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News > Top Stories Archives  > Cheers to Fears: London Attacked

Cheers to Fears: London Attacked

Cheers to Fears: London Attacked | Top Stories Archives
”Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe.”
--H.G. Wells

By Mark Lerner

Dateline: July 7, 2005 Evening Hours in Eugene, Oregon – The Steven Spielberg new film version of The War of the Worlds novel by H.G. Wells is packing them in all across America since its big opening a week ago on June 29 at the time of the monthly Moon-Mars union in fiery, volatile Aries. This was our main Top Story for the last two weeks. The original book – written in 1897 during a year when conservative Saturn united with revolutionary Uranus – described Martians landing in the English countryside, attacking the defenseless citizens, and moving on to destroy the nation’s capital, London. Now – in scary and yet cosmic synchronicity with the Spielberg film and another British movie on the same subject about to be released – a 2005-version of catastrophe has just been visited on hordes of unsuspecting Londoners (over 3,000,000 of them daily!) who use public transportation each day of the week.

By now every reader of this column will have digested the basic facts of the famous London Underground railway system being hit during 1 hour in the morning of July 7 by three explosions. In addition, a double-decker bus exploded. As of this writing, at least 37 people were killed and hundreds of people were wounded. It was the worst attack against London since the dark days of World War II when Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed the great city often nightly for many months during the air blitz of 1940-1942.

It appears that this is a highly coordinated series of timed bombings – not via suicide – linked to a European division of Al Qaeda. It will take a long time for the authorities to figure out what happened and who caused this. The larger problem is that following the WTC and Pentagon bombings of September 11, 2001 and the Madrid Train Bombings of March 11, 2004, this new onslaught in the War on Terror will make far more permanent an unending battle against a faceless and stateless enemy that will probably keep growing and growing for years and even decades to come.

When the first plane struck the World Trade Center – see my article in the Mundane Astrology section of our website – the planet Mercury was exactly rising. Cutting through all the complex planetary alignments of that day, it was very clear that the suicide bombers and Al Qaeda in general were zeroing in on TRADE-BUSINESS-COMMUNICATION-TRANSPORTATION in the financial capital of Western Civilization. They did the same thing on the morning of March 11, 2004 when 11 explosive devices were set off in Madrid, killing 191 people and affecting commuter transportation in the capital of Spain. That action occurred just three days before new national elections. And now – with the G-8 world leaders gathered in Gleneagles, Scotland (near Edinburgh) and not far from London itself – a gigantic wave of terror, fear, destruction and death is focused upon a Mercurial reality – the ongoing flow of human communication, business and transportation in the heart and depths of one of the Western world’s greatest cities.

On one of the video tapes revealing Osama bin Laden speaking to an unidentified person, he spoke of the victory that September 11, 2001 brought to Al Qaeda and that the ultimate goal of their insidious work is to bankrupt the Western world of capitalism and imperialism. I have highlighted that word because in the enormous financial effort it will take the Western powers to continue the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and possibly other nations in the Middle East – plus to try to safely protect, in their homelands, the populations of Western countries from these hidden enemies – Al Qaeda may be able to succeed in their goal of creating a "Western economic wasteland" through their military actions.

President Bush continues to make a mistake when he talks about “winning” against the terrorists. There is no “winning” here. This is not a struggle in which there is a winner and loser – like World War I or II. There is an endless supply of Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists. We have relatively open, democratic societies in North America, Europe and parts of Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines). You cannot check every person entering a subway system, bus or highway. Because of the very nature of how we live, particularly in the Western world, we are vulnerable to these kinds of terrorist attacks. And if an unending series of blasts continue to happen and countries like America, the UK, Spain, Japan, Germany, and France become martial enclaves and nations living in perpetual fear, then Al Qaeda is victorious – and no amount of their dead or imprisoned bodies will give us a “win.”

The two charts that accompany this story are (A) for the initial blast in the London Underground on July 7 and (B) the generally accepted horoscope for the United Kingdom. Note: There is also a chart for the Coronation of William I at Westminster on Christmas Day, True Noon, in 1066. That chart – according to the superb British astrologer Charles E.O. Carter, when writing in his classic An Introduction to Political Astrology -- has a profound significance for modern England. Back in 1066, on that day, Neptune (mass confusion) was located at 22+ Taurus. Transiting Pluto (terror and death in the Underground) is now at 22+ Sagittarius – triggering the Neptune from December 25, 1066 by an exact 150-degree aspect. It is fascinating though alarming to see a planetary position in July of 2005 affecting a national chart from December 1066 – 939 years ago! We also have transiting Mars (warfare and bloodshed) now at 17 Aries making a 150-degree pattern to Saturn (fear and vulnerability) at 17 Virgo in the December 25, 1066 English horoscope. It is hard to make believe these two alignments are NOT functioning or important. By the way, when the Madrid Bombings occurred transiting Mars was located at 23+ Taurus. This is Neptune from December 25, 1066, where Ceres (Mother Earth and Nature; the land; the labor force and productivity of a nation) was located at the birth of the UK, the discovery placement of Ceres itself (because the UK was born on the day an astronomer in Sicily sighted Ceres for the first time by telescope!), and where the red planet Mars will make a retrograde station on October 1, 2005! Security systems in the UK and throughout the West will need to be on high alert during the end of September/early October when Mars stops and goes retrograde at 23+ degrees of Taurus, and the same thing needs to occur again close to December 9-10, 2005 when Mars makes a direct station at 8+ Taurus. This December station by Mars almost exactly squares Mars at 8+ Aquarius from December 25, 1066.

Let’s go back to Mercury for a moment. The Tibetan Master D.K. – expressing himself through his channel Alice A. Bailey – once said that “Humanity is the divine Messenger to the world of form; it is essentially Mercury, bringing light and life to other divine manifestations and of this all divine world Saviours are the eternal symbols.” Seen globally and spiritually, Al Qaeda is a Plutonic, First Ray destroyer center – acting as a death-producer for vast religious, social, financial and political energies that have evolved over the centuries in the Western world. For instance, London is not merely the capital of the UK; it is a First Ray (think Will of God here and inlet of Shamballa power and dynamic life vibrations into humanity) center in its building capacity. The translation of the phrase “Al Qaeda” means “The Base.” And in the chakra system of Indian metaphysics, the Base chakra has a clear connection with the planet Pluto – a planet that rules the underworld, secrets and mysteries, kundalini energy, the depths of consciousness. Remember that today’s attack was against defenseless human beings (Mercury) in the London Underground (Pluto) during rush hour traffic. It appears that the events of 9/11/2001, 3/11/2004 and 7/7/2005 have a common denominator in that in all cases unsuspecting human beings in the West are being attacked while traveling to work on public transportation. Let’s also remember that the modern Al Qaeda is a reincarnation of the Islamic forces that fought against the Christian Crusaders 800-900 years ago in the Middle East. To a great extent this is still an Armageddon between Muslims and Christians.

Although I am not presenting here the chart for the rise of the Islamic Civilization, one can go back to July 16, 622 A.D. in the Prophet Mohammed’s arrival in Medina, Saudi Arabia as a starting point. And remarkably we do find extraordinary planetary links from now to then! Transiting Pluto now – and also in March 2004 during the Madrid Train Bombings – is located at 22+ Sagittarius. Earlier I revealed how this placement was igniting Neptune at 22+ Taurus from the original William I Coronation of December 25, 1066 giving birth to England itself. However, when Islam was born in July 622, Pluto at that time was at 22+ Aries. Therefore, we have Pluto moving in 2004-2005 EXACTLY trine to its own position from 1382-1383 years before! This cannot be coincidence as Pluto has an orbital cycle around the Sun of 248 years and only moves 1-2 degrees of the zodiac in 12 months. A Pluto-Pluto precise harmony – connecting the birth of Islam to modern Al Qaeda – definitely means something. In addition, the transiting Moon (24+ Cancer) at these London Bombings is exactly where the Sun was located (24+ Cancer) when Islam came into the world. Furthermore, Saturn in the Islam Civilization chart is located at 1+ Leo. Saturn makes returns to that placement every 29-30 years. This will happen on July 31, 2005 – 24 days from now. [Note: Islam’s Saturn is conjunct the UK’s Jupiter within 4 minutes of arc. This is a profound linkage that may need future exploring.]

Two decades ago, Iran’s leaders referred to America as “The Great Satan.” “Satan” is an anagram for “Sanat” – the first name given to The Lord of the World in metaphysics, Sanat Kumara. This is also a play on “Santa Claus,” the “Lord” of the North Pole (planetary inlet center for cosmic energy, via Polaris, the North Star, giving life to the Earth). It is also a slightly disguised name for “Saturn,” the planet of materialism, monetary accumulation, authoritarian power and control, and imperialist conquest (a la countries like England, France, Germany, Holland and Spain in other centuries, and the Soviet Union and America during the last century). As Saturn returns to its birth location for Islam in the coming weeks, we are being shown a new demonstration of its destructive power within humanity. [Important: America (born July 4, 1776) and the Soviet Union (born November 8, 1917) both came into being at sky patterns where the Sun was squaring Saturn within a 1 degree orb. For the USA, the alignment occurred from Cancer to Libra and, for the Soviet Union, the alignment occurred from Scorpio to Leo. Remember that America financed the initial Al Qaeda, Islamic radicals to fight against the Soviet Union that had invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Many years later, this same group of people turned their animosity against us. In both wars, Al Qaeda was fighting giant, imperialist superpowers (Saturn) that had extreme religious (America) or non-religious (Soviet Union) approaches to life diametrically opposed to their own (Islamic Fundamentalism linked primarily to Pluto).]

If you take a look at the chart below for the London Bombings, we can come up with some preliminary conclusions.

(A) With late Leo rising, the bombers are focusing attention on the power elite in the West. This connects to the meeting of the G-8 in Scotland just as the violence occurs a few hundred miles south in London. So, the message is to the G-8 leaders (Leo) via the massacre in the London Underground.

(B) With the asteroid Juno within a few degrees of the top of the chart, we know that the people perpetrating this attack are disenfranchised, filled with rage, and acting from small and yet highly empowered cells. By the way, this transiting Juno placement was within 1 degree of Mars from the birth of the UK on January 1, 1801. Juno’s meanings were clearly defined by Eleanor Bach – the leading pioneer concerning the asteroids from the 1970s-1990s.

(C) Mercury – representing humanity and the trade-business-communication-transportation energy of the West – is compromised and vulnerable to attack. This appears at 9/11/2001 (Mercury exactly rising), 3/11/2004 (Mercury rising with the Sun and squared by Pluto at the top of the chart in Madrid), and 7/7/2005 (Mercury conjunct Venus in the twelfth house, traditionally a sphere of activity related to “hidden enemies,” wherein Mercury – lulled into innocence and a false sense of well-being by the presence of Venus – is almost precisely squared by Juno above and Ceres below, in the power signs of Taurus and Scorpio).

(D) Two potent planetary connections from the birth of the UK on January 1, 1801 are happening again on July 7, 2005! The most precise configuration on January 1, 1801 was Jupiter at 1+ Leo sextile to Uranus at 1+ Libra. As the London Bombings happen, Jupiter at 10+ Libra is poised to precisely move 150 degrees to Uranus at 10+ Pisces. The same two celestial bodies are once again in a major and exact formation. The same thing is occurring regarding Jupiter and Pluto. In the January 1, 1801 chart for the birth of the UK, Jupiter at 1+ Leo and Pluto at 2+ Pisces are within a 1 degree orb of making a 150-degree pattern. Now at the London Bombings we are within 1 day and only 10 minutes of arc of a 72-degree link between Jupiter at 10+ Libra and Pluto at 22+ Sagittarius. This is often a disguised and yet highly revealing way of understanding synchronicity between horoscopes decades or even hundreds of years apart. In other words, we cannot merely look at current transits to old horoscopes, but we have to watch to see if the same planetary connections are happening once again – triggering the original life energies from the past!

(E) There is a strong karmic and fateful association between September 11, 2001 and the London Bombings. Back on 9/11/2001, the Moon in late Gemini had just united with Saturn in the previous 24 hours before the events of that horrible morning. As the London Bombings happen – and the world is about to be engulfed in a new wave of terror – the Moon is within 4 degrees of Saturn.* In addition, this is the last time the Moon and Saturn will be conjuncting in the sign of Cancer for almost 30 years. Cancer is the Sun-sign of the United States and President George W. Bush; it is the Moon location at the birth of the United Kingdom. It is also the Sun-sign for the birth of the Islamic Civilization on July 16, 622 A.D. It was on July 16, 1979 (Cancer Sun) that Saddam Hussein seized full presidential power in Iraq. It was on July 14, 1958 (Cancer Sun) that the former Iraq Republic came into being. And it was on June 28, 2004 (Cancer Sun) that sovereignty was returned to Iraq from the United States. Amazingly, there is a shocking connection between Saturn (15+ Cancer) at Iraq Sovereignty and today’s London Bombings where the Sun is also at 15+ Cancer! This confirms the connection I explained earlier that Al Qaeda (an organization linked to Pluto) sees the West as a version of Saturn. To make this all the more accurate, the major celestial battle at the time of 9/11/2001 was the close polarity – within two degrees – of Pluto at 12+ Sagittarius and Saturn at 14+ Gemini. And the asteroid Vesta – ruling over safety and security, particularly National Security – had just crossed the WTC Saturn at 15 Gemini within the 24 hours leading up to the London Bombings. [*I don’t ever like to be a prophet of doom, but the 4-degree orb from the Moon to Saturn in the London Bombing chart may point us 4 months into the future. From October to December 2005, we will see the following planets make stations: Neptune; Mercury; Uranus; Saturn; Mars and Venus. And by December 2005, Jupiter and Saturn will start a sequence of three squares from Scorpio to Leo. The October-December 2005 time-period is volatile in the extreme and the July 7 London Bombing chart may just have given us a major hint about future attempts by Al Qaeda to cause widespread terrorist damage in the West.]

(F) The London Bombings have occurred within 24 hours of a New Moon at 14+ Cancer. Why is this so important? This degree of the zodiac is the “ecliptic intercept” for the brightest star in the sky, Sirius. Sirius has been one of the most revered stars for thousands of years and many legends and myths, in a variety of countries and civilizations (past and present), have been told about this remarkable sun that is 8.3 light years away and that has a companion star circling around it. It would take chapters and books to give the full scope of the importance of Sirius, but the Tibetan Master D.K. has written extensively about this star in the Alice A. Bailey esoteric treatises. It is the star that functions as a “Higher Self” to our Sun and it has a peculiar relationship to the Hierarchy of enlightened Masters and Teachers, on higher planes, that forms the center of Love-Wisdom on our suffering planet. The key question is: Why should such a devastating and horrifying event happen – with great loss of life, hundreds of injuries maiming people for life, and engendering worldwide fear and panic – when we have a solar-lunar alignment exactly connecting us with a cosmic source of love, wisdom and higher intelligence? The answer is probably that because of humanity’s abuses in the past and over many centuries (Cancer rules memory, history and mass consciousness) we are being taught (think of Sirius as a divine TEACHER) a major lesson. While I do not see Al Qaeda as a positive or life-affirming entity by any means, their negativity and destructive power are apparently being utilized by higher powers beyond our understanding to manipulate events on Earth. Thus, if it is imperative to hasten the ELIMINATION of the shadow side of the 6th Ray (strong for the entire Piscean Age) – related to religious fanaticism, extreme devotion on emotional levels, and idealistic crusades that keep people chained to illusory and confusing goals – what better tool than a concentrated, Pluto-like entity completely and obsessively aligned with destructive psychic energy?

To illuminate the last point above, a woman was briefly interviewed today who witnessed the double-decker bus exploding and the subsequent loss of life on a busy London street. The TV reporter finally asked her what she thought of all this. She explained that she really couldn’t understand why Al Qaeda wanted to harm us in the West. Hold Everything! If someone in this day and age cannot understand the last 1000-2000 years of human history, the fanatical religious wars that have taken place for centuries, and the vast imperialistic waves that have enslaved cultures and societies in places like Africa, North and South America, and the Middle East, then –like the initial H.G. Wells quotation for this article – something is terribly wrong with our educational system, and civilization is certainly a race between education and catastrophe (with the latter apparently leading by a wide margin right now). It is for the very reason that the woman in London didn’t understand why they want to harm people in the West that this terror is happening in the first place. This is a stupendous and life-altering wake-up call coming to us from higher, invisible dimensions of consciousness for humanity to finally acknowledge its historical roots as a predatory species – and, for the most part, directed to nations that have sanctioned imperialist policies over the long haul.

Our priorities, goals and attitudes as a culture in the West have been miserably off kilter for centuries and now the karmic payback is happening BIG-TIME and there may be nothing in the near future to stop it. After all, what happens to America – and our shining example of democratic virtues and constitutional rights – if there is the equivalent of another September 11 on our own soil very soon? Please make sure you read and study my article on the USA Progressed Mars stationing and turning retrograde in July 2006 (Red Box on the main web page) – and you may get a sense of why martial law could be coming to the streets, highways, parks, playgrounds, schools, malls, museums, national landmarks, towns and cities of this bastion of supposed freedom.

As we near the end of this feature, let us also realize the weird timing of this disaster in London. It occurred literally one day after London was awarded the Summer Olympic Games for 2012! Thus, we go from Londoners wildly cheering to Londoners wildly fearing in 24 hours of time. It is almost too preposterous to consider this happening. Suppose a novelist suggested to his or her publisher this story – London is given the opportunity to host the Olympics in 2012 and less than 24 hours later terrorist bombings turn the city into a nightmare. The author would be seen as a loon, concocting a plot that no one would believe possible. Why not toss in the beginning of a worldwide flu pandemic starting from a London hospital at the same time and add on the arrival of the Second Coming of Christ – appearing live on worldwide television via the BBC? Nevertheless, London was awarded the 2012 Olympics and the very next day was squashed like a bug by Al Qaeda terrorists. Sometimes reality is a lot stranger than fiction.

Now think this through with me. 2012 is no arbitrary and unimportant year. It has been THE year that people within esoteric and metaphysical circles have been anticipating and fearing for years -- because this is when the Mayan Calendar supposedly ends. It first entered the popular culture with Jose Arguelles’ work in promoting and creating the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Since then, 2012 has been discussed almost endlessly on programs like Coast-to-Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, and through other alternative press and media. But what do we know about 2012 astrologically?

It turns out that starting in June 2012 – almost exactly 7 years from now – Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn begin a series of 7 square formations. Uranus (revolution; radical change; shocks and surprises) and Pluto (terror; death-rebirth; extremes, the underworld and transformation on a vast scale) will be creating these conflicting patterns from around 7 degrees of Aries-Capricorn to 16 degrees of Aries-Capricorn. [Start checking your natal charts, and those of loved ones and friends!] The 7 cycles end in March 2015, but Uranus and Pluto will still be close to a square for a time in 2016. And in 2016, transiting Saturn will cross the Pluto placement in Sagittarius from September 11, 2001. If humanity makes it through 2012 relatively unscathed, it will have several years of tumultuous upheavals to contend with due to Uranus and Pluto at odds, and Saturn triggering 9/11/2001. By the way, the Sun in Capricorn (and four main angles) in the chart for the UK -- and the Mercury rising placement, along with the Jupiter placement and four main angles, in the chart for the WTC Bombing -- all of these astrological energies will be ignited by Uranus and Pluto in those future years. Before we even get to 2012, there will be a Partial Eclipse of the Sun on the morning of September 11, 2007 – almost exactly at the time and on the date when six years earlier America was attacked by Al Qaeda. During 2009-2010, transiting Neptune in late Aquarius returns to its discovery placement from September 23, 1846. This is momentous because it means humanity will have evolved (?) through one entire Neptune cycle and hopefully be ready for new spiritual lessons as a species. Also – by the end of 2010, and on and off during 2011, transiting Saturn in Libra returns three times to its placement in America’s chart (15 Libra) – a degree that just happens to be Mercury and the rising degree for the WTC disaster!

There is a lot of astrology to absorb and reflect on throughout this article – and I am sure other researchers will come up with additional insights. Let me close this unusual article with another quotation from H.G. Wells, who appears to be the man of the hour in more ways than one. The following is from Chapter 14 of The War of the Worlds, during the first few days of the invasion from Mars.

”…through all the vastness of London from Ealing to East Ham –people were rubbing their eyes, and opening windows to stare out and ask aimless questions, dressing hastily as the first breath of the coming storm of Fear blew through the streets. It was the dawn of the great panic. London, which had gone to bed on Sunday night oblivious and inert, was awakened, in the small hours of Monday morning, to a vivid sense of danger.”

© 2005 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd. All rights reserved.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News
[For information on my Astrological Consultations and other astrology services, please see the left side of the main web page.]

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