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News > Top Stories Archives  > New Planets Discovered (Update)

New Planets Discovered (Update)

New Planets Discovered (Update) | Top Stories Archives
By Mark Lerner

March 10, 2006: Since water is now being discovered on Enceladus -- a moon of Saturn -- I thought it appropriate to bring back our top story on the new planets being discovered way beyond Pluto. The main new planet -- reported below -- also has a moon, and 2 small moons have been discovered orbiting Pluto itself! We are still awaiting word from the International Astronomical Union about the naming of the new planet beyond Pluto. It was temporarily called Xena. Stay tuned to EAN for more on astronomical discoveries and explorations in the coming weeks!

Wednesday August 3, 2005 and Updated August 22 with Ephemeris Information -- Last Thursday and Friday – July 28 and July 29, 2005 – were awesome days in the field of astronomy. While most eyes were focused on the troubled Discovery Space Shuttle mission, two teams of astronomers announced the discovery of planetary bodies. A team in Spain sighted one celestial body that apparently has a moon orbiting close by. The other team – connecting three astronomers within the USA – discovered a celestial body that they have determined is larger than Pluto. [Note: The actual discovery of this planet larger than Pluto was made on January 5 at 11:20AM PST. If that is correct, it is a rather astounding and potent time as the Moon was in Scorpio (zodiacal sign of mysteries and secrets) -- the same place it was located when Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered! I have added this chart to our article. See below.]

Right now I have requested information on preliminary ephemeris data for these bodies, so we can find out where they are residing in the zodiac and figure out their placements at key times in history and the future. That information will be presented on our website when it is made available.

The naming of these celestial bodies is also crucial as names carry enormous power – usually connecting back to mythological gods, goddesses or significant entities with fascinating life stories and archetypal energies. This process also takes time and I will stay on top of that situation as well.

In the meantime, I want you to be able to go straight to a wonderful source for background on the discoveries – as well as some astronomical drawings. If you click on the link just below, you will be reading the words of Michael Brown, the main discoverer of the larger planet. He works at CalTech.

He and his team discovered Sedna in November 2003. I have been in touch with him personally about that discovery. It is important to note that the transiting Moon in Taurus last Thursday and Friday – when all the discoveries were announced to the world – was conjunct Sedna (a celestial body way beyond Pluto).

However, Mercury (primary ruler of communication) was moving in its retrograde cycle and, for one discovery announcement, the transiting Moon was Void-of-Course. A Void Moon is a tricky astrological factor and it doesn't have one meaning. For instance, it can refer to times and opportunities when spiritual forces are on the rise. In addition, in my studies of Mercury retrograde, the traditional "Messenger of the Gods" planet carries more psychologically strong and illuminating vibrations when it is moving in reverse.

Keep tuned to this website for late-breaking astrological stories and more on this subject.

Special Update Tuesday August 9, 2005: A “provisional ephemeris” for the larger planet has been posted on the following website:

Also known as AstroDienst, if you scroll down on the left side of their main webpage, you will eventually reach a section with ephemerides. There you will see what I am talking about. This planet is temporarily called "2003 UB313." It will gain its official name once that is announced by the International Astronomical Union. The discoverers are usually entitled to name the celestial body they find -- unless the name has already been taken or if the name chosen is somehow deemed completely inappropriate.

The ephemeris runs from 1900 to 2010. Currently, this planet is almost precisely at 21 degrees of Aries, has just made a retrograde station and will remain slowly moving through that degree until the end of the year. Sometime between late December 2005 and January 2006, this planet will make a direct station (almost exactly at 20 degrees of Aries) and then move again through 21 degrees of Aries for several months. It will virtually repeat the same “cosmic dance” next year that it is doing this year and only be energizing 20-21 Aries. According to this provisional ephemeris – which might change sometime in the near future if more definitive data arrives, etc – this planet appears to only move around ¼ of a degree per year. This is because its orbital cycle around the Sun is over twice as long as that of Pluto – and Pluto only moves 1-2 degrees of the zodiac per year. Since 1915 – 90 years – this planet has only moved from 27 Pisces to 21 Aries (covering about 24 degrees of the zodiac). Nevertheless, it will be very fascinating for each person to discover exactly where this planet is located in his or her birthchart.

I mentioned at the beginning of this story that another planet – with a moon – was also discovered. The ephemeris for this planet has not been posted yet. However, if you click on the following link, you will be able to read more about this amazing discovery:

One more note about the larger planet now energizing 20-21 Aries. Anyone born April 10-12 currently has this planet conjuncting their Sun. It’s a union that occurs, on and off, for 2-4 years! This planet is also wreaking havoc on America because it is uniting with our natal Chiron (20+ Aries) while opposing our natal Juno (20+ Libra) from July 4, 1776. This has something to do with our nation being in a kind of “frozen time warp” – no end to the “war” in Iraq in sight, the other “War on Terrorism” seeming to be something out of George Orwell’s novel 1984, and our leaders in Washington, D.C. trying to make us believe that all is going swimmingly on the political, economic, educational and social fronts, and in our international relations, when the truth is almost the exact reverse. America’s extremely negative, annual budget deficits – soaring global trade imbalance and federal debt – are pushing us toward a complete fiscal insolvency. This large planet sitting on our Chiron and polarized to our Juno may be just the archetypal force propelling us into the economic oblivion that is the goal of Osama bin Laden, who has claimed that he wants to “bankrupt the West.”

Additional Update: Monday August 22 As we enter this week, the larger planet (2003 UB313) is located at 21 degrees of Aries. Sedna -- a major celestial body discovered by the same team in November 2003 -- is now situated at 20 degrees of Taurus and almost precisely igniting America's natal Vesta from July 4, 1776. This has to do with national security and safety matters. I will be discussing this very rare occurrence -- once in over 10,000 years! -- in Earth Aquarius News as the cycle happens, on and off, for a few years and our country will have so much to deal with regarding every level of SECURITY imaginable.

Keep in mind that there were two other celestial bodies discovered at the end of July 2005. One is known as "2003 EL61" -- discovered by an astronomical team based in Spain -- the other is designated as "2005 FY9" (found by the same team that located the larger planet). 2003 EL61 is now at almost exactly 11 Libra. 2005 FY9 is energizing 20+ Virgo. All these celestial bodies move incredibly slowly and affect us all on unconscious, transpersonal levels (unless the celestial body in question is crossing your Sun, Moon, a personal planet, Ascendant or Meridian axis, or some sensitive point in the birthchart). The house positions of all the newly discovered "outer planets" will eventually be more important to study than the zodiacal positions -- once these celestial bodies have been named and their archetypal meanings better understood.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News Note: To order my personal and professional astrology consultations on your birthchart, future cycles, relationships and astro-carto-graphy energies, please return to our main home page and go to the left-side column. You will see sections entitled About Mark Lerner and Astrology Consultations.

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