ex-FEMA chief – Michael Brown, who had left his position in shame and disgrace (from the perspective of millions of Americans due to his ineptitude and lack of awareness and compassion) – appeared before Congress blaming the state of Louisiana, its Governor and Mayor Nagin of New Orleans for the Hurricane Katrina disaster. In his rather unapologetic tone, he declared that he couldn’t have been a superhero and also called Louisiana “dysfunctional.” On the same day, a report came out that bank and credit-union regulators have asked various financial institutions to “waive fees and loosen rules on verifying customers” who have been victims of the hurricanes “who fled their homes with no bank card or driving license.” However, the banks and credit unions are now fearful that any relaxed rules “could entice scam artists to try cashing fraudulent checks.”

(D) House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas was indicted by a Texas grand jury for unethical and illegal financial practices. This forced him to step down and be replaced. This follows the Security Exchange Commission investigation into Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s sale of HCA (hospital) stock. The formal, official investigation of the Senate Majority Leader follows the indictment of the House Majority Leader within 24 hours and both occurred just as the Mars retrograde station in Taurus (stocks/finances) was about to occur. In addition, one can see these two Republican leaders as almost “stand-ins” for President George W. Bush – terribly tarnished due to his absence and lack of national leadership during the first few days of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. [See my separate story on Terrorism and President Bush in the News and Newsmakers section. In that feature, I give an update on President Bush – explaining that he experienced an exact Sun-Moon Progressed First Quarter Square on August 25 – just as Hurricane Katrina was building in power. He was born at a First Quarter Sun-Moon cycle and the fundamental meaning is “crisis in action.” He is also plagued now with transiting Saturn crossing his Leo Ascendant and about to cross his natal Mercury-Pluto union three times in 2005-2006. This restructuring and potentially crippling cycle for the president hasn’t occurred for almost 30 years – harkening back to his life just before he married Laura and became a father.]

(E) The Bush Administration is showing signs of extreme cracking right now in the aftermath of these two storms and there is likely to be a major rift between Republicans/Conservatives in Congress seeking re-election a year from now and the Bush Administration desperately trying to hold on to the reins of power in the executive branch of government. Remember that the USA progressed Mars goes stationary and retrograde in July 2006 and, with each passing month from now to then, the acute-volatile-inflammatory Mars energies will be on the rise. [See the red box and Mars picture on our main webpage with the accompanying story: The Martialization of America that I wrote four years ago shortly after the events of September 11, 2001. By the way, once the USA progressed Mars is in reverse, the cycle lasts for 79 years until 2086. One year later, Venus stops and turns retrograde for 42 years. Eighty-plus years from now -- when the planet of love, creative artistry, personal values, property and land, and social interaction stations in the USA progressed chart – the world may be entering the Age of Aquarius, but where will America be existing in its Venusian-Martial emotional, cultural, educational and social experience of that future time?]

(F) In the September 29th edition of USA Today, there was a headline on page 1 even above the Tom Delay indictment story. The headline read as follows: ”Gas sends debts soaring” When you go to this lead story on the front page of their Money section, the title and subtitle read as follows: ”Gas swells use of credit: Consumers whip out cards to pay high pump prices” Right now 70% of gasoline purchases were paid for by a credit or debit card. The rate was 54% last year. In addition, “more consumers are falling behind on credit card payments. A record 4.81% of accounts were at least a month behind…” When people cannot even deal with the reality of taking $10-20-30 out of their wallets to pay for gasoline, how can the entire society deal with the enormity of what is now happening with the nation’s fractured economy?

(G) Last – but certainly not least – in the Friday edition of The New York Times (Business Day, C1, lead column), note this amazing story about home heating for this winter. Remember that heat is another link to Mars, the red planet, ruling the first fire sign of Aries. The title of the article is as follows: ”Heat Costs Expected To Surge: Natural Gas Price Continues Climb” This article is particularly enlightening and provocative in terms of the two Mars stations happening now and on December 9, and that Mars remains in economic-savings-material assets Taurus until February 17 – far into the cold, winter months! The story starts off with this sentence: “Natural gas prices set a record yesterday, pointing to sharply higher heating bills for a majority of Americans this winter and soaring costs for makers of plastics and chemicals, which use natural gas as their main fuel and raw material.” The author of the article then goes on to share that “since the beginning of the summer, the price of natural gas has doubled.”

(H) To reinforce my main point in writing this entire Red-Alert on Mars update – that we are already in the Mars panic and acute national, economic crisis – the Times journalist says the following: “…the price surge in natural gas – the most popular source for home heating across the colder regions of the country – has so far gone largely unnoticed.” I have added the bold, italics and underlining to that last word. I would like to say “I rest my case,” but I feel compelled to add one final remark from the same story. If this doesn’t send shivers up your spine about the power of Mars now, over the next few months and throughout all of 2006, then perhaps nothing will. The reporter has a quote from Carl Neill, an analyst at Risk Management Inc., a natural gas consultant and brokerage firm in Chicago. “’It’s still under most people’s radar screens right now. The public has absolutely no idea how high prices are going to be this year. It’s going to be mind-boggling’.”

In that last paragraph, I didn’t mention another sobering statistic. The U.S. Energy Department estimates that “Americans are likely to pay roughly $400 more for their natural gas this winter than last year, with average bills jumping to $1,130.” Nevertheless, many analysts outside the government think that even the $400 figure is too LOW! Now with the Christmas and holiday retail and buying season about to explode, how will typical Americans spend their hard-earned money and savings on gifts as we approach a December when Jupiter in fixed Scorpio and Saturn in fixed Leo will square on December 17 (8 days before Christmas) – as the first of three Jupiter-Saturn face-offs, continuing in June and October 2006 (surrounding next year’s USA progressed Mars retrograde station)? You know how holiday retailers are a fanatical element of our society – always worried that their intake will be 5-10% less than the preceding season of frenetic and crazy buying at the end of the year. Well, we don’t know what will happen come this November-December, but if there is another hurricane or two or the dreaded terrorist reprise to September 11, 2001 affecting one or more American cities, our nation’s retailers may have much more to worry about than sliding profits from one year to the next.

In conclusion for the time being, the USA economic realm is being flooded – literally and figuratively – in a giant tsunami of debt, deficits and imbalances. This has been going on for a very long time and now these two hurricanes are Mother Nature’s acute (Mars) wake up call to the citizens of this nation. It is also a wake-up call about our dependence on oil itself and the fact that, as the world’s last-remaining superpower, we should have become the leading pioneer in alternative fuel and energy sources DECADES AGO!

The fact that our current Bush administration is so beholding to oil power and interests is the cosmic signpost of America’s failure over the past 40 years since President Eisenhower (the former Supreme Allied Commander for D-Day) warned of the growing influence of the “military-industrial complex” on January 19, 1961 – one day before John F. Kennedy became the leader of the Free World and gave birth to his New Frontier. That New Frontier – including the Peace Corps, the Alliance for Progress, landing humans on the Moon, reinvigorating our science/mathematical programs in the educational system, and empowering our calisthenics and gymnastics efforts – might have led to great strides for solar, wind, hydrogen, fusion and other unusual alternative fuel sources, but his assassination, the arrival of Presidents Johnson and Nixon, and the perpetuation of the Vietnam War pushed America on a path that I firmly believe was counter to our higher principles as a nation.

It is now Saturday October 1 and only a few short hours before the Mars retrograde station becomes precise. By Monday October 3, there will be an Annular Solar Eclipse/New Moon at 10+ Libra and followed by a Chiron direct station at 27+ Capricorn on the USA Pluto (extremes; underworld; plutocracy; terrorism) in our second house of natural resources, material assets and national money supply on Tuesday evening October 4. Chiron can supply a healing touch and force to the wounds and pains afflicting our nation, but it can also symbolize a twilight zone of altered time-dilation where we are all thrown out of the usual rhythms and cycles of daily life. The next week’s business and financial news will be strongly influenced by these cosmic events and alignments to the USA horoscope.

First Update: October 1, 2005 5:40PM PDT Eugene, Oregon I didn’t think I would need an exclamation point to add to the above feature, but here it is – courtesy of The Associated Press. Under a title that reads ”Economy reels from Katrina’s blows”, note the following first two paragraphs of the story: “Hurricane Katrina has knocked the economy for a loop, and whether it revives or slips into recession depends on whether nervous consumers are willing to spend more. New figures on Friday showed that the storm caused incomes to fall in August, reflecting $100 billion in losses by people who didn’t have adequate insurance to cover damage to homes, businesses and vehicles.” One more footnote as we gauge the coming power of today’s Mars retrograde station, the next one on December 9, and all the potent astrological events during the next 2-3 months: “Soaring gasoline prices caused consumers to reduce spending by the largest amount since the September 2001 terrorist attacks.” The potency of the red planet Mars in $-linked Taurus is super-strong – whether or not the media, business reporters, the federal government and the country-at-large are aware of its acute and dangerous presence looming ominous in all of our lives.

Second Update: October 4, 2005 Eugene, Oregon Note the following headline and story from the Associated Press today –

Hurricanes' damage to oil rigs unprecedented

October 3, 2005
by Steve Quinn
Associated Press

DALLAS — Hurricane Rita may have caused more damage to rigs and
platforms than any Gulf of Mexico storm — even its formidable
predecessor Hurricane Katrina, oil and gas market analysts said on
Wednesday. The double-whammy of those hurricanes has already cost the
Gulf almost 7 percent of its annual oil production and 5 percent of
its annual natural gas output, according to a report from the U.S.
Minerals Management Service.

“The impact on the rigs is something that’s never been seen by this
country before,” said Daniel Naatz, director of federal resources for
the Independent Petroleum Association of America.

At the end of the story is the following:

“I hate to say with absolute certainty that this is the worst storm
damage we’ve seen, but we have had more rigs reported with severe
damage than any other storm I can recall in the last 15 years,” said
Marsh of ODS-Petrodata.

On another front, here is something else to ponder –

BP warns production won't hit targets due to hurricanes
By Steve Goldstein, MarketWatch, October 4, 2005
LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Oil major BP on Tuesday said Hurricanes Katrina and Rita would be the prime reason for a profit shortfall of more than $700 million, and warned it won't hit production targets for the year.

Earlier in my article from several days ago, I discussed this same company – BP – not yet making a report on damage assessments. By the way, after releasing their warning today, their stock fell on the London exchange.

Here is some more fuel to the fire concerning the recent Mars retrograde station, the Annular Solar Eclipse and tonight’s Chiron station:

--New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin had to lay off 3,000 city workers due to lack of funds.

--The Shell oil platform/rig with the name of Mars (no joke!) – located in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 130 miles southeast of New Orleans – is out of commission perhaps for the rest of the year! I reported in the first Red-Alert on Mars in our News and Newsmakers section that this had already occurred after Hurricane Katrina. Now following Hurricane Rita, the Mars oil platform is in worse shape and CNBC-TV on Monday reported that it was in shambles with major repairs required that would take months to complete. That platform had been providing over 200,000 barrels of oil per day!

--The DJIA dropped 94+ points today to go along with yesterday’s 33+ point loss. Clearly, as I explained earlier in this article, the investment community responded during the first week after Hurricane Rita with a “look what the hurricane DIDN’T do” attitude,” and the DJIA went up. Now, in the second week after the second devastating hurricane in the last month or so, the reality of the twin disasters is sinking in and the DJIA has been a more accurate barometer of the true dismal, economic situation facing American consumers, workers and business owners in the near future.

Finally, here is the title and first section from a front page article in USA Today on Monday October 3 – with the impact of the Mars retrograde station just striking:

For wary investors, back-to-back storms darken the gloom: High gas prices, real estate concerns all part of a deepening uncertainty

By Mindy Fetterman and Adam Shell

“Two devastating hurricanes. Slow governmental response. Sixteen-hour 200 mile traffic jams of fleeing residents. Levees breached. Levees breached – again. Tens of thousands displaced. Mold everywhere. Elderly patients drowning in nursing homes. But that’s not all. A sideways stock market. Rising interest rates. A barrel of oil at $67. Gas over $3 a gallon. Consumer confidence down. It’s no wonder American investors are feeling vulnerable.”

My job as a professional astrologer, researcher and publisher of Earth Aquarius News is not to be a prophet of doom, but to give you crucial information and suggestions relating to the series of cosmic alignments happening during the next few months and into the even more dangerous Martial, Jupiterian and Saturnian battlefields of 2006.

Third Update: October 5 Eugene, Oregon The DJIA dropped 123.75 points today – making the three-day total since the Mars retrograde station on Saturday a whopping 250 points. While today’s large slide is being discussed as a response to fears of inflation, the last three days of extreme “bearishness” coincide with the realization of how disastrous the two hurricanes were for the nation’s economy and the deepening gloom affecting American investors and consumers as we dive headlong toward the colder fall and winter months – with soaring gas, home heating oil, natural gas and grocery-retail prices. The negative market activity of the last few days has also happened simultaneously with the Annular Solar Eclipse on Monday October 3 and the Chiron direct station (October 4-5) at 27+ Capricorn on America’s Pluto (extremes; underworld; destructive power) in our second house of money supply, natural resources and material assets.

Keep tuned to this web channel for late-breaking stories.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News For information on my Astrology Consultations and other services, see the left-side, blue column on our main webpage.

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