JFK Chart For Beginners

As a special courtesy for beginners – and anyone who wants a refresher in astrological basics – I am offering below President John F. Kennedy’s birthchart. You will see a variety of helpful boxes along with the birthmap. Use this entire JFK astro-portrait to gain a better sense of what the world of horoscope charting is all about.

Note the following:

JFK’s birthchart including Sun, Moon, 8 planets, 4 asteroids, Chiron, lunar nodes, and part of fortune.

A full aspectarian so you can cross-reference all the planetary alignments at his birth.

Boxes for names of aspects, signs and planets.

Small boxes showing numbers of elemental properties and cardinal, fixed and mutable modes of planets.

Information on vibrations of the day of birth, and lunar phase/daily speed.

By the way in my School of Planetary Studies astrology correspondence program – see EAN Store section on left side of our home page – President Kennedy’s birthchart (as well as the birthmap for Marilyn Monroe) is explained and analyzed in many of the 1-hour class tapes in our Beginner’s Series of 12 tapes.

Please use the Contact Mark section on the home page to reach me by e-mail if you have more questions about astrology in general, want to sign up for the School of Planetary Studies or would like a consultation from me on your birthchart, transits, progressions and other cycles.

John F. Kennedy

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