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News > Top Stories Archives  > George Lucas, Star Wars & The Force

George Lucas, Star Wars & The Force

George Lucas, Star Wars & The Force | Top Stories Archives
Midnight May 19, 2005 Everywhere, USA-- Beyond the political, social and financial headlines, even beyond the upheavals affecting our endangered planet right now, the saga of Star Wars -- now 28 years old -- is about to open in America. Just like in 1977 -- with Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind -- directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are going to shock and mesmerize us with sci-fi visions extraordinaire with Revenge of the Sith and War of the Worlds (June 29 release date).

If you go to our Topical Analysis section under Multi-Media, you will be able to read an incredible story of the Secret of Star Wars. Written originally in 1992, I have added an important update [DOWN BELOW] with today's debut of the 6th Star Wars film.

Star Wars is a world-wide cultural, imaginative and philosophical phenomenon. With War of the Worlds appearing only 5-6 weeks later, the cinema box-office and theaters will be overflowing this summer with ticket sales and returning visitors. With the Earth possibly on the verge of some kind of radical change or apocalypse -- via ecological disaster, economic-fuel-energy crisis, rogue nuclear threats, renewed terrorist attacks, spiraling war against an "Axis of Evil" (Iraq, Iran and North Korea), religious armageddon, recognition of life after death and the reality of the Soul, discovery of ancient ruins on Mars or the presence of UFOs and alien presences -- these new films will be planting dynamic seeds of enlightenment in our consciousness. They will also be reminding us of our higher divine quests taking place within our human forms.

Later in 2005, I plan to discuss the magical astrological connection between Lucas and Spielberg -- plus their revolutionary impact on our lives and evocation of our extra-planetary origins as a species.

Just BELOW is a little, new introduction I began on May 7, 2005. When you reach the end, I suggest going to the Multi-Media area under Topical Analysis on our webpage to read everything I wrote back in 1992, 1997 and 1999. Enjoy!

By Mark Lerner

Dateline: May 7, 2005 Eugene, Oregon
– As I write this short introduction to a classic story I wrote about the Star Wars saga in 1992, the Moon is directly overhead (just as it was when George Lucas was born). The New Moon at 17+ Taurus is one day away and it is a New Moon that leads into the final release of a Star Wars movie (Revenge of the Sith) on May 19. 17+ Taurus is the exact degree of George Lucas’s Ascendant. And when the film opens before a box-office torrent on May 19, Neptune (key ruling planet of movie magic, photography and creative imagination) will make a retrograde station at 17+ Aquarius – in the 10th house of profession, career and worldly success for this master of the modern film industry. I know this is shocking to realize now in retrospect, but the script that George Lucas wrote for the original Star Wars movie was rejected by every major film studio. They refused to even read it – except Twentieth Century Fox that took a chance and yet figured the movie would flop. It was not only a runaway success, but became one of the highest grossing films of all time and gave birth to the multi-billion dollar empire of George Lucas and Star Wars associated realities.

You will find a more complete version of my take on this within our Topical Analysis area entitled Multi-Media. Nevertheless, in honor of this 28-year historic achievement by George Lucas – something we can only call a global cultural phenomenon that has affected the consciousness, lifestyles, career choices and philosophical orientation of several hundred million human souls – I want to share one dozen unusual keys to the astrological universe of George Lucas.

(1) George Lucas Sun at 23+ Taurus is conjunct Ceres Discovery Degree.
(2) Mercury stations direct within 36 hours of birth and exactly squares Pluto.
(3) The whole orbit of Mercury is rising and setting at his birth.
(4) His Uranus at 8 Gemini conjuncts the USA Uranus from July 4, 1776. From his ingenious work as the original writer of Star Wars (Mercury stationary at birth and Uranus in Gemini, Mercury’s sign) to his creation of six Star Wars movies, he has literally transformed the manner in which films are made, stored and distributed.
(5) His Vesta at 3+ Cancer is conjunct the USA Venus and transiting Venus (ruling $) for the final Star Wars is conjunct Jupiter (BIG $) for the first Star Wars release.
(6) He is born close to a Chiron station and his Chiron in Virgo trines Mercury and Venus in Taurus. This Chiron power is revealed through his technological and meticulous innovations as a filmmaker. He has pioneered the actual substance (Earth – Taurus and Virgo) and foundation of creating movies. Think here of his Industrial Light and Magic center that has become an indispensable source for the entire special-effects realm utilized by film studios, producers and directors.
(7) His Moon at 11+ Aquarius in the 10th house of public consciousness and career is precisely conjunct the orbit of Neptune.
(8) His Jupiter/Uranus midpoint at 13+ Cancer is conjunct the USA Sun within 3 minutes of arc.
(9) A key to his life work is a whole chart pattern making the Moon above in Aquarius a singleton influence. With most of his celestial bodies below the horizon, we do not see the deeper essence of who he really is, what makes him tick. Luckily, via the Moon, his vision and philosophy of life emerge through revolutionary films.
(10) With a Moon-Venus precise square in fixed, power signs and Venus ruling his chart in the 12th house, this pattern reveals his marriage and divorce long ago and why he hasn’t remarried. He is dedicated to his inner creative, artistic muse. In essence, the Anima tends to control his life.
(11) His Progressed Mercury this year is uniting with natal Pluto as the “dark side of the Force” comes full circle in the ascendancy of Darth Vader.
(12) Transiting Saturn later in 2005 makes a station at 11+ Leo – exactly where it was located on May 25, 1977 when the first Star Wars movie was released. Saturn is the key ruling planet of the paternal line of energy. The central plot line of the original story revolves around the Father-Son axis and Good triumphing over Evil.

May the Force be with you!

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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