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News > Top Stories Archives  > Danica Patrick Rocks Racing World

Danica Patrick Rocks Racing World

Danica Patrick Rocks Racing World | Top Stories Archives
Post Memorial Day Weekend 2005 – A very hip, attractive, 5’2” 105 pound 23-year-old woman rocked the sports world on Sunday. Danica Patrick made auto-racing history by leading the famous Indianapolis 500 for 19 laps and finishing fourth – the top finish ever by a woman.

Although a flap developed 24 hours before the race when one male driver complained that she had a weight advantage that allows her to drive faster than the heavier men, tens of millions of people around the nation were watching to see if she could possibly win this 500-mile race. I was going to post this short story on Saturday, but it appeared likely that she wouldn’t take the grand prize for astrological reasons. The race was run during a void Moon in Aquarius and while Venus (representing feminine interests) made its annual polarity with Pluto (extremes; transformation; death-defying adventures). Usually expectations are dashed when people anticipate a result and then a void lunar cycle rolls in – often squashing one’s subliminal hopes.

Nevertheless, she proved up to the task of being a strong competitor and her fourth place finish beat the final positions of former women drivers at the Indy Brickyard -- Janet Guthrie (1977), Lyn St. James (1997) and Sarah Fisher (2000). This result vaulted her into being named Indy’s Rookie of the Year. Danica Patrick’s color picture in racing helmet took over the top 1/3 of the front page of USA Today for its weekend edition. She was interviewed almost constantly on TV, radio and the web. This kind of national publicity and adulation will only happen if the person’s birthchart shows some kind of major links to America’s horoscope from July 4, 1776. When you examine her astrological map (March 25, 1982, Beloit, Wisconsin, Time Unknown), you clearly see her role as a pioneer and trailblazer in the realm of male-dominated professional sports.

Notice that she is born on the day of a New Moon in Aries. Unless she is born before around 4AM, the dynamic waxing phase of the solar-lunar cycle coincided with her birth. If you think of speed in the zodiac, the first fire sign of the zodiac should suffice. Add on an exact flowing trine from the Sun at 5 Aries to Uranus – planet of revolution, shocks, surprises and excitement – at 5 Sagittarius (a sign connected to driving cars fast) and you have a celestial signature that perfectly defines Danica Patrick as we see her now on the national radar screen.

As far as connections to America’s chart, we note the following. Her Chiron at 19+ Taurus is exactly conjunct the USA Vesta. Chiron has to do with unusual features of time, twilight zones, mavericks and outsiders. Vesta links with safety and security themes. This match-up between Chiron and Vesta is a very accurate astro-equation regarding her bursting on the auto-racing scene with flying colors. Chiron/Vesta = Maverick Figure associated with an activity linked to Safety/Security. Furthermore, she is born with Pallas (mental brilliance) united with the USA Saturn at 14+ Libra (old traditions; authority figures; limitations and restrictions). Her natal Saturn is conjunct the exact Juno-Chiron polarity in America’s chart at 20 Libra-Aries. This reveals her as a focal point of empowerment (Juno) for women striving for equality in society (Libra). This internal strength becomes magnified by her having a Sun-Moon union squaring her own natal Juno at 6+ Capricorn – a zodiacal placement that just happens to be precisely polarized to the USA Jupiter at 5+ Cancer within less than 1 degree.

Perhaps the most astounding synchronicity between her cosmic birth pattern and that for America comes from Ceres – the largest asteroid. The Ceres placement is in late Scorpio and was stationary within 48 hours of her birth. The only celestial body that was motionless when our country came into being was Ceres in Pisces. Any planetary body that is not moving in a birthchart has extra power for good or ill. Ceres is the Mother Earth/Mother Nature goddess figure that links with the land, agriculture, cereals, grains, productivity, labor and parent-child relationships. Ceres is much more than this on spiritual levels and I have written about its keynotes in my George Lucas and Star Wars feature that just ran as a top story in this section.

There is no doubt that with the wide variety of exact link-ups between her birthchart and the nation’s, Danica Patrick has an excellent chance to keep making sports history over the years. If you look at the following list of major professional sports that I have ranked by “macho-ness” and lack of a comparable feminine league or presence, I think it is quite revealing why her performance and achievement at this Indianapolis 500 was so notable. She gained even more press after the race than the winner Dan Wheldon of the UK garnered!

Auto Racing

What I am suggesting in the above list is that the female presence in professional Auto Racing is probably at a minimum right now versus, say, Volleyball where it is at a maximum. With her youthful, vigorous nature, great skills and pioneering role, she could transform a very macho sport within around 10 years – making female race drivers as likely as male drivers. Since football, baseball and hockey do not have parallel national leagues or tours for women (as basketball, soccer, tennis, golf and bowling do), the force of destiny may be behind Danica Patrick to become one of the next great iconic sports figures in America.

© 2005 by Mark Lerner and Great Bear Enterprises. All right reserved.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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