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News > Top Stories Archives  > Hurricane Katrina: Updated September 1

Hurricane Katrina: Updated September 1

Hurricane Katrina: Updated September 1 | Top Stories Archives
by Mark Lerner

Dateline: Eugene, Oregon Sunday August 28, 2005
-- The greater New Orleans area of Louisiana is bracing for either a category 4 or 5 Hurricane named Katrina. This storm already pummeled southern Florida, yet at that time a few days ago, it was a lower-level hurricane in terms of wind-speed and potential devastation. It has gathered momentum on a vast scale as it has moved through the warm waters and atmosphere of the Gulf of Mexico. The major problem will not only be the catastrophe visited upon the residents of the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, but the shock waves affecting the U.S, economy.

Now I have just been tracking the Red-Alert on Mars and reporting about that in Earth Aquarius News online and, most recently (August 24), on the Coast to Coast AM radio program. Therefore, you should cross-reference what I have already written there (lead story in our News and Newsmakers section) about the coming Mars stations (October 1 and December 9) and their potentially dire influence on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), investor confidence and psychology, and consumer attitudes about spending with what I am sharing in this feature. Here is the long and short of what this Hurricane Katrina may be meaning for America.

See the chart below for when Louisiana entered the union. We know the date exactly and the time comes from a rectification by Marc Penfield in his great book Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere. Louisiana is born as a state on the exact day of a Mercury retrograde station at 24 degrees and 8 minutes of Taurus. Why is this so important for us to know?

In my Red-Alert on Mars article, a key to the October 1, 2005 station by Mars is that it is happening at 23+ Taurus. As explained in that story, this just happens to be the Mercury placement when the NYSE was born on May 17, 1792. Mercury connects with trade, business, communications and transportation. It is a major planet when financial astrologers are attempting to determine the volatility of stock markets and the mood of investors. Not only is the Mercury for the NYSE being exactly struck by the red planet’s retrograde station on October 1, but America’s Mercury at 24+ Cancer is being ignited within 1 minute of arc by a Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on October 17. On this same date, the progressed position of the U.S. Moon (mass consciousness; the public; issues related to agriculture, food, land, housing and property) precisely reaches America’s Mercury for the first time in 27 years. Now we see that the state of Louisiana’s Mercury is within less than 1 degree of the coming Mars retrograde station.

Let’s be clear. The city of New Orleans – population around 460,000 but its metropolitan area including Metairie and Kenner is around 1.4 million! – is a prime target of Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans was founded February 9 – 11, 1718. [Mark Penfield in his book already mentioned above thinks it is February 10, 1718 around 12:13PM CST with 8+ Gemini rising – the USA Uranus placement on its Ascendant!] It has an Aquarius Sun and Gemini Moon that are in a flowing trine to each other – representing the great blues, jazz and “Big Easy” quality of this historic seaport for our nation. However, Juno for New Orleans is at 24+ Taurus – directing linking to Louisiana’s stationary Mercury and the red planet’s retrograde station on October 1. Juno has a lot to do with empowerment or disempowerment in relationships and marriage ties.

Think of the nightmare now going on with a forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands of New Orleans residents. Tempers are rising, couples and marriage partners are on edge and possibly squabbling over what’s best to do, where to go, how to get there, and so on. Tens of thousands of people and families have gone to the Superdome in New Orleans (a domed stadium) to survive through the worst of the storm. But their stay could last 3, 4 or more days due to power failures, civil confusion and extreme flooding in New Orleans (the city is at sea level or just below sea level!). Thus, imagine the scene of families trying to cope with thousands of other families for all these days in a stadium with limited bathroom facilities and amenities. When Juno is negative, we not only witness arguments among people and increased acts of rage, but also atmospheric conflagrations. As an aside, the actions of terrorist organizations (i.e. al-Qaeda) often coincide with negative Juno transits and alignments to other celestial bodies. Thus, Hurricane Katrina may be a link to terrorist acts against America around the Mars events this fall while our nation grapples with oil problems, gasoline costs and scarcity, rapidly rising prices and financial fiascos all across the board.

In the chart for New Orleans, the Sun in Aquarius and Juno in Taurus are square each other within 3 degrees. As this Hurricane strikes, the transiting Sun in Virgo is within 3 degrees of squaring transiting Juno in Gemini. Therefore, the same celestial signature (Sun-Vesta at right angles) that occurred at the founding of New Orleans February 9 – 11, 1718 is returning right now as possibly the greatest storm to ever hit the continental U.S. is poised to wreck New Orleans.

The exact Sun-Juno square will occur this week in the early hours of Wednesday August 31. Later that day, the Sun will square Uranus in Pisces. In effect, there will be a precise T-Square triangle of Sun-Juno-Uranus in the sky. Both Juno and Uranus can be complicit in severe atmospheric disturbances and, when I write the word “atmospheric,” I don’t only mean the air. The psychic, emotional and mental atmosphere of humanity is being zapped this week. Eventually, on the evening of Thursday September 1, Juno and Uranus form an exact square. This follows what should normally be a very pleasant, upbeat, encouraging and successful Venus-Jupiter annual merger – this year in Libra. And the Juno-Uranus square precedes – by just a few hours – a Pluto direct station at 21+ Sagittarius early on Friday September 2. This Pluto stopping ignites America’s Mars at 21+ Gemini (by opposition) and America’s Neptune at 22+ Virgo (by square). The result?

Massive confusion could start rippling through the public consciousness, consumer confidence and economic markets a month before we reach the first Mars station. Add on the fact that transiting Uranus at 8+ Pisces is precisely squaring its own position at 8+ Gemini when America was born, and we have all the makings of an extraordinary week of revolutionary activity, shock waves, topsy-turvy situations and extreme nervousness (by the people hit, the state governments of Louisiana and Mississippi, FEMA, the Red Cross, President Bush and the executive branch of the U.S. government). Transiting Uranus this week is also triggering the only stationary celestial body in America’s chart from July 4, 1776 – the largest asteroid Ceres, stationary retrograde at 8 degrees and 41 minutes of Pisces. Ceres represents our nation being the bread-basket to the world, the granary to the globe, and our food-producing strength. Ceres has much to do with parents nurturing their children, how we go about shopping for food and groceries, and our confidence that the national food supply is reasonably safe and sound. Down below you will see how all this planetary activity in the heavens may start influencing consumer spending practices in a dramatic way in the months ahead.

I haven’t really touched on the most important aspect of this story. The chief oil rigs and platforms of large American oil companies are sitting in the Gulf of Mexico not far from the city of New Orleans. Whether these oil platforms are exactly struck by the fierce winds (over 150 miles an hour for sure) and violent rains or not, you know those oil companies are going to increase once again gasoline and home heating oil rates very quickly. After all, their oil platform workers are now gone with the evacuation and storm, oil tankers in the Gulf of Mexico are going to be adversely affected, processing of crude oil into gasoline and other oil products will be delayed, and it may take weeks or months for the greater seaport area of New Orleans to bounce back. What happens if gasoline – already crossing the $3.00 per gallon price in some states – starts climbing to $3.50, $4.00 or even $5.00?

This may sound crazy but is not out of the realm of possibility. A few months ago, an amazing docudrama film aired on the USA television station. It was called Oil Storm. For some reason, I heard about it early on and eagerly looked forward to watching it. After I saw it, I felt it could be an accurate prognosticator or omen of what might occur this year for the greater New Orleans area. As a matter of fact, the movie suggested directly that a giant storm, coming through the Gulf of Mexico and striking New Orleans, could happen around Labor Day of this year! This is now exactly taking place within 1 week of what the film indicated. In the film, gasoline prices started to skyrocket because those oil platforms – one in particular – were destroyed or severely affected. Over many months, the trucking industry was pulverized, consumers were outraged and panic-stricken, and gasoline reached around $8.00 or so per gallon. Not only were gas stations around the nation overwhelmed, but violence hit many of them and dozens closed down. After a year or so, the crisis to the American economy – and it was horrendous – was ameliorated through an unusual combination of Russian-American interests coming together in concert with oil reserves in the Caspian Sea and other reforms concerning the flow of oil around the world.

If you remember the springtime of 1979, then you will know how life imitated art when the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania nearly experienced a catastrophic nuclear meltdown while the movie The China Syndrome (starring Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon) played to awestruck crowds at movie theaters nation-wide. I was one of those moviegoers. The synchronicity between a movie created many months earlier and an actual nuclear disaster (almost exactly portrayed in the film, by the way) was astounding. But now it occurs together with the movie Oil Storm and Hurricane Katrina.

It is noteworthy that Hurricane Katrina is striking this vital part of the USA when the Moon is moving through the sign of Cancer (the first water sign of the zodiac). This is not only the Sun-sign for the nation and for President Bush (!), but this is where the asteroid Vesta is now located. Vesta – as I have shared so many times in Earth Aquarius News and over many years in Welcome to Planet Earth astrology magazine – connects with national safety and security issues, home and hearth, shelter and investments! Vesta entered Cancer on August 13 and will stay here a long time (due to stationary and retrograde activity in this sign) – until May 27, 2006. During this 9-month cycle (almost a pregnancy period, but a pregnancy of what?), Vesta will exactly cross the USA and President Bush Sun degree at 13+ Cancer on September 20-24, 2005, January 11-16, 2006 (while in reverse) and April 5-10, 2006. These dates (and a few days before and after while transiting Vesta squares America’s Saturn at 14+ Libra) must be watched carefully regarding national security matters and anything affecting the nation’s fragile economy, oil reserves and policies, trade deficits and soaring governmental debt, and possible terrorist activity. Remember that it is also Osama bin Laden’s stated goal to “bankrupt the West.”

Speaking of Saturn in that last paragraph, New Orleans came into being with its Saturn stationary and retrograde at 1+ Scorpio (more water). Back in 1997, the USA Progressed Saturn made a retrograde station at 3+ Scorpio – within two degrees of this placement. Negative Saturn is often revealed as fear, depression, limits, delays, frustrations and chronic disability. If oil platforms are devastated, gasoline prices skyrocket, home heating oil prices go through the roof as the nation gets ready for the winter months, trucking companies wind up passing on higher food costs due to exorbitant transportation costs, and American consumers and shoppers feel as if a giant, oily knife is stabbing them in the back, then this one hurricane striking New Orleans and the surrounding areas may wind up as the major fuse igniting the explosion of this fall’s twin Mars stations of October 1 and December 9.

Keep in mind that the Sun in Louisiana’s birthchart is located at 10+ degrees of Taurus. Transiting Mars has already crossed this point two weeks ago for the first time in two years. However, the red planet comes back over the Louisiana Sun during the third week of November (just before Thanksgiving) and right between Christmas and New Year’s. The sense that I get is that the American people – through their generosity and also by necessity – will have to foot the bill for helping the disenfranchised citizens of southern Louisiana and Mississippi who may be so crippled (Saturn) by Hurricane Katrina, that it will take more than weeks and months to rebuild their lives, homes, and the economic well-being of this part of the country.

Something that many astrologers may have never considered is that one of the key dates in American history was April 30, 1789. This is when George Washington took the oath of office in New York City to become the nation’s first president. I have one book on astrology (Astrological Americana: AFA Research Bulletin #3) that calls this chart the “Keystone Chart of Sovereignty!” Even though July 4, 1776 is definitely our national chart, note that the authors in this book state that many astrologers “believe that this is the true chart of the United States as a nation for it is the first federal exercise of sovereignty.” The time given is either 1:04:32PM LMT by Ralph Kraum or 12:37PM LMT by Ernest Grant. The reason I am bringing it up is that Louisiana entered the Union on the same day in 1812. Therefore, if Louisiana is violently struck – as is about to happen – the reverberations are likely to impact on George W. Bush, the current president of the United States, who inherits the same chart energy because he is one in a line of presidents going back to April 30, 1789! In that horoscope, the Sun – like Louisiana’s Sun – is located at 10+ Taurus. Recall that in the preceding paragraph I mentioned that Mars this year is crossing the Louisiana Sun three times. Therefore, the red planet is also crossing the Sun (heart center; life force) in this highly important American Presidency chart (to give it such a name) three times in 2005. Since Mars is associated with acute crises, volatility, anger, passion, militaristic actions, martial law and war, I think we are on to something here about why our current president is in the cross-hairs of so much hostility now. Think of Cindy Sheehan and her followers now camped out near the president’s ranch in Crawford, Texas opposing continuing the War in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that in the American Presidency map, Mercury is located at 24+ Aries. This is where the Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon of October 17 will hit and we know that Mercury always has this tie to trade, business, communications and transportation. Mars in the American Presidency map is placed at 13+ Aries – exactly squaring the USA Sun at 13+ Cancer and opposing the USA Saturn at 14+ Libra. Could this have something to do with the assassination of our presidents and violence directed toward then during our nation’s history? Of course, let us remember that everything being expressed in this article – and the Red-Alert on Mars – are really previews of the bigger reality that the USA Progressed Mars will station and turn retrograde in July 2006. Our country’s Mars has never been in reverse and also never been stationary! We are already within the window of this Mars station internally in the national horoscope as the progressed retrograde station approaches for next year. [Note: See my Martialization of America article in the red box lower down on the main webpage of Earth Aquarius News.[

It is interesting in this regard that the state of Mississippi entered the Union on December 10, 1817 with a Mars-Uranus polarity from 15+ Gemini to 16+ Sagittarius. Amazingly, this coincides with the USA natal Mars/Uranus midpoint at 15+ Gemini! The odds of this are staggering. The stations of Pluto (March 2001) and Mars (July 2001) at 15+ Sagittarius were – in retrospect – the planetary triggers for what led to the terrorism of September 11, 2001. This Mars/Uranus midpoint for our nation was the one that the Sun crossed on December 7, 1941 during the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. All of this week, the transiting Mars/Uranus midpoint moves from 12+ to 13+ Aries. That means it is igniting Mars in the American Presidency chart exactly and also squaring the USA Sun degree at 13+ Cancer.

I believe one step in the right direction would be for President Bush to call a summit of the nation’s top oil company executives to figure out a way to create voluntary caps on gasoline and home heating oil prices for the next few months. I do NOT think he will do this because he and his administration are so tied to the oil tycoons, oil business and oil profits. It would be a major public relations coup for the president to stand up for the American people and what is right in asking for the oil companies to stop gouging the public with soaring prices, but I doubt even he could convince them to do so in the interest of the national economy. In addition, those oil companies may indicate that their hands are tied as the nation’s gasoline and oil supplies are intrinsically linked to international prices and supplies. Note: The chart for OPEC – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – goes back to September 14, 1960 at 3PM GMT in Baghdad. The Sun in that map is located at 21 degrees and 47 minutes of Virgo. The Pluto station that is happening now is located at 21 degrees and 49 minutes of Sagittarius – an almost precise square to the OPEC Sun. It is likely that the price of a barrel of light crude oil on international exchanges will keep rising and rising in an extreme motion (Pluto archetype again) – helping to fuel not just a national crisis, but a global one.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to the red planet and first outer planet discovered during 1781 when the American Revolution reached its climax with the surrender of General Cornwallis – in effect ending that war. Whenever Mars and Uranus are brought together, some kind of explosion is very likely. As I am writing this on Sunday night, Hurricane Katrina may be moving slightly east of New Orleans and, if this occurs, the southern coast of Mississippi will also be slammed. Now Mississippi is the poorest state of the Union with a population of around 2.9 million compared to Louisiana’s 4.6 million people. Its ability to pick up the pieces from this storm is limited. And note the following in Mississippi’s chart: there is an extremely rare quintuple conjunction of Uranus, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury from 16-24 Sagittarius. Transiting Pluto – that is stationing this week at 21+ Sagittarius – will be conjuncting the Jupiter position in the Mississippi chart. Jupiter refers to anything BIG as it is the largest planet in the solar system. Earlier this year, transiting Pluto moved over Mississippi’s natal Mercury-Neptune union in Sagittarius. Pluto comes back to hit this conjunction November 2005 until early January 2006. This Pluto crossing of Mississippi’s Mercury-Neptune union can be a further symbol of the U.S. economy about to go through a major chaos and disintegration (the shadow side of Mercury uniting with Neptune).

Louisiana and Mississippi are often thought of together by the American people. This is natural because they border each other, have a similar climate, agriculture and natural resources. As these states suddenly become Ground Zero for Hurricane Katrina and what may be the Storm of the Decade, note that Louisiana’s Moon at 24+ Sagittarius is conjunct Mississippi’s Sun at 18+ Sagittarius – and the four other celestial bodies in this sign in Mississippi’s chart. Transiting Pluto stationed on Louisiana’s Moon – within 4 minutes of arc – at the end of March 2005. This undoubtedly set the stage for what is about to happen because it is the upcoming direct station by Pluto right now (!) that is the overriding reason why this storm is going to be so extreme (Pluto’s archetype).

New Orleans was also born with Chiron at 7+ Pisces and Pallas at 21+ Aries. Transiting Uranus – already so active this week because it is squaring its own placement in the U.S. chart and conjuncting our national Ceres – will be sitting on top of the New Orleans Chiron in late September, all of October, almost all of December and early January. Chiron relates to twilight zones of strange time in which people are thrown out of their daily rhythms and cycles. It's also associated with the need to heal wounds and pains. Furthermore, it can represent rainbow bridges of consciousness between higher and lower levels of reality/consciousness and bridges of communication/transportation linking different realms. The American people ARE going to need to reach into their wallets and pocket books to assist the people of greater New Orleans in perhaps an unprecedented national campaign of financial support and good will. The new planet that is larger than Pluto -- discovered and announced to the public on July 29 – is located now at 21 Aries. This puts it right on the New Orleans Pallas placement. Pallas is not only an asteroid related to wisdom, mental brilliance and strategizing, but it is strongly connected to city planning and the immune system in the human body. If New Orleans is severely flooded and this remains in effect for weeks, the potential for a city-wide catastrophe (transportation, communication, health wise and even contagious diseases) is high.

There are many more angles to this entire story and as the effects of Hurricane Katrina become known in the next couple of days I will add to my remarks at this time. In essence, we may look back to this event as a pivotal one that symbolized the birthing of a national economic crisis that starts spiraling out of control because we did not choose to prepare for this possibility while our security systems and federal governmental were trying so hard to prevent future terrorist attacks. It also feels that an “Emperor’s New Clothes” storyline is entering our mass consciousness. It was always a matter of time before the disaster regarding the Bush family’s ties to world oil would have to be revealed to an American public fed up with lies, half-truths, smokescreens about why we go to war and 1984-like illusions of why we must fight a never-ending War on Terror.

As I mentioned a little earlier in this article, it is time for our president to step up to the plate – honestly and sincerely – to bring the 21st century oil barons to the negotiating table and hammer out an agreement where they will work passionately and patriotically to stabilize and, if possible, lower gasoline and home heating oil prices for the good of our citizens. If these oil “leaders” can simply stop for a moment and realize that they already have their millions and billions of dollars in the bank and squirreled away, then perhaps they will be compassionate and empathic for one moment in their long and troubled history of duping the country. It is worth a try and would go a long way to separate this president – at least in principle and character – from the plutocratic power elite that always winds up acting as a vampirish entity feeding on our population and draining our national red blood of vitality.

If he doesn't rise to the occasion, then our current president -- George W. Bush -- becomes the political and economic EYE of this storm!

What all this boils down to is we are witnessing both a REAL and highly SYMBOLIC national event that acts as a PRECURSOR to the dramatic events of this fall when -- as gasoline prices, home heating oil prices, grocery prices, big-ticket prices, etc., dramatically rise -- the public panics (a negative MARS archetype), investors become spooked-angry-volatile (another negative MARS archetype) and the national economy (the sign TAURUS in astrology where MARS is stopping on October 1 and December 9) may tank or receive violent, earth-shattering jolts.

Keep tuned to this web channel for late-breaking developments on the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina.

Update Thursday September 1: What can one say after the last few days following this catastrophe of epic proportions? Everything I shared on Sunday night in the above article pretty much has come to pass -- and more so. Note this beginning quotation from a feature focusing on the dire plight in New Orleans in The New York Times online this morning: "Chaos gripped New Orleans on Wednesday as looters ran wild, food and water supplies dwindled, bodies floated in the floodwaters, the evacuation of the Superdome began and officials said there was no choice but to abandon the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina, perhaps for months."

This "chaos" was amply represented by the precise Sun-Juno square and Sun-Uranus polarity that struck yesterday in the sky -- both alignments that were influencing Louisiana and Mississippi when the hurricane hit on Monday (explained in my Hurricane Katrina story), but which still hadn't become exact until Wednesday. Unfortunately, for the victims in New Orleans and similar towns and locations in these states, this reveals the dynamic power of astrology at work.

Here is another astounding quotation that comes from the AOL business news section from Wednesday: "Royal Dutch Shell, the largest operator in the gulf, said that its Mars platform, a 225,000-barrel-a-day facility that accounts for 15 percent of oil production in the gulf, had sustained some damage to its upper levels. The company also said that two drilling rigs were adrift."

I have added the bold and italics to the word "Mars" in the preceding paragraph. If you have studied my Red-Alert on Mars, the NYSE and DJIA (first story in our News and Newsmakers section), you will understand the uncanny and bizarre synchronicity that this oil platform has the name MARS! I never knew -- and probably most Americans never knew -- that these dozens and hundreds of oil platforms had specific names in the first place!

Keep watching this feature as well as the Red-Alert on Mars story for important updates as powerful astrological events coincide with earth-shaking changes for America, our economy and the fragile global scene. This may become the most severe act of nature to destroy a region since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

The fact that President Bush finally came out two days after the devastation to release some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (oil that will still have to be refined and that is questionable for the next few months!) and discuss ways the government might help the residents of these cities and towns was almost like adding insult to injury. I am sorry to report, but it was fundamentally a photo-op and PR campaign with the intention to make the public believe the president -- who was still vacationing during the weekend, mind you! -- is on top of this situation, which he clearly wasn't. Does he not realize the GREATER SCOPE of the disaster about to face the nation? Undoubtedly, he does not -- probably because of the blind focus all these years on Saddam Hussein, Iraq, the Middle East, world oil domination, and so on.

Now IS THE TIME for the president and his administration -- as I mentioned in the above article -- to convene an urgent SUMMIT of the biggest CEO oil company leaders -- as well as representatives from OPEC and some of his Saudi Arabian "friends" -- to solve this giant problem before all hell breaks loose over the next few months based on all the exact astrological indicators that I have recently shared. He should convene this summit, lock the doors and no one should emerge for a couple of days if necessary until voluntary financial restraints are agreed to by the major oil companies and their worldly associates. He should use whatever pressure and cajoling he can muster to demand that oil companies do NOT keep the prices of all the various oil-connected products and services soaring. He can make a bold move that will rally the country to his side, but I do NOT believe he has this kind of real courage as the shadow side of his Cancerian solar energy is fear, being defensive and living in the past rather than the present and future!

Mr. President -- the cosmic clock is ticking, the sand in the hourglass is rapidly falling into a black hole. The time to call this summit is NOW. Show the American people that you realize the WAR has truly come home upon our shores and is now beginning to dissolve away the fabric of our society from within. Prove to the left-wing extremists who hate you and caricature you as a one-dimensional figure that you really care about regular people and all our citizens and not just the plutocrats, oil barons and big companies making enormous profits during the struggles against terrorism over the last 5 years. Your presidency and the future of our nation depend on whether you lift yourself up to a clearer and higher spiritual understanding -- beyond religion, beyond faith, beyond platitudes. No relief effort will work to solve the problems of New Orleans and the states just hit by Hurricane Katrina. The cosmos is asking -- really demanding -- that you grow and evolve as a soul, and that the administration you represent has a vital change of heart and change of mind. Nothing short of that will help America as it nears its greatest crisis (Fall 2005 and throughout 2006) since possibly its birth as a nation -- and that includes the Civil War and World War II. [See my Martialization of America feature in the red box on the main webpage as this retrograde station by the U.S. Progressed Mars in July 2006 is becoming more and more ominous with every passing day!]

© 2005 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News For more on my astrological consultations, see the left-side, blue column of our main webpage.

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