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News > Top Stories Archives  > Hurricane Rita Strikes Texas/Louisiana

Hurricane Rita Strikes Texas/Louisiana

Hurricane Rita Strikes Texas/Louisiana | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

Dateline: Eugene, Oregon September 23, 2005 2AM-4:30AM
-- In the center of Galaxy M-87 is the largest black hole that we have sighted by utilizing the camera power in the Hubble Space Telescope. My colleague – Alex Miller Mignone – wrote about this enormous celestial “object” or energy field in his terrific volume The Black Hole Book a decade ago. Having a mass that may be equal to two billion of our Suns and an event horizon that stretches possibly 326 light years across (a ridiculous figure that boggles the human mind), this black hole is located at a zodiacal intercept of 1+ degrees of Libra. The Sun of our solar system is poised to make its annual conjunction with this enormous black hole – that Alex Mignone has named ADONIS – right now as Hurricane Rita is about to deluge the coasts of East Texas and West Louisiana.

I have been watching this storm develop – like everyone else in America – over the past week. Of course, it is a sickening feeling to see this monster arise from a union of water, air, heat, wind, planetary turbulence, solar energy and – who knows? – probably humanity’s fears, stresses, hatreds and karma (ancient, recent and current). It is also horrifying to watch as Hurricane Rita pulverizes a similar part of the USA in the Gulf of Mexico just hit by Hurricane Katrina almost exactly a month ago. I strongly advise you to read my Hurricane Katrina article in our Top Story section – as well as the Red-Alert on Mars and Terrorism/President Bush features in the News and Newsmakers section. All these stories combined will give you a comprehensive grasp of this extraordinary situation developing in America. We are also poised to experience the first Mars station in Taurus – a retrograde stopping at 23+ Taurus on October 1. The Hurricane Katrina and Red-Alert on Mars articles will remind you of how dire the near-term future may be concerning gasoline price hikes, home heating oil increases, rapidly rising costs for food, labor, transport, communications – plus extreme volatility in financial markets, nationally and internationally.

In my focus on Hurricane Katrina, I brought forth a chart for the state of Louisiana and discussed other significant horoscopes for Mississippi, the city of New Orleans, and the American Sovereignty map for April 30, 1789 when George Washington took the first oath as a USA president in New York City. Now I want to present the charts for Texas and Houston. Note: At the moment – early on Friday September 23 – the weather reports indicate that the eye of the hurricane may make landfall east of Houston and Galveston. This may spare (a) these cities from direct hits and (b) make the devastation of oil platforms and rigs less severe than expected a day or two ago. However, Hurricane Rita is going to act as a knockout blow regarding the entire connecting line of debt-deficits-energy-oil-prices-inflation-national panic and extreme uncertainty. No one really knows how the country can afford the clean-up and rebuilding in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama following Hurricane Katrina. That amount was temporarily pegged at around $60+ billion – with estimates growing toward $200 billion when all would be said and done in the next few years. The potential financial cost of Hurricane Rita might be another $200 billion or more. And these figures do not include the cost in lives and the massive affect on our total population – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This is not the time to go into the entire history of Texas, but this state was admitted to the Union on December 29, 1845. According to Marc Penfield in his epic tome Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere, the rectified time he comes up with is 1:42PM CST in Austin, Texas. The month, day and year are totally accurate and the bill bringing Texas into the United States was signed in the afternoon. The question is whether Marc Penfield has calculated the time correctly. For what I am going to share that last issue is not important. What is most crucial is the current transit of Saturn (fear; delays; death; karma – all part of the negative qualities of this planetary influence) at 8+ Leo. The solar life force in the Texas horoscope is located at 8+ Capricorn. Therefore, we have transiting Saturn -- the ruling planet of the Texas Sun in Capricorn – making an exact, awkward and immobilizing 150-degree aspect to the Sun for this state. Let’s think this through for a moment.

We know that Capricorn is the third and final earth sign of the zodiac. One of the key meanings for Capricorn is the mountaintop experience. In terms of the rise of cities over the centuries, Capricorn has much to do with skyscrapers, high-rise buildings and corporate headquarters. Many large companies – and naturally many associated with oil and energy – moved from northern locations to Houston during the past few decades. One of the starkest symbols we have been witnessing in the past 48 hours is an endless stream of cars and vehicles attempting to leave Houston in a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of this hurricane.

Thus, the transit of Saturn 150 degrees to the Texas Sun has to do with scaring (Saturn) the residents of Houston and surrounding areas to flee the wrath of Hurricane Rita and many of these people are probably headed for relatives, friends or business associates in Dallas. Now Dallas (population of around 1.2 million) is a smaller city than Houston (population over 2 million), but the metropolitan region of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington (5.2 million) is greater than Houston-Baytown-Sugar Land (4.8 million). Even so, both of these giant cities are vital centers of dynamic power and strength for the nation and turmoil is now brewing throughout Texas.

Notice that the Texas Juno placement is 8+ Scorpio. Transiting Saturn over the next week squares this position exactly. And let us remember that Saturn has much to do with frustration, chronic disabilities and delays. The long lines of cars, going bumper to bumper, along Texas highways seems to represent – on a higher level of reality – the rapidly diminishing support for Texas’s favorite son (President George W. Bush), the entire Bush family (mostly focused in Houston) and the USA dependence on oil as a fuel (with hundreds of platforms and rigs off the coast of Texas about to be pummeled and perhaps destroyed). Juno connects with empowerment or disempowerment in love, relationship and marriage. It has an incredible connection with atmospheric storms (!) – according to the phenomenal research by asteroid pioneer Eleanor Bach. It is also aligned with terrorism by the weak, disenfranchised and dispossessed. On positive levels, Juno is associated with refinement, civility, fairness and balance in labor-management negotiations. People who have great skills as judges, in mediation work and diplomacy often are born with a prominent Juno.

When I wrote the Hurricane Katrina story, I realized that the Sun and Juno in the sky were reaching an exact square of 90 degrees. This was the same pattern that existed when the town of New Orleans was founded back in February 1718! Now we see that Saturn in the sky is squaring the Texas Juno over the next week as devastation hits the Lone Star state. Just as I mentioned in the other hurricane story a month ago, the odds are great that all kinds of marital fighting and squabbling will be occurring – a common factor when Juno is adversely affected. Again, think of the tens of thousands of families in cars and vehicles scrambling for their lives and hoping to find areas of safe refuge along the way out of Houston, Galveston and other cities along the coast of Texas. Of course, so many people will be rising to the occasion, helping one another, supporting and comforting each other in a time of desperate need. But the OVERALL influence is one of disempowerment (shadow side of Juno) as Texans are on the move and going to who knows where?

Be aware that Juno in the chart for Houston is located at 10+ Virgo (in conjunction with Mercury). Uranus -- the planet of revolution, shock waves, nervous tension and anxiety – made a station at 10+ Pisces this past June in direct opposition to Houston’s Juno. This polarity repeats in late February and early March 2006 and again very strongly in November 2006. This Uranus polarity to Juno for Houston represents (a) the atmospheric storm hitting the city and (b) the psychic storm that awaits the residents as they return to Houston following the current exodus. Even if Houston is spared a direct hit, this city is strongly connected to the flow, circulation, power, strength and business of OIL. This industry is now reeling after two fierce hurricane strikes and the season for these storms will continue for around two more months!

It is fascinating that New Orleans and Houston have some astrological connections. The Sun for New Orleans (Aquarius) is the Moon sign for Houston. As an oil town and city, it is noteworthy that Houston was founded at the time of a Moon-Neptune union in Aquarius. Neptune is the key ruling planet of oil (along with Pluto). Houston just experienced its first “Neptune Return” a few years ago when transiting Neptune entered Aquarius again (after a 165-year cycle) for the first time since the founding of Houston back on August 24, 1836. The Jupiter position at 26+ Cancer for New Orleans is within 1 degree of the Venus position at 25+ Cancer for Houston. Cancer is the first WATER sign of the zodiac and we just recently had a Saturn station (November 2004) at 27+ Cancer. Therefore, transiting Saturn crisscrossed the New Orleans Jupiter and Houston Venus three times since the fall of 2004 as the cities were being prepared for this modern-day, biblical type soaking by rain, wind and flood. [Another strange union links Louisiana’s Saturn at 8 Capricorn with the Texas Sun at the same degree! It is almost as though the state of Louisiana karmically brought this new hurricane into Texas itself. Remember that thousands of disenfranchised New Orleans residents were sent to the Houston Astrodome and other cities in Texas for temporary shelter and recovery.]

As we examine the heavens at the moment, we see something very significant on symbolic levels. The Moon is in Gemini and about to conjunct Juno tonight. The monthly lunar union with Juno can bring up the very nature of Juno I have discussed in this article and the one on Hurricane Katrina – disempowerment, psychic and atmospheric storms, marital fighting and separations, rage and anger by the disenfranchised. As we go into the weekend and the storm dives into the heartland of Texas and Louisiana, the Moon shifts into its home sign of Cancer, but then squares the Sun during the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (later Saturday night). This face-off of Sun and Moon occurs at 2+ degrees of Libra and Cancer. Any last quarter phase or cycle can signify a crisis in consciousness. This is certainly happening to an extreme degree in this part of the nation, within the Federal Government and throughout our entire population.

The degrees involved are triggering a very dynamic and volatile T-Square triangle in the chart for Texas composed of a Mars-Uranus conjunction in early Aries opposite Chiron in early Libra – both ends of this polarity square to a Sun-Mercury union in early Capricorn. What’s missing in this potential Grand Cross in Cardinal signs of the zodiac is the presence of Cancer. Well, the USA was born on July 4, 1776 with Venus, Jupiter, Sun and Mercury in Cancer. Therefore, the USA turns the Texas T-Square triangle into a full-blown and highly complex Grand Cross! President George W. Bush – the former two-term Governor of the state -- does the same thing through his natal Sun and Saturn in Cancer. And now the transiting Moon at the Hurricane Rita disaster includes the transiting Moon moving through watery Cancer as the rain, wind, flooding and storming occur throughout Texas. By the way, the meteorologists are suggesting that inland Texas and parts of Louisiana will also suffer gigantic amounts of rainfall that will cause more treacherous conditions regarding transportation snafus, housing catastrophes, and loss of life for many days to come. The Houston Mars placement is at 3+ Cancer and the Moon crosses this degree early on Sunday as the city is engulfed with water. From 3+ Libra on the same day, the Sun squares the red planet for Houston. Essentially, the city is being attacked by the Sun and Moon in a crisis formation to one another.

There are many other planetary cycles that could be discussed regarding the Texas state chart and Houston city birthmap. Depending on the ordeals and events that will happen over the next few days, we may return to this story and add important updates. It does seem that President Bush remains a central character in the ongoing drama affecting the nation right now. I have used the title The Emperor’s New Clothes to refer to his current standing in the public consciousness. It appears that he and his administration (so entrenched in the business, oil and energy realms and plutocracy of the nation) in Washington, D.C. are now seen as woefully inept regarding a true security of the homeland. By focusing so much attention on Iraq and bringing the war on terror far outside the borders of the USA, the executive branch of government fell asleep at the wheel of leadership and responsibility for its own citizens. I recently reviewed the president’s secondary progressed chart and reminded myself that he experienced a rare First Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (10+ Virgo-Sagittarius) on August 25. He was born at the same exact solar-lunar phase that is considered to be a time of crisis in action.

He experienced the exact progressed and frictional square pattern when Hurricane Katrina was developing in strength and moving toward Louisiana, the oil platforms and rigs off the Louisiana coast, the city of New Orleans and coastline of Mississippi. He was still on vacation in Texas and watching from afar when Katrina struck with fury. In retrospect, his inaction, lack of immediate sensitivity and choice for the head of FEMA seem to almost constitute impeachable offenses – not that this could ever occur with a Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives. Some completely insensitive and condescending comments by the president’s own mother, the former First Lady Barbara Bush, while on national television, cemented in the country’s consciousness the realization that the entire Bush family doesn’t comprehend the plight of ordinary, middle-income, lower-income and poor Americans. While brother Jeb – Governor of Florida – usually appears clear and on top of things in his hurricane-ravaged state, his son was just arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Here was yet another reminder of the bad influence of drugs and alcohol within what might be considered America’s First Family.

As mentioned earlier in this article, make sure you study the current Hurricane Rita charts and planetary data along with the Red-Alert on Mars feature and the stories I have written on Terrorism and President Bush and America’s Destiny. What is coming down the road are the two Mars stations (October 1 and December 9), potent New, Full Moons and Eclipses over the next few months, a large number of other planetary stations, three squares between the largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, in fixed, power signs Scorpio and Leo (December 2005, June 2006 and October 2006), and – what may be the most significant event – the USA Progressed Mars making its first station ever in our history as a nation and turning retrograde in July 2006. [See my article entitled The Martialization of America in the red box on our main webpage.]

First Update: Friday Afternoon Sept. 23: While Hurricane Rita has been shifted downward from a category 4 storm to a 3, don’t let the number attached to it create the illusion that this will suddenly become just your average hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. The odds that this will change the overall impact are doubtful and it is still possible that Rita will regain its #4 strength during the next 12-24 hours with the Moon in Gemini about to conjunct storm-controlling Juno! The extent of the hurricane – its mass, size and volume, so to speak -- is considerable. We are already hearing that some levees back in New Orleans have been breached again – increasing flooding within that stricken city. And New Orleans is a fair distance from the eye of the hurricane.

Current projections are indicating landfall of the eye close to Port Arthur, Texas. In this vicinity and to the west and east are an enormous number of oil platforms, rigs and refineries. A couple of stories appeared on the news about two nuclear plants close to where Hurricane Rita will strike – along with chemical facilities. While a category 5 hurricane might seriously affect these energy centers, a category 3 hurricane will probably just soak them – unless the support structures are not up to safety and security codes. Keep aware that after the transiting Moon makes its monthly rendezvous with Juno in a few hours, it will move into watery Cancer during Saturday evening – leading to a conjunction with Vesta (safety and security, home-hearth-shelter, and investment themes) early on Monday and a conjunction in fiery Leo with Saturn (fears; limits; frustrations; delays; chronic problems; karma) early on Wednesday.

The aftermath of this hurricane will have gigantic affects on stock trading in America and around the world – just as we approach the dreaded transiting Mars retrograde station at 23+ Taurus on October 1. [See my Red-Alert on Mars feature in the News section of the website.] It is hard to imagine the business spinners on Wall Street somehow giving a rosy, bullish glow to where things are at and going in America, but I am sure they will try their hardest to deny (shadow side of Saturn) what is really happening to the USA economy and consumer confidence – literally and figuratively being DROWNED in a sea of debts, deficits and red ink across the board.

This reminds us that the initial impact of Hurricane Rita is only phase one of what may become a colossal disaster in Texas, Louisiana and surrounding states. This is due to weather conditions in these areas that will keep the storm locked into place! This can mean 20-30 inches of rain in some places, flooding of towns, highways and agricultural-farming regions, and potential thunderstorms and even tornadoes. We will not really know the full extent of this catastrophe until the middle of next week at the earliest – close to the monthly Moon-Saturn union that will occur on September 28. Ouch!

Make an astrological note of the following: The transiting North and South Nodes of the Moon – also known as the Dragon’s Head and Tail – are focused on 14 degrees of Aries-Libra. This is not only the volatile and explosive Mars/Pluto and Uranus/Pluto midpoints in the horoscope of Texas, but also the natal placement for Saturn (14+ Libra) at America’s birth. In addition, the USA Sun degree (13+ Cancer) – that is also President Bush’s Sun degree! – is being squared by this nodal axis of fate and destiny. The lunar nodes are cosmic pointers and energy directors that focus the collective unconscious of humanity in major ways. The nodes focusing attention on America’s natal Sun-Saturn square pattern are helping to create a radical climate of questioning the federal government’s emergency response to natural disasters affecting tens of millions of people. It is also making formerly staunch supporters of the president wonder if the leader of the free world is up to the task of keeping our nation safe and secure.

Chiron – linked to maverick and outsider, wounded healer, twilight zone and bridge-building archetypes – is also gathering power as it continues to slow down at 27+ Capricorn (conjunct America’s Pluto in our second house of money, material assets and natural resources). Chiron will reach a direct station on October 4 – the day after an Annular Solar Eclipse at 10+ Libra. This linkage between transiting Chiron and the USA Pluto has so much to do with the financial carnage (and investment-market volatility and uncertainty) these two hurricanes is causing and will keep causing in the weeks and months ahead. This brings President George W. Bush back into the picture as he is born with a highly unusual quadruple conjunction of Chiron, Moon, Juno and Jupiter. I have more information on the president’s cycles and role in all this in a feature story in our News and Newsmakers section under Terrorism and President Bush (Updated).

Be aware that transiting Saturn has just made its “astrological landfall” on the president’s precise rising degree (8 Leo) during the last few days. He hasn’t had such an alignment for 29+ years and it is a sobering and possibly depressing influence to say the least. Saturn is marching toward his Mercury-Pluto union at 10 Leo during the next few weeks and months. America is born with a Mercury-Pluto polarity (the opposite pattern to the president’s) and now this planetary combination is about to be triggered in the president's psyche for the rest of this year and then on and off in 2006. I have written extensively about the meaning of Mercury-Pluto for the president and in the nation’s birthchart in my 5-part series on George W. Bush and America’s Destiny – accessible through the story mentioned in the paragraph above.

Stay tuned to this web channel for late-breaking developments on this story and many others.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News For information on ordering my Astrology Consultations, see the left-side, blue column of our website.

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