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News > Mundane Astrology  > President Bush Inauguration & America's Destiny

President Bush Inauguration & America's Destiny

President Bush Inauguration & America's Destiny | Mundane Astrology
You will find the chart for President George W. Bush’s second inauguration below. This will have a 4-year life-force and influence not only his administration, but the nation as well.

You can correlate this horoscope to that for America (shown elsewhere in this Mundane Astrology section) and, as a special opportunity for all Earth Aquarius News subscribers, you can also see how it connects with my George W. Bush and America’s Destiny series of articles written in 2003. These constitute a book-length manuscript – including several dozen color charts – on the history of presidential assassinations and how the current president links up to Jupiter-Saturn 20-year conjunctions and much more. That series of articles resides on our old Welcome to Planet Earth astrology web site and can be reached at:

Go there and as you scroll down a little, you will see five articles on the subject. It is a fascinating look at our history, the presidency, and what may unfold in the future. While you’re at it, remember to examine my new Future Shock category in this Mundane Astrology section. This article contains charts and analysis of the next presidential election in November 2008 and the next presidential inauguration on January 20, 2009. This story is an eye-opening exploration.

When taking a look at any presidential inauguration chart for America, keep something in mind. The founding fathers set up a unique, triangular pattern with the calendar regarding Americans celebrating the nation’s birth (July 4), voting for the president and members of the U.S. Congress (early November), and welcoming in a new executive branch of government every four years (March 4). I explain this in one of my five articles on America’s Destiny. Except for George Washington’s first inauguration on April 30, 1789, future presidents were inaugurated on March 4 (Sun in Pisces). This lasted until January 20, 1937 when FDR was inaugurated for the second time after Amendment XX was added to the Constitution in 1933. Therefore, for over 140 years, a cosmic triangle (probably selected by people knowing something about astrology in the late 1700s) helped to guide our nation. This triangle included the Sun in Cancer (the nation’s annual birthday, and our sense of home, roots and foundation), the Sun in Scorpio (presidential elections in early November every four years, and our need for periodic renewal, transformation and metamorphosis), and the Sun in Pisces (our elected presidents being overlighted by divine providence and higher inspiration).

OK, so far, so good. However, since 1937 our head of government has started his term of office on January 20 of the given year. Instead of having the Sun in Pisces and Cancer Rising at every inauguration (emphasizing the soul and spirit of the nation), we now have the Sun at 1 Aquarius and mid-Taurus rising (stressing world power and financial assets or the nation’s economic needs). The main reason for creating and passing the 20th Amendment to the Constitution was to reduce the length of the lame duck congressional session once a new president was elected. Nevertheless, the question is whether we tampered with a flowing, harmonious political system and instead installed something that doesn’t quite work as well.

Here are a few hints concerning ways to interpret this 2005 inauguration chart. Taurus always rises giving Venus the rulership of every inauguration map. In this horoscope, Venus is in earthy Capricorn, conjunct Mercury (communication; transportation; trade), and closely trine (120 degrees) the Ascendant. This is one of the best alignments happening in this inauguration chart. It certainly symbolizes the aggressive agenda the president has laid out concerning Social Security changes and major alterations to the Income Tax system. Chiron directly above within 2 degrees could represent our executive branch of government and the nation itself going through some weird twilight-zone type of events where we all have to stop what we are doing and reflect deeply on what’s happening. This may relate to the war on terror or something else. [Note: See my special section on Mars: Red Planet Blues back on the Earth Aquarius News home page.]

In a group of articles I wrote before the 2004 presidential election, I explained that George W. Bush would be experiencing both a Jupiter return (18+ Libra) and Vesta return (3+ Aries) at the inauguration on January 20, 2005. In my estimation this absolutely clinched the deal on why he would be re-elected and defeat John Kerry. There were other reasons, but this was a very big one. In addition, the president is experiencing something that can only happen to a person once in a lifetime at the age of 58-59. This is when Jupiter and Saturn simultaneously return to their birth placements. It can also happen at age 116-118, but if you reach that splendid turning point in life you probably don’t care what planets are returning.

A good part of the reason many professional astrologers predicted the president would NOT win re-election was because he is in the midst of three Saturn returns. Some astrologers see this as creating much fear, stress, limits, frustrations and blocks. However, George W. Bush is a highly conservative person with many very traditional and conventional beliefs. He is strongly aligned with this planet in many respects. Saturn is also the ruling planet of executive authority, high management positions and CEOs. In fact, when he was born (July 6, 1946 at 7:26AM EDT in New Haven, CT), there was an awesome quadruple conjunction of Chiron-Moon-Juno-Jupiter in mid-Libra all focused on America’s Saturn! Therefore, this president – whether you agree or disagree with his views and values – is deeply linked with Saturnian vibrations. While it is very auspicious that he begins his second term under a precise Jupiter return, it is also important to realize that on June 18, 2005 he will experience a final, exact Saturn return. Since Saturn can connect with chronic problems and old karma, one should look somewhat cautiously at June 2005 regarding his role as president and the actions of his administration in case serious national and global problems arise.

When you read the America’s Destiny series, it will clarify the fact that President Bush is born at a First Quarter Sun-Moon square and also with a First Quarter square from Jupiter in Libra to Saturn in Cancer. These two giant planets are close to a waxing square right now in the sky and in the same signs. Any first quarter square correlates with a crisis in action, and the need to be focused and grounded to turn any crisis into a challenge that can be clearly dealt with and surmounted. In December 2005, June 2006 and October 2006, Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo will also be precisely at right angles to each other. My gut feeling is that with these sharp celestial encounters happening – plus the USA Progressed Mars going stationary retrograde for the first time ever in July 2006 (see my Red Planet Blues section on the home page) – we will finally understand why this president needed to be re-elected and deal with whatever major realities are occurring for our nation and world. The collective hand of fate (Saturn and Jupiter combined) has put this president back into the hot seat to face whatever he, his first administration, and the events from 2001-2005 hold in store from 2005-2009.

There are some other alarm bells ringing and red-alerts flashing in the inauguration horoscope. Notice Neptune in Aquarius and the 10th house of leadership almost exactly squaring the horizon. The shadow side of Neptune links to confusion, chaos, nebulosity, illusions and deceptions. This planet is the esoteric ruler of Cancer – the Sun-sign of the nation and this president. This is a warning for the president to accentuate crystal clear thinking on the economic front (Neptune is the higher octave to Venus – a definite money planet on many levels) as unusual waves of international discord may be flowing into our shores over the next four years. The dreadful earthquake and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean region may just have been an appetizer concerning devastations visited on our globe by an angry Mother Nature. Neptune is also connected to religious fanaticism – whether in the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or other global communities – and this can get out of hand due to the war in Iraq and what seems to be a never-ending battle against al-Qaeda terrorists that may continue for decades. Speaking of Mother Nature in that previous sentence, notice that Ceres at 14+ Scorpio is closely squaring Neptune at 14+ Aquarius. This could easily indicate that there will be a major face-off between the finances needed to help millions of people recovering from natural disasters versus the finances needed to keep fighting world terrorism during the next four years. Remarkably, there is extraordinary synchronicity in the fact that Ceres is almost exactly setting at the inauguration and it’s in the same house position in the chart of President George W. Bush. Ceres is also strongly associated with the realms of ecology and the environment – arenas in which the president almost always receives low grades due to his pro-business and anti-environmental views and policies.

While there is always more to interpret in these charts, notice that the transiting Moon at the inauguration is at 9+ Gemini. This is within about one-third of a degree to a conjunction with America’s Uranus (shocks; surprises; revolutionary changes) and it also squares the president’s Mars at 9+ Virgo. Due to the whole subject of presidential assassinations that I have discussed in the America’s destiny series, the president’s Secret Service agents need to remain vigilant 24/7 throughout the entire next four-year term. This is amplified by the president’s Vesta return on the day of the inauguration. Vesta definitely equates with national security and safety issues. There is also the Mars-Pluto conjunction (within 5+ degrees) in Sagittarius in the 8th house of death-rebirth, underworlds, secrets, mysteries and international economics. While this pattern is still approaching and not that close, it is another volatile sky pattern to watch over the next few years as transits crossing the two planets can act as explosive triggering devices.

If news events and circumstances warrant a further examination of this inauguration horoscope, stay tuned to this astrological web channel for future developments.

Mark Lerner Publisher Earth Aquarius News

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